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Author: Bobbye C. Winston


For information on Albert Garlington Maughan Family see Albert Garlington Maughan For information on Reese Enoch Maughan Family see Reese Enoch Maughan
MAUGHAN  PHOTO  ALBUM pages 12, 3, 4, 5, 6

Generation 1

James Maughan Married Polly Stadler in Caswell County, North Carolina on July 29, 1809. They are believed to have resided in Anderson Township in south Caswell County. This county is located in the northernmost part of North Carolina, bordering Virginia.

I have found no document verifying that James and Polly were the parents of William G. Maughan, born in Caswell County on August 5, 1815, but they are thought to be his parents by a process of elimination. James and Polly were of the right age and were residing in Caswell County at that time. The other Maughan families were eliminated for one reason or another. There were other families of Maughans living in adjoining counties. William G. Maughan did name his first son, James, a common practice during that period to name the first son after his paternal grandfather.

Mrs. Mary McAtee, of Ogden Dunes, Indiana, a descendant of Alexander Maughan, brother of James. She sent me an article written by Oliver P. Mahan, Jr. in 1894, giving information regarding this family in North Carolina. This information was furnished him by his father, Oliver P. Mahan, Sr., son of Alexander Maughan. (Note: The name, Maughan, was changed to Mahan in 1858 when Oliver P. Mahan, Sr. was in medical school in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was having trouble with fellow students spelling and pronouncing his name correctly, so he began leaving the "UG" out of his name and the rest of the family followed suit.)

This article stated that James Maughan had two brothers, Alexander and Isaac, and a sister (name unknown) that never married. Alexander Maughan was born in Rockingham County, North Carolina but it is believed they were all reared in Caswell County, North Carolina. The old maid sister was still living in Caswell County in 1834 or 1835.

The article also said that Alexander went to the War of 1812 and was never heard from again and James and Isaac moved to Greene County, Tennessee, in an early day.

The James Maughan mentioned in this article by Mr. Mahan is believed to be the husband of Polly Stadler and the father of William G. Maughan. Alexander Maughan also had a son named William G. (G. for Gates).

                                                                             Generation 2 

The children of William G. Maughan and Mary Caroline Williams are (photos of William G. Maughan and Mary Caroline Williams Maughan below)

1. James Eli Maughan b. October 23, 1840. d. January 7, 1862. Born in Russell County, AL. He served in the Civil War in Company "B" 11th Alabama Infantry as a private. He enlisted at Eutaw, AL in Greene County on January 11, 1861. He listed his occupation as a sculptor. (On the 1860 Greene County census he listed his occupation as a stonecutter.) He died from measles on January 7, 1862, after serving less than a year. He was 21 years old and single.

2. William Walter (Billy) Maughan b. August 22, 1843. Died May 20, 1905. Born in Russell County, Alabama. Died in Pickens County, Alabama. Married Mary Matilda Rebecca (Mollie) Johnson on November 11, 1869. He joined the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Greene County. (This church was out of existence in 1870.)
In a census taken August 17, 1860, he was living in the home of Eli M. and Corrilla Hood in Mantua and working as a farm hand. At that time, Mantua was a part of Pickens County, AL.

He served in the Civil War in Company "C" 2nd Alabama Infantry.

On November 9, 1870, he moved his membership to the Unity Baptist Church in Pickens County from the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. He served Unity Baptist Church as deacon, church clerk, and the first Sunday School Superintendent.

William Walter and Mary Rebecca Maughan were faithful to the Baptist Church and instilled their beliefs in their children.

For over fifty years, the descendants of William Walter Maughan have gathered annually for a family reunion. I have had the privilege of attending several of these reunions and I must say they are a superb combination of southern hospitality and good southern cooking.

William Walter Maughan and his wife are buried at the Unity Cemetery in Pickens County. The following article was copied from the Pickens County Herald:

"Brother W. W. Maughan was born in Russell County, Alabama August 22, 1843, and died at his home eight miles southeast of Carrollton, AL, May 20, 1905.
The subject of this sketch was a faithful confederate soldier of the Civil War; belonging to Company "C" 2nd Alabama Calvary and remained in service until the close of the War, attending his country's very best interest.
November 11, 1869, Mr. Maughan was married to Miss M.M.R. Johnson who with nine children 4 boys and 5 girls survive him.
Brother Maughan's death was great shock to all of us being so sudden and unexpected to his family and entire community.
After having worked hard all day, he retired to bed the night of the 20 in May at his usual bed time and about 12 o'clock his wife discovered that he was cold in death. Brother W.W. Maughan is no more; but that which made him what he was, the soul, that is not dead, but in the beautiful home of many mansions with his dear Savior whom he loved to serve in this world.
Brother Maughan was a most faithful member of Unity Baptist Church serving in the capacity of clerk for many years. He was always found at the post of duty. I have been his pastor for several years and do not remember his ever being absent from conference. Brother Maughan looked after the very best interest of the church and always kept a splendid record of the business transaction of his church and gave perfect satisfaction to all concerned. He will be greatly missed not only by his family and church but the county has lost one of her best citizens. One by one our fathers pass away. Here and there one may be found lingering on the urge of another world to unmind us of our own venerable death. Our deceased brother was a kind and devoted husband, an affectionate father and a good neighbor. We extend to the heart-stricken wife, children and relatives our profound sympathy in this time of sad affliction and commend them to him, who alone can comfort and heal the broken hearted. Let us bear in mind and just to practice the scripture injunction. "Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh."
Yet again we hope to meet thee; When the day of life is fled, There is heaven with joy to greet thee, Where no farewell tear is shed. G.W. Kerr

3. John Fletcher Maughan b. January 27, 1846. d. August 8, 1902. Born in Macon County, AL, near Auburn (now in Lee County).

John Fletcher's parents moved briefly to Wetumpka, AL when he was very young and then moved on to Greene County, AL. A handed down family story states that when John Fletcher was 16 years old, he joined the Confederate States Army, serving for pay for another man. Little is known about this service or the name of the man for whom he served. In 1863, it was necessary for him to serve for himself. A resident of Pleasant Ridge, Alabama, in Greene County, he was enlisted by Captain David P. Scarborough on June 20, 1863, to serve as a private in Company "B", 7th Regiment Alabama Calvary. He was paid his regular pay plus $.40 per day extra for furnishing his own horse. His colonel was Joseph Hudson. His name appears on a roll of prisoners of war of Company "B", 7th Regiment Alabama Cavalry, Confederate States Army, commanded by Lt. G. M. Hubbard, surrendered at Citronelle by Lt. General R. Taylor, C.S.A. to Major General E.R.S. Canby, U.S.A. May 4, 1865, and paroled at Gainesville, Alabama May 14, 1865.

