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Shirla Rathjen Howard


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Shirla Rathjen Howard was born in west Texas in 1935 to pipe-lining parents, the daughter of Fred A. Rathjen and Melba Noland (daughter of John Thomas Noland of Gordo, AL). When she was three, the family went to Columbia, South America for her Dad to lay a pipeline across the jungle.  When WWII started, the family moved to Freeport, TX and she spent the remainder of her childhood there. She attended Sam Houston University in Huntsville, TX, majoring in chemistry and biology with a minor in history.  She first married William Eric Penney, an optometrist, and they had two children: Erin and Michael.  The family  moved from Georgia to Beaumont, TX and were divorced in 1967.  Shirla's mother asked her just prior to her death in 1965 to "do" the Noland family tree and she began her research and family interviews at that time. She remarried in 1968 to Perry McFaddin, a rancher in Jefferson County, TX and they had one child, W.P.H. McFaddin IV. The large ranch was sold in 1969, and they moved to another ranch he owned in Fulton County, Arkansas. Shirla was widowed in 1971 and she ran the ranch until 1973, when she remarried to Rep. Jerry Howard and moved to Dexter, MO. Jerry was re-elected several times to House of Representatives and in 1990 was elected to  the Missouri Senate. In Dexter, Shirla and Jerry  raise racing quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Despite being extremely busy with farm activities, legislative functions and raising three children, she continues to do as much Noland/Stapp/Carver/Love/Powell/Ballard/Williams research as she can possibly do, which is difficult at times living in a rural area.

John Thomas Noland

John Thomas Noland, son of Phillip Aubrey Noland and Annie Stapp Noland, was born 30 March 1875 in Pickens County, Alabama in the Pleasant Grove community in the log cabin below. “Tom” was orphaned as a teen-ager when his father died of a ruptured appendix. His mother, Annie, raised her youngest children in the same small log cabin where they’d been born.

This was originally a log cabin. Later occupants Added the siding. Phillip Aubrey and Annie built this Cabin to live in when they married in 1866. All their Children were born here. 

At age 23, he was working at Bryce Mental Hospital in Tuscaloosa, AL. Apparently, Tom was ‘sweet’ on Lizzie Carver because on November 22, 1897, he wrote her the following letter:

“Lizzie” Carver was the daughter of James M. Carver, a well-known Baptist minister and had been raised in the “Raleigh” precinct area. James M. Carver preached at Liberty Baptist Church in Raleigh area and at Salem Baptist Church in the Noland Community south of Gordo. 

Photo Salem Church in Noland Community

Two Photos of Rev. James M. Carver

Rev. James M. Carver

Lizzie’s mother was Hannah Salenia Love, whose father Robert B. Love lived only a short distance from Salem Baptist Church.

Rebecca Elizabeth Carver succumbed to the courtship of John Thomas Noland and they were married in Pickens County, Ala on January 3, 1900. Her wedding dress was a beautiful satin and lace creation with many, many tiny buttons down the back. They moved to Gordo, Pickens Co., Alabama where her father, James M. Carver and grandfather, Green Carver, built them a home on Carver Road.

The lovely wedding dress was stored in a trunk which was stored at house after John Thomas died. Apparently, the tenants living in the house later stole the dress for it disappeared out of the trunk. In 1903, John Thomas Noland was appointed postmaster of Mabel, Ala, near his childhood home at Pleasant Grove, Pickens County, Ala. 

House where Nolands lived while he 
Was postmaster at Mabel, AL

After a couple of years “Tom” moved his family back to Gordo. His father-in-law, James Carver, built them another house near the first home they’d lived in. Rebecca Carver Noland’s cousin, Lucile Hamner and husband Hudson Hamner, lived in the first house by that time. The family remained in this house and raised their children here. 

Photo of Second Home of John Thomas Noland and Wife in Gordo

Early in their marriage, Tom Noland had a problem with morphine addiction (acc to son, Thomas Edgar Noland) and secured his morphine from Lizzie’s aunt who was married to a doctor. Tom and his brother, William Samuel Noland, owned a cotton and fertilizer warehouse until it burned down ca 1922. Tom had no insurance on the warehouse and the family suffered financial woes thereafter. Mother swore that the morning following the warehouse fire, she awoke to find her father’s black hair had turned white! Her brothers verified her story. At other times, he owned a cleaning establishment, a café, etc. Without exception, his children said he was “self centered and spoiled”. His older sons all left home very young due to their father’s physical abusiveness. After Lizzie died, Tom raged because none of his children would come to live in Gordo and take care of him. He told one and all that the food he had was not “fit to eat”. He was particularly upset because his daughter Mabel lived and worked in Virginia but was widowed and Tom felt she should give up her well-paying job and life there and move back to Gordo to take care of him. She, of course, refused to do this. Finally, he began a series of “suicide” attempts… cutting his wrists but never deep enough to seriously injure himself. This primarily was an attention getting effort. However, when he refused to cooperate with his family in efforts to better his life, but continued to insist that things be done his way… and the suicide threats continued… their patience wore out and he was committed to Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa where he spent the last months of his life. Due to hardening of the arteries and poor circulation, he had his toes amputated, developed gangrene and died from that infection on June 23, 1951 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Rebecca Elizabeth “Lizzie” Noland died of ruptured colon complications on October 14, 1945. Both are buried at Gordo Cemetery, Gordo, Pickens County, Ala. John Thomas Noland had blue eyes, dark, almost black hair and a fierce black Irish temper. Insofar as my grandmother, Lizzie Noland, is concerned I have no memories of her ever SITTING down, just visiting… but always she was doing something, mainly hard work. I remember Lizzie cooking on that horrid wood stove; and in the backyard stirring the wash in a huge iron kettle over a soaring fire. Or, working in her garden in order to feed her large family. In contrast, the only image or memory I have of my grandfather, Tom, is of him SITTING on the front porch, jovially hollering out to passing neighbors. (at that point in time, most citizens in town walked to town and therefore many had to pass the Noland house) As a child, my mother and I visited Gordo and my grandparents several times a year and most certainly during the summertime. I remember “Big Daddy” sitting on the porch, rocking and calling out greetings to all that went by on the walk into town. He dipped snuff and would spit off the porch into the hedge around the big wrap-around porch. Part of this hedge was dead from being exposed to this snuff (which made me wonder…even as a child…about humans exposed to tobacco!) Big Daddy had nicknames for everyone…. Certainly all the grandchildren. My nickname was Snicklefritz. Strangely, Big Daddy and Big Mama called each other Mr. and Mrs. Noland. I recall thinking that this was kinda silly since they had so many children. In back of the house was a HUGE garden. Also, in back of the house were bee hives, lots of chickens, sometimes there was a hog or two. There was a large smokehouse for the hams, etc… and a storm cellar containing all sorts of home canned goods. There were no watermelons though and each summer we all would drive down into the country to Uncle Lester’s farm (very near Liberty Church). Uncle Lester was Big Daddy’s brother and he raised watermelons and we got to eat all we wanted and bring some home, too. Another memory of that drive down to Uncle Lester’s was stopping at Speed’s Mill. There was a bluff there and pouring from the face of the bluff was a stream of cold spring water. Way before the advent of air conditioning, certainly in cars, we’d stop there to use the communal ‘dipper’ to get a drink of water from the spring. Water NEVER tasted so cold and good!?! Big Daddy would also get stalks of sugar cane from somewhere when the grandchildren were there, and we would chew on these canes for hours… delicious! My grandparents had two servants that I recall: a negro woman that helped Big Mama cook and do the washing in the back yard. There was also a black man that worked primarily in the garden and yard. 

