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The Thomas Family
by Ruth Maughan

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James W. Thomas and Annie Elizabeth Holmes Thomas family




James W. L (Willie)


Harvie Clemmons Thomas. 





Haston B.


Auburn Ganus (Doc)

Married Minne Lee


Etta Beatrice b. 10/25/1916 d. 10/10/2005

Married Robert Travis Maughan b. 2/29/1913 d. 11/17/1995

            Children:         Robert Ferrell Maughan b. 9/11/1935


                                    Elsie Ruth Maughan Maughan b. 10/14/1940

                                    Married 6/1/1957 Calvin Eugene Maughan b. 9/6/1934

                                      Children: Deborah Ruth Maughan b. 7/26/1958

                                                   Married 6/1/1985 James Paul Jackson

                                                      Children: Daryn Kathleen Jackson b. 12/16/1987

                                                                       James Alex Jackson b. 1/5/1991

                                                Stephanie Kay Maughan b. 6/15/1960

                                                   Married 10/1/1991 James Morgan Lewis

                                                       Children:  Christian Cooper Lewis b. 8/1/1996


??? (Buck)


Elsie Inez b. 4/14/1920 d. 6/3/1991

Married 6/29/1946 William Robert Clayton b. 3/27/1918 d. 3/9/1976

            Children:         Elizabeth Jean Clayton b.  3/15/1948

                                      Married 6/20/1970 Leonard (Len) Earl Lowry b. 5/25/1948

                                        Children:  Brent Clayton Lowry b. 9/6/1976

                                                Married Stephanie Louise Spruiell b. 6/29/1975

                                                        Ashton Leigh Lowry b. 2/4/2005

                                                Blayne Thomas Lowry b. 7/4/1982

                                                    Married Meg Allison Simmons b. 4/20/1981

                                                            Coleton (Cole) Jack Lowry b. 1/28/2008












This is a living document.  Please send me your thoughts if you wish them added to the file.  I did not write it in cohesive story form.  It was deliberately placed in this format so that it can be added to in the future by generations who care to maintain this history. 



Information that Patricia Cook and Peggy Mauldin (daughters of Harvie) got from Uncle Dock (Ganus) Thomas:  These are Uncle Doc’s memories.


Ireland had a potato famine which lasted close to four years.  Grandpa James W. (Jim) Thomas’ Grand Daddy came from Ireland to the United States and landed in Rhode Island.  Later, he came south and settled in on the west side of what is now Tuscaloosa.  The “Rubber Plant” and the Gasoline Distillery” are now located on the land he owned.

At Great Grandpa Thomas’ death, his two sons, James Gilbert (Gill) Thomas and Bob Thomas (both born in Tuscaloosa County) inherited the land.  Bob kept his land in Tuscaloosa and became a hog farmer.  But, Gill loved to fish and hunt – especially turkeys; so, he sold his part of the land and homesteaded on 60 acres of land at Shiloh near Ralph, Alabama.  This was land that the government was giving away to anyone who would live on and farm the land; more land could be purchased next to your land as you needed it.

Gill married Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Garner on March 13, 1848 in Shiloh, Al.  They had

______  (I think it was three children); Jim Thomas, Annie Thomas and John Thomas. 

When Jim Thomas was a young man, he went to a ball game in Ethelsville, Alabama and met a girl named “Bessie”.  Remember, that was during the horse and buggy days!  In order to court Bessie, Jim had to ride by horseback one day and visit; then, ride back home on the second day.  This must have been “True Love; for Jim married Annie Elizabeth (Bessie)  Holmes and they had a bunch of children.

Jim was a logging contractor during his early years, working along the Sipsey River, where logs were pulled down to the train lines and hauled to Buhl, Alabama.  Later he worked for Pioneer Lumber Company at Elrod, Alabama.

Jim and Bessie rented “The Gas Place” in Benevola, Alabama, and began to farm cotton, corn, and sugar cane.  In the fall, Jim would make “Ribbon Cane Syrup” for his family and move his syrup mill over to other people’s farm to make syrup for them.  He got paid with syrup for doing this; and then, he would sale the extra syrup to others. One of his best customers was Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Around 1940-1941 Jim and Bessie moved from Benevola, Alabama to Aliceville, Alabama to raise cotton and corn, where he only needed one pair of mules for that size farm.


Additional Info from Peggy Mauldin September 8, 2010

Jim Thomas (Grandpa) had a stroke while working in the garden.  He lived three months and died in 1955.  Bessie died on May 28, 1967.  Both of them were buried at Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, near Ralph, Alabama.

Grandma Bessie Thomas’ Daddy was names Cornelius Holmes.  I do not know what her Mom’s name was.  I know that she had a brother named Ben because he used to come to Aliceville to visit Grandma and Grandpa and he always came to visit us (Harvie) while he was in town.  During that time, Uncle Ben lived somewhere in Arkansas.  Grandma was part Cherokee Indian.  Her family was from Mississippi.  They settled in Columbus, MS and later moved to Ethelsville, Alabama.  That is where she was living when Grandpa met her.  She was such a beautiful lady. 