When the Civil War was over, he returned to Greene County. He was married in January 1868 to Miss Eliza Wier of Pleasant Ridge but she died in childbirth shortly after their marriage. There were no children.

On November 2, 1869, John Fletcher Maughan married Cynthia Melvina Peach, daughter of John Peach and Tamzy Caroline Gaskin of Pickens County. They were married by J. W. Hanson. They made their home in Bethany and later Benevola in Pickens County, AL.

John Fletcher joined Unity Baptist Church. His wife was also a member, joining October 25, 1872 and was baptized October 27, 1872 in the Bonner Mill Pond.

John Fletcher was a farmer and for extra money he made syrup for people, furnishing his own syrup mill. He was paid a percentage of the syrup that he made. He brought this syrup home and stored it in large five and ten gallon wooden kegs and sold it throughout the year.

A photograph of John Fletcher shows him to be a tall, slender, handsome man and appears to have dark hair and a dark complexion.

He died on August 8, 1902 at age 56, a possible victim of diabetes.

On June 3, 1907, Cynthia Melvina (Mell) applied for a pension from her husband's Civil War service. At that time she owned 65 acres of land valued at $130.00 and one cow valued at $10.00 for a total value of $140.00. The application was approved.

In July 1923, she was living in the home with her son, Robert Evalcus (Val) Maughan. In October 1924, her health declining, she went to live temporarily with her daughter, Lucy Graves, in Birmingham. She was suffering with rheumatism. She returned to Benevola and on December 12, 1926, at 5:00 a.m. she died. She was 77 years old. Her death certificate states cause of death as rheumatism and age. 

John Fletcher Maughan Cynthia Melvina Peach Maughan

4. Asbury Capus Maughan b. August 1, 1848. Died ca. 1904. He was married to Miss Mary Ann Johnson ca. 1870 while he was living in Greene County, AL. Mary Ann Maughan died shortly after the birth of her first child. Kittie Hollingsworth, sister of Asbury Capus, and his mother, Mary Caroline Maughan, took the baby, Nancy Caroline Elizabeth (Carrie) and reared her. 

Asbury Capus left Alabama shortly after the birth of Carrie and moved to Panola County, MS, located in the north central part of the State. There he met and married Miss Tennessee Ferrell.

5. Mary Ann Elizabeth Maughan b. September 14, 1850. d. October 25, 1851.

6. Martha Caroline Elizabeth (Kittie) Maughan b. September 18, 1852 in Greene County, AL. Died June 2, 1935 in Aliceville, AL from colitis. She married John Newton Hollingsworth in Greene County on November 4, 1869 at the home of her mother.

Although Kittie had a large family of children, she accepted the infant daughter of her brother, Asbury Capus, into her home when the child's mother died and helped rear her with the help of her mother.

The 1880 Greene County census shows her mother, Mary Caroline Maughan, living in her home. She was caring for her mother in her last years.

Kittie and John Newton Hollingsworth are buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Greene Co., AL.

7. Robert Rhese Eugene (Bob) Maughan Born December 12, 1854. Died August 1909 in Columbus, MS where he made his home. Buried in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, AL., in an unmarked grave. He married Wilburnia Pickens (Willie) Peach, daughter of John Peach and Tamzy Caroline Gaskin Peach and sister of Cynthia Melvina Peach, wife of John Fletcher Maughan. 

8. George Wesley Maughan b. May 27, 1857. d. July 16, 1858.

9. Salome Williams Maughan b. August 7, 1860. d. September 21, 1864.

10. Erastus Johnson Maughan b. May 22, 1863. d. August 26, 1868.

Generation 3

The children of William Walter Maughan and Mary Matila Rebecca Johnson are:

1. Mattie Salome Maughan b. January 26, 1871. d. September 24, 1952. m. Robert Edward (Bob) Colvin on January 26, 1899. Lived in Aliceville, AL. Buried at Unity Cemetery in Pickens County.

2. Samuel Erastus Maughan b. December 30, 1872. Died January 16, 1964. Buried at Unity Cemetery in Pickens County, AL. Married Lillie B. Phillips.

3. James Gilbert (Jim) Maughan b. March 3, 1874. Died 1948. Married Zoda Hildreth on April 23, 1903. Buried at Unity Cemetery in Pickens County.

4. Robert Wesley (Tense) Maughan b. September 5, 1875. d. July 1, 1962. Married Effie Lee Noland on April 2, 1901. Buried at Salem Cemetery in Pickens County.

5. Matthew Kirk (Dumps) Maughan b. May 6, 1877. Died October 23, 1937. Married Rosa Noland (sister of Lee Noland, wife of Robert Wesley (Tense) Maughan). Buried at Salem Cemetery in Pickens County.

6. Lillie Florence Maughan b. August 26, 1879. d. October 22, 1945. Married William Joiner. Buried at Tuscaloosa Memorial Park.

7. Mammie Maughan b. July 26, 1881. d. October 12, 1961. Married Andrew Columbus Lancaster. Buried at Tuscaloosa Memorial Park.

8. Minnie Lee Maughan b. July 3, 1883. Not married.

9. Mary Estelle Maughan b. January 26, 1885. d. February 2, 1951. Married Joe Cameron. Buried at Tuscaloosa Memorial Park.

The children of John Fletcher Maughan and Cynthia Melvina Peach are:

1. John Wesley Maughan b. October 14, 1870. d. 1944. Married Lela Jane Craft, daughter of John M. and Nancy Wren Lewis Craft. John Wesley was a farmer and lived in the Benevola Community in Pickens County. He was 5'6" tall, black hair, blue eyes. He died of complications of broken hip and asthma. He is buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

John Wesley Maughan

2. Lula Fletcher Maughan b. December 19, 1871. d. December 7, 1948. Married George Abner Turner. Lula Turner was a schoolteacher. Buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola. 

