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Speed Family
Pickens County AL

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Bette Speed Bryant
Nashville Tennessee


About the Author:

Bill and I have lived in Nashville for 27 years.  We both grew up in Aliceville, AL, a wonderful place to grow up where everyone knew everyone else!  In fact, we were next-door neighbors.  We were married in June of 1960, left Aliceville and moved to Princeton, New Jersey  where Bill graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary.  He served Presbyterian churches in Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA, Greenwood, MS then Nashville, TN.  We were blessed with three fine children and now eleven grandchildren.  For many years, I worked in interior design but now am retired.  Bill is retired too, but he continues to serve as interim pastor to churches in transition between pastors.  My hobbies are genealogy, shade gardening and hooking rugs.  My grandmother taught me to hook rugs as a child, and this interest has come back to me to the point where I am a teacher.  The love of color from my interior design days now finds me dyeing the wool for my rugs.  I've hooked more than 30 pieces in the last five years.  Sometimes this hobby occupies so much time that there is no time for genealogy research!

William W. (?) Speed

Born 13 June 1772 Pendleton Co. SC (probably)
Married 13 June 1799 Richmond Co. GA
Death 12 April 1824 (Will probated in Greene Co. AL) Witnessed by West Melton & James Anderson

Wife's name -- Susannah Anderson Collins
&; Born between 1775 - 1780 in GA
Death after 1840 (Greene Co. AL Census)
Her father was Henry Anderson (She evidently was married to a Collins, maybe widowed?)

Their children:
1)  Leroy Hammond Speed
Born between 1800 - 1812 (Pendleton Co. SC 1840 Census gives his age as 30-40)
Married 21 Dec. 1829 Susan Atkinson Greene Co. AL
Death 1862 (info from Mitchell Speed)

2)  Alexander Augustus Speed
Born 1813 Pendleton, SC
Married 12 Oct. 1837 Mary Ann Gillespie in Greene Co. AL
Death after 1866
Children:  Margaret J. Speed (born 1839)
William Alexander  Speed (b. 1841)
Virgil Speed (b. 1843)
Thomas W. Speed (b. 1847)
Lemuel Speed (b. 1846) (newspaper article states that this family moved to Pickens Co. AL in 1850's.)

3) Walker William Speed
Born 1815 in Pendleton SC
Married 6 Sept. 1837 Rilley McMillan in Greene Co. AL
Death 15 March 1873 Pickens Co. AL (See separate family page on Walker William)

Children: William Terrel Speed (b. 1837-38 Greene Co. AL)
James W. Speed (b. 1845 Pickens Co. AL
Marianne Caroline  Speed (b. 24 Sept. 1847)
Amanda Speed (born 1849)
Joseph Alonzo Speed (b. 23 June 1859 Pickens Co. AL)

4)  Martin X Speed
Wife's name was Martha, from Lowndes Co. MS)

5)  James Speed
Born 1801

6) Susannah Speed
     Born circa 1806
     Married West Melton 11 Mar. 1826 Greene Co. AL

7)  Elizabeth Speed

And others.........not known

*1798-99 Road Tax List in Augusta, Richmond Co. GA shows this family.
*1820 Census in Barnwell Co. SC
*1830 Census Greene Co. AL
*1840 Census Greene Co. AL
*1850 Census Pickens Co. AL

*Have copy of marriage record-- "Some Georgia County Records, Vol. p. 415"

*Copy of Will -- Index to AL Wills DAR 976 1/D, p.30

*File #42 Inventory p. 223 Record of Orphan's Court A, Greene Co. AL

*Family Bible lists as William W. Speed's father, James Speed.  As of 2008, we have not found this James Speed.  There are several but none fit the time frame for this William born in 1772.  Legend has it that our line of Speeds came from England -- as did the famous John Speed, the Historian and Map Maker.  That line settled in Kentucky.  We continue trying to link up to that line.  Family members believe that our line came to the United States through Charleston, SC.  Family also has stated that along with William, there were two brothers Michael and Martin.

*Walker and Augustus moved to Pickens Co. (by 1855) and were in the milling business.  Their grist mill at Speed's Mill (near Carrollton, AL) ground both corn and wheat.  In file is a photo of the original mill. 


Leroy H. Speed, Sr.

