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Peach Family
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By: Bobbye C. Winston

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Peach Family in England/Ireland/Australia
Peach Photos
John Peach of Knoxville, TN has researched English records and he advises that the early  John Peach was born in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England in 1755.  He said, "we always knew he married a Rebecca, but we never knew her last name.  It so happens that records show this John Peach, born 1755 married Rebecca Lawson."  He said he based these conclusions on how the Peaches originally came to Virginia and from where they came.  Most came from Ellastone, Staffordshire, and were directly related to our John Peach.  If my conclusions are correct, John's father was also John Peach, who was born in Ellastone.  His mother was Hanna Duffield, who was born in Burton-on-Trent.  This is apparently how John Peach's Ellastone roots moved down the road to this new locality in Staffordshire.  This is the Bridge that ties our South Carolina Branch directly to England and is the greatest missing link in our bridge to Guillaume Peche of 1066.

William de Peche I was the first person known to use the Peach surname. He was born in Normandy around 1040 A.D. William gained prominence as one of the 314 knights to conquer England under the leadership of William the Conqueror. 

In the book, The Peach Tree Digest, by John Harding Peach, John states that William's name can be found on a bronze tablet in the Castle of Falaise in Normandy . Erected in 1931 by the French government, this monument contained the names of each of the Conqueror's knights which stormed England in 1066 A.D. at the Battle of Hastings. 

In the book, A Dictionary of British Surnames, by P.H. Reaney, it states that some other Peach spellings were Petch, Petche, Petchey, Pechey, Peache, Peachey and Peech. In The Surnames of Scotland by Black, it states the Peach name probably came from Pech or Peche in Normandy . Bartholomew Pecche or Peche is recorded in 1239-40. This book states that the surname is not a Scottish one. Dr. Benjamin Neeve Peach, the eminent geologist, was son of a Cornishman. 

Peaches in Marblehead

An early Peach that came to America was John Peach, born 1613 in England . He left the town of Symondsbury in Dorset Co., England with his son, John, Jr. in 1638. John Peach was one of the founders of the town of Marblehead , MA. He was a fisherman by trade and was active in the town government. He was elected to the first Board of Selectmen (City Council) serving there during the years of 1648-50 and eight other years. 

Peach's Point, a peninsula protruding into the Atlantic , was named after John Peach, Sr. who owned property there. 

The name of the John Peach, Sr.'s parents are not known but one possibility is Richard Peche of Symondsbury , England . He was the father of eight children, the youngest child was John Peach, born August 29, 1599 . Could this possibly be the John Peach, Sr. that settled in Marblehead , MA ? John Peach, Sr. died in Marblehead on August 20, 1684 . 

Our John Peach of Kershaw County , SC was possibly from this early Marblehead family. In the Camden Journal, published in Camden , SC , and dated February 27, 1830 the following wedding announcement, "In Marblehead, Mr. Moses Peach to Miss Nancy Plum". Why would anyone in Camden , SC be interested in a wedding in Marblehead if there were not a family connection? 

Peaches in Barbados

On Nov. 11, 1678 Jonathan Peach, son of Jonathan and Sarah Peach was baptized at St. Michael Parish in Barbados . Jonathan (or John) is a name used frequently in our Peach family. A Will of Thomas Peach, merchant in St. Michael Parish, Barbados was proved Dec. 27, 1701 . He left his brother Joseph Peach, of the Isle of Wright in England , all his estate in England . 

There were numerous Layton and Gaskin families in Barbados at this same time. That is interesting because there were Peach/Layton/Gaskin families in Kershaw County , SC and Pickens County , AL . They were neighbors and intermarried. These three families came from Kershaw Co., SC to Pickens Co., AL together. 

In St. Peters Parish, Barbados , in 1641 was Lawrence Gaskin with son, Edward Gaskin, age 14. A Richard Layton was recorded there in 1679. Thomas Layton was there 1653. Thomas Layton, being sick and weak in body, made Will in St. Andrews Parish March 25, 1705 . He was to buried in manner of Quakers in the burying place of Mr. Beste (?) at the spring. Had children named Hester Layton Gamble, John Layton and Patience Layton. 

Edmond Gaskin made Will in Barbados in 1690. His wife was Elizabeth , he had brothers named William Gaskin and Robert Gaskin. His mother was Frances Perrin and a sister named Ann. His children were John Gaskin and Edmund Gaskin. Will was proved Aug. 18, 1701 . 

William Gaskin and wife Margaret, being aged and weak, made Will in St. Thomas Parish July 20, 1686 . Had daughter named Elizabeth Gaskin that married George Smith and lived at Redrife Wall near London . Will proved Dec. 20, 1687 . 

There were numerous other Gaskins in Barbados .

 Peaches in the Deep South
All Peaches that I have found in the deep south are descended from John Peach or William Peach from Kershaw Co., SC. I cannot verify the relationship of these two men but feel they may be brothers. These two men had a close relationship to the Shropshire family of the area. William bought land from Walter Shropshire in 1778. In a real estate transaction with John Duren, John Peach was referred to as "John Peach alias Shropshire ". There were other documents showing "John Peach, alias Shropshire ". 

The use of the name Shropshire is a mystery to me. Was John Peach born in Shropshire Co., England ? A John Peach was christened in the town of Ludlow in Shropshire County on March 9, 1757 and whose parents were John and Elizabeth Peach. There were two Shropshire men listed in the 1790 census of the Camden District of Lancaster Co. where the Peaches were located. They were Thomas Shropshire and Walter Shropshire. 

