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Owens Family
Pickens County, AL

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Mt. Moriah Church and Cemetery
Information  provided by William (Bill) Corders, Mary Ruth Gaskin Sanders, Alberta Clark Bourne, Trudy Jane (Cookie) Jones and Mary Lee Prude.

The Owens family is an African-American family and one of the early settlers in the old Bethany Community near Aliceville, AL. They came to Pickens Co. AL from South Carolina, probably all came from Kershaw Co. SC.  They are a large family with many descendants.

Generation One

Owens, Jim b. May 1871 d. Jan. 1923
Owens, Vira Peoples b. March 15, 1880 d. Oct. 4, 1937

They lived in the Bethany Community and are buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola Community, Pickens County, AL.

Generation Two

 Jim Owens and Vira Peebles Owens had the following children:
1.  Lizzie Owens  married John D. Barnes
2. Betty Mae Owens, b. Dec. 6, 1908 D. Sept. 4, 1967. Married Louie Layton
3. Addie Owens B. April 4, 1916. Died March 1980. Married Kirksey Gaskin. No children. 
4. Dosha Owens B. March 4, 1921 D. Aug. 2, 1989. Married Dudley Gaskin
5. Lucille Owens married Willie James Hinton, Sr.
6. Dock Owens  Married (1) Sue Clements. No children. (2) Ernestine Thomas.
7. Ernest Owens.  Married Berta Mae Noland
8.Ella Owens B. March 12, 1899. Died Oct. 24, 1943.  Married Frank Duff.
9. Cliff Owens married Hester Dobbins. No children.
10. William (Will) Owens  Married Nettie Mae Hurst.
11. Walter Owens. No information available.
12. Liza Owens. Married Monroe Duff
13. Fannie Owens.  Married Ruben Davis


Generation Three

The child of Lizzie Owens and Mr. Barnes is:
1.  Annie Mae Barnes.  Deceased.  Lived in Tuscaloosa, AL.

The children of Betty Mae Owens Layton and Louie Layton are:
1.  Rose Mae Layton b. Jan. 3, 1926 and died Oct. 12, 2006. Married James (Son) Clark.

Rosa Mae Layton Clark

2. Wesley Layton b. Jan. 10, 1927 d. April 23, 2005. Buried in Detroit, MI.
3.  Willie B. Layton, b. Aug. 17, 1928 and died May 9, 1995. Buried in Beechwood, Ohio.
4.  Eddie B. Layton, b. July 16, 1930. d. Nov. 11, 2001. Buried in Tuscaloosa, Al. Married Chadie Moore, daughter of John Wesley and Asoline Moore. Their children:
    1. Mary Elizabeth Layton Tubbs
2. Bessie Marie Layton Walker
3. Eddie Dean Layton
4. John Earl Layton
5. Asoline Deloris Layton Richey
6. Joe lee Layton
7. Betty Ann Layton

5.  Annie Maude Layton, born June 27, 1932. Married Floyd Brown.  Children of Annie Maude Layton and Floyd Brown are:
    1.  Floyd Brown, Jr.
    2.  Michael Brown
    3.  Diane Brown
Annie Maude had two children when she and Floyd Brown married and Floyd Brown raised the children as his own.  They were:
    1.  Linda A. Brown Tilmon
    2.  Dale Brown

6.  Mattie Florence Layton, born June 27, 1932.  Married (1) Charles Odell Thompson and (2) Franklin Miller.
Children  of Mattie Florence Layton and Charles Odell Thompson are:
    1.  Robert L. Thompson
    2.  Shirley Thompson Easley

Children of Mattie Florence Layton and Franklin Miller are:
    1.  Lisa M. Miller, born Dec. 19, 1967
    2.  Mary Ellen Miller, born Dec. 19, 1967.  Died Dec. 1, 2008.

7.  James K. Layton. Lives in Irondale, AL.

The children of Dosha Owens Gaskin and Dudley Gaskin are:
1. Tracy Lee Gaskin B. Aug. 5, 1940.  Lives in Aliceville, AL.
2.  Luther James Gaskin B. Feb. 27, 1943 Died April 26, 1999. Died with heart failure.
3.  Billie Gaskin  B. April 15, 1944.
4.  Mary Ruth Gaskin. Born July 26, 1945. Married Daniel Sanders b. Aug. 2, 1944, d. Nov. 24, 1991.
5.  Mattie Pearl Gaskin. Born Jan. 24, 1947. Lives in Detroit, MI.
6.  Emma Jane Gaskin. Born Dec. 25, 1948. Lives in Detroit, MI.
7.  Raymond Dudley Gaskin. Born Feb. 22, 1951. Lives in Cleveland, Ohio.
8.  Jimmy Lee Gaskin. Born March 2, 1953. Lives in Detroit, Mi.
9. Dora Mae Gaskin. Born Aug. 15, 1957. Lives in Detroit, Mi.
10.  Annette Gaskin. Born Feb. 25, 1960. Married Don Brown. Lives in Detoit, Mi.
11.  Troy Lee Gaskin. Born July 25, 1961. Wife named Julene.

Children of Lucille Owens and Willie James Hinton, Sr. are:
1.  Willie James Hinton, Jr.
2.  Jack Bennie Hinton
3.  Lonnie Will Hinton, Sr.
4.  Owens Hinton
5.  Frank Hinton
6.  Bessie Hinton
7.  Albert T. Hinton
8.  Johnnie J. Hinton
9.  Samuel Hinton
10.  David L. Hinton
11. Hugh C. Hinton
12.  Walter Lee Hinton
13.  Sarah Hinton
14.  Thomas C. Hinton

Child of Dock Owens and Ernestine Thomas is:
1.  Christine Owens.


The children of Ella Owens Duff and Frank Duff are:
1. Reid Duff B. July 16, 1918. D. April 1983.
2.  Lola Duff b. Feb. 22, 1917 and died April 29, 1984. Married Joseph (Joe) Jones. Mr. Jones later changed his name to Joseph (Joe) Camons, his mother's maiden name, because at his job there was another Joe Jones and it was confusing.
3. Nancy Ruth (Nude) Duff b. July 1, 1921 or 1922 and died June 22, 1954. Married Walter Lee Bonner.
(After Ella Owens Duff died, Frank Duff married Annie Lee Cousette. They had one daughter: Frankie Lee Duff.)

The children of William (Will) and Nettie Owens are:
1.  Bettie Lee Owens
2.  Clarence Owens

Children of Liza Owens and Monroe Duff are:
1. Cora Duff
2.  Nora Duff

Child of Fannie Owens and Ruben Davis is:
1.  Clara Mae Davis

Generation Four

Child of Nancy Ruth (Nude) Duff Bonner and Walter Lee Bonner is:
1. Frances Marie Bonner Brown  b. May 18, 1943 d. Oct. 11, 2007. Buried at Mt. Moriah.
2. Female child born ca 1944-45. Died young.

Children of Lola Duff Camons are:
1.  Trudy Jane (Cookie) Jones, born Dec. 14, 1936.
2.  Eura Jones. b. ca 1938-39. Died at 4 - 5 months old.
3. Franklin Delano (Dick) Jones b. April 23, 1948 d. ?  Buried in VA Cemetery in New Jersey.

Child of Reid and Nettie Duff is:
1.  Louella Duff. Married a Mr. ____ Buell.