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CLAY of Kidderminster,Worcestershire (1752-1800)
& Faversham, Kent (1800-1932);
HILLS of Kent & New Zealand (1818-present) 

CLAY (British). (L) "Place with clay."

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(I am 862112 on the CLAY tree below.) Version 28.8.2017, 251 A4-size pages.

28.8.2017 Photos are now displayed - making it much longer.
 30.5.2016 Mrs HILLS radio interview on voting in 1893. See Under 855 & 856.
  28.1.2016 I added hyperlinks & displayed some photos.
  30.4.2014 I identified the possible parents of our John CLAY b 1752 at
Kidderminster. He looks like
  11 2-John CLAY b 1.1.1751 Worcester d 1838 Worcester at
 *1675 Nottinghamshire to Worcestershire of 7.3 CLAY clues, except for the d 
  10.12.11 Mike ROBB has put this tree on ancestry under Robb Family Tree.
He is connected via Agnes nee LAWSON, ID 23314 at  
  30.9.07 I've removed generation 6 down from the tree except for those I got 
permission from for these people to appear on this site. Let me know if you
want to be put back please. I've also dredged ancestry for the family.
  4.2.2007 Dave SMITH married to 8587 12 Ann made contact & sent photos & info
on their branch.
  15.12.2006 Martin CLAY has given us the branch at 2 Blakeman John CLAY 1787.

CONTENTS A4-size page number 1. Sources & acknowledgements 2 2. Abbreviations 4 3. Numbering systems used 4

4. The family of John CLAY (1752) of Kidderminster & Faversham....................5

5. Place names.......................................................................................................213  

6. Family names and their first appearance...........................................................220  

7. CLAY clues.....................................................................................................226  

8. HILLS clues.....................................................................................................244  
9. Related reading                                             246
10. Links to websites: genealogy, bmd certs, maps, phone nos   246
11. Family members on email                                    251

1. SOURCES AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Family trees are a joint effort of many people. I particularly want to thank the other family genealogists for their enormous efforts: 8(11)41 Ruth CLAY "RC"

Most material on the English side is quoted from her book `SOME CLAYS & OTHER ANCESTORS' (1985) (eg RC p10); 0.2 mgb as a txt version

This version of `SOME CLAYS & OTHER ANCESTORS' (1985)

is a WORD version kindly scanned & edited by Marie 8121 1 marieclay82"att" Manchester 2004; 0.2 mgb. Click here for her centre-chart chart200dpi.png

Ruth wrote c '84 to all LAWSON & CLAY in Faversham & Whitstable ph books.
Ruth knew my grandfather's parents (862 below) & knew they had a granddaughter
WITHERS in Auckland. She wrote to 1 or 2 at random from the phone book -
including my brother Russell. He forwarded her letter to me. That's how we got
in touch. My mother & I visited Ruth & 8(11)32 Enid in 1978.  We met in Kent
where they showed us round the picturesque villages of Faversham & Whitstable
where many of the family lived. On the LAWSON side some still do.  On the same
trip we visited

8(11)61 Mary & Philip CHARTERS in Ashbury. Mary continues to update her side of
the family for me.

853521 Lorraine BELL - It was Lorraine's ad in Johnson & Sainty's "Genealogical
Gazeteer" which led to my discovering the missing HILLS branch:
234 Blenheim Rd, Christchurch 4 ph 03- 482.384

RH 85322 Ron HILLS  -The HILLS material - INCLUDING ALL THE PHOTOS - is nearly 
all Ron's effort! 412 Breezes Road, Christchurch 8007
 2008 arthllsi2"att" 
WITH A REQUEST TO HAVE THEM SCANNED! (Please check first with the people in the
photos that they don't mind.) Lorrained put me in touch with Ron; he has been 
a godsend scanning dozens of family photos - most of which he took himself.

RJ: Secretary of the Eltham Historical Soc., Mrs Roma JENKINS. See 12.1 for her
 address. (Contact 1st made in 2001.)

NY - 85842 Noel YOUNG noel.young"att" in 2002

AP Mr Arthur PERCIVAL MBE BA FSA,  Faversham  (Histl) Society,  FLEUR DE LIS 
HERITAGE CENTRE,  13 Preston Street, Faversham,  Kent,  ME13  8NS. England
faversham"att" neam in 2002
He sent me in 2003 20 pages on the deeds for 10-11 Preston St, Faversham with 
much info on the CLAY family, most included here. Many thanks! He may also have
provided info on 851 to Ruth.

MC 8121 1 Martin & Marie CLAY found this webpage & 1st emailed me 24.12.2003.
They have provided details for the branches at 2 and 81:
 marieclay82"att" Manchester 2006
 23 Meadowgate, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9LB, England. 

2. ABBREVIATIONS A ancestor b born br brother c about chr christened d died div. divorced dr daughter dsp died without children E W N S compass points eg for example ie that is m married; if this is omitted, it is indicated by sp- for "spouse" m1 married first m2 married second: where this is some distance from spouse, he or she may be given in square brackets in line before as a reminder, for example [84 3--George William CLAY (1832 Faversham)]: m2 sp-Georgiana Jane C. BELL NSW New South Wales, Australia NZ New Zealand SA South Australia sp spouse Vic. Victoria, Australia WW1, WW2 World War 1 & 2


(i) The number at the start of the line indicates his order of descent from
the initial couple "0 0--John CLAY (1752)" and "sp-Ann".  "sp-" is for spouse.
 For example their eighth child is
8  1--Charles CLAY (1794) who marries sp-Caroline LAWSON (1804).
 Charles and Caroline's fifth child is
85  2--Caroline CLAY (1833) who marries sp-William HILLS (1820).
 Caroline and William's third child is 
853  3--William Herbert HILLS (1859)
 and so on. In some cases the order is guesswork.
If there are more than 9 children the numbers after 9 are put in brackets.
For example 85(14)7 is the 7th child of the 14th child of the 5th child
of the 8th child of the initial couple.

To make these numbers more readable I insert a blank after each 4 digits.
eg 85312 becomes 8531 2.

Where person xyz marries a 2nd time he/she occurs again after all descendants
by the 1st spouse in [.] as [xyz  2--Jo BLOGGS] m2  sp-Missie WHO
(ii) The generation number precedes the name.  
For example the "3--" in 853  3--William Herbert HILLS (1859)
indicates he is in the 4th generation, counting the initial couple 
"0  0--John CLAY (1752)" and "sp-Ann" as in the 1st generation.  
So to see who his siblings are one can either scan for adjacent "3--" 
or scan for 851,852, 854, 855,... In this case the siblings
stop at 85(15). )

(iii) The folio number for a NZ b m or d is only useful if you want to order
the certificate from the Registrar of bmds in Lower Hutt. You can do this for
$20 by phone on 0800 225252. 


SUMMARY of 1st generations:                                A4-size page number
                           * shows lines of sources
0 John CLAY (1752 Kidderminster-1826 Faversham, Kent) m Ann (-1802)  7
2 Blakeman John CLAY 1787 Kidderminster-1841 m2 Mary Anne BISHOP     8
21 Thomas CLAY 1826 Manton, Wilts.-1895 m Ann BISHOP b1839 Ireland   9
215 Elizabeth CLAY 1870 Radstock, Somerset m Benjamin Richard ROWLEY 11
2151 Charles Thomas ROWLEY b 1896 Chippenham, Wilts                  12
21(10) Robert King CLAY 1883-1938 m Edith Ellen MILKINS?             
21(10)1 Robert John CLAY 1904 Weston Super Mare-1969                 
22 Elizabeth Catharine CLAY 1831 Bristol m 1850 James BATTERBURY     
8 Charles CLAY (1794 Kidderminster-1853 Faversham) Hatter & clothier
m 1826 Whitstable to Caroline LAWSON 1804 Whitstable?-1890 Faversham 13
81 Charles CLAY (1827 Faversham-1905 Whiston) m Elizabeth MARTIN     17
812 Frederick Lawson CLAY (1862 Whiston-1930) m Martha JEAVONS       19
8121 CF Martin CLAY (1906 Whiston-1988) m Minnie INMAN               21
81211 Martin CLAY (1937) m Marie Patricia GREENWELL                    *MC
82 Frederick CLAY 1828 Faversham-1905 Faversham m Harriet HILLS 22
821 Charles Frederick CLAY 1855 Faversham-1931 m Lizzie COOKE d 1931 25
83 John Lawson CLAY bp 1830 Faversham-1908 m Emily PALMER            27
84 George William CLAY bp 1832 Faversham-1905 m1 Mary Eliz. BOWES    30
85 Caroline CLAY 1832 Faversham-1903 Stratford m William HILLS 1818 33
851 Annie Lawson HILLS (1856 Rangiora-1923 Eltham) m George WATSON   40
8512 Rex Graham WATSON 1898-1966 New Plymouth m Mabel LUMLEY         43 *KA,JT
853 William Herbert HILLS (1859 Kaiapoi) m "Bessie" MILLIGAN (1866) 46
8531 Ethel O HILLS 1889 Kaiapoi-1972 Christchurch m Arthur HARRISON  54 *HH,MH
8532 Arthur Leslie HILLS 1890 Kaiapoi-1958 Cheviot m Elsie May DENTON 59 *RH
8533 Frank Austin HILLS 1892 Kaiapoi-1967 m Florence Edith DENTON    72 *RW
8535 Gladys Anne HILLS 1897 Cheviot-1976 m Leslie WOOTTON            78 *LB
858 Frederick Charles HILLS 1864 Kaiapoi m Lucy May HOLLARD 1876 86
8581 Lillian May HILLS 1896-1988 m Birkett MOSSOP Cumberland-1956    93
8583 "Fred" William HILLS 1899 Ngaere-1975 Tauranga m1 May BENTON 99 *HP
8584 Albert Edward HILLS 1901 Stratford-1943 Tauranga m Margaret PRYOR 123 *NY
8585 Daisy Alice HILLS 1905 Opotiki-1989 Tauranga m William HARDWICK  132
8587 Ivy Ann HILLS 1909 Tahuna-1993 Andover,Hampshire m Walter PEARCE 138
859 Walter Edmond HILLS (1866 Kaiapoi) m Blanche Mary EDMONDS 147
8595 Winifred Donald HILLS 1899 Cheviot-1981 Hawera m James MARTIN   154*RK,JW,W
85(12) Mary Elizabeth HILLS (1869 Kaiapoi) m James Sinclair RAE      170
85(13) Emily Bertha HILLS (1872 Kaiapoi) m Seymour George CORBETT    182
85(14) Alice Maria HILLS (1873 Kaiapoi) m Joseph HALE (1865-d Stratford) 184
86 Sarah Ann CLAY (1834 Faversham) m Thomas HARFORD (1830) 198 *KW, my line
8(11) Edward Thomas CLAY (1844 Faversham) m1 Mary Ann PACKMAN (1847) 203
8(11)4 Lewis Edward CLAY (1884 Sheerness,Kent-1968) m Evelyn MOAT    209
8(11)41 Ruth Evelyn CLAY (1916-2001 London) *RC
8(11)6 Alfred Thomas CLAY (12.1.1888) m Muriel Gertrude THOMAS         *SC
 (A * refers to family on email: see 11.)
9 Joseph CLAY bp 13.8.1795 Kidderminster                             213


0 0-John CLAY (1752 Kidderminster-buried 27.2.1826 Faversham parish
churchyard) He & his family moved from Kidderminster, Worcestershire c1810
(1793-1811) to Faversham where he was a hatter. John's name appears (without a
street address) in the Kidderminster section of the "Universal British
Directory of Trade, Commerce and Manufacture" (Vol.3) 1798-9 (published
London). He is the only hatter listed among some 220 names of craftsmen and
traders of various kinds. The population in 1793 was round about 6,200 -RC p3.
Family tradition always had it that the CLAYs made beaver hats -RC p6.
 Holden's Directory 1811 lists him in Faversham (no street address, presumably 
Preston St); Pigot 1823 & later gives the address as Preston St, an important 
trading street near the market place; from 1841 census one can work out the 
premises were 11 Preston St. - RC Going to & clicking on "history" then on "history of 10-11
Preson St" gives an interesting article pertaining to our family:"... there was
no shop at 10-11 [Preson St] until 1811, when 0 John CLAY arrived from
Kidderminster to start a hatter's business there... John CLAY's son, 8 Charles,
followed in his father's footsteps at 10-11 Preston Street and was able to buy
the house and shop for 550 in 1828. After he died in 1853 the hatter's
business came to an end.  The property was split in two, his widow Caroline
operating as a grocer at No 10 and his son 82 Frederick opening a butcher's
shop at No 11.  By 1862 Albert PAY had taken over from Caroline.  82 Frederick
took a son into partnership and by 1895 was probably able to retire, as in that
year he was living at 85 Ospringe Road.  
85 Ospringe Road,Faversham with blue door - 2005 - last home of Caroline CLAY, owned by her son Frederick CLAY. ex MC
2 West St,Faversham 1874 premises of George & brother John CLAY [83]. In 2005 a hairdresser's. From MC.
Within a year or two the business was
taken over by Walter VALLANCE, who re-united No 10 with No 11. 82 Frederick
remained owner of the property till his death in 1905...  the buildings central
chimney bears the date 1709..."  No. 11 was a fruit and flower shop when I
visited it in 1987.  In 2001 it became the Faversham Heritage Centre.

  11 2-John CLAY b 1.1.1751 Worcester d 1838 Worcester at
*1675 Nottinghamshire to Worcestershire below, EXCEPT for the d date.

m sp-Ann (buried 21.10.1802 Kidderminster) Her surname possibly BLAKEMAN -RC
p3. After Ann's death John and Charles [8] moved to London. The London years 
ended in about 1810.
 The 1811 edition of Holden's Directory shows "CLAY, hatter" established in
Faversham -RC p6. Some of their chn's bps are in IGI batch C043951.
Candidates for Ann in the IGI are who m a John CLAY
. Ann HINDLEY m: 07 AUG 1775 Glentham, Lincoln, England 
. Ann SLATER m: 14 OCT 1777 Sapperton, Lincoln, England
. Ann NICHOLSON m 29.11.1778 St Mary-St Marylebone Rd, Saint Marylebone, London
. Anne PRICE m: 15 MAY 1780 Nuneaton, Warwick
. Ann CALKIN m 1 May 1781 Saint Saviour,Southwark,Surrey
. Ann MATHER m: 21 MAR 1785 St. Mary And All Saints, Chesterfield, Derby

1 1-Joseph CLAY (bp 12.8.1785 St Mary & All Saints, Church St, Kidderminster,
Worcester; d 20.8.1796) IGI C04395-1.  The parish registers of St. Mary's date 
from 1539 and record the marriage of an Agnes CLEY as early as 1563 -RC p3.

2 1-Blakeman John CLAY bp 28.5.1787 St Mary & All Saints, Church St,
Kidderminster  IGI C04395-1 d 28.10.1841 at his home at 1 Lower East Sayers,
Walcot, Bath, Somerset.  Supervisor of Excise.
 Death Certificate ex MC: Blakeman John CLAY Reg District Bath
  1841 Death in Sub-district of  Walcot in the County of Somerset Number 380
When and where died,   Twenty eight of October 1841 at Lower East Sayers.
Name and surname  Blakeman John CLAY. Sex Male. Age 54 years
Cause of death,     Disease of the Heart.
Signature, description and residence of informant,
Sarah BATTERBURY, Lower East Sayers, Present at Death.
Signature of registrar,  Illegible.
Buried 6/11/1841 at St Marys Bathwick, Somerset. 
 Here is his will 2.9.1841 proved at London 4.12.1841, 
kindly transcribed by Marie MC 8121. 

m1 ? A widower when he m2.

m2 18/12/1825 at the Parish of Lyncombe and Widcombe Somerset, by licence 
sp-Mary Anne BISHOP d 2nd quarter of 1873 aged 79 in the Bath district of Avon 
Somerset. M. witnesses were Thomas and Elizabeth BISHOP. She was his 
executrix & sole beneficiary.  

# This branch is courtesy of Martin & Marie CLAY 2006.
 6.6.1841 census at Lower East Sayers,Walcott,Bath, Somerset - the same address
above where he made his will;                  My ID
Blakeman CLAY 50 1791 not Somerset Independent 2
Mary CLAY     40 1801 not Somerset
Thomas CLAY   15 1826 not Somerset             21
  Different censuses record Mary as being born in Shropshire, Shrewsbury and 
Ironbridge. Her birth year, taken from her age given at the censuses, varies. 
She is probably the Mary Ann CLAY who d Bath second quarter, 1873, Volume 5c, 
Page 439 aged 79 so b c1794.  The IGI records the Christening of Mary Ann 
BISHOP 1.10.1794 at St Alkmunds, Shrewsbury, Shropshire dr of Thomas and 
Katherine BISHOP
 (For BISHOP of Kidderminster contact Ann MEAD embers"att"
21 2-Thomas CLAY b1826 Manton, nr Marlborough, Wilts.; d. Dec qtr 1895 
Weston Super Mare aged 65 Reference Axbridge Volume 5c, Page 340.
  1841 with parents.
  1851 with his uncle's family at 11 Old Bond St, Bath, Somerset:       My ID
Thomas BISHOP    Head   U 47 1804 Ironbridge, Shropshire accountant
Catherine BISHOP sister U 40 1811 Staffordshire, Fund holder
Thomas CLAY      Nephew   26 1825 Marlborough, Wiltshire accountant        21
Ann BISHOP Sister-in-law  45 1806 Box, Wiltshire, Interest of Money,
Catherine BISHOP Niece    14 1837 Holycross at school
Ann BISHOP       Niece    13 1838 Holycross, Tipperary at school - later m 21
Thomas BISHOP    Nephew    8 1845 Castle Lake, at school
Elizabeth BISHOP Niece     7 1844 Castle Lake, at school
Eliz HOPLEY      Serv U   24      House servant
Elizabeth SHEPPARD Serv U 29      House servant

m 4th qtr 1858 Bath Volume 5c Page 1182 sp-Ann BISHOP b 1839 Hollycross, 
Tipperrary, Ireland; d December 1917, Weston Super Mare Reference Q4, 1917, 
Axbridge, Volume 5c, Page 551. His 1st cousin: see 1851 census above. 
  1861 census at No 6 Brunswick St, Walcot, Bath:        My ID
Thomas CLAY Head M 35 1826 Marlboro, Wilts Bankers Clerk 21
Anne CLAY   Wife M 22 1839 Holycross, Ireland
Ellen B CLAY Daughter 7 months .9.1860 Bath, Somerset    211
Mary A CLAY Mother W 60 1801 Ironbridge, Salops [Shropshire] annuitant 
Elizabeth C BATTERBURY (BATHEBURY) Sister W 31 1830 Bristol, Somerset annuitant
  1871 census living on Wells Hill, Radstock, Somerset: My ID
Thomas CLAY  Head M 45 1826 Marton, Wilts Bankers Clerk  21
Ann CLAY     Wife M 32 1839 N[ot] K[nown]
Ellen CLAY     Daur 10 1861 Bath, Somerset               211
Thomas CLAY    Son   7 1864 Bath, Somerset               212
Ann CLAY       Daur  5 1866 M[idsommer] Norton, Somerset 213
Kate CLAY      Daur  3 1868 Radstock, Somerset           214
Elizabeth CLAY Daur 9 mo .6.1870 Radstock, Somerset      215
Elizabeth DUNFORD Servant 14 1857 Radstock, Somerset  Domestic Servant
  1881 census at 2 Park Cresent, Weston Super Mare, Somerset:            My ID
Thomas CLAY Head M 55 1826 Marlbro, Wiltshire annuitant                21
Anne CLAY   Wife M 42 1839 Ireland
Thomas CLAY 17 1864 Bath,Som Apprentice Und (Undertaker or Underwriter?) 212
Ann CLAY       15 1866 Midsommer Norton, Somerset                        213
Kate CLAY      13 1868 Radstock, Somerset Scholar                        214
Elizabeth CLAY 10 1871 Radstock, Somerset Scholar                        215
Blakeman J CLAY 8 1873 Radstock, Somerset Scholar                        216
George H CLAY   5 1876 Weston Super Mare, Somerset Scholar               217
William H CLAY  3 1878 Weston Super Mare, Somerset Scholar               218
Sidney Y CLAY 6 months .9.1880 Weston Super Mare, Somerset               219
Walter E GUNNING lodger 23 1858 Lulworth, Dorset bankers clerk
(His eldest daughter Ellen Beatrice CLAY is not living with her family. She is 
a school teacher and living at 2, Landerman Terrace, Weston Super Mare.)
  1891 census at 12 Raglan Circus, Weston Super Mare, Somerset:        My ID
Thomas CLAY     Head M 65 1826 Marlborough, Wilts Retired Bankers Clerk 21
Anne CLAY       Wife M 52 1839 Holy Cross, Tipperay Lodging House keeper 
Elizabeth CLAY  Daur S 20 1871 Radstock, Somerset                       215
Blakeman J CLAY  Son S 18 1873 Radstock, Somerset Hosiers assistant     216
Herbert G CLAY   Son   15 1876 Radstock, Somerset Telegraph messenger   217
William H CLAY   Son   13 1878 Weston Super Mare, Somerset Scholar      218
Sidney G CLAY    Son   10 1881 Weston Super Mare, Somerset Scholar      219
Robert King CLAY Son    8 1883 Weston Super Mare, Somerset              21(10)
(Son Thomas and daughters Ann and Kate are not living with them.)
  1901 census at 12 Raglan Cresent, Weston Super Mare, Somerset:         My ID
Ann CLAY          Head W 61 1840 Holy Cross, Ireland Lodging House Keeper m 21
Robert K CLAY      Son S 18 1883 WSM, Somerset Solicitors Clerk          21(10)
Herbert G CLAY Visitor M 25 1876 M House Decorator & Painter             217
Catherine BISHOP Relation S 63 1838 Holy Cross, Ireland Living on own means
Louisa MAGGS      Serv S 13 Gen Serv Domestic

211 3-Ellen Beatrice CLAY b Quarter 3 1860 Bath, Somerset, Volume 5c Page 658;
d June qtr 1940 Weston Super Mare, Somerset aged 79 (Ref Weston Vol 5c p 1323).
  1881 census at 2 Landerman Terrace, Weston Super Mare, Somerset: 
Ellen Beatrice CLAY 20 1861 school teacher. 
  1891 census at The Salop Infirmary, Shrewsbury, Shropshire:
Ellen Beatrice CLAY Daughter Nurse, aged 26.
  Her birth registration puts her age at 30. 
Her mother's family came from Shropshire so that may be the reason she went to 
Salop Infirmary to train.
  1901 census:living back in Weston Super Mare, at Lansdown Villa aged 36, (40)
a Certificated Nurse.
The other occupants are a mother (head) and her three children, living on their
own means and a boarder also living on her own means.  It is not clear whether 
Ellen is working in the household or lodging there.

212 3-Thomas CLAY b Qtr 4, 1864 Bath, Somerset - ref. Volume 5c, Page 666.
 1871-1881 with parents. 1881 Apprentice Und (Undertaker or Underwriter?) 

213 3-Ann CLAY b 1866 Midsommer Norton, Somerset (Quarter 4 Clutton Volume 5c 
Page 652); d. September 1956 Weston Super Mare, Somerset (Quarter 3, 1956 
Weston, Volume 7c, Page 246). 1871,1881 with parents.

214 3-Kate CLAY b Sept qtr 1867 Radstock, Somerset (1867 Clutton, Volume 5c 
Page 640); d. June qtr 1883, Weston Super Mare, Somerset (Axbridge, Volume 5c 
Page 401). She was 15 years old. 1871,1881 with parents.

215 3-Elizabeth CLAY b 3rd qtr 1870, Radstock, Somerset (Clutton Vol 5c p 623)
 1871,1881,1891 with parents.
m 4th qtr 1895 Radstock, Somerset (Ref Axbridge Volume 5c, Page 976) 
 sp-Benjamin Richard ROWLEY b Q3 1869 Radstock, Somerset (Frome vol 5c, p 539)
  1901 census living at Winterbourne Terrace, Winterbourne, Gloucestershire:
Benjamin R ROWLEY Head M 31 1870 grocers assistant
Elizabeth ROWLEY  Wife M 30 1871
Charles Thomas ROWLEY son 4 b Chippenham, Wiltshire.

2151 4-Charles Thomas ROWLEY b 1896 Chippenham, Wiltshire (Qtr 4 1896 
Chippenham, Volume 5a, Page 80)  1901 with parents.

216 3-Blakeman John CLAY b qtr 2 1873 (ref Clutton Volume 5c Page 631)
  1881,1891 with parents.

217 3-George Herbert CLAY b 4th qtr 1875 (ref Axbridge Volume 5c page 546)
  1881,1891 with parents.

218 3-William Henry CLAY b Q 2 1878 Westonsupermare (ref Axbridge Vol 5c P 155)
  1881,1891 with parents.
2181 34--Bettee CLAY 1920 friend of tracyfitzgerald"att"
 1st contact 29.10.2010.
Bettee has many photographs of the CLAYs in Weston Super Mare from 1850 onward.

219 3-Sidney Gaisford CLAY b Quarter 4 1880 (ref Axbridge, Volume 5c Page 498)
  1881,1891 with parents.

21(10) 3-Robert King CLAY b Q1 1883 (Axbridge, Somerset Volume 5c Page 552); 
d Q2 1938, Weston Super Mare, Somerset (Weston, Volume 5c, Page 489)
  1891 with parents.  1901 with mother at Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

m 14.11.1903 Parish Church, Weston Super Mare (regd Q3 Axbribge, Vol 5c p 985)
sp-Edith Ellen MILKINS b 1883 dr of Fred MILKINS or Linda Bella LEACH.

21(10)1 4-Robert John CLAY b 5.1.1904 Carlisle Villa, Stanley Grove Road, 
Weston Super Mare; d regd Q3, 1969, Weston, Volume 7c, Page 1217. 

NB Alice CLAY b 16.7.1879 d Q4, 1969, Weston 7c, Page 1441. MC could not find 
a b registration for Alice CLAY: she may be the wife of one of Thomas CLAY's 
sons 212 or 215-219.

22 2-Elizabeth Catharine CLAY bp 7.8.1831 at "Phillip and Jacob", Bristol, 
  1841: not at her parents house. An Elizabeth CLAY was living with a BROOKES
family 1841 at Tetbury, Gloucestershire, the right age and born in the right 
place. Possibly she was sent to relatives or friends because of her father's 
illness - he died four months after the census.
  1851 - see husband below.
  1861 - with her brother - see 21 above. d not found at freebmd 2007.
  1881 "Bath Poor Law Union Work Ho" Odd Down Nr Bath, Somerset:
Catherine BATTERBURY Pauper W 50 1831 Bristol, Gloucester - with many others.

m 1st Quarter 1850 Bath, reference Volume XI Page 28  sp-James BATTERBURY
  1851 census at 3 Paradise Place, Lyncombe & Widcome, Bath: 
Anne Maria CLAY          Head W 46 1805 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Annuitant 
Eliz'th Cath. BATTERBURY Daur M 21 1830 Bristol          Accountants Wife
Her husband was not recorded at the address.
 James was a next door neighbour in Lower East Sayers. He was visiting the 
BROOKE family in Lambeth at the time of the 1851 census. 

3 1-James CLAY (bp 22.6.1788 St Mary & All Saints, Church St, Kidderminster) 
IGI C04395-1 d in infancy

4 1-William CLAY (b 23.2.1790 bp 19.3.1790 St Mary & All Saints,Church St, 
Kidderminster.  IGI C04395-1 d 24.1.1791)

5 1-James CLAY (bp 6.1.1792 St Mary & All Saints,Church St,Kidderminster) He &
 Blakeman [2]: 1 worked in a bank & the other was a musician -RC
  Cf 1841 Stourbridge, Old Swinford, Worcestershire:
James CLAY 50 1791 not Worcestershire Plumber

6  1-George CLAY (bp 12.7.1793 St Mary & All Saints,Church St,Kidderminster 
d 28 AUG 1794) IGI batch no. C043951 1732-1820

7 1-Ann CLAY (bp 13.3.1796 St Mary & All Saints,Church St,Kidderminster 
d 13.3.1798)  IGI batch no. C043951

8 1-Charles CLAY (b 11.5.1794 bp 13.6.1794 St Mary & All Saints,Church St, Kidderminster,Worcestershire
d 13.2.1853 Faversham of cancer) Hatter & clothier. 
 1813 he joined the Wesleyan Chapel in Preston St thru a Mr DAWSON. They were 
class leaders there.
 3.6.1819 Charles attended a public meeting at the chapel under the chair of
Rev. John GAULTER "to consider the Foundation of a Faversham Methodist
Missionary Society." Charles was appointed to the committee. -RC p9.
 1822 he gave 1. 2s. In 1823 his Missionary Box yielded 15s. 3d. & thereafter
he made an annual donation of 1. -RC p9.
 1826 his father John died; Charles married 2 weeks later & carried on the 
hatter trade.
 9 & 10.10.1828 (ex summary of deeds of 10-11 Preston St by A PERCIVAL): Chas 
buys with John SMITH of Faversham his trustee from Wm Smith MURTON draper for 
P550 with George CHAMBERS, malster of Faversham as his trustee, a messuage or 
tenement buildings -without most of the 2 acres of land (crossed out in pencil
& Garden Ground substituted) that had been agree to - in Preston St in the
town of Faversham - JEFFERYS & MORGAN (solicitors?). The building is described
as formerly a stable but now & for several years past as a workshop, & other 
outhouses & bldgs belonging to & occupied with it; & a slip or piece of garden
ground, formerly part of a piece of garden ground about 2 acres, running from 
the back of this messuage up to & including the ground on which a brick wall
recently erected by Charles CLAY at its eastern extremity "stands in a direct 
line with the end of a brick bldg used as a stable belonging to John RIGDEN 
 In 1832 as 1 of c180 Faversham voters, Charles voted for BRIDGES and DEEDES,
but DERING got in. -RC p14.
  1841 at 11 Preston St, Faversham. For censuses see after his wife.
(In 1987 No.11 was a boutique, photo shop & travel agent. The Faversham 
Society moved their Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre there c1998.) 
Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, 10-11 Preston St,Faversham, with Martin CLAY 2005 from MC.

Here are photos of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Preston St,Faversham taken 1999 by Marcelle THOMAS,
and another of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Preston St,Faversham taken 1998 by Noel YOUNG
and another of 11 Preston St, Faversham,
 23.2.1842 (ex Deeds, cont.) Charles CLAY to Jos. BLACKLEY of Boughton-under-
Blean grocer, mortgage of a messuage or tenement & hereditaments in Preston St
for securing P350 & interest at 4.5%.
 In 1843 Charles & his wife gave 2. 2s. to the Wesleyan Centenary Fund "for
their eight children" suggests a thank-offering for what in those days was the
not inconsiderable feat of rearing so large a brood without (up to that date)
the loss of a single infant.  To Charles especially, after his parents'
experience, it must have seemed almost a miracle. -RC p14.
  The hatmaking business seems to have declined: Charles begins to describe
himself as "Hatter & Clothier"; Bagshaw's Directory 1847 calls him "clothes
dealer & hat manufacturer". 1858 Melville's Directory lists her, now a widow,
as Grocer & Cheesemonger in Preston St & their son Frederick 82 as butcher in
Preston St. 
 1860-1905 his name appears in local directories as: grocer, draper, beer 
retailer, farmer, wholesale grocer, tea dealer and provision merchant. In 1871 
he is listed as a grocer and draper "also at New Whittington" (a village near 
Chesterfield). -RC p21.
 By his last will of 13.1.1853 proved in Archdeaconry Court of Cant. 26.4.1853
Chas left his real estate in trust to his executrix Caroline CLAY & executors
Charles CLAY 81 & John BATE. The mortgagee Jos BLACKLEY sold the property for
P500 to 82 Fred. CLAY of Faversham, butcher. It had recently been converted
into 2 tenements occupied by Caroline CLAY & 82 Fred. CLAY. Signed by Jos.
 12.3.1856 sic! he mortgaged the property to Jos BLACKLEY for P350 at 5%pa.
 1853 died of cancer of the stomach & buried in Faversham churchyard. -RC p14.
Charles' funeral eulogy is in Appendix II p46-48 of RC.
  Charles has familysearch ID LVXM-4C7.

m 13.3.1826 All Saints Church, Whitstable reg Sep Q 1854 Faversham, Kent 
sp-Caroline LAWSON (19.2.1804 Seasalter, Kent-.8.1890 Ospringe St,Faversham)
daughter of John & Ann LAWSON of Whitstable. She was 22 & he 31.
  A family photograph, now destroyed, showed Caroline c55, sitting with her 
crinoline-style skirts spreading round her, the rather handsome, strong face
framed in careful ringlets under the widow's cap -RC p18.
They had 11 children, all bp at the Wesleyan Chapel in Preston St., Faversham 
to which they were devoted. Charles was Society Steward there in 1826 the year 
he married, & Class Leader in 1834. Caroline was Class Leader for a great many 
years. -RC p16 - see more there on that office. Frederick 82 below was present 
at her death  -RC p19.
  1841 L side of Preston St, Faversham: at 11 (& later 10 as well) my ID
Charles CLAY  45 1796 not Kent Hatter 8
Caroline CLAY 35 1806 Kent         ID 21 at lawson.html
Charles CLAY  14 1827 Kent            81
John CLAY     11 1830 Kent            83
George CLAY    9 1832 Kent            84
Caroline CLAY  8 1833 Kent            85
Sarah CLAY     6 1835 Kent            86
Alfred CLAY    4 1837 Kent            87
Maria CLAY 5 months .10.1840 Kent     89
Charles HOWE  25 1816 not Kent Wesleyan Minister
John HARRISON 20 1821 Kent Hatter
Sophia EPPS   15 1826 Kent Female Servant. 
 Absent was Frederick 13 probably serving an apprenticeship. -RC p15.
  1851 Preston St, Faversham, Kent:                                    My ID
Charles CLAY  Head M 56 1795 Kidderminster, Staffordsh Hatmaker & clothier 8
Caroline CLAY Wife M 47 1804 Whitstable, Kent
Sarah A CLAY Daur  U 16 1835 Faversham, Kent                              86
Susanna W CLAY Daur   8 1843 Faversham, Kent Scholar                   8(10)
Edward J CLAY  Son    6 1845 Faversham, Kent Scholar                   8(11)
  1861 [11] Preston St, Faversham, Kent:
Carole CLAY Mother W 57 1804 Whitstable, Kent  Grocer (late) 
 See son 82 Frederick for full entry.
  1871 97 Abbey St, Faversham, Kent:
Edward J CLAY Son    U 26 1845 Faversham, Kent Butcher                 8(11)
Caroline CLAY Mother W 67 1804 Whitstable, Kent                   W of 8
  1881 42 South Rd, Faversham, Kent:
Martha SIBON  Head   U 67 1814 Faversham, Kent  Superannuitant
Caroline CLAY Lodger W 77 1804 Whitstable, Kent Superannuitant
# Caroline has ID 21 in our LAWSON tree at
 familysearch ID 9NRH-S82.

