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Bobbye C. Winston


Generation One

Jessie Locke’s Will was probated in Jefferson Co. GA March 16, 1802 . His wife was named Nancy .

Generation Two

Thomas Locke was born Dec. 15, 1795 in GA, the son of Jesse and Nancy Locke. Jesse Locke's Will was probated in Jefferson Co. GA March 16, 1802 . Thomas Locke married Elizabeth Noland, the daughter of Philip and Nancy Hughes Noland, early residents of this county. Thomas Locke died Aug. 12, 1867 and he and his wife are buried in the Bunn (Noland) Cemetery.
(Philip Noland was born 1771 in SC; raised in Chester County, SC. Philip and family first moved to Conecuh Co. AL by 1820. In 1821 he was one of the founders of Sparta Academy in Conecuh Co. Philip and family are believed to have come to Pickens Co. as early as 1824 to the Bethany area. Info given to me by Noland family members.)
Philip Noland, as well as his son-in-law, Thomas Locke, was founder and deacon of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in 1839 in the Bethany area. Philip Noland died in 1846 and is buried at old Bunn (Noland) Cemetery.)

Generation Three

The ten children of Thomas and Elizabeth Noland Locke were:

1.Jessee Locke, born ca. 1821;
2.James N. Locke, born ca. 1823;
3.Mabry T. Locke, born ca. 1826; Baptized in 1846 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church . Killed in Civil War 1865.

4.Richard J. Locke, born ca. 1828; married 1. Sarah A. J. O'Daniel and 2. Emma Taylor Moved to Ashley Co. Arkansas where he died in 1880.

5.Joseph J. Locke, born ca. 1831; Moved his letter from Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Oct. 1854. Moved to Ashley Co. Arkansas where he joined Egypt Church there in 1856.

6.Mary Locke, born July 4, 1835 and died Dec. 2, 1920 , married W. T. Winston ( 6/30/1836 – 5/24/1918) 

Mary Locke Winston

7.Thomas Van Buren Locke, born May 12, 1837 and died May 30, 1915 . Married Arminda Sherod. 

Thomas Van Buren Locke

8 .Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) Locke, born 1841 and married (1) John Russell Cole, Jr. and (2) John Bryant Lewis. Lizzie joined Ebenezer Baptist Church on July 10, 1860 after her marriage to John Russell Cole Jr. moving her letter from Mt. Zion Baptist Church . After the death of her first husband in the Civil War she moved back with her Locke family until she remarried. 

9. Elvy Locke, born 1846 and died 1866. She married Lewis T. Cole. Elvy is buried in Bunn Cemetery . 
10 .Joanna Locke, born ca. 1850. 

Generation Four 

Children of John Russell Cole, Jr. and Elizabeth Jane Locke are: 
1. George Washington Cole, born 1859 and died Sept. 17, 1928 . His mother died when he was 12 years old. After her death he lived with his uncle, Thomas Van Buren Locke. His uncle tried to keep him at home but he ran away to Belton , TX ( Bell County ) at about age 16 where he became a successful businessman. He married Mary Jane Tomlinson in 1884. They had four sons: Victor Hugh Cole; John Ross Cole; George Doyle Cole; Thomas Edward Cole. (For more information click here.)
2. Joseph Judson (Joe) Cole, born Dec. 17, 1860 and died Feb. 17, 1908 . He married Sarah Isabelle Cummings of Pickens County . They lived in Carrollton , AL . After the death of her husband, she moved to Belton , TX . She died in Belton but was brought back to Carrollton to be buried beside her husband in the Carrollton Cemetery . 
3. Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Cole, my great-grandmother, born Jan. 10, 1862 and died Aug. 23, 1914 with typhoid fever. Her physician was Dr. W. W. Duncan. She married John Anderson Craft and they lived in Benevola. They are buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola. 

Children of Elizabeth Jane Locke Cole and 2nd husband John Bryant Lewis are:

JOHN WILLIAM LEWIS (Dick) born September 2, 1865, in Pickens County. Died May 6, 1957. He married Sallie Rickett born January 19, 1867 (daughter of Jacob and Sallie Rickett)died July 14, 1938 in Starkville, Mississippi.

They had three children:

1. Essie Elizabeth born August 14, 1891, died at age 3.

2. Jacob Alvah, born August 2, 1893. died May 1947 married Ossie Lou Davis,

They had three children Dorothy Ann, Louellen, and Richard Alvah.