I can still hear Grandpa (Jim Thomas) singing in church with that beautiful bass voice.  He loved to sing, and he always sat on the right side of the church (inside near isle) on the second pew.  I do not remember him sitting anywhere else in the church.  That was his pew!  Just like so many of us sit in the same place Sunday after Sunday even today.  Although our name is not on the pew…….that is OUR pew!  Oh how I loved my Grandpa.  He was such a kind caring Christian man.  I never heard him say a curse word. If he mashed his finger, he would always say “dag nabbit”.  He was such a good man.  He always made me feel special because when we were working in the cotton patch, he always asked me to share three rows with him.  Of course, by the time I picked the row on my right side…..he was almost through picking the row between us. 

Some times Grandma wouldn’t be feeling good and she would ask Mama if I could come and stay a few days with her.  I never minded doing that because Grandma always fixed me hot chocolate and always kept a pitcher of lemonade in her refrigerator.

She did finally turn me against hot chocolate for many years though…. I got the stomach bug one time when I was staying with her and she put castro oil in my hot chocolate.  I didn’t drink hot chocolate for at least twenty years…….I could still taste that castro oil.  Ugh, it still makes me feel bad.   If Mama sent me to the store I had to pass their house, and Grandma would always get me to stop by there on my way back home.  She always wanted me to brush her hair.  When I took it out of the braid she always wore….. it would touch the floor when she sat down.  Oh, the memories!


Memories from Bobby Thomas - son of Willy



Hello All> This note of History on the Thomas family came to me from Uncle Buck and Dock. Did you know that Grandpa’s father owned all kinds of land around Tuscaloosa  and he owned some of the land that the University of Alabama sits on…He worked on the Trans-Continental Railroad and he owned lots of  land. He owned three sections of land that he left to Uncle John, Grandpa and his Sister---I do not remember her name , but she lived in Tuscaloosa and James Thomas spent about a year with her when he hurt his leg jumping into a gravel pit while playing . Aunt Emma was her name I think. Uncle John was no farmer and sold  or gave his SECTION of land to Grandpa (640) acre’s is a section. Uncle John came down to Aliceville every summer for a week and he and I went fishing down to Blubber creek. He was a wonderful old man , walked slow, smoked a pipe and liked to have a little nip of whiskey. Grandpa sold his land and or probably got beat out of it by some crooks around l948 or 49. We were walking back from the barn one evening and he told me he sold the Old Home Place and all the land. I asked him what he sold it far and I never got an answer. He paid off what he owed on the farm in Aliceville. Inez had loaned him 500 dollars to buy it I heard. I loved her dearly. The lst time I went to Aliceville, I was 6 years old and Grandpa took me into the café where she worked and she got me a cone of Ice Cream. Boy was it good and I can still taste it……..I heard that Grandma’s mother name was Elizabeth and her dad’s father was a Blacksmith and he owned all kinds of land in Tuscaloosa from Stillman College to the Warrior River.

Uncle Doc told me that my Mother ordered his first guitar out of the Sears and Roebuck  for $8.00………

Our people were wonderful  Christian people that worked hard and they never went hungry….

NOTE: I am writing the story of my life, (its quite a story) its hard to believe from where I started to where  God has brought me today)  Norman was going to write his story also, but me moved on into Heaven on May .2, 2010. I miss him every day. We talked  almost ever day and were so very close.  I am getting ready to write the Sensormatic part of my life , which consisted of 30 years from the time we started Sensormatic until the day we sold the Company. IT IS QUITE A STORY FROM THE DAY IN JUNE WHEN I GOT THE FIRST ORDER FROM CARSON PIRIE SCOTT IN CHICAGO, AND BY THE WAY SAVED OUR LITTLE COMPANY FROM GOING UNDER. THE ORDER WAS ONE MILLION SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, LOTS OF MONEY BACK THEN……..BY THE WAY, I WAS PRETTY CLOSE TO THE END OF MY ROPE, IT HAD TAKEN ME 14 MONTHS TO GET THE FIRST ORDER FOR SENSORMATIC AND THE LAST MONTH I WAS EATING  CRACKERS--------ONE SLEEVE A NIGHT --- AND A GLASS OF MILK.      THE YEAR WAS  l971…….Bob T.

Memories from Donald Thomas (Son of Buck): Sun, 9/5/10,Subject: Thomas Clan - Farmers or Fishermen?

Here is a piece to the Thomas Clan puzzle.  Uncle Doc told this to me when we all met for lunch at the Farm House in Demopolis in August of 2006. It's fragmentary, but I had asked Uncle Doc if he knew any background on our ancestors and he told me what he knew.  The story goes something like this:

Uncle Doc's grandfather (i.e., our great grandfather) was from Galway, Ireland. His name was Jill Thomas, but Uncle Doc was not sure about the spelling.  It could also be "Gill" from Gilligan) or even "Shill" or something similar Celtic name. I'll use Gill, but that may not be correct.     Anyway, he came to the US, as did many Irish after the great potato famine in the mid-1800s. More that 5 million Irish (80% Catholic) came to the US during that time. According to Uncle Doc, GillThomas settled initially in Rhode Island.