81 2-Charles CLAY (bp 29.4.1827 Faversham-21.11.1905 Whiston, Yorkshire) A
grocer & draper at New Whittington, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire -RC. [Most 
of the info on this branch is courtesy of MC 8121 1 Martin & Marie CLAY.] Moved
to Rotherham,Yorkshire. A grocer in Whiston,Yorkshire until his death in 1905.
 MC: During our visit to Faversham we met Arthur Percival and discussed reasons
why Charles Clay should settle in Whiston.  He suggested two possibilities, 
firstly "Gun Powder". Barnsley in South Yorkshire had an explosives industry 
and that might have connections with Faversham's works, and Charles may have 
worked in the industry.  Secondly, Methodism, Charles might have left Faversham
to "spread the word".  We have found reference to a "CLAY" in 1854 in a 
publication "Historical Notes of Wesleyan Methodism in the Rotherham Circuit".

 MC: We have also obtained a copy of his wife's funeral notice quoted in Ruth's
book. This indicates that Elizabeth was a life long devoted Wesleyan.  The 
Whiston Chapel was opened in 1866 not long after their marriage.  I think the 
Methodist connection is more likely than the Gun Powder one.  Marie has 
discovered that the John Rylands library in Manchester has records of Methodist
clergymen and lay preachers, a visit there may provide more information.

m 22.10.1857 Whiston Parish Church (NE of Sheffield),S Yorkshire sp-Elizabeth 
MARTIN (6.11.1826 Whiston,Yorkshire-25.8.1908 Whiston,Yorkshire) daughter of a 
local farmer James MARTIN.  The entry for Whiston in an 1856 Directory lists 
James MARTIN, farmer and also Elizabeth MARTIN, Shopkeeper.-RC p21.
  1861 census: Charles, Elizabeth, Annie Newbould CLAY (2)& Sarah Ann (Charles'
sister) plus three grocer's assistants, one agricultural labourer and one 
domestic servant. -RC p22.
  1881 census at Whiston, York: 
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation        My ID
Charles CLAY      Head   M 54 1827 Faversham, Kent Grocer            81  
Elizabeth CLAY    Wife   M 54 1827 Whiston, York   Grocers Wife      sp
Annie N. CLAY   Daughter U 22 1859 Whiston, York   Grocers Daughter  811
Frederic Lawson CLAY Son U 19 1862 Whiston         Grocers Assistant 812
Hannah JEAVONS   Servant U 19 1862 Dudley, Stafford General Servant Domestic 
 [MC: Hannah was the elder sister of Martha JEAVONS who m 812. Hannah m'd at 
Whiston a stone mason John ARMITAGE.  They have descendants who still live in 
Whiston.  A  cousin from my mothers side of the family also lives in Whiston 
and is going to make contact for me.  I may find more information about the 
CLAYs from them. - 2004]
  1901 census Whiston, Yorkshire 4394/80 Rotherham:        My ID 
Chas CLAY   74 1827 Faversham, Kent Grocer	           81
Elizth CLAY 74 1827 Yorks Whiston, Yorks                   sp
Annie CLAY  41 1860 Whiston, Yorks                         811
Fredk CLAY  39 1862 Yorks Whiston, Yorks Grocers Assistant 812
  After Charles died she continued the business but it ceased trading around 
her death in 1908. Trade directories show it was 1 of 3 grocery businesses in 
the village -MC. Her obituary may be in British Museum Times Newspaper Library.

811 3-Annie Newbould CLAY (1858 Whiston,Yorkshire) NEWBOULD was the maiden
name of Elizabeth MARTIN's mother. 1901: With parents & unmarried. Known by her
Faversham cousins as 'Yorkshire Annie'. Annie died on 12-10-1928 aged 70 a 
widow of Benjamin MALLINSON, a carting contractor.  Martha CLAY [sp to 812] her
sister in law was present at the death at 50 Sarah Street.  She must have moved
back to the family home at some time after being widowed.

m 22.8.1912 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Masbrough, Rotherham sp-Benjamin 
MALLINSON When m'd she was (58) spinster & he (63) widower, retired farmer.  
She lived at 50 Sarah Street, Masbrough Rotherham.  This must have been the 
family home after they moved from Whiston.  A local street directory for 1912 
states that Frederick Lawson CLAY [her br 812], a grocers assistant lived there
also. The witnesses at the wedding were Albert MALLINSON and Martha CLAY (wife
of Frederick).

812  3-Frederick Lawson CLAY (9.12.1862 Whiston,Yorkshire-4.7.1930 at 50 Sarah
St,Masbrough,Rotherham) 1901: with parents. After his marriage & birth of his 2
children he fell on hard  times and had to work as a labourer in the Rotherham 
steelworks. This broke his health and he was an invalid up to his death.

This postcard 1906-10 belonged to 8121 & now to 8121 1. Published in a local
paper in the early 1980's, it is a view of The Green, Whiston and shows R to L:
Mr Fred CLAY 812, Mrs Ernest REAR, Miss Eva BARTHOLOMEW, Mrs Joshua ARMITAGE; 
Mrs Alf BARTHOLOMEW, Mrs John STRAY and Mr Bill JEAVONS, Fred's brother-in-law.
Mrs Ernest REAR married in Sept quarter 190. Miss Eva BARTHOLOMEW was aged 11 
at the 1901 census and Fred CLAY was living in Rotherham in 1912.
Eva played the organ at the funeral of Fred's mother Elizabeth and her father 
was the undertaker.

m 25.2.1906 in the Independent Chapel,West Melton sp-Martha JEAVONS (16.11.1887
West Melton,Yorkshire-24.8.1962 Sheffield) A servant in the CLAY household 
prior to her marriage: see 1881 census following 81.

8121  4-(Charles Frederick) Martin CLAY (7.10.1906 Whiston-6.9.1988 Urmston 
Manchester) A baker and confectioner. He managed the Sheffield branch of a 
local company.  He ran the bakery and his wife managed the retail side.  They 
lived on the premises and used the business telephone thus no CLAYs in the 
local telephone directory. In 1912 living with his sister 811 Annie.

m 17.7.1935 Parish Church,Rotherham sp-Minnie INMAN (29.8.1906-15.11.1981 

81211  5-Martin CLAY (7.7.1937) named after Elizabeth MARTIN. Graduated in 
Mechanical Engineering at St Andrews University, Scotland in 1960. Worked as 
Works Engineer / Maintenance Manager in various industries around the North of 
England before retiring at the end of 1998 and living in Urmston, Manchester.
"MC" found this webpage & 1st emailed me 24.12.2003. He provided details for
the branch 81. 

m 16.8.1969 Stockton on Tees sp-Marie Patricia GREENWELL (16.3.1950 
Llandyfaelog, South Wales)
* 2011: marieclay82"att" 9 Highbury Av, Flixton, Manchester M41 8T2

They visited me in NZ 2005 & showed me round Manchester 2007.

81211 1  6-Amanda Marie CLAY (6.2.1971 Greenbank Maternity Hospital,
Darlington, Co Durham-13.4.1975 Stockton on Tees) She suffered from Adrenal 
Hyperplasia which meant that she was vulnerable to everyday illnesses.

81211 2	6--Hannah Louise CLAY (7.8.1974 North Tees General Hospital,Stockton on
Tees County Cleveland) Graduated with honours in Biochemistry at The University
of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), then took a Masters 
degree in Parasitology and Vector Analysis at The University of Salford prior 
to working for United Utilities in Warrington where in 2004 she is Network 
Services Manager for the West Area.
  2008 hannah.wardle"att"
m 17.6.2000 St Clements Church,Urmston,Manchester sp-Anthony Jason WARDLE 
(5.11.1973 Urmston,Manchester) 2 chn - names withheld.

81211 3	6-James Alexander CLAY	(30.1.1980 Leeds Maternity Hospital,Yorkshire)
James  went straight into industry from school. He has completed a Modern 
Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering & is now a qualified Maintenance 
Engineer for a chemical company in Manchester.  He has been a keen rugby player
since he was 12 & in 2004 still plays regularly for Broughton Park Rugby Team.

m 2006 sp-Michelle
Here is a wedding photo - thanks to Marie.
 2 children - names withheld. 

8122 4-Kathleen CLAY m	sp-George WATSON

81221 5-Peter WATSON m sp-Wendy
81222 5-Christopher WATSON m sp-Sandra
81223 5-Timothy WATSON m sp-Susan

82 2-Frederick CLAY (17.8.1828 Faversham-12.3.1905 Faversham)
 He held various
offices in the Preston St Chapel. He may have served his apprenticeship with 
Thomas BOORMAN in Boughton. -RC p23. Census entries follow his wife below.
  1841 - Boughton Under Blean, Kent:
Thos HILLS     20 1821 Butchers apprentice [brother to his future wife Harriet
 & to Wm m 85]
Frederick CLAY 13 1828 Kent Butchers apprentice                           82  
Harriott BALP  15 1826 D[omestic] S[ervant]
  1851 High St, Faversham. Kent:                                         My ID
Frederick CLAY Head  U 22 1829 Faversham, Kent Butcher                   82  
Caroline CLAY Sister U 17 1834 Faversham, Kent Housekeeper (crossed out) 85
  1853 his father died & he bought 11 Preston St, Faversham from his father's
mortagee & is living there taking responsibility for his widowed mother
and his young brother, Edward. -RC p23.
  12.3.1856 (ex Deeds, cont.) he, butcher, mortgages the property to Jos 
BLACKLEY for P350 at 5% pa. (His brother 8(11) was also a butcher.)
  1858 Melville's Directory lists him as butcher in Preston St.
  3.6.1858 Bond  for 350 owed jointly by Frederick
& William Goodhugh DAWSON to a local man -RC p23.
  1863, 1865 and 1868 the Poll Books show that Frederick voted solidly Liberal.
-RC p23.
  1868 Poll Book lists him at 11 Preston St. 
  1878 Post Office Directory: at 11 Preston St, Faversham, butcher.
  15.11.1880 Fred. repaid interest on mortgage, pays P350 to executors of will
of mortgagee & recovers ownership of the property.
  18.12.1882 indenture of mortgage: Fred. mortgages a number of properties to
Fred'k NEAME of Luton,Selling, Ths Gilbert PECKHAM of Hall Place,Harbledown,
etc for P1500 at 5% pa. That previously of his father is now described as Nos
10 & 11 Preston St. occupied by A PAY & himself. In the Abstract none of the
other properties are described except for a portion of the embankment, 1 acre
2 roods & 28 perches on the N side of Boughton Hill. Fred. CLAY had bought
the tenancy of this piece by indenture 3.4.1871 from John Chaplin HILL.
  1887 Kelly's Directory: butcher, 11 Preston St.
  1890 Kelly's Directory: Frederick CLAY & son, butchers, 11 Preston St.
  1895 Kelly's Directory: Private Residence, 85 Ospringe Rd.
  6.10.1896 his mortgage on Preston St is transferred to Mgt Jane BROCKMAN 
  By 1897 Walter VALLANCE, formerly butcher of 6 West St, has taken over this
butchery, also having a butcher's shop at 3 Market St.
  12.2.1900 Fred CLAY retired butcher borrowed P180 more on the mortgage at 4%.
  21.6.1900 his will appoints 823 Arthur, Geo Bassan HOSKINGS & Geo JOHNSON his
  1900 11 Belmont Tce, Mall Av.
 18.4.1902 He borrows P150 from Maria Jane BROCKMAN by indenture statut. mortg.
  1902 he & (George 84 below) were both present at a chapel meeting in 1902 
when the agenda included a proposal which must have seemed typical of the
revolutionary character of the new century, that the Annual Watchnight
Service should be shared with the Baptists.  Yes, it was decided, provided that
we can sing "Come let us anew Our journey pursue" (the hallowed tradition of
Methodists for several generations.) They both attended their last Quarterly
Meeting in the Preston Street chapel in 1903. -RC p19.
  1903 last reference in the Wesleyan Methodist Church Records to his 
attendance at Circuit Trustee meetings - now a widower aged 75.
  1905 he died at 104 St Mary's Road, the home of his son 823 Arthur, within a
day of his brother 84 George. Will proved by his executors in the Principal
Probate Registry.
  28.9.1909 Maria Jane & Louisa Katherine BROCKMAN of 30 Maple Rd,Anerley,
Surrey spinsters, buy 10-11 Preston St, etc from the executors of Fred.'s will 
for P1854/12/4. As P1680 capital & P74 interest is due on the mortgage of 
Preston St & P45 capital &P1 interest on other property, they pay just P54 to 
vendors. The 2 tenements formerly occupied by him & A PAY are in sole 
occupation of Walter VALLANCE.

m 13.11.1854 St Peter's Wesleyan,Whitstable or Canterbury sp-Harriet HILLS 
(11.1.1827 Faversham,Wesley-1902) dr of William and Sarah; 
sister of Charlotte (6.5.1824 St Peter's Wesleyan, Canterbury);
br of Thomas (1.2.1821,St Peter's Wesleyan,Faversham) [1841 with 82].
  1841 North Lane, 
William HILLS   50 1791 Kent Farmer
James HILLS     18 1823 Kent
Charlotte HILLS 16 1825 Kent
Harriet HILLS   14 1827 Kent - to marry 82
Sarah JONES     11 1830 Kent
Edward JONES     6 1835 Kent
William HILLS   60 1781 Kent 
  ?1851 Stevenson? Cotage, Linstead, Faversham Reg. District, Kent:
Henry HILLS Head W     27 1824 Doddington, Kent Carpenter
Susannah S HILLS Daur   1 1850 Linstead, Kent
Harriet HILLS Sister U 25 1826 Doddington, Kent Housekeeper
  1861 census at [11] Preston St, Faversham, Kent:   My ID
Frank CLAY   Head M 32 1819 Faversham, Kent Butcher  82
Harriet CLAY Wife M 33 1818 Boughton, Kent
Chas H CLAY s[on] U 5 1856 Faversham, Kent Scholar   821
Ann C CLAY  d[au] U 3 1858 Faversham, Kent           822
Carole CLAY Mother W 57 1804 Whitstable, Kent  Grocer (late) 
Edwd T CLAY Bror U 16 1845 ap[prentice] to butcher   8(11)
Thos MOUNT Serv U 33 1828 Tranet, Kent Assistant Butcher.
  1871 census 11 Preston St, Faversham butcher:
Fredk CLAY         Head M 42 1829 Faversham, Kent Butcher       82
Harriett CLAY      Wife M 44 1817 Boughton, Kent
Chs Fredk CLAY       Son  15 1856 Faversham, Kent Butcher's Son 821
Annie Charlotte CLAY Daur 13 1858 Faversham, Kent Scholar       822
Arthur Edward CLAY     Son 4 1867 Faversham, Kent               823
  1881 census 11 Preston St, Faversham butcher:
Fredk CLAY    Head M 52 1829 Faversham, Kent Butcher emplyg 1 man & 2 boys 82
Harriett CLAY Wife M 54 1817 Boughton under Blean, Kent
Chas F CLAY   Son    25 1856 Faversham, Kent Butcher's Asst                821
Annie C CLAY  Daur   53 1858 Faversham, Kent                               822
Arthur E CLAY Son    14 1867 Faversham, Kent Scholar                       823
  1891 census at 11 Preston St, Faversham, Kent:               My ID
Fredk CLAY   Head M 62 1829 Faversham, Kent Butcher            82
Hariett CLAY Wife M 64 1827 Boughton, Kent	
Arthur E CLAY Son S 24 1867 Faversham, Kent Butchers Clerk CC  823
  1901 census Faversham, Kent 804/14:                My ID
Fredk CLAY   Head M 72 1829 Faversham, Kent Retired Butcher 82
Hariett CLAY Wife M 74 1827 Boughton Blean, Kent	
Austin E CLAY Son S 33 1868 Faversham, Kent                ?823

821  3-Charles Frederick CLAY (1855 Faversham-1931 at their butcher shop at 32
High St,Penge,N Kent) At the age of 12 he won a prize for "geometrical drawing"
at the Faversham Institute. He worked for his father & later managed a 2nd shop
in Ospringe where he lived there with his wife, who came from another active 
Methodist family. He became a Methodist Local Preacher, fulfilling many 
engagements at the village chapels of the Circuit.  Around the turn of the 
century they moved to Penge in North Kent, where they lived for many years at 
15 St.  John's Road. They had a butcher's shop in the High Street. Mrs. Brenda 
CHAMPION of Faversham has kindly let me have the names of some of his 
descendants -RC p26.  1861-81 with parents.
  1881 census: 23 b Faversham, butcher's assistant with parents.
  1887,1890,1895 Kelly's Directories: baker, Ospringe.
  c1900 he lived at Penge, N Kent with a butcher shop at 32 High St.

m 1882  sp-Elizabeth (Lizzie) COOKE (d 1931)
  1891 census: Page ID 461057 Bromley of Kent, 683/77
Charles Fredk CLAY Head M 35 1856 Faversham, Kent Butcher   821
Elizabeth CLAY     Wife M 33 1858 Birmingham, Staffordshire
Frederick Charles CLAY Son 7 1884 Faversham, Kent Scholar   8211
Ethel Mildred CLAY    Daur 6 1885 Faversham, Kent Scholar   8212 
Gertrude Alice CLAY   Daur 3 1885 Faversham, Kent           8214
Stanley James CLAY    Son  1 1890 Faversham, Kent           8215
Caroline ROBINSON Serv 14 Preston next Faversham Kent General Serv Domestic
  1901 census: Page ID 461057 Bromley of Kent, 683/77
Charles C CLAY Head M 45 1856 Faversham, Kent Butcher  821
Elizabeth CLAY Wife M 43 1858 Birmingham, Warm
Ethel M CLAY   Daur S 16 1885 Faversham, Kent          8212
Alice G CLAY   Daur S 13 1888 Faversham, Kent          8214
Stanley J CLAY Son  S 11 1890 Faversham, Kent          8215
Ernest J CLAY  Son  S  9 1892 Faversham, Kent          8216

8211  4-Frederick Charles CLAY 1884 Faversham, Kent  1891 with parents.
 1901 66,Cann Hall,Wanstead Slip St Columba parish,South Leyton,West Ham,Essex:
Levi LEE    Head M 59 1842 Borcou?, Kent Mason
Harriet LEE Wife M 60 1841 Patton, Bedfordshire
Maud LEE    Daur S 30 1871 London
Frederick C CLAY Boarder S 17 1884 Faversham, Kent Auctioneer's clerk

8212  4-Ethel Mildred CLAY (Sep Q 1884 Faversham, Kent)
  1891-1901 with parents.
m  sp-Henry KELSEY

82121  5-John Henry KELSEY
m  sp-May Iris SYCAMORE

82121 1  6-Michael John KELSEY
82121 2  6-Mary Mildred KELSEY

82122  5-Mildred KELSEY

8213  4-Herbert George CLAY (1886-86)
8214  4-Gertrude Alice CLAY (Dec Q 1887 Faversham,Kent)
  1891-1901 with parents.
8215  4-Stanley James CLAY (1889 Faversham,Kent)  1891-1901 with parents.
8216  4-Ernest James CLAY (1891 Faversham,Kent)  1901 with parents.

822  3-Annie Charlotte CLAY (1858 Faversham,Kent) 1875 witness to m of 8(11).
 1861-81 with her parents.

m 1881 Boughton Chapel sp-George Bassan HOSKINGS (1856) son of a civil engineer
from Lewisham.
  1891 51 Palmerston Rd, Portsea, Hampshire:
George B HOSKINGS Head M 35 1856 Hoyle, Cornwall Hosier & hatter
Annie C HOSKINGS  Wife M 33 1858 Faversham, Kent 822
Ethel A HOSKINGS  Daur    9 1882 Lewisham, Kent  8221
Stanley G HOSKINGS Son    4 1887 Soutsea, Hants  8222
Frederick I HOSKINGS Brother S 38 1853 Hoyle, Cornwall Living on own means
Emily KEMSLEY     Serv S 26 1865 Oare?, Kent Domestic serv
  1901 110-112 High St (next to Coach & Horses at 108), Kensington, London:
George B HOSKINGS Head M 45 1856 Hoyle, Cornwall Shopkeeper Gents outfitter
Annie C HOSKINGS  Wife M 43 1858 Faversham, Kent 822
Ethel A HOSKINGS  Daur   19 1882 Lewisham, Kent  8221
Stanley G HOSKINGS Son   14 1887 Soutsea, Hants  8222
Frederick I HOSKINGS Brother S 48 1853 Hoyle, Cornwall Living on own means
Emily KENESLEY/ KEMSLEY Serv S 37 1864 Whitstable, Kent General serv domestic
  1902 they were living in Worthing.

8221 4-Ethel A HOSKINGS 1882 Lewisham, Kent  1891-1901 with parents.

8222 4-Stanley George HOSKINGS Dec Q 1886 Portsea Island, Hants
  1891-1901 with parents.
  Canadian Soldiers of World War I, 1914-1918:
Stanley George HOSKINGS; other: Annie Charlotte HOSKINGS

823  3-Arthur Edward CLAY (1867 Faversham,Kent) 
  1871-1901 censuses with his parents. 
1880s home at 62 Mary's Rd. 
1905 he lived at 104 St Mary's Rd, Faversham. 
28.9.1909 on sale of his father's property as an executor of his father's will
 he is listed "of 31 High St, Strood, Gentleman".
1929-c1935 he lived at 95 Athelstan Rd, Faversham. 
 Occupation when his wife died Colporteur.
m  sp-Clara Jane (d1929)

83  2-John Lawson CLAY (bp 23.5.1830 Faversham,Kent-24.4.1908 of cancer) 
Served his apprenticeship as a baker with a Methodist family -RC p21. 
Congregationalist.  1841 with parents. See after his wife for later censuses.
  c1856 opened a shop in Sittingbourne with his brother 84 below.
  1866-73 listed as a baker and confectioner at 3 East Street,Faversham, close 
to the Market Place, still a baker's in 1987 called "Best of Bread") and the 
original bakehouse stands at the back.
  1868 Poll Book lists him at 3 East St as a baker.
  1871 census: confectioner at 3 East St.
  1874 moved to 2 West St (in 1987 `the Whitehouse' hairdresser) with brother 
84 George William CLAY. For a time baker at Malcomb Place, E End, Sittingbourne
with br 84 George.
  1878 Post Office Directory: baker & confectioner, 2 West St, Faversham.
  c1895 he & family moved to the London area.
  In 1901 they had a village store with a Post Office at Eythorne, near Dover.

m 26.8.1869 Broad Green Congregational Chapel,Croydon sp-Emily PALMER (1843
Acton, Middlesex-6.11.1929) daughter of a grocer, Samuel PALMER. She was living
in Addiscombe Road, Croydon when she married. Edward 8(11) was among those who
signed the register. "An elegant white-haired figure in a black dress on the
one occasion when I saw her". The children were brought up as
Congregationalists. The family were devoted workers in the Congregational (now
United Reformed) Church in Eltham, where Florence 836 recruited my mother's
17-year-old sister as a Sunday School teacher in 1921 -RC p27.
  1871 3 East St, Faversham, Kent:
John CLAY       Head       M 40 1831 Faversham, Kent Confectioner 83  
Emily CLAY      Wife       M 27 1844 Acton, Middlesex  	   	  
Bertha CLAY     daur   7 months 1870 Faversham, Kent              831  
Charles COLEMAN Apprentice U 17 1854 London Confectioner
Jane BROOKS     Servant    U 19 1852 Ormsby, Norfolk General Servant
  1881 census Dwelling 2 West St, Faversham, Kent:
Name Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation
John Samson CLAY Head M 30 1851 Faversham, Kent Confectioner 83  
Emily CLAY       Wife M 37 1844 Acton, Middlesex  	   	  
Bertha CLAY      Daur   10 1871 Faversham, Kent  Scholar     831  
Sidney Palmer CLAY Son   8 1873 Faversham, Kent  Scholar     832  
Howard P. CLAY   Son     7 1874 Faversham, Kent  Scholar     833	  
Edith E. CLAY    Daur    3 1878 Faversham, Kent  	     835  
Frank P. CLAY    Son     1 1880 Faversham, Kent  	     837  
Emma A. FERRELL  Serv U 19      Sheerness, Kent  Gen Serv  	  
Benjamin BIRD    Serv U 18      Ore Nr Hastings, Sussex  Bakers Assistant  
Next door but one, at No. 6, were John's brother Edward 8(11) and his family.
  1891 Upper St, Chillenden, Eythorn, Kent:
John Lawson CLAY Head M 60 1831 Faversham, Kent Postmater Grocer Draper 83
Emily CLAY       Wife M 47 1844 Acton, Middlesex  	   	  
Bertha CLAY      Daur   20 1871 Faversham, Kent Drapers Assistant       831
Edith E CLAY     Daur   13 1878 Faversham, Kent Scholar 	   	835
Florence B CLAY  Daur 	 9 1882 Faversham, Kent Scholar 	   	836
  1901 census: 1198515 Eythorne	Kent	KEN 834/49 Eastry       My ID
John CLAY   70 1831 Faversham, Kent Draper & Grocer Post Office 83
Emily CLAY  57 1844 Acton, Middlesex                            sp
Howard CLAY 27 1874 Faversham, Kent Grocers Assistant           833
Edith CLAY  23 1878 Faversham, Kent Drapery & P C Assistant     835

831  3-Bertha CLAY (1870 Faversham, Kent-1919) 1871-91 with parents.
  1901 Drapers Shop, High St, West Wickham, Bromley, Kent:
Bertha CLAY   30 1871 Faversham, Kent Drapers Shopkeeper 831
Florence CLAY 19 1882 Faversham, Kent                    836

832  3-Sydney Palmer CLAY (1872 Faversham, Kent) "D young" - but see 1901!
  1881 with parents.
  1891 at 9 Clifton Villas, Herne Bay, Kent:
Fredrick J KNIGHT Head M   26 1865 Whitstable, Kent Carpenter 
Annie B KNIGHT    Wife M   26 1865 Minster Thanet, Kent
Horace KNIGHT     Son       3 1888 Minster Thanet, Kent
Bertram KNIGHT    Son       1 1890 Herne Bay, Kent
Ada GOLDER Sister in law S 23 1869 Minster Thanet, Kent Mothers help
Sydney CLAY Boarder      S 18 1873 Faversham, Kent Grocers Asst 832

m sp-Kate A 1871  Bridgewater, Somerset
  ?1901 Church St, Nonington, Kent 834/13 Eastry:
Sidney P CLAY Head  M 25 1876 Faversham, Kent Grocer & Draper 832
Kate A CLAY   Wife  M 30 1871  Bridgewater, Somerset
Hilda D CLAY  Daur     1 1900 Nonington, Kent                 8321
Alfred PREBBLE Serv S 16 1885 Adicham, Kent Errand boy
Alice MAXTED  Serv  S 15 1886 Barham, Kent General Servant Domestic
  Cf 1893-1957 Calif. Passenger & Crew List: Sydney CLAY arrived San Francisco

8321 4-Hilda D CLAY 1900 Nonington, Kent  1901 with parents.                 

833  3-Howard Palmer CLAY (Mar Q 1874 Faversham, Kent-1958)
  1881 & 1901 with parents.
  1891 Lion St, Rye, Sussex with many others: with family of
William H DELVES Head M 35 1856 Hawkhurst, Kent Draper, Clothier, Furnisher:
Howard P CLAY Servant S 17 1874 Faversham, Kent Apprentice
  He had a drapery at 10 Broadway, Eltham, Kent helped by his sisters Edith 835
& Florence 836. Howard always held a January Sale. "The lady 
residents of Eltham will have an exceptional opportunity of securing many 
useful and serviceable things at Mr. CLAY's winter sale which commences today 
at his establishment at 10 The Broadway the whole stock is to be offered at 
much reduced rates and the early callers will of necessity get the best 
bargains."  ("Fitham and District Times.")
  Their main interest, apart from their shop and their 
church, was the English countryside.  They enjoyed walking, sometimes spending 
a free afternoon in the attractive hilly region of North Kent near Shoreham and
Eynsford.  On these occasions Howard wore a Norfolk jacket and breeches and
his sisters tweed coats and skirts and good brogues. After a satisfactory
business life, they retired to a quiet part of Essex, Howard and his wife in
one village, Edith and Florence in another not far away. -RC p27.

m  sp-Ethelwyn

834  3-Russell Palmer CLAY (Mar Q 1876 Faversham, Kent-Jun Q 1877 Faversham, 

835  3-Edith Emily CLAY (Dec Q 1877 Faversham, Kent-1967)
  1881-1901 with parents. 
She shared a drapery at 10 Broadway, Eltham, Kent with sisters Bertha 831 &
Florence 836. She wrote interesting Christmas letters in a firm hand up to the 
last. Single. -RC p27.
  (Another Edith E CLAY m Dec Q 1919 Maidstone, Kent sp- JEFFERY.)

836  3-Florence Bell CLAY (Mar Q 1882 Faversham, Kent-1945) 
  1891 with parents.  1901 with sister Bertha 831.
She shared a drapery at 10 Broadway, Eltham, Kent with sisters Bertha 831 & 
Edith 835. Single. 
  Perhaps BELL was the maiden name of the mother of Emily PALMER.
  1901 census with sister 831 Bertha above.

837  3-Frank Palmer CLAY (Mar Q 1880 Faversham, Kent- Sep Q 1882 Faversham, 
Kent)  1881 with parents. 

84  2-George William CLAY (chr 15.4.1832 Faversham, Kent-13.3.1905) 
  1841 with parents.
  1851 Faversham, Kent: 	
Edward FROST Head W 47 1804 Selling, Kent? Baker employing 2 apprentices
Sarah FROST  Serv U 44 1807 Selling, Kent?
George CLAY Aprentice U 19 1832 Faversham, Kent
  A great favourite with his relations -RC p27. Butcher. 
He lived at 49 Ospringe Rd & 34 Stone St, Faversham. 
He helped establish the old Free School & Undenominational
Mission which met in the Mission Room in Water Lane. After his marriage in 1856
he moved to Sittingbourne where he and John set up as Grocer and Baker in 
Malcomb Place, East End.  They also acted as a Post Office Receiving House.  
These premises were in what is now East Street, possibly on part of the site 
where a large co-onerative stores was built in the 1870's.  
There is still a Sub Post Office there [in 1985].
  By 1863 George was back in Faversham, where directories show him trading as a
baker at various addresses over the next thirty years or so.  These included 2
West Street (shared for some time with John), 49 Ospringe Road and 34 Stone
Street.  The shop at 2 West Street is now a hairdressing salon.  Old buildings
at the back were demolished some years ago: I do not know whether they included
a bakehouse.
 George's real love, however, was the chapel.  "The Faversham and North East
Kent News" for 25 March, 1905 reported a memoir read at the chapel after his
 "His religious sympathies were particularly directed to the uplifting of the
poor and destitute.  Early in the sixties of the last centurj....  he was
instrumental in establishing the old Free School and Undenominational Mission,
which for years met in the Mission Room in Water Lane.  In that work he acted
with a large and influential committee and hundreds of men and lads were
benefitted by his efforts and their families were helped in their distress.
The mission closing, Mr. CLAY's heart went out towards Oare where as yet there
was no Methodist cause or preaching place.  Several evenings in each week and
three times on the Sabbath was he personally working on these grounds.  Hence
two chapels were built in three years, the larger well filled for a long
period." He was on the committee to buy bricks for the 2nd Faversham chapel.
  Minutes of Leaders' Meetings abound with expressions of appreciation of
George's work at Oare, but after the death of Mary Elizabeth in 1885 he seems
to have felt the need to cut down some of his activities.  Thus, on 27 May 1886
the Meeting "recognised Mr. G. CLAY's services at Oare very gratefully and
expressed regret that he does not see his way to continue as a Leader."
  In the autumn of that year, however, George married again and apparently
maintained many of his chapel interests for some years, until ill-health
overtook him. -RC p28.
  1868 Poll Book lists him at Ospringe Rd as a baker.
  c1871 he helped build 2 Methodist chapels in Oare, near Faversham. He was a 
trustee of the Wesleyan Chapel at Oare for the rest of his life.
 1874 he lived at 2 West St (now `the Whitehouse' hairdresser) with
brother 83 John. 
2 West St,Faversham, 1874 premises of George & brother John [83].
In 2005 a hairdresser's. From MC.
 For a time grocer at Malcomb Place,E End, Sittingbourne with brother 83 
 1878 Post Office Directory: baker, Ospringe Rd & 2 West St, Faversham.
 1887,1890,1895 Kelly's Directories: baker, Stone St.
 1903 last reference in the Wesleyan Methodist Church Records to his attendance
at Circuit Trustee meetings - now a widower aged 71.
 1905: The deaths of the two brothers, Frederick 82 and George 84, virtually on
the same day, caused a stir in Faversham,despite the fact that they had ceased 
for some time to play an active role in the town.  The funerals must have 
presented logistical problems: both took place on the following Wednesday 
afternoon at the Preston Street chapel with the Rev. Rapson officiating there 
and at the gravesides, but George was laid to rest in the Parish Churchyard and
Frederick in the cemetery some distance away. -RC p29.

m1 4.3.1856 parish church,Maidstone sp-Mary Elizabeth BOWES (1830 Milton,Kent
-1885) Daughter of a Maidstone builder.
  1861 Malcomb Place, Faversham, Kent:                        My ID
George W CLAY Head M 39 1832 Faversham, Kent Grocer Baker &et 84
Mary CLAY     Wife M 41 1830 Milton, Kent        
Ellen CLAY    Daur   3 1858 Sittingbourne, Kent               841
William CLAY  Son    2                                        842
Caroline CLAY Daur   1 1860 Sittingbourne, Kent               843
Mariah REEVES Servant U 22
Parnes ROGERS Servant U 21
  1871 2 West St, Faversham, Kent:                                   My ID
George CLAY   Head M 39 1832 Faversham, Kent Baker employing 2 boys 84
Mary CLAY     Wife M 41 1830 Faversham, Kent        
Ellen CLAY    Daur   13 1858 Faversham, Kent Scholar                841
Caroline CLAY Daur   11 1860 Faversham, Kent Scholar                843
George CLAY   Son     9 1862 Faversham, Kent Scholar                844
Ellen BOWES  Niece U 19 1852 Milton nr Sittingbourne, Kent Drapers asst.
                                            Daur of sister of m1 of 84 George
Alfred FRIGHT Nephew 13 1858 Dover, Kent Baker's boy                ?
  1881 Dwelling 49 Ospringe Rd, Faversham, Kent:
Name Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation
George CLAY  Head M 49 1832 Faversham, Kent Baker 84  	  
Mary E. CLAY Wife M 51 1830 Milton, Kent  	   	  
Ellen CLAY   Daur U 23 1858 Sittingbourne, Kent   841  	   	  
Carrie CLAY  Daur U 21 1860 Sittingbourne, Kent   843  	   	  
George W CLAY Son U 18 1863 Faversham, Kent Grocers Assistant 844  	  
William NORMAN Servt 15 1866 Faversham, Kent Baker Servant  	  

841  3-Ellen CLAY (c1858 Sittingbourne, Kent)  1861-81 with parents.
 She or Carrie was a shop-keeper & moved to London area c1895.
  1901 St Leonards Rd, Bexhill, Sussex:
Alexander MACONIE Head S 35 1866 Scotland            Tailor
Ellen CLAY     Servant S 39 1862 Sittingbourne, Kent Housekeeper domestic 841

842  3-William CLAY 1859 Sittingbourne, Kent  1861 with parents.