I remember when Big Mama died. She was ‘laid out’ in the front room of the house (no funeral homes then, I guess). Big Daddy sat on the sofa and wept all day. He would call first one and then another of the grandchildren to sit with him for a long time while friends, neighbors and relatives viewed the body. Meanwhile, outside in the back, many darkies had gathered and were singing mournful spirituals. Big Mama had been kind to many of them and they had come to pay their respects. Finally, after the white folks finished viewing the body, the darkies were allowed to come inside to see Big Mama… and they came singing mournful songs all the while. It was a somber time and certainly made an impression on a 10 year old child. 

Photo of John Thomas Noland and Lizzie

8A – JAMES PHILIP NOLAND, b. 3 August 1900; d. 4 august 1900; buried at liberty cemetery, Pickens County, Ala.

8B – MABEL OPHELIA NOLAND (john Thomas Noland, Philip Aubrey noland, Samuel noland, Phillip Noland, Sampson Noland, Peter Noland, Phillip Noland, Pierce Noland] 

Photo of Mabel Ophelia Noland Woodard

Mabel was born 4 October 1901, gordo, Pickens Co., Alabama. Mabel had red hair and hazel eyes. Called “Red” by family and friends. She was an excellent student and graduated from high school. After leaving home, she moved to Birmingham and went to work for a prominent attorney there. She married Felix Woodward and they had a baby daughter who died in infancy. Felix died shortly thereafter. When WWII began, Mabel went to work for Civil Service in Virginia. Following the end of WWII, she was the secretary of General Mark Clark in Norfolk. She worked for the civil service until she retired in 1965. She never remarried. In 1965, Mabel moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and bought a small home with a lovely garden. She lived there until she died of bone cancer in 1975. As the oldest child in the family, she was the domineering one. She helped everyone in her family financially many times. At one point in her life, she drank to excess but overcame that. She seemingly disliked her father, John Thomas, intensely. This was primarily due to his treatment of her mother, Lizzie, and her brothers the whole time she was growing up. After the death of her mother and after several suicide attempts on the part of her father, she had him put into an institution where he died. Around 1973, Mabel had breast cancer and had a breast removed. She died April 1975.

Photo of Curtis Henley Noland with Martha C

8C – CURTIS HENLEy NOLAND, [John Thomas Noland, Philip Aubrey Noland, Samuel Noland, Phillip Noland, Sampson Noland, Peter Noland, Phillip Noland, Pierce Noland], b. 31 Oct 1903, Pickens Co, Alabama. Due to his father’s abusiveness, he left home early and moved to Reform, Ala, found a job, worked and finished high school while living with relatives in Reform. He married Grace Bryan on 5 May 1927. Curtis worked in various logging camps throughout the area and met Grace Bryan at one of the camps (her father was Camp Boss). After the birth of their daughter, Martha Carolyn, they moved to Northport and he went to work at Faucett’s General Store and worked there until his death. Curtis was a gentle man, black hair and blue yes with a deep dimple. He had hurt his back in high school playing football and aggravated it in the logging camps… to the extent that in laer years, eh ahd to sleep in a “reclining” chair each night. He died 6 April 1959, of a heart attack and is buried in Tuscaloosa, AL. Some of the characteristics of Curtis: was a generous , kind-hearted man. He adored all children, black or white. He went out of his way to give treats and toys to the underprivileged child. No one was ever heard to say an unkind word about him; he truly had no enemies. He loved sports. He always had a joke to tell, was cheerful, laughing with everyone. In the store, blacks always waited for Curtis to wait on them because of his kindness and because they knew he would never cheat them. Living above the store was an old man, Mr. Moses, who was down and out, no family, etc. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, before his own family could eat, Curtis would fix Mr. Moses a plate of food… on a fancy china plate… and deliver it to Mr. Moses. (Mr. Moses always declined to come to the house to eat for he felt he wasn’t “good enough”) Only after seeing that Mr. Moses had his food, would Curtis and his family sit down to eat their meal.

9A – MARTHA CAROLYN NOLAND, was born 25 Oct 1934, Electric Mills, Miss. Carolyn married Jimmy Simpson, b. 3 Oct 1931 in Northport, Ala., on 21 Aug 1951 in Stillwater, Okla. JImmy was in the Air Force at the time. When Jimmy got out of the service, they moved to Bessemer, Ala., and Jimmy went to work for U.S. Steel, eventually as a Superivisor. When he retired in 1984, they bought a cleaning establishment in Bessemer. In 1985, they both worked there but sold the business in 1991. Carolyn “eloped” and ran off to marry Jimmy without the permission of her parents. They were upset for awhile but when their first grandchild was born, all was forgiven! Carolyn has a ‘bubbly’ personality, filled with enthusiasm for life! She takes after her father in that she goes out of her way to “do” for others. 