    Parallel to the Irish immigration, the United States was building it railroads, and used the cheapest labor it could find.  Slavery had been abolished by this time. For the west coast building eastward, Chinese immigrants was mainly used.  On the east coast, building westward and southwards, very much Irish labor was used.  Gill Thomas got a job in Rhode Island working for a railroad construction company. The company relocated their sites every several months as the construction progressed. Gill's company took him southward down the eastern seaboard through Virginia, the Carolinas and into Tennessee. 

    In Tennessee, Gill met and married a Cherokee squaw (Uncle Doc didn't know her name).  What brought Gill and family to Alabama, was one of the many homestead acts passed by Congress, giving land to those who were willing to cultivate and develop.

    Doing some backwards arithmetic, our Dad was born in 1917, and he was the second youngest.  I don't know when our Grandfather, James, was born, but I seem to remember that he was 76 years old when he died and I think that was in the mid-1950's.  So, 1955-76= about 1880.Assuming James's father, Gill, was 30 years old when James was born, that would make Gill's birthyear  about 1850.

   That all seems logical to me.  I have have tried to verify with some simple Internet-googling, and it does in fact come together.

   The great potato  famine, the large influx of Irish in the mid during late 1800s, the

timeline of the railroad construction (doesn't fit perfect, but close).

    Now,I have visited Galway, Ireland.  Galway is on the one hand a city on the west coast of Ireland.  On the other hand it is also a county. The County of Galway contains also a lot of farmland.  So, we may originate from the farms of Galway County, or from the sea port of Galway (probably fishermen or pirates or something).

    Just a side note:  while we were traveling through Ireland, we ran across

 a town call "Thomastown".  With a little fantasy, I could imagine that we once owned the place.  Anyway, the town is very old, dating back to 1373 and very quaint.

    So, I don't know if this will help Bobby's efforts, but that's the

contribution that I can make, thanks to Uncle Doc.

  Regards, Donald P.S.: I include a few pictures on Galway and Thomastown.



Subject: Grandpa Jim Thomas  (Ruth Maughan - daughter of Beatrice)

            These memories are so good I didn’t want to lose them. 

I well remember Grandpa’s syrup.  NOTHING was as good as having a tin cup of that good cane juice as it flowed from the press down the hill into the first section of the vat.  A fire was built under the vat, which was a long rectangle divided into sections.  Grandpa knew just when to push the syrup from one section to another and to skim off the foam that collected on top as the juice heated and cooked.  He was a master syrup maker!  I remember Bobby (not happy to be there -hahaha) pushing the stalks of cane into the press as the mules went round and round. 

            Grandpa usually came home for dinner (mid-day meal) if he was working close by.  Then he would lie down on the front porch on the wood floor and take a nap.  Then back to work. 

            Dinner was the big mid-day meal and supper was the evening meal.  He was Sunday School superintendent all the years of my childhood. 

            Grandpa had a stroke from which he did not recover.  He was sick at home for a period of time, then passed away at home. 

            As I think about it, I somehow managed to be in the middle of just about everything I could and getting in the way.   Jerry let me ‘drive’ the tractor with him when he was plowing the field behind the house. What a good buddy he was and I adored Jerry.  He is in heaven now.   He was so little when he started driving the tractor he could hardly reach the pedals! 

            Grandpa made me a little hoe once and I went to the field behind to the house with the workers to hoe the cotton. I happily cut down every green thing that was sticking up through the ground on my row.  I was sent home and that was the end of my cotton-hoeing.  I also had a little cotton picking sack made from a 20 lb. flour sack.  I earned 50 cents when I picked it full.  I usually got hot and tired and went home before I got it filled. 

            One time when I was about 12 years of age, I made cupcakes for dinner dessert and Uncle Harvey ate almost all my cupcakes.  I was a little upset about him eating so many (why I don’t know-they were made to eat!) but it seemed he liked them.  He was a dear uncle, always sweet to me.  He wasn’t one to tease me like everybody else, maybe that is why I loved him so much. 

            Grandpa was a rare person, quiet and lived a holy life very close to God.  After his stroke, he said to my Uncle Bill one afternoon “Do you see Jesus standing in the doorway?”  Bill did not.  Grandpa said “He has come for me and I am ready to go.”  A few short days later, he passed away into the eternal and precious care of Jesus who loves us and is preparing a place for us



Mr. Thomas’ Bible

 Written by:

            Bonnie Sue Mullican Doughty – 11-18-2007

 Daughter of Harwood and Laverne Mullican

Bonnie Sue Mullican Doughty is the daughter of Harwood and Laverne Mullican who lived on Highway 17 right in front of West End Baptist Church.  Bonnie Sue and Ruth are the same age and were always close friends growing up and still are.  We have been part of each other’s lives since babyhood.


My childhood friend and I were talking yesterday via phone.  We were discussing how many Bibles and different translations we owned.  Ruth and her husband are downsizing.  So, our conversation was how does one disperse Bibles that have so many memories?

After ending our conversation, my memory went back fifty-plus years. 

