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KILMISTER of Karori, Wellington 1841-present

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** 1.12.2012 I began this site. About 1986 Bruce K who then lived and farmed at Otari Farm at the top of Parkvale Road, Karori, gave me to permission to take the grindstone from the site of the 1st home of John KILMISTER [ID 0 below] on his farm, Sky Farm on the ridge where the chimney & macrocarpas remain. I had rescued it from drowning in the mud river where someone had rolled it. Only about 2 inches of stone stuck out so it was a close call. Later I offered to put it in the new Karori Library but they only wanted it outside where vandals could break it. In 2011 I got agreement in principle from WCC to return the grindstone to its original site, securely attached to the chimney. But they need some historical notes to go with it. And some money. I asked how much but no reply. If you support this idea, PLEASE phone or email Steven PETERS, WCC Senior Park Ranger, tel 803 8391 I have since found out that the farm is now owned by Russell PEARCE 476 9472 otarifarm"att" who bought it from Meridian who bought it from Brian? KILMISTER, now of Raumati. It now has about 1000 acres, is about 4-5 km long of triangular shape. The track along the ridge is called the Skyline Trail and is part of the national Te Araroa Trail. Russell has fenced off most of the gullies for revegetation & notes that it contains the native brown quail as well as the European? quail. Otari means "place of snares": Otari Reserve was a valuable source of berries & birds. 11.12.2012 Bronwyn JONES Bronwyn.JONES"att" tel 04 905 7627 has shared her extensive KILMISTER tree with me! The KILMISTER part with photos is up at Drag the tree up and down, left & right to who u want to see. Click on a person, then on View his family tree when u need to. All part of her I spoke to Jocelyn FISHER who typed the 300 page "JUDD 1991". (4 KILMISTER sibs married 4 JUDD sibs - 2 males & 2 females of each family!) 16.12.12 Henry drops from 1st to last child & has a marriage removed! 28.12.12 Gary KILMISTER [3472] has kindly sent me extracts of Joclyn FISHER's book "JUDD 1991", part of which I have included, as well as quotes from a diary of the LADY NUGENT's trip 1841. 29.7.2016 Cheryl STYLES gave me some corrections & new info.

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CONTENTS A4-size page number 1. Summary of 1st 4 generations 2 2. Details 3 3. KILMISTER in Wellington to ID 22 4. Abbreviations 25 5. Some resources 6. The numbering system used here 26

1. KILMISTER of Karori, Wellington 1841-present SUMMARY of 1st 4 generations A4 page number 0 John KILMISTER 1807/8-1904 m Frances 1810-1904 3 1 William KILMISTER 1832-1884 m1 Elizabeth CLIFTON 1835-1915 6 11 Fanny KILMISTER 1854 Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt 12 Edwin KILMISTER 1864 Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt 6 121 Myrtle KILMISTER m at Carterton Hugh ABBOTT 1891-1871 13 Lucy Ann KILMISTER 1867-1891 m Ellis GOODIN 1861-1918 [1 William KILMISTER 1832-84] m2 Elizabeth GEORGE 1852-89 1(11) Robert Winford KILMISTER b 1884 k 1916 Egypt, WW1 7 2 Lucy KILMISTER 1834 m Henry Herbert GARDINER 1824-1891 21 Fanny GARDINER b c1854 3 John KILMISTER 1836-1937 m Sarah Ann JUDD 1843-1931 31 Alice KILMISTER 1865 Karori m Adolph WICKMAN 1856 Finland 9 311 Amy WICKMAN 1889 Haywards-1995 m Stanley JONES 1881-1955 3111 Gwladys JONES 1913-2007 m1 Cliff BRADLEY m2 Tom BUCKLAND 10 3112 Ivor Howell JONES 1919-1993 m Lilian Pearl WHITE 312 Nellie WICKMAN 1893-1946 m Lionel PICOT 1887-1960 3121 Audrey E PICOT 1914 m Frederick LEE 32 Charles KILMISTER 1867-89 11 33 Frederick KILMISTER 1869-1935 m Isabel NASH 1876-1957 331 Percival Frederick KILMISTER 1896-1972 332 Lawrence KILMISTER 1899-2000 Waikanae m Olive CHANDLER 3321 William Lawrence KILMISTER 1927-1972 m1 & m2 Barbara 12 3322 Marie KILMISTER 1929 Karori m Don FRANCIS d 2005 3323 Bruce KILMISTER m Mary Irene CLARK d 1997 333 John Gordon KILMISTER 1901-1938 334 Gwen KILMISTER 1903-1996 m 1925 Donald MCGAVIN 3341 June MCGAVIN d 2010 m Roger TILBROOK of Turangi 13 335 Wallie KILMISTER 1907-1973 m 1934 Elsie MURPHY 34 Arthur KILMISTER 1871-1973 m1 Sarah HUGHES, m2 Ivy PALMER 344 Arthur Archibald KILMISTER 1905 m Edna May HANRATTY 4 chn 14 346 Otari "Lee" KILMISTER 1907 m Jack BROWN 4 chn 347 Thomas KILMISTER 1912 Wellington d 1985 m Edith COGSWELL 15 348 Phyllis KILMISTER 1913 m Jack WEBBER 2 chn 35 Martha KILMISTER 1873-1963 m Allan WILTON 1872-1954 351 Ina WILTON 1902 Wellington m Neil Morrell LAMBERT 1896 352 Gladys WILTON 1904 Hunterville m Ken HUMPHREY 2 chn 16 353 Eric WILTON 1906 Hunterville m Annie Norah Louise EALES 354 Stanley WILTON 1907 Hunterville m Adelaide Ellen JAMES 36 Emily KILMISTER 1875 Wellington-1957 m Thomas NEWCOMBE 362 Eileen NEWCOMBE 1898 m James MAULE 2 chn 363 Clive NEWCOMBE 1900 m Sis 3 chn 364 Olive NEWCOMBE m Eric LLOYD 3 chn 38 Walter KILMISTER 1878-1954 m3 Olive PLAYLE 381 Doreen KILMISTER 1904-84 m Frank ANSTIS 17 382 Myra KILMISTER 1906 m Wallace WILTON 383 Iris KILMISTER 1908 m Roy Augustus DIXON 39 Albert KILMISTER 1881-1954 m 1912 Margaret HARE d 1959 391 Albert Bruce KILMISTER 1913-2003 m Mary STEWART 1916-2000 17 392 Marjorie KILMISTER 1916 m Vincent HURLEY 3 chn 18 393 Evelyn KILMISTER 1922-1990 m Richard GOODWIN 4 chn 394 Betty KILMISTER 1923 m Noel NITSCHKE 4 chn 19 3(10) Thomas KILMISTER 1883 m 1917 Hunterville Rose UTZ 3(11) Josephine KILMISTER 1885-1979 Karori m Robert HARE 3(11)1 Mollie Joyce HARE 1911 3(11)2 Robert Ian HARE 1914-1969 3(11)3 Lorna HARE 1917 m Philip DAVIS 2 chn 4 Henry KILMISTER 1839-81 m1 Elizabeth GEORGE 1852-89 41 William John KILMISTER 1871-94 Wellington 20 42 Edward (Ted) KILMISTER 1872-97 Wellington m Lavina MONK 43 Ernest KILMISTER 1872-97 Wellington m1 Alice m2 Florence 45 Thomas KILMISTER 1877 m 1903 Wellington Christina LONDON 46 Matilda KILMISTER 1879 m Walter James WESTAWAY 47 Florence KILMISTER 1881 Wellington-1959 Lower Hutt m Henry WALLIS ?48 Aldophus (Dolf) KILMISTER lived in Palmerston North. [4 Henry KILMISTER 1839-81] m2 Elizabeth CLIFTON, widow of [1] Bill K. 5 [was 4] Fanny Frances KILMISTER 1844 m 1863 Stephen JUDD 1837-1890 21 51 William Stephen JUDD 1864-1941 Lower Hutt 52 Frances Annie JUDD 1865-1954 m Oliver PENNEFATHER 1864-1953 53 Edward John JUDD 1867-1936 Wellington 54 George Frank JUDD 1870-1899 55 Katherine Maud JUDD 1872-1948 m SOUTHEE 56 Alice Mary JUDD 1874--1963 m Edward ROW 1876-1928 57 Charles Herbert JUDD 1877-1960 m Mary ROW b 1880 Karere 58 Minnie Octavia JUDD 1880-1966 Otahuhu m MCVINNIE/MCALPINE 59 Grace Elizabeth JUDD 1884-1989 Wellington m KEAN 6 [was 5] James KILMISTER 1845-1914 Wellington m Elizabeth JUDD 61 Anne E KILMISTER b 1870 22 62 Frances KILMISTER 1872-1939 m George MCILVRIDE 1873-1935 7 [was 6] Mary Judd KILMISTER 1848-1930 m George JUDD 1835-1934 72 George Frederick JUDD 1872-1936 m Blanche Mirian ACKROYD

2. KILMISTER of Karori, Wellington 1841-present (Details) 0 0-John KILMISTER b 29.11.1807 Bath, England d 25.2.1904 Wellington aged 96. Cooper & brewer. His parents and sibs are listed on p103 of "JUDD 1991" by Joclyn FISHER. Contact Bronwyn.JONES"att" for his ancestors. m 25.12.1830 St Thomas Abeckett Church, Gloucester sp-Frances (Fanny) NICHOLAS/NICHOLS/NICOL/NICOLSON 1810 d 25.2.1904 aged 88 on the same day John died, both of the flu. John DANIELS of Karori has put out a book on her family - Ken.

This photo of John and Frances is courtesy of Bronwyn JONES, one of the many photos from her site.
The First Baptist Chapel erected in the Province of Wellington on the Upper 
Plain Masterton, Wairarapa and opened for public worship on the Lords Day 
January (I think) 10 1878. Signatures: C Wilton, Matheus, W. Compton, 
J. WILTON, G. E. Chamberlain, Nun Wilton, John KILMISTER [b 1807], Job WILTON 
(subscribers). Courtesy of Bronwyn JONES, one of the many photos from her site. 
 And a closeup of the people showing
 John KILMISTER Sr with beard is 2nd male from RHS with his wife Frances. 
Courtesy of Bronwyn JONES, one of the many photos from her site
  On 17.3.1841/43 they arrived Lyttleton on the LADY NUGENT, then went to 
Wellington. They built a mud & slab hut at the top of Bolton St. Later they
tried farming in Porirua & the Hutt. Then they moved to The Terrace where they 
farmed goats. They settled in Sydney St where they leased 58 acres, Sec. 30
on Tinakori Hill, now part of Northland, growing wheat & potatoes. Sir George
GREY often visited them there. Kilmister Road off Tinakori Rd is named after 
 He started a flour mill, but that was not successful. (This could be the 
source of the grindstone I hold.)
 He brewed the first beer in Wellington at Mr DRAKE's brewery. He acquired more
land, inherited by his sons.
  paperspast gives
   1) New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, 8 February 1845.
List of all persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Port 
Nicholson, for the year 1845.
ALLINGTON, Thomas, Lambton Quay, Gardener.
KILMISTER, John, Wellington terrace, Cooper.
  2) New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, 10 February 1847
List of all persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Port 
Nicholson, for the year 1847. Ditto.
  3) Wellington Independent, 23 February 1864. NZ Company's Land Claimants
Office, Well'n 3.2.1864. Grant 2243 John KILMISTER Karori 58 acres.
  4) 25 July 1874, Page 3 Column 7 Evening Post.
Wanted to purchase, a good stout staunch trap house, must be perfectly quiet & 
free from vice & under 9. Apply to John KILMISTER, Karori or J WAIT, Karori Rd.
  5) 26 January 1875, Page 3 Advertisements Column 7. Evening Post.
Wanted to purchase, a young & good sheep dog...
Apply to John KILMISTER, Karori or C GILLESPIE, Shepherd's Arms, Tinakori Rd.
  6) 31 August 1877 Evening Post. JK, Stephen JUDD, et al. endorse JM CLELAND
standing for Thorndon Ward.
  7) Evening Post. 21.1-5.2.1879.
For sale at Karori, 1 mile from town, a good dairy farm 58 acres freehold & 49 
acres leashold with 30 milking cows & other stock with a good milk walk. Apply 
to J KILMISTER, Karori.
  8) 11.6.1880 Evening Post. JK et al. convence a Householders meeting at 
Karori Hall to consider the Inspector's recomndn that the 2 teachers of the 
district be removed.
  9) 1.11.1880 Evening Post. JK nominated wardens for the Karori-Makara Highway
  10) 7.3.1887 Evening Post.  For sale 40 store bullocks. Apply to JK, Karori.
  11) 17.5.1894 Evening Post. JK present at Karori Borough Council monthly 
  12) 25.2.1904 Evening Post via BJ. A Romance of Everyday Life  The Passing 
away of Mr and Mrs KILMISTER - Some Remarkable Circumstances
That there can be romance and remarkable coincidences in a quiet life as well 
as in the life of the adventurous has been proved by the life story of Mr John 
KILMISTER and his wife Frances, both of whom passed away this morning at their 
residence off Sydney-street Cutting. Away back in Gloucestershire in the early 
part of last century these two were playmates and sweethearts, and 74 years ago
last Christmas Day they were married. 
Throughout their long married life they were noted for their affection for each
other, and their great desire in the closing years of their lives was that they
might die together and be interred side by side on the same day. That desire 
has been in part, and will be wholly, fulfilled, though neither of them was 
aware of it. 
Mrs KILMISTER, who was in her 95th year, and who was conscious almost to the 
close passed away at 2 oclock this morning, and her husband, who was two years 
her senior, died without knowing of his wife's decease, at 9.15 a.m. Mr 
KILMISTER was laid aside on Monday last, and his wife took to her bed on the 
following day. She had been a victim to rheumatism for 30 years, and got about 
on crutches during the last 20 years. They had eight children, four born in 
England, and four in New Zealand. 
It is remarkable that of the four children who died, two were a son and 
daughter born in England and the other two were a New Zealand son and daughter.
The surviving children are Mr John KILMISTER and Mrs GARDNER, who were born in 
England, and Mr James KILMISTER and Mrs George JUDD, who were born in New 
Zealand. There are some 50 grandchildren and others to the fourth generation 
scattered throughout the colony. 
Mr KILMISTER was a cooper by trade, and he also became a brewer and malster 
whilst a resident in Bath. He was induced by the son of his employer, Mr DUNN, 
to try his luck in faraway New Zealand, and arrived in Port Nicholson in the 
LADY NUGENT on 17th March, 1841. Mr DUNN, who came out by the same vessel, was 
afterwards drowned in the Wellington harbour. Mr KILMISTER and his family went 
to the Hutt, where he started sawmilling; but a heavy flood set him against the
district, and after cutting the necessary timber for a house he rafted it down 
the river and conveyed it by boat to Wellington. The house then constructed was
that afterwards occupied by the late Mr E.W. MILLS behind Wellington-terrace. 
When Wellington's first brewery was established by Messrs NORTHWOOD and DRAKE 
on the site now occupied by the Wellington Club, Mr KILMISTER became the brewer
and maltster. The brewery did not prove a success, and Mr KILMISTER and his two
sons John [3] and William [1] (since deceased) took up land at Porirua, helped 
to construct the road through Johnsonville and along Tawa Flat.
Mr KILMISTER senior, receiving a wage of one guinea per week for overseeing the
Maoris in the construction of the Tawa Flat road, over which work the Hon. W. 
B. MANTELL was general overseer. Mr KILMISTER was the first man to put a pick 
into the Pauatahanui roadworks, also.
Then he came back to Wellington and made a start upon the business of a 
dairyman on the 58 acre farm at the southern end of Tinakori Range now occupied
by Mr George THOMAS. He assisted the late Mr WOODWARD in establishing the first
Independent, or Congregational Church in Wellington. Mr KILMISTER retired from 
his farm 36 years ago, made a voyage Home with his wife 30 years ago, and on 
returning to the colony resided for a short time at the Hutt, and then returned
to Tinakori-road, in which neighbourhood he lived a very quiet life, taking no 
part whatever in public affairs.
  13) Poverty Bay Herald 26 Feb 1904 In Death not Divided - Per Press 
Association, Wellington, this day. A remarkable coincidence occurred yesterday 
in connection with the deaths of Mr and Mrs John KILMISTER. These two were 
married in Gloucestershire 74 years ago, and had reached the ages of 95 and 97.
It is said that they had always expressed a great desire that they might die 
together. That desire was fulfilled. Mrs KILMISTER died at 2am, and her husband
passed away without knowing of his wife's decease seven hours later. They were 
very well known in the district, having arrived in 1841. Their descendants to 
the fourth generation are scattered throughout the colony. - via BJ.