Lula Fletcher Maughan

3. William Thomas Maughan b. February 18, 1873. d. March 20, 1950. Married (1) Annie Maud Hamiter. (She died shortly after the marriage and there were no children.); (2) Viva Grace Upchurch, daughter of John William Upchurch and Maudine Hudgins Upchurch. William and Viva are buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

4. Robert Evalcus (Val) Maughan b. January 8, 1875. d. August 21, 1955. Married Hattie Elizabeth Sanders, daughter of Albert Sanders and Mattie Craft. Val and Hattie Maughan are buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola. (photo)

Robert Evalcus (Val) Maughan

5. Lucy Lee Maughan b. October 4, 1878. d. March 2, 1959. Married Warren Richard Graves. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham. She had an enlarged heart, arthritis and acute eczema. She died of heart failure. Lucy was a registered nurse.

6. Laura Miriam Maughan b. June 20, 1881. d. February 6, 1964. Married Charles Rhodes Rush. Buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola. Laura Rush was a registered nurse.

Laura Miriam Maughan

7. Horace Maughan b. May 14, 1883. d. February 2, 1952. Married Hattie Bell Worsham, daughter of Rev. & Mrs. L. D. Worsham of Marietta, Oklahoma. Horace Maughan is buried in Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Jackson, MS. 

Horace Maughan

8. Lola Bell Maughan b. January 26, 1886. d. April 22, 1947. Married Jessie Carl Craft, son of John Anderson Craft and Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Cole Craft. Lola Maughan Craft was known for being a good cook. She is buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

9. Bessie Maughan b. September 22, 1889. d. February 27, 1892. Buried in Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County.

ca. 1915 Lola Craft seated, Lula Maughan standing.

A child of Asbury Capus Maughan and Mary Ann Johnson is:

1. Nancy Caroline Elizabeth (Carrie) Maughan b. September 2, 1871. d. October 4, 1939. Married Daniel Jones Gandy. They are both buried at Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Greene County, AL. Carrie's mother died when she was an infant and her aunt, Kittie Maughan Hollingsworth, and the help of her grandmother Mary Caroline Williams Maughan reared her. Her father left the area and moved to Mississippi.

Nancy Caroline Elizabeth (Carrie) Maughan with husband, Daniel Jones Gandy, ca. 1930. Their granddaughters L-R: Mollie Elizabeth, Carrie Ella, and Katie Elizabeth. Daniel Jones Gandy with wife, Carrie.

The children of Asbury Capus Maughan and Tennessee Ferrell are:

2. Willy Maughan Born in Longtown, MS. Died in 1976 in Blytheville, Arkansas.

3. A. C. Maughan Born in Longtown, MS.

4. Robert Hargrove Maughan Born 1889 in Longtown, Mississippi. Died of lung cancer in 1959 in Senatobia, MS. Married Frankie Pearl Wilkerson. Lived in eastern part of Tate County, Mississippi, during early marriage, later moving to Senatobia, MS, where he ran a country grocery store. He later worked for Senatobia Lumber Company as shop foreman while his wife ran the store.

5. Vernon Maughan Born in Longtown, MS. Died in 1978 in Memphis, TN.

6. Salomie Maughan

7. Mattie Maughan

The children of John Newton Hollingsworth and Martha Caroline Elizabeth (Kittie) Maughan are:
1. William Andrew Hollingsworth b. Aug. 1, 1870 in Greene County, AL. d. January 14, 1871 in Greene County.

2. Mary Anna Elizabeth Hollingsworth b. October 18, 1871 in Greene County, AL. Married John Stephens.

3. Mattie Penelope Hollingsworth b. November 29, 1873 in Greene County, AL. d. November 5, 1924 and buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Greene County. Married W. A. Stephens.

4. Johnie Capers Hollingsworth b. March 14, 1875. d. October 1, 1877.

5. Edgar Earl Hollingsworth b. December 7, 1877 in Greene County, AL. d. November 28, 1878.

6. Bertie Allwin Hollingsworth b. October 3, 1879, in Greene County, AL. Not married. He was shot and killed on October 5, 1901 in a dispute over a business matter. This incident occurred at a ball field in Greene County. He was buried at Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Charged with the murder was William H. Ragsdale. Thaddeus Gibson was named as accessory.

7. Claude Hollingsworth b. April 9, 1882. d. January 25, 1950 of cancer. Buried in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus, MS. Married Eula Elizabeth McElroy. Worked as nightwatchman for Moss Tire Company in Columbus.

8. Robert Leander Hollingsworth b. February 8, 1884. d. February 24, 1901. Killed with a baseball bat during a Sunday afternoon neighborhood baseball game at a local cow pasture near his home in Greene County. Believed to be accidental. He was 17 years old.

9. Jerome Clanton Hollingsworth b. Aug. 14, 1886. d. September 6, 1947. Buried in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus, MS. Married Annie Lee Parks.

10. Odessie Bunyan Hollingsworth b. 1888 in Greene County, AL. d. September 16, 1889.

11. Maude Elaine Hollingsworth b. July 28, 1890 in Greene County, AL. d. November 20, 1934. Buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Greene County. Married Perryman Cockrell. Both died of tuberculosis in 1934.

12. Henry Cleveland Hollingsworth b. November 16, 1892. d. November 17, 1970. Married Mary Lee Sellers. Buried in Anniston, AL.

The children of Robert Reese Eugene Maughan and Willie Peach are:

1. Henry Clay Maughan b. February 18, 1880. d. January 10, 1921. Buried in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus, MS.

2. Alva Eugenia Maughan b. October 1883.

3. Sammy Hand Maughan b. September 26, 1885.

4. John Gilbert Maughan b. September 10, 1887. Died September 17, 1895. Buried at Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, AL.

5. Robert Vernon Maughan b. March 24, 1892. d. August 1, 1894. Buried at Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, AL.

7. William Archie Deal Maughan b. May 1897. d. 1971. Married Cora Colson, daughter of Vivian and Katie Peach Colson. Lived in Columbus, MS where he worked for Mississippi Gas Company in Columbus.


(Information on this generation furnished by: Miss Janie Colvin, Walter Maughan, Madeline Kelly, Irene Wingo, Horace Maughan, Jr. and Bobbye Winston.)

The children of Robert Edward Colvin and Mattie Salome Maughan are:

1. Cliff Harold Colvin b. June 22, 1900. d. August 22, 1957. Married Julia Elizabeth Hamiter. Lived in Aliceville and Carrollton. Buried in Carrollton Cemetery.

