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Descendants of Benjamin Vaughn
Wilcox County, AL

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Generation No. 1


Children of BENJAMIN VAUGHN and UNK are:

2. i. JOSEPH2 VAUGHN, b. Bet. 1789 - 1790, Stokes County, North Carolina.

ii. JOHN VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1770.

iii. WILLIAM VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1771.

iv. THOMAS VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1776, Rutherford County, North Carolina.


Generation No. 2

2. JOSEPH2 VAUGHN (BENJAMIN1)1 was born Bet. 1789 - 1790 in Stokes County, North Carolina. He married (1) SUSIE PULLIAM. She was born in Robertson County, Kentucky, and died 1808 in Kentucky. He married (2) SARAH ELIZABETH LAMB REAVES, daughter of LONGSHORE REAVES and SARAH LAMB. She died Bef. 1840.


3. i. BENJAMIN3 VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1808, Kentucky; d. 1888, Wilcox Co., Al.

4. ii. JOHN PULLIAM VAUGHN, b. 29 Feb 1804, Eddyville, Caldwell Co., KY; d. 12 Mar 1890, Chunky MS.

5. iii. PICKNEY VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1806; d. 1869, Lauderdale, MS.


6. iv. LARKIN H.3 VAUGHN, b. 1815, Kentucky.

7. v. WILLIAM MARTIN VAUGHN, b. 17 Mar 1816, Kentucky; d. 04 Feb 1881, Wilcox Co., Al.

8. vi. JOSEPH MADISON VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1826, Wilcox Co., Al; d. Bet. 1905 - 1910, Wilcox Co., Al.



ix. POLLY VAUGHN2, m. JACK VINCENT, 1860, Wilcox Co. AL.


xi. JAMES LEON REAVES3, b. Abt. 1810, Kentucky; d. 1875, Wilcox Co., Al.



Generation No. 3

3. BENJAMIN3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born Abt. 1808 in Kentucky, and died 1888 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married (1) JANE ANN RICHARDS5 03 Feb 1836 in Wilcox Co. AL. He married (2) JANE ANN RICHARDS 03 Feb 1836 in Wilcox Co. AL.


12. i. SUSANNAH (SUSAN)4 VAUGHN, b. 20 Oct 1849, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 19 Jan 1941, Wilcox Co. AL.

ii. REBECCA (BECKY) VAUGHN6, b. 1845; d. Feb 1925.

iii. BENJAMIN THOMAS (TOM) VAUGHN7, b. 1842, Wilcox Co., Al; d. Bet. 1861 - 1865.


13. iv. SUSANNAH4 VAUGHN, b. 20 Oct 1849; d. 19 Jan 1941.

v. TOM VAUGHN, b. Unknown.


4. JOHN PULLIAM3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)8 was born 29 Feb 1804 in Eddyville, Caldwell Co., KY, and died 12 Mar 1890 in Chunky MS. He married SUSAN REBECCA RICHARDS 06 Jun 1831 in Wilcox Co. AL, daughter of JOHN RICHARDS and JEMMIE SHIPES.


i. CALVIN4 VAUGHN, b. 19 Jul 1832, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 20 Sep 1834, Wilcox Co., Al.

14. ii. WILLIAM JAMES VAUGHN, b. 15 Feb 1834, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 17 Dec 1912, Nashville, Davidson Co. TN.

iii. HARVEY SIMPSON VAUGHN9, b. 10 Dec 1835, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 03 May 1863, Spotsylvania Co. VA.

15. iv. ALEXANDER VAUGHN, b. 05 Nov 1837, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 05 Oct 1877, MS.

16. v. SARAH ANN VAUGHN, b. 17 Dec 1839, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 24 Nov 1909, Mena, Polk Co. Arkansas.

vi. JOHN PULLIAM VAUGHN, JR.10, b. 25 Feb 1842, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 11 Sep 1862, Saltillo, MS; m. MARGARET MIMMS.

vii. MARY JANE VAUGHN, b. 11 Apr 1844, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 03 Sep 1868; m. JOHN R. ROBERTSON, 12 Sep 1861, Lauderdale Co. MS.

17. viii. LEVI NEWTON VAUGHN, b. 27 May 1846, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 22 Jan 1917, MS.

ix. WALTER PINKNEY VAUGHN11, b. 27 Jul 1848, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 30 Apr 1904, MS; m. MARTHA ELIZABETH JAMES.

x. EMMA MARIANNA VAUGHN12, b. 06 Nov 1850, ALabama; d. 1902; m. WILLIAM J. (JACK) CARTER.

18. xi. MARTHA REBECCA VAUGHN, b. 21 Jan 1853, ALabama; d. 24 May 1935, MS.

19. xii. SUSAN CAROLINE VAUGHN, b. 07 Oct 1855, ALabama; d. 25 Feb 1932, MS.

xiii. LAURA ELLEN VAUGHN13, b. 22 Nov 1857, ALabama; d. 04 Jul 1885, MS.


5. PICKNEY3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)14 was born Abt. 1806, and died 1869 in Lauderdale, MS. He married TABITHA STANLEY15 26 Jun 1830 in Wilcox Co. AL, daughter of ISAAC STANLEY and MARTHA. She was born Abt. 1814 in Mississippi Territory, and died Aft. 1880 in MS.


i. MARTHA A.4 VAUGHN, b. 1832, Wilcox Co., Al; m. (1) W. HARRY ROBINSON; b. 1827, MS; m. (2) BLOUNT JOHNSON, 15 Dec 1877.

ii. G.W.B.W. VAUGHN16, b. 1833; d. 04 Dec 1861, Nashville, TN.

20. iii. FRANKLIN C. (FRANK) VAUGHN, b. Aug 1836, Wilcox Co., Al.

21. iv. JOHN ANDERSON (OR ALEXANDER) VAUGHN, b. 28 Nov 1837, Lauderdale, MS; d. 07 Jul 1893, Gary, Panola Co., TX.

22. v. NANCY JANE VAUGHN, b. 1838, Lauderdale, MS; d. 24 Jan 1917.

vi. SUSANNAH (SUSAN) VAUGHN, b. 1842, Lauderdale, MS; d. Navarro Co. TX; m. WILLIAM LUNCEFORD WEATHERSBEE.

23. vii. THOMAS PINKNEY VAUGHN, b. 1845, Lauderdale, MS; d. 30 Mar 1915, Travis Co. TX.

24. viii. WILLIAM MADISON VAUGHN, b. 04 Apr 1847, Lauderdale, MS; d. 15 Apr 1917.

25. ix. LITTLEBERRY VAUGHN, b. 04 Apr 1850, Lauderdale, MS.

26. x. ELIZA T. VAUGHN, b. 1853, Lauderdale, MS; d. 22 May 1898.


6. LARKIN H.3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)17 was born 1815 in Kentucky. He married MARY ANN (POLLY) BONNER 28 Jan 1836 in Nellie, Wilcox Alabama, daughter of BENJAMIN BONNER and RACHEL BLACK. She was born Abt. 1821 in Monroe Co. AL, and died Aft. 1870.

Children of LARKIN VAUGHN and MARY BONNER are:


27. ii. LENNY MANERVA VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1843, Monroe Co. AL.

iii. DEMPSEY VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1852, Monroe Co. AL.

iv. WILLA BELLA (WINNIE) VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1854, Monroe Co. AL.

v. JAMES VAUGHN, b. Abt. 1860, Monroe Co. AL.

28. vi. CATHERINE J. (KATIE) VAUGHN, b. 09 Sep 1862, Monroe Co. AL; d. 18 Aug 1927, Montgomery Co. TX.

vii. NEDA MANERVA VAUGHN, b. 1864, Monroe Co. AL.


7. WILLIAM MARTIN3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)18 was born 17 Mar 1816 in Kentucky, and died 04 Feb 1881 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married MARY ANN LOUISA WRIGHT 02 Nov 1848 in Clarke Co. AL. She was born 24 Dec 1828 in Georgia, and died 23 Feb 1894 in Wilcox Co., Al.


i. JOHN SAMUEL4 VAUGHN, b. 01 Jan 1849, Clarke Co. Alabama; d. 08 Feb 1909, Mobile, AL; m. SABINA, 1873; b. Apr 1850, ALabama; d. Aft. 1910.

29. ii. EMILY CALEDONIA VAUGHN, b. 29 Jan 1852.

iii. WILLIAM KESSOATH VAUGHN19, b. 23 Jun 1853, ALabama; d. 14 Sep 1868, Wilcox Co., Al.

iv. MARY ZEOLA (LULU) VAUGHN, b. 16 Feb 1855, ALabama; d. 29 Sep 1909.

v. MARTHA VICTORIA VAUGHN20, b. 06 Jun 1858, ALabama; d. 13 Jan 1897; m. JAMES WILLIAM GIBSON.

30. vi. VIRGIL ADOLPHUS (SUGG) VAUGHN, b. 16 Feb 1859, ALabama; d. 16 Aug 1918, Wilcox Co., Al.

vii. CHARLES WALTER VAUGHN21, b. 1861, Wilcox Co., Al.

viii. EMMA KATE VAUGHN22, b. 25 Dec 1862, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 09 Dec 1882, Wilcox Co., Al.

ix. THOMAS WILLIAM VAUGHN, b. 31 Aug 1865, Wilcox Co., Al.