  14) Evening Post 26 Feb 1904 Funeral Notice via BJ. The Funeral of the late 
John KILMISTER and his Wife, Frances KILMISTER, will leave the Sydney-street 
Cutting at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday, 28th February 1904, for the Sydney-street 
Cemetery. Isaac CLARK and Son, Undertakers, 55, Molesworth-st. Tel. 806.

  15) Colonist 4 Mar 1904 via BJ. Undivided in Death. They were lovely and 
pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided, is the 
thought that comes directly into one's mind on reading the story of the life 
and death of Mr and Mrs John KILMISTER, an aged couple in Wellington, whose 
call home came last week. They were born in the same Gloucestershire village, 
were boy and girl sweethearts in the little school there, were married there as
far back as Christmas Day, 1830 - over 73 years ago! - and after a long life 
partnership, in which each had been everything to the other, passed away in 
Wellington on Thursday last, within eight hours of each other. Mr KILMISTER was
taken seriously ill on Monday, Mrs KILMISTER took to her bed on Tuesday. 
Predicting with her dying breath that she and her husband would die on the same
day and be buried together, she passed away at 2 a.m. on Thursday, at the 
advanced age of 94. Her husband, all unconscious that she was already awaiting 
him on the other side, crossed Death's river too at 9.15 a.m. the same day, at 
the still greater age of 96, to be reunited for eternity unknowing the 
temporal tie had been severed. A more beautiful picture of the close union 
between heart and heart that should always characterise marriage has rarely 
been presented to the world. -The Press

  He retired aged c60. He & his wife had a visit back to England.
  Grave 67/68K "In their death they were not divided. Reveal thyself before my 
closing eyes. Shine through the gloom & point me to thy skies. Heaven's morning
breaks & earth's own shadows flee. In life & death I shall abide with thee."
- Map shows turning R at end of Reading St.
 18.11.1886 Fencing at Glenbervie Tce - John Kilmister,
 25.4.1890 Glenbervie Road - J Kilmister senior,
 17.5.1893 asking to be placed on Burgess Roll- John Kilmister,
 15.8.1893 asking to be placed on Burgess Roll- John Kilmister Junior [3],

Four of the children of John and Frances KILMISTER married four of the children
of William and Ann JUDD, who came to NZ in 1840 on the MARTHA RIDGWAY.

1 1-William (Bill) KILMISTER b 3.4.1832 bp 29.4.1832 Pucklechurch, St Thomas 
a Becket, Gloucestershire d 1.5.1884 Wellington aged 52. Bur 4.5.1884 Wellington
Grave?: William J 837 IGC Purch.
"Be thou faithful unto death & I will give thee a crown of life." 
  He supplied milk to Karori from Sky Farm. He was killed when the milk cart
(horse & dray) went over the bank.

m1 21.10.1853 St James Church, Lower Hutt sp-Elizabeth CLIFTON b 1835 Egerton, 
Kent d 17 May 1872, Stokes Valley; Bur 20 May 1872 St James, Lower Hutt
 Dr of Richard CLIFTON & Margaret nee PHILPOT. She had 3 chn by her m1 to 
Henry [ID 7 here], 3 or 4 by her m2 to Bill [ID 1 here], 
& Eva by her m3 to John MORAN. 
  Ken has a photo of John MORAN with all of her chn by her 3 marriages. Most of
the Wairarapa KILMISTER descend from her & Bill - Ken K.

11?? 2-Elizabeth Oxley KILMISTER 1852 d 6.11.1887 aged 35. (His wife or d'r?)
They are buried in 67/68K with "their" parents, [0] John & Frances.

11 2-Fanny KILMISTER b 4.4.1854 Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt d 1929
12 2-Frances KILMISTER b 1853
13 2-John KILMISTER b 1855 d 1921

14 2-Richard KILMISTER b 1857 d 1943  m sp-Martha Elizabeth EBDEN

141 3-Thomas KILMISTER b 10 Jan 1882, Lower Hutt; D 2 Jan 1918, London
m 1917 Hunterville sp-Rose UTZ

142 3-Walter KILMISTER, B 14 Dec 1885; D 5 Apr 1960;
 Bur 7 Apr 1960 Archer St Cemetery, Q E Park, Masterton

m1 23 Dec 1910 Taita sp-Margaret Finlay SMITH, B 9 Jul 1881; D 23 Mar 1918 aged
36; Bur 26 Mar 1918, Masterton Cemetery

1421 4-Kathleen Lamont KILMISTER (1912-1980)
1422 4-Richard John (Dick) KILMISTER (1914-1995)
1423 4-Mavis Margaret KILMISTER (1915-2011)

[142 3-Walter KILMISTER, B 14 Dec 1885; D 5 Apr 1960]
m2 2 Feb 1921 sp-Agnes Amelia MORGAN, B ca 1881; D 2 Apr 1958;
 Bur 5 Apr 1958, Archer St Cemetery, Q E Park, Masterton. One Child:

1424 4-Thomas Bruce KILMISTER (1921-1942)

15 2-William KILMISTER b 1860 d 1943
16 2-Henry (Harry) KILMISTER b 1862 

17 2-Edwin KILMISTER b 14.6.1864 Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt d 1946

171 3-Myrtle Olive KILMISTER youngest dr
m 15/16.5.1918 St Mark's, Carterton sp-Hugh Cranley ABBOTT b 27.12.1891
 Belvedere, Carterton d 26.1.1971 
 1916 (Age: 25) Dalefield, Wairarapa - Army WWI Reserve Rolls 1916-1917 via BJ
 When married he was "of Dalefield, Carterton. To live in
East Taratahi." - 24 May 1918 Dominion. SOCIAL AND PERSONAL.
 1954 (Age: 63) Wairarapa, Wellington; Manawatu-Wanganui; Hawke's Bay
- Electoral Rolls 1853-1981 via BJ.

18 2-Lucy Ann KILMISTER b 1867 d 9.11.1945 [OR d 9.11.1891 aged 67]
m sp-Ellis GOODIN b 1861 New Zealand d 16.4.1918 New Zealand. 10 chn.

181 3- GOODIN b 18
182 3- GOODIN b 18
183 3-Ethel May GOODIN b 1888
184 3-Bertram Henry GOODIN b 1890
185 3-Ellis GOODIN b 1892
186 3-Norah Jane GOODIN b 1892
187 3-Percival (Percy) Ellis GOODIN b 1895 d 1938
188 3-Ivy May GOODIN b 1896 d 1879
189 3-Olive Myrtle GOODIN b 1897
18(10) 3-Archie James GOODIN b 1901 m sp-Meretini MATANGI 1900-1934

19 2-James KILMISTER b 1869 d 1960
1(10) 2-George KILMISTER b 1871

[1 1-William (Bill) KILMISTER b 1832 Gloucester' d 1.5.1884 Wellington]
m2 26.5.1883 sp-Elizabeth WALL b c1847 - ex Cheryl

m2 26.5.1883 sp-Elizabeth A GEORGE b 22.12.1852 NZ d 4.10.1889 Wellington 
Bur 7.10.1889 Block, 29 Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington. 
 She was then widow to his bro [4] Henry 1839-1881, so their son [14] Robert 
Winfred below was half-brother to both Bill's other children & to Henry's 
children. When Bill was killed, she married 1885 John MORAN son of Thomas, & 
had more children, including

 Eva Dahlia MORAN b 13.2.1886 d c1972 Wanganui
m 1912 sp-Robert Mack Muir KING  - Ken K. Ken has a photo of John MORAN 
with all of EG (EC??)'s children by her 3 marriages.

1(11) 2-Robert Winford KILMISTER aka Winfred Robert b 26.1.1884 at Skyfarm, 
Karori. Entrance to the old KILMISTER Farm was up through Parkvale Rd Karori.
Killed in action 4.8.1916 Egypt, WW1. Bur. Kantara Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. 
Served in Boer War with Mounted Rifles, 10th contingents (enlisting from 
Pauatahanui), then in WW1 (enlisting twice from Te Horo) in the vet corps.
- Thanks to Phil BEATTIE nzmr"att"
  1893 in Newtown School, Wellington - School Inspectors Return.
  Allan DODSON 3.4.2015 notes: The Anglo-Boer war of 1899-1902 was supported by
a surge in patriotism with the raising of funds to outfit and send men to the 
war. In Pauatahanui in February 1900 the 'Pahautanui More Men Fund Committee' 
was set up and elected to the committee was A KILMISTER and contributing to 
the funds W KILMISTER [yet to ID]. In April 1902 Winford Robert KILMISTER 
enlisted to serve in war, Winford signed that he was 21 years old and the 
medical examiner noted that Winford 'Looks his age', tho' he was just 18, 
a single man living in Pauatahanui and working as a labourer for 
Adolphus KILMISTER of Pauatahanui. [Who is he? 1(10)?]He listed his next of kin
as his brother Ernest KILMISTER of Paraparaumu [id 43 below].  SA8904 Trooper 
KILMISTER departed 14.4.1902 with the 10th Contingent arriving in South Africa 
in late May 1915 just prior to the end of the war on 31.5.1902. 
  Winford returned to New Zealand but with the outbreak of war in August 1914 
re-enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces. Enlistment papers note 
his previous service and that he was a single man labouring in Te Horo, 
Manawatu. On 20th October 1914 Winford entered Trentham Camps as 17/106 
Trooper Winifred Robert KILMISTER and following basic training left for 
overseas service, on 18th December 1914, with the 2nd Reinforcements, NZ 
Veterinary Corps. He had not been in Egypt for long when he was sent, on 
28.2.1915, with cardiac weakness, from the Zeitoun Training Camp to hospital. 
In March it was determined that he had a condition 'fatty heart' the medical 
report from 22nd April 1915: 
  'Has had fainting attacks since 1902 after his return from South Africa. 
These attacks occasionally occur in frequency perhaps weekly and he might then 
be quite free for any period up to two to three tears. He suffered from strain 
through weight lifting about 1898. In my opinion he suffers from fatty heart. 
His heart sounds are weak and indistinct. Pulse is weak and irregular.'
Trooper KILMISTER was returned to NZ and on 26th June 1915 was discharged as 
permanently unfit. Winford apparently made a 'good recovery' as he re-enlisted 
on 21st November 1915. The medial report queried the 'fatty heart' diagnosis 
made in Egypt and put his condition down to 'dyspepsia partly due to bad 
teeth,' so he was passed fit. Winford again entered Trentham Camp this time 
as 13/3094 Trooper KILMISTER and left New Zealand, on 22nd February 1916, with 
the 10th Reinforcements, Auckland Mounted Rifles. On arrival in Egypt he was 
sent to the Auckland Mounted Rifles (AMR) Training Regiment before joining, 
on 12th July 1916, the AMR in the field at Hill 70, a position 23 miles east 
of the Suez Canal, on the Sinai Peninsula, near the town of Romani. 
  The Battle of Romani, 3rd to 5th August 1916, was the last ground attack by 
the Ottoman forces on the Suez Canal. The 52nd (Lowland) Division and the 
Anzac Mounted Division defeated the Ottoman forces attempting to disrupt 
shipping through the Suez Canal. The victory of the Egyptian Expeditionary 
Force was the first, in WW1, against the Ottoman Empire. The retreating 
Ottoman forces were pursued by the Anzac Mounted Division, of which the AMR 
was a part, ended on the 12th August 1915 at Bir et Abd, Palestine. 
However Trooper Kilmister had been killed, on the 4th August 1915, and buried 
on the Battle Field at Romani by the Rev S J WILLIAMS. 'The grave was about 
1 mile from Mount Royston about  mile South West from Sgt Waters grave.' 
The graves of both men were not found at the end of the conflict and both men 
are remembered on the Kantara Memorial located in the entrance to the Kanata 
War Memorial cemetery, Egypt. 
 Obit 1918: KILMISTER - In honoured & loving memory of our dear brother Trooper
WR KILMISTER of the 10th Reinforements, killed in action in Egypt 4.8.1916
aged 32. [Poem.] Inserted by his loving sisters, Mrs WESTERWAY [ID 46] 
and Mrs WALLIS [ID 47].
  On 7th October 1919 a decision was made by the army that Winford's medals 
would be sent to his eldest brother, Ernest Henry KILMISTER [ID 43], Konini, 
Auckland.  Thanks again to Allan DODSON agcdodson"att"
  Ken has a photo of Winford Robert Kilmister in Army uniform from Papers Past.
This photo of 'Trooper WR Kilminster, Paraparaumu, Wellington, killed in action', the Canterbury Times 18/10/1916, is courtesy of Phil BEATTIE.
 This 2nd photo of him is from the Auckland Weekly News 21/9/1916, courtesy of Phil BEATTIE. He has Robert's Queen's South Africa Medal. 

