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Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
Pleasant Ridge (Greene County), Alabama

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Bobbye C. Winston

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church was active when Pleasant Ridge was first settled.  It was out of existence by 1870.  William Walter Maughan moved his letter to Unity Baptist Church in Pickens Co. AL on Nov. 9, 1870 and the Unity minutes shows Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church as closed at that time.

  The deed for the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church describes that church's location as on the Mouth of Sipsey Road and next to the Baptist church. The 1856 Snedicor Map of Pleasant Ridge shows the Baptist Church approximately where the cemetery is now. The 1920 USDA Soil Survey map of Greene County shows TWO churches at the location of the present ... Mr. Richard Owens remembers that in the late 1920s a church building, smaller than the present Presbyterian church, had been moved into the pasture south of the cemetery and was used for hay and equipment storage. Of course, Snedicor's 1856 directory describes the "Pleasant Ridge Missionary Baptist Church" and gives the number of members.


The above photo shows where the Pleasant Ridge Missionary Baptist church would have stood.

For those not familiar with west Alabama geography, the Mouth of Sipsey is where the Sipsey River (present boundary of Greene and Pickens counties) flows into the Upper Tombigbee River. In the nineteenth century, during winter and spring the Tombigbee was navigible for steamboats up to Cotton Gin Port, above Columbus in Mississippi. Now the Tenn-Tom Waterway makes this open to barge traffic from the Tennessee River year-round.
I suppose this is what the troopers of the Sixth Kentucky Cavalry (US) would have seen on the morning of April 6, 1865. At the time, this road would have led all the way (through what is now pastures, cropland, and pine tree farms) all the way to Mouth of Sipsey, where there were cotton warehouses, a substantial landing where cotton from Pleasant Ridge was shipped out, and two ferrys, connecting the landing with Vienna in Pickens County and Warsaw in Sumter County.