3. Lester Lewis born 1895 One daughter Elizabeth

Most of this family is buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Starkville, Mississippi.

THOMAS JEFFERSON LEWIS (Tom) born August 29, 1867, in Pickens County, Alabama. and died March 3, 1947 in Vernon,Texas. Tom is buried at Bell Cemetery, Vernon, Texas.

Tom was a cowboy and was sheriff in Wilbarger County, Texas. He married first Ida McCall, born July 13, 1863, in Wise County, Texas. Ida died February 5, 1917. Their children were: 

1.Ernest Edward born February 1, 1894, died October 8, 1918 killed in WWI.

2.Frank Lewis died of Influenza in 1917.

3.Effie Elizabeth Lewis was born June 29, 1897, and died March 25, 1993, in Dallas County, Texas. She married Mitchell Tidwell. Children: Lewis Freeland Tidwell,

Jessie Tidwell, Nita Tidwell.

4. Bertie Lewis( called Pet) born 1904 died 1946 in Wichita, Kansas

Thomas Jefferson Lewis married second(1934) Carrie Mae Henderson, born June 12, 1902, in Corsicana, Texas. She died June 14, 1994 in Vernon, Texas. They had two children: Tommye June and Robert Joseph.

ANDREW ERNEST LEWIS ( Ernest ) born October 30, 1869 in Pickens County, Alabama and died March 10, Hayden, Alabama. On the 1870 Pickens County census Andrew Ernest is listed as Oliver B. Lewis, 5 months old. They must have changed his name, because the birthdates are the same. He married Emma Elizabeth Niblett, born April 28, 1877 in Blount Springs, Alabama. She died September 21, 1971. He was a dairy farmer. They had eight children.:

1. Claude Andrew Lewis : born September 9, 1896 died August 18, 1954

Married Vivian Dean born June 12, 1901 Both are buried at Graves Gap

Cemetery, Hayden, Alabama. Children of Claude Andrew and Vivian Dean Lewis:

Claude Andrew Lewis, Jr. married Christine Smith- 5 children

Paul Allen Lewis married Effie Dooly- 2 children

Adrian Woodrow Lewis married Cora Lee Armstrong- 3 children

Mildred Lewis married Paul Cunningham- 1 child

Ernestine Lewis married Clifford Moore- 3 children

2. Tena May Lewis Born February 27, 1898 died September 13, 1939

Married Kurt Dickey no children Tena is buried at Graves Gap

3. Annie Jewel Lewis Born November 22, 1901 Died February 9, 1984

Married Robert Soloman Ham Born November 10, 1895

Both are buried at Graves Gap Their children are:

Annie Pauline Ham married Dillard Graves- 1 child

Norman Lamar Ham married Virginia Harris- 5 children

Barbara Ann Ham married Luther Graves- 2 children

4. Eula Essie Lewis Born October 3, 1904; Died June 6, 1995

Married Barney Humphries Born October 22, 1898

Both are buried at Graves Gap Cemetery

No children. We all called her “Boss” because she told us what to

do and we did it.

5. Ruby Jessie Lewis
Born November 1, 1907 died 1986

Married John Otis Ballenger Their children are:

Betty Jean Ballenger married William Schultz – 3 children

Jerry Ballenger married Danny Lee Newman – 5 children

Charles Lewis Ballenger married Jane Powers – 3 children

6. Thomas Jefferson Lewis Born June 30, 1910 Died October 15, 1984

Married Bernice Skyles Born 1916 Died 2003

Both are buried at Graves Gap Their children are:

Thomas Irving Lewis married Elizabeth Rau – 3 children

William Ernest Lewis married Linda Washburn – 2 children

Randall Patrick Lewis married Linda Young – 1 child

John Victor Lewis married Daphne Burns – 2 children

Sally Carol Lewis unmarried

7. Dorothy Elizabeth Lewis Born August 18,1913 d.September 4, 1985

Married Robertson Prewitt Mullis Born 23 August, 1912 d. 1979

She is buried at Graves Gap Cemetery. He in Arkansas.