Each Sunday morn our back neighbor, Mr. Thomas (Ruth’s grandfather) would walk to church.  He would walk through his barn lot and beside the fence row of our chicken yard.  He always came early.  He would cross Highway 17 and turn north walking the sidewalk.  He never cut corners.

            Mr. Thomas always had his Bible under his right arm-pit.  His Bible weighed twenty pounds.  It was HUGE!  Mr. Thomas’ Bible was worn, tattered, dog-eared and it had pages not connected to the spine.  That big Bible never slipped one inch from under his arm because he held it so tightly.

            Daddy always said that Mr. Thomas was a holy man. He probably never had anything but the King James version of the Bible.  He never dissected all the philosophies or theories.  He just read his Bible and held it close to his life.



By Ruth Maughan 12-31-07

My maternal Grandpa, Jim Thomas, was indeed a holy man.  He was “old school” and lived by godly principles.  His word was his bond.  People of that time were not called by their first names but were called Mr.  whatever.  He was Mr. Thomas or Mr. Jim.

Grandpa was stern.  One look over the rim of his spectacles could freeze the meanness out of a little kid.  I don’t remember ever really having a conversation directly with him. Kids were seen and not heard then.  But he impacted all his grandchildren’s lives profoundly. 

He was a farmer and worked extremely hard.  He had two mules that he used to plow the fields and garden.  He never drove a tractor.  He paid me fifty cents for a flour-sack of cotton when I picked some.  I mostly played and didn’t really pick much.   He also fixed me a little hoe once and I went to the cotton field behind the house to help.  I chopped down every little green thing that showed its head above the ground.  They sent me home quickly so my hoeing days were over before they started. 

Grandpa had a blue serge suit.  A  – one – only one that I ever saw.  He wore it every Sunday to church. Week days he wore a blue shirt and overalls.   He didn’t have a vacation or take trips or go fishing or do anything fun that I remember.  He just worked.  And loved God and was faithful to His word. 

I never heard him raise his voice in anger.  Never saw him act unkindly to the people who worked for him.

Mother called him Papa.  She loved her papa and grieved for him all her life after he died.  She is enjoying his company again now that both are in heaven. 

            Grandpa  -- one who set an example that guides us still.  He left us a legacy of faith and goodness.


Mr. Thomas - Sorghum molasses and front porch memories.

Written by Joan Thompson Thomas ( wife of James)

January 2, 2008

I remember Mr. Thomas well (better known to me as “granddaddy”) but my memory is always of him sitting and mostly listening to the conversations on the front porch of their house in Aliceville. Usually Buck would be holding forth with the famous Thomas “yow, yow” that is still prevalent among the children (and now grandchildren) of W.L.  Like many mothers, Mrs. Thomas took a lot of kidding and would sometimes get a little defensive as it went on.  Mr. Thomas never contributed to the kidding that I recall. I always got the feeling that when he spoke, it was time to listen though.   At some point, he found out that I loved sorghum and ribbon cane molasses.  From that time until his death he kept me well supplied with molasses – always given in a little tin bucket with a handle. Precious memories. It is funny that I have absolutely NO memories of being inside the house – just times on the front porch. We usually ate at Aunt Sis’s and the rest of the family during the holidays. They always made me feel welcome and a part of the family.    


From Judy Riden – Granddaughter ( Uncle Buck’s daughter)

It is very strange that that you brought this up because I was just thinking of Grandpa Thomas the other day.   I don't remember too much about Grandpa because he died when I was a very young child.   But, I do remember in the Summer days daddy and mama would decide to go see Grandpa and Grandma.   So Daddy would load us all up in the car and drive to pay them a visit.

Well, usually on the late warm sunny days we would find them usually  sitting on their front porch relaxing.    Grandpa would be sitting in his chair with his shoes off and resting his bare feet from a hard working day.   He was always glad to see us... Of course Grandma was glad to see us also.   But, I remember Grandpa was always kidding with me and I could tell that he was a very kind man.

When I was in college at Livingston University, Bro. Swedenberg's daughter, Mary, was in college also at the same time and we got to be good friends.     Her mission in life was to be a  foreign missionary and she became and spent her missionary life in Korea(I think it was Korea or Japan).   But, Bro. Swedenberg would come and visit Mary and I would get to visit with him also and he remarked to me one time what a Godly Man my Grandpa Thomas was.

I really wished that Grandpa had not died while I was so young because I would have loved to gotten to know him a lot better than I did.   Daddy and Mama have always spoke very fondly in the past of Grandpa and what a great man he was..... Thanks for bringing these fond memories of Grandpa back to my mind and remind me that I have a lot to live up to and remind me that we come from a great godly family  because of Grandpa's and Grandma's upbringings.

God Bless,



From Jean Lowry – Granddaughter (Aunt Inez’ daughter)

I remember Mother talking about Grandpa being the community syrup maker when they lived in Benevola.  Neighbors would harvest their canes, load it on wagons, and bring it to Grandpa who would hook the mule / horse to the cane press and extract the juice.  Then he would cook it down into syrup, pour it into metal cans with lids and handles, and return it to the owner.  He kept an agreed-upon percent as his payment for cooking the syrup.  Mother wasn't big on molasses, but she never found any ribbon cane syrup as good as her Daddy made. 




