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The Nettles Family

of Wilcox County, AL

Bobbye C. Winston

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The Zack Nettles Family of Wilcox County in 1901


George Nettles born about 1780 in South Carolina and married Mary Cree. in Darlington District, South Carolina. 
They are shown in the 1850 Wilcox Co., AL Census 3 December 1850; Pg 403B; Dwlg 873-Farm 873
George Nettles 70 M South Carolina
Mary 67 F South Carolina
Mary 27 F South Carolina
William 24 M Farmer South Carolina

Their children were:

1. Samuel Henry Nettles, born Dec. 7, 1800 and died June 12, 1854. He married Martha Mary Owen.

2. Elizabeth Nettles. Married Edmond M. Parker.

3. James Cree Nettles married Susanna Whaley

4. George Washington Nettles born 1825 in Darlington District, SC. Married Helen Mar Sadler

5. Sylvester J. Nettles Born 1815 in Darlington Co. SC.  Died after 1880.  Married Anna Margaret Packer in Wilcox Co. AL on Nov. 25, 1838. 

6. Mary Nettles

7. William J. Nettles

Descendants of
Sylvester J Nettles and Anna Margaret Packer

1. Sylvester J Nettles, born 1815 in Darlington Co., South Carolina; died aft 1880, son of George Nettles and Mary Cree. He married on 25 Nov 1838 in Wilcox Co., Alabama to Anna Margaret Packer, born 1823 in Alabama; died aft 1880.

Notes for Sylvester J Nettles
MARRIAGE: LDS International Genealogical Index v.5.0; Source: Batch #M593471, Dates 1820-1866; Source Call No: 1290214 Film -
Silvester J. Nettles mar Margaret Packer 25 Nov 1838 in Wilcox Co., Alabama

CENSUS: 1840 Wilcox Co., Alabama; Twp not stated; (A.C. Image 5 of 72) -
S. J. Nettles 0-0-0-0-1 // 0-0-0-1
Males - age 20-30 = 1 [Sylvester J. Nettles]
Females 15-20 = 1 [Anna Margaret Packer]

CENSUS: 1850 Caddo Parish, Louisiana, Albany and Isles Beat, 14 & 25 Nov. 1850; Pg 361B; ( image 6 of 14); Dwlg 99 - Fam 100 -
James Cree 64 M Farmer South Carolina
Thomas M. 22 M Farmer South Carolina
Salvester J. Knettles Unknown M Farmer South Carolina [s/b Nettles]
A. M. Knettles 22 F South Carolina
Robt H. Knettles 2 M Alabama
Louis R. Cree 26 M Alabama

CENSUS: 1860 Caddo Parish, Louisiana; Ward #7; 20 June 1860; Page 13 & 14; ( Image 13 & 14); Dwlg 91 - Fam 91 -
S. J. Nettles 45 M Farmer 400 500 South Carolina married 1838
A. M. Nettles 35 F Alabama
Robert Nettles 11 M Alabama
James Nettles 9 M Alabama [Note: James apparently b. in Louisiana since family was living in Caddo Parish, LA on 1850 Census]

CENSUS: 1870 Caddo Parish, Louisiana; Ward 1; P. O. Shreveport; 7 June 1870 Pg 31; ( Image 31 of 68); Dwlg 226 - Fam 226 -
Nettles, S. J. 56 M W Farmer 250 200 South Carolina
, Ann M. 47 F W Keeping house Alabama

CENSUS: 1880 Caddo Parish, Louisiana; Ward 3; 1 June 1880; ED 14 Pg 2/187B; ( Image 2 of 55); Dwlg 12 - Fam 12 -
Nettles, S. J. W M 65 Farmer South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
, Anna M. W F 57 Keeping house Alabama South Carolina South Carolina

NAME COMMENT: In an article submitted by Janie Nettles Lavender and printed on page 144 of “The Heritage of Monroe County, Alabama; pub by: Heritage Publishing Consultants, Inc., P. O. Box 67, Clanton, AL 35046; copyright 2004,” the name is listed as Sylvester L. Nettles. However, the above referenced sources indicate the name to be Sylvester J. Nettles.