Photo of Martha Carolyn Noland and husband Jimmy Simpson

10A – JIMMY CURTIS SIMPSON, b. 21 May 1953, Hamilton AFB, Hamilton, Marin Co., California. Jimmy married Barbara Jean Williamson on 12 May 1972 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Ala. In 1978, they lived in Bessemer, Ala. In 1984, lived in Knoxville, Tenn. In 1985, moved to Tuscalosa where he attended school and taught at the U. of Ala. Jimmy has Masters and PHD in Business Administration. In 1987, they lived in Bessemer, Ala., in a lovely home filled with beautiful antiques. Jimmy and his family moved to Montgomery, Ala in the mid-ninties where he accepted the position of full professor at Troy State University teaching their MBA program.

Photo of Jimmy Curtis Noland

11A – AMELIA GRACE SIMPSON, b. 22 May 1991 in Birmingham, Ala. She is called “GRACIE” AFTER HR GREAT GRANDMOTHER.

Photo of Amelia Grace "Gracie" Simpson

10b – sherry lynn simpson, B. 3 March 1956, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Married in Bessemr, Ala., on 6 March 1976 to Philip Ray Parker. In 1987, they lived in Bessemer, Ala. She is a nurse although at that time worked in the post office. Sherri and Ray were divorced and she then married Kenneth Dodson on 26 August 1989. They lived in Bessemer in 1990. No children.

Photo of Sherry Lynn Simpson

10C – CAROLYN RENEE SIMPSON, b. 7 Feb 1962, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Ala. She attended the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Married on 8 June 1985, in Bessemer, Ala., to James Gregory Chandler. In 1987, they lived in Bessemer, Ala, next door to hr parents. Renee teaches school.

Photo of Carolyn Renee Simpson

11A – KRISTEN RENEE CHANDLER, b. 31 Jan 1991 in Birmingham, Ala.

11B – BRYAN GREGORY CHANDLER b. 21 July 1993 in Birmingham, Ala.

8D – SAMUEL CAYCE NOLAND, [John Thomas Noland, Philip Aubrey Noland, Samuel Noland, Phillip Noland, Sampson Noland, Peter Noland, Phillip Noland, Pierce Noland] b. 4 Feb 1905, Pickens County, Ala. Cayce was a high spirited young man, always into some sort of mischief (along with is brothers, Curtis and Dutch). Back then everyone just shook their heads and said, “Boys will be boys!”. Today such mischievous boys would probably be called juvenile delinquents. Due to his father’s abusiveness, Cayce didn’t finish high school but ran away from home and joined the navy. He married Mayme Kindred of Saco, Ala., on 8 April 1928. He worked for his brother-in-law, Fred Rathjen, in 1930/31, on the pipeline for awhile and lived for a number of years in Saco, Ala. Cayce then went to work for the civil Service and during WWII worked at the Air Force base at Macon, GA. He raised his family primarily in Warner Robins, GA. He was an avid sportsman and enjoyed bird hunting and fishing. He had a delightful personality, always full of nonsense and teasing; Cayce was witty with a keen sense of humor. He had light brown hair and brown eyes and a deep dimple. He worked at the SAC air force base in Macon until his retirement from civil service. He died 30 May 1976 with bone cancer and is buried in Warner Robins, GA.

9A – KATHRYN ELIZABETH NOLAND (Betty), b. 8 July 1929, Saco, Ala. Betty married 1st to Hall W. Tidwell. They were divorced

Photo of Betty Noland.

10a – Kay Tidwell, b. 18 Nov 1949. Died Nov 28, 1943 and is buried in Shellman, GA. She married Kenny Duffey. (Note: Kay Duffey committed suicide.)

11a. Angela Duffey, b. 2 Feb 1968; lives in Atlanta area with her father.

10b – Philip William Tidwell, b. 13 March 1951. Married to Kay Barnes. They lived in Conyers, GA in 1985.

11a. Terrie Tidwell, b. May 1973.

11b. Jason Tidwell, b. July 1975


10c Stephen Randall Goddard, b. May 17, 1954; married Janice Davis. They lived in Marietta, GA in 1985.

11a – Stephen Randall Goddard, Jr., b. 24 Nov 1983

10d – Calvin Wayne Goddard, b. 27 May 1955. Married to Carrye Fields. They lived in McDonough, GA.

11a. Erin Goddard, b. 23 April 1981
11b Lindsay Marie Goddard, b. May 1984.
Note: Wayne divorced and remarried an older woman with no children. However, they had a child when she was in her 40s.
11c Katie, b. 1990

10e – Larry Alan Goddard, b. 16 April 1958, married to Melody Kennedy. They lived at Parrot, GA. In 1985, they had no children.

10f – Kathryn Janice Goddard, b. July 19, 1960. Not married in 1985 and living in Parrott, GA with her mother. Later married to someone named Phillips.

9b – MARY SUE NOLAND, b. 27 May 1932, Saco, Ala. Lived at Ft Walton, Fla. Married first to Edsel Greene. Divorced.

10a – Patricia Susan Greene, b. 1 Dec 1951; married 2nd Dale Eugene Lane, b. 29 April 1947 and they lived at Cottage Grove, Minnn.

11a – Jeremy Allen Lane, b. 24 July, 1976
11b – Jonathan Andrew Lane, b. 24 July 1978
11c – Justin Adam Lane, b. 4 April 1980
11d – Jennifer Sue Lane, b. 10 July 1983


10b – Catherine Renee Nickels, b. 28 Dec 1958; lived in St Walton Beach, Fla. (See note relow re tis girl)

10c - Sonia Marie Nickels, b. 7 Oct 1962; married to Sidney Ray Edwards, b. 30 July 1947; they lived at Ft Walton Beach, Fla. (see note below re this girl)

11a – Stephanie Marie Edwards, b. 4 Sept 1982

11b – Stuart Ray Edwards, b. 21 Feb 1985; died 12 June 1985 of crib death

11c – Sharon Michelle Edwards, b. 31 Dec 1986, Ft Walton, Fla.
(Note: Sonia and Ray Edwards divorced after he accused her of killing the son and attempting to kill Sharon. Nothing was done to Sonia but custody of the children was given to Edwards and he moved with the children to Birmingham. Sonia could not see the children at all and her parents were allowed to see them once a month for thirty minutes. They were not allowed to leae the city limits of Birmingham, Ala. As of 1991, Stephanie, the eldest child had been given into the custody of Sue and Nick, her grandparents. This supposedly came about because of Stephanie living in an abusive situation… physical and otherwise… and the court allowed the child to be adopted by her grandparents) Sonia married 2nd to Mark Lockhart, February 1989 at Ft Walton, Fla. By 1993, the situation with this family was tragic. Sue had terminal cancer and Nick continued having to go to hospital constantly with his heart problems. They never got custody of the youngest grandchild, Sharon, who was still living with father in Birmingham. Their daughter Sonia separated from her 2nd husband and moved into Sue’s home…. Contrary to the court order. Nick was unable to make her leave. Sue and Nick’s daughter, Renee, married someone that persuaded her to steal from her employer and she was caught and had to serve time. For some reason, she was furious with her parents over their attitude about this and she and husband moved away from Fort Walton. She refuses to speak to her parents even thugh her mother is terminally ill. Sue died of cancer on 10 April 1994. Nick and granddau continued to live in the home and despite Nick’s efforts to keep Sonia away from Stephanie (per court order), Sonia moved back into their home. A short time after Sue’s death, Nick shot himself to death and was found by Stephanie. Several Noland relatives attempted to find out what happened to Stephanie after the deaths of her grandparents but were unsuccessful.