2. Clyde Norman Colvin (twin of Cliff Harold Colvin). b. June 22, 1900. d. January 29, 1961. Not married. Lived in Alicevile. Buried at Unity Cemetery in Pickens County, AL.

3. Elvie Norton Colvin b. November 29, 1901. d. August 21, 1970. Married (1) Jeweline Russell and (2) Annie Gaham. Lived in Aliceville, AL. Buried at Unity Cemetery in Pickens County, AL.

4. John William Colvin b. September 20, 1903. Deceased. Married Evelyn Irene Russell. Was a barber in Aliceville.

5. Ira B. Colvin b. April 1, 1906. d. April 16, 1955. Married Lois Atkins. Lived in Aliceville. Buried at Franconia Cemetery in Aliceville. (Lois Colvin later married Judge B. G. Robison, Jr. and they live in Carrollton, AL.)

6. Stafford H. Colvin b. July 5, 1907. d. May 6, 1974. Married Mary Louise Nichols. Lived in Tuscaloosa County. Buried in Memorial Park in Tuscaloosa.

7. Janie Rebecca Colvin b. September 19, 1909. Lived in Aliceville. Not married. She graduated from Livingston University and the University of Alabama and taught in the Pickens County public schools for 41 years. ("Miss Janie" was one of my favorite teachers.)

8. Mattie Maughan (Dot) Colvin b. August 10, 1915. Not married. Lives in Warren, Ohio.

The children of Samuel Erastus Maughan and Lillie B. Phillips are:

1. Hazle Alberta Maughan b. December 18, 1900. d. April 1, 1906. Buried at Unity Cemetery in Pickens County, AL.

2. Mildred Maughan b. February 1905. d. February 4, 1967. Married Ernest Cole. Buried in Carrollton Cemetery.

3. Lester Phillips Maughan b. August 1, 1909. Deceased. m. Lillie Mae Basham. Lived in Tuscaloosa, AL where he and his son, Don, owned H&W Drug Store. Both were pharmacist.

4. Oree Fletcher Maughan b. November 15, 1910. m. Thela Mae Tant, deceased. Lives in Tuscaloosa. Oree is retired from Delview Dairy in Tuscaloosa. No children. 

A child of James Gilbert Maughan and Zoda Hildreth is:

One child died at birth.

The children of Robert Wesley Maughan and Effie Lee Noland are:

1. Mary Irene Maughan b. December 21, 1901. Married (1) Thomas Jefferson Pate and (2) Rev. James Ward Caldwell. 

2. Infant son died at birth. Buried at Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Pickens County, AL.

3. James Newell Maughan b. September 5, 1904. Married Ruby Woodall. Lives in Huntsville, AL.

4. Walter Hugh Maughan b. February 28, 1907. Married Bessie Harless. Lives in Coker, AL. Retired 1971 from Alabama Gas Corp.

The children of Matthew Kirk (Dumps) Maughan and Rosa Noland are:

1. Noland Anthony Maughan b. October 18, 1901. Not married.

2. Floyd Alton Maughan b. November 20, 1904. m. (1) Levada Pate and (2) Temp Rushing.

3. L. C. Maughan b. November 15, 1906. m. Alice Virginia (Jean) Burkhalter. Lived in Gordo, AL. Both are deceased.

4. Marie Estelle Maughan b. December 13, 1909. m. Boyd Parham.

5. Marie Estelle Maughan b. December 13, 1909. m. Boyd Parham.

6. Barney Ernest Maughan b. October 14, 1911. m. Velma Ann McGee.

7. Lena Bell Maughan b. April 16, 1913. m. Woodrow Hobson.

8. Roy Price Maughan b. September 5, 1919. m. (1) Huston Levins and (2) E. F. (Bud) Mayfield.

9. Nona Lee Maughan b. October 1, 1919. m. (1) Huston Levins and (2) E. F. (Bud) Mayfield.

The children of William Joyner and Lillie Florence Maughan are:

1. Mildred J. Joyner b. December 18, 1903.

2. W. Maughan Joyner b. December 14, 1905.

3. Roy Ward Joyner b. July 18, 1908. d. March 24, 1948. Buried at Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, Tuscaloosa, AL.

4. Frank Hilton Joyner b. August 6, 1910.

5. Emily Nell Joyner b. June 20, 1914.

6. Ruth Judson Joyner b. August 10, 1916.

The children of Andrew Columbus Lancaster and Mammie Maughan are:

1. Bessie Rebecca Lancaster b. September 26, 1906. Married Action Hunter. Lives in Tuscaloosa.

2. Paul Columbus Lancaster b. April 4, 1908. d. May 20, 1968.

3. Ruth Hazel Lancaster b. October 20, 1910. d. November 1, 1961. Married a Mr. Bowers.

The children of Joe Cameron and Mary Estelle Maughan are:

1. Mary Edna Cameron b. September 12, 1913. m. Randal Crawford.

2. Cohen William Cameron b. July 12, 1915. d. February 23, 1979. Buried Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, Tuscaloosa County, AL.

3. Everette Earnest Cameron b. June 8, 1917. d. November 8, 1972. Buried in Nettleton, MS. Married Doris Shemprett.

4. Joe Ellis Cameron, Jr. b. June 3, 1921. Married Rebecca Aleene Greene.

5. William Dean Cameron b. November 23, 1924. Married Tommie Barton.

6. Nellie Cornelius Cameron b. July 31, 1926. Married Grady Richardson.

The children of John Wesley Maughan and Lela Jane Craft are:

1. Lyda Belle Maughan m. Peter T. Martin.

2. Bessie Kathleen Maughan m. Howard C. King.

3. Annie Maud Maughan m. Elton W. Speed.

4. Mary Lucy Maughan m. Marion B. Davis.

5. Lela Mae Maughan m. Gaynor Sanders.

The children of George Abner Turner and Lula Fletcher Maughan are:

1. John Kimbrough Turner b. Feb. 22. 1899. Not married.

2. William Hogan Turner b. Jan. 22, 1901. m. Julia Helen Scott. Hogan was a retired military officer. He was author of book, Descendants of Roger Turner, Jr. published in 1971. 

3. Robert Fletcher Turner b. April 24, 1903. d. Oct. 2, 1971. m. Frances Lucille Sides. No children.

4. Mary Lee Turner b. Jan. 26, 1908. m. Ewaltus Glenn McKee, Sr. Divorced after 6 years, she never remarried.

5. Cinthy Inez Turner b. March 28, 1913. m. Allen Preston McElroy. 

(NOTE: Above family info taken from book on Turner family by William H. Turner, Jr.)


