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Vaughn Family of Kentucky and Indiana

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Family of James B. Vaughn and Mariah Hanks

Photo and information from the Private Files of Howard and Mary Vaughn of Munster, Indiana


FIRST COUSINS. Vera Violet Vaughn (age here approx. 17-18) and Howard Jackson Vaughn (shown at under age 1) were first cousins. Vera Violet (bd May 29, 1894) was the daughter of Cary Vaughn and Mary Annette Crosby. Howard Jackson Vaughn (bd July 27, 1911) was the only son/child of Allen and Myrtle Vaughn. Cary and Allen Vaughn's father was John Looney Vaughn and their mother was Hannah Lefter Vaughn. John Looney Vaughn is the eldest of the two sons and two daughters of James B. Vaughn and Mariah Hanks. Photo taken ca. 1912, in Knoxville (Marion County) Iowa, probably at the home of Hannah Lefter Vaughn, their grandmother. At the time of Howard's birth, Allen and Myrtle were living with Allen's & Cary's widowed mother in Knoxille, IA.

My husband's grandfather's father and mother were James B. Vaughn and
Mariah Hanks. There is mention in the Johnson County IN Historical
Library in a Vaughn family history that James was disowned by his
parents for marrying Mariah.

James B. Vaughn moved with his family from Kentucky to Indiana in
Johnson County around 1828; he had purchased at least two plots of land
from the government.

Mariah's father is Abner Hanks (ca 1763 - 1846), his first wife and her
mother (Mariah was the last child of this mother) was Mary/Molly Dale
(bd ca 1765 - death unclear). Abner had several other wives and many,
many children (up to or maybe over 20); he eventually moved to Indiana
also, where he is buried in Nineveh, Johnson County, Indiana. Abner
Hanks is an uncle to Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother. Abner Hanks
is brother to Thomas Hanks, ancestor of the actor Tom Hanks.

James B. Vaughn was born 16 Oct 1799 in Kentucky (I think - but it is
possible that James was born further east) - the date is from his
tombstone. He died 23 Apr 1836 in Johnson County, Indiana. Originally
he was buried in the Kephart/Vaughn Cemetery in Johnson Co. IN; in
2001, his tombstone was moved to the Gilmore Cemetery by the Eagle

After the death of James, Mariah remarried: to George Kephart who was a
widower. I have seen mention that Mariah was married to a "Mr. Mott", I
believe that was before she married James. She was born 4 Aug 1804 in
KY, died in 1878 in Johnson Co, IN; was buried in the same cemetery as
her husband. Her tombstone makes mention that she was the daughter of
Abner Hanks (Revolutionary War soldier) and that she was the wife of
James Vaughn and George Kephart.

Mariah and James B. Vaughn had the following children:
1. John Looney Vaughn - bd 14 Aug 1822 in KY; death 23 Apr 1897 in
2. Martin Allen Vaughn - bd 25 Apr 1826; died 20 Feb 1914 in Johnson
Co. IN
3. Mary Elizabeth Vaughn - bd 28 Feb 1829 (in IN I believe that they
were already moved to IN by that time); d 1856
4. Frances Marian Vaughn (female) - b 6 Feb 1835; I do not know her
death date.
This information is from a family history on record at the Johnson
County IN Historical Society library in Franklin, IN.

John Looney Vaughn had two wives.

His first wife was Sarah J. (bd ca 1829 in Indiana - info from census);
she died sometime between 1863-1866 in Franklin Co, Indiana.
Sarah and John L. Vaughn's children were:
1. Sarah J. (bd ca 1846)
2. William R. (bd ca 1849)
3. John (bd ca 1854)
4. Johnathan (bd ca 1854)
5. Louisa (bd ca 1856)
6. Elliot (bd ca 1858)
7. Chester (bd 1859)
8. Ora (bd ca 1863)
This information and bd's are based on census information. All
children were born in Indiana.

After the death of Sarah, John married again, to Hannah Ellen Lefter. Hannah
was born 11 Dec 1842 in Posey Township, Franklin Co, IN, on 11 Dec
1842. They married 16 April 1866 in Posey Township, Franklin Co, IN.
Shortly afterwards, they moved to Marion County, Iowa, where they lived
for the rest of their lifes.

John L. and Hannah Vaughn had four children:
1. Mary Vaughn - (bd 20 Jun 1867, died in an auto accident 16 Jan 1935
near Knoxville, Marion Co, Iowa; married Frank Converse (bd Mar 1862 in
Marion Co, Iowa, d 1963 in Iowa) - they had no children

2. Carey/Cary (Cary Arthur) Vaughn - (bd. 19 Dec 1870 in Marion Co.,
Iowa; died 17 Sep 1941 in California); Cary married Mary Annette Crosby
in April 1893 in Marion Co, Iowa.

Cary and Mary Vaughn had three daughters:
Vera Violet Vaughn (bd 29 May 1894 in Marion Co, Iowa; died 1982 in Los
Angeles, California) - married Forest Greer Dickerson 11 Sept 1912 in
Marion Co, IA - they had two sons and one daughter. (No further information posted
to protect the privacy of the living.)

Hilda Fern Vaughn (bd 8 Feb 1900 in Marion Co, Iowa; died) - married
Loren Carl Augustine in Marion Co, Iowa; they had two daughters; both
daughters married and have/had children. (No further information posted
to protect the privacy of the living.)

Lucille Vaughn (bd 13 Oct 1905 in Marion Co, Iowa; died) - married H.A.
Prensch, I am not sure of any children

3. Allen Vaughn (bd 19 Aug 1876 in Marion Co, Iowa; died 17 May 1945
in Knoxville, Marion Co, Iowa) Allen Vaughn married Myrtle Jackson (bd
7 Feb 1876 in Knoxville, Marion Co, IA; died 9 Apr 1957 in Knoxville,
Iowa) married 28 Dec 1904. Allen and Myrtle only had one son:
Howard Jackson Vaughn (bd. 27Jun 1911 in Knoxville, Iowa; died 17 Aug
1979 in Newton, Jasper Co, IA). Howard Jackson Vaughn was married three
-to Esther Madge (Unknown Last Name) sometime during WWII - they were
divorced 12 Feb 1946 - location unclear) No known children.
-to Anna Mae VerBeek (bd 24 May 1916 in Pella, Marion Co, IA; died 21
Sep 1999 in Munster, Lake Co, Indiana) - married 4 Aug 1948 in Pella
IA; divorced 25 Nov 1968 in Knoxville, IA; they had three children, two
still living; one had four children, and currently there are three
grandchildren (great-grandchildren to Howard Jackson and Anna Mae
-to Alice Marie Breuklander (bd 11 Nov 1915 in Pella IA; died 27 Mar
1983 in Des Moines, Polk Co, IA) - married 29 April 1972 in Oskaloosa,
IA; together they had no children, but Alice was previously married and
had children of her own and first husband

4. Roy Garfield Vaughn (bd 26 Oct 1879, d 1969 both in Marion Co,
Iowa) married in 1902 to Cora Belle Decker (bd 21 Jul 1881; died 25 Nov
1981 in Knoxville, IA); They had three children, one daughter and two
sons (one died as an infant); The daughter and son both married and had


No further information posted to protect the privacy of the living.