9C – JOHN THOMAS NOLAND (TOMMY), B. 13 May 1936, in Saco, Ala. Tommy married Bonnie Joe Joyner, of Byron, GA. In 1985, they lived at Ft Valley, Ga. Tommy was a banker in Warner Robins, GA for a number of years but retired ca 1987. (Note: he had severe nervous problems/nervous breakdown). Tommy learned he had cancer ca 1985/86 and on 24 January 1989, he died. On January 26, 1989, his funeral was held in Warner Robins, GA. There appears to be some problems between Bonnie and her in-laws and they do not keep in close contact. Tommy was a tall, good-looking man. He was somewhat of a disappointment to his father, Cayce, in tht he was not a gung-ho outdoorsman. As soon as he got out of school, he went to work at the local bank and eventually worked his way up to Vice President. 

10a – Gary Thomas Noland, b. 1 Nov 1961; finished college 3 Dec 1984 and worked in Atlanta, GA. Gary married July Vaala, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Vaala of Warner Robins, GA, on June 8, 1985.

10b – Mark Anthony Noland, b. 5 Feb 1963. Finished college and is a school teacher. He lives in Warner Robins, GA.

9d – HAROLD WOODWARD NOLAND, b. 27 July 1949, Macon, GA. He graduated 1971 with BBA from Georgia State University. Rec’d degree 1973 MBA. On 9/20/68, in Warner Robins, GA, married Sharon Cawley, b. 12/27/1950. Divorced. Harold worked as a CPA in Atlanta, GA. After he was divorced from Sharon and remarried to Chris Cameron, b. November 10, 1952… married in Atlanta, GA on July 31, 1982, they moved to the Columbia, SC area. A year or so later, they moved to Charleston, SC and lived on Kiawah Island awhile. He now works as a real estate developer primarily on the outer islands. Chris has an interior decorating business.

10a – Amy Sherie Noland, b. Jan 22, 1969 in Macon, GA. Amy graduated from Georgia Southern College with a degree in Public Relations. 10b – Stefanie Elaine Noland, b. November 29, 1973.

10c – John Cameron Noland, b. Dec 6, 1988, Columbia, SC

8E – THOMAS EDGAR NOLAND (John Thomas Noland, Philip Aubrey Noland, Samuel Noland, Phillip Noland, Sampson Noland, Peter Noland, Phillip Noland, Pierce Noland), b. 22 Aug 1907 in Pickens County, Alabama. Thomas Edgar (Dutch) was a handsome man and devoted to his family. He and family lived most of his married life in Tuscaloosa, AL, where he was an engineer at a chemical plant. He, too, left home early due to an abusive father. When he was unable to join the Navy like his brother, he became a traveling salesman. He married Lilua Jones Smith on January 11, 1936. After his marriage, he operated the Coca-Cola plant in Gordo for a few years before moving his family to Tuscaloosa, AL. “Dutch” loved to hunt and fish and was a wonderful family man. His birth name was Thomas HUISTIS Noland. However, he disliked the name intensely and when he became of age, changed his middle name to Edgar. “Dutch” died of cardiac arrest following back surgery 
In Tuscaloosa, Al, on December 20, 1980.

Photo of Thomas Edgar "Dutch" Noland and Lilua

9a – JUNE NOLAND, b.14 April 1931 and is a child from Lilua’s first marriage although she was raised as Dutch’s own daughter. June attended University of Alabama and became a lab technician. June married Bill Crowder of Little Rock, Arkansas on 2 Sept 1951. Bill was an aerospace Engineer and also attended U. of Alabama. They lived a large number of years in Dallas, Texas. Bill and June retired in 1983 and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1994, the Crowders moved to the Seattle, Washington bay area. June is a vegetarian and has rheumatoid arthritis. NOTE: June was one of the lab technicians at Parkland Hospital in Dallas the day JFK was assassinated and brought to the emergency room there. The ER was next to June’s lab and she witnessed everything. 

10a LESLIE MONTELLE CROWDER, b. 15 April 1953. In 1984, she lived in Dallas. She married in June 1984 to Paul Hines (has one stepson, Nicholas Hines). Leslie heads the computer dept at a bank in Duncanville, TX. Leslie and Paul divorced. Leslie went to work for a travel agency and is now the manager (1995) and as such does a great deal of traveling around the world.

10b – CHERYL ALLISON CROWDER, b. 6 July 1954 in Dallas, TX. In 1985, she has a Phd in plant pathology and does research at UCLA and Rancho Santa Ana (located in Clairmont, CA) in botany. In 1992/93, Cheryl married Wayne Selzler, ut Cheryl still uses the last name of Crowder as her professional name. Wayne has a silk-screen business (shirts, hats, etc) and they live in Los Angeles, Calif. They have no children.

9b – PHILLIP CARVER NOLAND, b. 8 January 1947 in Tuscaloosa, AL. Phillip attended University of Alabama and is an engineer. He lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was Senior Vice President of Bishop Engineering Co. He also owned his own company called Noland Equipment Co., which sold oil field equipment. Phillip is a tall, blond, blue eyed, good-looking guy with great sense of humor and style. After living in Tulsa, he worked primarily for oil related companies and for years e specialized in helping middle east countries build refineries. He traveled primarily to the middle east while living in Tulsa, OK. Then went to work for another company, essentially the same type of job, but now travels all over the globe as an expert on how to build refineries or solve problems that countries had with theirs. He married Mary Dell Rosencutter, of Tulsa, OK, on 17 April 1985, in Mexico. They have no children. They moved to Columbus, Ohio and Phillip traveled around the globe nine months out of the year. His frequent flyer miles – when cashed out – enabled his wife, Mary Dell, to change the furniture throughout their home every three or four months. She went into the decorating business. In 1997, Phillip and Mary Dell moved to Singapore and lived there several years while he worked in that region. In 2000, due to rising tensions and terrorism in that area, Phillip and Mary Dell returned to Tulsa. Mary Dell opened a store named “Ancient Asia” featuring items they bought in Asia on various trips there. In 2004, Phillip took a job with another oil related industry and moved to Houston, Texas. Mary Dell remains in Tulsa to run her store. 