Their children are:

Jan Elizabeth Mullis married Charles Clayton Harbour 3 children

Mark Lewis Mullis married Barbara Jean Holland 1 child

8. Allie Edgar Lewis Born June 22, 1917; Died August 6, 1986

Married Helen Virginia Collum Born September 6, 1823; Died 2001

Both are buried at Graves Gap Cemetery

Their children are:

Mary Helen Lewis married Nikki Noto – 4 children

David Lawrence Lewis married Gloria King – 2 children

Richard Edgar Lewis married Patty Lanius - 2 children

Linda Marie Lewis unmarried

Joe Bryant Lewis married Connie ? - 2 children

Martha Frances Lewis married James Echols – 3 children

Lisa Jayne Lewis married Terry McCollough – no children

Susan Emma Lewis unmarried


I have little information on Uncle Ed. He was a blacksmith for the race 

track in Ada, Oklahoma, and had a least one daughter. I remember him

visiting the the1950s,

(TOP) The Lewis Siblings: James Edward, Andrew Ernest, Sallie Jane,  Thomas Jefferson, John William (Uncle Dick) Photo made Aug. 20, 1942

Gravesite of Elizabeth Jane Locke Cole Lewis at Bunn/Noland Cemetery in the woods in Pickens County, AL.

For further information on Elizabeth Locke Cole Lewis and John Bryant Lewis email

Generation Five 

Children of Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Cole and husband John Anderson Craft are:

1. Lela Jane Craft, born Nov. 6, 1879 and died Jan. 3, 1929 . Married John Wesley Maughan.
Children of Lela Jane Craft and John Wesley Maughan are: (1) Lyda Belle Maughan married Peter T. Martin, (2) Bessie Kathleen Maughan married Howard C. King, (3) Annie Maude Maughan married Elton W. Speed, (4) Mary Lucy Maughan married Marion B. Davis and (5)Lela Mae Maughan married Gaynor Sanders. 
2. Thomas V. Craft, born Feb. 25, 1881 and died Sept. 12, 1881 . Buried at Bunn Cemetery .
3. Jessie Carl Craft, born Oct. 8, 1882 and died July 9, 1944 . Married Lola Bell Maughan.(See children below).
4. Alice Elva Craft, born Feb. 25, 1885 and died May 25, 1971 . Married Locke Goings. No children.
5. Nannie Elizabeth Craft, born 1886 and died 1972. Lived in Benevola. Married Samuel Sanders. Children are: Samuel Sanders (wife Gertie), Ralph Sanders (wife Myree), Robert Sanders, Margaret Sanders (husband Roy Goodwin) and Ross Sanders (wife Annie Mae).
6. Hattie E. Craft was born 1888 and died 1965. Married Coleman Powell. They lived in Benevola. Children: Boyd Powell, born 11/26/1908 and died 6/12/1964 . He married Bessie Mae Graham; Mary Catherine Powell, b. 3/7/1913 and died 6/8/1915; Howard Powell married Hazel Maughan; Alice Powell, born 1/10/1921 and died 2/16/1921; J. C. Powell married Hester Pate; Craft Powell, born 12/24/1915 and drowned on 8/14/1928); Doris Powell (1928-1959); Roy Powell, wife Rebecca; Wallace Powell married Mildred Ammons; Herman Anderson Powell, born 5/29/1936 and was killed in auto accident on 6/29/1952.
7.John Dudley Craft, born May 17, 1889 and was killed by a rock at the place where he worked on Dec. 18, 1926 . Married Cora Colson. They are buried at Mesapotamia Cemetery in Eutaw. Children were: (1) unnamed son was born Jan. 2, 1913 , (2) Mabel Virginia Craft born Aug. 20, 1918 . Never married. (3) John Aubrey Craft was born Aug. 13, 1921 . Married Lowell Abston. Children of John Aubrey and Lowell Craft are: (1) Lowell Virginia (Jennie) Craft, born Nov. 21, 1960 , (2) John Aubrey Craft, born Dec. 23, 1962 , and (3) Linda Suzanne Craft born Oct. 6, 1966 .
8. Carrie Mae Craft, born March 4, 1899 and died. Married William Strickland. They had no children.
9. Annie Maud Craft, born 1904 and died as an infant. Generation Six

Jessie and Lola Craft had two children. (1) Bracy Dawson (Bill) Craft was born Feb. 16, 1907 in Benevola and died on Nov. 6, 1985 . He lived his entire life in Benevola where he farmed, raising cotton, corn, and cattle. He also ran a country store that was started by his father. He married Gladys Nettles of Camden, AL. They met when Gladys came to Benevola to teach school. 

(2) Eula Belle Craft, born May 19, 1914 and died February 27, 1993 . Married Burton Lofton Lancaster. They lived in Carrollton , AL . Both are buried in Bethesda Cemetery . 
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