Children of Sylvester J Nettles and Anna Margaret Packer were as follows:
2 Robert H Nettles, born 1848 in Alabama.
3  James Nettles, born 1851 in Caddo, Louisiana.

Compiled by: Ernest D. Rayburn

Date: 14 March 2006


U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > Louisiana > Caddo > 3rd Ward > District 14
S.J. NETTLES Self Male W 65 SC Farmer SC SC
 Anna M. NETTLES Wife M Female W 50 AL Keeping House SC SC


The following was written by Dave Rayburn:

COMMENT ON PLACE OF BIRTH: Various sources indicate that the early Nettles families in South Carolina lived in Darlington District.  More specific references, notably Annie Laura Nettles Andress's book "Family of George Calvin Nettles and Mary Jane Finklea," state that Samuel Henry Nettles was born in Darlington District, though without any documentation of that statement.

The known children of George Nettles and Mary Cree were born between 1800 and 1826, although no specific date of birth has ever been determined for daughter Elizabeth Nettles who married Edmond Packer.  Of those known children who have been located on the 1850 U. S. Census only James Cree Nettles has a place of birth that is more specific than simply the state of South Carolina.  His census entry indicates that he was born in St. James Goose Creek which was located in Charleston County, South Carolina.

George Nettles and his family have been identified with virtual certainty and found on the 1800 census living in St. James, Charleston County, South Carolina.  On the 1810 and 1820 census they were living in St. James Goose Creek, Charleston County, South Carolina.  Similarly, in 1830 a George Nettles family was still living in that same location.  While that family does not exactly fit what is known of George Nettles's family at that time he has not been located elsewhere and it is assumed that that George Nettles is #163 George Nettles.

In 1800 there was a St. James Santee Parish and a St. James Goose Creek Parish, both in Charleston County.  St. James Santee was located immediately south of Georgetown District, whereas St. James Goose Creek was located farther south.  The 1800 census as indexed appears to make a distinction between the townships of St. James, Goose Creek and St. James Goose Creek – as well as St. James Santee.

A review of the 1800 census returns for Charleston County reveals that the enumeration for St. James Santee is on pages 48-52, St. James on pages 64-66, St. James Goose Creek on pages 60, 62 and 63, and Goose Creek on pages 61 and 62.  It would appear that those designations were simply based on what the enumerator wrote on the page of the return, and that in fact, pages 60-66 are the returns for the Parish of St. James Goose Creek.  George Nettles appeared on page 64, squarely within that area.

Therefore it seems quite certain that George Nettles and his family were living in the Parish of St. James Goose Creek, Charleston County, South Carolina from at least 1800 until they moved to Alabama in the early 1830's, and that is where all his children were born.

The references to the family being from Darlington District of South Carolina may be accurate in that at the very early period of settlement in South Carolina Darlington District referred to the area also known as Cheraw's District which encompassed much of the area from the North Carolina line to South of Georgetown including St. James Santee.  The family may have originally settled in that area, but by 1800 they were clearly living in the Parish of St. James Goose Creek near Charleston.

Dave Rayburn


Samuel Henry Nettles was born Dec. 7, 1800 and died June 12, 1854. He married Martha Mary Owen. In the July 7, 1854 issue of the South Western Baptist newspaper, we find the following obituary: "Died at his residence in Germany, Monroe County, Alabama, Samuel H. Nettles, Deacon of Concord Baptist Church, June 12, 1854, after a painful illness of eight days of bloody flux. Brother Nettles was a native of South Carolina and was born December 7, 1800, being at the time of his death fifty-three years, seven months, five days old. Brother Nettles professed religion and with his excellent wife, Martha M. Nettles, was baptized into the fellowship of the Gravel Creek Church, Wilcox County, in the fall of 1835. In the course of a year or two he removed from the neighborhood of Gravel Creek to Allenton in the same county (Wilcox), He subsequently moved to Dallas County, and was a member of the County Line Church. About nine years ago he settled at the place of his residence."