2 1-Lucy KILMISTER b 28.5.1834 bp 31.8.1836 Pucklechurch, St Thomas a Becket, 
Gloucestershire ex Bristol Parish Registers, 1538-1900; digital folder 4277464.
  d 1922 Wellington
m 1851 sp-Henry Herbert GARDINER b 1824 d 1891 aged 67. 
21 2-Fanny GARDINER b c1854 	 

3 1-John (Jack) KILMISTER b 14.7.1836 Bath bp 31.8.1836 Pucklechurch, St Thomas
a Becket, Gloucestershire ex Bristol Parish Registers, 1538-1900. 
d 11/12.10.1937 Wellington at 101. He smoked a pipe from age 12 til he did but
did not inhale - KK.
 He remembered playing marbles when the 1848 quake hit Wellington.
At 19 he worked on making Makara Road for 5/-/day.
At 22 he went to the goldrush at Gabriel's Gully, Otago but arrived too late.
  He & his bro [7] Henry farmed 750 acres on the ridge from Karori to Ngaio.
Their 1st Sky Farm was below the old chimney by 2 huge rocks carved to form 
walls near the macrocarpas. That's where I found the grindstone. They were 
known as Henry's Pines as Henry lived there til he was killed in 1888 felling 
a tree which fell on him.
  They built the road from the end of Parkvale Road. The road he made from 
Parkvale is not the route completly on the alignment of the current paper road 
4x4 track but it can be seen in places still, near the old chimney and on the 
same contour.  
  KK: The history of Sky Farm & Otari Farm started out as one farm purchased
by 3 John Kilmister and his brother 4 Henry for 10shillings an acre in 1863 
approx. They felled the bush formed the road up from Parkvale Road and built 
two cottages where they raised their children.
  4 Henry was killed in 1881 felling trees in the paddock called "Ratas". 
3 John then acquired Henry's part and amalgamated them into one farm. 
John then passed Sky Farm to his son 34 Arthur & Otari to 33 Frederick 1st.
  Arthur 34 purchased more land to the north in Ngaio & Khandallah.
  Arthur's part then went to Arthur Archibald KILMISTER, 344 and 
Kenneth Graham KILMISTER, 3442,  (myself). I farmed Sky Farm & Crofton from 
1960 to 1970.  Then my brother Brian, 3441, farmed them from 1970 until the 
Wellington City Council took it over.  I also purchased adjoining land at 
Makara before selling & buying a farm in Masterton.
  33 Fred's Otari Farm went to his sons Fred, 331, & Lawrence, 332, & later to 
Bruce (Maurice), 3323. - Added by KK 23.9.2015.

  His father John 1807-1904 [0] had a home at 17 Parkvale Road, now a Heritage property owned by tim.hawley"att"
  The 2nd Sky Farm was further north. The land was mostly bush. In 1867 from a
single rimu, John obtained enough pit-sawn timber to build a 4 bedroom house.
  In 1870 he & his brother Henry were 2 of Karori's 12 farmers - p146 of BURCH 
& HEYNES 2012.
  When he retired to 23 Cottleville Terrace, Thorndon, his sons took over the 
farm. His obituary in the Evening Post 12.10.1937 has a photo of him.
As a boy he lived for a while in a whare in Hutt Valley when there were pas
at Te Aro, Thorndon & Kaiwara. See also The Stockade 1985 18, 2-5 & 1986 19, 
14-15. There is a photo of him with his grandson Walter on p145 of BURCH & 
HEYNES 2012: "This Crown Studios photo was taken when John was 97; to reach 
the studio he had to go up in a lift, for the 1st time in his life. He hung on 
to its walls complaing about `these new-fangled inventions'."

 Photo of JK winning Veterans race at Anniversary Sports 1914 aged 79. ex KK.

  18.9.1928 EP. WOMEN IN PRINT. Diamond wedding of Mr & Mrs George JUDD of
Lower Hutt. Present were Mrs JK, Mrs WK. Mrs JUDD was b in Aurora Tce 1848
to the late Mr [0] & Mrs John K. [Perhaps she is Lucy [2] b 1836.]
Mr John K [3], her br,92, & Mrs K, 85 had their diamond wedding in 1925. 
[So m 1865.] Br Mr James JUDD is 82.

  c21.7.1932 EP? ex GK. 96 YEARS OLD. EARLY WELLINGTON. Pioneer's memories. 
Mr John K. Frequent walks of 2 miles or more are still enjoyed by Mr JK, Wn 
pioneer & head of a family well known throughout Wn, who celebrated his 96th
at his home last week. Few [of his] age can claim to be more active .., says
the Dominion. "My life has been a hard one ... Though my father brewed the 1st 
beer made in Wn, I've not been a drinking man & never smoked. I've always eaten
a little less than I feel able to." .. b Bath 1836. England was in the midst
of the depression that followed the last Napoleonic war & the K family decided
to seek their fortune in NZ. They sailed in the LADY NUGENT & reached Lyttleton
17.3.1841.  Their 1st home was a mud hut at the top of Bolton St. There were
Maori pas at Te Aro, near Woodward St, at Thorndon, & at Kaiwarra. The natives
were friendly honest people who lived in fear of raids by Te Rauparaha. 1 old
warrior was fond of relating what he could remember of Captain COOK's visit,
when the Maoris thought the ship was "a great rata tree floating with its
branches sticking up".  MAORIS & EARLY SETTLERS.  The sight of Te Rauparaha
driving in a carriage presented to him by Sir George GREY is another
recollection. "My father used to say he didnt know what the early settlers 
would have done for food had it not been for the Maoris. They drove pigs from
Otaki, 40 & 50 in a mob, & sold them for 10s a head, while the Maori women sold
potatoes at c 1s/100." Settlement was then proceeding apace in the Wn district,
& Mr K's father took a prominent part in the pioneer work. He pit-sawed the 
timber for the 1st house in Khandallah & completed the 1st road between J'ville
& Porirua.  Wn's 1st big quake within memory of white man [was] 1848 when [he]
was 12. He was playing marbles & sat in wonder as [they] rolled about.. 
  Soon after, the family shifted to the Hutt where the Natives helped them make
an attractive home. However a flood in the river did much damage .. so they
moved back to Wn, the timber for their new home being rafted down the Hutt
River & across the harbour. A house was built on the Terrace where they [made]
a small farm for goat breeding.  FLOUR MILLS & FARMS  7 settlers, including 
Mr K's father, started a flour mill, but the venture was a failure mainly 
because some nails became caught in the grinder & spoiled it. [IS HIS THE ONE
I HAVE FROM SKY FARM??] Also parrakeets in the Hutt Valley played havoc with
crops .. Next the Ks moved to farm at Porirua but meeting little success they 
moved to a farm on Tinakori Hill near the wireless station. There they were
visited frequently by Sir George GREY.  "The big quake of 1855 [was] at 9pm.
It shook on & off for c10 days & at its worst it was impossible to stand 
without holding onto something. Much damage was done to brick buildings, & for 
days the dead tops kept coming down from the trees along the valley at the top
of Tinakori Rd.  Wheat & potatoes were grown on the farm. Pigeons shot there 
were sold in Wn for 6d/pair & timber was cut & dressed for the building of the
1st home in Sydney St.   Mr J's father was 1 of the 1st men to start making
the road from Wn to Karori.   Mr K was now 19. He worked on the road to Makara,
& 3 yrs later when the Gabriel's Gully [gold] rush began in Otago, left for the
south. He arrived too later & didnt have much luck but on his return, secured
[a job] on a sheep station.   Back in Wn Mr K m'd Sarah Anne JUDD, a member of
a family who arrived NZ 1840 & whose elder sister probably was the 1st white
girl b in Wn. Mr K & his bro contracted to make the 1st road thru Wadestown,
often starting work so early that they wilded pick & shovel by firelight.  
   Mr K then bought a farm of 750 acres behind Karori Cemetery. He paid 
10s/acre for the land & he & his wife carried their furniture & goods along 
a bush track until he made a road 2 miles in length thru rocky country. Often
he worked in moodlight on this task.  Mr & Mrs K had 10 chn who were brought
up on this farm. When their eldest boys were old enough to take over the 
property Mr K retired & came to live in Wn. His father & mother, who were 96
& 94, died on the same day, & his wife d lasat Nov. at 88.

  11.7.1936 EP. NEARLY 100 YEARS OLD. Mr John K, memories of early days. 
Mr JK of Cottleville Tce, Tinakori Rd will turn 100 on Tues. B in Bath, arrived
with parents in Wellington 17.3.1841 on the LADY NUGENT. Has lived in Wn ever
since (95 yrs) except the little time at Kaikoura & Gabriel's Gully during 
the gold rush.  The 1st home of the K family was a hut at the top of Bolton St.
His father took an active part in the pioneer settlement of the district,
pit-sawed the timber for the 1st house in Khandallah & assisted in completing
the road b Jville & Porirua. The f'y shifted to the Hutt & later built a house 
on a section of land now called The Terrace. The Ks moved to a 2nd section
at Porirua & later to a farm on the Tinakori Hills near where the wireless
station is now. Mr K's father was one of the 1st to start making the rd from
Wn to Karori; & he & his br took part in making a road thru Wadestown. Later 
JK bought a farm at Karori. He married Sarah Anne JUDD & their family lived
on this farm for many years until their eldest boys were able to take over
the property. When Mr JK retired from active life as a farmer he came to live
in Wn. His wife d in 1931 at 88. His father & mother d on the same day at 96
& 94. ... When the family shifted to the Hutt, the Natives helped them to
bild their home. On their removal back to Wn, the timber for the new home
was rafted down the Hutt River & across the harbour. The 1855 quake started
at 9pm & shakes continued for days.  His life in the early days was a hard
one but he looked after himself. He'd not been a drinking man & never smoked
& always eaten a little less than he felt able to eat.
  15.7.1936. Auckland Star. 100 YEARS OLD. Message from the King.
Dozens of telegrams arrived at 23 Cottleville Tce, Wn when Mr John K 
celebrated his 100th. From King Edward, GG Lord GALWAY, M SAVAGE, 
Mayor HISLOP, ... A 5 day old ggdr Margaret Kilmister WILTON of Kai-Iwi
sent a telegram thru her parents... He did not consent to be photographed til
he was 96... I have never danced in my life... His chief delight is & always
has been, walking. Never been to pictures... nor visited a flesh & blood
entertainment... His wife d .11.1931 at 88.
  12.10.1937 Evening Post. OBITUARY. Mr John K, a centenarian d 11.10.1937.
... Mr K's most vivid recollection of the HV when his people lived there was
the floods. The whare they lived in had bunks well above ground level & there
was always a large iron pot in which dry wood was kept... his father having
to light a fire there to boil the billy when therewas 2 or 3 feet of water
in the whare...