843  3-Caroline (Carrie) CLAY (26.10.1859-20.6.1941) 
1881 census: 21 unmarried, b Sittingbourne,Kent with parents. "In later years 
she kept a shop in South London and I remember her as a small, vivacious woman 
visiting my grandparents some time in the 1920's. During her last years she 
made her home with Ethel CLAY 8(11)2 at 92 Norroy Road, Putney." -RC p29.

844  3-George William CLAY (Dec Q 1862 Faversham,Kent) 
  1871-81 with parents.
  1891 widower with father & his father's m2. So who was his m1?

m sp-Sarah (c1871 Faversham Kent)
  1901 census	Prittlewell CAM 1681/40	Rochford:
George CLAY 38 bc1863 Baker Bread Mkr b Faversham Kent	
Sarah CLAY  30 bc1871 Faversham Kent
Hilda CLAY   3 bc1898 Faversham Kent

8441  4-Hilda CLAY (c1898 Faversham,Kent) 

[84  2-George William CLAY (1832 Faversham,Kent)]:
m2 18.12.1886 sp-Georgiana Jane C. BELL nee FAGG (c1824 Isle of Thanet,Kent)
  Her sister had married William Goodhugh DAWSON, eldest son of Charles CLAY's 
friend, John DAWSON. Georgiana's portrait and a photograph are in the 
possession of the DAWSON family. -RC p28.
  1891 10 Stone St, Brents, Faversham, Kent:
George CLAY    Head  M 59 1832 Faversham, Kent Bread Baker       84
Georgiana CLAY Wife  M 77 1824 St Peters Isle Of Thanet, Kent
George W CLAY Son Widr 29 1862 Faversham, Kent Grocers Assistant 844  	  
  1901 Faversham Within Kent KEN 805/36 Faversham:
George CLAY   70 1831 Faversham, Kent Late Baker BreadMkr Almsperson 84
Georgine CLAY 77 1824 Isle Of Thanet, Kent

85 2-Caroline CLAY (30.5.1832/3 Faversham-28.3.1903 Warwick Rd,Stratford,NZ
folio 227) bp 26 Jun 1833 Paternoster Row Wesleyan Methodist Registry, London.
  1841 with parents.  1851 with brother 82 Frederick.
  After her husband died she ran a boarding house in Stratford for
many years. She lived at Warwick Rd at time of death. Buried 29.3.1903 in Regan
St Cemetery, Stratford , known as 
the Stratford Pioneer Cemetery. The plaque reads In Memory of Those Buried Here.
 The photo is by Noel YOUNG.
 She is in Plot 324.  Her
name is on the Memorial Wall For location see under 8. HILLS CLUES.  
Here is a photo of her. This is probably her too.

This is believed to be her boarding house in Stratford: .2 mgb.
Death cert: b Faversham,Kent dr of Charles CLAY furrier & Caroline nee LAWSON, 
47 yrs in NZ, ages of living issue: M 44 42 40 39 38 37, F 46 45 41 33 32 30 27
  familysearch ID 99MF-3V7 

m 26.7.1854 Wesleyan Chapel,Preston St, Faversham sp-William HILLS
(16.10.1818/20-19.4.1884 Otakeho,S Taranaki folio 595) son of William. Buried
22.4.1884 at Manaia Cemetery. From marriage certificate: Caroline 21 spinster
of Favershamp dr of Charles CLAY hattier & clothier, William 34 bachelor farmer
of Boughton under the Blean son of William HILLS farmer. Witnessed by Thomas
BOORMAN and Charlotte HILLS. Minister Martin YOUNG.  Death cert.: born in
Boughton Kent, 29 years in NZ, farmer age 65 son of William HILLS farmer &
Sarah nee AUSTEN, ages of living issue: M 27 26 22 16 14 12 9, F 25 24 21 20 19
18 10.
A photo of the church in Preston Street, Faversham where they married - thanks to

According to a letter sent Ron, "the HILLS family home in England was a stone Tudor style house with a moat, gifted to the family by Queen Elizabeth 1 for military services. A large block of land about 20m from London, it is now (1989) cherry orchards & hop growing. The HILLS men are said to have been yeomen of Kent & keepers of the Cinque Ports. Parents William - a farmer - and Sarah (m c1790). For more on the HILLS family see para 6 p18 of RC. William joined the Royal Navy as a Midshipman & trained &became an officer. He served on a British warship in NZ waters at the time that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. (It might have been the Camberine or the Britomart.) He was stationed in India. After several bouts of rheumatic fever he left the navy while his ship was in Australia. It is claimed he bought a 50,000 acre property in WA & tried cattlefarming. Failing because of droughts he sold up & returned to England. A short time later gold was discovered on the land he'd just left." (BUT although gold was discovered in Ballarat & Bendigo, Vic. in 1851, it was only discovered in WA c1894 -at Coolgardie & Kalgoorlie.) William & Caroline left for NZ 1855/56. After a journey said to have taken 6 months they settled in Kaiapoi. The ship called into Wellington on the way after the major earthquake of 23.1.1855. Caroline is said to have had a premature son on the ship that died and was buried at sea, and a child Alice died aged 2 before 85(14) Alice below. Granted by the Crown a block of 80 acres of farming land at Flaxton on the outskirts of Kaiapoi, Rural Section 1233 on 5.4.1858. (LB gives on 22.10.1862.) Kaiapoi is 15 k N of Christchurch. (See Book 23D p387 -8, Lands & Deeds Dept, Christchurch. For a map see Area G sheet 1D in book by Mr HORRELL at Canterbury Museum Library.) There is a clump of trees c 80m from road where their house stood. The children were born there (except 851 Annie) & some worked at the Kaiapoi Woollen Mills. In 1876 the farm was sold because of a failure to meet a mortgage payment. The family moved N to Taranaki where William was granted another block of virgin bush land. William and his sons set about clearing the land, pit sawed the timber and built their home. This was on Auroa Rd, Awatuna, S Taranaki. Only 853 William Herbert stayed in the S Island, though some of the girls lived with William Herbert for a while. Their sons worked around central & S Taranaki felling heavy standing virgin bush. After his death Caroline moved to Stratford and ran a boarding house "the Trocadero Temperance Hotel" for many years. It was later burnt down. (RJ has info on the 2 hotels by this name - both burnt down.) The family was a strong supporter of the Methodist Church. A photo of him. Here are some photos from the album of 853 (now held by Ronald HILLS) of folk who have not been identified, presumably family members. (Ron says there are many more unidentified photos in the album but they don't look like HILLS. Also in the album are photos taken in Sheerness-on-Sea,Canterbury, Scarboro and Faversham c1863-1867. The English photos may have been sent over by relatives. The album may have been owned by 85 Caroline and William HILLS.)
whoa.jpg, whob.jpg, whoc.jpg, whod.jpg, whoe.jpg, whof.jpg, g Here is a photo of the album.

851 3-Annie Lawson HILLS (19.9.1856 Rangiora folio 139-23.8.1923 at her
residence, Lower Stuart Rd, Eltham) Death Reg. No. 12/1923 - RJ. Buried
25.6.1923 at Eltham Cemetery; - RJ. Farmed at Eltham, Taranaki. A favourite
aunt of the HALE family 85(14) - they had many a happy holiday with her. Her
obituary in the Eltham Argus says she raised 4 adopted children - RJ. These may
have been adopted from George WATSON's previous
  A photo of her.
Her obituary in the Eltham Argus 24.8.1923 says she was born in Kaiapoi, North
Canterbury, that she married "Mr AL WATSON, the couple settling on the latter's
farm at Awatuna ... they subsequently moved to Fraser Rd & then to Stuart Rd
following farming pursuits, Mr WATSON dying .. shortly after settling .. in the
last .. During the past 16 years Mrs WATSON has managed the dairy farm ... An
ardent Methodist Church worker ..."; buried at Eltham Cemetery No. 149; - RJ.

m 1893 at Kaponga/Awatuna folio 3200 sp-George WATSON (1857 Lorton, Cumberland,
England-15.12.1907 at home, Stuart Rd, Eltham) Son of William WATSON and
Elizabeth nee LANCASTER; he first married in Brookside Canterbury to Mary Jane
GRANGER; buried at Eltham Cemetery; Wesleyan; in NZ 48 years; - Source: info
from death certificate 131/07 from RJ. 15.8.1904 p2 columns D-F: Eltham Co-op
Dairy Company AGM elected him a director by 1285 votes. 16.1.1905 p2 column D:
Mr George WATSON of Frazer Rd buys out Mr H KING's property on Mountain R for
450 pounds. 13.3.1905 p2 col. C: speaking at Methodist Conference in Wellington
Mr G WATSON (Eltham) said there had been no great spiritual devpts in Eltham
but a large leven working in the place, men who had never been to church before
were now coming to the Methodist services .." The Eltham Argus for 18.7.1906,
29.8.1906 & 6.10.1906: George WATSON sold his farm in Fraser Road to Mr
SAUNDERS of Wingrove Rd, & bought Mr ARNOLD's homestead farm; obituary in the E
Argus; his farm may have been opposite O'BRIEN's farm; listed as farmer in the
Awatuna Post Office Directory for 1895-95; (this also lists Frederick, Robert &
William - his brothers??); buried at Eltham Cemetery No. 148, died aged 50;
obituary "..  he settled on the Fraser road only 4 or 5 years ago, he
previously held land at Awatuna .. and was chairman of directors of the dairy
company there... He was for 3 or 4 years up to the time of his death chairman
of the Eltham Dairy Company. He took considerable interest in .. the Wesleyan
Methodist Church & was a prominent No-License worker, & besides taking a part
in the affairs of the Eltham No-Licence League was treasurer of the Egmont
Electoral Council, & sat on the provincial body..." - RJ. RJ also sent me a
photocopy of a letter of 25.7.1896 by George TINDLE re GW cancelling the Hawera
Star when he left Kaponga for "the Hastings Road". There is a George WATSON
farmer of Eltham listed on p1972 of the 1917 "Alphabetical Directory"; perhaps
this refers to his widow; but she is listed there as "WATSON AL farmer,
Eltham"; ex RJ.

8511 4-Ivy Alice Gilbertson WATSON (15.9.1896-.3.92 Wallingham?)  (Woldingham
is 2.5 NW of Oxted,Surrey. This is probably Warlingham, a further 1.5 NW.)
John has her birthday book from Brookside Farm, Lower Stuart Rd, Eltham,
NZ. Attended Fraser Rd School Std 2; admitted 1.7.1907 to Eltham School -
RJ. She rode a horse to school after milking the cows. Came to UK for honeymoon
& later for a holiday & stayed. (Or is this John & Vi?) Very kind, excellent
cook, singer & pianist.
*1979: 8 Boxwood Way, Wallingham (near London) Surrey CR395B ph 0044-883.622704

m sp-Reverend William LEA (Cornwall-) Missionary in London slums.  At 20 went
to Wesleyan Church,Richmond,Natal,South Africa as missionary to Zulus; cWW1
went to NZ & joined NZ Army Medical Corps (see his "A Digger's Account .." by
him when corporal); ordained 1916 in Auckland to Methodist Ministry in NZ (see
bible); Wellington then Dunedin, Stratford, Wanganui then London '26,
Chingford, L Edmonton, Leighton for WW2 while Ivy took the 2 boys to Cornwall,
Stepney (London's E End), then Bristol, & retired to Wallingham near Oxted.
# donald.lea"att" 2004 has a LEA site at

85111  5-John LEA (6.4.1929 Chingford,Essex)

m 1959 sp-Violet "Vi" Frances RUSSELL (9.1.1936 Nantyffyllon,Wales) John did an
MSc in Human Communications '74/5 at Guys Hospital, London University; she was
a speech therapist (trained at West End Hospital for Neurology, London) & he
principal at Moorhouse School,Hurstgreen, Surrey - a school for children with
speech & language disorders-the world's 1st; [were at Moor Lodge, Hurstgreen
Rd, Oxted, Surrey RH89AG] developed colour pattern scheme - a method of
teaching language to aphasic children (ie who don't understand spoken
language). They have photos of 85-14 & 7 children with youngest girl aged c15,
851 Annie, George, Ivy & Rex WATSON in a dress aged c2, 8512 Rex & Mabel newly
wed, ...  Now retired at 
*1993-2000: 20 Beatrice Rd, Oxted, Surrey, England ph 0883 717749

85111 1  6-Jennifer Mary LEA (25.10.1960 Oxted) Nursed at
  Mitchum, London.
*2000: 103 Ambleside Gardens,Sutton,Surrey SM25HP,England ph 081 642 8464

85111 2  6-Anne Elizabeth LEA (16.3.1963 Oxted)
m 1988 Oxted  sp-Russell SIMPSON (1962 Gore, NZ)
85111 3  6-Richard LEA (6.3.1967 Oxted) Film industry.
*2000: London

85112  5-William "Bill" George LEA (11.5.1927 Launceston, Cornwall)  
m 1956 Retford,Nottinghamshire  sp-Mary PEATFIELD  No children.

8512 4-Rex Graham WATSON (7.9.1898 Christchurch?-1966 New Plymouth) At age
2 his parents moved to a farm at Eltham. Attended Fraser Rd School Std 1;
admitted 1.7.1907 to Eltham School; at the time his mother was farming at
Lower Stuart Rd.- RJ from the Eltham School Register. Stratford Evening Post
23.6.1934 advert: "Rex G WATSON, Music Shop, Stratford" - RJ. He & his wife
are listed in 1949 Egmont General Roll at 152 Regan St, Stratford, driver;
their son Ken is listed next door at 150 as railway employee; their daughter
Jean Adele is listed as spinster living at Nurses Home, Stratford.

m 12.5.1926 in Wanganui sp-(Annie) Mabel LUMLEY (21.10.1900 Carterton
-15.11.1999 New Plymouth) From c1990 she lived at Tainui Rest Home, Westown,
New Plymouth. I visited her 1993/1 & her memory was A1.

85121 5-Kenneth Rex WATSON (1928 Wanganui) They lived c1980 at 48 Whittaker
St, Otumoetai, Tauranga. He had the family-bible.
*2000: Matua Life Care Centre, Tauranga.

m1 1948 (cert. no. 4068) sp-Margaret Staniforth BAKE (1926-1987 Tauranga)

85121 1  6-Barbara Jean WATSON (1948 Stratford)
*1983-2000: 4 Black St, Lilydale, Melbourne, Australia ph 0061-3-735.4602
2 children names withheld.

85121 2  6-Kathleen Anne WATSON (1.12.1951 Stratford)
*2000: 23B Woodbine St, North Bolgowlah, Sydney 2093

m1 Wellington  sp-Terry (Sydney) No children.
m2 Sydney  sp-Keith A ANDERSON (Sydney?) Separated. 
In 1983 they lived at 20 Lillie St, N Curlcurl, Manly, NSW 2099.
1 child, name withheld pending permission.

[85121  5-Kenneth Rex WATSON (1928,Wanganui)]:

m2 c1988  sp-`Wendy' Gwendoline PRINGLE (by her first marriage)
Born in South Africa. No children.
*2000: Matua Life Care Centre, Tauranga.

85122  5-Jean Adele WATSON (16.6.1928 Wanganui) c1983 living
 at 14 Robyn Place, Mangere E.
*2000: 1/12 Bank St, Kaitaia ph 09 408 1048

m1 1951 (Cert No:3616) at Stratford sp-Ralph Raymond URQUART (Auckland?-d1953
Waikpukarau) He served in WW2 in the Royal Navy, taking part in the Battle of 
the River Plate. 1 child, names withheld pending permission.

[85122   5-Jean Adele WATSON (16.(2 or 6).1928 Wanganui)]:
m2 at Auckland  sp-Ian Robert FORRESTER (3.2.1920 Wanganui)
*2000: 1/12 Bank St, Kaitaia ph 09 408 1048
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85123  5-Eric George WATSON (8.9.1929,Stratford) Retired
 engineer for a forestry company.

m c1956 at Mt Gambier, S Australia sp-Beth HINTON (Mt Gambier)
*2000: 5 Sims St, Mt Gambier SA ph 0061-8725.1398
 Mt Gambier is c300m S of Adelaide and c300m W of Melbourne.
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85124  5-(Charles) Stuart WATSON (9.12.1931 Stratford)

m 3.11.1956 at New Plymouth sp-Molly Margaret MacDONELL (6.8.1931 New Plymouth)
Contact details & descendants not listed on request of one of their children.

85125  5-Kathleen May WATSON (.10.1935 Stratford)

m1 divorced  sp-Maxwell Vernon HARRIS (c1930 Tumut,NSW) Cricketer. After 
selling Wermatong Station, Tumut, NSW they farmed at Walcha,NSW. Divorced.
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

[85125   5-Kathleen May WATSON (.10.1935 Stratford)]:
*2000: 67 Hill St, Port McQuarrie, NSW 2444 ph 065-831475

m2 c1991 Port McQuarrie sp-John CAMPBELL (Port McQuarrie) Retired consultant 
 engineer. Separated.

85126  5-David Graham WATSON (8.8.1945 Stratford)
* 2000: 52A Arlington Rd, Newtown, Wellington
  Work: Railcorp, Box 2838, Wellington ph 04 498.2267
* 2006: not in Wellington phone book.

8513  4-Kathleen WATSON (13.4.1908 Eltham) Began Eltham School on 21.9.1914; 
at that time she was living with her mother in Stuart Road - RJ.
*2000:Try K RAWSTHORNE 16 Kurrajong Rd, Frenchs Forrest, Sydney ph 02 9401 9177

m at Auckland sp-Bill RAWSTHORNE Construction worker, Sydney.
 Kathleen was 16 when her mother died; her guardian
 -related - lived in Kawakawa; try Mrs MOORE OR Mr LILL,farmer both at Cheviot
 -he married at Miss WATSON & then Mrs WATSON -a child in Napier)

85131   5-Gordon RAWSTHORNE Sydney
85132   5-(girl) RAWSTHORNE Sydney

852  3-Sarah Anne HILLS (25.10.1857 Kaiapoi folio 220-1929) Single, lived
  with the HALE family 85(14) 1915-18 & looked after the children after their
  mother died. Also lived with 858 Frederick & later 8581 Lilly MOSSOP, as well
  as with the RAE family 85(12) in Taneatua near Whakatane.
  A photo of her.

853 3-William Herbert HILLS (18.1.1859 Kaiapoi folio 290 -4.9.1938 Christchurch)
 Buried at Cheviot. The only one of the family to remain in
Kaiapoi when the family moved to Taranaki. A cabinet maker by trade, he lived
in Raven St, Kaiapoi until his young family moved N to Cheviot. (1917
Alphabetical Directory: HILLS Wm H, carpenter, Cheviot. -ex RJ.) He drew a
farming block in a government land ballot. It was part of the Cheviot estate of
"Ready-money ROBINSON". Land title 185 18.1.1894 (register book Vol 163 Folio
43,4sheets). Section 19 Block XII Lawry Peaks Survey District 999 year lease
from 1.4.1894; 92 acres 3 roods; rent 42 pounds pa. He established a mixed farm
- half sheep & half agriculture with a few cows for milk & cream.  His farm was
taken over by his 3rd son 8537 Herbert in 1937. He made coffins for the victims
of 1918 flu epidemic. When in Kaiapoi he owned the yacht "Shamrock", with which
he won as prizes a silver cup & a cut glass decanter now owned by 85322 Ronald
HILLS. At one time he was plagued by a neighbour who owned 8 or 9 cows which he
milked for families at nearby Mina Station. These were turned out to graze on
the road at night & kept breaking through & devouring William's garden & fruit
trees. He complained to his neighbour to no avail, so he milked them himself
one morning. Quite a lot of people went without milk on their porridge that
morning. They never bothered him again! 
  A photo of him.
  And another with his family at Kaiapoi.
Another with his family c1922. 
Children 7 Herbert, 4 Edith, 5 Gladys, 6 Lillian.
   Their 4 sons 7 Herbert, 3 Frank, 8 Ernest, 2 Arthur.
  His farm at Mina c1950s.
  Another version of the same shot.

m 22.2.1888 Christchurch folio 525 sp-Elizabeth "Bessie" MILLIGAN (1866)

8531  4-Ethel Olive HILLS (27.4.1889 Kaiapoi - 20.4.1972 Christchurch)
Worked for the Cheviot paper after leaving school.  In setting the
type for the weekly paper she made two infamous spelling errors. The
first, a headline, "THE CHEVIOT DAG TRIALS" and the second, when after
a Cheviot Show she wrote that, "Mr Rutherford rode a white hore!"  She
later worked as a Laundress in Christchurch and after marriage lived
in New Plymouth, Paihiatua, Christchurch, Waikari (in Nth Canterbury) and 
finally Christchurch again.
NOTE Much of the notes for her branch comes from Herbert HARRISON below.

m 27.12.1917 Cheviot  sp-Arthur HARRISON (20.6.1892 Leeds, England
- 27.9.1977 Timaru,NZ) Arthur trained as a general engineer but
was also a Registered Electrician and an A Grade Motor Mechanic. Their wedding 
was notable in that it was the first Anglican wedding party in Cheviot to use 
motor cars. 

 The family (L to R): 85311sp Reginald HOUSE, 
85311 Betty HOUSE, 8531 Ethel, -sp Arthur, and 85312 Herbert HARRISON.

NOTE Colin A HARRISON ireddog"att" 2002 has researched his HARRISON
family from Chorlton-on-Medlock. My father was born there in 1893 and our 
family has at least fifteen William's and ten James. The line goes back to 
the 1600s from Banksfield near Poulton-le-Fylde. 

85311  5-Betty Mae HARRISON (12.9.1919 New Plymouth - 14.2.1990 
Carterton) On leaving school she joined the staff of Sucklings
Footwear Factory in Christchurch. She became a
highly skilled machinist able to take over any and every aspect of
shoe manufacture. From the time of her marriage she lived in Lower
Hutt, and only moved to Carterton a few months before her death.
Here is a photo of her.

m 20.9.1940 Christchurch sp-Reginald Walter Donald HOUSE (d 20.12.1990
 Carterton) While Reg
served no formal apprenticeship he was an engineer who by the end of
his working life had, for many years, been Chief Engineer for Knight
Footwear in Lower Hutt, a branch of Feltex NZ.
 Until 1989 they lived at 4 Bell Road, Lower Hutt.
5 children, names withheld pending permission.

85312 5-Herbert George HARRISON (10.2.1927 Christchurch) Apprenticed
as an Electrical Fitter, later spent 6 years at Anderson Ltd,
Christchurch as a Toolmaker, in charge of the manufacture of petrol
engines, and in the heavy machine shop.  Entered Auckland Teachers
College in 1956 then 12 years at Cashmere High School, Christchurch,
teaching Engineering Shop Practice, Technical Drawing, Maths and
Music. Appointed Head of Technical Dept at Timaru College in 1968
including responsibility for all tertiary education. Appointed
Foundation Principal on the formation of the Aoraki Polytechnic and retired in 
1988. Trained as a tenor soloist and as a Choral
 Conductor and has performed in New Zealand, England and the USA as a
chorister. In retirement is active in the Anglican Church as a Lay
Minister, licensed by the Bishop of Christchurch for taking services,
preaching and funerals.  

On the farm at Mina of (L to R)
85312 Herbert HARRISON, 85311  Winifred HILLS, 8532 2 Ronald HILLS, aged c8 
sharing a cow called Fawn, and 85311  Betty HARRISON.
"Just after the picture was taken, being a country lad, I jumped off the cow, 
and Betty who was scared of it let go and the cow trotted off and Herbert and 
Winifred fell off with Herb landing on top of Win. Much wailing and moaning 
from Win and I got a telling off. We still laugh about it today!!" - Ron.
1989: Cliff House, 15A The Terrace, Timaru.
2000: 8a Park Lane, Highfield, Timaru. 
*2003: 105 Orbell Street, Glenwood, Timaru. Phone:03 686 2623. Fax:03 686 2643.
 E-mail herbert.harrison"att" 

m1 16.10.1954 Colombo St Baptist Christchurch sp-Winifred Margaret
ARMSTRONG (20.2.1925 Auckland - 3.5.1995 Timaru) Wyn was a trained
teacher who graduated BA from the University of Canterbury in 1949 and
was a specialist in Reading recovery. All her life she was active in
church affairs, in both the Baptist and Anglican denominations.
They lived at Cliff House 15A The Terrace, Timaru.
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

[85312  5-Herbert George HARRISON (10.2.1927 Christchurch)]
m2 29.9.2002 in the Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Timaru  sp-Rosslyn Margaret

8532 4-Arthur Leslie HILLS (1.8.1890 Kaiapoi-12.7.1958 Cheviot) Served in NZ
Expeditionary Forces in France in WW1 (23.8.1916 -16.4.1918), number
30943. Worked for Cheviot County Council. Drove a steam lorry. Did building &
road maintenance, becoming County Works Foreman. Trout & salmon fisherman at
the Waiau or Hurunui Rivers. Built 17 foot boat & fished at Goose Bay,
 Another in WW1.

m 30.5.1924 St David's, Sydenham, Christchurch sp-Elsie May DENTON (?-?) Her
father's parents arrived in 1850 on the "Sir George Seymour", one of the first
4 ships to bring colonists to Canterbury. Their photo is in the 1974 DENTON
book by Ralph DENTON of Blenheim. The 150th reunion was held in 2000 in
Kaiapoi with Ron HILLS below preparing and printing 200 photos for a display.

85321  5-Leslie William HILLS (10.1.1925 Cheviot-22.6.2002 Churchill Courts 
Hospice,Christchurch) Buried in "Home View Cemetery", Cheviot 26/06/2002.  
Went to Japan in the J Force in WW2. Worked for Loan & Mercantile seed & grain
merchant. Retired as the caretaker for the local school.
Leslie in J Force uniform.
m 26.5.1956 Cheviot sp-Aileen Sylvia DIERK
  A wedding photo of Aileen and Leslie.
And another, later in life.
*2003: Hall St, Cheviot ph 03 319 8885
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85322  5-Ronald Arthur HILLS (7.2.1927 Cheviot)
His mother died when he was 5 months so he was brought up on his grandparents'
farm. After a brief spell looking after his grandparents farm while his uncle
Herbert did his Compulsory Military Training, he worked as a motor mechanic
from 1942 to 1987. Amateur photographer, family historian, semi-professional
musician, he started on the piano-accordion then switched to the altosaxophone.
He still does regular gigs for oldtime sequence dancing. Also plays piano & 
Ron as an infant.
Ron as a schoolboy.
Ron with 8581 Lillian and her 2nd husband Bill CARRUTHERS.
*1981-2013: 412 Breezes Road, Christchurch 8007 ph 03 388 7537
 email arthllsi2"att" 
  After the earthquake of 22.2.2011 that destroyed much of ChCh he wrote on 
8.3.11: "Hi everybody.
I want to say thank you all very much to my friends and relatives who
tried to contact us after the February 22nd earthquake. Unfortunately
electric power was off, the telephones were off, so was the water and we
were asked to not use the sewerage system because of the magnatude of
the damage done to the system. Our telephones came back on after about
four days and the electricity came back on last Sunday evening.
We have been rather busy cleaning up the mess inside the house. Our two
microwaves and three TVs ended up on the floor as did just about
everything else that was not locked down, even our piano was tipped over
to about a 45 degree angle. It fell on to the piano seat and broke a leg
off that, but it is repairable. We had learned a lesson from the
September quake when our cupboard doors burst open and spilled a lot of
stuff out on to the floor with quite a few breakages. Our cupboard doors
have only friction catches but do have D shaped handles, so I cut some
pieces of timber to slip between the handles. That worked well this time
around as the doors remained shut. I had a wall unit with shelves which
housed my many video tapes -over 200 -. This was screwed to the wall but
the screws pulled out. It has now been fitted with bigger, longer and
stronger screws.
Today I sorted out part of my computer room, checked the computer etc
and fingers crossed, flicked the switch. A big sugh of relief all seems
well. even my small stereo unit which ended up on the floor seems OK.
There is still a lot of work to do around the place. We were with out
our supermarket for over a week and had to travel to anouter part of
town to get some provisions. The streets were choked with traffic and it
took ages to get there and ages to get back home again. It was bumper to
bumper and only moved about one car length at a time. Lots of the street
were damaged badly and it was a job dodging the slumps and holes and the
sewer man holes which had popped up out of the ground bu 30 to 40 cm.
The contractors have been working long hours to repair the worst of the
damage and things are improving. No doubt most of you will have seen
news reports on your TV screens.
At least we now have water (though we have to boil it before drinking
etc) the telephone and electricity so I can read the news paper at night
now, and watch the TV news It's a bit difficult trying to read by candle
light. We had little transistor radios to keep up to date with what was
Our house hasn't suffered too much, just a few sticky doors and windows
which I can easily take care of. Thankfully we didn't have any
liquefaction at our place, but four doors away had some. It was very bad
in some parts of town. Contractors have been busy removing it and the
last I heard was that they had removed about 260,000 tons of the stuff
with still about another 60,000 tones to go. There is a bit down our
street and when it drys out and the wind blows we get a dust storm.
We are quite lucky when we see what other folks have had happen to them.
We are well and OK and so is our married son Andy and Helen and the
girls are OK too, in fact they have helped us (Wayne and I) out with
prepared meals, water etc and even loaned us their gas picnic stoves to
do a little cooking on
Once again very many thanks for your concern, it is much appreciated."

m St John's,Latimer Square,Christchurch sp-(Hazel) Rona LAING b 8.8.1930 Oamaru
d 7.10.2008 at "Windsor House" hospital. 
 Rona and Ron.
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

8533 4-Frank Austin HILLS (24.6.1892 Kaiapoi-27.12.1967 Christchurch) Served
in NZ Expeditionary Forces in France for 3 years 65 days in WW1, No. 23/171 of
the NZ Rifle Brigade. discharged 4.6.1919, blue eyes, 5' 3.5".  85331 writes:
He "was in the battle of the Somme, Ypres, Passendale; wounded several times."
85312  writes: "He was Sergeant in charge of a Lewis gun detachment and was
wounded. He badly wanted to go farming and drew a Soldiers Block at Lauriston
in Mid Canterbury. However, as was usual in many of these cases, the land was
worthless and they had to walk off losing everything.  He did labouring work
around Christchurch during the Depression (when he could get work at all) and
it was my father, when Engineer for the DIC, who was asked by a Drainlayer who
had a yard next to the DIC yard if he could recommend someone who would be a
good labourer for the highly physical job of digging trenches. Dad recommended
Frank who worked there for some time and gained his Drainlayers Certificate. He
then set up in Business with two other men initially trading as "Hill, Hobson &
Pitt Ltd".  Frank was the brains and the dominant partner. Later he and Pitt
bought out Hobson ...  Frank was a great chap and I remember him with great

m 18.6.1924 Cheviot sp-Florence Edith DENTON (5.3.1899 Domett-5.10.1991

85331  5-Winifred "Wyn" May HILLS (4.7.1928 Sydenham,Christchurch) 
Accountant in Christchurch, then worked in Tauranga.
*2000: 206 Newell Rd, RD 3, Hamilton ph 07 856 3582
m 12.12.1953 Christchurch sp-John Newell POWELL (2.3.1924 Ngaruawahia-5.10.1988
Hamilton) Dairy farmer all his life at Tamahere near Hamilton. Accidentally
killed by a horse. 