31. x. ROBERT LAMAR VAUGHN, b. 07 Mar 1866, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 14 Sep 1922, ALabama.

32. xi. OMAH HADLEY (HATTIE) VAUGHN, b. 06 Dec 1867, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 15 Sep 1945, Palm Beach, FL.

xii. KOSSUTH PARKER VAUGHN23, b. 28 Feb 1873, ALabama; d. 26 Nov 1928, Wilcox Co., Al; m. SARAH CYNTHIA CURTIS; b. 21 Nov 1877, ALabama; d. 23 Jun 1969, Wilcox Co., Al.


8. JOSEPH MADISON3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born Abt. 1826 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died Bet. 1905 - 1910 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married MARTHA ELIZABETH DUNN 14 Oct 1849 in Wilcox Co. AL, daughter of JOHN DUNN and LORAINE HOBBS. She was born 1830, and died 1889.

Children of JOSEPH VAUGHN and MARTHA DUNN are:

33. i. SARAH ELIZ4 VAUGHN, b. 03 Feb 1851, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 24 Jan 1888, Wilcox Co., Al.

34. ii. WILLIAM CALVIN VAUGHN, b. 14 Dec 1853, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 18 Jan 1941, Dallas Co. AL.

35. iii. MARTHA ELLEN (ELIZABETH) VAUGHN, b. 17 Aug 1856, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 30 May 1932, Wilcox Co., Al.

36. iv. MARY FRANCES VAUGHN, b. 23 Jan 1860, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 24 Jan 1918, Wilcox Co., Al.

37. v. LORENA (LULU) VAUGHN, b. 1864, Wilcox Co., Al; d. Bet. 1892 - 1895, Hamilton Co. TX.

38. vi. ROBERT HENRY VAUGHN, b. 08 Dec 1867, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 09 Apr 1951, Robertsdale, Baldwin Co. AL.

vii. ANICE CATHERINE VAUGHN, b. 1870, Wilcox Co., Al; d. Aft. 1930; m. JOHN S. HUNTON; b. Abt. 1859, Kentucky.

viii. JOHN EADES VAUGHN24, b. 12 Sep 1873, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 19 Jun 1953, Wilcox Co., Al.


9. ELIZABETH L.3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) She married HAMPTON L. JORDAN 06 Jun 1839 in Wilcox Co. AL.


i. WILLIAM R.4 JORDAN, b. 1840, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. JAMES T. JORDAN, b. 1842, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. ANDREW J. JORDAN, b. 1844, Wilcox Co., Al.

iv. SARAH J. JORDAN, b. 1846, Wilcox Co., Al.

v. JOHN H. JORDAN, b. 1848, Wilcox Co., Al.

39. vi. HENRY MARTIN JORDAN, b. 1850, Wilcox Co., Al.

vii. ELEANOR M. JORDAN, b. 1852, Wilcox Co., Al.

40. viii. GEORGE W. JORDAN, b. 1854, Wilcox Co., Al.


10. SARAH (SALLIE)3 VAUGHN (JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)25. She married ROBERT JAMES (JIM) HENDERSON 24 Dec 1851 in Wilcox Co. AL. He was born 11 Jan 1831, and died Abt. 1909.


i. ELIZABETH4 HENDERSON, b. 1853, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. S. M. HENDERSON, b. 1855, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. ROBERT HENDERSON, b. 1859, Wilcox Co., Al.




i. FRANCES ANN REBECCA (FANNIE)4 MCINTOSH26, b. 1851, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 10 Oct 1897, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. JOHN WATKINS MCINTOSH27, b. 1853, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 1874, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. ROBERT FARISH (BOB) MCINTOSH28, b. 1855, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 21 Feb 1942, Wilcox Co., Al.

41. iv. JAMES COLUMBUS (BEECHER) MCINTOSH, b. 25 Mar 1853, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 25 Aug 1910, Camden, AL.

42. v. MARTHA MAGNOLIA (MAGGIE) MCINTOSH, b. 29 Dec 1860, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 25 Oct 1956, Wilcox Co., Al.

43. vi. ERVIN TAIT MCINTOSH, b. Feb 1864, Wilcox Co., Al.


Generation No. 4

12. SUSANNAH (SUSAN)4 VAUGHN (BENJAMIN3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 20 Oct 1849 in Wilcox Co. AL, and died 19 Jan 1941 in Wilcox Co. AL. She married OLIVER SPENCER HENDERSON 07 Jan 1868 in Wilcox Co. AL, son of ROBERT HENDERSON and ELIZABETH MCCOWAN. He was born 18 Apr 1844 in Wilcox Co. AL, and died 02 Feb 1924 in Wilcox Co. AL.


i. JOHN CALVIN5 HENDERSON29, b. 30 Oct 1868, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 21 Jan 1924, Clarke Co. AL; m. FRANCES ELIZABETH (FANNIE) CARR, 27 Nov 1889, Monroe Co. AL; b. 23 Nov 1866, Bell's Landing, Monroe Co. AL; d. 09 Feb 1954, Whatley, AL.

ii. JOHN THOMAS (TOM) HENDERSON30, b. 06 Oct 1873, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 10 Jun 1959, Wilcox Co. AL.

iii. ROBERT BENJAMIN (NED) HENDERSON31, b. 12 Apr 1876, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 22 Oct 1939, Repton, Conecuh Co. AL; m. LOUISE D. MCKENZIE; d. 1953.

iv. OLIVER SIMPSON HENDERSON32, b. 28 Dec 1878, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 31 Aug 1888, Wilcox Co. AL.

v. MARTHA ELIZABETH (BETTY) HENDERSON33, b. 06 Jun 1881, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 04 Oct 1980, Wilcox Co. AL.

vi. CHARLEY SPURGEON HENDERSON34, b. 06 Nov 1883, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 19 Dec 1887, Wilcox Co. AL.

vii. SAMUEL HENDERSON34, b. 27 Sep 1886, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 21 Jun 1887, Wilcox Co. AL.

viii. MARY JANE HENDERSON, b. 06 Jul 1888, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 10 Jul 1959, Wilcox Co. AL; m. ROBERT EUGENE POWELL; b. 1886; d. 1939.

ix. PATSY HENDERSON34, b. 20 Feb 1895, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 10 Aug 1896, Wilcox Co. AL.


13. SUSANNAH4 VAUGHN (BENJAMIN3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 20 Oct 1849, and died 19 Jan 1941. She married OLIVER SPENCER HENDERSON 07 Jan 1868 in Wilcox Co. AL, son of ROBERT HENDERSON and ELIZABETH MCCOWAN. He was born 18 Apr 1844 in Wilcox Co. AL, and died 02 Feb 1924 in Wilcox Co. AL.


i. MARY JANE5 HENDERSON, b. 1887, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 10 Jul 1959, Wilcox Co., Al; m. ROBERT EUGENE POWELL; b. 1887, ALabama; d. 1939.

ii. RUBY SUE HENDERSON35, b. 11 Jun 1871, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 21 Jun 1964, Wilcox Co., Al; m. (1) ZACH GEORGE NETTLES35; b. 17 Nov 1866, Wilcox County, AL; d. 17 Jan 1941, Wilcox County, AL; m. (2) ZACKERIUS GEORGE (ZACK) NETTLES; b. 17 Nov 1866, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 17 Jan 1941, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. JAMES THOMAS (TOM) HENDERSON, b. 06 Oct 1873, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 10 Jun 1959, Wilcox Co., Al.


14. WILLIAM JAMES4 VAUGHN (JOHN PULLIAM3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)36 was born 15 Feb 1834 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 17 Dec 1912 in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN. He married ABBIE MARIA SCOTT 17 Aug 1865, daughter of DAVID SCOTT and STELLA. She was born 21 Sep 1841 in Tuscaloosa, ALabama, and died in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.


i. WILLIAM MASSEY5 VAUGHN, b. 06 Aug 1866, ALabama; d. 16 Nov 1949, Tennessee.

ii. EUGENE HOUGHTON VAUGHN, b. 25 Oct 1867, ALabama; d. 06 Mar 1920, Tennessee; m. MARGARET MUSGROVE.

iii. HARRY SCOTT VAUGHN, b. 04 Jan 1870, ALabama; d. 14 Feb 1958; m. FLORENCE SLOAN.

iv. STELLA SCOTT VAUGHN, b. 04 Nov 1871, ALabama; d. 26 Oct 1960, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.

v. ROBERT HARGROVE VAUGHN, b. 02 Feb 1876, ALabama; d. 26 Dec 1936; m. WILLA K. RHINEHART.