Lullingstone Castle

The Peach Castle , or Lullingstone Castle , is located in the County of Kent . The present owner is Guy Hart Dyke. When Mr. Dyke's parents died, the English inheritance taxes were so high that he sold lots of land and all of the Peche armor to pay it. He still has some of the Harts' armor. 

In The Peach Tree published by John Harding Peach of Knoxville, TN, John shows drawing of original Peach Castle . It shows two gatehouses, moat and walls before 18th century alterations. This is taken from Susan Pittman's book Lullingstone Park: The Evolution of a Mediaeval Deer Park. 

From Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol. XVI 1886, entitled: Peche of Lullingstone by Canon Scott Robertson, he traces the pedigree of this Peach family as follows: 

John Peche I, a citizen, clothier and Alderman (next to mayor) of London . Purchaser of Lullingstone Castle ca. 1365. Died May 27 or 28, 1380. 

Sir William Peche I, son of John, inherited Castle. Born ca. 1358, Died 1412. 

Sir John Peche II, son of William, inherited Castle. Born Feb. 22, 1388-9. Died ca. 1439. Sheriff of Kent in 1430. 

Sir William Peche II, son of John, inherited Castle. Born ca. 1425. Died ca. 1488. Sheriff of Kent in 1462-63. 

Sir John Peche III, son of William, inherited Castle. Born ca. 1473. Knighted 1497. Sheriff of Kent 1495. Died 1521. 

Elizabeth Peche, sister of John, inherited Castle and married John& Hart. She died July 16, 1544 . 

Percival Hart, nephew of Sir John Peche III, was willed all of John' possessions upon the death of John's sister, Elizabeth. Percival& was the only son of Elizabeth . The name of Peche then became& extinct here.

The article Peche of Lullingstone is quoted below concerning Sir John Peche III.
Sir John Peche seems to have been born in or about 1473. He was attached to the Court of King Henry VII from his youth. When only 21 years of age, he took a very prominent part in the Royal Jousts held in the King's Palace at Westminster on the 9th, 11th, and 13th of November 1494. 

On the first of these days the challengers (who wore the King's colours) were the Earls of Suffolk and Essex, Sir Robert Curson, and John Peche. Each of them ran six courses against one adversary; and another six against a second opponent. All did well, but John Peche did best.... 

Consequently to him was awarded the prize, a golden ring set with a ruby. This was delivered to him by Princess Margaret, the King's eldest daughter, to whom John Peche was conducted by the Lady Ann Percy and the Lady Ann Nevill, after supper had ended and the dances were over. 

On the second day each challenger appeared beneath his own pavilion upon which crest was wrought. John Peche's pavilion was made of light tawny sarcenet, embroidered with his word or motto, "In everything" and his crest, a lion's head of ermine, crowned with gold, and set in plumes... 

He attained knighthood at the Battle of Blackheath, June 17, 1497 . Probably he began about this time, to build the gateway still existing at Lullingstone Castle ...Perhaps he was appointed Lord Deputy of Calcais in May 1509. 

The Black Sheep 

It is said that every family has a black sheep and the Peach family is no different. Arthur Peach arrived in Virginia in 1635 aboard the ship, Plaine Joan, from London . He was a 20-year-old Irishman and he settled in Plymouth , MA . Arthur was a soldier in the Pequot War. He was also a strong and determined man, eager to fight. 

In the year 1638, it was reported that three men were tried and executed for murder and robbery of an Indian. They were Arthur Peach, Thomas Jackson, and Richard Stinnings. The leader of the ring was Arthur Peach. Arthur was hanged for the killing of an Indian of the Narraganset tribe. As a result of this crime, the Indian tribe captured Peach and his gang and presented them before Roger Williams, the only white man they could trust. Although some of the colonists objected that a white man should be put to death for an Indian, they knew that the Indians would wage war if justice did not prevail. Therefore, Arthur Peach and his gang were condemned by the jury and executed. 
Peach II

 Second Generation

The children of John Peach and wife, Rebecca, are:
1. Winnie Peach was born 1779 and married John Duren.
2. Frances Peach was born 1780 and married John Ezell.&
3. John Peach was born 1782. Moved to Williamson County , TN in 1808/09 and married (1) unknown (2) Sealey Trantham on February 2, 1816 in Williamson County , TN and (3) Elizabeth King on May 20, 1835 (no children by third wife). 

4. George Washington Peach was born in South Carolina and moved to Missouri , Alabama (now Perote) around 1832. He married Abigail Hixon.

5. James Peach was born Sept. 24, 1784 in the State of Virginia . He was a mechanic and farmer. His first wife, Rebecca, was born Aug. 10, 1782 . In the 1810 and 1820 census, James was living in Kershaw District , SC ; in 1830 he was living in Clark County , GA. (His youngest son was born in Jackson County, GA in 1832.) In 1840 he was living in Richland County , SC ; in the 1850 and 1860 census he was living in Russell County , AL ; in 1870 he was living next to his son, Jonathan, in Lee County , AL at Salem . (Note: Lee County, AL was formed in 1866). Date of death and place of death of Rebecca Peach is unknown. 

The second wife of James peach was Levisa (or Levicy) Beard, the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Beard. She was born 1788 according to the census records and 1797 according to her mother’s pension application. 