Winifred and John at their wedding.
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

8534  4-Edith Emily HILLS (6.10.1894 Kaiapoi-7.4.1982 
  After working in Chistchurch she went back to Cheviot as housekeeper for the
  3 Scarr brothers, Scots whose farming block was opposite her father's. When
  the last brother died he left the farm to Edith. She was a successfull 
  cropper & sheepfarmer & the place always looked well. She retired in the '60s
  to her home near Queen Elizabeth Park, Christchurch. 
Edith with her sister Audrey.
Edith's farm at Mina.

8535 4-Gladys Anne HILLS (1.6.1897 Cheviot-29.5.1976) She ran a boarding house
"McKenzie House" in Cheviot for many years.  (Cheviot was formerly named
A wedding photo of Gladys with her father William. 
The flower girl is 85311  Betty Mae HARRISON. 

m 28.11.1922 Cheviot sp-Leslie WOOTTON (30.6.1891-6.8.1976)
 Leslie and Gladys at their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
 Gladys by herself there.
The family: standing -3 Alan, -7 Rhona, -6 Dorothy, -2 Jocelyn, -5 Raymond, 
-4 Audrey; sitting Leslie and Gladys.

85351  5-Keith William WOOTTON (16.11.1923 Cheviot-7.4.1949 Parnassus) Killed
in shooting accident. Writes Ron HILLS: He was working as a farm
worker on a property at Parnassus (I think, can confirm later). He was
driving a tractor at the time and was working a paddock in which there was a
pond or lagoon on which some wild ducks had just made their appearance. He
had told my brother Les (85321) that he was going to get himself some ducks
for tea. My brother at the time was driving a lime spreading truck for a
contractor and was working on the same property. Keith armed himself with a
shot gun and was carrying it across his knees while driving the tractor,
aiming to get near the duck pond as the ducks ignored the tractor. On going
over some rough ground the shot gun slipped off his knees and landed butt
first on the ground, discharged and shot Keith in the stomach, mortally
wounding him. The barrel of the gun got hooked under the tractor's brake
pedal and the forward motion of the tractor caused the gun to act like a
lever and applied the brake there by stalling the tractor. When my brother
arrived back with another load he couldn't hear the tractor and went in
search of it, and found Keith slumped in the seat. Les went for help and the
local Dr arrived but really couldn't do much except relieve pain etc. His
mother (8535) arrived and soon after he died in her arms. The whole of his
internal organs had been destroyed.Message here - Don't fool around with
loaded guns.

In the RNZAF in WW2 c1943 by Ron HILLS.

85352  5-Jocelyn Mavis WOOTTON (12.12.1924 Cheviot
  -8.7.1987 Christchurch)
m 7.3.1950  sp-Allan Ferguson BELL (28.2.1922-d Christchurch)
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85353  5-Alan Leslie WOOTTON (11.12.1928-10.11.1986)
  Air frame fitter for Air NZ; dsp
85354  5-Audrey Lillian WOOTTON (24.9.1929)

m 3.12.1960  sp-James Niel COPLAND
*2000: 15 Coleman Ave, Riccarton, Christchurch 4 ph 03 348 4796
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

85355 5-Raymond Herbert WOOTTON (1.1.1932 Cheviot) Manager for Tolls Dept for
Southland, then postmaster. 1989: 778 Queen St, Invercargill.  
*2003 barray"att"

m1 27.5.19..  sp-Joan TAYLOR (15.5.1933 Motueka-6.2.1981)
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

[85355  5-Raymond Herbert WOOTTON (1.1.1932)]:
m2 7.3.1981/82  sp-Barbara Ruth BROWN (30.9.1942 Invercargill)
*2003: 215 Ross St, Invercargill ph 03 215 8444 email barray"att"

85356  5-Dorothy Mae WOOTTON (31.3.1935 Cheviot)
m  sp-Reginald James FERGUSSON They lived in
  Christchurch & Wanganui.
*2000: 19 Avenell St, Wishart, Brisbane, Qld 4122 ph 0061 73 494 875
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85357  5-Rhona Betty WOOTTON (26.7.1937-4.9.1986)
m  sp-Melville HUNT farmer at Cheviot
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

8536  4-Lillian Eliza HILLS (19.11.1899 Christchurch-30.1.1980 
  Christchurch) Lived with her parents at the farm at Cheviot & after
  their death with her brother 8537 Herbert who took over the
  farm. After he retired they both lived in Cheviot township. dsp

8537 4-Herbert William HILLS (12.7.1901 Cheviot-18.6.1979 or 30.1.1980
Christchurch) Never married. Worked as a linesman for Post & Telegraph Dept
around Methuen, & for NZ Railways. He came back to father's farm at Mina,
Cheviot when his father died in 1938. Retired & built a house in Cheviot town
for his sister Lilly & himself 1967. A keen fisherman for trout & salmon.
He played indoor & outdoor bowls. 
Here are the signatures of Winnie & relatives on the women's suffrage petition
 thanks to Briar BARRY briar"att" 
More details on are the signatures of Winnie & relatives on the women's suffrage petition.

857 3-Edward Thomas HILLS (19.9.1863 Kaiapoi folio 471-31.12.1903 Stratford
folio 2324) 

This beautiful inlaid box was a prize he won for mental arithmetic at Kaiapoi 
Primary School.
 The inscription in the box.
An official at the Stratford Methodist Church. Died of diabetes.  For a photo 
of him with brother Fred 858 headed `Circuit Office-bearers,Stratford', see 
"A history of Methodism in NZ".  1899 Stone's Post Office Directory, Eltham: 
HILLS Edward Thomas. Farmer.  1917 Alphabetical Directory p1461: HILLS ET 
farmer Lowgarth [near Eltham].  
Buried in Plot 392 of the Stratford Pioneer Cemetery. The plaque reads
In Memory of Those Buried Here. The photo is by Noel YOUNG.
For location see under 8. HILLS CLUES.  
Edward Thomas HILLS 1863-1903.

858 3-Frederick Charles HILLS (9.11.1864 Kaiapoi,Taranaki folio 490-20.11.1942
Te Awamutu) An official at the Stratford Methodist Church. Society Steward
1894-96; (for photo see 857). Sunday School Superintendent 1894-95 at
Kaponga. [Ref. Methodist Opuanake Circuit Schedule Book 1894.] The Quarterly
Meetng was held at the Parsonage on 3.10.1895... Brother FCHILLS appointed
rep. to District Synod.  [Ref. The Advocate, 2.11.1895] Studied to be a
minister but gave it up when he found he couldn't balance a cup of tea on his
knee! Wise's directory: 1901 farmer Ngaere, 1905 farmer Opotiki & Stratford,
1910 farmer & carter Tahuna, 1924 farmer Paengaroa, 1927-41 contractor
Tauranga.  He died at Tokanui Hospital.  
Frederick Charles HILLS 1864-1942.
 His gravestone.

 Their children 8582 Leslie, 8583 Fred, 8581 Lillian.

Frederick Charles HILLS 1864-1942 with his grandchildren.
When Doreen and Heather were young, and he was contracting in the Apata area 
near Tauranga, he often stayed a day or two at their home in Te Puna.  As 
Heather recalls, he was a kindly old gentleman.  He had the thick curly white 
hair & he would sit on a step and let the girls play at 'doing it' with water 
dripping off his face & all.  He was a bit forgetful by then and when helping 
'young Fred' with mending fences etc. he would hide his tools in a hedge and 
when he couldn't find them again he would blame those young (named) boys for 
stealing them. (Local teenagers who never harmed anyone.) If things are
lost or missing around here, that phrase has slipped (jokingly) into our
family use.  Also one fine moonlight night he decided to 'help' young Fred to
milk the cows, so he rode over on his old horse, Dolly, and my dad woke to hear
a commotion going on at about 2 a.m. and went out to investigate and found his
father trying to herd the cows and the bull into the yard. Order was restored
and he was brought back to bed for the rest of the night.  - Heather PUCKEY.

m 25.12.1895 Kaponga folio 3262 sp-Lucy May HOLLARD (29.10.1876 Lower
Hutt-15.2.1968 Norfolk Private Hospital, Tauranga.) Usual place of residence
was 77 13th Avenue, Tauranga.  She was the 3rd child of Eli & Sarah
HOLLARD. The family moved to the Kaponga area in Taranaki where they had land
on Maraia Rd. For information on the HOLLARD tree, write Mrs Pat IRELAND, 45
George St, Levin 5500 ph 06 368 9899 (in 1995) or contact Noel YOUNG 85842. He
has her b and d certificates.  

8581  4-Lillian May HILLS (18.10.1896-1988? Auckland/Kaponga)
Lillian with her husband Birkett MOSSOP.

m1 sp-Birkett MOSSOP (c1888 Cumberland,N England-1956 Tauranga aged 68) In 1937
they established Tarnhowe Jersey Stud farm at Wahuroa (Waharoa?) & became well
known for the quality of their animals. Queen Elizabeth bought a prize bull
from them. After he died she carried on the farm with her 2nd son Anthony as
stud manager. They held annual sales 1949-72 winning 76 Championships etc. For
many years they held the record for the highest priced Merit Sire: Big Fellow
Blue Sam at 1500 gns to TIPPETT of Taranaki. They sold the yearling bull
Stargold to Japan at 900 gn, the highest export price for many years. Family
sickness brought about the sale of the Stud in 1974. She retired to Whangarei.

85811  5-Robert Birkett MOSSOP (24.11.1920 Ngaruawahia)

m 3.5.1947 Gospel Chapel, Te Puke sp-Esther Nelly HOWELL (11.9.1918 Palmerston
*2000: 17 Tarrangower St, Taumarunui ph 07 896 8955
5 children, names withheld pending permission.

85812  5-Brenda May MOSSOP (-c1960 Kerikeri?) 
Brenda in nurse's uniform.

85813 5-`Tony' Anthony Birkett MOSSOP When his parents' farm was sold in
1974 he moved to Kerikeri where he established a stud farm of his own,
* `Tarnhowe Jersey Ltd' Springbank Rd, RD3 Kerikeri.

85814  5-Norma Lillian MOSSOP She has family photos.

m 15.3.1951 Matamata sp-Ian Cameron HARRIS Dairy farmers E of Whangarei.
*2000: RD 5, Whangarei. Parkes Rd, Whareora, Whangarei ph 09 437 5629
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

[85814-Lillian May HILLS (18.10.1896)]:
m2 Mt Maunganui? sp-Bill CARRUTHERS (-c1989)
Lillian, Bill and 85322 Ron HILLS.
8583 4-Frederick "Fred" William HILLS (10.9.1899 Ngaere,Taranaki-12.1.1975 Tauranga) 
He and brother "Bert" (ID 8584) did many things together. They
worked in a cheese factory & did surveying in Waikato for the Government.
When Fred went into the N.Z Perpetual Forest as a mechanic and truck driver,
Bert became Manager and Postmaster for the General Store in Putaruru. During
the Depression Fred told of many times picking up doctors, dentists,
lawyers, etc. from the cities, walking along the road as they looked for
work in the forestry.  The road over the Kaimai Range in those days was
hardly more than a dirt track He used to tell of one trip they took over to
the Bay or Plenty when a man came struggling around a corner when he heard
them coming from up the Waikato side and calling out that his car had been
stuck in a rut for nearly two days and could they please help him.  

In 1935 he bought a small piece a of rough land at Armstrong Road, Te Puna
which he proceeded to make into a dairy farm. He built the house, with some
help from younger brother Roy, and cleared gorse and scrub to make room for
pasture. To help finances he helped build other houses in the district. He
had one of the first cars in the district, and later helped to fix them for
others when needed.  He added to the homestead as necessary and was often
doing the same for others.  Electricity came to the area about 1944-45
making life just a little bit easier. Fred had been too young for call-up
for W.W. I and too old for W.W. II so he was in the local Home Guard.  He
was also asked to allow a small group of American soldiers 'camp' in one of
our farm sheds, under to care of a Corporal Williams.  They mostly kept to
themselves, but were supplied with fresh farm milk and eggs.

Hay(stack)-making time in the country was almost a social event.  The men and
any sons old enough, would work from farm to farm a day or two as necessary,
with various equipment and horses used freely wherever needed.  The
womenfolk at the farm being worked, were busy in the kitchen making drinks,
scones etc to take to the field and mountains of salad stuffs for the hungry
men at noon.  It was hectic, but mostly a happy time for all.  Things
changed after the invention of the baler.  About 1951 he added poultry
farming to his 'trades.' Apart from selling crated eggs to the Egg Marketing
Co. he had many private houses he delivered to around Tauranga.  If the
ladies had to go out on Wednesday, the door was left unlocked and they would
leave a bowl and money on the bench for him. Sometimes he would have to give
change.  They trusted him and he trusted them.  How times have changed!
That kept up till he retired from the farm in December 1960 and moved into
Tauranga.  Over these years Fred and Aileen made several trips to Norfolk
Island to stay with Beryl and Frank and their family.  Also helped Doreen
and David on their farm and helped Conley to build the house at Te Puke and
other jobs where he could. - Heather PUCKEY.

On a rocking horse aged about 3.
The NZ Perpetual Forest trucks driven and serviced by him at Tokoroa 
during the Great Depression.

m1 1928  sp-May BENTON (Auckland? - 12/12/1928 Putaruru)
 A wedding photo: 
his parents are left rear, her parents are right rear.
And another.

85831  5-Beryl Maisie HILLS (16.10.1928 Putaruru)
 Feb. 1933.
 On her wedding day.

m 4.2.1948  sp-Frank Noel BOWMAN (26.4.1928 Waikato) Market
 gardner, builder and beekeeper.In 1992 they lived at 6 Manhire Rd, Wyee, NSW
 A wedding photo with Beryl.
 Beryl, Frank and children.
*2000: 688 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong, NSW, Australia ph 0061 2 4977 1663
 Wyee and Cooranbong are N of Sydney near Lake McQuarrie.
7 children, names withheld pending permission.

[8583  4-Frederick "Fred" William HILLS (10.9.1899-1975)]:

m2 28.2.1931 Warkworth Methodist Church sp-(Beatrice) Aileen MCCORKINDALE 
(28.4.1910 South Island-20.12.1986 Te Puke) Married by Rev Reginald GRICE. 
Heather 85833 has the marriage certificate.
Going to their wedding reception at the Warkworth Hotel. 
 Later in life.

 Daughters 85833 Heather,85831 Beryl,85832 Nancy with her 1946/7.
And one of them later in 1965.
And one of her sent me by Ron 2002.
 Her parents lived at Blacks Point near Westport.
Born at Blacks Point near Reefton, West Coast South
Island.  (Her maternal grandmother was the district midwife.) Because
of her father's health they moved to the North Island when she was
about 11, finally moving to a farm at Warkworth.  When her father died
and her older brother was able to help her mother on the farm, she
went 'into service.'  After a little while with the town doctor and
his wife, she went to work for the town draper and his wife and
family, where she was the house-keeper in every sense of the word.
Getting the 3 children ready for school, total care of the baby,
giving the children lunch at home, then with the baby in the pram,
taking the parent's lunch down to the town for them.  In August 1930,
she went to her cousin's wedding (Margaret Pryor) and met Fred Hills
who was best man for his brother Bert.  Fred and Aileen were married
on 28 February 1931, and they were able to get Beryl back from being
in the care of aunties and grandmothers.  He was a very caring man and
having lost his first wife when Beryl was born, he would not let
Aileen go through childbirth with less that the best professional care
possible so made plans to drive through to Matamata Hospital.  After
Doreen and Heather were born they moved to the farm in Te Puna,
Tauranga.  Starting around 1945 she was asked to care for a friend's
baby while another was having health problems, and so began about 10
years of unofficial fostering of over 20 babies/children for friends
and acquaintances, and that doesn't count the number of times that
many came back for times when mothers were ill or another baby was due
etc.  So Doreen and Heather got their 'mothering skills' in their
teens.  Aileen and Fred also cared for Fred's mother (Lucy 858 4.m)
for about 2 years, when she could no longer look after herself until
Aaileen's mother had a stroke and needed her care.  Lucy was put into
an old peoples home before finally going to Norfolk Hospital.  When
Fred died, she moved to live in a cottage near Heather and Conley,
(Con's mother lived in a similar one close by) where she was able to
help them, and went from time to time to stay with Doreen and David to
help them.  Also travelled to Australia 2 or 3 times to be with Beryl,
Frank and family. - Heather PUCKEY.

85832  5-(Nancy) Doreen HILLS (22.1.1934 Matamata Hospital)
Worked in the office of a major hardware store in Tauranga till her marriage.
Here is a photo of her and her sister 85833 
Heather Jan. 1953.

m 25.5.1959 Tauranga sp-David Hugh Vincent GOLDSTONE (1.7.1936 Te Kopuru, near
Dargaville) Owned and ran a dairy and poultry farm at
Omokoroa for many years, where they still live, but now run dry stock
and also do haymaking contracting.  Over the past 15 years or so, they
have had a number of winter holidays in various Pacific Islands and
Australia.  (Omokoroa and Whakamarama are both districts N of Tauranga
near Te Puna where Doreen and Heather grew up.) -Heather PUCKEY.
*2000: 423 Omokoroa Rd, Whakamarama, RD, Tauranga ph 07 548 0814
Whakamarama & Omokoroa are N of Tauranga near Te Puna where Doreen and Heather
grew up.
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85833  5-Heather Mavis HILLS (24.4.1935 Matamata Hospital)
Worked in the office of the Vauxhall/Bedford/Chevrolet Dealer in
Tauranga as cashier, typist and pay clerk both before and after
marriage.  Later when the girls were at school, in the Trust Account
dept. for a group of Solicitors in Tauranga , then as sole charge in
the office of a panel-beating business.  Much later still, had four
years in the office of a Travel Agent in Te Puke.  Also set-up a
bookkeeping system for the family quarrying business.  All these were
done by hand with just the help of an adding machine.  Went to Norfolk
Island when Raewyn was 3 months old, with parents and maternal
grandmother, to have a short visit with Beryl and Frank and family.
Been to Australia, once with mother to stay with, and travel around
with Beryl and Frank, and once with Alison to 'stop-over' with relations in 
Sydney en route to Adelaide to stay with an old friend.She has many family 
photos she lent to RH.
858 FC HILLS with his grandchildren Heather, 85832 Doreen 
and 85831 Beryl on his horse Dolly.
Heather with sister 85832 Doreen GOLDSTONE, mother 8583-sp Aileen HILLS, 
and sister 85831 Beryl BOWMAN. 

m 11.2.1957  sp-`Conley' Connolly James PUCKEY (6.6.1935 Kaitaia)
Being the younger son of his father's second marriage, he is one
`generation' nearer to the early European settlers in N.Z. than most
of us in this age group.  His great-grandfather (See Dictionary of
N.Z. Biography published in 1940, William Gilbert PUCKEY 1805 - 1878 missionary
also refer to N.Z. Herald 21st July 1884.  And again in the book
"Matthews of Kaitaia" published in N.Z. by A.H and A.W. Reed about
1940.  Was supposed to have been "MATTHEWS and PUCKEY of Kaitaia but
Con's father was too ill at the time to contribute.)  Con was involved
in building, and then in car maintenance before taking up heavy
industrial engineering in Tauranga.  He has also done light industrial
engineering, specialising in the design and manufacture of dust
extractors in kiwifruit packhouses.  After finding the large deposit
of andesite rock in the hills at the back of Te Puke, he sold the
smaller one nearer Tauranga.  Andesite is a fine-grained volcanic rock
suitable for crushing for road sealing and concrete etc.  This
particular deposit has the added, unique attraction of being in a
'plate-like' formation which lends itself for decorative use for
fireplaces, garden walls etc.  The colours vary through the 'Autumn'
range and sometimes steel blue, with mineral markings that make it
very attractive. 
 A wedding photo.

 Another wedding photo with Best Man Terry PUCKEY, flower girl Melba BOWMAN,
bridesmaids Barbara MCCORKINDALE and 85832 Doreen HILLS.
 Heather and Conley with grandchildren 
8583312 Kendall at 8 days and 8583311 Rachel at 2 years 3 months.

 Heather and Conley Feb. 1982 at their 25th wedding anniversary. 

And a colour shot of the 2, Feb. 1997.
 2000: Box 251, Te Puke 3071 ph 07 573 9763 email c/ Alison 
Residential address 1254 No. 3 Road.  
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

8584 4-Albert Bert' Edward HILLS (15.2.1901 Stratford-13.7.1943 Tauranga)
During the Depression employed by the NZ Perpetual Forests (now the Forestry
Service) as a Store Manager, but his health deteriorated.

m 6.8.1930  sp-Margaret PRYOR (3.4.1909 Blacks Point, near Reefton-28.12.1999
Masonic Village, Auckland)
Born in a small mining settlement, 5th child of Joseph and Grace nee WEARNE.
Educated there, Ohakune and Wellington Technical College. Her family moved
to near Ohakune at the end of WW1. Boarded with her mother's sisters in
Wellington and Tauranga, where she met her husband. A widow at the age of 32,
she reared her family there until buying a house in Mt Eden, Auckland in 1948
where there strong Methodist background continued. In the late 1950s she
worked for Yates Seed Co and Farmers Trading Co. She maintained a large veg.
garden, many fruit treess, and extensive flowerbeds.
 She remarried Fred SCOTT (-Auckland) at the Masonic Village, Auckland,
 a widower, living in his home at Dornwell Rd, Mt Roskill for 15 years until
he died. She moved back to Tauranga, then moved to the Roskill Masonic Village
dying peacefully at age 90. Her funeral was at Henderson conducted by 
her son-in-law Rev. W GUST.

 A wedding photo. L to R: 8588 Olive HILLS, 8583 Frederick HILLS, 
flower girl 85851 Hazel HARDWICK.
85841  5-Gordon Albert HILLS (18.6.1931 Matamata) Bp. 25.2.1934 at

m 17.6.1961 Otahuhu sp-Lois June ALLEY (22.6.1935 Waiuku)
*2000: Palmerston North
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

85842  5-Shirley Margaret HILLS (17.9.1933 Matamata)

m 1.2.1958  sp-Noel Harry YOUNG (2.5.1934 Auckland) Genealogists. They 
 have material from the Methodist archives, Christchurch, on the HILLS family. 
 Retired bookseller, having worked for Oxford University Press in Auckland.
 He also donates his services to the Trade Aid shops.
 At their wedding.
 2000: 60 Hobsonville Road, West Harbour, Waitakere City 1008, New Zealand
   Tel: + 64-(0)9-416 8534 noel.young"att"
4 children, names included with permission.

85842 1  6-Stephen John YOUNG (26.1.1959 Auckland)
m 26.9.1981 Auckland sp-Margaret Pauline DRANE

85842 12  7-Barnabas Stephen Joel YOUNG (19)
85842 13  7-Josiah Samuel Isaac YOUNG (19)

85842 2  6-Kenneth Gordon YOUNG (28.11.1960 Auckland)
85842 3  6-Andrew YOUNG (28.11.1960 Auckland-28.11.1960 Auckland)

85842 4  6-Bronwen Margaret YOUNG (28.1.1965 Waitakere City)
m 27.5.1989  sp-Richard Grant MCCURRAN

85842 41  7-Michael Grant MCCURRAN (15.7.1991 Melbourne)
85842 42  7-Andrew Peter MCCURRAN (21.6.1993 Waitakere City)

85843  5-Beverly Grace HILLS (26.10.1938)

m 15.10.1960 Auckland sp-Rev. Warwick GUST (24.3.1937 Palmerston North) At 
their wedding breakfast a wit made the speech "Even though the HILLS were made
of CLAY, they were blown over by a GUST!"

Beverly with 85851 Gordon and 85842 Shirley HILLS.
Beverly with her husband Warwick at their wedding.

 Another at their wedding. Who are the others?
 2000: 23 Pisces Rd, Glen Eden, Waitakere City ph 09 818 7811
5 children, names withheld pending permission.
 Here is a photo of her.

And another.

And a wedding photo with her husband, 8587 Ivy and 8588 Olive.

m 15.3.1926  sp-William HARDWICK (-1961) He was in charge of spare parts
for a Ford motor dealer in Tauranga.

85851  5-Hazel Mary HARDWICK (26.2.1927)
Here is a photo of her, with her grandmother 
858-sp Lucy HILLS, and her parents Daisy and William.
 2000: living with Hazel? in Waikato

m  sp-Donald Winton NICHOLSON Divorced by 1980.
She was living at Unit 1, 303 Waihi Road, Tauranga
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85852  5-Dawn May HARDWICK (19.1.1930) 
*2000: living with Hazel in Waikato

m  sp-Clifford Thomas WOOD (-dc1977 Tauranga)
1 child, names withheld pending permission.

85853  5-David William HARDWICK (11.11.1939)

m 1959  sp-Betsy Lorraine GRESHAM
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

8586 4-(Edgar) Roy HILLS (12.10.1907 Putaruru-15.7.1990 Manukau City) Builder,
retired at Howick.  
Here is a photo of him and his wife.

m 2.2.1935  sp-Evelyn "Eva" Isobel SIMPSON (.-d 1997/1998)
In 1993 they lived at 49B Mcleans Rd, Bucklands Beach, Auckland.

85861  5-Evelyn Joy HILLS (1936- .8.1998) single.

85862  5-Gwenyth Winsome HILLS (18.7.1938 Tauranga?- .4.1998 Auckland)

m sp-Kerry TAYLOR Her 1st cousin. He was a Methodist minister.
Here is a photo of Gwenyth and Kerry.
 2000: 65 Uxbridge Rd, Howick, Auckland 1705. Tel. 09 534 5276
5 children, names withheld pending permission.

8587  4-Ivy Ann HILLS (15.4.1909 Tahuna-13.10.1993 Andover,Hampshire) Nurse.

m 28.10.1959 NZ sp-Walter Edwin PEARCE (England) They went to England 1937.

Here is a photo of them in 1968.  
  Their children hold degrees in History, Psychology, Maths, Physics,
  Landscape Architecture & Medicine.
 * 1989: 5 Whiteway Close, Burton, Christchurch, Dorset
 * 1993: 2 Dances Close, Andover, Hampshire

85871  5-Patricia Winifred PEARCE (9.12.1935 OR 19.12.1930 NZ)

 A photo of Pat at Jennie's wedding. 
m .4.1945  sp-John LAWES 
A photo of John at Jennie's wedding. 

85871 1  6-Christopher John LAWES (1956)

85871 2  6-Anne Jennifer LAWES (8.4.1958 NZ)
m 23/7/1977  Methodist Chapel, Batheaston, Bath Somerset sp-David Michael SMITH
 (30/10/1953) warbstowbury"att" -1st contact via genesreunited 
 4.2.2007. They met at Bath University. Both are Physics graduates and 
qualified teachers from Bath University (1980).
David is head of science at Camelford, Sir James Smith's School, Cornwall.

This Christmas photo  shows Anne, Andrew (Jennie's husband), & their children 
Jennie, Zoe, Michael. 

85871 21  7-Jennifer Rachael SMITH 2/7/1981 Dorchester Dorset
m 24.6.2006 sp-Andrew BURGESS 

A photo of Jennifer & Andrew cutting their wedding cake. 

85871 22  7-Michael John SMITH 3/12/1983 Weymouth Dorset
85871 23  7-Zoe Elizabeth SMITH 25/7/1985 Weymouth Dorset

85871 3  6-Elizabeth Patricia LAWES (.5.1961)

85872 5-Dr Peter Edwin PEARCE (10.3.1934) Twin. Trained as MD at Guys
Hospital, London. He had medical practice 1980 in Christchurch, Dorset. Now

m 1960 Christchurch,Dorset sp-Joan GLANVILLE
*1993: ph 02 02 4824300  The Spinney, Martins Hill Lane, Burton 
  (near Christchurch & Bournemouth on S coast)
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85873 5-Dr Walter Brian PEARCE (10.3.1934) Twin. Trained as MD at Guys
Hospital, London. Had a medical practice in Swindon in 1980.

m 24.5.1960 Swindon,Wiltshire sp-Margaret Judith MARSH
*1993: 0793 721218/surgery 692933 Westhill House,Blumsdon?,Swindon SM2 4BN 
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85874  5-(April) Jennifer PEARCE (2.4.1938) single
Here is a photo of her.

8588  4-Lieutenant Olive HILLS (13.10.1913 Tauhei,Waikato) Nurse & 
officer in a nursing regiment in WW2. Lived in Durban,Natal,South Africa for 
two years during WW2. Met her husband on the hosital ship Oranje. He was a 
ships engineer and they were not permitted to serve in the same ship.

Here is a photo of her.

And another in uniform.
 112 Rosier Rd or 112 Prospect Rd ? (Box 20133) Glen Eden, Auckland

m 3.10.1943 sp-Peter Henry HARVIK (-d Thames or Auckland) Dutch descent.

85881  5-Caralyn May Christena HARVIK (24.8.1947)

m 24.8.1974  sp-John Frederick SHORTER
*2000: 112A Rosier Rd, Glen Eden, Auckland 09 818 3755

85882  5-Pamela Gayle HARVIK (4.7.1950)

m 25.5.1977  sp-Gary John GOULD
*2000: Auckland

859 3-Walter Edmond HILLS (12.1.1866 Kaiapoi folio 654) Eltham Cemetery
Transcription No. 391 Walter Edward HILLS d.13 Nov 1932 aged 66. -ex RJ. Sunday
School Superintendent at Midhurst. Lived mainly at Taranaki, having moved their
with his parents when he was about 10. In 31.5.1899 he & his young family moved
S to N Canterbury where he took up a farming block at Cheviot not far away from
his brother William. The farm was 292 acres, where State Highway 1 now goes
1.5m N of Domett. c1901 a severe earthquake shook Cheviot doing lots of
damage. His wife was so frightened they gave up the farm and moved back to
Taranaki on 12.8.1902. He was a contractor for some years before farming again
at Eltham. RJ has sent me a copy of a bill from WE HILLS metal contractor of
Templer St, Eltham; but the date looks like 1.3.1962. RJ also sent info on "WE
HILLS late of HILLS & FINN, firewood & coal merchants, advt Col F p4 2.1.1904
EA; 23.4.1904 p2 Col DEA on Highschool Committee; 1.11.1904 p2 Col E In
Volunteer Police Fire Corps; 4.1.1905 p4 Col C: coal & firewood, High St,
Eltham - advt; 1.7.1905 p3 Col E advt for firewood; 1906 same; 2.1.1907 p3
col. G advt. woodyard. - RJ.  1917 Alphabetical Directory p1462: HILLS Wltr
Edmd, carater, Elthm. 
Here is a photo of him. 

 And one with his family: Walter, -3 Winifred, -1 Stanley, -2 Alice, 
-sp Blanche.
 familysearch ID LHM3-6DM.

m 1894 Kaiapoi folio 2877  sp-Blanche Mary EDMONDS of Kaiapoi. Eltham Cemetery
Transcription No. 390 Blanch Mary HILLS d.31 May 1944 aged 78. -ex RJ.

8591 4-Edna Goodworth HILLS b 1895 NZ d1896 NZ   familysearch ID LHM3-XJH 

8592 4-Harry Chaplin HILLS b 1897 Otakeho, Taranaki d by 1938  
 familysearch ID 99MX-JKD 

8593 4-Stanley Walter HILLS (9.4.1897 Eltham-20.12.1981 Te Aroha) Began Eltham
School 1902-1906: School Rolls Index ex RJ. He spent most of his working life
with the Post Office, 1.11.1910-30.9.1952. During this time he was Postmaster
at Waihi, Patea, Whakatane & Hawera. Retired to Te Aroha where he worked as an
accountant for 12 years for a firm of solicitors. He left work to look after
his wife when she became ill. She died a few months later. Greatly involved
with the Senior Citizens Assocn & worked towards raising funds for a hall &
library in Te Aroha. This was his pride & joy. He was rightly proud of it - a
beautiful hall & an asset to the district.  

 Here is a studio photo of him c1922 by Eltham photographer
ND CONNELL given to me by RJ of Eltham in 2001.
Here is a photo of him at his 80th birthday.

 Here is a photo of him with 85322 Ron HILLS at Te Aroha in 1980.

m 26.7.1926 sp-Ida Florence M STEWART (-1982 Te Aroha) 
8595 4-Winifred Donald HILLS (30.11.1899 Cheviot-10.8.1981 Hawera)
Began Eltham School in 1904: School Rolls Index ex RJ.

m 4.1.1924  sp-James Phillip MARTIN (c1905 Liverpool,England-c1952 New
Plymouth) His family arrived in Petone from Liverpool in 1909.
They lived at Finnerty Rd, Stratford on a farm they bought after WW1.
All their 6 children were born at Stratford or Eltham. (RJ found no
reference to them being born in Eltham.) Is he Phillip Senior?
The 1949 Egmont General Roll lists him as a farmer at Finnerty Rd, Ngaere
& his wife as Winnie Donald MARTIN married. The Ngaere Co-operative Dairy
Factory Ltd Diamond Jubilee book for 1893-1953 p36 lists him as a director
for 1934-1946. His 6 children & the 4 children of his son Phillip all appear
in the Finnerty Road School Rolls Index. - RJ.