15. ALEXANDER4 VAUGHN (JOHN PULLIAM3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)37 was born 05 Nov 1837 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 05 Oct 1877 in MS. He married LUCINDA HESTER ANN THOMPSON.


i. MARIANNA REBECCA5 VAUGHN, b. 01 Nov 1871, Lauderdale, MS near Meridian MS; d. 1926, Lauderdale, MS near Bonita MS; m. JAMES STALLINGS; b. 1866.

ii. JOHN CAMBRIDGE VAUGHN, b. 29 Jul 1873, Lauderdale, MS near Meridian MS; d. 30 Jun 1954; m. SARAH ELIZABETH (SADIE) LANG.

iii. LELIA GORDON VAUGHN, b. 31 Dec 1874, Lauderdale, MS near Meridian MS; d. 20 Jun 1953; m. JOHN W. SMITH.


16. SARAH ANN4 VAUGHN (JOHN PULLIAM3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)38 was born 17 Dec 1839 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 24 Nov 1909 in Mena, Polk Co. Arkansas. She married YOUNG RILEY HARBIN.

Children of SARAH VAUGHN and YOUNG HARBIN are:

i. JOHN M.5 HARBIN, b. 04 Sep 1864, Lauderdale, MS; d. 18 Mar 1896; m. SAMANTHA.

ii. MARY REBECCA HARBIN, b. 10 Feb 1867, Arkansas; d. 13 Jan 1922; m. JOHN ABRAHAM.

iii. WILLIAM C. HARBIN, b. 14 Apr 1869, Mississippi; d. 06 Sep 1885.

iv. JAMES ALLEN HARBIN, b. 05 Feb 1872; d. 09 Dec 1985; m. IDA CALODONIA DRAKE.

v. THOMAS J. HARBIN, b. 16 Dec 1874; d. 22 Dec 1874.

vi. GEORGE W. HARBIN, b. 30 Oct 1878; m. SUSIE F. SAMPSON.


17. LEVI NEWTON4 VAUGHN (JOHN PULLIAM3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)39 was born 27 May 1846 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 22 Jan 1917 in MS. He married MARY ELIZABETH JAMES.

Children of LEVI VAUGHN and MARY JAMES are:

i. WILLIAM BENJAMIN5 VAUGHN, b. 19 Oct 1869, Mississippi; d. Near Chunky, MS; m. EULA TATOM.

ii. WALTER NEWTON VAUGHN, b. 19 Jan 1872, Lauderdale, MS; m. ADRIANNA LINDLEY.

iii. JOHN WESLEY VAUGHN, b. 07 May 1874, Lauderdale, MS; m. BUNNY WARD.

iv. MINNIE FLORENCE VAUGHN, b. 09 Nov 1876, Lauderdale, MS; d. 15 Jan 1899, Chunky MS; m. MATT WARD.

v. VIOLA RONETTI VAUGHN, b. 27 Jul 1881, Lauderdale, MS; m. WESLEY GOODMAN.

vi. LULA BELL VAUGHN40, b. 05 Apr 1884, Lauderdale, MS; d. May 1953, Lauderdale, MS; m. CHARLIE ROGERS, 03 Jun 1906.

vii. THOMAS LEROY VAUGHN, b. 15 Mar 1888, Lauderdale, MS; m. ANNIE BELL KIRSH.



18. MARTHA REBECCA4 VAUGHN (JOHN PULLIAM3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)41 was born 21 Jan 1853 in ALabama, and died 24 May 1935 in MS. She married WILLIAM ALBERT WARD.


i. ALBERT5 WARD, b. 1887, Lauderdale, MS; m. IRENE VAUGHN, 1915.



19. SUSAN CAROLINE4 VAUGHN (JOHN PULLIAM3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)42 was born 07 Oct 1855 in ALabama, and died 25 Feb 1932 in MS. She married JOHN L. PEAVY.

Children of SUSAN VAUGHN and JOHN PEAVY are:

i. LEVI J.5 PEAVY, b. 20 May 1885; m. LYDIA PONDS.

ii. WALTER P. PEAVY, b. 14 Feb 1888; m. VELMA MABRY, 03 Sep 1913.

iii. LAURA R. PEAVY, b. 12 Nov 1890; m. WALTER GARRISON, 15 May 1910.

iv. LELIA ELIZABETH PEAVY, b. 13 Oct 1893; m. JIM DEAN, 11 Oct 1936.

v. NETTIE LEONA PEAVY, b. 11 Aug 1896; m. M. M. ALEXANDER, 14 Jul 1916.


20. FRANKLIN C. (FRANK)4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born Aug 1836 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married ALMIRA BROWN.


i. WILLIAM PINKNEY5 VAUGHN, b. Jul 1858; d. 05 Oct 1918.

ii. LEONA VAUGHN, b. 1865, Mississippi.

iii. EMELINE VAUGHN, b. 1867, Mississippi.

iv. JOSEPH P. VAUGHN, b. 1870, Mississippi.

v. FANNIE VAUGHN, b. 1872, Mississippi.

vi. EDGAR VAUGHN, b. 1874, Mississippi.

vii. GEORGIA VAUGHN, b. Dec 1875, Mississippi.

viii. BERRY VAUGHN, b. Dec 1978, Navaroo Co. TX; m. ELINE.

ix. MARTHA T. VAUGHN, b. Feb 1880, Navarro Co. TX; m. ROBERT DOBBS.


21. JOHN ANDERSON (OR ALEXANDER)4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)43 was born 28 Nov 1837 in Lauderdale, MS, and died 07 Jul 1893 in Gary, Panola Co., TX. He married (1) MARTHA GOODIN BROWN. He married (2) IDA LEE IZENBLETTER.

Children of JOHN VAUGHN and MARTHA BROWN are:

i. VIRGINIA FRANCES (JENNY)5 VAUGHN, b. 24 Jan 1858, Mississippi; d. 26 Jul 1917, Gulfport, Harrison Co. MS.; m. JOHN JAMES MCDONALD.

ii. MARTHA JANE VAUGHN, b. 1859, Lauderdale, MS; d. 1884; m. COLUMBUS MARIAN JONES.

iii. DORA MARGUERETTE VAUGHN, b. 13 Apr 1861, Mississippi; m. JOSEPH C. MALLARD.

iv. ROXANNA VIOLA VAUGHN, b. Dec 1863, Mississippi; m. JOHN ALLEN JENNINGS.

v. GREEN BERRY WASHINGTON VAUGHN44, b. Jan 1866, Lauderdale, MS; m. MOLLIE ELIZABETH MAXEY; b. 1874, Aug. 15, 1906.

vi. ANNETTE VAUGHN, b. 17 Jan 1868, Lauderdale, MS; d. 05 Feb 1924, Louisiana; m. COLUMBUS MARION JONES.

vii. WILLIAM TRAVIS LAYETTE (BEAD)VAUGHN, b. 10 Mar 1870, Lauderdale, MS; d. 11 Nov 1888, Gary, Panola Co., TX.

viii. NOLEN ETNA VAUGHN, b. 20 Apr 1872, Lauderdale, MS; d. 17 Mar 1939; m. WINNANT GILLASPAY CARRICO.

ix. EDDNA BREN VAUGHN, b. 27 May 1874, Lauderdale, MS; d. 23 Mar 1945; m. JEFFERSON PINKNEY WEATHERSBEE.

x. OLIVER PERRY (OIL) VAUGHN, b. 11 Jan 1876, Laurel, Jones Co. MS; d. 20 Jun 1948, Panola Co. Texas; m. WILLIE ANN WELLS.

xi. JOHN CARL VAUGHN, b. 18 Feb 1878, Lauderdale, MS; d. 26 Aug 1937, Jasper TX; m. (1) CLARINDA J. STANLEY; m. (2) NANCY ALETHIA STANLEY.

xii. AURORA DIANNA VAUGHN, b. 03 Jul 1879, Lauderdale, MS; d. Henderson Co. TX; m. JESSE DILLARD.


xiii. LEILA MAY5 VAUGHN, b. Jul 1882; d. 14 Mar 1965, Amite, Tangipahoa Paris, LA; m. WILLIAM WALLACE WHITEHEAD.

xiv. PINKNEY VAUGHN, b. 03 Mar 1885, Kerens, Navaroo, Tx; d. 29 Jan 1962, Kirbyville, Jasper, TX; m. LILLIE MYRTLE HUGHES.

xv. MOSBY MCCRAE VAUGHN, b. 21 Mar 1887; d. 01 Jul 1927, San Augustine Co, TX.; m. (1) LENDA HAYGOOD; b. 1893; d. 13 Jul 1922; m. (2) NELLIE BAILEY; b. 04 Oct 1905, Shelby Co. TX; d. 27 Jan 1979, San Augustine Co. TX; m. (3) SADIE FUQUA CHUMLEY, 04 Mar 1909.

xvi. INEZ VAUGHN, b. 12 May 1889; d. 08 Sep 1932, San Augustine Co, TX..


22. NANCY JANE4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1838 in Lauderdale, MS, and died 24 Jan 1917. She married ELI MABRY.