Moses Beard was born in Ireland April 22, 1759 . When he enlisted in service in 1779 in Captain Luke Patty’s Company, Colonel Joseph Kershaw’s South Carolina Regiment, he was living in Kershaw District , SC. 

Moses and Elizabeth Beard married in 1782. They were living in South Carolina in 1794 and then moved to Athens , (Clarke Co.) GA. Moses Beard applied for pension on Aug. 17, 1832 in Clarke Co. and died there on Feb. 9, 1833 . Elizabeth Beard applied for pension on May 4, 1844 at age 80. She was a resident of Madison Co., GA at the time of application. She died May 7, 1849 . In 1850 the surviving children of Moses and Elizabeth Beard were: Jonathan Beard of Hall Co., GA; Nancy White of Clarke Co., GA; Lavicy Peach of Russell Co., AL; Lydia Walker of Clark Co., GA; Margaret Sneed of Clark County , GA. 

In 1850 and 1860 census records Levisa was living in Russell County with James.
6. Isabella Peach was born 1786 and died 1857. She married David Gaskin, son of Ezekiel and Tollitha Gaskin.
7. Monroe Peach was born 1788. His wife was named Mary. Monroe and Mary were in Autauga County , AL in 1830. He did not own land there. Monroe is believed to have died ca. 1840. No instrument of his passing has been found. 

8. The 1850 Mississippi Census for Tippah County shows a Mary Peach, age 47, born in South Carolina, with four daughters: (1) Ellender, 23, born in AL; (2) Lorenza, 19, born in AL; (3) Charmda, 15, born in AL; and (4) Indiana, 13, born in AL. This is believed to be Monroe ’s widow and children. India Anna Peach was born Dec. 24, 1840 and died Feb. 3, 1874 and is buried in Wenosoga, MS (Alcorn Co.) at Mt. Carmel Cemetery . She married Francis Marion Osborn. They were parents of eight children.

9. Ann Peach was born 1790.

10. Sarah Peach was born April 17,1807 in SC and died May 26, 1904 in Columbia County, Arkansas. . She is believed to have moved to GA to live with or near her brother James Peach. On Feb. 23, 1826 , Sarah Peach married Jonathan Kendrick in Putnam County , GA.  Jonathan Kendrick died May 2, 1860 at age 61 in Columbia County, Arkansas. They are both buried in the Atlanta Baptist Church Cemetery in Columbia County.  Jonathan Kendrick was born Nov. 28, 1798 in GA. His parents were Thomas C. Kendrick and Theodocia Day Kendrick. The 1850 census shows Sarah and Jonathan Kendrick living in Heard Co., GA. Jonathan Kendrick joined Bethel Church in Heard Co., GA in 1847 “by experience” and was dismissed by letter 9 Oct. 1859 with “wife and servant woman”.  (Some information on Sara Peach and Jonathan Kendrick furnished by Annie Crenshaw, Greeneville, AL.)

Third Generation

The children of John Peach and his first wife (name unknown) are:

Eliza Peach. 
Jonathan J. Peach. B. 1806. m. Jane Little.
Charles W. Peach. B. 1807. d. 1871. m. Lucinda Little on Dec. 31, 1833 .
William I. Peach. B. 1809. m. Susan Baucumon on July 18, 1833 .
Gasaway W. Peach. B. 1814. Wives were: (1) Eliza Drennon (1813-1844), (2) Eleanor Logue (1826-1847), and (3) Mary Partlow (1821-1886).
Reuben Peach. M. (1) Mary Williams and (2) Lucinda Aldridge.
The children of John Peach and second wife, Sealey Trantham are:

Ira E. Peach. B. 1818. Wife named Ann.
Hardin S. Peach. B. 1818. m. Mary Seabury.
James Peach. B. 1820. m. Nancy Sadler on May 5, 1840 .
Mary Ann Peach. B. 1821. m. Stark Sears on May 23, 1839 .
Sterling B. Peach. B. 1824. m. Susan Edes on Dec. 28, 1848 .
Daughter. Died in childhood.
Job Peach.
Joseph Peach. B. 1829. d. 1851.
George Washington Peach. m. Emily Sears.
Fountain Pitts Peach. Wife named Mary.

The children of George Washington Peach and Abigail Hixson are

John Hixon Peach. B. May 11, 1829 in SC. D. September 20, 1905 at Perote in Bullock Co., AL. He lived 76 years, four months, and nine days. His parents, George and Abigail Hixon Peach, moved with him from South Carolina when he was about three years old to Perote , AL . From this locality he never moved. He grew to manhood under the refining and elevating influences of this wealthy, beautiful and cultured village. Here he enlisted as a cavalry soldier and went forth to fight the battles of his country. His Company was C., whose captain was A. O. Wilson. 

He was married Feb. 2, 1858 to Miss Susanna R. Edwards (1842 – 1875). Of this union there issued 3 sons and 2 daughters. On February 15, 1876 he married a second time. He was then united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony to Miss Nancy (Nannie) S. Wheless (1849-1922). Of this union there were one son and four daughters. (NOTE: Nancy Wheless was the daughter of Levi Wheless, b. 2/3/1813 in Jones County , GA and died 3/3/1900 . Her mother was Stacy R. Turner Wheless, b. 12/21/1817 and died 1/16/1868 . They were married Dec. 4, 1834 . They were the parents of ten children, all reared in Pleasant Hill , GA. ) (Photo is of John Hixon Peach.) For more on this family click HERE.