Children of Horace Maughan and Hattie Belle Worsham are:

1. Ella Virginia Maughan b. March 25, 1913 in Tuscaloosa. d. Nov. 2, 1987 at the age of 74. m. Martin Dumas (deceased). She lived in California.

2. Daisy Ruth Maughan b. Oct. 23, 1915 in Reform, AL. d. Jan. 5, 1984 at the age of 68. m. (1) Alfred J. Lyon and (2) Jim Rosetti. Lived in Jackson, MS.

3. Horace Maughan, Jr. b. March 1, 1918. m. Mary Ann Kerr (d. 6/22/1995). No children.

4. Lorenza Dow Maughan b. Sept. 15, 1921. d. Dec. 19, 1983 at the age of 62. Never married. Lived in Jackson, MS.

5. Lucy Maughan b. Nov. 28, 1924. m. Frank B. Lammons. Lives in Jackson, MS. They have a service station business. They are retired military. 

6. Dorothy Maughan b. Nov. 15, 1927. m. Hugh L. McCoy. Lives in Jackson, MS. They have four boys and two grandchildren.

7. Charles Rush Maughan b. Oct. 13, 1932. m. Margarita, a Mexican girl.


The children of William Thomas Maughan and Viva Grace Upchurch are:

1. William Cecil (Buster) Maughan b. Nov. 6, 1911. d. May 22, 1979. m. Mary Lucile Windle, born Aug. 19, 1914 and died June 18, 1982. They lived in Benevola and both are buried at Bethesda Church Cemetery in Benevola.  Their children are:

(a) William Gerald Maughan,  born Nov. 14, 1934 and married Nancy Barker

(b) James Donald Maughan, born Oct. 23, 1936 and died Nov. 26, 1936 of pneumonia.  Buried at Bethesda.

(c) Kenneth Howard Maughan, born July 12, 1939 and married Brenda Kaye Boike. Ken and Brenda are retired and living in Pelham, AL.  They have one son, Kevin Craig Maughan, born March 19, 1975 and married Diane Leigh Babb, born June 12, 1974. They married on May 23, 1999.   Kevin is a Radiation Therapist and Diane is an attorney. They live in Pelham, AL. They had a son born July 28, 2006 and named him Emerson Bryant Maughan.

(d) Brenda  Cecile Maughan, born Oct. 3, 1952. Married Lt. Col. Michael Patrick (Mike) Hainsey.They had one son, Christopher Alan Hainsey, born June 20, 1985 and died from brain cancer on Oct. 17, 2005. They live in Columbus MS where Mike is director of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport.

2. Hazel Bernice Maughan b. Oct. 23, 1913. d. March 1980. m. Howard Powell. They lived in Benevola and ran the community store. They are both buried at Bethesda Church Cemetery in Benevola.  They had one son,

(a) Richard Earl Powell, born Dec. 1938. Died Aug. 26, 2007.Buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.   Married Connie Baird. They have 3 daughters: Cherry King of Columbus, MS; Alice Powell of Benevola and Tammy Sims of Benevola.

3. John Perry Maughan b. Feb. 12, 1917 and died March 18, 2000. m. Mary Ruth Abston, born March 25, 1921 and died March 29, 2004,  the daughter of Albert Tenniel Abston and Lillie Powell Abston. Perry is retired from Huyck Felt Co.

(a) Mary Linda Maughan, born Aug. 11, 1945. She married Jerry Clark. They live in Eutaw.  Linda is a retired teacher

(b) Pamela Jean Maughan, born April 13, 1949. She married Byron Jackson Baggett. They live in Orange Park, FL.Pam teaches school.

(c)  John Michael Maughan, born Oct. 6, 1952. He works for the Pickens County Board of Education in Pickens County and lives in Benevola.


4. Phillip Thomas Maughan b. March 5, 1919. m. Ruth Justine Johnson. Lives in Slough House, CA.Both are deceased.There children are:

(a) Jane Viva Maughan, born June 20, 1952 and died July 1956 of leukemia. Buried at East Lawn Cemetry in Sacramento, CA.

(b) Carol Ruby Maughan, born June 23, 1953. Married John Gorter. They live in Reedly, CA.

(c) Peggy June Maughan, born Feb. 17, 1958. She married Lee Bryant and lives in Galt, CA.

The children of Robert Evalcus (Val) Maughan and Hattie Elizabeth Sanders are :

1. Grace Elinor Maughan b. June 24, 1909. d. July 5, 1970. m. Chandler Murton, Sr. They lived in Birmingham. They had one son:

(a)  Chandler Murton, Jr.. born Nov. 15. 1932. He married Janie Grace Jordan. Chan is deceased.
2. Naida Lee Maughan b. Dec. 2, 1910. m. Grady Bridges. They lived in Tuscaloosa. Naida died May 31, 1988 and Grady died July 15, 1988.There children are:

(a) Evelyn Bridges, born Sept 4, 1932. Married James Stamps.

(b) Earl Bridges, born Nov. 11, 1937.

(c) O'Neal Bridges, born Dec. 9, 1940. He married Sarah Kay Martin. They live in Northport, AL.

(d) Alton Hill Bridges, born July 30, 1942. Married Angela Weekly.

(e) Glenn Bridges, born March 15, 1951.


3. Robert Travis Maughan b. Feb. 29, 1912 and d. Nov. 16, 1995.  Married  Beatrice Thomas. They made their home in Leeds, AL.  Beatrice died Oct. 10, 2005. Their children:

(a) Ferrell Maughan, born Sept. 11, 1935. Married Margie Lynn Anderson. They live in Birmingham, AL.

(b) Elsie Ruth Maughan, born Oct. 14, 1940. Married Calvin Eugene Maughan. They live in Crystal River, FL.


4. Madeline Maughan b. Nov. 14, 1913. m. Barney Clarence Kelly. They live near Aliceville, AL.Their children:

(a)  Barney Kelly, Jr., born Dec. 19, 1930. Married Merle Upchurch. Barney is deceased.

   (b) Roy Allen Kelly, born Aug. 13, 1934. He is Probate Judge of Pickens Co., AL. He has served as Assistant D.A. and has served two terms as Mayor of Aliceville, AL. He is not married.