Children of NANCY VAUGHN and ELI MABRY are:

i. WILLIAM D.5 MABRY, b. 1865.

ii. MARTHEY E. MABRY, b. 1867.

iii. NANCY L. MABRY, b. 1870.

iv. HARRIOT MABRY, b. 1872.

v. ANNETTY MABRY, b. 1874.

vi. ALBERT ELI MABRY, b. 06 Feb 1878, Lauderdale, MS; d. 21 Nov 1955, Lauderdale, MS.

vii. MOLLIE L. MABRY, b. 1880.


23. THOMAS PINKNEY4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)45 was born 1845 in Lauderdale, MS, and died 30 Mar 1915 in Travis Co. TX. He married (1) SARAH F. GOODRICH MOORER. He married (2) MARY MOORER.


i. EULA G.5 VAUGHN, b. Apr 1870, Lauderdale County, MS.

ii. CHARLES B. VAUGHN, b. Apr 1870, Lauderdale County, MS.

iii. JESSE VAUGHN, b. 1872, Lauderdale County, MS.

iv. MARTHA VAUGHN, b. 1875, Lauderdale County, MS.

v. THOMAS VAUGHN, b. 1876, Lauderdale County, MS.


24. WILLIAM MADISON4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 04 Apr 1847 in Lauderdale, MS, and died 15 Apr 1917. He married MARY CATHERINE ROSS.

Children of WILLIAM VAUGHN and MARY ROSS are:

i. MARGARET MODINAS5 VAUGHN, b. 1872, Mississippi; m. J. L. CLIFTON.

ii. MARY A. VAUGHN, b. 1874, Mississippi; m. G. M. STRICKLET.

iii. THOMAS HENRY VAUGHN, b. 04 Dec 1875, Mississippi; d. 10 Jun 1947, Tipton Co. Oklahoma; m. CLARA JAMES.

iv. MARTHA VAUGHN, b. May 1878, Mississippi.

v. ELBERT H. VAUGHN, b. Feb 1880, Navarro Co. TX.

vi. LETICIA TEMPERENCE VAUGHN, b. 11 Jan 1882, Navarro Co. TX; d. 1958; m. WARNER DARNELL.

vii. CHARLES A. VAUGHN, b. Jun 1885, Navarro Co. TX; m. MYRTLE (MATTIE).

viii. TUIE ROCK VAUGHN, b. May 1886, Navarro Co. TX; m. JAHALAND WITTER.

ix. BEULAH A. VAUGHN, b. 24 Dec 1889, Navarro Co. TX; d. 07 Apr 1974; m. PLEASANT JUSTICE.

x. ENOCH VAUGHN, b. 1891, Navarro Co. TX.

xi. FRANCES CAROLINE (CARRIE) VAUGHN, b. Nov 1892, Navarro Co. TX.


25. LITTLEBERRY4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 04 Apr 1850 in Lauderdale, MS. He married (1) EMELINE M. BROWN. He married (2) FRANCES J. (FANNY) BROWN.


i. ANNIE5 VAUGHN, b. Aug 1871, Lauderdale County, MS.

ii. PERRY C. VAUGHN, b. May 1876, Lauderdale County, MS.

iii. PAUL C. VAUGHN, b. Jul 1878, Lauderdale County, MS.

iv. MALICHI M. VAUGHN, b. Jan 1881, Lauderdale County, MS.


v. ALMIRA5 VAUGHN, b. Mar 1883, Lauderdale County, MS.

vi. MARTHA JANE (JANIE) VAUGHN, b. Nov 1884, Lauderdale County, MS; m. ELMO J. WILLIAMS.

vii. CLAUDE B. VAUGHN, b. 10 Oct 1886, Lauderdale County, MS.

viii. MAUDE E. VAUGHN, b. Dec 1894, Lauderdale County, MS.


26. ELIZA T.4 VAUGHN (PICKNEY3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1853 in Lauderdale, MS, and died 22 May 1898. She married ROBERT MAXEY.

Children of ELIZA VAUGHN and ROBERT MAXEY are:

i. ROBERT MARCELLUS5 MAXEY, b. 25 Feb 1881; d. 1951.



27. LENNY MANERVA4 VAUGHN (LARKIN H.3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)46 was born Abt. 1843 in Monroe Co. AL. She married BENJAMIN ADAM PORTER.


i. BENJAMIN HARRISON5 PORTER, b. 16 Jul 1865, Monroe Co. AL; d. 26 Nov 1929, Pensacola, FL; m. (1) MARY RYALS; m. (2) DORA SMITH.

ii. WILLIAM L. PORTER, b. 25 Jan 1868, Monroe Co. AL.

iii. PEARLY ELIZABETH PORTER, b. 1877, Monroe Co. AL; d. Jul 1954; m. WILLIAM JASPER HALL.

iv. CATHERINE MINNIE PORTER, b. Mar 1880, Monroe Co. AL; d. 12 Jan 1937.

v. JAMES O. PORTER, b. Jun 1891.

vi. MARY E. PORTER, b. Jun 1891.


28. CATHERINE J. (KATIE)4 VAUGHN (LARKIN H.3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)47 was born 09 Sep 1862 in Monroe Co. AL, and died 18 Aug 1927 in Montgomery Co. TX. She married FILMORE WILLIAM HELTON.


i. LARKIN M.5 HELTON, b. Jul 1890, Monroe Co. AL.

ii. WILLIAM R. HELTON, b. Jun 1891, Monroe Co. AL.

iii. MARY A. HELTON, b. Dec 1893, Monroe Co. AL.

iv. ELIJAH AMBROSE HELTON48, b. 06 Dec 1896, Monroe Co. AL; d. 25 Jul 1962, Montgomery Co. TX.

v. MACK HELTON, b. Sep 1897, Monroe Co. AL.




i. BONNIE5 CLARK, b. 1878, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. MINNIE CLARK, b. Feb 1880, Clark Co. Alabama.

iii. WILLIAM M. CLARK, b. Jul 1889, Florida.

iv. KOSSETH C. CLARK, b. Aug 1891, Florida.

v. OMAH A. CLARK, b. Jul 1892, Florida.


30. VIRGIL ADOLPHUS (SUGG)4 VAUGHN (WILLIAM MARTIN3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 16 Feb 1859 in ALabama, and died 16 Aug 1918 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married CLARA POWE HESTLE.


i. MARY ANNA5 VAUGHN, b. 21 Jan 1897, ALabama.

ii. RUBY VAUGHN, b. 08 Sep 1898, ALabama; d. Bef. 1900, ALabama.

iii. WILLIAM CLARENCE VAUGHN, b. 12 May 1902, ALabama.

iv. FREDERICK ADOLPHUS (FRED) VAUGHN, b. 19 May 1905, ALabama; d. Jun 1986, Wilcox Co., Al.

v. BERTHA LEE VAUGHN, b. 24 Jun 1908, ALabama; m. MR. HAYDEN.


31. ROBERT LAMAR4 VAUGHN (WILLIAM MARTIN3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)49 was born 07 Mar 1866 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 14 Sep 1922 in ALabama. He married CANDACE CURTIS.


i. MAMIE5 VAUGHN, b. Aug 1892, Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox Co. AL; d. 28 Oct 1977; m. R. L. POUTER.

ii. INFANT SON VAUGHN, b. 02 Jan 1897, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 02 Jan 1897, Wilcox Co., Al.


32. OMAH HADLEY (HATTIE)4 VAUGHN (WILLIAM MARTIN3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 06 Dec 1867 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 15 Sep 1945 in Palm Beach, FL. She married HENRY STANHOPE BADCOCK.

Children of OMAH VAUGHN and HENRY BADCOCK are:

i. MARY EMILY5 BADCOCK, b. Jun 1897, Polk Co. FL.

ii. WOGAN STANHOPE BADCOCK I, b. 23 Oct 1898, Polk Co. FL; d. Apr 1987, Polk Co. FL; m. EVELYN M..

iii. OMAH VAUGHN BADCOCK, b. 24 Aug 1902, Polk Co. FL; d. 03 Jun 1992, Ft. Myers, Lee Co. FL; m. DONALD ALEXANDER MACDONALD, SR.; b. 02 Jan 1901, Palm Beach Co. , FL; d. 20 Aug 1965, Singer Island, Palm Beach Co. FL.


33. SARAH ELIZ4 VAUGHN (JOSEPH MADISON3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)50 was born 03 Feb 1851 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 24 Jan 1888 in Wilcox Co., Al. She married DEKALB RAYBURN.


i. WILLIAM FRANKLIN5 RAYBURN, b. 26 Dec 1869, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 06 Feb 1944, Jay, Santa Rosa, FL; m. (1) MARY ELIZABETH GECK; m. (2) MARY WARREN.

ii. JOSEPH DEKALB (DICK) RAYBURN, b. 13 May 1873, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 16 Jul 1953, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. GEORGE WASHINGTON RAYBURN, b. 05 May 1874, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 29 Dec 1874, Wilcox Co., Al.

iv. ROBERT LEE RAYBURN, b. 18 May 1875, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 12 Sep 1900, Wilcox Co., Al.

v. DAVID HIRAM (DAVE) RAYBURN, b. 26 Dec 1877, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 04 Sep 1935, Wilcox Co., Al; m. SARAH MARTHA (MATTIE) REAVES.

vi. HENRY S. RAYBURN, b. 16 Jul 1880, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 06 Nov 1944, Selma, Dallas Co. AL.

vii. ALICE OLIVIA RAYBURN, b. 29 Apr 1883, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 31 Aug 1886, Wilcox Co., Al.

viii. ANDREW PLATT RAYBURN, b. 23 Oct 1885, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 06 Feb 1937, Wilcox Co., Al.

ix. SAMUEL HUNTER RAYBURN, b. 23 Jan 1888, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 26 Mar 1971, Montgomery AL VA Hospital.