All of John Hixon Peach’s ten children (one child died as an infant) graduated from college and left outstanding records in their chosen field. One son was a dentist, another son an attorney, one a teacher and one a legal counsel for Gov. B. M. Miller of Alabama . 

Sara Peach. Married a Mr. Kirkland
Mary Peach.
George W. Peach
William Franklin Peach. B. Feb. 18, 1832 . d. June 17, 1867 . m. Mary Athley (b. 11/10/1844 and d. 9/7/1881 ). Both William and Mary are buried in Perote , AL . 

From Family Bible kept by John and Tamzy Peach
some names/dates were added later

The children of James Peach and wife, Rebecca, are:
Duren Peach. B. June 4, 1908 . m. Cynthia Jane Gaskin, daughter of Daniel Gaskin, granddaughter of Ezekiel Gaskin. 
Delilah Peach. B. Sept. 9, 1809 .  Married William Richard Smyrl. 
John Peach. B. May 2, 1811 in SC. On May 28, 1837, Rev. C. L. Frazer, local elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church, married John Peach and Miss Tamzy Caroline Gaskin, the 17-year-old daughter of John and Elizabeth Gaskin. The wedding was in Kershaw District , SC. 

John Peach and wife Tamzy Caroline Gaskin Peach

On May 10, 1840 , their first child, Elizabeth Rebecca, was born. She died at the young age of four. A second tragedy struck the family in the loss of their second child, Mary Caroline, on March 11, 1845 , at two years of age.

In 1845, soon after the death of their second child, John and Tamzy, along with John and Elizabeth Gaskin, left Flat Rock Township in Kershaw District and began the long trek to Alabama and a brand new life. The Peaches and Gaskins settled in the Bethany area of Pickens County . 

John Peach was a well-known, respectable farmer acquiring many acres of farm and timberland in Pickens Co. during his lifetime. As he was in his fifties when the Civil War began, he did not serve but instead stayed behind and looked after the wives and children of the men that did serve. He died Dec. 17, 1887 . The following obituary appeared in the WEST ALABAMIAN on Dec. 21, 1887 : 

Died, Saturday 17th near Olney, MR JOHN PEACH, suddenly,
of heart disease, at about seventy years of age. Thus another of our
old and respectable citizen has passed away. 

Tamzy Caroline Gaskin Peach (known to family and friends as “Aunt Fanny”) also died of heart failure on August 22, 1896 , as she went out early that morning to feed her calves. They are both buried in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County , AL . 

George Peach. B. March 3, 1813 in TN. D. Dec. 17, 1899 in Flat Rock Township, Kershaw Co., SC. M. Rebecca West, daughter of Elie and Millie West. 

Sintha Peach. B. June 15, 1815 .
James Monroe Peach. B. June 23, 1817 . First wife named Elby. James Monroe Peach (know as Monroe ) and his first wife were living in Kershaw District , SC in 1850. In 1860 he was residing in Pickens County , AL with his second wife, Jane. He served in the Civil War, joining while living in Pickens County , in Co. D, 42 Regiment and died on March 30, 1863 in Yazoo City , MS of complications of diarrhea. 

Sarah Ann Peach. B. Jan. 19, 1819 . m. William Baskins.
Rebecca Peach. B. Aug. 22, 1820

Alfred Peach. B. Dec. 26, 1822 . Married Miss Sarah Elizabeth Layton on Nov. 20, 1855 at Olney , AL in Pickens County by Rev. Alexander M. Hanks. She was the daughter of Patrick Layton and Delilah Drakeford Layton, and sister of Susanna Caroline Layton who married Lewis Kenard Gardner. (Note: The Layton and Drakeford families are also from Kershaw District SC and some of these families are buried in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens Co., AL.) 

In the 1850 Pickens County , AL census, Alfred is shown living in the home with James Gaskin (a brother to Tamzy Caroline Gaskin Peach) and his wife. The home was located next to John and Tamzy Caroline Peach. 

Alfred is listed in 1860 Itawamba County , MS census with his wife, Elizabeth, and three children. He owned real estate valued at $400.00. 

Alfred served in the Civil War from Pickens County , AL as a private in Co. B, 42 Regiment, Infantry. He was listed as missing Nov. 24, 1863 at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, TN, and the following day, Nov. 25, 1863 , he is listed as captured at Chickamauga . On Dec. 7, 1863 , he was forwarded to Louisville , KY , and then on to Rock Island Barracks, Ill. He never returned home. 

After the Civil War was over, his widow moved to the Saltillo , MS area where she is buried in the local cemetery. Her descendants still live in this area. 

Issa Peach. B. Feb. 17, 1826 .
Jonathan Peach. B. July 30, 1832 in Jackson County , GA. D. March 21, 1908 . Buried in Concord , AL at the Baptist Church Cemetery in Lee County . 

On Oct. 16, 1857 , Jonathan Peach married Miss Angeline E. Johnson in Russell County , AL .
He served in the Civil War as a Private in Company K in the 34th Alabama Regiment, joining the service on Aug. 11, 1862 and was honorably discharged from such service at High Point , NC on April 26, 1865 . In his pension application of 1899, he stated he was wounded while at work in Macon , GA. 