8f MELBA ELIZABETH NOLAND (John Thomas, Philip Aubrey, Samuel, Phillip, Sampson, Peter, Phillip, Pierce Noland) born 3 Nov 1911 in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. 

Photo of Melba Elizabeth Noland, age 18

Melba Elizabeth Noland was born 3 november 1911 in Gordo, Pickens Co., Alabama. She had dark eyes, black hair, was slender with a brilliant smile. She finished high school at the head of her class. She had a slight curvature of the spine but trained herself to walk straight due to parents’ insistence. She met her husband, Fred Rathjen, when he came through Gordo laying the “Big Inch” pipeline from Texas to Georgia to carry natural gas to the east coast. They married on 16 August 1930 at the courthouse in Carrollton, Alabama and began traveling with the pipeline. Although the depression was in full swing, there was still some pipelining work to be found. They had twin boys born dead in Oskaloosa, Iowa 9 months to the day they married. Following that, they went to live with Fred’s parents in west Texas (Gouldbusk) for a year or so while the depression closed everything down. In 1933, Fred began trucking again and then back into pipelining. In 1935, they had a baby daughter, Shirla, while living in Coleman, Texas. The “dust bowl” days were going on; Melba had many horror stories to tell of those times. They were pipelining and in Mississippi when WWII began in 1941. Fred immediately took family to Houston, TX while he commuted to Freeport to work on the large Dow Chemical plants for the war effort. In 1943, they were able to buy a small house in Freeport and moved there. Melba had a marvelous sense of humor, a lovely singing voice and a fierce temper, too. She worked initially as a clerk in a store, then went to work as a dental hygienist. She and Fred belonged to Order of Eastern Star in Freeport, TX. She was an excellent seamstress and made most of her own clothes and her daughter’s. In 1955, she began working in real estate sales. Melba died on 17 June 1965 of leukemia, of four months duration. She is buried in South Park Cemetery in Pearland (Houston), Texas This was due to the fact that she didn’t want to be buried on the coast at Freeport; when hurricanes blew in, all that area was underwater and she couldn’t stand the thought of being under water. Melba had a hysterectomy in her 40s; gum disease which resulted in false teeth early in life; began wearing tri-focals fairly early in life. She had small pox as a child and the Noland home was quarantined. Melba’s name at birth was MELBA SALENIA, named after her maternal grandmother, Hannah Salenia Love Carver. She, however, thought the name “Salenia” sounded ‘slimey’ and so when she got older, changed her name to MELBA ELIZABETH NOLAND. 

Photo of Lizzie Noland and Melba

Photo of Melba & Fred 1930

9a – Twin sons born dead in 1931 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The cords wrapped around their necks during childbirth. They had black hair.

Photo of Fred, Shirla and Melba Rathjen, 1956

9b – Shirla Jean Rathjen, born 27 June 1935 in Coleman, Texas. Traveled with parents to Baranquilla, Columbia, S.A. when I was three years old. (Father was in charge of laying pipeline through jungle for Columbian government). When we returned to the States in 1939, daddy resumed pipelining. We lived in Biloxi/Gulfport area when WWII began. 
Daddy immediately moved us to Houston where we lived temporarily with a cousin (Naomi Ricketts) of Daddy’s while he commuted to Freeport to construct the large Dow Chemical plants for the war effort. I attended first grade in Houston, TX. Around the middle of 1942, he moved us to Velasco where we rented rooms from an elderly lady (shared kitchen) and I attended 2nd grade in Velasco, TX. In 1943, Daddy was able to buy a small house which were being rapidly built to house the defense workers. The address: 1106 W. 8th Street, Freeport, Texas. The family would live there until mother died in 1965. I began attending school in Freeport and graduated from Brazosport high school in 1953. As a child, I took tap dancing and was a member of the Rainbow girls. (Daddy was a Mason and both he and mother belonged to Eastern Star). 

I attended Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas majoring in chemistry and biology and a minor in history. As a child I attended the Baptist Church but when I became an adult, I attended the Episcopal Church and finally the Methodist Church. Characteristics: I was always shy and self-conscious. I was always interested in the political process. I revere the past and I’m patriotic to the core. I have never been a “joiner”, deeply disliked smoking, sentimental, methodical and logical, stubborn, argumentative…. Difficult to convince once my mind was made up; competitive, bad temper, not very adaptable (would never have made a pioneer); like lovely things and enjoy my material things. Although I enjoy both lovely art and music, I have no talents in either direction. Since I was initially raised in pipeline camps (with no other children) I learned to entertain myself and to play alone. I, therefore, do not mind solitude now. Unfortunately, I am vindictive and find it difficult to forgive anyone who has “wronged” me.

After leaving college, I went to work at a clinic in Freeport. Met Eric Penney, who was working in Houston and attending Optometry school there. We married on March 16, 1956 in Abilene, Texas. 

Following our marriage, we lived in Houston, TX. I worked as cancer research chemist at M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston. That job ended when Eric took a job in Columbus, GA, examining eyes at Ft Bennng. After about six months, we moved to Atlanta so that Eric could get some experience in a commercial office doing eye examinations. Then moved to Thomasville, Georgia where Eric had an office. Our daughter, Erin Diane Penney, was born there. When she was about six months old, Eric had an opportunity to work in a “new” field: contact lenses. We moved to Savannah, Georgia. Michael Rathjen Penney was born there. When Michael was two months old, Eric was offered the position of Director of Contact Lenses with Texas State Optical in Beaumont, Texas. In 1960, we began having marriage difficulties (I learned he was unfaithful) and over the next few years, we separated several times. My parents were adamantly opposed to divorce, however, so I didn’t seek a divorce. I did return to business college and brushed up on my office skills. I went to work for a law firm as a legal secretary. My mother died in 1965 and I realized that the barrier to divorce was gone. I typed and had filed my divorce petition for a total cost of $15.00. Eric and I separated and we were officially divorced on September 22, 1967. I was working at that time for United Gas as the Executive Secretary for the President of the company. 