34. WILLIAM CALVIN4 VAUGHN (JOSEPH MADISON3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 14 Dec 1853 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 18 Jan 1941 in Dallas Co. AL. He married MARY LOUISE MCCRACKEN, daughter of JOSEPH MCCRACKEN and JANE RAMSEY.


i. WILLIAM CLANTON5 VAUGHN51, b. 12 Jun 1888, ALabama; d. 25 Jul 1958, Wilcox Co., Al; m. (1) CORINE LESLIE HUNTER; b. 1882, ALabama; m. (2) EVELYN NETTLES52; b. 16 Jun 1890, Wilcox County, AL; d. 02 Nov 1983, Pickens County, AL.

ii. JOSEPH THOMAS VAUGHN, b. 09 Mar 1890, Wilcox Co., Al; m. RUTH M. SANDIFER.

iii. EDGAR RAMSEY VAUGHN, b. Dec 1891, Wilcox Co., Al; m. MARY WOOD.

iv. WALTER M. VAUGHN, b. Jan 1894, Wilcox Co., Al.

v. ROBERT CLARK VAUGHN, b. Jul 1898, Wilcox Co., Al.

vi. JAMES CARL VAUGHN, b. 1902, Wilcox Co., Al; m. GEORGIANA PRESTON.


35. MARTHA ELLEN (ELIZABETH)4 VAUGHN (JOSEPH MADISON3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)53 was born 17 Aug 1856 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 30 May 1932 in Wilcox Co., Al. She married CALVIN COOK SELLERS, JR..


i. ADELLE SELLERS5 SELLERS, b. 1883, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 1885, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. CALVIN COOK (DICK) SELLERS, b. 15 Jan 1885, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 22 Apr 1963, Wilcox Co., Al; m. CLARA BELL HALL.

iii. ELIZABETH SUSAN SELLERS, b. 11 Aug 1887, Wilcox Co., Al; m. ALBERT LUCAS TAIT.

iv. DR. JAMES BENSON SELLERS54, b. 17 Feb 1889, Wilcox Co., Al; m. CARRY AUTREY.


36. MARY FRANCES4 VAUGHN (JOSEPH MADISON3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 23 Jan 1860 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 24 Jan 1918 in Wilcox Co., Al. She married PRENTICE EUGENE POWELL.


i. ROBERT EUGENE5 POWELL, b. 1887, ALabama; d. 1939; m. MARY JANE HENDERSON; b. 1887, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 10 Jul 1959, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. MUSA POWELL, b. 1892, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. ALMA POWELL, b. 1896, Wilcox Co., Al.

iv. RUTH POWELL, b. 1902, Wilcox Co., Al.


37. LORENA (LULU)4 VAUGHN (JOSEPH MADISON3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1864 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died Bet. 1892 - 1895 in Hamilton Co. TX. She married LUKE J. BROOKS55.


i. LULA BELLE5 BROOKS, b. Aug 1892, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 27 Aug 1910, Hamilton Co. TX; m. ALLEN LEONARD, 01 Sep 1907, Hamilton, TX.


38. ROBERT HENRY4 VAUGHN (JOSEPH MADISON3, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)56 was born 08 Dec 1867 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 09 Apr 1951 in Robertsdale, Baldwin Co. AL. He married ELLA FAIR TAYLOR.

Children of ROBERT VAUGHN and ELLA TAYLOR are:

i. MARY ELIZABETH5 VAUGHN, b. 24 Oct 1893, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 07 Dec 1902, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. ROBERT HOWARD VAUGHN, b. 29 Sep 1895, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 20 Jul 1957, Robertsdale, Baldwin Co. AL.

iii. DAVID RUFUS VAUGHN, b. 16 Dec 1897, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 14 Aug 1900, Wilcox Co., Al.

iv. ESTELL CLAUDIA (ALICE) VAUGHN, b. 26 Dec 1899, Wilcox Co., Al; d. Birmingham, AL Jefferson Co..

v. JOSEPH WARREN (JOE) VAUGHN, b. 31 Mar 1902, Wilcox Co., Al.

vi. INFANT VAUGHN, b. 03 Apr 1905, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 07 Apr 1905, Wilcox Co., Al.

vii. NARCISSUS (NONIE) VAUGHN, b. 04 Jul 1906, Wilcox Co., Al.

viii. JOHN HENRY VAUGHN, b. 03 Feb 1909, Wilcox Co., Al.

ix. ELLA MILDRED VAUGHN, b. 31 Aug 1911.

x. WILLIE YOUNG VAUGHN, b. 09 Jun 1914.


39. HENRY MARTIN4 JORDAN (ELIZABETH L.3 VAUGHN, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1850 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married ALICE V. MOYE.

Children of HENRY JORDAN and ALICE MOYE are:

i. CHARLES G.5 JORDAN, b. 1878, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. LULA V. JORDAN, b. 1879, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. HENRY MILTON JORDAN, b. 16 Mar 1880, Wilcox Co., Al; m. MARY REBECCA LAMBRECHT.


40. GEORGE W.4 JORDAN (ELIZABETH L.3 VAUGHN, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1854 in Wilcox Co., Al. He married ZERENA.

Children of GEORGE JORDAN and ZERENA are:

i. CALLIE E.5 JORDAN, b. 1877, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. ALMA JORDAN, b. 1878, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. JOHN S. JORDAN, b. 1879, Wilcox Co., Al.


41. JAMES COLUMBUS (BEECHER)4 MCINTOSH (CATHERINE ELEANOR (KATE)3 VAUGHN, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)57 was born 25 Mar 1853 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 25 Aug 1910 in Camden, AL. He married MILLIE D. NETTLES58. She was born 26 Feb 1869, and died 14 Nov 1954.


i. JULIA D.5 MCINTOSH59, b. 23 Jun 1888, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 06 Sep 1970, Wilcox Co., Al; m. WILLIAM H. (TIP) MARTIN.

ii. JAMES COLLIE (POPPIE) MCINTOSH59, b. 15 Jun 1890, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 19 Feb 1978, Wilcox Co., Al; m. MINNIE LEE REAVES.

iii. JOSEPH YOUNG MCINTOSH59, b. 11 Mar 1904, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 11 Mar 1985, Wilcox Co., Al; m. MARGUERITE JONES.

iv. BARNEY EUGENE MCINTOSH, b. 15 Aug 1907, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 31 Dec 1971, Selma, Dallas Co. AL; m. RUBY LEE RAY; b. 08 Jun 1915, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 02 Jul 1979, Wilcox Co., Al.


42. MARTHA MAGNOLIA (MAGGIE)4 MCINTOSH (CATHERINE ELEANOR (KATE)3 VAUGHN, JOSEPH2, BENJAMIN1)60 was born 29 Dec 1860 in Wilcox Co., Al, and died 25 Oct 1956 in Wilcox Co., Al. She married SAMUAL ROSS THOMPSON, SR.61.



ii. KATIE ELINOR (NELLIE) THOMPSON62, b. 05 Jun 1890, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 23 Jan 1926, Wilcox Co., Al; m. JOSEPH EDWARD JOE LAMBRECHT; b. 05 Oct 1886, Fatama, Wilcox Co. AL.; d. 13 Mar 1965, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. SAMUEL ROSS THOMPSON, JR.62, b. 03 Aug 1891, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 18 Sep 1967, Wilcox Co., Al; m. HARRIET ISSIE HOLLOMON REAVES.

iv. MAGGIE PEARL (PEARLIE) THOMPSON, b. 11 Sep 1896, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 05 Sep 1980, Wilcox Co., Al; m. JOSEPH EDWARD JOE LAMBRECHT.

v. CLARA ALBERTA THOMPSON, b. Abt. 1905, Wilcox Co., Al; m. ROBERT SANDERS.




i. ALBERT E.5 MCINTOSH, b. 02 Dec 1893, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 01 Feb 1914, Wilcox Co., Al.

ii. KATIE LAURA MCINTOSH, b. May 1895, Wilcox Co., Al.

iii. MARY MAUDE MCINTOSH, b. Apr 1897, Wilcox Co., Al.

iv. LAWRENCE A. MCINTOSH, b. Oct 1898, Wilcox Co., Al.

v. JULIA G. (LIBBY) MCINTOSH, b. 28 Aug 1901, Wilcox Co., Al; d. 08 Aug 1907, Wilcox Co., Al.

vi. ELLIE E. MCINTOSH, b. 1904, Wilcox Co., Al.

vii. DELLIE L. MCINTOSH, b. 1906, Wilcox Co., Al.

viii. MABLE L. MCINTOSH, b. 1910, Sedan, Wilcox Co. AL.