(c) Carolyn Ann Kelly, born Sept. 23, 1937. She married John P. Lay, deceased. Carolyn lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.

(d) Daniel Maughan Kelly, born Dec. 19, 1939.  Married Shelby McCool, deceased. Dan lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.

(e) Raymond Kelly, born born July 18, 1942. Raymond lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.

(f) Eleanor Ruth Kelly, born Aug. 20, 1945.  Married Coston Addison Blakney. They live in Aliceville, Al.
5. Julia Gay Maughan b. 1915. d. Jan. 6, 1966. m. Hobson Brewer (d. 3/20/1982).They lived in Fernbank, AL in Lamar County. Their children are:

(a)  Gay Marie Brewer, born June 15, 1931 and died Dec. 19, 1989. Married Billy Edmond Lawson, died Dec. 27, 2001.

(b) Robert Austin Brewer, born July 24, 1932 and died May 9, 1971 of toxic shock syndrome.  Married Barbara Sue Kimble.

(c)  Fred Hobson Brewer, born Nov. 14, 1934 and died June 6, 2000. Married Judith Kaye Patrick but was divorced.

(d) Bobby Warren Brewer, born May 6, 1937.  Married Nelda Rebecca Smith, died Dec. 13, 2005. Bobby lives in Caledonia, MS.

(e) Roland Wayne Brewer, born Jan. 5, 1939. Married Alice Rebecca Sudduth, died May 24, 2002. He was remarried to Syble Corbitt on Oct. 18, 2003. They live in Millport, AL.

(f) Lucy Elouise (Weezie) Brewer, born April 22, 1940. (She was named after Aunt Lucy Maughan Graves.) Married Jack Wilson, died March 13, 1993. Weezie lives in Columbus, MS.

(g) Phillip Morris Brewer, born Aug. 20, 1942.  Married Darla Jean Brigham and lives in Goose Creek, SC.

(h) James Albert Brewer, born Jan. 31, 1944 and died Jan. 14, 2003. Lived in Chambersburg, PA. 

(i) Jerry Kenneth Brewer, born May 14, 1946.  Jerry lives in Vernon, AL.

(j) Carey Ervin Brewer, born Jan. 13, 1949. Married Virginia Ann Hill who died Dec. 24, 2004. He remarried Betty Crossley on Aug. 26, 2005.

(k) Terry Ronald Brewer, born Jan. 7, 1952. Married Brenda Joyce Maxell. They live in Columbus, MS.

(l) Kathy Gail Brewer, born Dec. 16, 1953. Married Mike Perrigen and they live in Eupora, MS.
6. John Albert Maughan b. March 23, 1918. d. Aug. 21, 1991 in Selma. m. Clara Bell Elliott. They moved to Selma, AL. when John Albert retired from military. Clara still lives there.Their children were:

(a) Sandra Kay Maughan, born July 22, 1944 in Selma, AL. Lives in Selma.

(b)  Brenda Gayle Maughan, born June 29, 1947 in Prattville, Al. Married Robert L. Butler.

(c) Robert Terry Maughan, born April 11, 1954 in Wichita, Kansas. Married Deborah Lynn Moody. They live in Selma.

(d) Donna Lynn Maughan, born Aug. 13, 1962 in Montgomery, AL. Married James Dale Nichols.

7. Alleen Maughan b. Oct. 19, 1919. d. March 16, 1975. m. Leon Percy Watt. Both buried in Cooksville, MS. Their children are:

(a) Bessie Allen Watt, born Sept. 11, 1938. Married James Raymond Poole. They live in Aliceville, Al.

(b) David Leon Watt, born Sept. 25, 1940 and died Jan. 14, 1969 from burns received in accident at home.  Buried at Methodist Church Cemetery in Cooksville, MS.

(c) Robert Allen (Do Little) Watt, born Aug. 5, 1942. Married Elizabeth McDaniel. They live in Marvin Chapel Community in Pickens Co., AL.

(d) William Ray (Pap) Watt, born Jan. 27, 1947.  Lives in Morrow GA.

(e)  Juanita Watt, born May 4, 1960.  Lives in Morrow, GA.
8. Ola Katherine Maughan b. June 9, 1921.  m. Lester Edwards, a military officer. Katherine lived in Seabrook MD with her son, John. Katherine and Lester are deceased. Their children:

(a) Lester Woodrow "Woodie" Edwards, Jr., born June 15, 1944. Married Connie Maiers. They live in Raleigh, NC. Woodie retired the end of 2006 from Sun Trust Bank. Their children are:

1. Brian Douglas Edwards, born April 27, 1971. Married Angela Smith. They live in Wilmington, N.C. They have two children:
a. Elizabeth Rose Edwards, born Sept. 3, 1997
b. Ethan Chance Edwards, born April 16, 2001

2. Ashley Nicol Edwards, born July 16, 1973. Married John Wesley Edwards. They live in Amelia, VA. They have 3 children:
a. Linden Courtney Edwards, born Nov. 22, 1997
b. Peyton Elliot Edwards, born Sept. 13, 1999
c. Walker Christian Edwards, born April 29, 2002

3. Courtney Elizabeth Edwards, born Feb. 8, 1979.  Married Jose Tojo. They live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  No children.

(b) John  Nicholas Edwards born Oct. 27, 1949. Married Gayle Soper. They live in Seabrook, MD. They have one child:
1. Scott Edwards, born Sept. 30, 1974.

(c) Cynthia Maughan Edwards, born Oct. 27, 1950.  Married Kenneth Dwight Messer. (She was named after Cynthia Melvina Peach Maughan.)
1. Kenneth Dwight Messer, Jr. born Feb. 3, 1972.  Not married.
2. Amy Elizabeth Messer, born Sept. 24, 1974.  Amy has one child:
a. Gabriel Alexander Messer.
3. Julie Messer, born July 17, 1981. Married to Antonio Gomez. They have two children:
a. Jazmin Viviana Gomez, born April 9, 2001
b.  Ana Nicole Gomez, born Aug. 10, 2002.
9. Herbert Eugene Maughan b. Sept. 9, 1929. d. Dec. 5, 1987. m. Jeneviene Marie Chiniche. They lived in Gulfport, MS. Both deceased. Their children are:

(a) Lewis Edward Maughan, born Aug. 10, 1957. Married Lori Strudgeon. Lewis is a long distance truck driver. They live in Edinboro, PA. He has two step-children, Sean and Lisa.