  1937 obituary ex p234-235 of JF's book: MR JOHN KILMISTER
For almost 96 yrs Mr JK who d Monday at his residence at Cottleville Tce, 
Thorndon, lived in or near Wn .. b 1836 Bath.. a lad of 5 when his family 
arrived Wn to be accomodated in barracks on the foreshore, their 1st home in
the new colony. All new arrivals were required to leave the compound after 
10 days to make room for others, & Mr K's father build a mud & slab hut at
the top of Bolton St, into which the family moved before the clay was dry.
Life was bitterly hard during those early days & often the lad would return
to the home after a day's work to find nothing to eat. Without the assistance
of the friendly Maoris who supplied potatoes & pork, many pioneer families
would have starved. [This continues repeating the material after [3] above
under "c21.7.1932 EP?".] He was not a religious man in the sense that he did
not adhere to any recognised creed, other than his own desire to live a life
of honesty in his dealings with his fellow men & of moral integrity...

m 16.6.1864 at home of Wm JUDD, Stokes Valley, Hutt sp-Sarah Anne JUDD 
b 8.5.1843 Lower Hutt d 9.11.1931 Tinakori. Their m cert. gives John as farmer
son of John & Frances nee NICHOL, & Sarah Ann as daur of Wm JUDD & Ann Sayers 
[Charlotte] nee SEARS. 6 sons & 4 drs all born at Sky Farm.  
  4 KILMISTER sibs married 4 JUDD sibs - 2 males & 2 females of each family! 
GK has sent me some pages probably from the 300 page JUDD-KILMISTER tree called
"JUDD 1991" hand typed by Joclyn FISHER: in 2012 she moved to 284 State Highway
16, RD2, Kumeu, Auckland from Okato, Taranaki 4335. - Try WCC & National 
Libraries. 2012 m.j.fisher"att"  
This photo of John and Annie is courtesy of Bronwyn JONES, one of the many photos from her site.

   "The Streets of My City" via p236 of JF's book on John KILMISTER:
... Not a few of our streets bear the names of early pioneeers who farmed in
what are now closely built areas. The town in its beginnings was little more
than 2 scoops of level land at Thorndon & Te Aro connected by a shoreline of
shops& business premises. Away & around were farms which supplied the 
townsfolk with milk & vegetables, horse grazing & firewood.

  Common grave 2484, 122K Sydney St Cemetery?: 
"In loving memory of [32] Charles, eldest son of [2] John & Sarah KILMISTER 
who d 10.2.1889 aged 22 - not gone from memory, not gone from love, but gone 
to his Father's home above. [3-sp] Sarah Ann KILMISTER d 1931 at 88,
 [3] John KILMISTER d 1937 at 101" OR grave 123/4K `Easily seen'.
Her elder sister is said to be the 1st white girl born in Wellington.
Her brother George lived in the Hutt in 1932 aged 97, so b 1835.

31 2-Alice KILMISTER 30.4.1864/65 Karori d 3.6.1922 Wellington
m 30.5.1888 Wellington sp-Adolph Alexander Woldemar (Charlie) WICKMAN
 b 2.3.1856 Helsingfors, Finland (as VICKERMAN) d 4.10.1919 Wellington. 
Son of Gustav WICKMAN and Anna NORTEN or NOLEN.  KK says Adolph jumped ship in 
Wellington & worked on Sky Farm where he met his wife.
 paperspast has advts for him wanting a farm hand in 1919, and also an ad from 
his wife about milk from her Parkvale Road dairy. 
 Thanks to Kaye BACHELOR kb"att"
She is assisting with a WW100 project for the Society of Genealogists, 
researching the life of the seven men whose deaths are commemorated on the 
Makara Memorial. One of them, William Edward Ramsay, worked for Mr WICKMAN of 

311 3-Amy Lillian Alice WICKMAN b 9.11.1889 Haywards, Wellington d 27.8.1995
 Levin at 106. Attended Karori West school where she sat beside Katherine
MANSFIELD, whom she recalls as "a naughty girl" - p233 of JF's book.
L to R [31] Alice WICKMAN, daughter [311] Amy JONES with baby [3111] Gwladys JONES, & Alice's mother Sarah Annie KILMISTER nee JUDD, wife of [3] John (Jack) KILMISTER. This photo is courtesy of Bronwyn JONES, one of the many photos from her site.

m 1910 St Mary's Anglican, Karori, Wellington sp-Stanley Morgan JONES 
b 9.10.1881 Toedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales  d 21.1.1955 
 Their wedding photo at 17 Parkvale Rd with a list of all the people in it, 
is in the Karori News of 11.9.1984. The photo is also on p145 of BURCH & 
HEYNES 2012. Amy's sister Nellie was bridesmaid & his brother Haydn was bestman.
This copy is taken from Bronwyn JONES' page|pgNum

3111 4-Gwladys JONES b 9.8.1913 Kawhia, North Island d 13.7.2007 Johnsonville,
m1 sp-Clifford BRADLEY d 1964

31111 5-June EA BRADLEY
m sp-Dr Graham WOODS 3 drs suppressed pending permission.
31112 5-Owen BRADLEY b 12.1.1944 m Jill WENSOR 4 sons suppressed pending permn.

[3111 4-Gwladys JONES 1913-2007] m2 sp-Ivan (Tom) BUCKLAND 

3112 4-Ivor Howell JONES b 17.6.1919 Kawhia d 27.7.1993 Levin 
m sp-Lilian Pearl WHITE b 2.10.1919 Palmerston North d 26.8.1991 Levin 
  3 sons & 5 daughters suppressed pending permission 
31124 5-Bronwyn JONES b 18.2.1947 She notes: "the line of KILMISTER morph into 
Knights and Welsh & English royal lines..."
m2 18.6.2005 sp-Bernie GARDENER no children

31125 5-Doreen Meier JONES b 15.10.1948
m1 16.6.1965 sp-Barry COLLIE divorced.  2 children suppressed.   
m2 15.11.1973 sp-Arthur MEIER  divorced. 1 dr suppressed.   
31126 5-Barry JONES b 28.9.1951 m sp-Linda MARTIN 2 children suppressed.   
31128 5-Steven JONES b 18.5.1958 m sp-Dimitra 2012 in Perth.

312 3-Nellie Matilda Annie WICKMAN b 3.1.1893 Wellington d 8.9.1946 Wellington
m 1914 sp-Lionel John PICOT b 1887 Wellington d 1960 Karori, Wellington 
 Son of John of 139 Karori Rd in 1915.
 John had a brother David. The PICOT now live in Auckland.
 - The Stockade 1986 19, 14-15. 

3121 4-Audrey E PICOT b 2.10.1914 "Grandma had a pet magpie." Alive 2012. 
3 sons & 5 drs

m sp-Norman Frederick (Fred) LEE

31211 5-Robert LEE b 2.5.1946 m sp-Judith PORTER  2 chn suppressed.   
31212 5-Catherine LEE b 21.8.1949 m sp-Alan (Bill) MITCHELL 3 chn suppressed  
3122 4-John (Jack) PICOT b 4.6.1917 m sp-Joan NASH  3 chn.
31221 5-Murray PICOT b 21.4.1948 m sp-Sue MUNROE nee POPPLEWELL
31222 5-Adrian PICOT b 31.10.1950  1 son b .6.1991
31223 5-Elise PICOT b 31.12.1954 m sp-Bryer GODDARD  2 chn suppressed  

3122 4-Eric PICOT b 27.10.1919 Karori, Wellington d 18.9.1985 Karori
m1 sp-Betty SMITH  3 chn.
31221 5-Ruth PICOT b 12.6.1943 m sp-Peter WILSON 3 chn suppressed  
31222 5-Shona PICOT b 17.5.1946 m1 sp-Lee MCANULTY  2 chn suppressed  
m2 sp-Geoff SINCLAIR

31223 5-Paul PICOT b 8.11.1948 m sp-Rita SMITH  2 chn suppressed  
[3122 4-Eric PICOT b 27.10.1919 Karori, Wellington d 18.9.1985 Karori]
m2 sp-Melva HILL

313 3-Basil Adolph WICKMAN b&d 1895 Karori, Wellington

32 2-Charles KILMISTER b 24.3.1867 d 10.2.1889 Belmont, Hutt Valley aged 21. 
Buried with parents at grave 2484, 122K Sydney St Cemetery? 
See there for grave inscription.

33 2-Frederick KILMISTER b 6.4.1869 d 24.7.1935 Otaki or Karori. Cremated. 
Farmed Sky Farm but lived at Campbell St from 1910. 
  19.11.1906 EP. THE WOOL SALES. The NZ Loan & Mercantile Agency Co. sold a
merino-romney line at 11.5d for Mr F K of Karori.
  5.1.1910 EP. Women in Print. Mr FK of Karori leaves for England in March.
  15.12.1916 Dominion. DRAWN IN THE [2nd] BALLOT. Mr FC K of Karori, clerk;
FR PICOT of Karori, clerk.
  28.2.1921 EP. CITY'S EXTENT.
Frederick K stated he farmed 1500 acres, 70 in the city of which 9 or 10 were
flat. It cost him P1500. He'd paid this big price as it was needed for his
homestead & sheep & cattle yards. The average value of his land was P10/acre & 
a fair rental would be 10s/acre. It was 2nd class land & would carry 1 cow on 
8 acres, or 1.5 sheep. The land was not city land & to have it in the city 
would hinder production as city rates were oppressive. He admitted that the
electrical supply would be a benefit but only knew 1 resident who had it.
He derived no benefit from the city water, drainage or sanitary systems.
  26.7.1935 EP. Mr FK formerly a well known resident of Karori who d Wednes.
at Otaki - photo.

m 31.5.1894 St Mary's, Karori sp-Isabel Elizabeth NASH b 1876 d 15.12.1957 
Cremated. M cert: he was 25, she 17, dr of Ernest Henry NASH, Sexton of Karori,
& Caroline nee HULSEY. Witnessed by Martha K [35] & Allan Joseph WALTON farmer 
of Wadeston (sic).

331 3-Percival Frederick George (Fred) KILMISTER b c1896 d 1972 
m1 sp-Olive SMITH div. m2 sp-Maureen No issue.

332 3-Lawrence Victor KILMISTER b 1899 d 2000 Waikanae aged 100.
  10.12.1908 EP KARORI. 2nd CLASS. Standard II: 
Laurence KILMISTER 2nd class prep: Jack KILMISTER (a brother?).
  11.8.1933 EP. OPOSSUM KILLING. Lawrence Victor KILMISTER pleaded guilty to 
taking or killing opossums at Karori without a licence. Fined 3P. KILMISTER 
held a permit to trap on his father's property, but killed 4 opossums next 
door. He is an experienced trapper & knew very well he was doing wrong. I am 
instructed to ask for a substantial penalty. - Head Ranger PW WILSON.
  15.8.1936 Auckland Star. "KILLERS" SHOT. Dogs attack sheep. ...Mr L KILMISTER
owner of 1500 acres in Karori has had over 100 sheep killed by roving dogs in 
the last year. A grandson of [3] J KILMISTER ... Recently lay in wait for an 
Alsatian & a foxy who'd killed over 60 sheep including a number of valuable 
stud ewes in lamb. On Aug 2 he shot another Alsation & a mongrel sheep dog. 
"A few days later I shot a small Sydney Silky & a Pomeranian which had worried 
to death over 20 sheep... Poms are as great a pest as any. I've shot 3 Poms in 
1 day, all vicious little sheep killers."...
  He farmed from Allington Road (including the land I've lived on at 101 since
1980) to Parkvale Road. His woolshed was built from timber from Henry K [7]'s 
home at Sky Farm. In the early 1980s he'd retired to Te Marua, Upper Hutt &
the part of the farm near the woolshed was reverting to bush. Wild sheep
short of tucker would come down from the hills with their long tails to graze
on the neighbour's land & wander thru my garden. So I rang him & got permission
to take some beams from the woolshed to build a back fence to keep them out.
When a roofing beam came down it bounced & the nails cut my stomach, stitched
up at A & E. When I told Ken the story he said it sounded like that was Henry's
doing! That part of the farm was bought at auction by a Bulgarian IVANOFF,
who sold it to WCC who pulled down the shed & turned the area into the
Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, 
He retired from Te Marua. Later Lawry moved to Levin
to be near his daughter [3322] Marie - check with her.

m c1926 at 27 sp-Olive CHANDLER bc1908 d c1991 at 93. m at 18.
3321 4-William Lawrence KILMISTER b 16.10.1927 d 3.6.1973
m1 sp-Barbara Yvonne of Oz. d. Div.

33211 5-Geoffrey KILMISTER b 10/2/1952  2014: kilmist61"att" 
Away from N.Z. for 48yrs and wanting to contact relatives.

Adam FITZ wrote 18.7.16 looking for
"Geoffrey William Kilmister, who lived in the State of Victoria for nearly ten 
years. During his time in Victoria Geoffrey made it up the ranks to become a 
Police Detective. Around 1972-73 I believe he went back to Tasmania, possibly 
to work for the Tasmania Police? He was born in New Zealand possibly Wellington
approx. 1948, and moved from New Zealand to the state of Tasmania, with his 
mother in the very early 60's. I believe his Father had passed away and the 
family was looking for a new life, so they uprooted from NZ and came across 
the ditch to Australia."

33212 5-Michelle KILMISTER  

[3321 4-William Lawrence KILMISTER b 16.10.1927 d 3.6.1972]
m2 sp-Barbara SOPER d 7.5.2014 Palmerston North. Div.