I met Perry McFaddin III, a rancher, following my divorce and married him on February 16, 1968 in Beaumont, Texas by Judge Wallace A. McCasland. Attendants were: Frank Hardcastle and Mamie White Edson. Perry was the son of W.P.H. McFaddin, Jr. He managed the huge McFaddin Ranch in south Jefferson County. 

The family sold the McFaddin Ranch in 1969 and Perry, Shirla and children moved to Perry’s ranch in Fulton Co., Arkansas. They built a new home on the ranch, called “Trail’s End”. Perry became ill with high cholesterol and developed stomach cancer. He took his own life on June 17, 1971. He was buried in the family plot in Beaumont, Texas. Shirla and children remained at “Trail’s End” on the ranch. Shirla’s father lived behind the house in a mobile home. She was the Executrix of Perry’s estate and traveled constantly back and forth to Beaumont on estate business. 

10a – ERIN DIANE PENNEY, born 12 June 1958 in Thomasville, GA. 
Erin is 5’8”, has light red hair and hazel eyes. 
Erin Penney, 1960 Erin, 1962

She has an extremely high IQ and is musically inclined, playing the organ and guitar when in her teens and 20s. Sadly, in her teens she developed a drug problem and had to spend a year at Teen Challenge in Indianapolis, In. This caused her to develop a mental problem and she struggled with that for several years. She regained control of herself with the help of the Lord and attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. She graduated from college in May of 1994. 
She met Jeff Wooden in college and they were married July 1, 1994. They continue to live in Springfield. She is employed at the Assembly of God Headquarters. Jeff was a pastor at a small church for awhile but presently works as a computer tech for Central Bible 

10b MICHAEL RATHJEN PENNEY, was born 10 October 1959 in Savannah, Georgia. Michael has brown hair, brown eyes and infectious laugh! 

He was in Indian Guides in Beaumont, TX. Attended first couple of years of elementary school in Beaumont. When we moved to ranch in Arkansas in 1969, he was fascinated by the streams, forests and ROCKS. In 1971, joined the Boy Scouts in Mammoth Spring. He played on the 7th grade basketball team in Mammoth Spring. When his mother remarried after death of his step-father (1971), the family moved to Dexter, MO. (1973) He entered 8th grade in Dexter and played on the basketball team. When he reached high school, he played football (tight end), basketball (center) and track (discus). In his senior year, the underclassmen voted him as the most liked. In 1978, he graduated from Dexter High School. He attended Southeast Missouri University at Cape Girardeau, MO and graduated in 1983 with a BS in psychology-chemistry. While attending college, he served as manager of some apartment bldgs owned by his brother, Bill. Mike entered Optometry school, University of Missouri- St Louis in September of 1983. He entered gradate school following jaw surgery in August to repair fracture he’d rec’d while playing football. He entered school with his mouth wired shut. In May of 1987, Mike rec’d his Doctorate in Optometry from University of Missouri-St Louis. On July 25, 1987 Mike married Leslie Braun of St Louis. In 1987, Mike bought an optometric practice in Poplar Bluff and began his practice of optometry. Mike’s wife was unhappy being away from St Louis and they separated in early 1988. They were divorced in early 1989. In 1990 Mike married a 2nd time to Karen Lingerfelt House. Karen was born and raised in Nashville, Tenn and was working in public relations in Poplar Bluff. 

Mike is active in community affairs, a member of Rotary, on the Butler County Airport Board, past President of the Missouri Optometric Association. He is a caring individual, an outstanding athlete and devoted to his family. Mike has a witty personality, is dependable and is a dedicated conservationist. Hobbies: paintball competition, scuba diving, model train lay-outs, military history. He has bought several WWII army vehicles and had them restored. 

He has coached his son and daughter’s soccer teams as well as basketball teams. At present, he enjoys flying in his airplane every chance he gets. In 1999, the Penneys moved into their new home on the outskirts of Poplar Bluff.

In 2004, Mike finished building his new office building and has moved his practice into it. 

For a number of years, Mike was a member of V.O.S.H. (Volunteer Optometric Services for Humanity) and has traveled to several third world countries to examine eyes of impoverished people and dispense eye glasses. Countries visited are: Guatemala, Africa, Nepal, Santa Domingo, Bolivia. 

11A – MICHAEL RATHJEN PENNEY, JR., b. November 29, 1991 in Poplar Bluff, MO.

Michael is a very athletic young man and plays football, wrestles, a paintball enthusiast and outstanding student. Plays the piano very well. 

11B – CAROLINE ELISE PENNEY, b. January 19, 1994, in Poplar Bluff, MO. 

I met Perry McFaddin III, a rancher, following my divorce and married him on February 16, 1968 in Beaumont, Texas by Judge Wallace A. McCasland. Attendants were: Frank Hardcastle and Mamie White Edson. Perry was the son of W.P.H. McFaddin, Jr. He worked at the huge McFaddin Ranch in south Jefferson County. 

The family sold the McFaddin Ranch in 1969 and Perry, Shirla and children moved to Perry’s ranch in Fulton Co., Arkansas. They built a new home on the ranch, called “Trail’s End”. Perry became ill with high cholesterol and developed stomach cancer. He took his own life on June 17, 1971. He was buried in the family plot in Beaumont, Texas. Shirla and children remained at “Trail’s End” on the ranch. Shirla’s father lived behind the house in a mobile home. She was the Executrix of Perry’s estate and traveled constantly back and forth to Beaumont on estate business. 

10a – WILLIAM PERRY HERRING (BILL) McFADDIN IV, b. Nov 27, 1968 in Beaumont, Texas. 

When Bill was nine months old, the large McFaddin Ranch in Jefferson County, TX was sold. Perry chose to move his family to ranch in Arkansas instead of the large ranch in Knox County, Tx. We built a home in Fulton Co on the ranch, called “Trail’s End”.

Bill was 2 1/2 when his father died. He, of course, continued living with mother and brother and sister at Trail’s End. When he was about 3 ½, he started talking about an imaginary male friend… “Jim”, which seemed to be a super hero. Concerned, I took him to the doctor and talked to him about it. The doctor said it was not unusual for this to happen when a child lost a father early in his/her life. “Jim” would disappear in time and most certainly would disappear if I remarried. I was also consulting doctors concerning Bill’s ‘wandering eyes’ but was told by several doctors that there was nothing that could be done to correct the condition. 