Martha Mary Owen Nettles, born May 9, 1812 in Charleston District, South Carolina, died at Buena Vista, Monroe County, AL, May 26, 1885. Her obituary states that: "She had lived to raise a large family and was a woman noted for her motherly kindness and goodness of heart. Her spirit has winged its way to ethereal heights where sorrow and death are no more." Samuel Henry Nettles was born in Darlington District, SC. Both are buried in Buena Vista Cemetery. 

Samuel Henry's parents were George and Mary Cree Nettles and they came to Alabama about 1830.

*Research on family of Samuel Henry Nettles done by:
Dr. James Dennis Nettles
Janie Nettles Lavender
Sources: Census Records; Nealie Hasseltine Nettles Stallworth; Annie Laura Nettles Andress; Mildred Shires, War Records; Dennis Forte; Personal knowledge handed down by Samuel Cornelius Nettles, Sr.; Marriages and Death Notices from the South Western Baptist Newspaper

Confederate Military Record of George Washington Nettles



George Washington Nettles was born 1825 in Darlington District, South Carolina. He died Dec. 1868 and is buried in an unmarked grave in Capell Cemetery. He married Hellen Mary Sadler, born ca. 1836 in Alabama, the daughter of Albert and Mary Sadler. Hellen Mary Sadler died June 12, 1913 and is buried in an unmarked grave in Capell Cemetery. Their children were:

1. Mary Hellen Nettles born Nov. 7, 1850 and died Oct. 1, 1864. Not married. 

2 .George Washington Nettles, born July 7, 1852. Not married.

3. Anice T. Nettles, born March 22, 1854 and died Sept. 28, 1854. 

4. Albert Monroe Nettles, born Jan. 19, 1856 and died in 1926. Married Lyda Waites. 

5. Josephine Virginia Nettles, born Sept. 14, 1857 and died Nov. 9, 1943. Married James T. Carter. 

Josephine Virginia Nettles

6. Martha Amanda  (Matt) Nettles, born April 28, 1859 and died March 30, 1938. Married John Eades Pharr on Dec. 31, 1878. 
7.Emily L. Nettles, born April 28, 1860 and died Jan. 24, 1863. Unmarried. 

8. Thomas W. Nettles, born March 24, 1864 and died Nov. 9, 1871. Unmarried. 

9. Zack George Nettles, born Nov. 17, 1866 and died Jan. 17, 1941. Married Rubye Sue Henderson. Buried at Capell Cemetery.                 

Zach George Nettles with wife, Ruby Sue Henderson, in 1901 Ruby Nettles

10. Millie D. Nettles, born Feb. 26, 1869 and died Nov. 14, 1954. Married James Columbus McIntosh. (For diary kept by Millie D. Nettles McIntosh 1928 - 1931 click HERE)

Minnie D. Nettles with turkey wing  fan


Samuel Henry's and Martha Mary's first two children were born in South Carolina. The other children were born in Alabama. Children born to Samuel Henry and Martha Nettles were:
1. Thomas Henry Nettles, who married Judah A. Rikard . Thomas Henry was in Co. G36 Alabama Regiment and died of starvation in Camp Chase, Ohio.
2. Celia Ann Caroline Nettles, born April 3, 1832 and died Feb. 14, 1906. She married (1) Enos Finklea, (2) James C. Slade and (3) William H. “Bill” Martin. She is buried in Decker Cemetery in Nolan County, TX. She is buried there along with her daughter, Caroline Henrietta “Carrie” and a grandson. 
3. Rosaline V. Nettles, who marriedWilliam Snell 
4. George Calvin Nettles married Mary Jane Finklea, widow of Willis Finklea
5. Mary Jane Nettles married James Blair Huggins. They had 3 boys: William Cooper Huggins married Sarah Courtney; James Walter Huggins married Mary Sophia Drummond and Robert Huggins who married Anna Morton.
6. Jesse Sylvester Nettles married Lucy Wagner 
7. Geraldine Nettles married an Owens; 
8. Samuel D. Nettles 
9. Lydia Belison married John James Finklea
10. Laura Annie Nettles married (1) Henry Burton Finklea and (2) Oliver J. Burson.
11. Jordan W. Nettles

Three of the sons served in the War Between the States. Thomas Henry Nettles starved to death in prison at Camp Chase, Ohio. Jesse Nettles was never well after he came home, and George Calvin Nettles was wounded in the Battle of Manassas, Virginia, but survived to raise a large family. The bullet from his arm is in the possession of one of his many descendants.