(Elsie) Ruth Maughan



Saturday, August 14, 2005 my phone rang and it was Ferrell.  He has been in Michigan all week, called Mother every day and got no answer on Thurs. or Fri.  He called the police on Sat. and they went to check on her.  She had fallen and lain there for 2 days.  She was taken to St. Vincent’s in Birmingham.  He flew home that Sat. night; Gene and I  left for Birmingham on Sunday afternoon.  Stopped in Clanton for the night – then on to Leeds on Monday morning.  Our understanding was that Mama’s beloved dog was being cared for.

When I opened the door, there was Jenny, a rack of bones and skin, blind in both eyes and she just lifted her head in the chair and didn’t even bark.  I nearly fainted.  She was in bad shape.  Ferrell took her to the vets and had her put to sleep Monday afternoon.  My heart cracked over having to do it – Mother loves her better than life.

The fleas were so bad in the apartment it took us 3 days to get them under control so we could go in and do some work.  I got things I wanted and fixed boxes for the girls.

Mother had every test imaginable and nothing showed in her brain that might have caused the fall.  She has gone back about 80 years – is very dehydrated – has speech problems.  Her left knee was drained of over 60 cc of fluid, finally had steroids injected and that helped it heal. 

We had to come home on Sunday, Aug. 21.  We went back Oct. 8 before she passed on the 10th

Ferrell found a good assisted living facility for her in Argo Al and on Friday, Aug. 26, took her there.  Deborah and Stephanie came to see her on Sat. and were impressed with the facility.

Mama and Daddy were young marrieds during the Depression.  They suffered as did most everyone else in the Deep South and country.  One winter they had nothing to eat but corn bread and milk - and were glad for that!  Then they got jobs in the cotton mill and began to make a regular salary.  Mama tried hard to save and Daddy would spend every cent he could.  Finally, as he aged and mellowed, he began to be more responsible. Mama was tough in lots of ways because her life experiences required that of her.  Her heart was gentle.   

Mama always tithed and gave to everyone who needed whatever she had that she could give.  She would “make do” in order to help someone whose plight touched her heart.  And God blessed them, as He always does those who are obedient and faithful to obey His word.

            Mama worked hard all of her life.  She worked at her job, then came home and worked in the garden or in canning and freezing the produce.  She sewed a lot of our clothes.  She was physically strong and enjoyed being out in her garden. 

            Mama and her sisters were all good cooks.  We enjoyed good food in the Southern tradition and all we wanted to eat.  I was a sickly, scrawny child and was made to eat liver (yuck) a lot. Then I could have something good.  I had to drink a glass of milk at supper before I could have a glass of tea.  I LOVED tea, still do.  We always had dessert of some kind around.  The love of good food is in our genes. I remember Ferrell drinking a quart of milk every night while he was in high school and playing football. 

            Mama went to two of Ferrell’s football games.  He got hurt both times and she never went again.  The first time he got hurt, she beat the Coach and Doctor to him on the field.  She was a blur as she tore out of the bleachers and onto the field.  Ferrell was so embarrassed!  Wild horses could not have held her back. 

            Her family called her Sis, the nieces and nephews Aunt Sis.  She mothered most of them at one time or another.

            Mama died on October 10, 2005, at 10 minutes after 10.I was standing beside her bed with my hand on her shoulder.  She gently moved out of her body and was gone.   She was one of 10 children.   She was born in the 10th month.  My brother Ferrell and I felt that was significant so looked up the number 10 as it relates to Scripture.  It means perfect completion, nothing is lacking, all is complete. 

            And so it is.  Mama has gone to her place in Heaven and is enjoying being with her family who are also there.  We will join her at the appointed time. 



For some reason, or maybe for obvious reasons, your spirit reminded me of Aunt Sis.  I know that sometimes daughters do not see their parents in the same light as others – so in case this is true with you, let me share something. 

For two six week periods, James and I had an apartment in Birmingham and stayed there during the week while he took treatments.  We came home on weekends.  One of those weekends – before Uncle Travis died I think – we asked Aunt Sis to come home with us.  She did.  I don’t think I have ever enjoyed anything any more than that visit with her.  She was gracious and appreciative and delighted in meeting people at our church. She wanted to meet everybody and I proudly introduced her around.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.   We sort of went at her pace because she was beginning to have some trouble getting around after a period of time – but she was not complaining – just said that maybe we had better not go and do such and such. 

            Not too long before she came to see us, she had been to your daughter’s in Nashville and she talked about that  and how much she enjoyed being there and meeting  some of the country music stars.  Here was a woman – on in years – who had never had the opportunity to stand on a balcony in ancient Rome but she had enjoyed the places she had stood.  It was an infectious joy coming from a love of the Lord and it became my joy and a weekend I will always remember when I think of Aunt Sis.  WE talked about doing it again but never did and I regret that.  I saw Aunt Sis in a relaxed setting where she was not responsible for preparing a meal and taking care of things……… is a sweet memory and one I want to keep.