After I decided to re-marry, we built and moved into another home on the outskirts of Dexter, MO. 

When Bill entered junior high school and high school, his wandering eyes became a major problem for him, particularly in PE. While his IQ was very high, he began to get “fs” in PE because he refused to go to class. School counselors refused to accept doctors’ evaluations that he was handicapped due to his eyes and should be excused from PE…. Perhaps to lift weights instead of being required to play ball. The upshot was he quit school when he turned 18 yrs old, rather than repeat his senior year.

What followed was a classic example of what happens when someone inherits money too early. When he turned 18, he rec’d control of his inheritance from his father and grandfather. Despite being counseled for years prior to this date, he began to get into trouble… drinking, drugs and blew money casually. When he got too many DWI’s in MO, he bought a lake house in Arkansas and moved there. He allowed his girl friend, Lori Spurgeon, to move in with him. In 1990, she gave birth to W.P.H. MCFADDIN V(p.j.) IN West Plains, MO. She broke up with Bill in 1992 after they’d moved back to MO. 

Bill lived for awhile in Dexter, Mo but moved back to Arkansas in 1996. In 1997, he allowed Jennifer Williams to move in with him. He traded his lake house for some land on the Spring River and began building a large log home on the banks of the river. Jennifer became pregnant and they married in February 1998. Their son, Cody Alexander, was born in September 1998 and they moved into the new home in October 1998.

Bill and Jennifer began having problems in their marriage early. However, they finally separated early 2004 and were divorced in September 2004. The log house was put up for sale and he returned to Dexter to live. He is currently involved in real estate investments and other investments

11A – WILLIAM PERRY HERRING MCFADDIN V, (P.J.), born October 24, 1990 in West Plains, MO. Son of Lori Spurgeon.

P.J. lived with his parents for about a year and ahalf in Arkansas in the house on the lake. He started walking very early (9 months) When Bill and Lori became concerned about him being so near a lake, they decided to move back to Dexter into an apartment bldg that Bill owned there. 

When P.J. was two, Bill and Lori separated. From that time to the present, Lori has lived here and yon and P.J. has unfortunately not had a very happy childhood. Bill has paid child support faithfully but could not, of course, protect him from any undesirables that might be around. P.J. is very intelligent, talented with art, loves to read, is interested in the guitar and like his dad, loves all that is electronic. 

11B – CODY ALEXANDER MCFADDIN, b. 18 September 1998 in Batesville, Arkansas. 

In early 1973, I went with some nearby ranching friends, the Garrens, to a cattlemen’s convention at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. While at the convention, I was introduced to State Representative Jerry Howard. He began to call me and drive down to Arkansas almost each week-end to see me. Our interests, our likes and dislikes were the same. More importantly, to me, he made me laugh and it had been a very long time since I felt moved to laughter and silly nonsense! In June, I rented the beach house in Jefferson County again for three weeks. Jerry joined us for the final week and while there, he proposed. I accepted and we decided to be married in July. We married on July 14, 1973 at the United Methodist Church in Thayer, MO. We spent the next month at Trail’s End while we looked for property in Missouri. We needED room for the children’s horses and dogs, so we bought a small farm on the outskirts of Dexter, MO. Erin and Mike entered Dexter public schools. Bill attended preschool and then kindergarten We began construction of our new home while we lived in a mobile home on the property. In January 1974, we moved into “SUNNY HILL FARM” home. In the meantime, daddy had moved his mobile home from Arkansas to Missouri and had it located on farm, too. 

In 1976, Jerry ran for re-election but was defeated. In 1977, we bought a few quarterhorses and gradually began raising race horses. We built a large horse barn on the farm. In 1974 (November) daddy died from heart complications. Erin was sent to Teen Challenge in 1975. Mike was participating in all kinds of sports so we stayed extremely busy. In 1987, Jerry was re-elected to the House of Representatives in a Special Election. Mike was buying an optometric practice in Poplar Bluff. Erin was in Michigan at another Teen Challenge facility. She moved in 1988 to Springfield, MO and entered Central Bible College there.

In 1990, Jerry was re-elected to his House seat but then ran for State Senator in a special election and won. 
Registered quarter horses were still being raised at Sunny Hill Farm but were gradually being phased out. 

Jerry talking about his “No Call” bill passed
By Missouri Legislature in 2000.

Jerry left the Senate in 2001 and although supposedly retired, remains very busy with farming, raising livestock and publishing a directory covering 19 counties of SE Missouri. I have been in ill health for a number of years and remain at home a great deal. I continue to work on genealogy. 

8G – OVELLA MAY NOLAND, b. 16 May 1915, Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. She died 2 August 1918, in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama, of colitis.

8H – HAROLD BURTON (MUTT) NOLAND, b. 10 Aug 1919, Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. Harold Burton Noland had red hair and blue eyes and no dimple. He attended the University of Alabama and majored in chemistry. He learned to fly while in college. Mutt had a photographic memory that was amazing. After college, he became a career air force officer because he loved flying so much. During WWII he trained fighter pilots at Victoria, Texas. After WWII, he was sent to Germany to assist during the Berlin Airlift. Mutt was killed in an airplane crash when an overloaded transport crashed on take-off in Germany. He is buried in Gordo, Alabama next to his parents. He was killed 30 June 1948. His close friend was the pilot of the “Enola Gay” plane that dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima. The pilot had requested Mutt to be his co-pilot but when told it was probably a suicide mission, Mutt declined because of his young family. Mutt, Nita and mother and I were traveling to Alabama when the bomb was dropped. When the announcement came over the radio and the pilot’s name was given…. Mutt had to stop the car he was so unnerved and shaking. That was the first time he knew what the actual mission was to have been. He said over and over, he was thankful he had declined since he couldn’t live with himself if he’d killed that many people and maimed so many more! 
Harold Burton “Mutt” married Juanita Jones, who died 12 Aug 1978 in New Mexico.

