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Carole Landes Elston


(Hudgins information by Carole Elston, Donnellson, Iowa )

The following copied from Bible of Thomas H. Hudgins: 

John Hudgins, father of Thomas H. Hudgins, was born June 6, 1792 , died Nov. 15, 1843 . He married Mary Harris, the mother of Thomas H. Hudgins, born Nov. 11, 1791 , and died Nov. 29, 1873 . 

Thomas H. Hudgins was born April 28, 1817 and died Sept. 7, 1907 at 90 years of age.

Thomas Henry Hudgins first married Sarah Carver on August 29, 1839 . Children of Thomas and Sarah Hudgins were:

1. James Bowman Hudgins was born Oct. 8, 1840 and died April 1, 1915 .
2. Mary E. Hudgins was born Sept. 25 ___ and died Aug. 19, 1887 .
3. Nancy Rebecca Hudgins was born Sept. 11, 1845 .
4. John Josiah Hudgins was born Oct. 5, 1847 and died Sept. 15, 1914 .
5. William Henry Hudgins was born May 2, 1850

Thomas Henry Hudgins’ second marriage was go Mrs. Catherine Gregory Renn on July 5, 1855 . Their children were:
1. Thomas B. Hudgins was born Dec. 31, 1859 .
2. Lucy Wilmouth Hudgins was born Jan. 25, 186__ and died March 22, 1950 .

Thomas Henry Hudgins’ third marriage was to Rebecca L. Riggs. No children
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Arthur Vernon Hudgins Family
by Carole Landes Elston
Donnellson, Iowa

Arthur Vernon (A.V.) Hudgins was born at Osmond, North Carolina, on 13 May 1882, the son of James B. and Martha B. Hudgins (nee Stanfield). He was baptized by Rev. D. J. Harris at the age of 12 and joined Beulah Baptist Church, in Caswell County.; He married Janie Gertrude Marshall, the daughter of Thomas B. and Mattie E. Marshall (nee Jeffries) of Ringgold, Virginia, on 14 August 1907, at Pelham, North Carolina. Soon after their marriage they went to Gordo, Alabama, to visit relatives. Apparently A.B. worked at the lumber yard during this time as we have a rather blurry photo of this. Their first two children were born in Gordo. Katreen H. was born 16 November 1912, and Dorothy C. was born 28 June 1914. (Note: This family lived in the Benevola Community with a Gordo, AL mailing address. Some of this family is buried in the Hamlin-Hudgins Cemetery in Benevola)

Sometime after the birth of Dorothy they returned to North Carolina, setting in Roxboro, where they spent the rest of their lives, the last at Route 3. While living in Roxboro the rest of their 12 (twelve) children were born. James B. was born 20 October 1916 and died 15 February 1918. Grace E. was born 29 May 1918. Ennis Arthur was born 6 April 1920. Marshall Vernon was born 23 October 1922. Robert Lamberth was born 23 July 1924. Martha Rachel was born 19 May 1926. Ellis H. was born 27 April 1928. Ruth Shirley was born 16 October 1929. Janie F. was born 28 October 1933. Norman Stanfield was born 23 June 1937.

Katreen married James Henry Rimmer, the son of R.S. and Macy Rimmer of Hurdle Mills, on 16 November 1931. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1981. They are the parents of 5 sons: James Neal, Ronald Wayne, Robert Samuel, Charles Marshall, and Henry Keith, and live in Danville.

Grace E. married William Harris Starrette, the son of Noah and Ellen Starrette, of Statesville. They are the parents of three sons: William Harris, Jr. Ennis Ray and Richard Leslie and live in Sandston.

Ennis Arthur married Lillian Buckhouse. They were the parents of 5 children: Ennis Arthur, Jr., Elton Lee, Janie Carol, James Albert, and Glenn Earl. Ennis died 25 December 1963, at Roxboro, and is buried there.

Marshal Vernon married Elizabeth Shotwell, the daughter of Zanie Molly (Yarborough) Shotwell of Roxboro, on 2 February 1946. They had 2 children, Marshall Vernon, Jr. (N.V.) and Elizabeth Ann. After the death of Elizabeth's sister, Polly, they also raised two of her children, Denise and L.C.

Robert Lamberth married Katherine Eason Stewart, the daughter of James Emily (Nannie) Stewart. They have two children: Brenda Sue, and Robert Lamberth, Jr.

Martha Rachel married Richard Andrew Landes, the son of Joseph and Sophia Schafer, of Donnellson, Iowa, on 24 November 1944, at Durham, N.C.  They have two daughters, Carole Kay (author of this article) and Shirley Jean.

Ellis H. married Gertie Bradsher, the daughter of James Raymond & Emma (Newman) Bradsher, on 29 October 1949.  They have two sons: Ellis, Jr. and Vernon. They both work in Roxboro, where they live, Ellis for the P.D.

Ruth Shirley married Carlton William Ashley, the son of Darsey D. & Emma (Brown) Ashley, of Roxboro on 24 May 1952.  They are the parents of three children:  Michael Dwight, Vicky Lynne, and Stacy Reid. They are both school teachers in Reidsville, North Carolina.

Janie Frances married Henry Jerome Bayes, the son of Tucker and Florence Bayes, on 17 September 1955.  They are the parents of three sons:  Roger Lee, and twins, Larry Dean and Barry Wayne.  They live in Danville where "Bud" is a Sarg. of the Danville Police Department.  They have two granddaughters.

Norman Stanfield married Jonsilee Winn, the daughter of Jack and Cornelia Dudley Winn, of Red Oak, Virginia, on 31 August 1957. They are the parents of one son, Brian Timothy, born 18 January 1974. Norman is a self-employed painting contractor in Red Oak.

While in Roxboro A.V. worked as a carpenter.  He also spent much time at Beulah church in Caswell County where he was a faithful member and sometime seretary of the Sunday School and Church Clerk.

To his many grandchildren he was a perfect grandfather, since our noise, numbers, and games never bothered him.

According to the family he was also a friendly, helpful, honest, gentle man.  His children said that no matter how many people were in his car, he would stop for anyone walking and offer them a ride, especially service men.

Arthur Vernon Hudgins died 24 May 1957 and is buried in Birchwood Cemetery Annex, beside his wife, Janie, who died 27 October 1965, and in the family plot with Dorothy Clyde (she died as a child from measles and pneumonia), James, Ennis and Robert who are the only children deceased.

This information comes first from A.V.'s family bibles, and also from court records, and personal knowledge. A.V. had a great reverance for the family and tried to write important names and dates down so that they would not be forgotten, and I am so thankful that he did, since I only knew him when I was a child and no one else in the family, older, was interested in keeping track of these things, except one of his cousins, now deceased, Miss Annie Lewis Pleasants, of Roxboro.

Hudgins Family living near Gordo, AL

Arthur, Katreen and Janie (Marshall) Hudgins near Gordo AL

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