85951  5-Shirley Jean MARTIN (23.10.1924 Stratford/Eltham)
 In 1981 living at 30 Manuka St, Matamata.
*2000: 84B Tawari St, Matamata ph 07 888 7927

m 26.6.1948  sp-James William WALLACE (Stratford? 1921) Divorced.
 They lived on a farm in Stratford on the corner of Hastings Rd & the
 Stratford-Opunake Rd.
*2000: A rest home in Mt Maunganui.
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

m2 3.1.1998 Rotorua sp-Laurelle GENET (By her 1st marriage she has
 Rebekah GENET b1978 and Oliver GENET b1983.)

85951 3  6-Juliet Shirley WALLACE (22.8.1955)

m 23.2.1974 Matamata sp-Kevin John MCALLISTER
*2000: 440 Cambridge R, Te Awamutu ph 07 871 3950

85951 31  7-Stephen B MCALLISTER (17.2.1978)

85951 4  6-Ross William WALLACE (2.1.1963) Motor
 mechanic tutor at Hutt Valley Polytech.
m 5.4.1988 Rotorua sp-Carolyn Merril AIKEN (3.4.1965 Rotorua)
*2000: 5 Vista Cr, Maoribank, Upper Hutt

85951 41  7-Laura Mae WALLACE (29.4.1994 Lower Hutt) 
85951 42  7-Anna Carolyn WALLACE (3.3.1996 Lower Hutt) 
85951 43  7-Caitlin Olivia Sandra WALLACE (31.8.1999 Lower Hutt)
85952  5-Ngaere Joan MARTIN (20.10.1925 Stratford/Eltham) A photo of
"Ngaire" & her sister Shirley & brother Phil in the Finnerty School Bible
Class c1944 appears in "The Ngaere Story - Ngaere Centennial 1882-1982". - RJ.

m 17.8.1946  sp-Ian Dawson MACKAY Worked for Post & Tel. Retired.
*2000: 277 South Road, Hawera ph 06 278 5781
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85953  5-Patricia Thelma MARTIN (18.7.1929 Stratford/Eltham)

m 1.3.1952  sp-Gordon Allen BURTON Retired farmer. They have a
 lifestyle block. They were at Karapiro Rd, RD4 Cambridge.
*2000: Whitehall Rd, Cambridge ph 07 827 8762
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85954  5-Phillip George MARTIN (12.10.1933 Stratford,New Zealand) Farmed
Finnerty Rd, Hawera. Director of Kiwi Dairy Company until 1993. After
retiring they moved to Oamaru with Darryl. Michelle followed in 1995 then
Russell in 1999. See p81 of "The Ngaere Story - Ngaere Centennial 1882-1982"
for his reminiscences (or are these of Phillip Senior?). - RJ.

m 10.5.19..  sp-(Mavis) Edith CHARTERIS (30.7.1935 Timaru,New Zealand) She
 was a florist in Hawera. They had the family farm at 1 Finnerty Rd, RD2
 Stratford where their 4 children were born.
*2000: Simpson Rd, RD 4H, Oamaru ph 03 431 3667
NOTE James CHARTERIS JamesLindaKHW"att" (father from Kidderminster and his
father b 1901 at Dalry, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland) is searching CHARTERIS.
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

85955  5-Geoffrey Walter MARTIN (5.10.1935 Stratford/Eltham)

m .2.1961 Stratford sp-Nancy Joan VOLZKE (Stratford) c1983 living at
 Whangarei Heads. They own the Bed Shop in Whangarei.
 Should this be The Bed & Linen Factory, 183 Dent St ph 09 430 0130
 fax 430 0304, OR The Bed Factory, ph 09 437 5982?
*2001-8: 1 Weir Cresc., Onerahi, Whangarei ph 09 346 2946
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

85956  5-(Dorothy) Jill MARTIN (26.11.1937 Stratford/Eltham)
 No issue. Legal personal assistant. She has done the MARTIN family tree.
*2000: 66 Premier Ave, Point Chevalier, Auckland ph 09 846 9033

m 16.3.1967  sp-Keith Richard KITCHEN (-c1978 Auckland)

8596 4-"Charlie" Charles Edwin HILLS (16.9.1904-16.10.1970 Eltham) Began
Eltham School in 1909: School Rolls Index ex RJ. Listed as truck driver of
21 Castle St, Eltham on p111 of the Egmont General Roll - but for what year?
- ex RJ. 

 Here is a photo of him with 2 of his brothers c1916.
Here is a photo of him with his wife and children c1964: 
Charlie, -2 Robert, -1 Betty, -3 Jennifer, -sp Doris.
His parents lived on the SW corner of Mills & Moir Sts, next to Henry TURNER; 
Charlie worked for the Eltham County Council. - RJ. Taranaki Crematorium 
Ref 2125 in the New Plymouth Public Library - NY.
m 18.6.1949 Beckenham Methodist,Christchurch sp-Doris Margaret KING d 15.7.2004
 Christchurch Hospital. #2000: Eltham. #2001: Hamilton. Obituary 16.7.04 ex RH:
HILLS Doris Margaret - On July 15th 2004 at Christchurch Hospital, peacefully 
after a short illness, aged 84 years. Wife of the late Charlie, mother of 
Betty, Robert, Linda and Jennifer. Funeral Service, at Spreydon Baptist Church,
Lyttelton St. on Wednesday 21 at 1-30 PM. Messages to 337 Lyttelton St Chch 

85961  5-Betty Joy HILLS (20.12.1950)

Here is a photo of Betty with sister Jennifer and mother Doris.
 1979: Palmerston N

85962  5-Robert Alexander HILLS (23.1.1953) Worked at Alcatel, Lower Hutt. 
Now at Switchtec, Christchurch.

m 6.12.1975 Spreydon Baptist,Christchurch sp-Linda Betty WARRINGTON

 Here is a photo from their wedding.
 2000: 337 Lyttleton St, Spreydon, Christchurch ph 03 338 6329
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

85963  5-Jennifer Mary HILLS (4.1.1957) 6 years at Otago
  University. In 1979 Director at Wellington Hospital. Not known there 1994.

Here is a photo of her with sister Betty and mother Doris.

8597 4-(Gordon) Jack HILLS (27.7.1906) Began Eltham School in 1911: School
Rolls Index ex RJ. He and his wife are listed as truck driver & married of
Finnerty Rd, Lowgarth on p111 of the Egmont General Roll - but for what
year? - ex RJ. 
 With 2 of his brothers c1916.
 With his wife.
 And another.

m sp-Grace Agnes PINNEY (7.12.1915) Daughter of L PINNEY of King Edward St,
Eltham (PINNEY Bros.) Cousin to Henry TURNER. She died 18 months after Jack.
Grace & Jack 1st lived on the Cheal Rd at Ngaere, then moved to Toko at the
bottom of Sangsters Hill. 

85971  5-John Gifford/Clifford HILLS (2.5.1940) 

m 12.6.1982  sp-Shirley MARSHALL In 1980 at 4 Beacon Rd,
  Stratford and in 1983 at Radnor Rd, RD 24, Midhirst, Stratford ph 0663-28800
*2000: Try JG, 630 Lincoln Rd, Inglewood, New Plymouth ph 06 756 6629
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85972  5-(Malcolm) Larry HILLS (9.10.1941) Farmed his uncle
 Jack's farm.

m 3.7.1971 Rangiora sp-Leith Margaret OLDMAN They lived at East Rd, RD20
 Stratford on main highway, Toko (10km E of Stratford).
*2000: Main North Rd, Urenui, New Plymouth ph 06 752 3302
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85973  5-Mary Lorraine HILLS (28.7.1945)
* 1981: Matuhinia Rd, Te Puna RD2 Tauranga.
m 12.3.1967  sp-Terrance Clive HOLLARD
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85974  5-Robyn Grace HILLS (14.4.1947) Secondary school teacher.

m 1983   sp-Ian JOBLIN Mangere. There are many JOBLIN in Eltham on farms on
the Lower Stuart Rd; owns the farms opposite; next door to WATSON - RJ.

8598  4-"Bill" William Edmond HILLS (9.12.1908-1954) dsp.

Here is a photo of him in army uniform.
And an early photo of him with 2 of his brothers c1916.

m  sp-Joan COLEMAN This was her 2nd marriage. They lived at Eltham. He built
his house on Clifford Rd, owned by Mrs COCKER in 2001.-RJ.

85(10) 3-James Austen HILLS (29.9.1867 Kaiapoi folio 810-30.9.1888 folio 1637)
Killed when a tree fell on him in the bush. Buried in Plot 70 of 
the Stratford Pioneer Cemetery. The plaque reads In Memory of Those Buried Here. The photo is by Noel YOUNG.
under 8. HILLS CLUES below for location.  

Here is a photo of him.

85(11)  3-George Clay HILLS (20.9.1868 Kaiapoi folio 799, chr Methodist 
Church-20.2.1869) Kaiapoi Angican Church records: "buried at home".
Death appears not to have been registered. -RH  

85(12)  3-Mary Elizabeth HILLS (17.10.1869 Kaiapoi folio 833-1948)
 Here is a photo of her c1890.

m 10.8.1900 folio 3045 sp-James Sinclair RAE Lived at Stratford then Opouriao
 Valley S of Taneatua near Whakatane with other early settlers. Wise's 
 directory: 1901 manager cheese factory, Auroa; 1905 farmer, Opotiki; 
 1916-41 farmer, Taneatua.
 Here is a photo of their 5 children c1980.
Here is a photo Mary, James and family.

85(12)1  4-Mary Elizabeth RAE (.9.1901-7.12.1986)

Here is a photo of her just walking.
And another of her.

m 1925  sp-Thomas CROFT 

Here is a wedding photo of Thomas with Mary.

85(12)11  5-Jessie Isobel CROFT (29.8.1926)
m 1948  sp-Wilfred MACDONALD
5 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(12)12  5-Thomas Rae CROFT (23.12.1927)
m 8.6.1955  sp-Dorothy MARTIN
8 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(12)13  5-Betty Mavis CROFT (6.5.1932)
m 4.6.1960  sp-Gerald MARTINOVITCH
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(12)14  5-Robert Stanley CROFT (17.4.1939)
m  sp-Doreen WIGGINS
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(12)2  4-Edna Alice RAE (1903)

m  sp-Maxwell EWART d 13.6.1989
Here is a photo of them c1980 with 85322 Ron HILLS.
 Here is a wedding photo of them.

85(12)21  5-Alison Mary EWART (17.3.1941)
m 17.4.1965  sp-Robert Lane CHAPPELL
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(12)3  4-James "Jim" Edward RAE (6.10.1905)

Here is a photo of him about 4.
Dairy farmer at Edgecumbe near Whakatane.
m sp-Edith (nee McLEOD) WOOD a widow with children when married.

85(12)4  4-John `Jack' Morris RAE (1.2.1909-9.2.1986)
 Dairy farmer at Edgecumbe near Whakatane.
m sp-Sandy widow with children

85(12)5 4-Myrtle Olive RAE (18.3.1913) Single. Living c1980 at 16 White Horse
Drive, Mokorua, Whakatane. She has a small round table made by 8(11)1 given to
85(15) Florence painted with pansies with poker work. For her photo see under
85(12) above.  

Here is a photo of 85(14)5 Walter HALE, 85(12)5 Myrtle RAE, 
85(13)1 George CORBETT, c1916.
 2000: 30 Manuka St, Matamata 

?85(13)  3-Alice HILLS Said to have died aged 2 but not found by Registrar of
bdm - LB.

85(13)  3-Emily Bertha HILLS (1.12.1872 Kaiapoi folio 935 -before 1979)
  Widow for many years. Farmed at Hurleyville between Hawera & Patea.
Here is a photo of her with sister Mary 85(12).
 For another photo see under 85(12) above.
m 1911 folio 5894  sp-Seymour George CORBETT "Uncle Sim". 
Wise's PO Directories 1916-39 farmer, Hurleyville.

85(13)1 4-George Seymour CORBETT (1912 June quarter folio 2043 -1987) Farmer;
lived at Patea.  Wise's PO Directories 1940-41 farmer, Hurleyville.  1972-83: 2
Rimutoto Rd RD 12 Hawera.  1984-5 Electoral Rolls & 1986 tel. dir: 27 Victoria
St, Hawera, farmer. 1986 Electoral Roll 173 Waihi Rd, Hawera, retired farmer.
He married a school teacher. Killed in rabbiting accident c1954. 1 child.  For
his photo see under 85(12) above.
m  sp-?  *

85(13)11 5-Seymour Geoffrey CORBETT 1972-86 Electoral Rolls or tel. dir.: 2
Rimutoto Rd, RD12, Hawera, farmer; 1988 27 Victoria St, Hawera ph 85 889; c/Roy
Perkins (his lawyer) Law Firm, Hawera ph 06 278 5520?; 108 Glover Rd 
*WAS 16 Pryce Pl,Silverdale, Hamilton ph 62 059

85(14) 3-Alice Maria HILLS (30.9.1873 Kaiapoi folio 1649-16.1.1915 Stratford)
 Here is a photo of her with sister Florence 85(15).
and another.
For a third photo see under 85(12) above. 

Here is a photo of her with her first two children Frank and Edward c1906.
m 1901 Stratford folio 4851 sp-Joseph HALE (1865 Nelson-3.10.1948 Stratford)
attended Bishops School in Nelson; a builder in Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay & Waikato
then Stratford from 1901. For the family tree of William HALE (b1789) m at
Therfield,Hertfordshire to Sarah DEVONSHIRE contact Graeme 85(14)12 below.
Here is a wedding photo of Alice and Joseph.

85(14)1 4-Edward "Ted" Thomas HALE (12.6.1904 Regan St,Stratford -18.12.1956
Waipawa) Buried in Hastings; killed building a house with brother 85(14)5
Walter; builder in Hastings - apprenticed to father. In 36th Battalion under
Sir John Marshall (later PM of NZ) in WW2 at Guadacanal & New Caledonia. Keen
vegetable gardener. Lived at 506 Lumsden Rd, Hastings.
m sp-Joyce Janet BOWIE (11.1.1910 Petone-1.4.1985 Hastings) Oldest child of
Claude Hamilton BOWIE & Marion of Petone. Worked for NZR & NZPO. After the
Napier earthquake they moved from Hutt Valley to Hastings.

85(14)11  5-Kelvin HALE (1938 Hastings-d c 15 months)

85(14)12  5-Graeme Bruce HALE (9.4.1941 Napier) Went to Hastings High.

m sp-Janice PARSONAGE (21.10.1944 Lower Hutt) daughter of Arthur George Douglas
*2000: 7 Mulberry St, Maungaraki, Lower Hutt 
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(14)13  5-Margaret Robina HALE (11.9.1945 Hastings)
*1993-2000:  Remuera, Auckland

m1  sp-Patrick MCDONALD divorced
85(14)13 1  6-Fiona MCDONALD (1969)
85(14)13 2  6-Raquel MCDONALD (1971)

[85(14)13  5-Margaret Robina HALE (11.9.1945 Hastings)]:
m2  sp-Robert HARMER divorced
*2000: Try RE 102 Chatham Rd, Hastings ph 06 879 8311

85(14)14  5-David Allan HALE (17.8.1947 Hastings)

m  sp-Fiona J They were at 817 Tamatea St, Hastings. 
*1993-2000: Taihape Rd, Okawa, near Hastings
 2005: 17 Anderson Rd,Taradale ph 06 845 0509

85(14)15  5-Dorothy Susan HALE (3.2.1951 Hastings)
*2000: Lyndon Rd, Hastings

85(14)2  4-Frank HALE (1906 Regan St,Stratford-c1984) Went to Australia 1931.

 Here is a photo of him as a baby with Ted and their mother c1906.

m  sp-Edith SIMPSON
 Coffs Harbour/Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney, NSW

85(14)3 4-(Harold) John HALE (4.12.1907 Regan St,Stratford-.9.2000 LowerHutt)
3 years in RNZAF in WW2 at Guadacanal & New Hebrides. When called up for WW2 he
had one more exam to pass. He did this from Guadacanal where he did aeroplane
maintenance as he was too old to be a pilot. "The Japs would come flying over
at night & drop a few bombs on us. The Yanks would put on movies every night
regardless. Once the bombing passed they'd finish the movie."  They were about
the last car to cross the Wanganui River in the big flood c1939, the water
going well over the wheels on the bridge. Technical teacher at Marton,
Auckland, Dargaville, Hawera, Wanganui & Palmerston N Tech Colleges. 12 years
as Postprimary Inspector 1954-65, then with Tech Correspondence Institute
1965. Then messenger at Parliament when in session 1975-84 under PM Kirk.

m 24.10.1939 Marton sp-Leila Fern PHILLIPS (28.1.1913 Pahatanui,N Wellington)
Schooled at Marton where she was an office worker for an accountant using the
huge accountancy machines of the day. She returned to that job when man-powered
in WW2. Was in Marton in WW2 for the great flood.  Life member of Horticultural
Society. On Ladies Auxiliary of Wesleyhaven resthome, Naenae for c30 years.

Here is a photo of John and Leila with Rona HILLS, wife of 85322.
They lived at 13 Hammerton St, Naenae, Lower Hutt.
 2006: Shona McFarlane RettVlg, 66 Mabey Rd, Avalon, Lower Hutt ph 04 577 1090.
 Townhouse 32, 567 0271

85(14)31 5-Philip Joseph HALE (20.5.1946 Palmerston N) He ran for the NZ
Party c1982 for Western Hutt. He was senior partner for Killea, Hale, Stagison 
& Robson in Lower Hutt. He then became a barrister & solicitor for Morrison, 
McKinlay. Golfer.

m1 1986 Thames sp-Christine DANBY divorced
* 8 Christina Grove, Normandale, Lower Hutt
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

[85(14)31  5-Philip Joseph HALE (20.5.1946)]:
*1993: 82 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington
m2 c.8.1981  sp-Frances Mary PALMER (10.3.1946) nursing, beautician, gift shop,
 BA in Psychology & Education

85(14)32 5-Michael John HALE (13.11.1947 Palmerston N) chemist; has 2 chemist

m c1970 Auckland sp-Geraldine Olive FRANKHAM (14.8.1946 Auckland)
*1993-2000: 59 Hilton Rd, Lynmore, Rotorua ph 07 345 5381
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(14)4 4-Alice Maud HALE (1909 Regan St,Stratford-28.1.1975 Stratford) She
brought up her younger brothers & sister after her mother died in
childbirth. Had a heart of gold. Got caught in Primer 3 with marbles slipping
from her bloomers pinched from Molly MALONE'S soft drink pile! (In those days
soft-drink bottles had marbles in the neck to hold in the fizz.)  

Here is a photo of Alice with her brother 85(14)5 Joseph.
Molly MALNE was a daughter of Colonel MALONE who married dad's aunt.
She has ID 38 at

m c1937 Stratford sp-Wilfred "Biff" J L NEAL (Stratford- .7.1988 Stratford)
Farmers Cooperative

85(14)41 5-Megan `Meg' Rose NEAL (8.4.1947 Stratford) Stratford High; teaches
music part-time at Stratford High

m 1971 Stratford sp-(Stanley) John MUTER (Lower Hutt) Naenae College
*2000: 1 Orsino Place, Stratford ph 06 765 5554 ; vintage cars & carparts

85(14)41 1  6-Gregory John MUTER (31.3.1976 Stratford)
85(14)41 2  6-Justine Louise MUTER (31.9.1978 Stratford)
85(14)41 3  6-Paul Neal MUTER (22.12.1980 Stratford)

85(14)42  5-(Barbara) Judy NEAL (8.3.1948) nurse & midwife

m c1981 Stratford sp-Gary BERTRAND (USA) in aero-industry. They lived in
Stratford, & are now in the USA or Canada.
1 child, names withheld pending permission.

85(14)5 4-(Joseph) Walter HALE (22.9.1910 Regan St,Stratford -.12.1999
Hastings) Retired. He was a builder in partnership with brother Ted 85(14)1.

Here is a photo of 85(14)5 or 6 Walter or Bill HALE, 85(12)5 Myrtle RAE, 
85(13)1 George CORBETT. 

m1 sp-Vesta Victoria LIDDELL (2.2.1912/3 Dunedin - 22.8.1955 Hastings)

85(14)51 5-Beverly June HALE (26.6.1937 Hastings) Teaches music; solo soprano
and pianist; directs and sings in musicals and does stage work.

m 31.8.1957 at St Mathews, Hastings sp-Harry Chote LIDINGTON/LIDDINGTON
(15.10.1932 Dannevirke) Son of Cecil LIDINGTON and Elsie Jane CHOTE. Builder 
and joiner. Mayor of Dannevirke 1977-83. He was Lockwood's agent in Dannevirke 
(and earlier in Hastings). Borough Councillor 1968-71. Deputy Mayor 1971-77.
* 1994: 2 Chamberlain Avenue, Dannevirke ph 06 374 7878
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

85(14)52 5-Noel Grant HALE (13.2.1945 Hastings) Refuse contractor. Was in
Papua New Guinea, Thailand & SE Asia; then was with the Snowy Mountain
Engineering Co. servicing machinery. Then had mobile workshops to service heavy
machinery on outback stations.

m1 Christchurch  sp-Diane STAFFORD divorced
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

[85(14)52  5-Noel Grant HALE (13.2.1945 Hastings) ]:
*1993: Tewantin, S of Brisbane
m2  sp-Alice V. (Phillipines) 

85(14)5 2  6-Paula HALE (c1986 Australia)

[85(14)5  4-(Joseph) Walter HALE (1910/11 Regan St,Stratford]:
m2 .2.1957 at Hastings sp-Margaret "Peggy" Carolyn SHARP (17.6.1925 England)
*1993-2000: 911 Ellison Rd, Hastings ph 06 878 5557

85(14)53 5-Gary Edward HALE (1.5.1958 Hastings) Hastings Boys High, worked
for Watties computer centre, then Dairy Board, then computer operations
contractor in Bray, England. Works for Labour Dept Information Services 495
4360. Triathlete
*1993: 90a Cunliffe St, Churton Park, Wellington 

85(14)54  5-Carolyn HALE (21.2.1962 Hastings) nurse
*1989: North Shore Hospital, Brisbane

85(14)6  4-Bill HALE 1913 Regan St,Stratford-28.5.1987 Stratford,buried Hawera
m .8.1987  sp-Barbara MORTLOCK (buried at Hawera)

85(14)61  5-Christopher HALE (Hawera)
* 1993: moved from 135 Waratah Drive,Marsden,Brisbane 4203 to Rotorua.
m  sp-Leah MILLS/MIDGELEY They have 3 girls? & a boy:

85(14)61 1  6- HALE
85(14)61 2  6- HALE
85(14)61 3  6- HALE
85(14)61 4  6- HALE

85(14)7  4-Grace HALE (16.1.1915 Regan St,Stratford-1960
  Linden, Tawa, Lower Hutt)
m c1948  sp-Stanley PARKER He remarried. Lived at 18 McLelland
  St, Tawa, Wellington to c 1965 then 
* Levin Servicemen's home.
*2000: Ask Levin Senior Citizens Assn ph 06 368 7783

85(14)71  5-Wendy PARKER (1953 Wellington?) No children.
 *     ANZ Bank, Auckland? OR National Bank, Cuba Mall, Wellington
m1  sp-David HONEYBEAR/CONEYBEAR -killed in car accident
m2  sp-   police  force

85(15) 3-Florence Edith HILLS (2.12.1874 Kaiapoi folio 261-1968) LB gives d
1974. Single, postmistress, lived until her death with the RAE family 85(12). 
For the table given her by 8(11)1 see 85(12)5.

86 2-Sarah Ann CLAY b 13 Nov 1834 Faversham, Kent bp 14.12.1834 Faversham,Kent; d 11.9.1914
 Familysearch ID 9JGM-S79.
  1841-51 with parents.
  1861 census staying with her eldest brother, Charles 81 and his young family.
  1868 living at Faversham. 1901 Letting Apartments in Whitstable - see below.
Her descendant Robin Harford RUSSELL has kindly sent me her d cert. She died at 32 Chaffinch Rd, Beckenham, Kent (London) aged 79 of cerebral hemorrhage 42 days, bronchitis, syncope, with her son in law Frank H RUSSELL in attendance. Widow of Thomas HARFORD, a master mariner.

m 7.5.1868 Methodist Chapel, High St, Boughton-under-Blean, Kent sp-Thomas
HARFORD (1831 Southwark, Middlesex-Mar Q 1904 Blean) familysearch ID LT54-LYQ 
  [There is another TH 1832-Sep Q 1872 St Olave, Southwark, Middlesex.]
  When married widower & son of Thomas HARFORD, hopmerchant living
at Faversham. Witnesses were her brother John CLAY & Thomas BOORMAN whose name
appears on the certificates of several other CLAY marriages so he was probably
some kind of relation.  He may have been the Thomas BOORMAN who appears in
local trade directories as a butcher in Boughton. Among the memorial
inscriptions from the chapel graveyard (to be found in the library of the
Society of Genealogists) is one commemorating Sarah, wife of Thomas BOORMAN,
who died on 5 April 1847 aged 32.
 Boughton under Blean is a village between Faversham and Canterbury mentioned 
by CHAUCER. For more see,_Kent_Genealogy#cite_note-0

  1871 census: at 49 Upper High St, Whitstable, Kent (schedule 72)
Thomas HARFORD    Head M 40    1831 Southwark, Middlesex Mariner
Sarah Ann HARFORD Wife M 36    1835 Faversham, Kent
Alice O. HARFORD Daur 6 months 1870 Whitstable, Kent 

  1874 Master mariner in the Coasting Trade when the b of 862 was registered. 
The Coasting trade for England was herring fishing & coal on the W coast of
England; eg Whitehaven to Bristol or Pembroke or Dover.
  1881 Dwelling, Oare Village [1m NW of Faversham] Oare, Kent:
Marr Age Sex Birthplace [In FS HARFORD is wrongly transcribed as HORFORD.] 
Thomas HARFORD   M 50 1831 M Southwark, Middlesex  Rel: Head Occ: Grocer
Sarah A. HARFORD M 46 1835 F Faversham, Kent  Rel: Wife
Alice O. HARFORD   10 1871 F Whitstable, Kent  Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Walter HARFORD      6 1875 M Whitstable, Kent  Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Mary A. FOREMAN  U 16  F Boughton, Kent  Rel: Serv Occ: General Dom Serv

  1891 [1891census.jpg .4 mgb ex Sue macduff"att" 10.3.2004]
94 High St, 3 Calvesley? Villas, Urban Sanitary District- Herne Bay, 
Town - Herne Bay, Civil parish of Herne,Kent, Parliamentary Divn- St Augustus,
Ecclesiastical parish - Christchurch:
Thomas HARFORD  Head M 60 1831 London Southwark Retired Mariner
Sarah A HARFORD Wife M 56 1835 Faversham, Kent
Alice O HARFORD daur S 20 1871 Whitstable, Kent 
  1901 census Civil Parish Whitstable Urban, Admin County Kent, District Blean:
 PersonID Surname Forename Age  Birth Year  Where Born  Occupation
Thomas HARFORD Head M 70 1831 London	
Sarah HARFORD  Wife M 66 1835 Faversham, Kent Letting Apartments

The Wesleyan Chapel at Boughton St, (in Boughton-under-Blean?)
 taken c1988 by Herbert HARRISON, 

 One of Boughton St (in Boughton-under-Blean?)

 One of "The Street", (Boughton St.), in Boughton Under Blean.)
Thomas has ID 1 at See there for his children Walter & Alice & her husband Frank Henry RUSSELL (1871-1961), my ggparents.

87  2-Alfred CLAY (chr 16.9.1836 Faversham, Kent)  1841 with parents.
88  2-Mary Ann CLAY (19.8.1838 Faversham, Kent)
89  2-Maria Jane CLAY (31.12.1840 Faversham, Kent)  1841 with parents.
 Death Jun Q 1846 Faversham, Kent.
8(10)  2-Susanna Wesley CLAY (19.9.1842 Faversham, Kent-buried 27.6.1853)
  1851 with parents. 
Named after Susanna WESLEY, John WESLEY's mother, as that year was the 
centenary of her death

8(11) 2-Edward Thomas CLAY (14.6.1844 Faversham, Kent-26.7.1932 buried Dunton 
Green parish church) B regd Sept Q 1844 Faversham.
Edward's childhood, which he seemed to have enjoyed, ended
abruptly when his father died.  He probably helped his mother in her shop until
he joined his brothers in Sittingbourne.  After this, he returned to work for
his brother Frederick in the butcher's shop in Preston Street.  After what I am
sure was a very thorough apprenticeship with Frederick, he set up on his own as
a butcher at 97 Abbey Street in 1868.  His mother came to live with him there
and must have given him a great deal of support.  There does not now seem to be
a No. 97 in Abbey Street (one of the most handsome and most impressively
conserved streets in the town) but it must have been more or less on part of
the site where the Phoenix Inn stands to-day.  In 1873 he moved to rather
attractive premises at No. C West Street.
  Although throughout this period Edward's name appears from time to time in
chapel records, he does not seem to have played a leading part.  However, it
was probably at the chapel that he met and fell in love with Mary Ann PACKMAN.
-RC p29.
Butcher at 97 Abbey St, Faversham (site of Phoenix Inn). 
 He also lived at 8 West St, Faversham. This is still a butcher shop. 
  1851 census scholar aged 7 with his parents.
  1861 census at 11 Preston St with mother & family of brother 82 Frederick.
  1871 97 Abbey St, Faversham: 
Edward T CLAY Son      26 1845 Faversham, Kent  Butcher 8(11) 
Caroline CLAY Mother W 67 1804 Whitstable, Kent         W of 8
   c1878 he moved to West St.
  1881 census Dwelling 6 West St, Faversham, Kent - see after his m1 below.
6 West St,Faversham - still a butchery business in 2005 - from MC. 
Next door but one, at No. 2, were Edward's brother John 83 and his family.
 RC p30: They moved to a shop in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey. He took over
an old-established business, run by a family well-known not only in Sheerness
but also in Faversham.  The CLAYs must have known at least one member of this
family, Edward FILMER, at a much earlier date, for the 1841 Census and
Bagshaw's Directory of Kent of 1847 both show him as a butcher living very near
them in Preston Street. Within months, however, a terrible blow fell on the
family: Mary Ann became ill and on 9 January 1882 died of tuberculosis.  Edward
was in a sad plight: not only bad he lost a dearly-loved wife but he was left
with three children under six (Albert, the younaest, barely 13 months old) and
for the first time in his life was among strangers.

 In July 1888, Edward dropped a bombshell: he declared himself bankrupt. The
Petition was filed at the Rochester Court on 24 July 1888; the Public
Examination took place in the Court House, Eastgate, Rochester on 13 August.
The report in the "Sheerness Times and General Advertiser" of 18 August tells
the story. "re Edward Thomas CLAY
 "The public examination of Edward Thomas CLAY, butcher, of Blue Town,
Sheerness, a bankrupt, was held at the Rochester Bankruptcy Court on Monday
afternoon before the Registrar, Mr. W. W.  Hayward.  His liabilities amounted
to 234.19s.7d. and his assets were placed at 177.14s.3d.
 "The Receiving Order was made on the petition of the debtor himself and the
adjudication on his own application.  The debtor stated that he began business
about 20 years ago at Faversham and seven years ago at Sheerness with about
200 capital.  He had never previously been bankrupt or insolvent.
 "He attributed his insolvency to depression in trade and consequent inability
to meet his payments.  He had filed a deficiency account from which it appeared
that his assets exceeded his liabilities on the 24 July by the sum of
92.13s. 8d......The advances by fully secured creditors were made from 1881 to
1884 and they held deeds of a freehold house, 105 Abbey Street, Faversham and
five freehold cottages on Platform, Blue Town, Sheerness, together with
policies on the bankrupt's life for 250 and 100 and upon his wife's life for
100.  He had kept a ledger and a day book.
 "There was no doubt (said the Official Receiver, Mr. R.Prall) that he should
have petitioned the Court some time since.  He had not taken stock nor prepared
a statement of his affairs within the last three years, although he must have
been aware that his trade had considerably declined.  The assets consisted of
furniture and shop fittings at 31 High Street, Blne Town and The Broadway, both
at Sheerness."
 Everything had to be sold, of course, and friends from the chapel bought and
handed back certain essential household goods.  Edward, now debarred from
trading on his own account, found a manager's job in a shop in Gravesend.  He
had never worked for anyone outside his own family and the wages of shop staff
then, as now, were among the lowest.
 On 28 December 1888 the London Gazette announced a First and Final Dividend of
4s.3s.1d. in the Pound.
 Edward's humiliation was protracted, for when on 13 November 1889 he made his
Application for Discharge, there was a six months' suspension on the grounds
that he had continued to trade after knowing himself to be insolvent.  Thus it
was not until 13 May 1890, nearly two years after the start of the affair, that
the family could put the episode behind them.
 The ten years from 1888 to 1898 were a hard time for the family.
 Relief came early in 1898 when Edward (now nearly 54) took over the management
of a branch of the PENNEY, Son and Parker empire in the beautiful North Kent
village of Farningham, in the Darenth valley near Dartford.  (Alfred Thomas and
later his son Alfred John were consistently helpful to Elizabeth.)  Although
Edward was still working for others rather than himself, the move gave him and
his family something of the sort of life enjoyed by his brother Charles in
Yorkshire and his brother John in Eythorne.
 There was now pleasant living accommodation "over the shop" with a garden and 
a little lane nearby which was the start of a favourite country walk.
-RC p36-39
 1891 he and his 2nd wife lived at 31 Upper Grange Rd, Denton, Gravesend (W of 
 In 1898 he lived at Farningham, in the Darenth Valley near Dartford.
 About 1920 he and his family moved to Sevenoaks, W of Maidstone, and would 
walk to church at Otford Village. For more on him see p29-44 of RC.

m1 23.2.1875 Methodist Chapel, High St,Boughton-under-Bean,Kent sp-Mary Ann
PACKMAN (10.12.1847 Faversham-9.1.1882) dr of William PACKMAN (bp 15.11.1807 
d Dec 1849 Ospringe age 42) & Eliza NOKAGE/NOTTAGE (1813-1891 age 79). A 
witness was 822 Annie. This chapel was built in 1844 for P1400 -RC p16.
  In 1851 Mary Ann was living at Ospringe, Faversham with her widowed mother 
Eliza (nee NOTTAGE) age 38, sister Catherine age 14, brother Richard age 9, and
younger brother William age 11 m. 
  Some of this info is ex * Leanne below who gives this tree:
 0 William PACKMAN m Eliza NOTTAGE
 1 Richard PACKMAN m Hannah Remained in Heston,Middlesex til their death; 7 chn
  all in 1901 census. 2 more generations remained in Heston;still family in MDX
 11 Catherine Matilda PACKMAN living with 8(11) Edward CLAY & family in 1881.
 12 Richard Alfred PACKMAN (1841 Southwark) ggfr of sp of 
  * Leanne PACKMAN Leannepackman"att" 2004 IPackman"att" 2003
 13 Mary Ann PACKMAN m 8(11) Edward CLAY above.
  1881 census Dwelling 6 West St, Faversham, Kent:
Name Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation
Edward T. CLAY Head M 36 Faversham, Kent  Butcher Employing 2 Men  8(11) 
Mary A. CLAY Wife M 33 Faversham, Kent  	   	  
Lizzie CLAY Daur 5 Faversham, Kent  	  Scholar                  8(11)1
Ethel CLAY Daur 2 Faversham, Kent  	   	                   8(11)2
Albert C. CLAY Son 3 m Faversham, Kent  	   	           8(11)3
Catherine M. PACKMAN Niece 14 Heston, Middlesex  	   	  
John DIMKIN Serv U 21 Harbledown, Kent  	 Butchers Assistant  	  
Emma J. BENNETT Serv 16 Faversham, Kent  	 Gen Domestic Servant  	  

8(11)1 3-Lizzie CLAY (1.2.1876 Faversham, Kent-1957?)
  1881 census: 33 b Faversham, scholar. 
  1901 67 Bolingbroke Grove, Battersea, London:
John ROGERS     Head W 72 1829 St Anne's Westminster Retired tobaconist
Charles ROGERS  Son  S 40 1861 St Anne's Westminster Government clerk
Sarah ROGERS    Daur S 36 1865 St Anne's Westminster
Beatrice ROGERS Daur S 24 1877 St Anne's Westminster Savings bank clerk
Lizzie CLAY  Servant S 25 1876 Faversham, Kent       Servant Domestic   8(11)1 
  Lizzie used to play the zither or mandoline. Went to NZ before WW1. She kept
bees. She visited her UK relatives in 1939. dsp See 85(12)5 for a table she
made.She planted 7 oak trees on her property in memory of her childhood town
Sevenoaks, Kent: Waihi Gazette c October 1955:
Sevenoaks, in Kent, England, understandably derived its name from seven oak
trees. However with the passing of time came also the passing of the original
seven oaks, so the inhabitants decided to perpetuate the tradition by planting
seven more, which they did this year.  At the same time as this ceremony was
held, a former Sevenoaks resident, now at the other end of the earth from her
native town, planted in her garden seven oak trees too. She is Mrs L. JAMESON,
a widow of Dillon Street, Waihi Beach. (She has named her cottage
Sevenoaks). News of this event duly reached the Sevenoaks News in Kent, which
has devoted a front-page article to it in a recent issue under the headings:
Seven Oaks Planted in New Zealand - Local Emigrant's Own Tree Ceremony.