33213 5-Jan KILMISTER 2014
m1 ?, m2 sp- WASHINGTON 2014: in Auckland

3322 4-Marie Winifred KILMISTER b 19.7.1929 Karori 
 2012: 3 Papawai Gr, Waikanae 5036, tel 04 905 3253.
  She has a 300 page JUDD-KILMISTER tree called "JUDD 1991" hand typed by 
Joclyn FISHER, in 2012 living at 284 State Highway 16, RD2, Kumeu, Auckland, 
formerly of Okato, Taranaki 4335. - Try WCC & National Libraries.
2012 m.j.fisher"att" jocelyn"att"
Joclyn has corresponded with KILMISTER descendant Lorraine GASCOIGNE on the 

m sp-John Campbell FRANCIS d 2005 Waikanae 3 chn suppressed 

3323 4-Maurice James "Bruce" KILMISTER b 14.1.1931 Wellington
He bought Otari Farm off his father.  
  2012:  Nimmo Ave, Waikanae 04 905 1286, and before that in Takaka.
m 11.1.1958 sp-Mary Irene CLARK d 13.8.1997 Funeral at St Mary's Anglican,
 Karori 6 chn. 
33236 5-Stuart Andrew KILMISTER b 30.5.1972 m sp-Kirsten
 2015 kirsten.stu"att"
3324 4-John Donald KILMISTER b 6.12.1938 No chn. Lives in Seddon.

333 3-John Gordon KILMISTER b 1901 drowned 9.4.1938 Raoul Island, NZ.
  13.2.1937 Auckland Star. BATTLE AT PARTY. A battle royal in South Karori on
Xmas Eve & Xmas Day ...John Gordon K [333], farmer, was charged with assaulting
James Robert MCKENZIE & with having an automatic pistol & ammo ..; 
his brother Frederick Percival K [331], farmer, was charged with assaulting 
Eileen MEHLHOPT & Jas Rbt MCKENZIE; & a 3rd br Lawrence Victor K [332], farmer,
with assaulting Reuben & Albert Henry MEHLHOPT, farmers. Lawrence K charged the
MEHLHOPT brs with assaulting him, & John Gordon K charged MCKENZIE with
  Christmas Eve Festival. Det-Sgt DOYLE said JK [333] was an uninvited guest 
tho a friend of the MEHLHOPTs. After some drink, fighting occurred between K & 
MCKENZIE. K went home & his brother FK arrived at the party with more fighting.
  On Xmas Day FK returned to apologize to Mrs MEHLHOPT, saying to MCKENZIE
in passing they they would get him. Later FK arrived with his br LK. MCKENZIE
was grabbed from near the door & pulled backward over the gravel with his
shirt over his head so that he could not see. LK started to jump on his
stomach. MEHLHOPT intervened but was knocked out by a blow on the forehead
with a stick. Reuben his br came to his defence, but was held & struck in the
face so that his dental plate was broken. They also pulled his trousers off.
  Woman thrown against wall. MCKENZIE was meanwhile crawling back into the
house. FK thew Mrs MEHLHOPT, who was also taking part in the defence, against
a wall, rendering her unconscious. A constable was called & had to get a dr
immediately.  The defence was a denial of the charges vs J & LK, a plea of
justification on the ground of self-defence being advanced in the case of FK.
... "... You took off your coat, vest & shirt, & if that is not a threatening
attitude I'd like to know what is. However there are certain extenuating
circumstances so I'm prepared to convict & discharge you. You", said the
magistrate to FK, "are in quite a different category. You made 3 premeditated
assaults. You took the law into your ownhands instead of .. the police...
You will be fined 5P with costs." To LK he said that ".. you went along to
help your br FK avenge JK's injuries & that your assaults were also
premeditated. You will be fined 3P & ordered to pay the cost of repairing RM's
teeth." For being unlawfully in possession of an automatic pistol JK was 
fined 5P.
  KK: JGK went to Raoul Island with others to round up wild sheep so the island
could be made into a reserve. He drowned swimming there. Then man who pulled 
him out wrote a book about it that KK has. Watch this space!

  Mr. J. KILMISTER, who was drowned at Sunday Island [Raoul Island] last week. 
He was a member bf a well-known Karori family. Evening Post, 11 April 1938

334 3-Gwendolyn Isobel Alice KILMISTER b 28.10.1903 d 25.3.1996
 As a girl she lived at 31 Campbell St, Karori.
m 1925 sp-Donald Rees MCGAVIN Son of Edward Betts MCGAVIN (b Nelson, d Karori) 
&  Margaret Edith (Maggie) REES. They lived at 284 Karori Rd.
 For the MCGAVIN family tree, contact p.mcgavin"att" 2012
This marriage portrait is courtesy of Peter MCGAVIN.

 This family portrait c1935 shows Don 5th from LHS with his parents & sibs.
It is also courtesy of Peter MCGAVIN. 

3341 4-June Margaret MCGAVIN b 1926 d .6.2010 
m sp-Roger TILBROOK They lived in Turangi.
33411 5-Donald TILBROOK b 1953 m sp-Joyce RINGER  3 chn suppressed 
33412 5-Rosemary TILBROOK b 1955 m sp-Robert L SMITH 2 chn suppressed 
33413 5-Geoffrey TILBROOK b 1962 1912: 04 938 4666 41 Oban St, Wadestown, 
Wellington  tilbrook"att"

335 3-Wallace (Wally) Stewart KILMISTER b 30.4.1907, Wellington d 18.3.1973 
  24.12.1929 EP. THE HOLIDAYS. On Boxing Night at Kilbirnie Stadium Speedway
will be seen Harry MANGHAM & Wally K, the NZ Stars, attacking records.
  23.12.1933 EP. Miss Elsie MURPHY, Wellington, left Napier last evening 
by the RANGITANE for England where she shall marry Mr Walter K. 
  30.1.1934 EP. Miss Elsie MURPHY whose m in London to Mr Wally K, the well
known speedway rider, was announced y'day, is a dr of Harold MURPHY, of
Wellington Rugby Union's management committee.
  18.1.1936 EP. SPEEDWAY THRILLS.  WK (NZ) & other international competitors.
  He rode his 1st motorbike races at 17 when an apprentice mechanic, on grass,
& later cinder. In Britain he won fame in the Wembley Lions team. After WW2
he raced at the Taita Speedway, went back to England, then settled in Taupo
in the light engineering business. "Wally rode his motorbike up and down the 
driveway of the Waerenga Road [Otaki] KILMISTERs in the 1930s."

m 29.1.1934 London  sp-Elsie Hannah Barker MURPHY  1 dr.

3351 4-Dorothy Elise KILMISTER b 3.2.1935 
m 11.4.1959 sp-Raymond Douglas HARDING 3 chn suppressed

34 2-Arthur KILMISTER b 21.7.1871 Sky Farm, Karori d 14.10.1973 Ngaio, 
Wellington. The KILMISTERs kept acquiring land & Arthur'slarge holding 
adjoining Sky Farm, plus South Karori, Otaki, etc, made them large landowners. 
(Allington Road, Karori West, was created from KILMISTER land.)
  24 December 1879 Evening Post. A KILMISTER got the Karori School Good 
Conduct prize. This may be him or [31] Alice b 1865. Grave? 70842 587 OC2.
  Obituary ex p220 of "JUDD 1991" by Joclyn FISHER:  The death of Mr AK at
Ngaio .. marked the end of a long & successful farming life. For the lasat
20 years Mr K has lived at 26 Ottaawa Rd, the oldest resident in the district
& possibly the longest living Wellingtonian in many years.  The K family trace
their Wn connections back to the 1840s  ... [0 John K &] family lived in a 
small house in the Bolton St area & later moved to their own home in Ascot Tce.
This cottage still stands today & many of the present generation Ks were b 
there. The old couple d there 1904. Mr John K Sr [0] worked at various jobs
in the city but mostly as a cooper & part time farmer - he had land up on the
Tinakori Hills. His sons John [3] & Henry [7] started Sky Farm from a small
holding, originally in the area N & W of what is now Karori Cemetery. On 
Henry's d, John took over the farm, assisted by sons Fred [33] & Arthur [34].
[They] purchased the land from their father & shared it between them. Arthur 
[34] settled on the land to the N & Fred [33] the Karori-Makara portion.
Arthur [34] m Sarah HUGHES in 1902 (sic) & their 1st home was in the Karori
hills W from the end of Parkvale Rd. A few months later they moved to Crofton
(as Ngaio was then known) to live in the cottage at the end of Silverstream Rd
(in the suburb we now know as Crofton Downs.) The home & farm bldgs .. were
purchased from Mrs CHEW along with c200 acres of surrounding land. The CASEYs
had previously leased the land & bldgs. It was not the original cottage,
destroyed by fire before the K's time. In addition .. Arthur bought 100 acres
of native reserve & 60 acres from John STEVENS or Morris SCANLON. The latter
was between Sky & Chew's. Some years later 580 acres from the HOBBS estate
extended the farm N to Mt Kaukau. This land Mr K bought in his sons' names,
Arthur [344] & Tom [347]. In 1914 the family moved to 26 Ottawa Rd. They had 4 
chn by this time. Lila [342] & Phyllis [348] were b in the family cottage in 
Ascot Tce, Arthur [344] & Otari [346] at Silverstream Rd. The house at 26 was 
bought from & had been built for Mr Alf APLIN, a carrier. The sale included 
1/2 acre of land & stables & sheds at the back. Their neighbours to the N were 
the APLINs (Alf's parents) in the original APLIN home (the site of Ngaio 
Primary School), to the W the GIBSONs in Chew Cottage, SW across the railway 
lines were the RADCLIFFEs & S at 24 Ottawa Rd were various tenants (the house 
was built by John CHEW in the 1870s).  
  After the death of his 1st wife, Arthur m'd Ivy PALMER from Khandallah.
Since his retirement his sons Tom [347] & Arthur [344] have farmed the land &
in more recent years his grandsons Gary [3472], Brian [3441] & Ken [3442].
  Mr K was a farmer all his life. He started working at 19 & did not retire 
til 80. Just before his 100th birthday, he told of his family's great record
of good health, hard work & longevity. He pointed out thtat his grandparents
had both lived to their 90s & his father over 100. "And I'm going to do better
than that." 

m1 18.7.1900 Primitive Methodist Church, Sydney St, Wellington sp-Sarah Emma 
HUGHES b 1879. Grave 46072 587 C2 Purch.  7 chn. M cert: he was a sheep farmer
& she was a dr of John HUGHES, farmer & Sarah nee MOORE. A photo of their 
wedding is on p219 of "JUDD 1991" by Joclyn FISHER.
This copy of their wedding photo is thanks to Ken K.

341 3-Jessie Josephine KILMISTER b & d 1901 Grave 4233 132 VC baby.
342 3-Lila Marguerite KILMISTER b .2.1902 d 4.7.1966  Grave 65444 44RC. Single.
343 3-Gladys Adelaide KILMISTER b & d 1903  Grave 5739 44 RC.

344 3-Arthur Archibald KILMISTER b 31.7.1905 
m 31.10.1934 sp-Edna May HANRATTY  4 chn.

3441 4-Brian KILMISTER b 14.1.1936 Waikanae 
 He farmed Sky Farm to the north of Otari Farm & retired to Raumati or Waikanae
- Stu K.

3442 4-Kenneth Graham AM KILMISTER b 16.8.1938 on the Ngaio farm
 has old photos, many stories and a KILMISTER tree. Referred to here as KK.
 2012: ph 06-377 3729, 106A Essex St Masterton 5810 KILMISTERs"att"
m 5.5.1962 sp-Ailsa Margaret NICHOLL  4 chn, suppressed 
3443 4-Dennis G KILMISTER b 26.4.1942 2012: A mechanic with a diesel business.
m sp-Joan Elizabeth CLARK 2012: ph 06-844 8134, 337 Dartmoor Rd, Puketapu,
 Napier 4186.  4 chn, suppressed 
3444 4-Patricia KILMISTER b 26.12.1945 Wellington 
m1 1966 sp-Ronald LEE Div.  2 chn, suppressed 
m2 sp-?

345 3-Nellie Leonore KILMISTER b 1906 d 1908 of pneumonia

346 3-Otari "Lee" KILMISTER b 2.2.1907 She lived in Lucknow Tce, Khandallah 
 then moved into the home of [347] Tom in Colway St when he moved.
m 14.7.1933 Wellington sp-John (Jack) Angus BROWN  4 chn.

3461 4-John Arthur BROWN b 24.2.1934 m .1.1955 sp-Elizabeth Ann ALLEN 2 chn s'd

3462 4-Douglas Ian BROWN b 5.7.1935 
m 19.11.1966 sp-Barbara Mary BLOORE  2 chn s'd

3463 4-Alan Stewart BROWN b 17.4.1937 
m1 1967 sp-Elaine STANBROOK-EVANS No issue. Div.
m2 14.7.1984 sp-Margaret CASAGRANDE 1 child suppressed 

3464 4-Bruce Hughes BROWN b 26.12.1950

347 3-Thomas Douglas KILMISTER b 11.11.1912 Wellington d 20.6.1985/86 Wanganui
Farmed from Crofton Downs to Khandallah. Lived in Colway St then Awarua St., 
Ngaio. Divided his farm into 3 for his chn.

m 5.12.1936 sp-Edith Marquette COGSWELL b 4.12.1915 d 1.12.1984  3 chn.