1. Buried at Reaves Chapel Church Cemetery in Wilcox Co. AL.

2. Earlier family researchers and family lore have indicated that Polly Vaughn married Jack Vincent. Documentation of this marriage has been difficult to locate. Considering the fact that "Jack" is a commonly used nickmane for John has not solved this puzzle. A John Vincent is found listed on the 1840 Census of Wilcox Co., but this census does not indicate females were in this household. So it is not clear if he could be the spouse of Polly Vaughn. The best prospect I have found, but not proven, is the Isaac J. Vincent who signed the marriage bond for Catherine Eleanor "Kate" Vaughn for her marriage in 1849 to Neil Watkins McIntosh [Ref. Wilcox County Marriage Bonds 1841-1851]. It appears to me that it would have been appropriate and common practice for a brother-in-law to sign as surety on a marriage bond. Polly Vaughn and Catherine Eleanor "Kate" Vaughn were sisters.

3. A Step-child

4. A Step-child.

5. Not sure of the name of Jane Ann's father but John Richards and Henry richards were in Wilcox County in 1820's. In the Capell cemetery where most of our family is buried, there is a tombstone that states John Richards, uncle of W. I. and H. S. Capell, born May 8, 1781 in North Hampton Co., NC, moved to Alabama 1822, died Feb. 7, 1868. I do not know burial place of Henry Richards. In Northhampton County, NC Deed Book 26, Page 288, John and Henry, by their attorney John P. Vaughn, and some other Richards selling the land of John Richards, deceased. Another deed shows John Nugent and wife, Sally, of Perry County AL selling her part of John Richards' land. Sally Richards had married Charles Capell (brother of Thomas Capell) and moved to Alabama. The year was 1934. In Northampton County, NC there is a Will of John Richards with two sons, John and William, and several daughters, one of whom was Sara Richards Moore. Anthony Moore had a widow named Sarah who made her Will on March 4, 1816. Her daughter Rebecca was deceased and was first wife of Charles Capell. Her grandchildren were Emeline Capell, Horotio Robinson Capell, William Moore Capell, and Martha Ann Capell. Sarah Richards was one of the witnesses of the Will. In Jan. of 1817, Charles Capell married Sarah Richards. In the inventory of the estate of John Richards, Sr., deceased, taken by Ralph G. Skinner, Adm. on Dec. 23, 1832, it lists slaves being given during the lifetime of John Richards, Sr. to: Evand Richards, John Richards, Jr., William Richards, Mary M. Skinner (wife of R.G. Skinner) Sarah Capell, wife of Charles Capell (now married to a Mr. Nugent), Henry C. Richards, Alexander Richards, Richard R. Richards.

6. Was mentally retarded. Buried at Capell Cemetery.

7. A Confederate soldier. Died in the War.

8. Notes for John Pulliam Vaughn SOURCE: (Excerpt from "Family Record-Vaughn, Sellers, Tait" 1955 by William Clanton Vaughn) - John Pulliam Vaughn was a Baptist minister. He and his wife are buried in Blue Springs Methodist Church Cemetery near Chunky in the vicinity of Meridian, Mississippi. He spent a good portion of his early life in Wilcox County, near Camden. All of his children were born there. The site of his home is on the west side of the highway, about four miles SW of Camden at the top of Pussley Creek hill. John Pulliam Vaughn and his family moved to Mississippi in 1858 or 1859. The oldest living son, William James, did not move to Mississippi with them.

9. Died in the battle of Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania Co., VA. From Stella Scott Vaughn: "Now as to the story about my Uncle Harvey Simpson Vaughn. My father told me that my Uncle 'Simps' as they called him, lost his life in the battle of the Wilderness, one of the fierces of the battles. Uncle Simps was shot through the thigh and when the surgeons went over the battlefield they passed him by, considering him among the mortally wounded. He asked the surgeon to give him a chance, that he believed he could recover. So the surgeon had him and another badly wounded soldier laid under the shade of a tree promising to come back for them. In the meantime, due to the heat from the intense firing, the wilderness caught fire and they were burned to death. Five years after the conflict the Captain of our uncle's company went to see my grandparents and gave them this information. There was never any doubt in my father's mind but that this was a correct account." COMMENTS: By E. D. Rayburn - According to the Civil War Dictionary by Mark M. Boatner, the Battle of the Wilderness occurred 5-7 May 1864 and the Chancellorsville Campaign occurred Apr-May 1863. Both were in the same area west of Fredericksburg, Virginia. From the date of death reported for Harvey Simpson Vaughn, it appears that he was killed in the Chancellorsville Campaign.

10. John Pulliam Jr. Vaughn was veteran of the Civil War and served in Company "C" 36th Mississippi Infantry Regiment; Harpers Reserves [Newton County]; joined and died in camp on September 11, 1962 at Saltillo, Lee Co., Mississippi.

11. Buried in Chunky Cemetery, Newton Co., MS.

12. Buried in Ada Cemetery, Pontotoc Co., OK.

13. Buried in Blue Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Newton Co., MS.

14. He moved to Lauderdale MS and died there.

15. Notes for Telitha Stanley CENSUS: 1870 Lauderdale Co., Mississippi; Twp 7; 1 July 1870; Pg 109B & 110A; ( image 50 & 51of 90); Dwlg 335 - Fam 335 - Vaughn, Telitha 55 F W Keeping house 5000 1000 Alabama , Thomas P 25 M W Farmer 600 Mississippi , Sarah F 37 F W Mississippi , Eula G 3/12 F W Mississippi , Charles B 3/12 M W Mississippi , Little B 20 M W 750 Mississippi , Eliza 17 F W Mississippi CENSUS: 1880 Lauderdale Co., Mississippi; Daleville; 3 July 1880; ED 95 Pg 164A; ( image 61 of 61); Dwlg 479 - Fam 479 - Vaughn, Thomas W M 36 - Farmer Mississippi Kentucky Alabama , Sarah W F 48 wife Keeping house Mississippi Kentucky Florida , Jesse W M 8 son At Home Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi , Martha W M 5 dau At Home Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi , Thomas W M 4 son At Home Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi , Tillitha W F 67 mother Farmer Alabama Georgia Georgia

16. Buried in Mt. Olivet Confederate Cemetery in Nashville, TN.

17. Lived in Monroe County, AL.He was a private in Capt. E. Mills Co., Monroe Co. Militia Home Guard during the Civil War.

18. Buried in Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL.

19. Buried in Vaughn Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL.

20. Buried at Lower Peach Tree, AL.

21. He was a teacher in Alabama Schools.

22. Buried in Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery, Wilcox Co., AL.

23. Buried in Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery.

24. Buried in Capell Cemetery. Not married. SOURCE: The Heritage of Wilcox County, Alabama; pub by Heritage Publishing Consultants, Inc, Clanton, Alabama, copyright 2002; Page 99 - Article: Peach Tree Storm, submitted by Roger Campbell, Demopolis, Alabama - " The Peach Tree Storm was a terrible cyclone that hit parts of Clarke and Wilcox Counties on the morning of March 21, 1913 ..... the storm moved into Lower Peach Tree area near the landing, then to Blacks Bluff and finally ended near Camden..... many homes and businesses were totally destroyed and several people were killed or injured..... More than twenty people were killed as a result of the cyclone and many more were injuried. .... The damage in Black's Bluff included ...... the homes of George Martin, John Lambrecht and H. M. Jordan were destroyed. .... In the Grampian Hills, the homes of Anyce [Anice] Vaughn and Eades Vaughn were destroyed. .... "

25. Married with permission of Robert Henderson. Married by John Pulliam Vaughn, minister of the gospel.

26. Buried in Reaves Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox Co., AL.

27. Buried in Reaves-Farish-Mallard Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL.

28. Buried in Reaves Chapel Cemetery.

29. John Calvin Henderson is possibly buried at Dacey Cemetery in Whatley. Fannie Carr is buried there.

30. Never married. No children. A member of the Mormon church in Camden, AL where he was Sunday School Superintendent. Buried in Camden cemetery.

31. He was a school teacher. Uncle Ned went to collect a debt from a man that owed money to his son for work he had done and the man hit him with a piece of iron. He lived a few days.