Inez was a gentle and sweet soul and loved by all of us for her sweet spirit – but when I think of my early years in the Thomas family – when they were all still walking God’s earth, I remember Aunt Sis as the one who fed us, and hugged us and made us welcome when we visited. She was the work horse and in many ways she reminded me of my mother – as I think back.    I always looked forward to seeing her and enjoyed her enthusiasm.  She was tough Elsie, I do not have to tell you that.  

Her life was not easy but when she loved she loved big. I hope she knew I loved her back.  She was more like the impulsive Peter; Inez was more like the gentle John. 

            Blessings to you and Gene and I pray that both of you will continue to  enjoy life and “riding” as long as God gives you…….. 





James W. Thomas b.5/24/1880  d. 8/29/1955

Married Annie Elizabeth Holmes Thomas b. 11/26/1886  d. 5/28/1967


James William Love (Willie)

Married Gladys Alda Powell b.    d. 3/23/1937


James Auburn Thomas b. 10/5/1923

Married Ruble Joan Thompson


                        James Ruble Thomas (Jay)

                        Jeffery Young Thomas (Jeff)


Cecil Wilson Thomas b. 6/30/1925 d. 11/16/1969

Married Ruth Hammett


                        Patricia Ann Thomas

                        Rebecca Lynn Thomas

                        James Allen Thomas


Alda Louise Thomas b. 1/22/1927

Married Eugene Norman Sahlborn


                        Sharon Sahlborn

                        Norman Sahlborn

                        Gregory Sahlborn


Anna Dora Thomas b. 4/24/1929

Married Henry Clayton Driver


                        Ronald C. Driver


Charles Norman Thomas b. 2/22/1932 d. 5/2/2010

Married Helen Irene Houcsh div.

Married Marlene M. Dunn


Wallace Oliver Thomas b.2/13/1934 d.11/11/1994

Married Barbara Marilyn Ellis


Robert Eugene Thomas (Bobby) b. 7/30/1936

                        Married Judith Ann Crowder


Married  Ida May Whatley- no children


Harvie Clemmons b. 1/14/1908 d.5/11/1976

Married 5/12/1934 Thelma Faye Whatley b.10/4/1915 d. 6/9/1979


Doris Nell Thomas b. 3/26/1935

Married Robert Bruce McCafferty b. 8/11/1925


                                                Robert Dale McCafferty b.12/17/1951

                                                Married Pamela Jane Simpson


                                                                        Amy Michelle McCafferty

                                                                        Alan Robert McCafferty


                                                Janice Marie McCafferty b.7/23/1953

                                                Married Richard Edward Estis


                                                                        Robin Marie Estis

                                                                        Richard Edward Estis, Jr. (Rick)


                                                Glenda Dianne McCafferty b.9/19/1955

                                                Married Richard Bruce Findley


                                                Nancy Darlene McCafferty b.2/21/1958

                                                Married James Joseph Howell (Joe)


                                                                        Crystal Nicole Howell

                                                                        Joey Michael Howell


                                                Gregory Paul McCafferty b.10/16/1959

                                                Married Melanie Darlene McDaniel divorced


                                                                        Gregory Daniel McCafferty

                                                                        Laci Nicole McCafferty

                                                Jeffery O’Neal McCafferty b. 6/3/1961


                                                                        Chelsea McCafferty


Barbara Joyce Thomas b. 3/12/ 1936

Married Robert W. Harcrow b. ?  d. 12/13/2000


                        Roger L. Harcrow b. 10/1/1954

                        Married Claudia Chism


                                                Jacob Neal Harcrow

                                                Rickey W. Harcrow b. 2/1/1958

                                                Married Kimberly Bergstrom


                                                                        Madeline Duvall Harcrow

                                                                        Fletcher Thomas Harcrow

                                                Nikki Lane Harcrow b. 10/1/1976


 Darthy Marie Thomas b. 9/7/ 1937

Married James Earl (Jim) Brock


                                                Jimmy Dewayne Brock b. 11/6/1955

                                                Lisa Renee Brock b. 6/9/1967

                                                Married Robert Tracey Bridges


Mary Carol Thomas b. 4/29/1939 d.10/19/2008

Married  Billy Joe Bryant


                                                Terry Wayne Bryant b. 1/6/1955

                                                Married Sherry Lynn Stiles


                                                                        Cristopher Matthew

                                                                        Rachel Elizabeth

                                                                        Zachary Nathan

                                                                        Rebekah Grace

                                                                        Michael David

                                                                        Lydia Katherine

                                                                        Samuel Glenn

                                                                        Josiah Daniel

                                                                        Jonathan Aaron

                                                                        Joshua Caleb

                                                                        Danielle Faith


                                                Deborah Michelle Bryant n.7/5/1968

                                                Married Michael Ray Daugherty div.