3471 4-Thomas Arthur KILMISTER b 2.2.1938 
m 28.3.1964 sp-Jocelyn Ann WILLIS 3 chn, suppressed 

3472 4-Gary David KILMISTER b 11.6.1940 at home in Colway St. Family moved to 
Awararua St. Lived in Fox St, Ngaio then moved to
 127b Albert St, Whitianga 3510. 2012: (07) 866 2044 He has a family tree.
 There is a log of the LADY NUGENT's trip Feb 1841 by the ship surgeon, 
George HILLIARD, quoted in "The long long journey - the voyage of the LADY 
NUGENT, 1840-1" by Hugh JONES, p2-13 of Otaki Historical Society Journal. Gary 
has kindly sent me a copy, as well as some extracts from JF's book "JUDD 1991".

m 11.8.1962 sp-Margaret May BELL 3 chn, 11 grchn, suppressed 

3473 4-Louise Edith KILMISTER b 30.12.1943 
m 9.4.1966 sp-Barrie Nelson TOMS. They moved to Auckland. 3 chn, suppressed 

348 3-Phyllis Laurel KILMISTER b 2.11.1913 m 23.12.1940 sp-Jack WEBBER 

3481 4-Marie Margerite WEBBER b 29.6.1944 
m 25.11.1968 sp-Michael John POWNALL  3 children, suppressed 
3482 4-Hugh Evan WEBBER b 27.9.1945 m .4.1970 sp-Carolyn Barbara HOWKIN 4 chn 

[34 2-Arthur KILMISTER b 21.7.1871 d .9.1973] 
m2 1949 sp-Ivy PALMER b 1895 Khandallah d 2.1.1983 
 Grave?: Ivy Hunt 744 61 971 C2.

35 2-Martha Delilah KILMISTER b 22.6.1873 d 5.9.1963 Hunterville
m 19.7.1900 W'n sp-Allan Joseph WILTON b 9.9.1872 W'n d 21.10.1954 Hunterville
  (Part of the family Wilton Bush is named after. A son of Job WILTON who
bought 43 ha in 1860 & protected 7 ha of them, in what became known as Wilton 
Bush, the largest remnant of original forest in Wellington. Traditional
occupation rights were held by Te Atiawa/ Taranaki Whanui including Ngati Tama
who lived at Kaiwharawhara Pa by the harbour.) 4 chn.

351 3-Ina Maude WILTON b 29.3.1902 Wellington d 19.10.1989 Dannevirke 
 A photo taken Christmas 1948 of Ina [351], Gladys [352], Eric [353], &
 Stanley [354] is on p224 of "JUDD 1991" by Joclyn FISHER.
m 12.12.1923 sp-Neil Morrell LAMBERT b 25.10.1896 d 21.1.1973  5 chn.

3511 4-Keith Neil LAMBERT b 27.8.1924 m sp-Eleanor STURROCK  2 chn.

35111 5-Heather Keith LAMBERT b 17.9.1967 adopted 
m sp-Kevin Ross PEDERSON  1 dr, suppressed 
35112 5-Ann Eleanor LAMBERT b 28.5.1969 adopted 
m sp-Duncan Bruce CHEETHAM

3512 4-Lindsay Wilton LAMBERT b 27.8.1925

3513 4-Jean Ina LAMBERT b 2.9.1929 
m1 sp-Andrew George PETERS d 29.10.1980  5 chn, suppressed 
[3513 4-Jean Ina LAMBERT b 2.9.1929] m2 sp-Don ROWE

3514 4-Roderick Morrell LAMBERT b 1.2.1935 d aged 4

3515 4-Davina Elizabeth LAMBERT b 20.4.1939 
m sp-Murray Stuart FRANCE  5 chn, suppressed 

352 3-Gladys Hellen WILTON b 11.6.1904 Hunterville
m 14.12.1938 sp-Kenneth Charles HUMPHREY 2 chn.

3521 4-Allan John HUMPHREY b 8.2.1941 
m1 1965 sp-Chrloe ROBSON div. 
m2 20.2.1976 sp-Dellwyn Frances BUCKLEY  2 chn, suppressed 
3522 4-Raymond Kenneth HUMPHREY b 12.8.1944 
m sp-Pamela Dawn STEPHEN 4 chn, suppressed 

353 3-Eric Allan WILTON b 17.4.1906 Hunterville d 29.6.1990 Hastings
m sp-Annie Norah Louise EALES  3 chn.

3531 4-James Kilmister WILTON d 4.2.1958 of tetanus, aged 24

3532 4-Margaret Kilmister WILTON b 9.7.1936 
m sp-Victor HEFFERMAN div. 2 chn, suppressed 
3533 4-Dorothy Kilmister WILTON b 12.10.1939 
m sp-Neil Kennedy MCLEOD  4 chn, suppressed 

354 3-Stanley Edgar WILTON b 28.5.1907 Hunterville d 11.5.1981 Palmerston North
m 4.12.1935 sp-Adelaide Ellen JAMES

3541 4-Joan Ruth WILTON b 20.10.1936 m 5.3.1960 sp-Leslie George SCHMIDT

35411 5-Donna Maria SCHMIDT b 14.12.1960 
m 12.9.1981 sp-Terence William HOLLY 3 chn, suppressed 
35412 5-Brian Leslie SCHMIDT 
35413 5-Colin James SCHMIDT 
35414 5-Adele Louise SCHMIDT 

3542 4-Helen Adelaide WILTON b 19.10.1939 
m 22.10.1960 sp-Derrick Robert HARVEY 3 chn, suppressed 
3543 4-Ian Douglas WILTON b 12.5.1941 
m 20.6.1964 sp-Diane Mary HANDCOCK 4 chn, suppressed 

36 2-Emily KILMISTER b 28.8.1875 Wellington d 1957 Wellington 
m 11.9.1894 Wellington sp-Thomas Sydney NEWCOMBE

361 3-Herbert NEWCOMBE b c1896 m ? No issue.

362 3-Eileen NEWCOMBE b c1898 m sp-James MAULE div.  2 chn.
3621 4-Valerie MAULE 
3622 4-Derek MAULE  

363 3-Clive NEWCOMBE b 1900 m sp-Sis  3 chn.
3631 4-Clive NEWCOMBE 
3632 4-Jean NEWCOMBE m sp-Les SIMMONS
3633 4-Kathy NEWCOMBE 

364 3-Olive NEWCOMBE m sp-Eric LLOYD 3 chn.
3641 4-John LLOYD b 1925 d 1989
3642 4-Yvonne LLOYD twin 
3643 4-Graeme LLOYD twin

37 2-Caroline KILMISTER b 1877 d 1877 at 5 weeks. 
Grave 857, 122K Sydney St Cemetery
38 2-Walter KILMISTER b 31.8.1878 d 1.7.1954.
He had a dairy farm where Naenae Pool now is, then farmed for 3 generations
on what is now Belmont Regional Park. Warren says he only had 1 wife, Olive.
m 16.3.1904 sp-Olive Ellen PLAYLE b c1881 d 22.3.1968 m in JF's JUDD book p208

381 3-Olive "Doreen" KILMISTER b 15.12.1904 d 29.2.1984
m 13.12.1930 sp-Francis John (Frank) ANSTIS  1 son

3811 4-Brian Francis ANSTIS b 18.9.1933 
m 21.1.1956 sp-Dawn Lorraine BATIE 3 chn, suppressed 

382 3-Myra Daphne KILMISTER b 19.7.1906 d 1993
m 16.10.1927 Lower Hutt sp-Wallace WILTON son of ?? 3 chn.

3821 4-Lorna WILTON b 16.5.1928 
m 28.8.1950 sp-Herbert MYCROFT  3? chn, suppressed 
3822 4-Valerie WILTON b 1929 d 1977 m sp-Keith POTTER 4 chn, suppressed 
3823 4-Ivan WILTON b 13.1.1931 
m 28.4.1954 Lower Hutt sp-Florence Patricia CORBETT  3 chn, suppressed 

383 3-Iris Marjorie KILMISTER b 27.6.1908 d 2005 aged c93
m 8.12.1930 Wellington sp-Roy Augustus DIXON div.

3831 4-Maxwell Roy William DIXON b 2.12.1938 
m1 22.8.1959 sp-Julie Alexa WRAY div.  3 chn, suppressed 
[3831 4-Maxwell Roy William DIXON 1938] m2 12.5.1983 sp-Suzanne Patricia KNIGHT

384 3-Harold Walter KILMISTER b 1910 Lower Hutt d 1996
m 5.3.1937 sp-Lucy Miller SIMISTER b UK  2 chn.

3841 4-Warren John KILMISTER b 7.4.1938 Lower Hutt m sp-Lynn J FEYEN
 2012: ph 07-544 7247  58 Rowesdale Dve Tauranga 3112  

3842 4-Keith Harold KILMISTER Lower Hutt 
m1 sp-Marlene BURT div.  3 chn.
38411 5-Tract KILMISTER 
38412 5-Brendan KILMISTER 
38413 5-Todd KILMISTER 
[3841 4-Keith KILMISTER] m2 sp-Denise 2012: K H & D J ph 07-543 4618
28/52 Condor Dve Pyes Pa Tauranga 3112  

385 3-Ronald F KILMISTER 1920/29 Lower Hutt has a KILMISTER tree he did.
m sp-Margaret ROBERTSON  2012 mkilmister"att"
 ph 06-368 6290 1/29 York St, Levin  

3851 4-Bruce KILMISTER m sp-Robyn MOWAT  3 chn, suppressed 

3852 4-John KILMISTER  m sp-Diane EDWARDS div. 2 chn, suppressed 
3853 4-Diana KILMISTER m sp-Anthony BUCKLER 2 chn, suppressed 
3854 4-Kristina KILMISTER m sp-Michael WOOD  3 chn, suppressed 

39 2-Albert KILMISTER b 16.9.1881 Wellington d 17.7.1954 Hunterville aged 72. 
He farmed at Hunterville. The Turnbull Library holds his
 1) Some early history of the KILMISTER family & early Wellington as they
remembered it (1932) 14 typed pages; &
 2) Native bush & birds near Wellington 1867, hand written 3.9.1941. 
(I have yet to see these.) His memory of burning the bush is quoted on p14 of 
 He was a friend of the eminent botanist COCKAYNE - KK.

m 17.1.1912 sp-Margaret May HARE d 1959 aged 76. 
 30.5.1929 EP. Women in Print. Mrs AK, Hunterville, is the guest of Mrs J HARE,

391 3-Albert Bruce KILMISTER b 22.1.1913 d .8.2003
m 24.7.1937 sp-Mary LockhartSTEWART b 4.10.1916 d .11.2000

3911 4-Bryan Stewart KILMISTER b 5.11.1938 
 2012 ph 04-293 4247 14 Kereru St Waikanae 5036 KILMISTE"att"
  (Who is Brian KILMISTER in Raumati?)
m 2.2.1968 sp-Elizabeth WALTER 

39111 5-John Walter KILMISTER b 21.6.1969 2012: jk.nes"att"
 ph 06-858 7535, 464 Middleton Rd, Waipukurau 4284 
m .3.1999 sp-Neroli HOOPER 3 children, suppressed 

39112 5-Jane Mary KILMISTER b 11.10.1970 kilmister.kerr"att"
m .12.2002 sp-Donald KERR 2 children, suppressed 

39113 5-Daniel Bryan KILMISTER b 21.9.1972  
m .12.2002 sp-Sandrine MAGNIN  In Switzerland. 2 children, suppressed 

3912 4-Anthony Lockhart Bruce (Tony) KILMISTER b 14.1.1941
 2012: gill.kilmister"att"  ph 06-347 7238
159E Great North Rd, Otamatea, Wanganui 4501 
m sp-Gillian Phylis VICKERS 

39121 5-James Douglas KILMISTER b 27.9.1968  2012: jamesvirginia"att"
ph 06-322 8366 Aldworth Rd, Hunterville 4784; 
Beach house ph 06-874 6118 48 Airini Rd, Waimarama 4294  

39122 5-Mark Anthony KILMISTER b 12.5.1972  2012: mark-jan"att"  
m sp-Jan  328A Vaile Rd Eureka Hamilton 3286, ph 07-824 1974

3913 4-(Mary) Annette KILMISTER b 21.7.1944 2012 annettemarshall"att"
m sp-Denis MARSHALL  Waikanae 3 chn:
39131 5-Nicola MARSHALL b 29.8.1967  2012 in Bulls m 12.1.1991 sp-Martin SYMES
39132 5-Susan MARSHALL b 27.4.1970 m sp-Royce MCKEAN in N Canterbury
39133 5-Timothy MARSHALL b 24.12.1973  2012 in Nelson

392 3-Marjorie Vivienne KILMISTER b 28.3.1916 d by 2012
m 24.4.1939 sp-Vincent Joseph HURLEY d 4.10.1942 3 chn

3921 4-Vivienne Gay HURLEY b 8.12.1942 m sp-John MURCHISON 3 chn
39211 5-Vicki MURCHISON b 9.6.1966 m 1990 sp-Gary TANNER
39212 5-Karen MURCHISON b 1.8.1968
39213 5-Peter MURCHISON b 5.10.1970

3922 4-Yvonne HURLEY b 13.11.1944 m sp-John MARSH  3 chn
39221 5-Russell MARSH b 24.8.1967
39222 5-Gregory MARSH b 24.11.1968
39223 5-Tracy MARSH b 28.1.1972

3923 4-Sharyn Ann HURLEY b 9.5.1946 m sp-Paul SMITH  2 chn
39231 5-Shane SMITH b 9.5.1969
39232 5-Jayson SMITH b 22.9.1970

393 3-Evelyn Mary KILMISTER b 12.5.1922 d 22.9.1990 
m 1942 sp-Richard John GOODWIN d 17.12.1985  4 chn

3931 4-Kenneth John GOODWIN b 23.7.1942 m sp-Jeanette CAMERON 4 chn
39311 5-Robin GOODWIN m sp-Peter BAKER
39312 5-Owen GOODWIN 
39313 5-Suzanne GOODWIN 
39314 5-Margaret GOODWIN 

3932 4-Max James GOODWIN b 21.5.1944 d m sp-Erina LAMBERT  3 chn.
39321 5-Simon GOODWIN 
39322 5-Tony GOODWIN 
39323 5-Carol GOODWIN 

3933 4-(Albert) Bruce GOODWIN b 1946 m1 sp-Susan WILSON div.  2 chn
39331 5-Sally GOODWIN 
39332 5-Nicholas GOODWIN 
[3933 4-(Albert) Bruce GOODWIN b 1946] m2 sp-Margaret WILKINS

3934 4-Brian Richard GOODWIN b 1953 m sp-Kaye HATFULL  3 chn
39341 5-Richard GOODWIN 
39342 5-John GOODWIN 
39343 5-Wendy GOODWIN 

394 3-(Winifred) Betty KILMISTER b 5.9.1923 alive 2012
m 22.9.1951 sp-Noel Norman NITSCHKE 4 chn

3941 4-Anne Elizabeth NITSCHKE b 2.10.1952
m 11.7.1975 sp-David Leslie WILSON  3 chn
39411 5-Gavin WILSON b 17.9.1979
39412 5-Brandon David WILSON b 29.6.1982
39413 5-Daniel Anthony WILSON b 10.2.1986

3942 4-John Louis NITSCHKE b 20.4.1954 m 4.2.1978 sp-Christine WAUGH 2 chn
39421 5-Gemma Isoble NITSCHKE b 21.5.1981
39422 5-Jarrod John NITSCHKE b 17.8.1984

3943 4-Mark Raymond NITSCHKE b 23.8.1956 m 1978 sp-Helen MCGREGOR 3 chn
39431 5-Peter NITSCHKE b 6.10.1979
39432 5-Stephen Louis NITSCHKE b 28.5.1981
39433 5-Rachael Gay NITSCHKE b 23.7.1983

3944 4-David Noel NITSCHKE b 23.2.1958 d 21.1.1980

3(10) 2-Thomas KILMISTER b 1.6.1883 d Hunterville, New Zealand 	   
 He gave his mother Sarah as his next of kin when signing up for WWI.
m sp-Beryl  ex JF's JUDD book p208,232.