Born Pendleton Co. SC
Married Greene Co. AL
Death (date from Mitchell Speed)
(1850 Pickens Co. AL Census gives age as 38 in 1850)

Wife's Name  Susan Atkinson
Born circa 1811-1812 in GA
Death after 1860 in AL

Father's Name: William W. Speed
Mother's Name: Susannah Anderson Collins

Their children:

1)  William E. Speed
born circa 1831 in Pickens Co. AL
Married Harriet E.  ______
Children:  Robert (b. 1857)
Mary (b. 1859)
Lucy (b. 1865)
John R.
*1870 Census shows him in MS.  He was a farmer

2) Mary Speed
Born circa 1833 Pickens Co. AL

3) Burwell H. Speed
Born circa 1834 Pickens Co. AL
Married 10 June 1858 Sarah Ann Wilson (b. 1839) in Greene Co. AL
*Her mother was Mary Speed
*Her father was Jeconias Wilson
Children:  Ezekiel b. 1859
*CSA Company A. 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment "Rough and Ready"

4) James H. Speed
Born circa 1837 Pickens Co. AL
Married circa 1859  Harried W.  ___
*CSA  Co. B (originally Pickens Planters) 40th AL Regiment

Children:  Warren, Thomas, Ella, Leroy K., John, William, Mary, James, Susan, Eliza, Alfred Attaway

5) Missouri Speed
Born circa 1838 in Pickens Co. AL
Married 1) Samuel Lindsey
2) ______ Elrod
Children:  Frances

6)  Leroy Hammond Speed
Born 15 Dec. 1841 Pickens Co. AL
Married 6 Mar. 1866  Marianne Caroline Speed *daughter of Walker William Speed
Death 5 Feb. 1913 Bethany AL Pickens Co.

(see separate family pages on this Leroy as well as Walker William (with Caroline)

Their children:  Ashby Turner Speed (b. 26 May 1888)
Lemuel W. Speed (b. 14 Jan. 1867)
Pauline (b. 4 Feb. 1869)
*CSA Company H, 11th Alabama Infantry "Pickens County Guards"

7) Ezekiel Speed
Born 1843 Carrollton, AL, Pickens Co.

8) Martha Speed
 Born 1844 Carrollton, AL, Pickens Co.

9) Andrew Jackson Speed
Born 15 Mar. 1847
Married 1)  Susie Williams
2)  Hettie Lourice Evans
*CSA Co. A. 19th AL Infantry Regiment "Rough and Ready"

10) Zacheriah T. Speed
Born 12 Nov. 1848 AL
Married Martha Ellen Love
Death 29 Aug. 1892
Buried Old Sardis Cemetery (off Highway 17 near Reform, AL)
Children: Alonzo, Joe, Mattie, Ernest, Willie B.

*Leroy H. Speed was a miller.
*1830 Census -- Greene Co. AL
*1840 Census gives age as 30-40
*1850 Census Pickens Co. AL
*Articles describing war experiences (from History of Pickens County)


Leroy Hammond Speed, Jr. (Lee)
  Born 15 Dec. 1841 Pickens County, AL
Married  6 March 1866  Pickens County, AL
Death 5Feb. 1913 Pickens County, AL

Wife's name: Marianne Caroline Speed (Miss Liney)
Born 24 Sept. 1849
Death 8 Sept. 1916
Buried:  Bethany Cemetery

His father:    Leroy H. Speed
His mother:  Susan Atkinson
Her father:   Walker William Speed
Her mother: Rilley McMillan

Their children:
1) Ashby Turner Speed
Born:   26 May 1888 Pickens Co. AL
Married:  19 Oct. 1908 Lila Estelle Morgan, Meridian MS
Death:  8 Sept. 1931 Jefferson, Marengo Co. AL
Buried:  Bethany Cemetery, Pickens Co. AL
Children: Leroy Hammond Speed (b. 1911) Bethany, Pickens Co. AL
Harold Ashby (b. 1913) Bethany, Pickens Co. AL
William Wallace (b. 1918) Bethany, Pickens Co. AL

2) Lemuel W. Speed
Born 14 Jan. 1867
Married 5 Feb. 1893, Carrie Knox by M.G. Lofton
Death 16 Oct. 1835 Jefferson, Marengo Co. AL
Buried:  Unity Cemetery, Pickens Co. AL
Children:  Elton Speed
Ethel Speed
Evy Speed
Hinton Speed
Emily Speed

3) Pauline Speed
Born 4 Feb. 1869
Married 3 Jan. 1901 John Knox Bethany, AL by Wood Springfield
Death 1951 Aliceville, AL, Pickens Co. AL
There were no children.  John Knox died 18 Feb. 1943, Pickens Co. AL.
*Leroy and Marianne Caroline were cousins.  they were married at her home by Elishia Boone. (Info from family Bible)
*Also from family Bible:  "Marianne Caroline Speed died Sept. 8, 1916 on a Friday.  Buried on a Saturday at Bethany.  Service conducted by Rev. G. W. Kerr. He read 1 Cor. 16:39.  Sang "Asleep in Jesus". Her life passed out just as the sun went down.
*Greene Co. AL Marriage Records Book B.P. 185
*Leroy Speed was a carpenter.
*CSA War Record
*Co H, 11th Alabama Infantry

*Obituary for Lee H. Speed, also death certificate.  He died of cancer.  Obituary states: "another of those who fought under the flag of the Southern Confederacy.  He was an old man when the reaper garnered him, and had suffered from bad health for a long time.  But he was "one of the boys who wore the grey", the boys who numbers are now so fast growing fewer; and while a poor man in this world's good had that grand distinction of having served his country in it hour of need valiantly and with honor.  And at his death all true Southerners drop a tear."

