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1928. Mr. Curtis Whitt, Principal of AHS, F.Holmes Sanders, J.V. Park, Sr. Dr. W.W. Duncan
2nd row l-r: C.S. Stirling, Sr., Robert J. Kirksey, Bunion Compton, George N. Downer, J.R. Long, Sam Wise, Edgar Sanders
3rd Row: Robert L. Chappell, Coley Powell, Rev. Solon Hill, B.H. Somerville, Chalmers Summerville, F. Meeks, Dr. James Sullivan, Buntin Stringfellow, Edwin Moody
1928. Cliff Harkins, E.K.Campbell Sr (?), Jack M.Pratt, Rev. Solon T. Hill, Edgar Sanders, John R. Long, Professor Spaulding (?), A. Bunyon Compton, George N.Downer Sr., C.S."Red" Stirling, Charles R.Horton, Sr., John A. Somerville Jr., F.Holmes Sanders, Hugh H. Summerville, Sam Wise, R.J. Kirksey, Dr. J.V. Sullivan, Chalmers Summerville, Buntin Stringfellow, J.Verner Park Sr.
Bubba Craft Roth Hook and wife, Lucille


Gerald and Sue Stabler


Velma Pate in her restaurant

Forest Baptist Church  May 7, 2006   This church is in Benevola

Mr. Tilden Turnipseed, father of James, Eleanor, and Tilden, at Oak Grove (Franconia)....note how few monuments were there then.

Stabler Funeral Home  1964

Thomas Summerville Store and Antiques, Pleasant Ridge 1989

Home of Mary and Sara White.  Now home of Dr. Jim Gentry (after renovation)

The BIG snow of 1940

Jack and Gladys Somerville
Class of 1955 Reunion at Cameron's Lodge
In this photo: Manley Williams, Bobbie Coleman, Bobby Wilson, Charlotte S. Conrad, JoAnn Jay Puckett, Betty Colvin Cameron (photos), Chuck Shaul, Peggy Booker ?, Charlie Faye Inman Wilson, Daniel Upton


  "Miss" Annie Hope Sanders, honored for being treasurer of the Aliceville Tuesday Study Club for 68 years by Mrs. Louise Wilson






Homer Summerville's Service Station at end of Main Street



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