32. Buried at Capell Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL.

33. Never married. No children. Member of the Mormon Church.Buried in Camden Cemetery.

34. Buried at Capell Cemetery.

35. Lived near Camden, AL.

36. Notes for Dr William James Vaughn SOURCE: Downloaded from web site "In the fall of 1987, the Vanderbilt University Board of Trust voted to name one of the University's seven original faculty houses the "Vaughn Home" in recognition of the important contributions made by the Vaughn family to the University. This was a fitting tribute to a family whose influence at the University spanned three generations. The building has served as a residence for married faculty, a dormitory for men and for women, and offices for the departments of romance languages and teaching assistants in western civilization. It presently houses the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities. From 1884 to 1912, Residence Five, as it was commonly known, was the home of Professor and Mrs. William J. Vaughn. Since the University's founding in 1875, Chancellor Landon C. Garland had been attempting to recruit William J. Vaughn to fill the mathematics chair, one of eleven chairs in the "Academic Department," now the College of Arts and Science. In 1882, Vaughn accepted Garland's offer and left the University of Alabama to join the Vanderbilt faculty at an annual salary of $2,500 and the promise of a rent-free house on campus. The crescent of homes at the heart of the campus was the site of much lively activity, as faculty members raised their children in the midst of the college. The Vaughns raised their five children--Eugene, Robert, Will, Harry, and Stella--in the faculty residence. .... William J. Vaughn served as professor of mathematics for thirty years, professor of mathematics and astronomy for sixteen years, and University librarian for twenty-six years. He is reported by many to have been a true polymath; a mathematician by training, he could read at least a dozen languages, including Sanskrit and Russian. His knowledge of history was highly regarded; his book collection of 6,000 volumes included 500 volumes in Napoleonic studies. James H. Kirkland, who became Chancellor of the University in 1893, often told a story of a trip he made to Leipzig. While there, he called upon a famous international bookseller. When the proprietor learned that Kirkland was Chancellor of Vanderbilt, he commented that he was in regular correspondence with a member of the faculty at the University by the name of William Vaughn. Chancellor Kirkland liked to recount this episode as an example of the professor's widespread reputation as a knowledgeable book collector. Professor Vaughn was also an active participant in the establishment of a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on the campus in 1901, a tribute to the growing successes of the young University. On 17 December 1912, Professor Vaughn died at age seventy-nine at his campus home. His health had been failing during the fall term, and when he felt his death was imminent, he called for Chancellor Kirkland to come and meet with him. He instructed Kirkland, "Tell the boys for me that this is not a sad occasion, that I got more than was coming to me and have received more than was my share of the good things of life--that my classes have shared with me their youth and that perhaps they gave to me more than they received." The Vanderbilt Hustler (the student newspaper) reported his death, stating "The grand old man of Vanderbilt is gone." NOTES: William James Vaughn was b. Feb 15, 1834 and d. Dec 17, 1912 in Nashville, Tennessee. He married Abbie Maria Scott August 17, 1865. Dr. William James Vaughn was Dean of the Faculty at Vanderbilt University when he died. William James Vaughn was a great scholar and is listed in the register of students of the University of Alabama as follows: Vaughn, William James--A. B., A.M., '60, Educator, Nashville, Tenn. 1854 Blacks Bluff, Wilcox County, Alabama; John Pulliam Vaughn, Chunky Station, Mississippi and Rebecca Richards; b. February 15, 1834; LLD., University of Mississippi, 1883; Tutor of Math, U. of Alabama 1857-1860; Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1860-'63; Professor of Math, 1863-65, 1878-82; Professor of Physics and Astronomy, 1871-73; Principal of Tuscaloosa Female College, 1865-66; Principal of Centenary Female Institute, Summerfield, 1867-71; President of Tennessee Female College Franklin 1873-78; Founder of the School of Engineering, University of Alabama 1881-82; Professor of Math, Vanderbilt University 1882-96; Professor of Math and Astronomy, 1896; Chief Librarian, Vanderbilt University 1886; Married Abbie Scott, Marion, August 17, 1865. The writer expressed an opinion many years ago that Dr. Vaughn was, due to his connections with the University of Alabama and Vanderbilt and his undoubtedly high scholastic standing, the most widely known and famous of the Vaughn Family. Summerfield, Alabama is a small village about eight miles northwest of Selma. It is a very old community and in the past for many years there was a boarding school or college there. Another source wrote: William James Vaughn, M.A., LLD, was born near Camden, Alabama, February 15 1834, son of John Pulliam and Rebecca Richards Vaughn. "He attended the Old Field Schools in Wilcox County until 1853, when he enrolled as a student in the Academy of Camden to prepare for college. In 1854 he entered the University of Alabama. He received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the University in 1857 and in 1860 the degree of Master of Arts." "He taught mathematics at the University of Alabama 1857-1860. He taught Latin and Greek 1860-1863. He was made Professor of Mathematics in 1863. Was President of Tuscaloosa Female College in 1865. Was President of Centenary Female College, Summerfield, Alabama for five years--1866-1871. He returned to the University of Alabama for two years as professor of mathematics. Was President of Tennessee Female College, Franklin, Tennessee 1873-1878. Returned to University of Alabama where he stayed until 1882 when he went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville where he was Professor of Mathematics until 1896. He was Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy from 1896 until his death, which occurred December 17, 1912. "On August 17, 1865, he married Miss Abbie Scott of Marion, Alabama, daughter of David and Stella Scott of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Their children were William Massey, Eugene Haughton, Harry Scott, Stella Scott and Robert Hargrove, all of whom were living at the time of his death. "He suffered a severe illness in the fall of 1898 which resulted in the loss of his right leg, forcing him to walk on crutches the rest of his life." The above quoted by Miss Stella Vaughn at time of his death in a newspaper clipping. She was a daughter of Dr. Vaughn. Following are some of the many personal tributes from friends: "Dr. Vaughn will never know in this world the great good he has done in setting young men on their feet and helping them to get the right grasp of

37. Buried at Blue Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Newton Co, MS.

38. Buried in Owen Chapel Cemetery, Polk Co. Arkansas.

39. Buried in New Providence Cemetery near Chunky, Newton Co. MS.

40. Buried in Canon Cemetery, Lauderdale Co. MS.

41. Buried in Lockhart, Lauderdale Co., MS.

42. Buried in New Providence Cemetery near Chunky, Newton Co., MS.

43. Buried in Woods Cemetery, Panola Co., TX.

44. He and his wife divorced.

45. Buried in Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Travis, TX.

46. Buried in Lenox Cemetery, Conecuh Co. AL.

47. Buried in Gourd Creek Cemetery, Montgomery Co., TX.

48. Buried in Gourd Creek Cemetery, Willis, Montgomery Co. TX.

49. Buried in Liberty Church Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL.

50. Notes for Sarah Eliza Vaughn SOURCE: FGR prepared and received from Florence L. Swanson 1981 - Sarah Eliza Vaughn was dau Joseph Madison VAUGHAN and Elizabeth DUNN, b Wilcox County Alabama, 3 FEB 1850. MARRIAGE: Wilcox County Marriage Records received from Florance L. Swanson, Camden, Alabama - Vol 8, pg 70 - DeKalb Rayburn m. Sarah Elizabeth Vaughn Nov 9, 1868. NAME: Verbal from Dell Collins to E. D. Rayburn 5/5/2005 - The name is Sarah Eliza Vaughn and not Sarah Elizabeth Vaughn. CENSUS: 1860 Wilcox Co., Alabama; Western Division; P. O. Prairie Bluff; 15 Sep 1860; Pg 1171A; ( image 57 of 75) Dwlg 476 - Fam 473 - Joseph M. Vaughn 34 M Alabama Martha E 30 F Alabama Sarah E. 10 F Alabama William C. 6 M Alabama Martha E 4 F Alabama Mary F 1 F Alabama CENSUS: 1880 U. S. Census Wilcox County Alabama Vol 23 ED 186 Pg 7: Dwlg 58 - Fam 61 - Rayburn, DeKalb W M 43 Farmer Alabama Virginia Mississippi , Sarah E W F 30 wife Keep House Alabama Alabama Alabama , William F W M 10 son Works on farm Alabama Alabama Alabama , Joseph D W M 7 son Alabama Alabama Alabama , Robert L W M 5 son Alabama Alabama Alabama NOTES: Sarah Eliza Vaughn b. Feb 3, 1851; d. Jan 24, 1888. BURIAL: Winston NETTLES pointed out grave of DeKalb RAYBURN to E. D. Rayburn during visit in 1981. He is buried in the Capell Cemetery, Wilcox Co., Alabama. Grave is covered with concrete slab with no headstone. Nettles stated that his mother Ruby (HENDERSON) NETTLES was the source of his information. He also stated that his mother said there were several unmarked Rayburn graves next to the grave of DeKalb Rayburn. It is therefore assumed that his wife, Sarah Eliza Vaughn, is buried in one of the unmarked graves. EDR

51. He had no children. Buried at Capell Cemetery in Wilcox Co. AL.

52. No children. Buried in Capell Cemetery.

53. Buried in Capell Cemetery.

54. Was a professor at the University of Alabama. Wrote the first history of the University of Alabama.

55. SOURCE: Letter dated 30 Jan 1985 from Veona (Flatt) House to E. D. Rayburn. Veona is granddaughter of Luke J. Brooks. Luke J. Brooks b. Aug 1846 in Coffee Co., Alabama; d. 1 Apr 1913 at Kings Daughter Hospital in Temple, Bell Co., Texas. Luke J. Brooks was son of William Calvin Brooks & Nancy King. In late March, 1913, while working on his farm northwest of Evant in Hamilton Co., Texas; Luke J. Brooks was kicked in the head by a horse. His injury was so severe that he was taken to Kings Daughter Hospital at Temple, Texas for treatment. He survived only a few days. His body was placed on a train at Temple and shipped to Goldthwaite, Texas.There his family and friends met the train and loaded his body onto a wagon. The wagon, pulled by a team of horses, lead the funeral procession to the Hurst Ranch Cemetery in Hamilton County where he was laid to rest among other members of the family. OBITUARY: The Hamilton Record, dated April 10, 1913 Confederate Veteran Dead -- Friends in Evant send a message conveying the sad news of the death of Capt. Luke Brooks, a pioneer citizen of that community and a Confederate veteran. After only a week's illness the brave old soldier answered the summons April 1 at 4 o'clock p.m. his death occurring in a Temple sanitarium. The remains were brought home and buried in the Hurst Ranch cemetery on Wednesday April 2. Rev Mr. Hall of Evant conducting the funeral services. Captain Brooks was a native of Alabama and served four years in the Civil War, coming to Texas in 1893. He served for a number of years as mail carrier between Evant and Lampasas. He afterward settled on a farm in the southern portion of the county where he lived until the great Captain called him "across the river to rest under the shade of the trees."