3(11) 2-Josephine Maria/Maud KILMISTER b 19.2.1885 d 22.3.1979 Karori,
m 20.1.1911 Wellington sp-Robert Robinson HARE d 1918

3(11)1 3-(Mollie) Joyce HARE b 14.11.1911 
m 1940 sp-James Gerard MCDERMOTT d by 1991 No issue
3(11)2 3-(Robert) Ian HARE b 17.12.1914 d 27.9.1969
m 1941 sp-Margarette DAVIS d by 1991 No issue

3(11)3 3-Lorna Enid HARE b 26.4.1917 m 1940 sp-Philip DAVIS 2 chn

3(11)31 4-Jane Philippa DAVIS b 28.9.1947 m sp-Alastair Archer HOSKING 4 chn
3(11)311 5-William Archer HOSKING b 7.3.1973
3(11)312 5-Josephine HOSKING b 24.12.1974
3(11)313 5-Charles Ian HOSKING b 16.9.1977
3(11)314 5-Douglas HOSKING b 27.3.1982

3(11)32 4-Christopher John DAVIS b 18.1.1950 
m1 sp-Denise RUBICK div. , m2 sp-Joy  3 chn.
3(11)321 5-Toni DAVIS b 1981
3(11)322 5-Katie DAVIS b 1982
3(11)323 5-Matthew DAVIS b 1987

4 1-Henry Herbert KILMISTER b 13.6.1839 Bath Somerset
d 14/16.11.1881 Wellington aged 42 
bur Blk 29 Bolton St Cemetery. Grave removed when Bolton St was realigned - GK.
  He & his bro [3] John bought & farmed 750 acres on the ridge from Karori to 
Ngaio bought for 10/- per acre. Their 1st Sky Farm was where the chimney & 
macrocarpas are, where I found the grindstone. 2 huge rocks there have been 
carved to form walls. It was known as Henry's Pines as Henry lived there til he
was killed felling a tree which fell on him, west of the original homestead
where a norfolk pine was planted with macrocarpas.
  26.1.1881 Evening Post. For sale 16 head store cattle. Apply to H KILMISTER, 
  25.11.1881 Evening Post. On 16th at Karori accidentally killed, HK, 3rd son
of JK, Glenbervie Tce aged 42, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.
Gisborne papers pls copy.
This WCC map includes a track to '4. KILMISTER TOPS. John & Henry KILMISTER sons of the early settler John KILMISTER, bought Sky Farm or Kilmister Tops from the Crown in the 1860s & split the land in half.'
  KK: HK was a tanner then a dairy farmer at Makara, Wellington.

m1 15.2.1870 by Rev John MOIR sp-Elizabeth A GEORGE b 22.12.1852 NZ d 4.10.1889
Bur Block, 29 Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington. 

Dr of Mr Thomas GEORGE & Mary WALL, Tinakori Rd. 
- ex Wellington Independent, 19.2.1870 or 29.3.1870 via paperspast, & Cheryl.
BJ: her mother was Mary nee WALL. She is in the 1861 census at Hackney St John,
Middlesex with parents & sibs. Her father is bc1828.
Thomas GEORGE m Dec Q Cheltenham Mary  WALL - ex KK]

Elizabeth KILMISTER nee GEORGE m2 1885 at house of T GEORGE, Wellington to 
John MORAN son of Thomas, & had more children, including

 Eva Dahlia MORAN b 13.2.1886 d c1972 Wanganui
m 1912 sp-Robert Mack Muir KING  - Ken K. Ken has a photo of John MORAN 
with all of EG (EC??)'s children by her 2/3 marriages.

41 2-William John KILMISTER b 1871 Wellington d 6.2.1894 Wellington
 bur 9.2.1894 Wellington

42 2-Edward (Ted) KILMISTER b 1872 Wellington d 27.7.1897 Wellington
 bur 29.7.1897 Wellington. (Grave 2401 IGC Purch.?)

m 2.8.1894 St Matthias', Makara, Wellington  sp-Lavina Jane MONK.
 This was her m1. She m2 sp-James Henry COOK b 1864 (son of David and Mary
nee GALLOWAY who in 1861 farmed in the Judgeford area of Pauatahanui), with 
son Private Henry Harvey COOK who served in WW1. 
Info on this branch is thanks to Allan DODSON: 3.4.2015.

421 3-Elizabeth Ruth KILMISTER. Referred to as Winford's 'niece' to Winford,
[14 above] as his parents died early in his life and he was brought up by 
another branch of the family which lists him as a brother.
43 2-Leonard aka Ernest Henry KILMISTER b 14.6.1874 Wellington d 1.1.1952 
Pahiatua bur Mangatainoka Cemetery, Pahiatua. In 1902 listed as of Paraparaumu,
brother (they shared the same mother) to [14]. He lived at Konini north of 
Pahiatua. In 1919 that's where he was sent the war medals of his half-brother 
Winford Robert KILMISTER [14]. KK has photos of him.  His relations still live 
in that area. KK has been in contact with them also the WESTAWAY family -
see 46 Matilda.  - Info thanks to KK & Allan DODSON agcdodson"att"

m1 1900 sp-Alice Maud SANDERS
m2 1907 Otaki sp-Florence May STRATFORD

431 3-William KILMISTER of Pahiatua

4311 4-Ron KILMISTER
m1 sp-?
4311 4-Philip KILMISTER 2012 in Wanganui
4311 4-Marcus KILMISTER 2012 in Wanganui

[4311 4-Ron KILMISTER]
m2 sp-Rosalie W 2012: ph 04-387 9105, 32 Puru Cre Lyall Bay Wellington 6022

44 2-Lelia Mary KILMISTER b 9.3.1876 Wellington bur 21.5.1876 Blk 29 Bolton St 
Cemetery. She shares her parents' grave: "Here we suffer grief & pain. 
Here we meet to part again. In heaven we part no more. 
Oh that will be joyful, when we meet & part no more." 
- To check library file on this.

45 2-Thomas Randolph KILMISTER b 5.5.1877 N.Z. known as Dolf. d 1972
m 1903 Wellington sp-Christina Martha LONDON

46 2-Matilda Lila/Lyley KILMISTER/KILMINSTER b 1.12.1879
  1893 in Newtown School, Wellington - School Inspectors Return. d 1918.
m c1901 sp-Walter James WESTERWAY/WESTAWAY - chn thanks to KK

461 3-Elsie Elizabeth WESTAWAY b 1902 m sp-Nicholas Louis FITZGERALD
462 3-William Horace WESTAWAY b 1905
463 3-Eileen Mary WESTAWAY b 1907
464 3-Evelyn Vera WESTAWAY b 1913
465 3-Irene Lydia WESTAWAY b 1910 
4651 4-Jeanette BLOXHAM (Timaru)
466 3-Stillborn WESTAWAY 1917

47 2-Florence Fanny KILMISTER b 25.7.1881 Wellington d 6.1.1959 Lower Hutt
 bur 8.1.1959 Taita Old Monumental, Lower Hutt.  
  1891 in Terrace School, Wellington - School Inspectors Return.
  1893 in Newtown School, Wellington - School Inspectors Return.
m 24.3.1902 sp-Henry WALLIS

?48 2-Elizabeth KILMISTER b N.Z.

[4 1-Henry Herbert KILMISTER b 13.6.1839 d 14/16.11.1881]
m2 1883 Ohariu Valley, Wellington sp-Elizabeth CLIFTON nee GEORGE??, 
wife of Bill 1832-84 [1]. She m'd under her mother's maiden name WALL. -KK.

5 1-Frances (Fanny) KILMISTER b 20/30.11.1843 Karori, Wellington d 22.7.1902
m 20.7.1863 (at home of Rev Joshua SMITH in Sydney St) sp-Stephen JUDD
 b 22.12.1837 Maidstone, Kent d 29.6.1890 Lower Hutt
Son of William JUDD and Ann Charlotte nee SEARS.
  He was a settler aged 25 of Upper Hutt 10 years, & she aged 19 of Karori.
He arrived NZ 1840 aged 2.5, son of Wm JUDD Sr.
Brother to Sarah Ann JUDD who married [3] John KILMISTER.  10 chn.

51 2-William Stephen JUDD b 4.2.1864 Wellington d 9.3.1941 Lower Hutt

52 2-Frances Annie JUDD b 12.10.1865 Lower Hutt d 10.2.1954 Wanganui
m sp-Oliver Bateman PENNEFATHER b .10.1864 Queenstown, New Zealand
 d 4.2.1953 Wanganui
421 3-Sydney Stephen PENNEFATHER b 23.11.1891 Lower Hutt d 16.11.1982 Lower

53 2-Edward John JUDD b 15.7.1867 Wellington d 16.4.1936 New Plymouth
54 2-George Frank JUDD b 11.1.1870 Lower Hutt d 16.7.1899 31 Webb St,

55 2-Catherine Maud JUDD b 16.3.1872 Wellington d 20/22.7.1948

56 2-Alice Mary JUDD b 20.9.1874 Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt d .5.1963 aged 88.
m 1.3.1904/05 sp-Edward ROW b 16.6.1876 Palmerston North d 1928

57 2-Charles Herbert JUDD b 2.5.1877 Lower Hutt d 7.11.1960 Auckland
m .12.1903 sp-Mary Elizabeth ROW b 18.6.1880 Karere, NZ

58 2-Minnie Octavia JUDD b 9.1.1880 Wellington d 8.4.1966 Middlemore Hospital, 
  Otahuhu, Auckland

59 2-Grace Elizabeth JUDD b 18.11.1884 Lower Hutt d 23.4.1989
m sp-David Murray KEAN

5(10) 2-Edith Henrietta JUDD b 22.1.1887 Lower Hutt d 13.5.1924

6 1-James KILMISTER b 21.1.1845 NZ d 22.9.1914 Wellington
  15-20.4.1872 Wellington Independent:
Now running on [my] land, a light strawberry cow branded on the rump. If not
claimed within 1 month, will be sold to pay expenses. James KILMISTER, Karori.
 29.10-5.11.1877 Evening Post. Wanted a boy 12-14 to milk & work on farm. 
Apply to James KILMISTER, Karori.
  21.12.1880 Evening Post. For sale or to let a good dairy farm 1 mile from 
town with a good milk walk. Apply to James KILMISTER, Karori.
  WCC hold his letter of 28.1.1886 when he lived in Tinakori Rd.
  12.3.1886 Evening Post. NUISANCES AT KARORI. TO THE EDITOR.
Sir, I notice in your last nights paper that at the meeting of the Karori-
Makara Rd Board a letter was read complaining of [my] pigsty, to which the
Chairman replied that he had written to me & that I'd promised to abate the
nuisance. I [did receive this] letter [but] made no reply [as] I dont consider 
it a nuisance to keep a litle pig 5 chains from the mainroad & far from any
bldg or [my] nghbrs, & look at it as a spiteful motion ... I mention that 2 
months ago a complaint was brought before the same Rd Bd meeting of a drainage 
nuisance, & which is indeed a nuisance, so much so as to cause a pest. The 
Chairman .. was requested .. to see that the nuisance should be abated, but he 
has done nothing towards it & the stench is something awful. 
I am etc James KILMISTER 11.3.1886.
 15.3.1886 Damage to property in Glenbervie Tce - James Kilmister,
  1.4.1886 Evening Post. A STRANGE STORY. JK of Karori left 1 guinea at the 
Evening Post for the distressed lawyer's clerk .. last night.
  3.9.1896 Evening Post. James K nominated for Karori Borough Council's annual
election. 11.9.1896 Evening Post THE MUNCIPAL ELECTIONS WELLINGTON CITY.
Karori- JK elected with 78 votes.
  20.11.1896 EP. THE GENERAL ELECTION. K's Hall, Tinakori Place to be a polling
  10.1.1899 EP. 70 members & friends of the Sunday morning meeting held in 
K's Hall, Karori Rd, held their annual picnic on Sat. at Belmont in the 
beautiful grounds of Mr James K who for years past has shown deep & practical 
interest in their work by allowing them the use of his hall in which to hold 
their meetings.
Evening Post. KILMISTER & W JUDD playing for Western Hutt v Petone at Belmont.
KILMISTER & W JUDD playing for Western Hutt v Old Boys at Belmont.
  4.11.1907 EP. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Meeting at K's Hall. The question of making
a lepper settlement at Kapiti Island.
 15.4.1908 Dominion. LOCAL AND GENERAL. The speed of motor cars was referred to
in a letter from Mr JK read at the meeting of the HCC. Some councillors [said] 
cars often drove at [excess] speed & it was decided to notify the roadman on
the W Hutt Rd to take the numbers of cars travelling at a dangerous speed.
  1892-4 Karori Borough Councillor, 1896-7 farmer.
m sp-Elizabeth JUDD b 19.2.1853 Lower Hutt d 12.4.1915 NZ.
 Daughter of William JUDD and Ann Charlotte nee SEARS.