"About the same time as Sevenoaks was planting the Seven Oaks in the early
spring, an emigrant from the town, in New Zealand, was having her own ceremony,
on the plot of land round her cottage at Waihi Beach," says the article. "Her
name is Mrs L. JAMESON and she is in her eightieth year, but, is very active in
her garden, and does shopping for herself and some of her neighbours.  "She
often talks about her home town of Sevenoaks, which she left many years ago,
and one of the peopLe who likes to listen is a friend who wrote to this
newspaper about Mrs JAMESON. The correspondent tells us she is very well
respected there.  "The letter says of the planting trees in that New Zealand
garden: I do hope they get established; it will bring out thoughts once again
to our old home land, although, many miles ocean separate us."  A note from the
editor of the Sevenoaks News accompanies the newspaper which was forwarded.
"Many thanks for telling us about Mrs JAMESON~n, and I hope you and your
neighbours like the story on the front page" it reads. "Sorry the photograph
was not used but shortage of space prevented it."  READER with ADVT ?  ? - ?'

m1 in NZ?  sp-? (-c1939)

8(11)2   3-Ethel CLAY (19.2.1879 Faversham, Kent-30.4.1946) B regd Mar Q 1879.
  1881 census with parents: age 2, b Faversham, Kent.   1891-1901?
Lived at 92 Norroy Rd, Putney, & after this house was bombed at 16 Gamlin Rd, 
Putney with 843 Caroline CLAY about 1940.

8(11)3   3-Albert Charles CLAY (26.12.1880 Faversham, Kent-1970)
  1881 census with parents: age 3 months, b Faversham.
  1901 Victoria Dock Hartlepool, Vessels, Durham with 6 others on the GILPIN:
Albert CLAY Crew S 20 1881 Faversham, Kent AB Seaman

m 1960  sp-Florence Annie COLE (1891-18.12.1968)

8(11)31  4-Ronald Walter CLAY (3.2.1920)
m 2.10.1948  sp-Betty JONES (-22.6.1992)

8(11)311  5-Brian Ronald CLAY (18.8.1952)
m 24.5.1975  sp-Diane Elaine HOLLAND

8(11)311 1  6-Louise Mary CLAY (24.11.1976)
8(11)311 2  6-Jennifer Susan CLAY (26.9.1979)

8(11)312  5-Philip John CLAY (2.6.1954)

8(11)32  4-Enid Rosalind CLAY (28.9.1921)
* 1993: 28 Herringston Rd., Dorchester, Dorset. Ph 0305 26 4242 

8(11)33  4-Brenda Rosemary CLAY (7.4.1926)
  sp-Ronald PARMENTER

8(11)331  5-Susan PARMENTER (21.7.1957)
m 5.6.1976  sp-Anthony William FRY

8(11)331 1  6-Joanna Claire FRY (17.6.1979)
8(11)331 2  6-Rebecca Louise FRY (8.1.1981)

8(11)332  5-Janet PARMENTER (8.2.1959)
m  sp-Nigel BISHOP (13.3.1955)
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

[8(11)  2-Edward Thomas CLAY (1844 Faversham-1932 Dunton Green]:
m2 25.12.1882 sp-Elizabeth Ann Catherine THOMAS (19.8.1851 Portsmouth-3.2.1945)
  dr of John THOMAS (Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey-1854/5 at sea) & Elizabeth 
PENNEY (28.6.1828-10.7.1880) who m 23.11.1850. See p32-35 of RC for more on 
these families. Both Edward & Elizabeth are buried in the parish churchyard,
Dunton Green.
 Note: Julian PENNEY 2004 descends from PENNEY of
 Kidderminster: ph France 06 60 21 82 41
  1901 Farningham, Kent:
Edward T CLAY      Head M 56 1845 Faversham, Kent Butcher & Grocer  8(11)
Elizabeth A C CLAY Wife M 49 1852 Portsmouth, Hants                 m2
Lewis CLAY         Son  S 16 1885 Sheerness, Kent Grocers Assistant 8(11)4 
Cordelia J CLAY    Daur S 15 1886 Sheerness, Kent                   8(11)5 
Alfred T CLAY      Son    13 1888 Sheerness, Kent                   8(11)6
Walter J CLAY      Son    11 1890 Gravesend, Kent                   8(11)7
Alice B CLAY       Daur    8 1893 Gravesend, Kent                   8(11)8
Edith D CLAY       Daur    6 1895 Gravesend, Kent                   8(11)9
Jane M THOMAS    Sister S 43 1858 Sheerness, Kent              sister to his m2

8(11)4  3-Lewis Edward CLAY (20.4.1884 Sheerness, Kent-11.1.1968)
  B regd June Q 1884 Sheppey, Kent.  1891?
  1901: 16, Grocers Assistant living with parents at Farningham.
m 3.8.1915 sp-Evelyn Grace MOAT (26.7.1888-30.1.1967)

8(11)41 4-Ruth Evelyn CLAY (12.5.1916-4.12.2001 London)
Without Ruth making the initial contact this tree would never have been compiled. 
See 1. SOURCES for her book SOME CLAYS & OTHER ANCESTORS (1985).
*1993-2001: 77 Princes Rd,TW10 6DQ,Richmond,Surrey. 

8(11)42  4-John Lewis CLAY (31.10.1922-6.11.1978)
m 2.8.1954  sp-Gwendoline B. M. HUCKS/HICKS (30.6.1936)

8(11)421  5-Caroline Ann CLAY (27.9.1956-23.11.1999)
m 24/26.6.1975  sp-Robert James WEST
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)422  5-Wendy Patricia CLAY (8.1.1961-6.1.1981)

8(11)5 3-Cordelia Jane CLAY (18.12.1885 Bluetown, Sheerness, Kent-1967) 
  B regd Mar Q 1886 Sheppey, Kent.  1891?  1901 with parents.
Her mother used to tell how, on Cordelia's birth, she received the gift of a
chicken, cooked and jointed, the separate pieces tied together with white satin
ribbon.  It came from the Princess of Leiningen, wife of Admiral HRH The Prince
of Leiningen who, as Commander in Chief, The Nore, occupied Admiralty House,
Sheerness, presumably as a recognition of Edward's place as a supplier of meat
to Admiralty House. -RC p36.

m 14.10.1925 sp-George Edward ANDREWS ( .7.1898-18/19.8.1982) 8622 Florence
RUSSELL was a bridesmaid & 862 was there -RC p21.  He remarried 25.6.1971 Ethel
L ROWDEN (-.8.1996)

8(11)6  3-Alfred Thomas CLAY (12.1.1888 Sheerness, Kent-24.10.1958)
  B regd Mar Q 1888 Sheppey, Kent.  1891?  1901 with parents.
m 1925  sp-Muriel Gertrude THOMAS (14.9.1903-26.8.1983)

8(11)61  4-Mary Edith CLAY (18.3.1928) SRN, SCM nurse.

m 9.7.1955  sp-Philip Arthur CHARTERS (8.7.1929) FCA (Fellow? of Chartered
*1978-2002: `4 Winds'  Ashbury, Swindon SN6 9LN Wiltshire.   Tel.01793 710431.

8(11)611  5-Stephen John CHARTERS (5.6.1957) Master of Wines Lectures.
1989: 12 Medway Road, Bow, London E3.
*2000: 4 Quillen View, Joondalup, WA Australia 6027.
  Edith Cowan University Tel +618 6304 5047 Fax +618 6304 5840

m1 30.8.1980  sp-Sarah HORNER Divorced 1991. No issue.
m2 df  sp-Anita PURKIS (Australia) 
*2000: Perth University, Australia.
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)612  5-Peter John CHARTERS (8.12.1959) Psychiatric community nurse, 
SE London. 1989: 15 Girton Road, Sydenham, London SE26.
*2000: 23 Beaulieu Ave, Sydenham SE26 6PN London.

m 6.3.1982  sp-Judy PAYNE Nurse at St Christopher hospice.
3 children, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)613  5-Simon CHARTERS (28.2.1965) Medical photographer.
with Portsmouth Group Hospitals, England.
*2000: 64 Station Rd, Draxton, Portsmouth P06 1PJ, England.
       simoncharters"att" BOUNCED 2003
m 7.9.1991  sp-Frances Mary DEVESON
1 child, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)614  5-Vivien CHARTERS (28.2.1965/64)
m 6.5.1989  sp-Simon Neville GILL
2 children, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)62  4-Denis Walter Thomas CLAY (8.11.1931)
  visited Australia & NZ; was director of agricultural college in W country
*1993: 24 Hillclose, Bredon, Tewkesbury, Gloucester.
m1 3.9.1955  sp-Ruth Hazel CRAWFORD (13.9.1932-28.4.1991)

8(11)62 1  5-Timothy Alfred CLAY (2.1.1962-18.10.1994) Died in a climbing
m 14.7.1990  sp-Caroline TUFFEE

8(11)62 2  5-Jennifer Anne CLAY (15.4.1964-26.12.2001)
m 19.2.1994  sp-Mark Adrian JONES
 *2000: 79 Blumfield Cres., Burnham Beeches, Slough, London, England.

[8(11)62   4-Denis Walter Thomas CLAY (8.11.1931)]:
m2 7.12.1991  sp-Linda "Lyn" FINCH

8(11)63  4-Colin Edward CLAY (15.9.1936-9.3.1996)
m 3.8.1963  sp-Edna Margaret CRAWFORD (6.6.1941)
   both schoolteachers. 1993: Westways, Ersham Road, Hailsham, East Sussex.
*2000: 14 Hawkstown Cresc., Hailsham, E Sussex BN27 1JB, England.

8(11)631  5-Martin Edward CLAY (10.6.1964) 1993: 15 Ersham Rd, Hailsham

m 21.3.1987  sp-Wendy Jane "Mimi" COTTINGHAM (b 20.12.1962)
*2007: 3 Kingston Villas, Chiddingly Rd, Horam, Heathfield, E? Sussex TN21 OJL.
4 children, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)632  5-Jonathan "Johny" Andrew CLAY (10.11.1965) Worked at Eastbourne.
*2000: 6 Royal Sovereign View, Eastbourne BN23 6EQ, England.
m 27.7.2001  sp-Christine BURN

8(11)64  4-David Vincent CLAY (18.10.1937)
  was at Imperial College,London  then research organisation at Oxford,
  specialises in weeds at Bristol University,Long Ashton;now freelance
* 1989:  White Beams, 2 Four Acres Close, Nailsea, Bristol B548 4YF.
m 30.5.1970  sp-Vera Ann GARLAND (28.4.1948) Practice nurse.

8(11)641  5-Rachel Vera CLAY (23.11.1971/74)
 Was at university doing languages & business administration.
m .9.1996 or .7.1995  sp-Paul JAMES   
1 child, names withheld pending permission.

8(11)642  5-Julia Vivienne CLAY (13.3.1974/12.3.1972) University of N London.
  In 2000 a dietician at Guys Hospital, London.
m 17.3.2001  sp-John PANTELI

8(11)643  5-Elizabeth Victoria CLAY (22.10.1977) Swansea University. Teacher.
m 26.1.2002  sp-Jon KENNARD

8(11)644  5-Matthew Thomas V CLAY (21.9.1983)

8(11)65 4-Margaret Grace CLAY (13.4.1947) Degree in Sociology. Ran for
Parliament as a Liberal Democrat, then had a health food store. Works for Age
Concern for outer Manchester. 1987-9 101 Coldcotes Av, Leeds. 1993 at 1
Hillington Road, Edgeley, Stockport.  *2000: 41 Berkeley Grove, Hazel Grove,
Stockport SK7 4NX UK. Tel 0161 484 0500

8(11)7 3-Walter John CLAY (22.3.1890 Gravesend, Kent-13.8.1917 of TB, buried 
St Luke's Cemetery, Bromley)
  1901 with parents.  1904 sent to Dartford Grammar School then later to
Goldsmith's College, New Cross. At the end of his training Walter obtained a
teaching post in Folkestone. After July 1915 he went into the Army.  He spent a
period in Edinburgh during a bitterly cold winter.  Here he made friends with
Annie, the wife of his brother Albert, and was thankful to have a welcoming
home to go to in his off-duty hours.  But he became ill: tuberculosis was
diagnosed.  After some time in a sanatorium in the Mendip Hills he died at home
in Bromley (where his parents had moved on Edward's retirement) 1917.  His name
is inscribed with many others on the Roll of Honour in the entrance to
Goldsmiths' College. -RC p40-42.
  British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920: John Walter CLAY bc 1890
Military: 1915. Of 13 Warrow Rd, Folkestone. Age 25 yrs 310 days. Schoolmaster.
Single. Signed by him 11.12.1915. Signed by approving officer 9 & 15.2.1916.
Royal Fusiliers (Reserve) Battalion.
  Walter J Clay appears on the war memorial at Dartford Grammar School.
This passage from the Winter 1917 Dartfordian was written by Grace MANSFORD, 
daughter of the head teacher:
 We much regret to report the death, on August 13th through pulmonary 
tuberculosis of Pte. Walter John CLAY at the age of 27. Pte. CLAY was at 
Dartford Grammar School May 1905 - July 1908, and was elected full prefect in 
November 1907. On leaving he entered Goldsmith's College for two years and at 
the end of his course became a teacher at Folkestone. In spite of bad health he
managed to enlist in the Royal Fusiliers on February 9th 1916. He went to 
various camps in England, but his disease developed quickly and he was 
discharged when too late for treatment in April of this year. We cannot 
sufficiently admire his pluck and the will which made him honestly try to do 
his bit for England, and we are well assured that he died as much for his 
country as those other Old Dartfordians who rest in France, or on the shores of
the Mediterranean. - Thanks to teacher David BARRETT 

8(11)8 3-Alice Bertha CLAY (25.6.1892 Gravesend, Kent-15.12.1919 of TB, buried
St Luke's Cemetery, Bromley)
  1901 with parents. Alice was still much talked of when I was a child. She had
been a particular favourite with all the family.  She was lively and fun-loving
and had a warm and sympathetic nature.  She was charitable.  "I expect she has
to be" was her comment when my mother said she thought the old widow who came
to clean the house once a week was "artful".  She enjoyed gently teasing her
brothers.  "There he was, sitting up in bed singing to his new trousers" she
reported after taking Lewis an early morning cup of tea.  Like Cordelia, she
had the gift of leadership. -RC p42.

8(11)9 3-Edith Dorothy CLAY (11.11.1894 Gravesend, Kent-5.3.1973)
  1901 with parents. 
Moved c1920 with her parents to Dunton Green, N of Sevenoaks, W of Maidstone. 
Edith in later years ran a shop & lived with her parents for the rest of their 
lives, walking to Sevenoaks on Sunday for the services at the Vine Hall. In the
1960's she went to live with her brother Lewis at a time of great difficulty
for his family, and it is hardly possible to exaggerate the value of this
timely help. -RC p42.

9  1-Joseph CLAY bp 13.8.1795 St Mary & All Saints,Church St, Kidderminster,
Worcester IGI C04395-1. Looks like an error since his bro Joseph bp 12.8.1785
d 20.8.1796.


**AUSTRALIA -by state ** 

Coffs Harbour 85(14)2 c1960-
Cooranbong 85831 present
Manly,Sydney 851212
Norfolk Island 858311 1969
Nyngan 85125 2 & daughter present,
Port Macquarrie 85125  m2 present
Sydney 851212 present, 8513 present, 85131 present,
Tumut 85125  & children present,
Walcha 85125  m1 present, 85125 1 & children present, 85125 3 & children present,
Wyee 85831 1992

Brisbane 85356 present, 85(14)52 present at Tewantin - S of Brisbane, 
  85(14)54 present, 85(14)6 1 present
Tewantin, S of Brisbane 85(14)52
Townsville 85122 3 present

Adelaide 85123 2 present
Mt Gambier 85123  present, 85123 3 present

Melbourne 851211 present

Perth 85124 1 present

**ENGLAND AND WALES -by county ** (see also Scotland)
NOTE The page numbers refer to Ruth CLAY's book: see "1. Sources".

Bray 11m s of Marinehead;  85(14)53 present?
Cinque Ports 85 ?
Leighton 8511
Stockport  8(11)65 present
Bristol 8511 past, 8(11)64   present
Ashbury 8(11)61present
Launceston 85112 c1927,
Burton  (near Christchurch & Bournemouth on S coast) 85872 present
Christchurch 8587 present, 85872 past,
Dorchester -(Novels of Thomas Hardy were set here) 8(11)32 present
Eastbourne -see Hailsham
Hailsham 8(11)63  present, 8(11)63 1 & children
Chingford 8511 past, 85111 past
Stansted 85124 3 present
Tewkesbury 8(11)62   present
Andover 8587 present
Ashford 8621121h 1969
Boughton-under-Bean,3m from Faversham (in 'The Canterbury Tales' as
 Baroton Under Blee) 85 1854, 86 1868, 8(11) 1868,
 "Boughton-Under-Bean must have been the original name, but it is now
 entered on the UK road maps as "Boughton Street".
 It lies midway between Canterbury and Faversham just off the A2.
 I suspect that the orginal title would have been "Boughton-Under-BLEAN"
 as Blean is nearby and is, if memory serves me correctly, on an escarpment
 with Boughton below." - Herbert HARRISON
Bromley  8(11)7 buried here
Canterbury 82 1854
Chatham, W of Sittingbourne-p32,para. 3
Croydon ,S of London; 83  m here
?Dartford, SE of London-p40
Dunton Green, N of Sevenoaks, W of Maidstone p42 para-4: 8(11)9 c1920-,
  8(11) -c1932,
Eltham  833 835 836 past,
Eythorne, near Dover: 83  past
Farningham, in the Darenth Valley near Dartford, SE of London:8(11) 1898,
Faversham p7 l-2: King Stephen buried in abbey there; very beautiful parish 
  church; p15 0 past, 8 & family -1853,  p16,  85 m 1854, 
  p19: was rebuilt 1859-61,  p19:Ospringe St - 8w -1890 buried,
  p28: 84 (1832-1905), 34 Stone St past,  p29: 8(11) (1844-1932),
  p23: 82 (1828-1905) (p21,l-1) -1905, 823 c1935,
  p26: 83 (1830-1908), 84 (1832-1905), 8(11) (1844-1932);
 Faversham Burials 1632-1706 at
  gave 0.
Gravesend (W of Sheppey),Denton, p38 para-2: 8(11) 1891,
Herne Bay, a few m E of Faversham along the coast: 862 1894
Maidstone 84 1856 Its Parish Church can still astonish to-day with its
 Cathedral-like proportions.  It is Kent's grandest Pernendicular church, built
 of Kentish ragstone in 1395, on the site of a much older church, as a
 Collegiate building.-RC p18.
Oare, near Faversham 84 (1832-1905)
Ospringe near Faversham 821 (1855-1951)
Otford -  Audrey Pearce, Kit's Cottage,Pilgrim's Way W. Tel.9592.2081 is sr of
     Marion Blackbourn of Wn,NZ & has done a Blackbourn tree. Related to 8623?
Penge, North Kent 821 (1855-1951)
Putney  841 & 8(11)2  c1940
Seasalter 86 & 862 1870, 
Sevenoaks, W of Maidstone 8(11) & family c1920-c1932,
Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey 8(11)
Sittingbourne (S of Isle of Sheppey; Roman ruins) 84 (1832-1905) & 83 
WHITSTABLE p10 All Saints Church: 8 1826 See for photos.
 See p13 para 1 of RC for the history of All Saints Church.

-LEEDS 8(11)65 present,
-LONDON 8511 past, 85111 past, 851111 present, 85124 31 1990,8621121 1993,
8(11)64  past, 8(11)64 2 past,
Retford 85112 1956-?,
Oxford 8(11)64  present?,
-SURREY (near London)
Hurstgreen 85111 past,
Oxted 85111 present, children born here
Richmond (W London) 8(11)41 present,
Wallingham (should be Warlingham?) 8511 present
Nantyffylon 85111 1936,
Birmingham 125311 1959,
Ashbury - or is this Berkshire? 8(11)61present,
Swindon 85873 & children -present,
KIDDERMINSTER -6 sons of 0  bapt. there; visited by John WESLEY 1782 -RC p5.
The standard work on Kidderminster, the History of the town written by the
Rev. John Richard BURTON (1890) states that it was already noted for cloth
weaving by the thirteenth century: it became especially famous for the manu-
facture of "linsey woolsey" - coarse, inferior wool woven on flax (later on
cotton) and used for room and bed hangings.  The name has passed into the
language - "all linsey woolsey" meaning a strange medley or nonsense.  In 1295
Kidderminster returned two Burgesses to Parliament.  "The steady growth of
individual liberty among the commonalty between 1334 and 1500", writes BURTON,
"is well illustrated by the privilege they had acquired of making a
testamentary disposal of their property"!  Richard BAXTER, in the 17th century,
wrote: "My people were not rich: there were among them very few beggars because
their common trade of stuff weaving would find work for them all the generality
of the master workmen lived but little better than their journeymen."
 When the original cloth trade declined it was superseded by the manufacture of
silk fabrics, but the town's prosperity grew by leaps and bounds with the
introduction of carpet-manufacture, the industry for which the name
Kidderminster is still famous to-day.  After the first carpet factory in 1735
and the introduction of the Brussels loom in 1749 workers seem to have been
attracted from outside, and it is possible that John CLAY's family were part of
this influx.  There was a major building programme in 1753 when Lord FOLEY, a
great local landowner, laid down fresh streets and built 200 houses.  The Plan
for this great scheme was drawn by John DOHARTY, Junior of the famous family
of cartographers.  It can be seen in the British Library, engraved by Thos.
JEFFERYS, "geographer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales", and very
pretty it is.  Under the Arms of Kidderminster appears a somewhat fulsome
account of the town and the virtues of its citizens: "...they are sincerely
Honest in keeping up to the Staple of all the sorts of goods they make, which
alone will support their Trade.  The Sabbath is in no place more strictly kept
than in this Town; this may be the cause of many Blessings that appear among
them...".  "The Free School, Work House and Alms Houses are suited to the
different Ages and Wants of the Poor that apply with desert." (As a corrective
to this optimistic account it is worth reading some of the records concerning
the administration of this Work House which are to be found in the County
Records Office.) -RC p4.
 Church of St Mary & All Saints, Monumental Inscrptns in church & yard, Kidr &
District Arch. & Hist Soc 1999 (seen on my visit 2007) shows no CLAY or 
 Kidr Library 2007 kidderminsterlib"att" 
.their card index has no CLAY or BLAKEMAN. 
.It does hold microfilm of regn of St Marys.
 Worcester Library & History Cntr ph 01905 765 922 
libraries"att" 2007
 1835 Pigot directory p644: Kid'r on River Stour (3m from River Severn); 
Staff. & Worc. canal. Chid or Kid - brow of hill + Dwr - water + minster - a
 church. A royal manor in 1066 -Henry 2 .. charter from Charles 1. 1827 High 
Steward & high/low bailiffs +12 aldermen. 1/4 sessions. A court of requests 
each fortnight for debts under 40/-. MPs in Edward 1 & from 1835.
Henry 8 - noted for cloth; c1700 carpet. In 1772 it had 250 looms. 
p645-8: no CLAY or BLAKEMAN.

New Whittington, near Chesterfield, S of Sheffield: 81 -1905,
Whiston near Rotherham, NE of Sheffield: 81 1856,

**NEW ZEALAND** Locations are mainly from Wise's NZ Guide, 8th edition (1987).
Auckland -see also MANGERE: present- 85122 2,8588 ,85(14)13,85(14)511,85(14)512,
	85(14)513,8621 1, 86211 1 & children, 8621 13 & child;
	past- 85124 2,8513,8621                
Auroa ("Long cloud"; S of Mt Egmont,7km N of Otakeho,23km SE of Opunake, 
 	31km NW of Hawera) past 85(12)
Awatuna ("Eel stream"; S of Mt Egmont,16km E of Opunake, 24km W of Eltham) 
	past 851
Brightwater (15m S of Nelson) past 8538, present 85383,
Cambridge (24km SE of Hamilton on Waikato River) present 85124 32,85331 4,-(1-2),
Carterton (14km SW of Masterton on SH 2) past 8512 1900,
Cheviot (70km SW of Kaikoura, 115 km NE of Christchurch on SH 1)
	past 8513,853,8531,8532,85322,8535 & children,8537,859
	present 85321 & children
Christchurch past 853,85311 ,8532,8533,8534,85355 3
	present 85312 ?, 85322,85331?,85352 1 & exwife,85354,85322, 
	  85(14)52 exwife,85(14)521,85(14)522,
Dannevirke (55km NE of Palmerston N on SH 2) present 85(14)51 
Dunedin  85(14)5m1; past 8511
Edgecumbe (19km W of Whakatane, 18km NE of Kawerau) present 85(12)3, 85(12)4,
Eltham  (10km SE of Stratford, 21km N of Hawera on SH 3) past 851,
	present 85954 4,85954 41,
Gore (64km NE of Invercargill on SH 1) past 851112,
Hamilton past 8621122,85331 1,-(1-3),85331 2, -(1-4),85331 3, -(1-3),85331 4,-(1-2)
	present 85331, 85(13)11,
Hastings present 85(14)14 at Haumoana (between Napier & Hastings),
Hawera (on SH 3, 20km S of ELtham,  27km NW of Patea) past 8593,85(13)1,
	present 85952,85(13)11?,85952?,85954 2,85954 21,85954 22,
Hurleyville (6km NE of Alton, 18km N of Patea) past 85(13),
Invercargill present 85355, 85355 1, 85355 3
Kaiapoi (19km N of Christchurch, E of SH 1) past 85,
Kaponga (3km W of Eltham, 19km SW of Stratford), 26km E of Opunake) past 858,
Kawakawa (on SH 1 54km NE of Whangarei) past 8513,
Kawerau (32km SW of Whakatane) present 85124 2 & children,
Kerikeri (in Bay of Islands 22km NW of Paihia) preesnt 85813
Lower Hutt (15km NE of Wellington) present 85311 ,85(14)12,85(14)12 2,85(14)3 ,
	85(14)3 1,
Manaia (S Taranaki, 15km NW of Hawera) past-85
Mangere, S of Auckland: present 85122 ,85122 1,85974,
Matamata (62km E of Hamilton) present 85951?,85(12)5?,
Midhirst (on SH3 6km NW of Stratford, Taranaki) past 859, present 85971
Morrinsville past 85331 2
Mount Maunganui 85(14)511
Murchison (on SH6 130km NW of Nelson) past 8538,
Napier past? 8513,
Nelson past 8538, present 85382,85383,85384,
New Plymouth -see also Eltham, Hawera, Stratford: past 856
 present 8512-sp, 85121?, 85124 , 85124 3, 85124 4,
Ngaere (in Taranaki, 4km N of Eltham, 6km S of Stratford) past 858 
Oamaru (on SH1 85km SW of Timaru) past 85355 3-sp
Ohakea (3km S of Bulls just off SH1) past 85(14)513
Opotiki (on SH2 60km SE of Whakatane) past 858 8585 85(12)
Opouriao Valley, Taneatua (E of Whakatane River, 19km S of Whakatane) 85(12)
Otakeho (on SH45 7km W of Manaia, 22km NW of Hawera) past 85
Otumotai (suburb of Tauranga, 3km NW of city centre) present 85121
Paengaroa (on SH33 10km SE of Te Puke) past 858
Palmerston North 8596 1 past 8621122,
Parnassus (on SH1 14km N of Cheviot, 65km SW of Kaikoura) 85351
Patea (SH3 28km SE of Hawera, 64km NW of Wanganui) past 8593, present 862113
Puahae near Te Awamutu present 85331 3, -(1-3)
Putaruru (on SH1 23km NW of Tokoroa, 40km SE of Cambridge) 85831 1928
Rangiora (27km N of Christchurch) past 851,
	 present ? 85321 3 & children
Richmond, Nelson present 85383
Rotorua past? 85124 21,85124 22
	present 85(14)3 2
Stratford (on SH 3 28km SE of New Plymouth)
     past 85, 8511,851211,851212,85124 ,85125 ,85126,856,857,858,85(14),
     present 85954,85954 3,85954 31,85971 at Toko (10km E of Stratford),
	85972 & children,85(14)4 1,85(14)4 11,85(14)4 12,85(14)4 13,85(14)4 2,
Tahuna (19km N of Morrinsville, W of Piako River) past 858 
Tamahere near Hamilton, past 85331
Taneatua (on SH2 13km S of Whakatane) past 85(12) 
Taranaki A reference on early Taranaki (for a flavour of the time):
 "Then there were nine" (1985) Phyllis Johnson, Moana Press, 112 Pope St,
 Wellington ph 233 1842.
Taupo present 85124 2,85931,
Tauranga  past 858 8585,
  present 85121 at Otumotai,85851,85973,859731,859732,
Te Aroha (on SH26 37 km N of Matamata) past 8593, present 85331 1,85331 1(1-3)
Te Pahu near Pirongia, Hamilton present 85331 2, -(2-4)
Thames past 8(11)1,
Timaru present 85312 ,
Tokoroa past 85331 4,
Upper Hutt, N of Lower Hutt: present 85954 1, 
Wahuroa (presumably Waharoa on SH27 7km NW of Matamata) past 8581,
Waihi (on SH2 63km NW of Tauranga) past 8593,
Waitangi, Treaty of 85
Wanganui past 8511 8512 85121 85122  85356
Wellington including Tawa  -see also Lower Hutt  and Upper Hutt:
 past 8511,
 present 85126,85(14)3 1,85(14)513,85(14)7-sp,85(14)71?,862112,
Whakatane (on SH2 92km NE of Rotorua) past 85124 23?,8593,85(12),85(12)5,
Whangarei (on SH1 174km NW of Auckland) past 8581,
     present 85814,85955,
Edinburgh 85(14)511h

Richmond, Natal: past 8511 

6. FAMILY NAMES AND THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE - last updated 16.1.2001 
An indent or [..] indicates a maiden name or sometimes that this name only 
occurs once (ie no descendants of that name).