*Obituary for Marianne Caroline Speed states, "Just as the sun was setting, this dear, precious life passed away to a better home where storms never come, and not a wave of trouble rolls across her peaceful breast.  She professed faith in Christ in early life, and united with Unity Baptist Church."

*photos of tombstone from Bethany cemetery
*Beautiful applique quilt signed and dated 1903 by Marianne Caroline Speed, in possession of Bette Speed Bryant (2008)
*Wedding invitation and photo of Pauline and John Knox


Ashby Turner Speed was called "Mr. Big"

Born 26 May 1888 Bethany, Pickens Co., AL
Married  19 Oct. 1908 Meridian, MS
Death 8 Sept. 1931 Jefferson AL, Marengo Co.
Buried Bethany Cemetery, Pickens Co. AL
Service by T. B. Clifford

Wife's name Lila Estelle Morgan
Born 24 Feb. 1889 Greene Co. AL
Death  26 Aug. 1945  Tuscaloosa, AL
Buried at Bethany Cemetery
Her father was William Walter Morgan
Her mother was Elizabeth Jane Bennett

His father was Leroy Hammond Speed (b. 1841)
His mother was Marianne Caroline Speed (b. 1847)

Their children:
1)  Leroy Hammond Speed
Born Nov. 24, 1911 Bethany, Pickens Co. AL
& Married 6 July 1931 Mary Ellis Proctor Brooksville MS
Death  3 May 1981  Greenwood, MS Leflore Co. (progressive bulbar palsy)
Buried Carrollton Cemetery, Carrollton, AL., Pickens Co.
Children: Leroy Hammond Speed, Jr.
Mary Elizabeth (Bette) Speed

2) Harold Ashby Speed
Born 24 Nov. 1913 Bethany, Pickens Co. AL
Married 25 Dec. 1938 Eloise Miller Auburn, AL
     Death  9 Oct. 1990 Aliceville, AL  Pickens Co. (died from pneumonia)
Buried Bethany Cemetery
Children: Sharon
  Lila Jeffrey

3) William Wallace Speed
Born 14 Sept. 1918  Bethany, Pickens Co. AL
Married 8 Feb. 1941 Elizabeth Meador Nashville, TN  Davidson Co.
Death 21 Nov. 1997 Nashville, TN  (from strokes and cancer)
Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Nashville, TN
Children: Cheryl

*Wedding announcement for Ashby and Lila from the Meridian, MS newspaper states: "A very romantic courtship of over a year culminated in the marriage of Mr. A. T. Speed of Bethany, Pickens Co. and Miss Lila Morgan of Greene Co.  Rev. J. E. Carpenter performed the ceremony.  Yesterday morning these loving hearts came to Meridian over the A.G.S. which is due here at 11:35, and registered at the Grand Avenue Hotel.  At about 3:30 o'clock they returned to the court house and summoned a minister, after procuring the marriage license, and the ceremony was performed in the circuit clerk's office.  Mr. A.T. Speed, the groom, is a handsome young gentleman who has just attained his majority.  He is the son of Mr. Lee Speed, a prosperous farmer of Pickens County, AL.  The bride is quite pretty, being of the beautiful brunette type.  She is a daughter of Mr. William Morgan, a prominent planter of Green County.  It is understood that there was no parental objections and that the marriage was expected by their friends and relatives, but not so soon. So it was not a Gretna green affair, but an affinity affection. The young couple did not see any reason for delay and thought that they would be one as soon as possible.  So "what's the use."

*Ashby was a farmer and worked at a cotton gin.  He was Presbyterian.  Lila was Baptist.
*Marengo Co. AL Census for 1930
*family photographs

*No copy of death certificate for Ashby Turner Speed but family members have said that he died of blood poisoning.  His obituary states,  Mr. "Big" Speed will not only be missed as a loving husband and father and kind friend but as a genius who was willing to use his talents for the comfort of those about him.  When his genial smile and kind words will be missed by all who knew him, we are assured that he has been "gathered with the Saints by the river that flows by the throne of God."