61 2-Anne E KILMISTER b 1870

62 2-Frances Maude KILMISTER b 1872 Karori, Wellington d 9.3.1939
 bur 11.3.1939 Taita Cemetery, Lower Hutt. 
m 9.9.1893 Wellington sp-George Alexander MCILVRIDE b 18.1.1873 Lower Hutt
 d 28.11.1935 Wellington Public Hospital  6 chn.
Son of George MCILVRIDE and Janet SINCLAIR.

621 3-Leith James MCILVRIDE b 22.1.1894 Petone d 17.11.1918 Palmerston North 
622 3-Elizabeth J MCILVRIDE b 2.12.1897 Lower Hutt d 3.10.1953 Petone
623 3-Janet Sinclair MCILVRIDE b 2.12.1897 Lower Hutt d 30.11.1974 Lower Hutt
624 3-Daphne May MCILVRIDE b 16.7.1899 Lower Hutt d 27.10.1978 Lower Hutt
625 3-Huia George Alexander MCILVRIDE b 6.5.1904 d 25.8.1990 Lower Hutt
626 3- Meri Love MCILVRIDE b 1907 Lower Hutt d 1.11.1965 Waikanae

7 1-Mary Judd KILMISTER b 5.9.1848 Aurora Terrace, Wellington
 d 14.4.1930 Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt

m 12.9.1868 at the bride's parents, Orangi Kaupapa, Karori sp-George JUDD
b 25.5.1835 Maidstone or Sittingbourne, Kent bp 30.5.1835 
d 12.8.1934 Waiwhetu Rd, Lower Hutt at 99. A report on their diamond wedding
is on p102 of JF's book "JUDD 1991". It has a photo of them p107.
 Son of William JUDD and Ann Charlotte nee SEARS.
71 2-Henry JUDD b .12.1865 London

72 2-George Frederick JUDD b 17.1.1872 Lower Hutt d 17.9.1936 Lower Hutt
m sp-Blanche Mirian ACKROYD

3. KILMISTER in Wellington yet to ID (Those ID'd have their ID number in front of them.) LOCATE KILMISTER biography BDN 20/8 p140/56. The following [with their ID no.] are ex KPL & look like cemetery notes. [37] Caroline 857, 122K Sydney St Cemetery [1 or 3321?] William 1770, 68K Sydney St Cemetery [32] Charles 2484, 122K Sydney St Cemetery [3-sp] Sarah Ann 4081, 123K Sydney St Cemetery [3] John 4189, 123K Sydney St Cemetery [41] Lelia Mary bur 21.5.1876 Blk 29 Bolton St Cemetery [4] Henry bur 16.11.1882 aged 42 Blk 29 Bolton St Cemetery [4 m1] Elizabeth 1853 bur 4.10.1889 Blk 29 Bolton St Cemetery [1?] William J 837 IGC Purch. baby 1378 73 DP [73?] Edward 2401 IGC Purch. [341] Jessie J 4233 132 VC baby [343] Gladys A 5739 44 RC L 9244 44 RC Myrtle M 20445 243 FC2 Purch. [33] Frederick 1397 1935 Crem. David de la Mothe 1505 1935 Crem. [6?] James Bosley 41135 243 FC2 Purch. [1st wife of 44] Sarah Emma 46072 587 C2 Purch. [wife of 391?] Mary 54482 243 FC2 [33-sp] Isobel Elizabeth 1957 crem. Herbert 23392 1963 crem. [342] Lila Margerite 65444 44RC Harriett 33577 1971 Anna Maree 70730 131 BP3 baby [34?] Arthur 70842 587 OC2 Ruth 38512 1974 Roy Herbert 42345 1976 [2nd wife of 34?] Ivy Hunt 744 61 971 C2 Other KILMISTER in NZ. Author Terry b 1946, books published in Palmerston North & Christchurch. gave 428 entries with both KILMISTER and Karori. Most are advts & sporting, or references to the use of Kilmister Hall in Tinakori Rd, or to Kilmister Ave. Those not included above, apart from these, include as follows. 11.4.1916 EP Elizabeth KILMISTER d 11.4.1915 mother of A wife of J BAUMBER. 12.4.1921 EP Elizabeth KILMISTER d 12.4.1915 grandmother of C BAUMBER. 3.9.1917 EP. 15000 MEN CALLED UP. 4.9.1917 Dominion THE DOUBLE BALLOT. D de Le M K, motor-driver, 116 Aro St. SICK AND WOUNDED Evening Post, 28 November 1917 AK 27911 Masterton. 9.1.1918 Press ROLL OF HONOUR. Died of wounds. NZ Rifle Brigade 2nd Jan. TK (Mrs EK Invercargill, m.) WOMEN IN PRINT. Mrs KILMISTER in charge of Paddys Market, Karori. Evening Post, 4 May 1918 CLASS C, 2nd DIVISION. AWK farmer, Taita Evening Post, 19 June 1918 2.12.1918 EP. THE KARORI BLOCK. The final meeting of the local Vigilance Committee was held in Cncl Chambers.. Mr K. Over 300 cases had been dealt with. Votes of thanks for the use of private motor-cars: Mrs K. 2.12.1918 Dominion. INFLUENZA. Epidemic dying down. SICK AND WOUNDED Evening Post, 28 November 1917 7.6.1920 EP. GAMES AT KARORI. KILMISTER scoring. 24.9.1930 EP. HERE AND THERE. 1st prize to Mrs KILMISTER at bring & buy at Taita Hall for Plunket. 13.5.1933 EP Millicent KILMISTER div. Arthur KILMISTER. 27.9.1935 EP. Miss MVK on AKAROA for NZ on 6.9.35. 22.1.1938 Evening Post. Misses KL & MM KILMISTER (Masterton?) are staying at the Empire Hotel. 7.4.1941 Evening Post. THE THIRD BALLOT of 2493. RHK 95 Knights Rd, L Hutt. FUNERAL NOTICES. 23.8.1943 Evening Post Wm KILMISTER funeral 24.8.1943 for Taita English Church Cem. 6.9.1944 Evening Post DEATHS. On 6.9.1944 Bertha Rose at her home Otaki Railway, wife of Len K. 12.9.1945 Evening Post DEATHS. On 12.9.1945 at Wellington, Sarah Emma wife of Arthur KILMISTER [not 23], Ngaio, mother of Lila, Arthur, Otari, Tom & Phil. Mother of Mrs JA BROWN of Khandallah & grmr of John, Douglas & Allan. DEATHS. Evening Post, 5 October 1945 On 4.10.1945 at Wellington, Margaret widow of Wm Arthur COGSWELL of Sydney, at 71, mother of Mrs TK, Ngaio. Funeral on 6th, burial in Karori Cem.

In 2012 NZ White pages gave 41 KILMISTER in NZ: Hurley D C & KILMISTER M J ph 04-905 1286 "phone of Bruce & Dorothy" left msg 8 Nimmo Ave West Waikanae Kapiti 5036 [39111 3 Jock?] Kerr D S & KILMISTER J M ph 06-858 4205 left msg 1207 Kairakau Rd Kairakau Waipukurau 4295 Kerr D S & KILMISTER J M ph 06-374 7576 jane do Waitahora Valley Rd Motea Dannevirke KILMISTER A J ph 09-832 3300 184 Don Buck Rd Massey Auckland 0614 KILMISTER A J ph 06-377 2304 18A Fleet St Masterton 5810 KILMISTER A J & N C ph 04-565 1641 15 Foster Cre Belmont Lower Hutt 5010 KILMISTER B H ph 06-362 7498 84 Stout St Shannon 4821 KILMISTER B R ph 06-844 1570 Korokipo Rd R D 3 Napier 4183 [3911] KILMISTER Brian S ph 04-293 4247 14 Kereru St Waikanae 5036 KILMISTE"att" [3851?] KILMISTER Bruce G ph 09-376 8656 11/29 Beresford St Ponsonby Auckland 1001 bruce.kilmister"att' was bruce"att" KILMISTER C J ph 09-833 8907 184 Don Buck Rd Massey Auckland KILMISTER C W & R S ph 07-362 8716 9 Millar Rd Lake Okareka Rotorua KILMISTER D & Doull G ph 06-370 8131 6 Carverthen St Masterton KILMISTER D C ph 06-374 3663 495 Towai Rd Waione Dannevirke KILMISTER D C ph 06-372 4014 1665 Te Ore Ore Bideford Rd Bideford Masterton 5871 [3443?] KILMISTER D G & J E ph 06-844 8134 337 Dartmoor Rd Puketapu Napier 4186 KILMISTER D G G ph 07-377 3454 141 Acacia Heights Dve Acacia Bay Taupo 3377 KILMISTER F J A ph 06-362 7323 Grand St Shannon 4821 [3472] KILMISTER G D & M M ph 07-866 2044 127 Albert St Whitianga 3510 KILMISTER Graeme ph 06-363 7210 12 Shortt St Foxton Beach Foxton 4815 KILMISTER Iutita ph 06-347 9364 42 Selwyn Cre Wanganui 4500 m Mark KILMISTER J ph 04-235 9323 82 Leeward Dve Whitby Porirua 5024 KILMISTER J A ph 07-854 0064 131 Harrowfield Dve Hamilton [39121] KILMISTER J D ph 06-322 8366 Aldworth Rd Hunterville 4784 [39121] KILMISTER J D ph 06-874 6118 48 Airini Rd Waimarama 4294 [39111] KILMISTER J W & N ph 06-858 7535 464 Middleton Rd Waipukurau 4284 [3442] KILMISTER K G A M ph 06-377 3729 106A Essex St Masterton 5810 [3852?] KILMISTER K H & D J ph 07-543 4618 28/52 Condor Dve Pyes Pa Tauranga 3112 KILMISTER KJ ph 06-377 5153 6 Kereru Pl Masterton 5810 KILMISTER L J ph 06-377 0887 47 Kuripuni St Masterton 5810 KILMISTER M T ph 06-845 2206 10 Burness Rd Greenmeadows Napier [39122] KILMISTER Mark & Jan ph 07-824 1974 or 021 782 064 328A Vaile Rd Eureka Hamilton 3286 KILMISTER N & P ph 06-372 5718 1361 Opaki Kaiparoro Rd Mauriceville Masterton 5871 KILMISTER P E ph 06-377 0518 83/35 Edith St Masterton 5810 [385] KILMISTER R F ph 06-368 6290 1/29 York St Levin KILMISTER Rosalie W ph 04-387 9105 32 Puru Cre Lyall Bay Wellington 6022, w2 of Ron s/o [431?] Wm KILMISTER of Pahiatua 2 sons in Wanganui, Philip & Marcus by Ron's m1. KILMISTER S G ph 04-384 5562 fails 124 Wallace St Mt Cook Wellington 6021 KILMISTER T & L ph 09-422 3502 91 Anderson Rd Warkworth 0985 KILMISTER Terry & Susan ph 09-816 9390 11A Woodfern Cre Titirangi Auckland [3912] KILMISTER Tony ph 06-347 7238 159E Great North Rd Otamatea Wanganui 4501 [3841] KILMISTER W J & L J ph 07-544 7247 58 Rowesdale Dve Tauranga 3112

4. ABBREVIATIONS b born, bp baptised, br brother, bur buried, c about, crem cremated, d died, m married, m2 2nd marriage, sp spouse, St Street, W widow

5. SOME RESOURCES Bronwyn JONES online KILMISTER trees - see above. Some of her photos come from the Turnbull Library. KILMISTER file, Karori Public Library. The Stockade, magasine of the Karori Historical Society, info"att" Judith BURCH & Jan HEYNES 2012, Karori and its people, Karori Historical Society, info"att" Margaret PATRICK ed KW WOOD, From bush to suburb, Karori 1840-1980. 4 talks. 29.7.16 info from Cheryl STYLES (NZSG #4425) rerocs"att" Her great-great-grandfather, Richard CLIFTON jun. is a brother to Elizabeth CLIFTON , wife of 1 William KILMISTER 1832-1884.

6. THE NUMBERING SYSTEM USED HERE. Person ID 0 has children with IDs 1,2,3,... Person ID say 3 has children with IDs 31,32,33,... And so on. A generation number precedes the name. This is equal to the number of digits in their ID: it is useful for searching for sibs, chn & parents.