56. Buried in Capell Cemetery. Robert Henry and his wife Ella taught school in Reaves Chapel according to the notes of Florence Swanson Lambrecht.

57. Buried in Reaves Chapel Cemetery. Notes for James Columbus "Beecher" McIntosh SOURCE: Reaves Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox Co., Alabama - Cem Section C, Grave #21 - McIntosh, James C. b. Mar 25, 1853; d. Aug 25, 1910 (Son of Neil W. and Catherine "Kate" Vaughn McIntosh. Married Millie Nettles, March 18, 1886. Children: James C. "Collie", Julia D., J. Y. "Young" and Barney E.) CENSUS: 1910 Wilcox Co., Alabama; Sedan; 17 May 1910; ED 163 Pg 112A; ( image 3 of 16); Dwlg 27 - Fam 28 - McIntosh, J. C. Head M W 52 M1 24 Alabama Alabama Alabama; Occup: Farmer , Millie wife F W 41 M1 24 4-4 Alabama Alabama Alabama , Collie son M W 19 S Alabama Alabama Alabama , Young son M W 6 S Alabama Alabama Alabama , Bornie son M W 3 S Alabama Alabama Alabama

58. Buried in Reaves Chapel Cemetery. Notes for Millie D Nettles SOURCE: The Heritage of Wilcox County, Alabama, published by Heritage Publishing Consultants, Inc. Canton, Alabama (2002) - Pg 251 - George Washington Nettles Family Family by Bobbye C. Winston a descendant of Rubye Sue Henderson - "George Washington Nettles, my great grandfather, was born 1825 in Darlington Co., SC. He died December 1868 and is buried in an unmarked grave in Capell Cemetery, Wilcox County. He was the son of George Nettles, born ca. 1780 in SC, and Mary Cree, born ca. 1783 in SC, George and Mary lived in Darlington Co., SC. George Washington Nettles married Hellen Mary Sadler, b. c. 1836 in Alabama and d. Jun 12, 1913, and is also buried in an unmarked grave in Capell Cemetery. She was the dau of Albert & Mary Sadler of Wilcox Co. Children of George Washington Nettles and wife Hellen Mary Sadler Nettles are: Mary Hellen Nettles, b. Nov 7, 1850 and d. Oct 1, 1864. Not married George Washington Nettles b. Jul 7, 1852 and d. Sept 18, 1863. Not married. Anice T. Nettles b. March 22, 1854 and d. Sept 28, 1854. Not married. Albert Monroe Nettles b. Jan 19, 1856 and d. in 1926, mar. Lyda Waites. Josephine Virginia Nettles b. Sept 14, 1857 and d. Nov 9, 1943, mar. James T. Carter. Martha Amanda Nettles b. Apr 28, 1859 d. Mar 30, 1935, mar. John Pharr. Emily L. Nettles b. April 28, 1860 and d. Jan 24, 1863. Not married. Thomas W. Nettles b. March 24 1864 and d. Nov 9, 1871. Not married. Zachariah George Nettles b. Nov 17, 1866 and d. Jan 17, 1941; mar. Rubye Sue Henderson. They are buried at Capell Cem in Wilcox Co., Alabama. Millie Dee Nettles b. Feb 26, 1869 and d. Nov 14, 1954, mar. James Columbus McIntosh. [Note: Per Barney McIntosh, name was Millie D. Nettles and not Millie Dee Nettles] SOURCE: Reaves Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox Co., Alabama - Cem Section C, Grave #21 - McIntosh, James C. b. Mar 25, 1853; d. Aug 25, 1910 (Son of Neil W. and Catherine "Kate" Vaughn McIntosh. Married Millie Nettles, March 18, 1886. Children: James C. "Collie", Julia D., J. Y. "Young" and Barney E.) Cem Section C, Grave #20 - McIntosh, Millie N. Feb 26, 1869 - Nov 14, 1954 (Millie Nettles, sister of Zack Nettles) CENSUS: 1920 Wilcox Co., Alabama; Sedan; 28 January 1920; ED 79 Pg 265A; ( image 13 of 23)- Dwlg 109 - Fam 109 - McIntosh, Millie D Head F W 45 Wd Alabama Virginia Alabama [Millie D. Nettles] , J. Young son M W 14 S Alabama Alabama Alabama , Barrnie E son M W 12 S Alabama Alabama Alabama [Barney E.] Holly, Neal Bording M W 19 S Texas Alabama Alabama [Neil Claude Holley] Dwlg 110 - Fam 110 - McIntosh, James C Head M W 29 M Alabama Alabama Alabama [James Collie McIntosh] , Minnie L wife F W 28 M Alabama Alabama Alabama [Minnie L. Reaves] , James R son M W 4-2/12 S Alabama Alabama Alabama Holly, Alvin Bording M W 21 S Alabama Alabama Alabama [Alvin L. Holly] CENSUS: 1930 Wilcox Co., Alabama; Sedan Pct #15; April 3, 1930; ED 23 Pg 204B; ( image 2 of 14); Dwlg 15 - Fam 15 - McIntosh, Millie D Head F W 60 Wd Alabama Alabama Alabama , Barney son M W 23 S Alabama Alabama Alabama

59. Buried in Reaves Chapel Cemetery.

60. Buried in Reaves Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox Co., AL.

61. Notes for Samuel Ross Thompson Sr SOURCE: The Heritage of Wilcox County, Alabama, pub 2002 by Heritage Publishing Consultants, Inc, Clanton, AL 35046; Page 304 - Family Article: "Samuel Ross Thompson Photographer" "Samuel Ross Thompson was born May 7, 1853 in Franklin, Alabama. He married and lived in Wilcox County.... his first wife, Mittie Wiggins Thompson, who died about 1883 at the age of 20. .... He began travelling around Wilcox and surrounding counties taking pictures. It was on one of these trips that he met Margaret (Maggie) McIntosh. They soon married and lived in the old McIntosh house on Gullett's Bluff....." Page 304 - Family Article: "Samuel Ross Thompson - 1853-1937" "Samuel Ross Thompson was born May 7, 1853, at Franklin, Alabama. He was the son of Samuel James Thompson and Mary (Fannie) Elizabeth Holley Thompson. .... Samuel Ross married Nancy (Mittie) Wiggins on February 13, 1878 in Wilcox County. They had two children: Mattie Rosalind Thompson b. Jan 7, 1879 (m. Charles Green Reynolds, Nov 15, 1895); and Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Thompson, b. October 2, 1881 (m. 1st: Nathan Esker Wiggins, 2nd: Ishom Theophilus Cotton). The story goes that Mittie died when she had a tooth pulled while pregnant. She went into labor and bled to death in 1883. Apparently, the baby did not survive either. She is buried at Red Hill Cemetery. .... After Mittie died, Samuel Ross bought a camera and began going around taking pictures. He met Maggie E. McIntosh in Wilcox County, Alabama, and they soon married. ..... Samuel Ross and Maggie had five children: Ora Thompson (m. D. Kennedy), Nellie Thompson (m. Joe Lambrecht), Pearlie Thompson (m. Joe Lambrecht), Clara Thompson (m. Robert Sanders), Samuel Ross Thompson, Jr. (m. Issie Reaves). Samuel Ross Thompson died June 7, 1937, and is buried at Reaves Memorial Chapel Cemetery, 15 miles SE of Camden, Alabama, on Reaves Chapel Road, No. 16. " SOURCE: Reaves Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery, Route 2, Camden, Wilcox Co., Alabama; by Florence Lambrecht Swanson - Pg 33 - Grave Section C number 30 - THOMPSON, Samuel Ross May 7, 1853 - June 7, 1937 (Son of Samuel James and Betsy Holly Thompson. Married Martha Magnolia "Maggie" McIntosh Feb 7, 1889. Children: Katie Elinor "Nellie", Samuel Ross, Lucy Orilla, Maggie Pearl and Clara Alberta Thompson. He was married 1st to Mittie Wiggins of Tunnel Springs, Ala. She is buried in Red Hill Cemetery, Monroe County)

62. Buried at Reaves Chapel Cemetery.