   (b) James A. (Jimmy) Maughan, born Oct. 4, 1960.  Lives in Carthage, TX. He and his wife, Debbie, have one child and Jimmy has three step-children. Jimmy has worked off shore for many years but after a back injury he now helps Debbie in their business - a pool store and a bottle water store.

(c) Grace Elizabeth (Beth) Maughan, born March 21, 1962. Lives in Gulfport MS. Beth is divorced and has three children who live with their Dad, John C. Davidson in Fair Oaks CA. Children are: (1) Christina Marie Davidson born Jan. 20, 1987 and twins (2) Stephen Eugene Davidson and (3) Jennifer Nicole Davidson, born April 12, 1989.

(d) Karen S. Maughan, born March 23, 1964. Lives in Saucier MS. She is married to James Moreau. They have one son, James Earl Moreau III, born March 27, 1998. Karen has an older daughter, Deena, born 9-7-1982 and lives near her.


The children of Jessie Carl Craft and Lola Bell Maughan are:

1. Bracy Dawson (Bill) Craft b. Feb. 16, 1907. d. Nov. 6, 1985. m. Ruby Gladys Nettles (b. Nov. 25, 1907 and d. July 4, 1985), daughter of Zachariah George Nettles and Ruby Sue Henderson Nettles of Camden, AL (Wilcox Co.). Bill was a farmer and for many years ran a small country store in Benevola. . They are both buried in Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola. Bill joined Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Benevola on Sept. 14, 1917 by profession of faith.
Their children are:

   (a)  Betty Jean Craft, born Sept. 14, 1933.  Married Ralph Rountree Banks, Jr., deceased. Betty lives in Eutaw, Al.

   (b) Bobbye Gayle Craft, born March 17, 1941. Married Tommy Wilson Winston. They live in Benevola Community. Tommy and Bobbye have one daughter, Kimberly Winston Criswell, born May 19, 1962. Kim is Director of Social Services at Baptist Hospital in Columbus, MS.  Kim married Andrew Criswell. They live on the river in Pickensville, AL. Andy is a civil engineer in Columbus, MS.  They have two daughters, Haley Michelle Criswell, born April 17, 1989 and Robin Leigh Criswell, born May 8, 1991.

(c) Carl Cole Craft, born Sept. 21, 1950. Carl is a victim of downs syndrome and lives in a group home in Aliceville, Al.

2. Eula Bell Craft b. May 19, 1914. d. Feb. 27, 1993. m. Burton Lofton Lancaster, b. 8/21/1898 and d. 4/30/1961. They are buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Cemetery in Benevola, AL. They made their home in Carrollton, AL. Eula Bell retired from Bosch Manufacturing Co. in Columbus, MS. 

Eula Bell joined Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Benevola on Aug. 19, 1925 by profession of faith. They had one child:

(a) Joanne Lancaster, born June 8, 1945 and died Feb. 19, 2006. Married John Kirk Pate.John Kirk, born Jan. 15, 1947 and died Dec. 25, 2009.

The children of Daniel Jones Gandy and Nancy Caroline Elizabeth Maughan are:

1. Clara Mae Gandy b. October 15, 1890. d. December 31, 1910. Married Joseph Wilburn Leavelle. She lived in Greene County and is buried at Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery. (After her death in 1910, Joseph Leavelle married her sister, Bessie Ophelia Gandy.)

2. Althea Lee Gandy b. January 16, 1892. d. January 7, 1922. Married Thomas Arthur Noland. Lived in Pickens County, AL and buried in Stansel Cemetery near Reform.

3. Ruphy Harris Gandy b. April 9, 1894. d. August 5, 1970. Married James Perry Wilson. Worked at Cotton Mill in Aliceville and lived in Aliceville. Buried in Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Greene County. No children.

4. Bessie Ophelia Gandy b. August 31, 1895. d. November 6, 1974. Married Joseph Wilburn Leavelle. Lived in Greene County and buried at Pleasant Hill Cumberland Church Cemetery.

5. Robert Halbert Gandy b. May 6, 1897. d. March 13, 1982. Married Sara Ella Wilson. He was a farmer and lived near Eutaw, AL. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

6. Annie Mary Gandy b. September 17, 1899. Worked some as a bookkeeper. Lived with her parents until after their death. Now lives in nursing home in Northport, AL.

7. Grady Eugene Gandy b. February 3, 1902. d. August 28, 1979. Married (1) Eddie Mae Noland and (2) Emma Cook. Buried at Moundville Cemetery in Hale County, AL. He worked at Central Foundry in Tuscaloosa.

8. Mattie Roberta Gandy b. March 1, 1904. Married Clyde McDaniel and they farmed in Ethel, MS. She now lives in Jackson, MS with her daughter.

9. Daniel Webster Gandy b. March 9, 1906. d. June 15, 1906. Buried in Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church cemetery.

10. Carrie Boyd Gandy b. April 20, 1908. d. December 26, 1968. Married William Morris Taylor. They lived in Aliceville, AL. She is buried at Pleasant Hill Cumberland Church cemetery.

The children of Robert Hargrove Maughan and Frankie Pearl Wilkerson are:

1. Jesse Lee Maughan b. 1908. d. 1981. Married Mary Ellen Thornton. He worked as a signal maintainer for Illinois Central Railroad. Lived for a few years in Memphis, TN. Died of emphysema and is buried in Senatobia, MS.

2. Rosy Mae Maughan b. 1910. d. 1914. Buried in Independence, MS>

The children of John R. Stephens and Mary Anna Elizabeth Hollingsworth are:

1. Mable C. Stephens b. ca. 1905 in Alabama. Not married. Lived in FL.

2. Marvin Roscoe Stephens b. ca. 1907. Deceased.

3. Edgar E. Stephens b. 1908-09. Died young.

The children of William A. Stephens and Mattie Penelope Hollingsworth are:

1. Mary Lucille Stephens b. ca. 1898. d. October 3, 1984. Married James W. Dunlap. They lived in Aliceville.

2. John William Stephens b. ca. 1901. Married (1) Edna Colson and (2) Juanita. He lived in Aliceville, AL and operated a small grocery store. Now deceased. 