                                                                        Sierra Rowan Daugherty


                                                Timothy Paul Bryant 11/14/1970

                                                Married Laurie Cheresse Thompson


                                                                        Jordan Bryant

                                                                        Gunner Bryant


                                                Kimberly Ann Bryant b. 10/16/1972

                                                Married Mark Duaine Hall


                                                                        Dakota Braden West

                                                Married Richard West


                                                                        Brady Anderson West

                                                                        Ryan Andrew West


Peggy Ann Thomas  b. 12/12/1940

Married Hubert Earl Harless


                        Karen Yvonne Harless b. 8/21/1960

                        Married DanielRay Gilliam (Dan)

                        Married William Steve Briggs, Sr. (Bill)


                        Bridget Ann Harless b. 1/21/1966

                        Married Scott Anthony Mock


                                                Tyler Scott Mock

                                                Michael Alexander Mock

Married Larry Richard (Dickey) Mauldin, Sr.


Harvey Jerry Thomas b. 5/7/1942  d.11/22/2007

Married Joyce Olene Christian

Married  Sarah Ellen Quinn


                                      Teresa Lynne Thomas b. 9/27/1964

                                      Married William Edward Lutz (Bill)


                                                          Chelsea Jordan Lutz

                                                          William Thomas Lutz

                                                          Charley Nicole Lutz

Married Darthy Ann (Dot) Fields


 Harold  Clemmons Thomas b. 1/22/1944 d. 3/21/1991

Married Doris Ann Thacker


                        Terry Michael Thomas b. 10/22/1964

                        Married Tamela Carole Fowler div.


                                                Joshua Aaron Thomas

                        Married Laura Metzger


                                                Jaden Thomas

                        Shari Dawn Thomas  b.4/8/1966


                        Cassandra Lynn Thomas b. 6/30/1969

                        Married 3/24/1998 Gary Michael Tillman


                                                Cassidy Cheyenne Tillman

                                                Carley Madison Tillman


                        Jason O’Neal Thomas b. 10/24/1974

                        Married Leah Michelle Eddins div.


                                                Hailey Michelle Thomas


Donnie Oneal Thomas b. 6/14/1946    d. 3/31/1954 


Patricia Faye Thomas - 2/9/ 19

Married Buddy Roy Cook


                                                Buddie Darren Cook b. 10/11/1967

                                                Married Ann Christine Thornhill div.


                                                                        Joy Elaine Cook

                                                                        Christian Tate Cook

                                                Jonathan Dwight Cook b.12/15/1970

                                                Married Angela Renee Johnston div.


                                                                        Colton Jay Cook

                                                                        Cason Reid Cook 


Margaret Sharon Thomas - 12/8/194

Married Rodger Daniel Harcrow div.


                   Barry Daniel Harcrow b. 3/27/1969

          Married Vickie Renee Jones


                             Koby Harcrow

                             Kameron Harcrow

                             Kaselyn Harcros


          Scotty Neil Harcrow b. 9/27/1972

          Married Kendall Joy Dupree div.


                             Kanton Scott Harcrow

                             Frazier James Harcrow

                             Zoe’ Harcrow

          Married Melissa ?


                             Reed Harcrow


          Cristopher McKinley Harcrow b. 5/25/1975

          Married Lisa ?