Jonathan lived in Salem , AL and made his living by building and repairing wagons. He was a member of the Methodist Church at Mecanicsville , AL in Lee County . 

Jonathan Peach

Angelina E. Johnsonson Peach, wife of Jonathan Peach

(Note: Dates of birth and other information on children of James and Rebecca Peach (above) taken from Bible records kept by John and Tamzy Peach. One entry shows a Milly Louisa Peach, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Gaskin (and sister to Tamzy Gaskin Peach) died on July 15, 1844 . She may have been the first wife of Alfred Peach. 

Children of Sarah Peach Kendrick and Jonathan Kendrick are: 

William S. Kendrick. B. 1834
James Thomas Kendrick. B. Sept. 29, 1836 . Twin of John Franklin Kendrick.
John Franklin Kenrick. B. Sept. 29, 1836 . Twin of James Thomas Kendrick. m. Hasky Amanda Wood on April 10, 1859 in Heard Co. , GA. (Hasky Amanda Wood Kendrick was born 4/11/1835 and died 8/6/1914 in Cooksville , GA. She was the daughter of Paschal Harrison Wood and Nancy Floid Fielder Wood. She first married Dr. William O. Hanson on 1/27/1853 and he died in 1857. After the death of John Franklin Kendrick on June 14, 1862 near Tupelo , MS , she married a third time to William Henry Lancaster.)

Rebecca Kendrick. B. 1838.

Jonathan H. Kendrick. B. 1840.

Theodate Kendrick. B. 1842.

Susannah Kendrick. B. 1847.

Fourth Generation

Children of John Hixon Peach and Susanna R. Edwards are:

George Washington Peach. B. June 7, 1859 . d. Dec. 25, 1928 . m. Lillian Vela Lee (b. 4/14/1869 and died 5/27/1941 ) on Nov. 13, 1890 . She was the daughter of Alto V. Lee. George Washington Peach was an attorney and lived in Clayton , AL . (Photo of George Washington Peach.)

John Hixon Peach. B. August 28, 1861 and died Oct. 28, 1861 .

Arthur Monroe Peach. B. March 21, 1866 . d. April 7, 1904 . m. Lila Leigh Andrews (b. 10/26/1884 and died 12/28/1901 ). He was School Master of a new school in Andalusia , which later became Andalusia High School . Arthur Monroe and Lila Leigh came to Andalusia at the turn of the century to make a life for themselves, a life which ended tragically. Miss Andrews came from Union Springs, the daughter of Dr. Allen S. Andrews, a college president of one of the first “coeds” in the State. Lila Andrews Peach died ten days or so after childbirth. She was buried in Union Springs. Her husband, Prof. Arthur Monroe Peach, Sr. contracted tuberculosis and died about two years later. He had returned to Union Springs and to his parents in Perote , AL He lived in a tent on their property until he died and then was buried beside his wife. 
In those days tuberculosis carried a social stigma. Many a “t.b.” patient had to live in a little house or tent rather than in the home with the rest of his family. Meals were carried out to the ill ones. They were not only physical outcasts but also social outcasts. The baby was reared by his Aunt Abbie in Brantly for six months, and then given to his Aunt Alma.

Alma Lenora Peach. B. March 5, 1868 . d. Sept. 5, 1963 . m. Robert Lycurgos Petty (b. 6/1/1864 and died 6/8/1940 ) on Nov. 22, 1894 . Lived at Clayton , AL . Raised her nephew, Arthur Monroe Peach, Jr. Alma lived to be in her nineties and was librarian in Clayton at the time of her death.

Henry Edwards Peach. B. Sept. 3, 1870 . d. March 22, 1928 . m. Lula Andrews (b. 1876 and died 1968) of Clayton , AL . He was a dentist in Clayton , AL .

Abigail Hixon (Abbie) Peach. B. Dec. 13, 1872 . d. Nov. 22, 1958 . Buried at Brantley , AL . m. Robert Allen Foster on Oct. 29, 1902 . Robert Foster pastured the First Methodist Church in Andalusia . 

Children of John Hixon Peach and second wife, Nancy S. Wheless are:

Edna Irene Peach. B. Feb. 5, 1877 . d. May 30, 1961 . Buried at Union Springs, AL. m. Arthur Henry Feagin (b. 3/7/1878 and died 3/25/1932 ). Lived in Montgomery , AL . Edna Irene was a graduate of Alabama Female College in Tuskegee , now Huntington College in Montgomery . Arthur Henry Feagin obtained a B.S. in Engineering from Auburn and worked for Alabama Highway Dept.

Susie Ernestine Peach. B. Sept. 2, 1878 . d. Oct. 27, 1954 . Taught English at Lanier Highway School in Montgomery . Buried at Union Springs , AL . Not married.

Annie Marvin Peach. B. June 23, 1880 . d. Aug. 13, 1963 . Buried at Union Springs, AL. m. William Crawford Hightower (b. 1/17/1881 and died 4/6/1943 ) on June 22, 1905 . Lived in Montgomery , AL .