George Calvin's wife first married Willis Finklea. Their little girl died at age three weeks. Their son, James Thomas, married Ida Finklea, daughter of Lydia Belison Nettles and John James Finklea. Willis died of a fever at Point Clear, Alabama while serving in the Confederate Army.

George Calvin Nettles, born Dec. 26, 1833, Black’s Bend Wilcox Co., AL and Mrs. Mary Jane Finklea, born Nov. 25, 1840 near Georgiana, AL Butler Co. were married Nov. 8, 1865, near Camden, Wilcox Co. AL by Rev. John P. Cree. Their children were Lula Adelle Nettles married William Jacob Rikard; Ella Mae Nettles married Henry Christian Rikard; Jennie Nettles married John Robert Maxwell; George Calvin, Jr. married Florenoer Whisenhunt; Annie Laura Nettles married Stephen Decatur Andress; Martha Berneata Nettles married D.C. Burson, D.D.S.; Josephine Nettles married (1)Joseph Jackson McCreary, (2) Clarence Arthur Stallworth; and Nealie Hasseltine Nettles married Thomas Nettles Stallworth.

George Calvin Nettles died March 5, 1914 at Natchez, AL, Monroe County, and Mary Jane died Aug. 20, 1935, at Beatrice, Monroe County. Both are buried in Buena Vista Cemetery. In their daughter Nealie’s stories of her family memories, she tells of their devotion to family, church, and community. She relates how in the early spring each year her father would put a tall pole out in the yard and make a large circle around it. Strings would be attached to the top of the pole and at intervals around the circle. Some type of vine would be planted around the circle so that when the plants grew to the top of the pole they would form a shaded summer playhouse for his little girls.

Mary Jane had one of the first sewing machines in Buena Vista. After making her girls’ wardrobes for the summer from her 3 or 3 patters, she would invite, one at the time, the neighborhood ladies to come to spend the day and sew for their daughters.

Order Book 3, Pg 448 – Monroe Co., Court of Probate, Special Term, May 24, 1858
S.H.Nettles, dec’d)
Estate of ) Martha M. Nettles, admx with the will annexed, of said estate, having this day filed her application in writing & under oath, praying for an order to sell certain real estate, described in said petition, for the purpose of paying the debts due from estate, alleging that a sale of land will be more beneficial than a sale of slaves, or other personal property, and upon the ground that the will of said dec’d gives no power to see the lands of said estate, and that such a sale is not in conflict with the provisions of said will. And it appearing from an inspection of said petition, that the heirs of said dec’d are Martha M. Nettles, widow, Thomas H. Nettles, Caroline C. Finklea, wife of Enos Fiinklea, Rosaline V. Snell, wife of J. M. Snell, of full age, George C. Nettles, Mary J. Nettles, Sylvester J. Nettles, Jordan W. Nettles, Lydia B. Nettles, & Laura A. Nettles, minor heirs of said decd. It is , therefore ordered that the second Monday of July next be, & it is hereby appointed a day for hearing the sid application. It is further ordered, that due notice of this proceeding be given at least thirty days before the said day of hearing, by posting notice at the Court House door and three other public places in the County, so that all persons interested may appear & contest said application if they think proper. It is further ordered that Martha M. Nettles, Thos. H. Nettles, Enos Finklea & Caroline C. Finklea, his wife, J. M. Snell & Rosaline V. Snell, his wife, have notice of this proceeding, & of the day set for hearing the same, by Citation to be personally served on them. It is further ordered that James McColl be, & he is hereby appoint Guardian ad litem for all the above named minors, & that he have notice of said appointment.