 Aiken 85951 4 1988 Rotorua  
 Alley 85841 1961 Otahuhu 
Anderson 851212 Manly,NSW
Andrews (1898) 8(11)5 England
 Armstrong 85312  Timaru
 Bake 85121 New Plymouth?
 Beattie 85312 3 1982 Wanganui
Bell [84 m2; 85312 2]; 85352 1950 Christchurch
 Benton 8583 1928 Auckland?
 Bertant 85932 1966 Tauranga??
Bertrand 85(14)4 2 Stratford 1981
Bishop 8(11)332 c1989 England?
Blackbourn 8623 London
Boehme 85125 2 Nyngan,NSW
 Bowes 84 Kent?
 Bowie 85(14)1 c1837 Hastings
Bowman 85831 Wyee NSW 1992,
Brookes 85125 1 Walcha NSW
Brown [85355-m2 1981], 85831 6 NSW? 1992
Browne 85321 1, 85355 3
Burton 95933 Cambridge,NZ c1952
 Cameron 85331 3 1982 Hamilton
 Campbell 85125  m2 Port McQuarrie,NSW
 Cannell 856 c1882 Stratford
Carruthers 858144 Mt Maunganui c1896
Chappell 85(12)2 1
Charlesworth 85124 3 New Plymouth/Essex
 Charteris 85954 Stratford 1935
Charters (1929) 8(11)61Swindon
Chote 85(14)51
 Clarke 85954 2 Hawera 1979
CLAY 0 Kent & Kidderminster
 Cochran 85831 4 1980 Brightwaters,NSW
 Cole 8(11)3 England 1960
 Coleman 8598 c1908 Eltham
Connolly 85831 1 NSW? 1992,
 Cooke 821 Faversham?
Copland 85354 Christchurch
Corbett 85(13) Hawera 1911
 Cottingham 8(11)63 1 Hailsham 1987
 Crawford (1932) 8(11)62  Hailsham, E Sussex;8(11)63  1963 E Sussex 
Creagh 8621 m2
Croft 85 (12)11 1925 
 Danby 85(14)3 1 Lower Hutt/Thames 1986
Darragh 862111 Auckland
 Denton 8532,8533
 Deproce 85852 1
 Deveson 8(11)613 England 1991
 Dickie 85312 1 1981 Dunedin
 Dickinson 8621121 Kent
 Dierk 85321 Cheviot
 Drane 858421 1981 Auckland?
 Duence 85831 2 1974 Sydney
Durham 85311 5 1996 Petone, Wellington
Edmonds 859 1894 Kaiapoi 
Edwards 85321 Christchurch
 Ellison 85841 3 1990
Ewart 85(12)2  c1940
Eynon 859522 1970 New Plymouth
 Fagg 84 m2 Faversham?
Fergusson 85356 c1955 Christchurch & Wanganui
 Finch 8(11)62 -m2
Forrester 85122 11 Auckland
 Frankham 85(14)3 2 Rotorua 1970
Fry 8(11)331 England 1976
 Garland (1948) 8(11)64  England
George 1977 Brightwaters,NSW 
 Genet 85951 2 m2 1998 Rotorua
Giddens 85931 Taupo 1954
Gill 8(11)614 England? 1989
Gillard 85811 4 1983 Auckland
 Glanville 85872 Dorset
Goldstone 85832 1959 Tauranga
Gould 8588 2 1977 Auckland
 Gresham 85853 1959
 Guillosson 85311 1 1971 Featherston,NZ
Gust 85843 1960 Auckland
Hall 8621 Auckland (descends from Denton)
Hale 85(14) 1901 Stratford
Hardwick 8585 1926 Tauranga
Harford (1830) 86 1868
Harmer 85(14)132 c1965 Hastings
Harris 85125 Tumut, NSW; 85814
Harrison 8531 Taranaki?
Harvik/Harvir 8588  Auckland
Haugh 85355 3 Invercargill 1976,
 Haycock 8538 1941 Nelson
Hema 85321 3 Rangiora c1980
 Hewat 85124 2 Warkworth
Hills 82 Faversham
 Hinton 85123  Mount Gambier or Stratford
 Holland 8(11)311 Kent? 1975
 Hollard 858,85973 Mrs P Ireland,45 George St,Levin 5500 has the Hollard tree.
Honeybear 85(14)71 Wellington/Auckland c1973
Hooper 85954 4 Eltham c1986
 Horner 8(11)611 England 1980 
Hoskings 822 Kent?
House 85311  Lower Hutt
 Howell 85811 1947 Te Puke
 Hucks 8(11)42 England 1954
Hughes 859312 c1958 Taupo??
Hunt 85357 c1957 Cheviot
Jackson 858144 m2 1999 Timaru
Jackstonburg 8621121
James 8(11)64 1 1996 England
Jameson 8(11)1 Kent c1900 
Joblin 85974 Mangere 1983
Jones [8(11)31 Kent? 1948], 8(11)62 2  1994 England, [85832 3 1992 Huntly]
 Jordan 85811 5 1989 Auckland
Jury 85322 c1972 Christchurch
Kay 959144 1985 Whangarei
Kelsey 8212 Kent?
 Kennedy 85311 2 1972 Wellington
Kenney 862113 Auckland
King 85951 1 c1970 Hamilton, [8596  1949 Christchurch ]
Kitchen 85956 1967 Auckland?
Kokich 1995 Eastbourne, Lower Hutt
 Laing 85322 Christchurch
Langman 85331 2 1980 Hamilton
 Lawrie 85311 3 1985 Wellington
Lawes 85871 1945 England
Lawson 8 Faversham
Lea 8511 Cornwall, South Africa, Wallingham
Lees 85122 3 Queensland 1997
Leigh 85311 5 1973 Rotorua
Leong 85843 3 1991 Auckland?
Liddell (1913) 85(14)5 Hastings
Lidington 85(14)51 Dannevirke 1957
 don_stanley"att" has a friend who is researching this name in 2001.
Langman 85331 2 Hamilton
Lyttle 8621 m2
 Lumley 8512 Carterton, NZ
Martin 81 Kent?
MacDonald 85(12)11 1948
 MacDonell 85124 New Plymouth
MacKay 85952 1946 Hawera
 Malone 85381 Waihi c1962
 Marsh 85873 Wiltshire
 Marshall 85971 Stratford 1982
Martin 8595, [85(12)12 1955]
Martinovitch 85(12)13
McAllister 859313 1974 Matamata 
 McCorkindale 85831 1930 NZ
McCullagh 85(14)511 Auckland 1991
McCurran 858424 1989
McDonald 85331 4 Hamilton, 85(14)13 Auckland 1969 
McGregor 85(14)12 2 Lower Hutt 1983 Lower Hutt
 McKay 85832 1 NSW? 1988,
 McKenna 85311 11 1999 Bedfordshire
 McKenzie 85831 5 1988 Sydney?
 McLeod [85(12)3 Whakatane]
 McPherson 85322 1 1991 Christchurch
 Milligan 853 Taranaki?
 Mills 85(14)6 1 Brisbane
 Moat 8(11)4 Kent?
Moodie 85833 1 Auckland 1992
 Morris 85841 2 1994 
 Mortlock 85(14)6  Hawera 1987
Mossop 8581 c1920 Ngaruawahia
Mulraney 85123 3 Mt Gambier
 Murray 85331 1 Hamilton
Muter 85(14)4 1 Stratford 1971
Neal 85(14)4  1937 Stratford
Newbould 811
Nicholls 85383 1975 Brightwater, S of Nelson
Nicholson 85851
 Oldman 85972 Stratford 1971
 O'Sullivan 8621121 Kent 1969,
 Packman 8(11) (1847) Boughton-under-Bean
 Palmer 83 Kent?; 85(14)3 13 Lower Hutt? 1981
Parker 85(14)7 Wellington 1948
Parmenter 8(11)33 England
 Parsonage 85(14)12 Lower Hutt c1962
Parton 85811 2 1974 Taumarunui
 Payne 8(11)612 England 1982
Pearce 8587 Dorset
 Peatfield 85112 Retford, Nottinghamshire
 Phillips 85(14)3  1939 Marton Lower Hutt
 Pinney 8597 c1939 Stratford
Powell 85331 1953 Christchurch 
 Prebble 85384 c1976 Nelson
 Pringle 85121 m2 Wanganui?
 Pryor 8584 1930 NZ
Puckey 85833 Te Puke 1992
 Purkis London? c1997
Rae 85(12) Stratford to Whakatane 1900
Ratahi 959323 1972 Palmerston North
Rawsthorne 8513 Auckland to Sydney
Reynolds 85311 4 1979 Lower Hutt
Ricket 85811 3 1976 Taumarunui
Robb 85122 1 Auckland
 Rowden 8(11)5 m2 England
Russell [85111 Wales]; 85122 2 Auckland;
 [862 London (from Russell-0 Bristol 1840) 1894]
Sharp (1925) 85(14)523
Shorter 8588 1 1974 Auckland
Simpson 851112 Gore, NZ; [8586  1935 Auckland; 85(14)2 1906 Stratford??]
Smith 8585 11; [85933 1962]
Spence 8621 11 Auckland
 Stafford 85(14)52 Christchurch/Brisbane c1965
 Stewart 8593 1926 Te Aroha?
Street 862111 Auckland (descends from New Plymouth 1841)
Stronach 85954 1 Upper Hutt,NZ 1979
 Surgenor 85951 12 1953 Taupiri
 Sycamore 82121 Kent?
Taylor [85355 Invercargill -1981]; 8586 2
Thomas 85355 1 Invercargill?; [8(11) m2 1882 Kent?; (1903) 8(11)6 Kent?]
Thompson 85123 2 Mount Gambier or Adelaide
Tipper 85122 1 m2 Auckland
Titze 85(12)11 14 c1977
 Tucker 85831 4 1980 Brightwaters,NSW 
 Tuffee 8(11)62 1 1990 England
 Turner 85831 3 1974 Sydney?
Urquart 85122  Stratford
 Volzke 85955 Whangarei 1961
Wallace 85951 Matamata 1948
Warniford 85(12)11 13 c1976
 Warrington 8596 2 1975 Christchurch
Watson 851
West 8(11)421 England 1975
 Wiggins 85(12)14 c1960
Wilson 85(12)11 11 c1949; 85(12)11 12 c1951
Withers 86211 Auckland (descends from Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire)
Wood 85852, [85(12)3 ]
Wootton 8535 in 1922 Cheviot
 Wylie 85312 4 1994 Timaru
Young 85122 2 Auckland; 85842


 7.0 ORIGIN OF THE NAME          226
 7.2 CLAY CLUES - KENT           227
 7.3 CLAY CLUES - WORCESTER      233
 7.4 CLAY CLUES - Other Counties 242
 7.5 CLAY CLUES - Other          243


 From "THE DICTIONARY OF BRITISH SURNAMES" by PH Reaney (1958) London, 
CLAY,CLAYE: Ralph de Clai 1172, Reginald de la Claie 1200, William Cley 1221, 
Richard atte Cley 1296, Nicholas del CLAY 1302. `Dweller on the clay' (old 
English claeg). As this would not be distinctive in a county like Essex, the 
surname may sometimes be occupational, for a worker in a claypit. 


1936/7: Peggy CLAY was in NZ - Who is she? ex RH.

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The LDS CD Family Search Family History Catalog (2000) lists 280 titles
for CLAY. Only 2 mention English places in their titles:
i:Descendants of Mary & Joseph RIDGEWAY of Clerkenwell, London 1709-1987,
 Merkel, Margaret Viola RIDGEWAY, 1922-
ii:The family of BOLTON in England and America, 1100-1894: a study in genealogy
 embodying the "Gen'l and biogr'l a/c of the family of BOLTON" publd 1862 by
 Rev. Robert BOLTON. Henry CARRINGTON, 1843-1903.
Are these available on library interloan?


*1505-79 Kent wills at gives
Surname  Name Parish Date 
CLAYE Roger Trottiscliffe; 1505d  
CLAY Thomas (al. Dedick) Wateringbury  1570p |R 13.479 9 | yeoman
CLAY Thomasine (al. Dedick) Wateringbury 1579p |R 16.61 12 |widow of ThomasCLAY

*1673 1822 gives
Date Description  Catalogue ref.
9 June 1673 Will of John CLAY, Tanner of Shorne, Kent PROB 11/342
1 March 1822 Will of George CLAY of Rockingham Row New Kent Road ,Surrey
 PROB 11/1654

*1851 census H107 1502 p737 at 11 King Henry's Walk, Islington, London ex Linda
Charles Thomas CLAY, age 41, Railway Booking Clerk, born Colchester, Essex
Elizabeth CLAY, wife, age 40, born Folkestone, Kent
Mary CLAY, dau, age 12, scholar, born Folkestone, Kent
Charles CLAY, son, age 10, scholar, born Folkestone, Kent
Elizabeth CLAY, dau, age 9, scholar, born Folkestone, Kent
Samuel CLAY, son, age 7, scholar, born Folkestone, Kent
John CLAY, son, age 6, scholar, born Lydd, Kent
Thomas CLAY, son, age 4, born Lydd, Kent
Henry CLAY, son, age 2, born Lydd, Kent

*1881 census England & Wales:
I have stored the 1st 5000 of these + CLAY born Kent at clay/clay1881.txt
It has 3 CLAY families b Faversham - all ours: 82 83 84 8(11) as follows

+ Caroline HILLS widow age 60 b FAVERSHAM living at
 5 Trafalgar Sq., Margate St John Baptist, Kent with Frederick BRICE 
 carpenter 24 b Linham,Kent and his wife (her daughter) Annie, dressmaker
  age 23 b Faversham. Possibly sr in law of Wm HILLS who m 85 Caroline CLAY.

+ George CLAY  / Lancashire  Head  Birth: <1850> Whitstable, Kent
 Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
  George CLAY Head M Male 31 Whitstable, Kent Cotten Broker
  Fanny Blanche CLAY Wife M Female 26 Parr, Lancashire
  Mary Blanche CLAY Daur Female 1 Liverpool, Lancashire,England
  Ellen Agusta NUNN Sister In Law U 24  Parr, Lancashire
  Christina BELL Serv U Female 28  Scotland  Nurse Domestic Serv
 Anna Maria GILES Serv U Female 26 Tench, Shropshire,England Cook Domestic Serv
Source Information: Dwelling Twig Lane Census Place Huyton With Roby,Lancashire
Family History Library Film   1341891
Public Records Office Reference  RG11 Piece / Folio  3722 / 52 Page Number 20

+  Frederick CLAY  / Middlesex
 Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
  Frederick CLAY Lodger (Head) M  31 <1850>  Canterbury, Kent Wool Porter
  Elizabeth CLAY Wife           M     28  Haughley, Suffolk         -
  Alfred CLAY Son           U      7  Mile End Old Town, Middlesex Scholar
 Source Information:   Dwelling        40 Charles St
   Census Place             London, Middlesex
   Family History Library Film        1341104
   Public Records Office Reference  RG11
   Piece / Folio  0474 / 95e Number 27

+  Elizabeth CLAY  /Middlesex  Lodger (Head) Birth: <1796> Greenwich,Kent
Name Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
   Elizabeth CLAY Lodger (Head)           W     85  Greenwich, Kent
  Source Information:   Dwelling        26 Grove Street (Middle)
   Census Place  London, Middlesex   Family History Library Film        1341113
   Public Records Office Reference  RG11   Piece / Folio          0506 / 21 p36

+ John CLAY  / Middlesex  Head  Birth: <1804> Ramsgate, Kent
Name Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
   John CLAY Head   M  77 Ramsgate, Kent  Landscape Painter (Artist)
   Mary CLAY             Wife    M             66       Ash, Kent
   Annie CLAY             Daur    U   25       Marylebone, Middlesex  Barmaid
 Source Information:   Dwelling       15 Park Rd
   Census Place Willesden, Middlesex   Family History Library Film  1341331
   Public Records Office Reference RG11   Piece / Folio  1363 / 82 p64

+   Ernest CLAY  / Surrey  Head  Birth: <1847> Ramsgate, Kent
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
   Ernest CLAY Head    M  Male  34     Ramsgate, Kent  Cabman
   Elizbh. CLAY Wife     M  36         Newington, Surrey
   Ernest CLAY Son  Male  8         Camberwell, Surrey  Scholar
   Alfred CLAY Son  Male  6         Camberwell, Surrey  Scholar
  Source Information:   Dwelling        30 Portland St
   Census Place  Newington, Surrey   Family History Library Film        1341124
   Public Records Office Reference  RG11   Piece / Folio          0546 / 17 p8

*1880s Deptford - The Genealogical Research Directory CD for 2000 lists 
for Louisa CLAY in Deptford, KENT in 1880s:
Francis RICHARDSON, 27 Tiri Rd, Oneroa, Waiheke, Auckland 1240 
- wrote to 29.10.2000 but no reply.

*1901 census CLAY born or keyword Kent gave 213 including duplicates. 
 Stored at  clay/CLAY1901bkkent.xls  & *.csv
 using the 1901 Census Extractor & GuessTimator 3.0.2 from They include:
481621	Sheerness Kent KEN 813/104 Sheppey
 11761080 CLAY	Thomas 30 bc1871 Driller Shipyard b Kent Sheerness	
 11761081 CLAY	Ellen 25 bc1876  Herts Cheshunt
 11761082 CLAY	Thomas	6M bc1900 Kent Sheerness

481672	Sheerness	Kent	KEN	813/130	Sheppey
 11762178 CLAY	Samuel	29 bc1872 Skilled Laborer Dockyard b Kent Sheerness
 11762179 CLAY	Jessie	26 bc1875 Devon Devonport
 11762180 CLAY	Jessie	9M bc1900 Kent Sheerness

486476 Township Of Folkestone	Kent	KEN 849/45	Elham
 11872658 CLAY	Edward	31 bc1870 Marine Porter b Kent Folkestone	
 11872659 CLAY	Annie	31 bc1870 Kent Dover
 11872660 CLAY	George	8 bc1893 Kent Folkestone
 11872661 CLAY	Susannah 6 bc1895 Kent Folkestone

486593		Township Folkestone	Kent	KEN 849/104	Elham
 11875790 CLAY	William	28 bc1873 General Carter b Kent Folkestone	
 11875791 CLAY	John 26	bc1875	Carter b Kent Folkestone

631576	Cann Hall	Essex	CAM 1610/66	West Ham
 15300113 CLAY	Frederick 17 bc1884 Auctioneers Clerk b Faversham Kent	

861666 Prenton	Cheshire	CHS 3386/15	Wirral	
 20868100 CLAY	George	51 bc1850 Cotton Merchant b Kent Whintstable	

1270814 Sheerness	Kent	KEN 816	6	Sheppey
 30496459 CLAY	Alfred	34 bc1867 Skilled Labourer Ship Yard b Kent Sheerness
  [Appears in 1881 census as son of James CLAY (1839 Gloucester) & Phoebe
   with sibs Alice (1860 Portsmouth, Hampshire), Thomas (1868 Sheerness, Kent),
   Samuel (1872 Sheerness, Kent),  Frederick (1876 Sheerness, Kent)]
 30496460 CLAY	Elizabeth 35 bc1866 Kent Sheerness

1270816 Sheerness	Kent	KEN 816	7	Sheppey
 30496523 CLAY	Frederick 25 bc1876 Driller HMD b Kent Sheerness [see previous]
 30496524 CLAY	Frances	25 bc1876 Kent Sheerness
 30496525 CLAY	Phoebe	6M bc1900 Kent Sheerness

*1901 census Name Age Where Born, Administrative County,Civil Parish Occupation
  (44 male & 55 female)
 Albert CLAY 3 Kent Belvedere Kent Erith   
 Albert CLAY 20 Favershaw Kent Durham   Ab Seaman 
 Alfred CLAY 13 Kent Sheerness Kent Farningham   
 Alfred CLAY 34 Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness Skilled Labourer Ship Yard 
 Arthur CLAY 33 Kent Sandgate London Lambeth Miner Engineer 
 Austin CLAY 33 Kent Faversham Kent Faversham   
 Bernard CLAY 10 Kent ... Berks Woolhampton Scholar 
 Charles CLAY 8 Kent Chatham Kent Chatham   
 Charles CLAY 11 Sittingbourne Kent London St Pauls Deptford   
 Charles CLAY 45 Faversham Kent Of Kent Bromley Butcher 
 Chas CLAY 74 Kent Faversham York Whiston Grocer 
 Edward CLAY 23 Kent Dartford London Islington Crane Driver At Docks 
 Edward CLAY 31 Kent Folkestone Kent Township Of Folkestone Marine Porter 
 Edward CLAY 56 Kent Faversham Kent Farningham Butcher & Grocer 
 Ernest CLAY 9 Faversham Kent Of Kent Bromley   
 Ernest CLAY 23 Kent Boughton ... Kent Sandgate Entire Bricklayers Labourer 
 Ernest CLAY 54 Ramegate Kent London Camberwell House Dealer Labourer 
 Frederick CLAY 17 Faversham Kent Essex Cann Hall Auctioneers Clerk 
 Frederick CLAY 25 Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness Driller H M D 
 Frederick CLAY 29 Kent Dartford London Woolwich General Labourer 
 Fredk CLAY 72 Kent Faversham Kent Faversham Retired Butcher 
 Georg CLAY 8 Kent Belvedere Kent Erith   
 George CLAY 8 Kent Folkestone Kent Township Of Folkestone   
 George CLAY 14 Milton Next Sittingbourne Kent London St Pauls Deptford   
 George CLAY 28 Kent Shorncliffe Lancashire Preston French Furniture Polisher 
 George CLAY 38 Faversham Kent   Prittlewell Baker Bread Mkr 
 George CLAY 51 Kent Whintstable Cheshire Prenton Cotton Merchant 
 George CLAY 70 Kent Faversham Kent Faversham Within Late Baker Bread Mkr
 Gerald CLAY 12 Kent Thorncliffe Berks Woolhampton Scholar 
 Henry CLAY 52 Kent Tydd Essex Ilford Cigar Merchant 
 Howard CLAY 27 Kent Faversham Kent Eythorne Grocers Assistant 
 John CLAY 26 Kent Folkestone Kent Township Folkestone Carter 
 John CLAY 70 Kent Faversham Kent Eythorne Draper & Grocer Post Office 
 Lewis CLAY 16 Kent Sheerness Kent Farningham Grocers Assistant 
 Samuel CLAY 29 Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness Skilled Laborer Dockyard 
 Samuel CLAY 58 Folkeston Kent London St Mary Stratford Bow Cow Keeper
 Sidney CLAY 2 Kent Woolwich London Woolwich   
 Sidney CLAY 25 Kent Faversham Kent Nonington Grocer & Draper 
 Stanley CLAY 11 Faversham Kent Of Kent Bromley   
 Thomas CLAY 6M Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness   
 Thomas CLAY 30 Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness Driller Shipyard 
 Walter CLAY 11 Kent Gravesend Kent Farningham   
 William CLAY 28 Kent Folkestone Kent Township Folkestone General Carter 
 William CLAY 29 Plumstead Kent Northampton Wootton Shoe Maker 

 Alice CLAY 8 Kent Gravesend Kent Farningham   
 Alice CLAY 13 Faversham Kent Of Kent Bromley   
 Annie CLAY 31 Kent Dover Kent Township Of Folkestone   
 Anny CLAY 34 Luton Kent Cheshire Lower Bebington   
 Audry CLAY 1 Kent Chatham Kent Chatham   
 Bertha CLAY 30 Kent Faversham Kent West Wickham Drapers Shop Keeper 
 Caroline CLAY 37 Kent Littingbourne Middlesex Heston Housekeeper Domestic 
 Charlotte CLAY 40 Gravesend Kent Croydon C B Croydon   
 Cordelia CLAY 15 Kent Sheerness Kent Farningham   
 Dorothea CLAY 11 Herne Bay Kent Kent Township Folkestone   
 Edith CLAY 6 Kent Gravesend Kent Farningham   
 Edith CLAY 9 Kent Milton Next Gsend Kent Milton   
 Edith CLAY 23 Kent Faversham Kent Eythorne Drapery & P C Assistant 
 Eleanor CLAY 46 Kent Eastry Yorkshire Tickhill Maid Companion 
 Eleanor CLAY 84 Kent Rochester London Hammersmith Living On Own Means 
 Eliza CLAY 49 Charing Kent London St Pauls Deptford   
 Eliza CLAY 73 Barton On Kent Staffs Yorks Aston With Aughton   
 Elizabeth CLAY 35 Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness   
 Ellen CLAY 39 Kent Sittingbourne East Sussex Bexhill House Keeper Domestic 
 Emily CLAY 39 Kent Gravesend Kent Milton Teacher Of Music 
 Emily CLAY 48 Kent Portsmouth Nottinghamshire Nottingham   
 Emma CLAY 36 Kent Dartford Essex East Ham   
 Ethel CLAY 16 Faversham Kent Of Kent Bromley   
 Florence CLAY 19 Kent Faversham Kent West Wickham   
 Florence CLAY 30 Kent Canterbury London Lambeth   
 Florence CLAY 34 Kent Cudham Oxfordshire S Michael Entire   
 Frances CLAY 25 Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness   
 Frances CLAY 67 Kent Chatham Southampton Portsmouth   
 Georgine CLAY 77 Kent Isle Of Thanet Kent Faversham Within   
 Gertrude CLAY 5 Kent Luton Kent     
 Gladys CLAY 1 Kent Chatham Kent Chatham   
 Hariett CLAY 74 Kent Boughton Sleds Kent Faversham   
 Harriett CLAY 31 Kent Woolwich East Sussex Hailsham   
 Harriett CLAY 53 Kent Elham Kent Township Of Folkestone   
 Hilda CLAY 1 Kent Nonington Kent Nonington   
 Hilda CLAY 3 Faversham Kent   Prittlewell   
 Jessie CLAY 9M Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness   
 Katherina CLAY 32 Kent Dartford London Lambeth   
 Kathleen CLAY 2 Beckenham Kent Kent Beckenham   
 Lily CLAY 4 Woolwich Kent London     
 Louisa CLAY 31 Kent Rochester Kent Gravesend   
 Margaret CLAY 6 Herne Bay Kent Kent Township Folkestone   
 Margaret CLAY 33 Kent Deal Kent     
 Maria CLAY 71 Chevening Kent Essex Colchester Own Means 
 Mary CLAY 11 Kent Belvedere Kent Erith   
 Mary CLAY 44 Kent Salop Prees   
 Maud CLAY 2 Kent Gillingham Kent Gillingham   
 Maud CLAY 11 Kent Milton Next Gsend Kent Milton   
 Nellie CLAY 30 Kent Canterbury London   Dressmaker 
 Phoebe CLAY 6M Kent Sheerness Kent Sheerness   
 Rose CLAY 30 Kent Woolwich London Kensington Housemaid Domestic 
 Sarah CLAY 30 Faversham Kent   Prittlewell   
 Sarah CLAY 50 Kent Canterbury London Camberwell   
 Susannah CLAY 6 Kent Folkestone Kent Township Of Folkestone   
 Winifred CLAY 1 Kent Brockley London Lewisham   

* 1914 Belvedere: Brenda brenda"att" 2002
0 Henry MANNING d1939 m Esther CLAY d1914 lived in Belvedere Kent; 7 ch.:
 Lily Grace Daisy William George [my dad] Gladys & Elsie. 

*sue.barnes276"att" 2003:
0 Reginald Cromwell CLAY Kent died at Romsey m Mabel ADAMS
1 Margaret 


*1563-1875 Kidderminster, Worcester ex IGI
*1675 Nottinghamshire to Worcestershire
*1723-1875 Richard PICKARD
*1850-1900 The Genealogical Research Directory
*1881 census: 211 CLAY in Worc. 
*1901 census

* no wills found at

*1563-1875 Kidderminster, Worcester ex IGI

0 Agnes CLEY m 29 JAN 1563 Kidderminster John CARPENTER batch 7105703

0 Henry CLAY m Mary batch no. C043951 1732-1820
1 Wm bp 16 OCT 1772 Kidderminster
2 Henry bp 3.11.1773 m 14.2.1796 Mary HILL batch M043951 1731-1875 
3 Ann bp 12.8.1775 Kidderminster
4 Mary bp 3.1.1777 m 28.6.1802 Richard SKELDING batch M043951 1731-1875 
41 Catherine SKELDING bp 10.5.1803 Kidderminster
42 Richard SKELDING b 26.2.1806 14 MAR 1806 Kidderminster
43 Benjamin SKELDON bp 25 OCT 1815 Kidderminster
5 Sarah 5.11.1785 Kidderminster d 18.1.1788
6 Sarah 29.8.1788 Kidderminster
7 Sackey 28.3.1792 Kidderminster d 2.7.1794

0 Henry CLAY m Elizabeth batch no. C043951 1732-1820
1 Elizabeth bp 10 DEC 1783 Kidderminster

0 Henry CLAY m Elizabeth batch no. C043951 1732-1820
1 Margaret b 24.2.1802 bp 26.2.1802 d 8.7.1802 
2 Maria b 11.6.1803 bp 1.7.1803
3 Peggey Ann b 13.3.1805 bp 5.4.1805
4 Henry b 23.4.1807 bp 15.5.1807
5 Eliza b 27.11.1809 bp 20.12.1809 Kidderminster d 12.5.1810
6 Hannah bp 7.6.1813 Kidderminster 
m 20.7.1832 Charles BLEADING batch M043951 1731-1875 
7 Wm bp 24.7.1816 Kidderminster
8 John bp c20.8.1819

Ann CLAY m 18.4.1803 John WALKER batch M043951 1731-1875 

Ann CLAY m 27.4.1809 Thomas COOKE batch M043951 1731-1875 

0 John CLAY m Rebecca batch no. C043951 1732-1820,C043952 1821-1875
1 Maria bp 7.4.1820 Kidderminster, Worcester,
2 George bp 15.10.1823

0 Benjamin CLAA m Elizabeth C043952 1821-1875
1 Elizabeth CLAA b .1.1802 bp 20 JUL 1827 Kidderminster aged 25

Henry CLAY m 10.2.1812 Elizabeth LOWE batch M043951 1731-1875 

Margaret CLAY m 12.2.1823 Wm JAMES batch M043951 1731-1875 

Elizabeth CLAY m 11.6.1824 James SILVESTER batch M043951 1731-1875 

0 James CLAY m Rebecca
1 Sarah bp 3 MAY 1828 Kidderminster C017079 

2 Mary bp 2 JAN 1840 St George, Kidderminster C022826 
m 26.12.1858 Kidderminster Daniel PERRY IGI
  1881: Name Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation
Daniel PERRY Head M 41 Kidder, Worcester  	 Pumber  	  
Mary PERRY Wife  M  41 Kidder, Worcester  	 General Dealer  	  
Walter PERRY Son U  17 Kidder, Worcester  	 Plumber  	  
Alice PERRY  Dr  U  14 Kidder, Worcester  	 Scholar  	  
Rhoda K. PERRY Dr U 10 Kidder, Worcester  	 Scholar  	  
Eliza CLAY Sister In Law U 39 Kidder, Worcester Mill Hand (C)  	  
  Source Information: 	Dwelling  	39 40 Oxford St (1 House)
  	Census Place 	Kidderminster Borough, Worcester, England
 	Family History Library Film  	1341696
 	Public Records Office Reference  	RG11
 	Piece / Folio  	2901 / 112 	Page Number  	18
3 Eliza CLAY c1842 Kidder, Worcester 

0 John CLAY m 15.10.1843 Jane PHILLIPS batch M043951 1731-1875 
0 Sarah CLAY m 6.3.1853 Henry ANDREWS batch M043951 1731-1875 
0 Rebekah CLAY m 28.5.1855 Alfred COOPER batch M043951 1731-1875 
0 Emma CLAY m 28.9.1856 Benjamin CROW batch M043951 1731-1875 
*1675 Nottinghamshire to Worcestershire

0 0-Thomas CLAY b 1675 Nottinghamshire d 1730 Worcestershire
m 1699 sp-Margaret CHAPPELL 1677
 This branch is ex Glass & Scott Family Tree Owner: rjglass1
 I sent a msg 29.4.14.

1 1-Richard CLAY b 1725 Worcester, Worcestershire d 1809 Worcester 
 Richard and wife appear as 4 1-Richard 1731 at *1723-1875 but with a different
m 16.4.1750 Worcester sp-Mary HOLLAND 1730 Worcester d 1787 Worcester
 Daur of William HOLLAND 1705 & Rebecca CHAPPELL 1710.

11 2-John CLAY b 1.1.1751 Worcester d Dec Q 1838 Upton on Severn, Worcester
This is where 1622 Samuel was in 1891,
and where 411 George at *1723 below lived.
 However the d entry does not give an age. So he could be my ancestor
 0 0-John CLAY (1752 Kidderminster-buried 27.2.1826 Faversham) at 

12 2-Mary CLAY b 1.1.1752 Worcester
13 2-Thomas CLAY b 11.11.1753 Worcester d Sep 1853 Worcester
14 2-Richard CLAY b 24.7.1755 Worcester
15 2-Ann CLAY b 6.10.1757 Worcester

16 2-Samuel CLAY b 1760 Worcester d 9.4.1810
m 1780 Cumberland sp-Ann RASTON b 23.4.1775 Worcester d 1808 Worcester
 Dau'r of Thomas RASTON b 1750 & Susanna b 1751. 