3. Annie C. Stephens b. ca. 1904. Married Johnny Hale.

4. Robert G. Stephens b. ca. 1907. Single.

5. Andrew Washington Stephens Born 1908-09. He lived in Northport, AL and operated a shoe shop. Deceased.

The children of Claude Hollingsworth and Eula Elizabeth McElroy are:

1. Lillian Russell Hollingsworth b. March 19, 1914 at Pleasant Ridge in Greene County, AL. Married (1) Audie Clark Pettit and (2) James Stancel Hickman of Gordo, AL. She is a widow and lives in Columbus, MS where she has worked for a number of years as a salesclerk for Ruth's Department Store.

2. Claude Wilson Hollingsworth b. b. April 2, 1916 at Pleasant Ridge, AL. Married Marie Mae Colvin and they live in Eutaw, AL.

3. John Henry Clifton Hollingsworth b. December 8, 1918 in Greene County, AL. d. October 28, 1983. Died of a rare type of leukemia. His body was donated to University Hospital in Jackson, MS. A marker was placed in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus, MS. Married Clarleen Brewer.

The children of Jerome Clanton Hollingsworth and Annie Lee Parks are:

1. J. D. Hollingsworth b. December 6, 1911. d. January 20, 1967.

2. Anice Odell Hollingsworth b. June 1, 1915. Lives in Aberdeen, MS.

3. Mattie Elizabeth Hollingsworth b. April 27, 1919. Married William Earl Crouse. Lives in Columbus, MS.

4. Laura Jeneth Hollingsworth b. July 14, 1921. Married a Mr. Sessions. Lives in Mobile, AL.

The children of Perryman Cockrell and Maud Elaine Hollingsworth are:

1. Lucy Odessa Cockrell b. November 28, 1915. Married James Glover. Divorced in 1947. Retired in 1977 from Central Optical Co. in Mobile after working 28 years. Lives in Mobile. 

2. Samuel Perryman Cockrell b. September 2, 1917. Deceased. Married Elizabeth Scarborough.

3. Mattie Louise Cockrell b. 1920. Married Hopson Jenkins. Lives in Spring Hill in Pickens County, AL.

4. Jacob Carl Cockrell b. July 1923. Married Johnnie Mae Butler. Lives near Spring Hill in Pickens County, AL.

5. Henry Allen Cockrell b. b. 1925. Married Mae Gibbs. Lives in Gadsden, AL.

The children of Henry Cleveland Hollingsworth and Mary Lee Sellers are:

1. Frances Mary Hollingsworth Married Charlie Owen Pearce. Lives in Anniston, AL.

2. Kathleen Wilson Hollingsworth Never married.

3. Henry Lee Hollingsworth Never married.

4. James Cleveland Hollingsworth Married Helia Ana le la Serna.

5. Thomas Carrol Hollingsworth Married Linda Barbeau.

The children of Sammy Hand Maughan are:

1. Robert Eugene Maughan b. 1910 in Columbus, MS. d. 1972 in Lake Wales, FL. m. Lillian Simms.

2. Hazel Carolyn Maughan b. April 20, 1913 in Gordo, AL d. Jan. 1968. m. Galloway Parrish.

3. Sam Henry Maughan b. Oct. 11, 1915 in Columbus, MS. m. Katherine Nelson. Lives in Jacksonville, FL.

4. Ella Ruth Maughan b. Sept. 15, 1918 in Columbus, MS. m. Alton Frye. They live in Columbus, MS. and operate Frye Oil Co.

5. Wilbur Clay Maughan b. Dec. 31, 1920 in Columbus, MS. m. Adyln Beard. Lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.

6. Donald Richard Maughan b. Aug. 4, 1922 in Columbus, MS. d. April 1966. m. Doris Luther.

7. Wallace Edward Maughan b. Aug. 22, 1924 in Columbus, MS. d. 1974 in Nasville, TN. m. (1) Bernice Shackford and (2) Linda. 

The children of William Archie Deal Maughan and Cora Colson Maughan are:

1. William E. Maughan b. April 2, 1932.

2. Evelyn Joyce Maughan b. Oct. 14, 1933. Deceased.

3. Charles H. Maughan. b. Aug. 25, 1936. 

4. Robert Vernon Maughan b. Dec. 29, 1938. d. July 11, 1950. Drowned in a gravel pit in Columbus, MS near his home. 

5. Frances Maughan b. Sept. 25, 1940.



John Fletcher Maughan letter

The following letter were written to Margaret Amanda Wilson, a beloved Weir relative who had moved away from Greene County to Saltillo, Miss. This letter is from John Fletcher Maughan within weeks after the death of his wife, Eliza Jane, and young daughter. (Letter copied as written.)

October 6, 1868
My dear and well beloved Aunty Wilson: I received your most kind and welcome letter a few days past and was truly glad to hear from you and family once more, for I felt just like I was one of your connection that was looked over and not much cared for.
You wanted to know if I had got all the letters that had been sent to me, I certainly have not, they are on the way some where I reakon, they have never reached here yet. 
Aunt I was truly glad to hear of your fine protracted meeting out there, I have been to several protracted meetings out here, but could not stay long enough at none of them to do me much good. There has not been any protracted meetings on the ridge this fall, or I don't hear of it.
Aunt, our crop is short every way this year we have out 2 bales of cotton, we sold one two weeks past at 27 1/2 cents and I expect we will keep the rest of our cotton until spring, if we can't get 30 cents for it, for we are making so little that we will be brought down this year to a perfect picture shape. I can't think of working this old poor place next year, I will be moving again Christmas, and I tell you aunt, I won't move many more times, I intend to have me a place of my own, if it is a poor one and it will keep me from moving so much.
Ma says tell you that she has just got out 3 counterpins, out of the loom, this morning and will put a blanket in the loom tomorrow, she sends her best respects to you and family, also sister Kitty, she is going to change her name in a few weeks.
Aunt you give Cousin Eliza my love and tell her that I am much disappointed in my aim, but she must not forget me entirely and to write to me, as ever she has done. Give my love to Cousin Amelia and the rest of the family and all of you must write to me as usual, for I assure you that I will answer your letters.
Aunt I hope you will remember me in your devotions.
From your devoted friend,
John F. Maughan
I hope you all remember me. If you on earth no more I see, an interest in your prayer I crave, that we may meet beyond the grave. Farewell, dear aunt and family

John F. Maughan did move once more, to Pickens Co. where he married Cynthia Melvina Peach, the daughter of John and Tamzy Caroline Gaskin Peach, on November 2, 1869 and bought his own farm. He died August 8, 1902 and is buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

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