Children of Martha “Matt” Amanda Nettles and John Eades Pharr, Sr. were:
1. George Pharr married Mary E. “Lida” Deer
2 Minnie Lee Pharr married Nick Stallworth Reaves
3 John E. Pharr, Jr. Not married.
4 Sam Zack Pharr married Sallie Rogers
5 Laddie E. Pharr married Jimmie James
6 Jerry A. Pharr married Laura Finklea Holley
7 Everett E. Pharr married Mary Williams
8 Ethel Pharr married Hunter Hall
Children of Zach George Nettles and Rubye Sue Henderson are:                                                                               

1. Evelyn Nettles, born June 16, 1890 and died Nov. 2, 1983. Married (1) James O. Bledsoe and (2) William C. Vaughan. Buried in Capell Cemetery. No children. Evelyn was a school teacher and did a lot of genealogy research during her lifetime.
2. Miller Nettles, born Nov. 22, 1892 and died July 15, 1895.
3. Julius Bragg Nettles, born July 17, 1895 and died March 12, 1963. Married Leola Hixon. Their children:

A.Clarice Nettles,  died Oct.  8, 2009. She lived in Montgomery, AL;

B. Marilyn Nettles, deceased, lived in Arlington, AL.  Married Tom Bridges. Marilyn worked as Postmistress at Arlington Post Office.  She and Tom had four girls.  They are: (1) Kathryn Elaine Bridges Friday, born April 7, 1948. Kathryn  lives in Linden and is County Extension Coordinator for Marengo County.  She has been Headmaster at Marengo Academy and served four years as Mayor of Linden. (2) Elizabeth Ann Bridges Hammond, born Oct. 12, 1950. She lives in Selma and is retired from State of Alabama Medicaid Agency. She is currently working with Healthcare Compensation Solutions as a Medicaid Eligibility Consultant. (3) Tommye Lisa Bridges Faile, born Nov. 14, 1952. She lives in Camden and works part time at a convenience store. (4) Kimberly Scott Bridges McKinley, born Oct. 24, 1961. She lives in Camden and is a legal secretary.

C.Julia Nettles, deceased, lived in Meridian, MS;

D. Wayne Nettles, deceased, lived in Georgia.

4. Dewitt Talmadge Nettles, born Jan. 19, 1898 and died Dec. 9, 1972. Wife named Frances. No children.
5. Henry Herbert Nettles, born Aug. 28, 1900 and died Sept. 3, 1990. Married Sally Waldrop. No children. Henry and Sally are buried in Green Hills Cemetery in Troy, AL. 
6. George Oliver Nettles, born Jan. 23, 1903, died Dec. 12, 1955. Wife named Aubrey. A son, George Oliver Nettles, Jr. lives in San Diego, CA. 
7. Patrick Henly Nettles, born July 4, 1905 and died Jan. 30, 2000. Married Rosa Daniels. He was a contractor and Rosa taught in the Camden schools. They had one son, Patrick Henly Nettles, Jr, Ph.D. Pat and wife, Kim, live in Washington, D.C. Pat is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ciena Corp. since May 2001. He is also Trustee for the California Institute of Technology and a member of the Advisory Board to the President of Georgia Institute of Technology.
8. Ruby Gladys Nettles, born Nov. 25, 1907. Died July 4, 1985. Married Bracy Dawson (Bill) Craft. Lived in Pickens Co., AL and buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola. They had three children: Betty Jean Craft Banks, born Sept. 14, 1933, a retired anesthetists, lives in Eutaw, AL; Bobbye Gayle Craft, born March 17, 1941, a retired State of Alabama employee, and lives in the Benevola Community in Pickens County, AL. and Carl Cole Craft, born Sept. 21, 1950, a victim of Downs Syndrome and lives in a group home in Aliceville, AL.
9. Clarice Nettles, born Oct. 29, 1911 and died Nov. 2, 1911.
10. Woodrow Winston Nettles, born April 29, 1914. Died Jan. 28, 1997. Never married. Buried at Capell Cemetery.

L-R: Evelyn Nettles Vaughn, Pat Nettles, Henry Nettles, Gladys Nettles Craft, Winston Nettles

  This home was built by Zack George Nettles for his family.