161 3-Suzanna CLAY 18.7.1802 Worcester

162 3-William CLAY 16.6.1805 Bushly, Worcestershire d 1869 Gloucester 
m 5.3.1832 Gloucestershire sp-Esther WILLIAMS 17.5.1812 Maisemore, Glouc.
 d 1886 Gloucestershire Dr of Thomas WILLIAMS 1760 & Ann FLETCHER 1765.
  1851 Upper Quay St, Gloucester St Nicholas, Gloucestershire:           ID
William CLAY Head M 45 1806 Bushly, Worcestersh      Coal merchant      162
Esther CLAY  Wife M 37 1814 Maisemore, Gloucestersh
Samuel CLAY  Son  U 16 1835 Gloucester         Smith machine maker app' 1622
James CLAY   Son    14 1837 Maisemore, Gloucestersh  Butcher's app'     1623
Selina A CLAY Daur  11 1840 Maisemore, Gloucestersh  Scholar            1625
Eliza CLAY    Daur   9 1842 Maisemore, Gloucestersh  Scholar            1626
William CLAY  Son    3 1848 Gloucester               At home            1628
Job Daw 	Lodger U 41                          Lab'r
John Kettle 	Lodger U 27                          Nailor
John Collins 	Lodger M 23
James Baker 	Lodger U 21
  1861 Howard St, Barton St Michael, Gloucestershire:
William CLAY Head M 56 1805 Lougdon, Worcestershire  Hallier      162
Esther CLAY  Wife M 50 1811 Maisemore, Glo'cestershire
  1871 Esther is a W with d'r 1625 Selina A BEARD.
  1881 Northern d, Maisemore, Gloucestershire:
Amos WILLIAMS Head W 79 1802 Maisemore, Glostersh  Retired baker & Innkeeper
Esther CLAY Sister W 69 1812 Maisemore, Glostersh  Companion

1621 4-Thomas CLAY 1833 Gloucester  1851 with parents. 
 OliviaForsberg added this on 13 Nov 2008: According to my grandmother Bernice 
HOMES (Samuel CLAY was her Grandfather) Tom CLAY moved to the USA. 
He was arrested for running guns to the South. I sent her a msg 30.4.14.

1622 4-Samuel CLAY b 8.3.1835 Parish St Nicholas, Maisemore, Gloucestershire 
d 13.7.1930 Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. Photos.
  1851 with parents. 
m 15.10.1857 sp-Mary Ann PROCTOR b 1826 Nettleton, Wilts d 18.1.1916 Ascot Vale
 Dr of Thomas PROCTOR 1802-1874 & Sarah ROGERS 1801-1863. Photos.
  1891 Ripple, Worcestershire:
Samuel CLAY   Head M 65 1826 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire  Farm lab'r
Mary Ann CLAY Wife M 65 1826 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire  Shirt maker
William GRIFFITHS Visitor S 4 1887 Pontypridd, South Wales

16221 5-Emily CLAY b 22.11.1858 Clunes, Victoria d 10.11.1952 Ardross,
 Ascotvale, Victoria. Photo.
m 9.2.1881 St. Patricks Melb, Vic. sp-Daniel John GRIFFITH b 1850 d 1916
16221 1 6-Maud GRIFFTHS 12.12.1881 West Melb, Vic d 29.1.1955 Rye Vic 
16221 2 6-Margaret(Madge) GRIFFTHS 22.1.1883 West Melb, Vic 
  d 12.7.1976 Moonee Ponds, Vic
16221 3 6-Rosa GRIFFITH 1885 d 1886  
16221 4 6-Rosa GRIFFTHS 5.3.1888 Whitehall, Footscray, Melb d 7.9.1956 Glenroy 
16221 5 6-Gerald GRIFFTHS 6.12.1895 Whitehall, Footscray, Melb
  d 11.5.1915 Gallipolli

16222 5-Rosa CLAY 26.6.1860 Clunes, Vic d 5.10.1945 Ascotvale, Vic.  Photo. 
16223 5-Clara CLAY 7.9.1862 Eglington, Manchester d 26.9.1949 Warrnambool, Vic

1623 4-James CLAY 1836 Maisemore, Gloucestershire d 1909 Kent
  1851 with parents.
m 1859 Gloucester, Glos. sp-Phoebe PEARCE 1839 Gloucester d 1900 Sheppey, Kent
  1861 Market St, Gloucester St Michael, Gloucestershire:
James CLAY Head M 23 1838 Maisemore, Glostershire  Shipwright  1623
Phebe CLAY Wife M 21 1840 Gloster, Glostershire 
Alice A CLAY Daur  1 1860 Gloster, Glostershire                16231
  1871 15 North St, Minster, Kent:
James CLAY  Head M 54 1817 Maisemore, Gloucestershire  Shipwright  1623
Phoebe CLAY Wife M 33 1838 Gloucester 
Alice A CLAY  Daur 11 1860 Portsmouth, Hants           Scholar     16231
Emma CLAY     Daur  8 1863 Gloucester                  Scholar     16232
William J CLAY Son  7 1864 Chatham, Kent               Scholar     16233
Alfred CLAY    Son  5 1866 Sheerness, Kent             Scholar     16234
Charles H CLAY Son  3 1868 Sheerness, Kent                         16235
Thomas CLAY  Son 7 mo 1870 Minster, Kent                           16236
  1881 42 Victory St, Minster in Sheppey, Kent:
James CLAY    Head M 42 1839 Gloucester         Shipwright  1623
Phoebe CLAY   Wife M 41 1840 Gloucester 
Alice CLAY    Daur U 21 1860 Portsmouth, Hants  Scholar     16231
Alfred CLAY   Son  U 15 1866 Sheerness, Kent    Scholar     16234
Henry CLAY    Son  U 13 1868 Sheerness, Kent    Scholar     16235
Thomas CLAY   Son  U 11 1860 Sheerness, Kent    Scholar     16236
Samuel CLAY   Son  U  9 1872 Sheerness, Kent    Scholar     16237
Frederick CLAY Son U  5 1876 Sheerness, Kent    Scholar     16238
Charles CLAY   Son U  3 1878 Sheerness, Kent    Scholar     16239
  1891 42 Victory St, Minster in Sheppey, Kent:
James CLAY    Head M 54 1837 Gloucester       Shipwright  1623
Phoebe CLAY   Wife M 53 1838 Gloucester 
Alfred CLAY   Son  S 25 1866 Sheerness, Kent  Driller     16234
Henry CLAY    Son  S 23 1868 Sheerness, Kent  Driller     16235
Thomas CLAY   Son  S 21 1860 Sheerness, Kent  Driller     16236
Samuel CLAY   Son  S 19 1872 Sheerness, Kent  Driller     16237
Frederick CLAY Son S 16 1875 Sheerness, Kent  Driller's asst  16238
Charles CLAY   Son S 13 1878 Sheerness, Kent  Scholar     16239

16231 5-Alice Amelia CLAY 1860 Portsmouth, Hants  1861-81 with parents.
16232 5-Emma CLAY 1862 Gloucester  1871 with parents. 
  1881 serv in Minster in Sheppey.

16233 5-William James CLAY 1864 Chatham, Kent  1871 with parents.
m sp-Mary 1864 
16233  1 6-Minnie M CLAY 1889 Belgrave, London

16234 5-Alfred CLAY 1866 Sheerness, Kent  1871-91 with parents.
16235 5-Charles Henry CLAY 1868 Sheerness, Kent  1871-91 with parents. 
16236 5-Thomas CLAY 1870 Minster, Kent  1871-91 with parents. 

16237 5-Samuel CLAY 1872 Sheerness, Kent  1881-91 with parents.  
m sp-Jessie Louisa MOORE 1875 Devonport, Devon 
  1901 1 Gorham Sq, Russell Te, Sheerness, Kent:
Samuel CLAY   Head M 29 1872 Sheerness, Kent  Skilled lab dockyard  16237 
Jessie L CLAY Wife M 26 1875 Devonport, Devon 
Jessie L CLAY Daur 9 mo 1900 Sheerness, Kent                        16237 1

16237 1 6-Jessie Louisa CLAY 1900 Sheerness, Kent

16238 5-Frederick CLAY 1876 Sheerness, Kent  1881-91 with parents.  
m 1900 Sheppey, Kent sp-Francis Ann SHARLAND 1877 Sheerness, Kent. 
 Dr of John SHARLAND 1852 & Frances Ann NOKES 1857.

16238 1 6-Phoebe CLAY 1900

16239 5-Charles CLAY 1878 Sheerness, Kent 1881-91 with parents. 

1624 4-Alfred CLAY 1837 

1625 4-Selina A CLAY 1839 Maisemore, Gloucestershire  d 1869 Gloucester,
  1851 with parents.
m sp-Henry BEARD 1836
  1871 St Luke, Gloucestershire:
Henry BEARD    Head M 35 1836 Brinscome, Gloshire  Hauliet
Salina A BEARD Wife M 31 1840 Maisemore, Gloucestershire  1625
Esther CLAY  Mother W 59 1812 Maisemore, Gloucestershire 
Ellen GWILLIAM Niece   3 1868 Gloucester

1626 4-Eliza CLAY 1841 Maisemore, Gloucestershire  1851 with parents.
1627 4-Amelia CLAY 1842 
1628 4-William CLAY 18488 Gloucester  1851 with parents.
1629 4-Eliza CLAY 1852

163 3-Marianne CLAY 1809 Worcester
164 3-Samuel CLAY 1811 Worcester d 1811 

17 2-Elizabeth CLAY 3.12.1761 Worcester
18 2-Sarah CLAY 23.5.1763 Worcester
19 2-Suzanna CLAY 13.1.1765 Worcester
1(10) 2-Jane CLAY 18.1.1767 Worcester d 1776 Worcestershire
1(11) 2-George CLAY 28.7.1769 Worcester d 1778 Worcester
1(12) 2-Sarah CLAY 11.1.1771 Worcester
1(13) 2-Israel CLAY 17.5.1772 Worcester
1(14) 2-Prudence CLAY 3.3.1776 Worcester

*1723-1875 Richard PICKARD, The Haven,Frodesley,Nr Dorrington,Shrewsbury SY57EY
  His 2000 email bounced. This is a different version of the previous tree
 at *1675 Nottinghamshire
0 0-Joseph CLAY m Elizabeth, 4 chn christened at Worcester St Helen's
1 1-Mary 1723, 2 1-Thomas 1725 m Mary - 2 chn
3 1-Bridget 1727

4 1-Richard 1731 m 1750 at Worcester St Michael's to Mary HOLLANDS 14 chn
 Richard and wife appear as 4 1-Richard 1731 at *1675 Nottinghamshire to Worcestershire above but with a different father.

41 2-John 1751 m Hannah 4 chn

411 3-George 1774-1865 both at Upton on Severn 
m 1798 at Claines?sp- Elizabeth MORRIS

4111 4-Eliz. Morris 1800
4112 4-Fred.Wm 1804
4113 4-Wm 1806
4114 4-Henry 1809,
4115 4-Mira,4116 4-Edmum 1919,

4117 4-Edwin 1822-1875 m 1849 Gt.Malvern sp-Jane COX 4 chn bp Malvern Link

41171 5-Eliz. CLAY 1853 m Edward James BEACHUS -his line
41172 5-Mira 1856,541173 5-Rosanna 1859,41174 5-Harriet 1861

412 3-Mary 1776 Upton
413 3-Wm 1784 Upton
414 3-Nancy 1788 Upton

42 2-Mary 1752,43 2-Thomas 1753 ISSUE IN IGI
44 2-Richard 1755, 45 2-Ann 1757,
46 2-Samuel 1760, 47 2-Eliz. 1761, 48 2-Sarah 1763, 49 2-Susanna 1765,
4(10) 2-Jane 1867, 4(11) 2-George 1769, 4(12) 2-Sarah 1769,
4(13) 2-Israel 1772, 4(14) 2-Prudence 1776

*1850-1900 The Genealogical Research Directory CD for 2000 lists the following
CLAY researchers - written to 29.10.2000 for WORCESTER:
Mr G PENGELLY, 84 Rookwood Av, Chorley, Lancs. PR7 1RG England 
-1850-1900  He died 2000. Does anyone have a record of his CLAY tree?

*1881 census: 211 CLAY in Worc. of which 170 were b Worc.; 282 b Worc.
The only entries for Kidderminster are these 2: 

- Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
John CLAY  Head M  61 <1820>  Kidderminster, Worcester, Carpet Weaver
  Sarah A. CLAY  Wife M   56   Halifax, York  
  Hugh BOOTH (CLAY)  Stepson U  24   Liversedge, York Power Loom Carpet Weaver
  Walter CLAY  Son U  19   Liversedge, York  Power Loom Carpet   Weaver 
 Willie CLAY  Son U  17   Liversedge, York Power Loom Carpet   Weaver  
 Source Information: Dwelling  Bk South Street
Census PlaceLiversedge, York Family History Library Film  1342097
Public Records Office Reference  RG11, Piece / Folio  4554 / 51 p47

- There are 6 CLEE families b Kidderminster + 1 b Germany 
+ 1 CLAY family b Dottry,Worc.

- 1 CLAY family b Worc. in Greater London E (includes Kent):
 Main Rd,Littlebury,Essex: Edwin 39 b Dottry,worc. plumber/glaz'r/farmer 82 
 acres; wife Elizabeth Mary .., chn Alfred Geo.8, Annie Beatrice 7,
 Chas Joseph 5, Edwin Wm 3, El. 1 all b Little Bury, Essex

-CLAY with male heads b Worc. include those b in Astley, Berrow, Bushley,
Dottry, Dudley, Gt Malvern, Halesowen, Hanley Castle, Leigh, Quinton,
Ridgeacres, Saint Clements, Severn Stoke, Upton, Warley Wigorn
-CLEE with male heads b Worc. include those b in Cradley, Dudley, Feckenham,
-CLEY with male heads b Worc. include those b in Upton on Severn.

*1901 census Name Age Where Born, Administrative County,Civil Parish Occupation
  (27 male & 24 female) TO SORT BY ID NO.!
 Abel CLAY 32 Worcester Northfield Birmingham Harborne Brass Caster 
 Albert CLAY 11 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Alfred CLAY 12 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Arthur CLAY 33 Worcester Hallow Worcester North Hallow Painter 
 Cecil CLAY 9 Worcester Hallow Worcester North Hallow   
 Charles CLAY 9 Worcester Halesowen Worcester Halesowen   
 Ernest CLAY 3 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Ernest CLAY 21 Blackwell Worcester Warwick Bolehall & Glascote Railway Goods 
 Frank CLAY 5 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Frank CLAY 19 Worcester Halesowen Worcester Halesowen Bricklayers Labourer 
 George CLAY 14 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester Errand Boy Ironmongers 
 George CLAY 23 Worcester Kinnersley Worcester Croome Dabitot Stable Helper 
 Harry CLAY 27 Worcester Halton Warwick Edgbaston Glover 
 Herbert CLAY 21 Worcester Halesowen Worcester Halesowen Bricklayer 
 James CLAY 10 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 John CLAY 7 Worcester Little Witley Worcester North Hallow   
 John CLAY 35 Worcester Wichenford Worcester North Hallow House Painter 
 John CLAY 38 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester Gas Worker 
 John CLAY 51 Upton On Severn Worcester Stafford Leek Bricklayer 
 Percy CLAY 3 Worcestershire Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Reginald CLAY 4 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Richard CLAY 8 Selly Oak Worcester Worcestershire Northfield   
 Samuel CLAY 44 Worcester Worcester Essex Dagenham Foreman On Railway 
 Thomas CLAY 5 Worcester Little Witley Worcester North Hallow   
 Thomas CLAY 19 Worcester Halesowen Worcester Halesowen Navy 
 William CLAY 29 Oldbury Worcester Borough Of West Ham West Ham Railway Engine 
 William CLAY 30 Worcester Kinnersley Shropshire Abbington Hunt Servant 

 Alice CLAY 1 Worcestershire Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Amy CLAY 40 Worcestershire Worcester Lancaster Pendleton   
 Annie CLAY 8 Worcester Little Witley Worcester North Hallow   
 Annie CLAY 32 Worcester Martley Worcester North Hallow   
 Annie CLAY 34 Woodgate Worcester Worcestershire Northfield   
 Annie CLAY 36 Worcester Little Witley Worcester North Hallow   
 Dorothy CLAY 1 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Eleanor CLAY 52 Bayton Worcester Stafford     
 Eliza CLAY 34 Worcester Northfield Birmingham Harborne   
 Ellen CLAY 15 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester Machinist Printing 
 Elsie CLAY 4 Selly Oak Worcester Worcestershire Northfield   
 Elsie CLAY 8 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Emily CLAY 42 Worcester .. Staffordshire Wolverhampton   
 Emma CLAY 25 Worcester Kimmerley Berks Arborfield Entire Under H Maid Domestic
 Harriet CLAY 28 Shropshire Worcester Shropshire Cressage   
 Lilian CLAY 22 Halllow Worcester Mdx Willesden Nurse Dome 
 Lizzie CLAY 10 Selly Oak Worcester Worcestershire Northfield   
 Lucy CLAY 21 Worcester Halesowen Worcester Halesowen   
 Lucy CLAY 43 Worcester Herefordshire St Peter   
 Marion CLAY 29 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester China Burnisher 
 Martha CLAY 47 Worcester Halesowen Worcester Halesowen Laundress 
 Mary CLAY 41 Worcester Worcestershire Worcester   
 Mary CLAY 69 Worcester Upton On Severn Worcester Severn Stoke   
 Nellie CLAY 24 Worcester Stallow Worcestershire Ombersley General Servant


*1854 Cambridge gives 
eg1  A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume IX.
 A. P. M. Wright & C. P. Lewis (Editors) (1989)
William Keatinge CLAY, vicar 1854-67, an authority on the Prayer Book, 
 published histories of Waterbeach and ...

** LINCOLNSHIRE in 1808; Irene HUNT ilh"att" 2001:
Joseph CLAY (bc1788 -c1838 Hanwell, Middlesex) (mother's maiden name PARKER) 
 hatter and glove maker m 1808 Holywell, Linc. Elizabeth HAYDEN 


*1798 ex Irene HUNT nee CLAY in Melbourne ilh"att" 2001:
0 Joseph CLAY bcd 1788 a glove maker. Of Greenford, Middlesex. Buried in
 Hanwell, Middlesex. Mother a PARKER.
m Elizabeth HAYDEN in Lincolnshire. A son was a hatter (among other things).  

*1837 Staffordshire gives 
eg1  A History of the County of Staffordshire: Volume IX. Nigel J. Tringham 
(Editor) (2003) ... built in the late 1830s by John CLAY (vicar 1837-77),


* Nancy Clay FAHY Nants07"att" 2003:
1881 cenus: Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 Joseph CLAY Head M   Male   44 <1837> Bradford, York  Warp Dresser Wd    
 Nancy CLAY  Wife   M   Female   47   Bradford, York       
 Alpha CLAY Son U Male 20   Halifax, York, England   Wd Spinning Overlooker    
 Ophelia CLAY   Daur   U   Female   19   Halifax, York   Wd Weaver    
 Ralph CLAY   Son      Male   16   Bradford, York, England   Wd Spinner    
 Carrie CLAY   Daur      Female   14   Bradford, York   Wd Spinner    
 Louis CLAY   Son      Male   12   Bradford, York   Wd Spinner    
 Perrie CLAY   Son      Male   8   Keighley, York   Scholar    
 Eugene CLAY   Son      Male   5   Keighley, York       
Source Information:
  Dwelling   16 Milton St
  Census Place Keighley, York, England
  Family History Library Film   1342039
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11
  Piece / Folio   4351 / 20 Page Number   42
Alpha came to America in 1897 with his wife and children, one of
  whom, Walter, Sr. was my Grandfather.

-  Ruth CLAY located another CLAY family ex Eton; some were bankers who went
 to US & returned;there were twins who rowed in the Cambridge/Oxford boat race.
- There is a CLAY family who are printers in EAST ANGLIA.
- Ruth corresponded with (unrelated) Gladys CLAY, 232 19 St Lethbridge AB,
- Philip TESTER philtes"att" 1998:
 William CLAY 1806 Bushley, GLOUCESTERSHIRE m Esther WILLIAMS 1814 of Maismore.
-  Richard CLAY  descends from John CLAY or CLAYE
 of GLOUCESTERSHIRE 1400-1500s.
-  WTandMR.Stead"att" Bill of Devon is searching his grandmother
 Edith CLAY m Archibald James LEADSOM (7/1/1880-24/2/1941 ) Formby, LIVERPOOL, 
 LANCS., UK Could she be 8(11)9 above?
-0 Henry CLAY, 1 Albert CLAY m Annie, 11 chn b in Ponders End, MIDDLESEX 
 11 Herbert CLAY
 111 WalthamX"att" 1999 nee CLAY b HERTFORDSHIRE 
- The Genealogical Research Directory CD for 2000 lists the following
CLAY researchers - written to 29.10.2000:
for NZ: Mr Q ANTHONY, 17 Hawkesbury Cr, Farrer ACT 2607, Australia
 6 for London including ed.mckie"att"
 Some others include:
jthomson_3311"att" London c1845
wiggins"att" pre 1690 Beverley ERY=? ENG
101321.3210"att" 1860s Nottingham, Ntt. - bounced
shepheardp"att" 1700-1900 Chs Sal & Fln ENG & Wales

chris"att" c1800-70 MANCHESTER Lancs.:
 1 John LIVESLEY = Jane CLAY (8.10.1871 in Leeds-1935 Tynemouth,Northumberland)
 - she was my great grandmother.
 Father James CLAY (Foundryman) from marr cert
 2 Thomas LIVESLEY = Sarah CLAY 24 Sept 1865
 Father Henry CLAY (Joiner) from Marr cert
 In 1871 census "att" 31 Hope Street, Leeds: Thomas LIVESLEY  Head
  Sarah LIVESLEY Wife +several chn., Jane CLAY Sister
 So if Sarah and Jane are sisters how come the fathers names and occupations
 are different?

- "Patsy Jacobs"  2001:
0 Thomas K. CLAY m Clarissa DEGRANGE. 
1 Melanie Brande CLAY (1820) christened St. Pancras, Middlesex Co., LONDON

* gives the following researching English CLAY in 2001:
    CLAY               Derbyshire          alanbloor"att" 
    CLAY               Leics               alanbloor"att" 
    CLAY               Derbyshire          cabarrett"att" 
    CLAY               Gloucestershire     evanbarr"att" 
    CLAY               Middlesex           ilh"att" 
    CLAY               Lancs               wtandmr.stead"att" 

Want to check out a surname for a particular county in England, say Kent?
Then visit the Surname list for the Kent-Eng Mailing list at:
 This gave no CLAY in 2002 when I posted
CLAY Faversham 1800-1932 Kit c.withers"att"




 Some of these may be from the brothers 854,857-85(11).

- ".. Mr HILLS has been busy carting flax from Sangster Rd. to the Eltham
  Railway Station. He has to deliver about 300 tons & it is being sent by
  train to Kakaramea ..." Eltham Argus, 29.8.1906.

- "Orders for knitting, Mrs V PHILPOTTS, next to HILLS Cordial Factory."
   Eltham Argus, 29.8.1906. cf Eltham obituary 3.8.1959 of Mr Louis WATSON
   at one time a manager of HILLS Cordial factory in Bridge St, "now a depot
   for Bulk Topdressers Ltd", Eltham.
 Louis WATSON was grgrfr to Philip WATSON:  he lived in 
Auckland and had family ties to Maxwell, Hawera,Wellington & cousins Kenneth, 
Janet and another, maybe Robert, living on farms in Hawera.
- Philip & Chris WATSON pi59428"att" 2007.

- Minnie HILLS, Eltham District High School exams. Passed proficiency.
   Eltham Argus, 17.12.1912.
- Jesse HILLS of Palmerston North, part owner with Mr Peter DONNELLY, 
   stationer, Hawera. Shop Eltham occupied by Mr Ira BRIDGER. Eltham Argus,

Eltham Cemetery Transcriptions:
 Block 6, 1553. 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force 36355 Private WE HILLS, NZ Infantry
  d 6 August (year??) aged 57. [This date rules out 859.]
 1618. HILLS d 1.10.1929 (No death notice in the Argus)
 1635. HILLS d 12.10.1949 (No death notice in the Argus)

1949 New Plymouth Electoral Roll:
 HILLS George Lennox 214 Powderham St, civil servant
 HILLS Janet Bassett 6 French St, married
 HILLS Robert Edward 6 French St, carpenter

Negatives in boxes at studio of CONNELL Photography, 101 Bridge St, Eltham:
Box 101 HILLS baby. Box 128 HILLS soldier. Box 133 HILLS soldier. 
Box 144 2 HILLS girls - 2 neg's. Box 214 1947 2 little boys & 4 girls together.
They may well be this family as ND CONNELL took the studio photo of 8593 c1925.

CLUES FROM NY mostly from the New Plymouth Public Library:  
"There is probably some material available at the New Plymouth Museum but this institution will be closed until" 2003.

Cremations - Taranaki Crematorium
HILLS, Ernest William Died 22 Aug 1973  78yrs  N(ew)P(lymouth)  Ref 2975
HILLS, Florence  Died 7 Apr 1973  74 yrs NP Ref 2849

Te Henui Cemetery (in NP) Returned Services Graves 1896-1981
 Great War Veteran 57887 GNR G.L. HILLS.  Field Artillery.  Died 3.12.1958.
  N.Z.E.F.  Ref 742
Index of Names New Plymouth Public Library  (This is a card index)
HILLS, Harry Chaplin Died 11 (could be 17 or 19) Mr 1932.  
 Husband of Lily T.H. (Te Henui?) 18 Mr 1932.  T.H. 19 Mr 1932.  
 (18 Mr is probably the correct death date.) [Mr is March.]
Stratford Pioneer Cemetery - East Road on the right hand side when leaving the
 main road.  Can be easily missed.  Extension of Regan Street.
 The names appear on the memorial wall.  A few of the stones have been moved to
 the side of the cemetery.  Unfortunately no HILLS among them.

HILLS, Clarice Gertrude d 18 Sep 1897  Plot 276
A couple of references from, I think, the Stratford Family History Society:

HILLS, C.A. d 2 Mar 1973 aged 50 yrs  25th Batt 2nd NZEF  Ref 1306 Row 5
 Waitara Cemetery Block I
HILLS, Ernestine Mary sp John, mother of Richard, Mervyn, Margaret and Gordon. 
 Died 21st Aug 1971 aged 53.  

* NZ
 "Charles Frederick beloved husband of Violet HILLS who departed this life
29th Nov. 1915 aged 30" - flu victim gravestone on Air NZ ad 12.10.99 10.30pm


.1821-7 Favesham ex RH:
0 Wm HILLS m Sarah
1 Th bp 1.2.1821 St Peters St formerly King St Wesleyan AND Faversham Wesley
2 Charlotte bp 1.2.1821 St Peters St formerly King St Wesleyan
3 Harriot bp 6.5.1824 Canterbury St Peters Wesleyan

.1827 Hinxhill ex Jenny C via Jill WARLAND jilliwar"att" 2002
 HILLS of Ashford or Kingsnorth:
 Thomas HILLS b 1827 Hinxhill where he married c1857. Children born:
1858 Wye,1860 Bredgar,1861 Hinxhill,1862 Bredgar,1869 Canterbury,
1871 Willesborough,1873 Canterbury


9.1 On Faversham and Boughton-under-Blean:

Boughton-under-Blean (1983) by Joan WHITE ISSN. 0014-892X and 0-900532-34-3.
Faversham Creek, A nutshell guide No. 2  (c1980) by Arthur Percival.
 Both books were published by the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, 13 Preston St,
 Faversham, Kent, ME13 8NS, UK faversham"att" (See under 12.4.)
 Ron HILLS has copies of both. Also published by the Centre are
The Faversham Gundpowder Industry (F Papers No 4) by A Percival
The great explosion at Faversham 2.4.1916 by A Percival
Faversham History Trails (F Papers No 10) by A Percival and J Cadman.

9.2 On Whitstable and Seasalter:
For books see including
The Seasalter Company - a smuggling fraternity 1740-1854, (1983) by Wallace
Whitstable and the French prisoners of war (1971) by Wallace HARVEY;
The second portrait of a seaside town - historic photographs of Whitstable
 (1987) by Douglas WEST;
 -All 3 booklets are published by Emprint, 9 Harbour St, Whitstable,
 Kent CT5 1AG;
A history of All Saints Church, Whitstable (1970) 2nd edition by IW GREEN,
 printed by Latimer Trend & Co., Whitstable.

10. LINKS TO RELATED WEBSITES 10.1 GENEALOGY *WORCESTER: A2A archives in UK at gives 1800-40 C.40 deeds, wills etc re Romney's Salt Works, Nash's Salt Works and other property in Droitwich. Farley, CLAY, Stuckey and other families. 1813 TG. Carpenter, Leigh, is father of child of Ann CLAY, Upton on Severn. 1888-95 C. 70 draft deeds etc re property in New Street and Charles Street, Worcester City. CLAY, Hicks and Southall families. 1958 ref. 705:399/8008/253/xxvi 5 letters and papers re a house at Ullenhall [in Warwickshire], for A. Talbot Clay Esq. * TARANAKI, NZ: ELTHAM 2001: Eltham Historical Soc., Secretary, Mrs Roma JENKINS, 23 George St, Eltham, Taranaki 4657. Her contributions above are marked RJ. HAWERA 2001: Hawera Genealogy Group, c/ Mrs Claire CORRIGAN, Box 448, Hawera 4800 tel. 06 278 4223. STRATFORD 2001: Stratford Genealogy Group, Secretary, Mrs Carol SPRAGG, 282 Broadway, Stratford, P/c 4700 They prefer enquiries on the Central Taranaki Pioneer Biographical Register forms. Send a min'm $5 + photocopying+sae * BMD CERTIFICATES FOR ENGLAND AND WALES For a bmd certificate after 1837 use a record agent (cheaper) or go direct via the General Register Office (GRO), part of Office of National Statistics at One can email them at"att" A central index is held at the Family Records Centre (FRC) in London. A b cert is 11P, and contains the father's name and occupation and as well as the mother's name and maiden name. You can snail mail for certificates to the LOCAL REGISTER OFFICE (preferable to & cheaper than sending to London). The address for KENT is District Register Office, Wellington House, 4 St. Stephens Road, Canterbury CT2 7H2. I'm not sure what the current price is for certificates -c8P, but if you send a money order for ten pounds, they'll send back the difference. Certificates can also be ordered online if you're prepared to provide credit card info. There are three URLs to choose from. They are: OR OR -AV In Wellington, the NSGen Soc have an agent; others are Shadows of Time, 49 Strathavon Rd, Miramar and Tony.Fitzgerald"att" The Porirua Library 237 1541 have genealogical volunteers. (Pauline F is one.) The National Library 474 3000 have Family Search etc on CDs, and some other gen'l resources, including "St Catherine House Index 1837-1990" on fiche: enter year then quarter then surname. This must be the GRO index in next para. The LDS library 386 1227 [M10-12 TuW10-1]+Tu6-8 W6-9 Sa9-12 140 Moxham Av] will order census microfiche for you. If the GRO do the looking for you it will cost mucho dollars. All they are going to do is look at the same index that you would look at and guess which [Jo BLOGGS] it is. Then charge you for a certificate. ... You need to prove what information you have and know for certain by obtaining these certificates. Its all up to you to check those indexes out. They are available at the nearest LDS FHC. Pick up the phone and call them and ask if they have a copy of the British GRO index for Births (or m or d) (1837-1950) - EP. FREE BIRTH, MARRIAGE AND DEATH INDEX (ENGLAND AND WALES) Try here for free births, deaths and marriages in England and Wales. Can you contribute time to help this database grow?

The free BMD site on Rootsweb has only 10 million people on it. They are copies of the GRO index. They still have a long way to go. Say approx c30 million people x 3 x 63 years would take you to 1900. So 10 million entries are not that many. -EP

The GENUKI site for Kent genealogy is The Kent GenWeb Page WAS at See for the NW Kent Family History Society. * The Kent Lookup Exchange is at For other parts of England see A sometimes really useful site is Family Tree Maker Online and its branches Search Family Tree Maker Online, and Internet Family Finder. So far I've hardly tried these. A useful place to search is the LDS site

(One can refine the search using the red box on RHS, eg to Southwest Pacific.
The bottom entry in the red box, Pedigree Resource File, links to whole
family trees.)

* Kent wills ex online search gave
.Will of John CLAY, Tanner of Shorne, Kent 09 June 1673 PROB 11/342
.Will of George CLAY of Rockingham Row New Kent Road , Surrey 
 01 March 1822 PROB 11/1654
10.2 MAPS

 For old UK maps (1846-1899, 6 inches to the mile) is Click on Kent then Seasalter or Whitstable BUT clicking there on Kent does NOT give Faversham. gives street maps for the UK at 7.5 cm to the km. Just enter the town you want a map for.

 gives you the phone number and address of most people and businesses in 
the UK.

For information on Faversham today, see LINK now FAILS.
 email faversham"att"
There is a link under history to the history of 10-11 Preston St., home of
0 John CLAY, 8 Charles CLAY & later his widow Caroline. See under 0 for an

For information on the Faversham Society including the Fleur de Lis Heritage 
Centre, see

11. FAMILY MEMBERS ON EMAIL Should I delete this section? What do folk feel? 2181 Bettee CLAY 1920 friend of tracyfitzgerald"att" 81211 Martin & Marie CLAY 2008 marieclay82"att" 81211 2 Hannah & Anthony WARDLE 2008 hannah.wardle"att" 81211 3 James & Michelle CLAY 2008 michelleconnolly"att" 85122 1 Judith and Tony TIPPER jettipper"att" 85312 Herbert HARRISON herbert.harrison"att" 2005 85312 4 Michael and Jillian HARRISON michael.harrison"att" 85322 Ron HILLS arthllsi2"att" 2008 85335 Raymond & Barbara WOOTTON barray"att" 2003 85842 Shirley and Noel YOUNG noel.young"att" 2003 85871 2 Anne & Dave SMITH 2012 warbstowbury"att" 85951 1 Rhonda and Raymond KING rrking"att" 85951 2 James and Laurelle WALLACE wallacej"att" 85951 4 Ross and Carolyn WALLACE wallace"att" BOUNCED 2007 862112 Kit WITHERS kit.withers"att" 2013 I am your 3rd or 4th cousin! 8(11)613 Simon & Frances CHARTERS simoncharters"att" BOUNCED 8(11)631 Martin & Mimi CLAY martin"att" 2013