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 Reese Enoch Maughan of Camden, AL
Wilcox County, AL


                                            By Judy Falkenberry  E-Mail
                                    and Martha (Marty) Branch E-Mail       


The Maughan Home still stands near Camden, AL in an area known as Possum Bend. The former name for this area is Rock West.  It is owned by Shannon Hollinger.   Gentleman to the far right is Reese Maughan, Jr.

Reese Enoch Maughan was born ca 1810 in Virginia.  He  married Faith Johanna Brown on Sept. 12, 1833 in Habersham Co. Georgia.  She was the daughter of Mordecai Brown and Tempy Gandee.  Faith Joanna Brown Maughan was born Sept. 30, 1816 in South Carolina and died June 24, 1905 in Camden, Wilcox Co. AL. 

An obituary reads: On last Saturday, after an illness extending over many months, Mrs. Johanna Maughan, one of the oldest residents of Wilcox County, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Dunn, with whom she lived.  Mrs Maughan was nearly 89 years old and before her marriage was Johanna Brown.  She leaves a son, Mr. Reese Maughan, Jr., daughters Mesdammes Robert and William Dunn and Diademma Hare.  The interment was in Camden Cemetery on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. with the Rev. J.R.G. White of the Baptist Church officiating.  

In the Habersham DAR chapter, it notes that both Temperance Kennard and Faith Johanna Brown Maughan are granddaughters of Revolutionary War Patriot John Brown. 

Reese, Jr. and Martha Alethia Burford  Maughan Reese Maughan, Jr.'s children: L-R: Euline, Willie, Corinne and Peyton Burford Maughan(front)

Their children were:

1.unnamed daughter 

2.Isabella  (Belle) Maughan, born ca 1843 in AL.  Married Robert .E. Dunn on Jan. 9, 1866 in Camden, AL.  

3.Laura Maughan went for checkup before wedding and discovered she had tuberculosis

4.Mary Jane Maughan was born ca 1841.  She  married  (1) William B. Dunn and (2) Joseph W. Pickett (killed in Civil War in 1862).

5.Diadema Elizabeth Maughan was born June 20, 1838 and died Sept. 17, 1917 in Marion Junction, Dallas County, AL.   She married Peter Hare on Feb. 10, 1860 in Wilcox County, AL  She is buried in Camden Cemetery with no marker.  Her husband, Peter, was born June 12, 1832 in Yellow Bluff, AL and died Oct. 2, 1902 in Marion Junction, AL.  He is buried in the Camden cemetery with a gravestone establishing his service in the Civil War.  His gravestone is marked "Company C, 3 Alabama Calvary".  

6.Reese Enoch Maughan, Jr.
born: Feb. 10, 1847 in Suggsville , AL 
married: Nov. 20, 1873 in Wilcox Co, AL
died: Oct. 27, 1925 in Wilcox Co, AL His nickname was "ha ha" because of his happy disposition.
spouse: Martha Alethia Burford

a. Annie Corinne Maughan ( grandmother of Judy Faulkenberry)
born: Aug. 8, 1878 Wilcox Co.AL
married: August 5, 1902 Wilcox Co,AL
died: March 17, 1948 
spouse: Luck Jenkins Hays.  Luck Jenkins Hays was the county sheriff among other things in Wilcox County.  He was very tall at 6' 4".  They also lived next door to the Williams family whose son, Hank Williams, Sr. did fairly well in music.  

b. Willie Alice Maughan
born: Aug. 24, 1874 
married: Dec.8, 1903
died: May 3, 1964 Irvington , AL 
spouse: M.H. Walker

c. Alma Euline Maughan (grandmother of Marty Branch)
born: Nov. 11, 1880 Camden , Wilcox Co.AL
married: Nov. 9, 1904 Camden , AL 
died: Sept. 14, 1959 Mobile , AL 
spouse: Lewis Camp Walker 

d. Peyton Burford Maughan, a physician, was 
born: March 1, 1876 
died: Dec. 9, 1901 Camden, Wilcox Co, AL
(His mother sold her inheritance of 3,000 acres of land to send him
to medical school. He practiced only one year and died of a fever.) 

This is just a little bit of what I have. The old Maughan home is still standing in Wilcox County about 10 miles from where I live. We visited it last summer. It's on private property but the family let us go in. It's built high off the ground because it's close to the river. I'm sure it was beautiful in its early days.

Some marriages involve Maughans/Mahans and Browns in Haberhsam County, GA are:

Brown, Ann md. Stancil, Jesse 9/13/1838
Brown, Elizabeth md. Jones, James 12/24/1829
Brown, Frances md. Blackburn, John 11/11/1838
Brown, Joannah md. Mahan, R.E.  9/12/1833
Brown, June md. Oaburn, John   10/1/1835
Brown, Martha md. Brown, Stockley M.  8/13/1834
Brown, Martha md. Mahan, James 1/29/1834
Brown, Matilda md. Brown, Tilman 12/24/1839
Brown, Matilda md. Feraby, Elias 8/27/1839
Brown, Sarah md. Berry, George W. 4/8/1847
Brown, Tabitha md. Ritch, Archibald A. 8/28/1836
Mahan, James md. Allen, Smelley  9/24/1833
Mahan, James md. Brown, Martha 1/29/1834
Mahan, John md. Allen, Elizabeth 5/17/1825
Mahan, R. E. md. Brown, Joannah 9/12/1833
Mahan, Robert md. Allen, Susannah  5/17/1825

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