John Hill Peach. B. July 16, 1882 . in Perote in Bullock County , AL . d. Jan. 11, 1958 . m. Elizabeth Roberts (b. 10/27/1886 and d. 9/23/1988 ), the daughter of B. T. and Claudis (Waddell) Roberts. John Hill was educated at the University of Alabama , Tuscaloosa , Alabama , where he received an A.B. degree in 1902 and an LL.B. in 1904. Mr. Peach was a member of the American Bar Association; past President, Alabama State Bar; Director, Sheffield National Bank; member of the Rotary International of Sheffield. He practiced law in Sheffield with Andrews, Peach and Almon. He later moved to Decatur and practiced law with Peach, Caddell and Shank and served as a legal advisor to Gov. B. M. Miller of Alabama . Was a member of the Personnel Board of the State of Alabama under Gov. Dixon.

Ida Eloise Peach. B. May 24, 1884 . d. May 17, 1966 . Buried at Louisville , AL . m. Clarence Henry West (b. 12/24/1881 and d. 5/27/1954 ) in Oct. 1905. Lived in Louisville , AL .

Children of Duren Peach and Cynthia Jane Gaskin are:
Daniel Coy Peach. B. Nov. 11, 1836 and died April 16, 1882 . m. Eliza West of Westville , SC. (Eliza was born 7/10/1844 and died March 28, 1917). They are buried at Bethany Church Cemetery in Kershaw Co., SC.

Ann Peach. B. Nov. 11, 1836 . Twin of Daniel Coy Peach.

Margaret Peach. B. 1838 in SC.

Sarah Peach.

Nancy Peach.

Charles Peach.

James Peach. B. 1847 in SC.

Mary Peach. B. 1850 in SC.

Martha Peach. Born 1856 in SC.&

Peach III 

Children of John Peach and Tamzy Caroline Gaskin are
Elizabeth Rebecca Peach. B. May 10, 1840 in Kershaw District , SC. d. August 25, 1844 in Kershaw District , SC. 

Mary Caroline Peach. B. Nov. 15, 1842 in Kershaw District , SC. d. March 11, 1845 in Kershaw District , SC. 

Simon L. Peach. B. Nov. 23, 1845 in Wetumpka , AL . m. Mary Jane Garner in 1870 in Greene County , AL . Died Sept. 2, 1920 . Buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola Community in Pickens Co., AL. 

Simon Peach served in Civil War Company B, Regiment 42 Alabama Infantry; joining in Oct. 1863 and honorably discharged April 7, 1865 at Bentonville , NC . He returned to live at Benevola, working as a mailman. He suffered from rheumatism and received a Civil War pension based on this disability. He also had a leg missing due to an accident (a tree fell on him and his leg had to be amputated.) 

Laura Ann Peach. B. Dec. 2, 1847 in Pickens County , AL . d. Sept. 3, 1922 . She never married. Buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola. She died at the home of Hattie and Val Maughan in Benevola where she made her home. She did chores around the house to earn her keep. 

Laura Ann was a member of Unity Baptist Church in Pickens County joining that church on Friday, Oct. 25, 1872 and was baptized Oct. 27, 1872 in the Bonner Mill Pond. 

Cynthia Melvina (Mell) Peach. B. April 15, 1849 in Pickens Co., AL. d. Dec. 12, 1926 at 5:00 a.m. Her physician, Dr. W. W. Duncan, gave her cause of death as rheumatism which she had suffered with for six years. She was a bed patient and suffered with bedsores. In July of 1923, she was living with her son, Val Maughan, in Benevola. On Oct. 13, 1924 , she was living with her daughter, Lucy Maughan Graves, in Birmingham , AL . She was very sick at the time. She later returned to her son’s home in Benevola where she died in 1926. 

Mell Peach was married to John Fletcher Maughan (b. 1/27/1846 in Macon Co., AL and d. Aug. 8, 1902 in Pickens Co., AL.), the son of William G. Maughan and Mary Caroline Williams Maughan, on Nov. 2, 1869, by J. W. Hanson. 

(Editor’s Note: John Fletcher Maughan was first married to Eliza Jane Weir on Jan. 23, 1868 in Greene Co., AL. Eliza Jane Weir was born Sept. 13, 1846 in Greene Co. The couple had one child, a daughter. Eliza Jane died in childbirth less than a year after her marriage to John Fletcher Maughan. Mother and child are probably buried in an unmarked grave in Pleasant Ridge in Greene County where they lived. Eliza Jane Weir was the daughter of Jane Means and Samuel Weir. Her siblings were: (1) Mary Elizabeth Weir, b. 12/10/1834, m. William Akin; (2) Samuel Constantine Weir, b. 3/4/1837, died as a child; (3) William Hamilton Weir, b. 4/22/1839; (4) Margaret Jane Weir, b. 4/17/1841; (5) James Leroy Weir, b. 2/12/1844 and Eliza Jane was the youngest, born in 1846). 

Mell and John Maughan owned 62 acres of land in Pickens County , AL . On records dated June 3, 1907 , this land was valued at $130.00 and one cow was valued at $10.00. On July 25, 1923 , M. L. Phillips, tax assessor for Pickens County assessed this 62 acres at $325.00. 

Her grandchildren remember her as being very eager to have someone read to her, always telling them that she could not see well enough to read herself. She saw no need to reveal the fact that she never learned to read. 

She drew a Civil War pension based on her husband’s service. John Fletcher Maughan died Aug. 8, 1902 . They are both buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola. 

John James Peach. B. April 27, 1851 in Pickens County , AL . d. Oct. 18, 1852 . 