9A Rebecca Elizabeth Noland, b. October 27, 1944. Following the death of her father, Harold Burton “Mutt” Noland, in Germany, her mother took Rebecca and Fran to live with her mother in Sherman, Texas. Her mother, Nita, remarried later to a Spaniard/Mexican from New Mexico and they moved there taking her two daughters. Her mother had other children with the Mexican. Beckie said they (she and Fran) always felt like outsiders because they did not resemble the half-siblings. When she reached her teens, she became rebellious and was eventually sent to live with her aunt in Idaho. After a few years, she married David Morton, a geologist from Portland, Oregon. They lived for a number of years in Houston, Texas while David worked for the oil companies there. However, when the oil crash came in the late 80s, he lost his job and they returned to Portland, Oregon. Beckie and David divorced in 1997. In Oregon, she worked in the public school system as a teacher in a special education classroom. A couple of years following the divorce, Beckie and Kim moved to Alaska where Beckie took a teaching job. 

10a MELODY ANN MORTON, b. July 12, 1978. This child died in her crib when her head became wedged between the bars.

10B. MICHAEL GEORGE MORTON, b. March 2, 1981. In high school, Michael played on basketball team and was on golfing varsity team. In 1995, he won the pacific nw title (for Oregon, WA, Idaho and Montana). He participated in the first Golf tournament in Florida. He loves fly fishing on Mt Hood. Michael developed a drug problem and was in rehab a long time. He presently lives in Winter Park, Colorado and works around the ski resorts.

10C – KIMBERLY LYNETTE MORTON, b. June 27, 1982. In 1995, had a TB horse and was into English riding. She was involved in 4H in school and played soccer as a defender/goalie. Kim loves to ski in the winter in downhill competition. She is presently living in Alaska with her mother and attending college.

9b. FRANCES ANN NOLAND, was born in October 19, 1946 in Sherman, Texas. She married Maurice Ringler.
Fran left home early and went with her boyfriend’s parents to Colorado. She married her boyfriend while 
young but after a number of years, they were divorced. She then moved to Winter Park, CO and became a ski instructor. For a period of time, she was co-owner of a ski lodge there but sold it to her daughter and son-in-law in 1991. Fran has reddish hair and blue eyes. Fran was a ski instructor during the winter months. During the summer months, she and her friend Jim Brenner, would go to Padre Island, Texas and teach wind surfing. Then they would travel to Oregon where they would test new prototypes of wind surfing boards. Then back to Winter Park for the winter skiing season. Fran and Jim retired from ski instruction and moved to Maui, Hawaii where they live on her daughter’s estate there.

10a – CANDACE SHIREE “CANDY” RINGLER, b. November 24, 1963. She grew up in the Denver/Winter Park area. Candace attended San Diego State University, majoring in business. In 1991, She married 1st to Ewald Zirbisegger, an ex-Olympic Austrian ski racer from Austria. They were married at the top of the Mary June Trail at Winter Park, Colorado. They ran for a time a ski resort/bed and breakfast in Winter Park CO, called “Chalet Zirbisegger”. Due to Ewald being gone a great deal in skiing competition, they were divorced and the ski resort sold. Candace married, in 1995, to Paul Bambei and they live in Castle Rock, CO. Candace has reddish hair and blue eyes 

11A – Alexandra Grace Bambei, b. February 17, 1996

11B - Jackson Dunbar Bambei, b. July 12, 1997

8I – GERALD HERSCHEL NOLAND, b. February 14, 1922 in Gordo, Alabama. Nicknamed “Jeff” by his father and used that name the rest of his life. Jeff left home when he was sixteen years old and joined the Marine Corps. He was a marine pilot. He married Louise Frye on August 19, 1941, in Camp Springs, Maryland. During WWII, he flew supplies over the “Hump” into China to the Flying Tigers fighting the Japs. During the Korean War, he flew hospital planes, taking the wounded back to California from Korea. He was saddened when he was unable to fly the marine fighter planes but when he was over water in one of the smaller craft, he couldn’t tell which way was up and which way was down. In the larger transports, he did just fine. Jeff and his family lived the majority of their married life in Costa Mesa, California near El Torro Marine Base. He retired from the Corps when he was 36, attended college and got a degree in engineering. While attending college, he worked as “Riverboat Captain” at Disney Land. After getting his degree he worked as a city engineer until he retired the second time. Jeff and his wife, Louise, loved to travel and to take cruises in particular. Jeff was stricken with cancer which went into remission for awhile. Some years later, he died of a massive heart attack following surgery to remove the cancer. Date of death: May 15, 1991. Jeff had a delightful sense of humor and could tell jokes and stories better than anyone I have ever known. According to his siblings, Jeff was the most stubborn and determined individual they’d ever known.

9a – GERALD HERSCHEL NOLAND, JR, b. October 20, 1942 in Fayette, Alabama. His nickname is “Jerry”. 

Jerry Noland served in the marines. He married (1st) to Sharon Mikols February 1968 in Anaheim, California. After his service, he opened a store near San Francisco in which he and wife, Sharon, designed their own beautiful fabrics and had a decorating business. They had two children. He then got into hang gliding and while teaching the sport, met his second wife. Jerry and Sharon divorced and he then married (2nd) Peggy Edelhoff on January 11, 1986 in Annapolis, Maryland. Peggy is a cardiologist. They had two daughters. In 1989, when the earthquake hit that region, their home was destroyed. Peggy was terrified following that experience and shortly thereafter she took the children and returned to Maryland where her parents lived. Jerry went, too, but they soon divorced and he returned to California. Jerry is now in the computer field.

10a Astra Rhiannon Mikols Noland, b. June 14, 1978

10B Cayce Ryan Noland, b. June 25, 1981

10c – Aryel Elizabeth Noland, b. December 19, 1986

10d – Maryah Noland, b. July 11, 1990

9b – JAY STEVEN NOLAND B. October 16, 1949 in Cherry Point, NC. 

Steve in high school

Steve served in the Navy for several years. In November 3, 1973, he married (1) to Sarah Benson in Costa Mesa, CA. They lived in California for awhile. They had one son, Jamie Thatcher Noland, b. March 28, 1977. Steve moved his family to Boulder, CO where he went to work in telecommunications. Steve and Sara were divorced 1991..

10a –(child of Sara) JAMIE THATCHER NOLAND, b. March 28, 1977.

Steve Noland married (2) to Betsy Davis on May 24, 1991 in Colorado. They lived in Ft. Collins, CO

10B – (child of Betsy) Samantha Louise Noland, b. August 1991.

1927 – last time all the Tom Noland family were together for a picture.

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