                             Triston Harcrow

                             Maizie Harcrow


Married William Rodney (Bill) Chandler


                        Roy Eugene Thomas - 4/27/1951

Married Margrette Rebecca Elliot


                        Tiffany Amanda Thomas b. 12/18/1979

Married Martha Kaye Mastin


                                                Jodi Thomas

                                                Married Kevin Pierce


                                                                        Maddox Pierce


Sandra Kay Thomas - 12/27/1956

Married Carlos Alberto (Tony) Moreno


                                                Jolene Thomas Maharaj b. 7/19/1983


                                                                        Trinity Jacox



Haston Barrett Thomas b. 10/14/1910 d. 7/10/1955

Married Doshie Louise Cork


                        Haston Barrett Thomas, Jr. b. 12/30/1930 d. 2/11/1988

                        Married Annie Lou Spencer


                                                Ronnie Eugene Thomas

                                                John William Thomas

                                                Linda Thomas

                                                Tammy Denise Thomas

                                                Jack Thomas

                        Married Betty Jane Reynolds Collins


                        Harold Curtis Thomas b. 4/18/1932

                        Married Edith Caldwell


                                                Troy Thomas

                                                Rhonda Lynn Thomas


                        Betty Virginia Thomas B. 11/7/1933

                        Married Jim Sloan


                                                Beverly Sloan

                        Married Paul Howard


                                                Charles Anthony Howard


                        Helen Louise Thomas

                        Married Travis C. Smith


                                                Elizabeth Smith

                                                Robert Earl Smith

                        Married ??? Brannon


                        Bessie Mae Thomas b. 9/15/1938

                        Married William A. Watkins


                                                Barry Alan Watkins

                                                Michael Watkins


                        James William Thomas b. 4/4/1940  d.12/8/1940


                        Charles Auburn Thomas v. 10/26/1941

                        Married Gloria Louise Taylor

                        Married Juanita Jane McCulloch


                                                Teresa Ann Thomas


                        Chester Ray Thomas b. 7/23/1943

                        Married Judy Faye Hawthorne


                                                William Shane Thomas


                        Larry Hughes Thomas b. 11/23/1945

                        Married Dorothy Ann Gwin

                        Married Janice Marie Booth

                        Married Patty Sue Freeman

                        Married Teresa Rhodes Hobbs

                                    Larry’s Children>

                                                Dawn Thomas

                                                Stephen Thomas


                        Nina Carol Thomas b. 4/1/1948

            Married Barney Smith


                                    Regina Kay Smith

                                    Michael Wayne Smith

                                    Glenda Smith

            Married C. J. Hallman


                        Robert Kenneth Thomas b. 8/21/1950

                        Married Evelyn Iberia Wilson


                                                Wade Thomas


Auburn Ganus (Doc) b. 5/27/1913

Married Minne Lee Carpenter


Twin Daughters b.d. 6/18/1940


Auburn Wayne Thomas b.2/9/1943

Married Judy Rae Tomlin


                        Treasure Ann Thomas

                        Tamara Leigh Thomas


Etta Beatrice b. 10/25/1916 d. 10/10/2005

Married 10/24/1934   Robert Travis Maughan b. 2/29/1913 d. 11/17/1995


Robert Ferrell Maughan b. 9/11/1935

Married 8/27/1963 Margie Lynn Anderson


Adrienne Leigh Maughan b. 9/6/1967

Married Treven Jaye Pyles 5/12/1990 Div. 9/199

Married 10/21/2006 Jeremy Nicholas Morris  b.3/7/1976                  


Allison Lynn Maughan b. 5/22/1969

Married 11/3/1990 Jeffrey Bryan Allison b. ?


Zachary Caleb Allison b. 4/21/1997

Jordan McKenzie Allison b. 7/23/1998

                                                            Justin Bryan Allison b. 11/4/1999


Stacy Lanell Maughan b. 7/13/1970

Married 11/30/1991Deryck Clfiton Frye b.5/22/1967


Devon Joshua Frye 5/28/1992

Mallory Lanell Frye b. 10/30/1993

Madison Lyn Frye b. 4/6/1997

Morgan ?  Frye b. 3/10/?


Elsie Ruth Maughan b. 10/14/1940

Married 6/1/1957 Calvin Eugene Maughan b. 9/6/1934


Deborah Ruth Maughan b. 7/26/1958

Married 6/1/1985 James Paul Jackson b. 1/23/1953


Daryn Kathleen Jackson b. 12/16/1987

James Alex Jackson b. 1/5/1991


 Stephanie Kay Maughan b. 6/15/1960

Married 10/1/1991 James Morgan Lewis B.9/19/1943


 Christian Cooper Lewis b. 8/1/1996


Clarence Ceburn (Buck)  b. 5/20/1917

Married Allie Viola Jenkins


Judith Kay Thomas b. 10/30/1941

Married Lewis Anderson Riden, Jr. b.    D. 7/30/1981




Donald Cebron Thomas (Jim) b. 6/13/1946

Married Audell Fishelin


                        Andreus Paul Thomas

                        Ariane Melanie Thomas




                        William Rufus Thomas (Bill) b. 1/15/1958

                        Married Margaret Leigh Trotman


                                                William Andrew Thomas       


Elsie Inez Thomsa b. 4/14/1920 d. 6/3/1991

Married 6/29/1946 William Robert Clayton b. 3/27/1918 d. 3/9/1976


Elizabeth Jean Clayton b.  3/15/1948

Married 6/20/1970 Leonard (Len) Earl Lowry b. 5/25/1948


                                              Brent Clayton Lowry b. 9/6/1976

Married 9/28/2002 Stephanie Louise Spruiell b. 6/29/1975


Ashton Leigh Lowry b. 2/4/2005


Blayne Thomas Lowry b. 7/6/1982

Married 12/27/2003Meg Allison Simmons b. 4/20/1981


Coleton (Cole) Jack Lowry b. 1/28/2008


Curtis Claude Thomas b. 7/30/1922 d. 4/4/1923


Myrtice b. 9/23/1924 d. 5/7/2009

Married Noah Travis (Babbo) Corley b.   d. 7/21/1969

Married Ray Von Priceb.    D. 3/27/1982

Married D. Z. Toxey b.  d. 10/29/1995


Travis Floyd Corley b. 9/12/1943 d. 1/2/1990

Married Eva Jean Kalbfleisch


Peter Andrew Corley

            Paul David Corley

            Daniel Travis Corley

            John Corley


Margaret Evelyn Corley b. 4/19/1946  d. 3/6/1978

Married Jimmy Leo Phelps b. 9/1/1945

Children: Karen Elizabeth Phelps

Married Donald Colley b. 11/1/1960


Nicole Phelps

Hunter Phelps 

Married ?? McClure

Clara Ruth Thomas  b. 1/18/1926

Married Mattison Shackelford (Bill) Blakney


James Alvin Blakney b. 7/20/1947

Married 5/4/1973 Gail TaylorMartenson


Jessica Margaret Blakney b. 2/1/1977

Married 5/28/2005 John Dawkins


Jonathan Thomas Blakney b. 6/24/1993 

Joshua Taylor Blakney b. 3/20/2000 


Married  Lee Roy Cantrell