Willburnia Pickens (Willie) Peach. B. Jan. 18, 1853 . d. 1924. Buried in Friendship Cemetery in Lowndes Co., MS. m. Robert Rhese Eugene (Bob) Maughan, the brother of John Fletcher Maughan, on Dec. 3, 1881 in Pickens County , AL . (Note: Bob Maughan is buried in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens Co., AL according to his obituary. There is no marker for him in Bethany Cemetery . 

Evalcus (Dock) Peach. B. February 23, 1855 . d. Aug. 26, 1919 in Pickens County , AL. m. Alice Bunn. No children. Dock died in an accident – he fell from a horse. He is buried in Bethany Cemetery but has no marker at his gravesite. 

Alice Mary Peach. B. June 23, 1856 in Pickens County , AL . m. W. E. (Bill) Allen, a carpenter, on Nov. 26, 1889 . They lived at what now is known as the “Going home” in Benevola. Bill Allen built this home and later sold it to Pearlie Sanders and the Allen family moved to New Albany , AL . House later bought by Locke Going and now occupied by Richard Powell. 

Thomas Jefferson (Tom) Peach. B. Dec. 23, 1857 in Pickens Co., AL. d. Oct. 18, 1930 of a heart attack while drinking his morning coffee. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens Co. m. Agnes Virginia Bunn (b. 6/19/1855 and d. 5/18/1917 ), twin sister of Alice Bunn. 

Tom Peach was a member of Mount Zion Baptist Church , located in the Bethany area, where in Jan. 1882, it was brought to the church’s attention that Brother Tom Peach was “dancing, drinking and using profane language”. Three men from the church were appointed to see Tom Peach and discuss his behavior and report back to the church. Church records show he “made acknowledgements and was restored” on the first Sabbath in April 1882. 

Lela Murtis Peach. B. Dec. 12, 1859 in Pickens Co., AL. d. Feb. 13, 1890 . (She died 1890 according to Bible records and 1892 according to inscription on tombstone.) Buried in Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Benevola. 

Ellen Jane Peach. B. Feb. 9, 1861 in Pickens Co., AL. m. Daniel Murphy on Jan. 3, 1888 in Pickens Co., AL. She is buried, along with her husband, at Forest Baptist Church Cemetery in Benevola (no marker). 

Isabelle Hodge (Belle) Peach. B. Sept. 23, 1863 in Pickens County , AL . d. Nov. 24, 1936 . m. James Monroe Peach, her first cousin (son of Alfred Peach) on Nov. 19, 1884 at the home of her father. Buried at Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County , AL . They lived in Benevola. 

Children of John Peach &  Tamzy, are l-r: Cynthia Melvina, Isabella Hodge, Simon L, Thomas Jefferson (Tom),  Ellen Jane, Evalcus(Doc)

Children of George Peach and Rebecca West are:
William Peach. B. May 1, 1843 . d. April 29, 1922 . m. Martha Victoria Gaskins, the daughter of John and Frances Gaskins. 

Sarah Peach. B. 1847. m. Joe Yandell.
Millie Elizabeth Peach. B. July 23, 1849 . d. Aug. 3, 1929 . m. James D. Young in Nov. 1868.
James E. Peach. B. Jan. 1851. d. June 11, 1929 . m. Sallie Sarah Ann West, daughter of Ben West and Rhody Faulkenberry. Both buried at Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Kershaw Co., SC. 

Rebecca Peach. B. 1854. d. 1912 in Kershaw Co., SC. m. W. H. Truesdale.
Thomas Peach. B. 1855. d. Feb. 18, 1904 . m. Rachel Anderson.
Henry Richard Peach. B. June 1859. d. 1936 or 37. m. (1) Mary and (2) Theodocia (Docia) West, the daughter of John Cotton West of Kershaw Co. , SC. After marrying Docia West, the family moved to South Georgia (around pavo) for a short period and then into North Florida , probably around Westville , FL. The West family was in the turpentine business and Henry worked with them and lived among them most of the time. Henry and his family lived at various time in Wakulla, Taylor , Madison , Hamilton , Alachua and Levy Counties in North Florida . Henry Peach died in Levy County , FL and is buried in Elizey. 

Nannie P. Peach. B. April 3, 1862 . D. July 2, 1946 . m. John J. Owens.
Amanda Susan Peach. B. June 27, 1865 . d. April 11, 1853 . m. Evan Ranson Horton.
Lewis W. Peach. B. Aug. 26, 1868 . D. June 30, 1959 . m. Mary Ann Bowers. They lived in Kershaw , SC.

Children of James Monroe Peach are:
William Peach. B. 1849 

John Peach. B. 1851. Wife Elizabeth born 1855 in England . Was living in Alachua Co., FL in 1900

Daniel Peach. B. 1853. Wife name Morvie. Lived in Cabarrus Co., NC in 1900

David Peach. B. 1855

Alice Peach. B. 1857

Joseph Peach. B. 1858

Eliza Peach. B. 1859.

Children of Alfred Peach and Sarah Elizabeth Layton are:;

Sarah Elizabeth Layton Peach

Joseph Anderson Peach. B. Aug. 7, 1856 . d. Sept. 4, 1918 . Wife named Elmira .
Charles Layton Peach. B. July 19, 1857 . d. Oct. 3, 1933 . m. Martha Alene Sandlin. Lived in Saltillo , MS .

Charles Layton Peach. B. July 19, 1857 . d. Oct. 3, 1933 . m. Martha Alene Sandlin. Lived in Saltillo , MS .

James Monroe Peach. B. Jan. 5, 1860 . d. Nov. 22, 1908 . m. Isabelle Hodge (Belle) Peach, his first cousin (daughter of John Peach). They lived in Benevola Community in Pickens Co., AL. Both are buried in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens Co., AL.

Rebecca Jane Peach. B. Sept. 15, 1861 . Died Feb. 5, 1939 in Burkburnett, TX (in Wichita Co.)  Married Samuel Bryant.  (For more information on Rebecca Jane Peach and Samuel Bryant click here )

James Monroe Peach

Rebecca Jane Peach

Frances Carolina Peach. B. Jan. 31, 1863 . m. Jim Roper.

Children of Jonathan Peach and Angeline E. Johnson are:

Angeline Elizabeth Peach. B. March 30, 1859 in Russell Co., AL. d. Sept. 4, 1924 and buried in Denton , TX . m. John Matthew Moore. (T. Clayton Moore of Orange , CA has done considerable research on the Moore and Peach families.)

John William Peach. B. Aug. 9, 1866 or ’67 in Salem , AL . m. Effie Bell Kennington on Nov. 24, 1891 . Effie Bell was born 2/24/1873 in Salem , AL (Lee Co.) She was the daughter of Robert C. Kennington and Anna Perry. She died 10/3/1965 in Randolph County in the Roanoke Nursing Home. John William worked as a hardware salesman. He died March 10, 1942 and both are buried in Hillview Cemetery in LaGrange , GA ( Troup County ). They were both Baptist.

Lula A. Peach. B. 1868 in Russell Co., AL. d. Feb. 10, 1891 . Buried in Concord , AL with parents.

Adolphus J. Peach. B. June 1871 in Russell Co., AL. m. Lena Vinson (no children) and (2) Mary. He died in Lee Co., AL between 1962-64.

Ada Peach. B. April 1874 in Russell Co., AL. m. James J. Phillips.

Lela Peach. B. July 1875 in Russell Co., AL. d. Feb. 25, 1963 . Buried Rosemere Cemetery in Opelika , AL . m. William W. Whitman. Was living in Montgomery , AL in 1943.

Children of John Franklin Kendrick and Hasky Amanda Wood are

Thomas Johnson Kendrick. B. Sept. 25, 1860 . d. Oct. 25, 1861 in Columbia Co. , AR.

Sarah Franklin Kendrick. B. Dec. 6, 1862 . m. Alonzo Crawford Ware. D. Feb. 14, 1954 .

(Note: After John Franklin Kendrick’s death on June 14, 1862 , Hasky Amanda Wood Kendrick married William Henry Lancaster on Jan. 22, 1863 in Columbia Co., AR. Mr. Lancaster died in 1873. They had four children. They were (1) Nancy Floid Wood Lancaster , b. 9/6/1864 and died 8/28/1870 ; Clifton Pascal Lancaster, b. 1/27/1868 and died 9/7/1873 ; Charley Johnson Lancaster, b. 8/28/1870 ; William Henry Lancaster, b. 516/1873. 

Fifth Generation

(Due to limited space, I am only listing family of Cynthia Melvina Peach and husband John Peach).

Children of John Fletcher Maughan and Cynthia Melvina Peach are:

John Wesley Maughan. B. Oct. 14, 1870 in Pickens Co., AL. died 1944. Buried in Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola. m. Lela Jane Craft, the daughter of John M. Craft and Nancy Wren Lewis.

Lula Fletcher Maughan. B. Dec. 19, 1871 in Pickens Co., AL. died Dec. 7, 1948 . m. George Abner Turner. Buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

William Thomas Maughan. B. Feb. 18, 1873 in Pickens Co., AL. d. March 20, 1950 . m. (1) Annie Maud Hamiter (no children) and after her death he married (2) Viva Grace Upchurch. Buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

Robert Evalcus (Val) Maughan. B. 1874 in Pickens Co., AL. Died 1955. m. Hattie Elizabeth Sanders, the daughter of Albert Sanders and Mattie Craft Sanders. Lived in Benevola. Val and Hattie are both buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

Lucy Lee Maughan. B. Oct. 4, 1878 in Pickens Co., AL. d. March 2, 1959 . m. Warren Richard Graves. They lived in Birmingham , AL and are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Birmingham . Lucy was a registered nurse.

Laura Miriam Maughan. B. June 20, 1881 in Pickens Co., AL. d. Feb. 6, 1964 . m. Charles Rhodes Rush. Laura was a registered nurse. She is buried at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola.

Horace Maughan. B. May 14, 1883 in Pickens Co., AL. d. Feb. 2, 1952 . m. Hattie Bell Worsham. Hattie Bell Maughan died Sept. 7, 1988 at the age of 95. They are buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Jackson , MS

Lola Bell Maughan. B. Jan. 26, 1886 in Pickens Co., AL. d. April 22, 1947 . Buried in Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola. m. Jessie Carl Craft on Dec. 15, 1904 . He was the son of John Anderson Craft and Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Cole Craft. They lived in Benevola where Jessie Craft farmed and ran a country store. 

Lola Bell Maughan joined Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Benevola on Oct. 11, 1904 by profession of faith. 

Bessie Maughan. B. Sept. 22, 1889 in Pickens County , AL . d. Feb. 27, 1892 . Buried in Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Benevola.