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Bobbye C. Winston

Henderson Genealogy Report
Generation One

Robert Henderson was born 1793 in South Carolina, possibly Marion County. He served in the War of 1812 in the 27th Regiment of the SC Volunteers under Major John Keath and Captain Samuel Bigham. He was honorably discharged Dec. 22, 1812. The documents state that he lived “61 miles from Georgetown” where he was discharged and that he enlisted in the Marion District. 

Robert Henderson sold land to Samuel Sanford on Dec. 4, 1811 “SWs Little Pee Dee River”. A witness to the sale was David Bigham. In these abstracts were also a “Rice Henderson” and “Archibald Henderson” and a “ Katherine Henderson”. John Henderson was a deputy surveyor for land in this area. In South Carolina Memorials it shows a William Finley purchased 500 acres in Craven County, NE side of Little Pee Dee River. John Henderson was the deputy surveyor. This was done Oct. 11, 1775. 

He married Elizabeth McCowan on January 31, 1828 in Wilcox Co., AL. Robert Henderson died in 1873 and he and his wife are both buried at Capell Cemetery (also known as Pebble Hill Cemetery or Gravel Creek Cemetery) in Wilcox County, AL. Elizabeth McCowan Henderson is believed to have come from Morgan County, GA 

In Edgefield County, SC an Elizabeth (or Susannah) Henderson, born 1802 married Wiley G. Gwyn, born 1795, in Edgefield County on March 4, 1819. They had three children born in Edgefield County but on March 7, 1828, they had a son, Nathaniel Gwyn, born in Wilcox County, AL. Could Elizabeth be Robert's sister or other relative? A Nathaniel Henderson died in Edgefield County, SC. Will dated October 1801 and filed July 9, 1803. His wife was named Rebecca and his children were: Thomas, Richard, William, Eli Nathaniel, Mary Ramsey and Martha Hollingsworth. 

Handed down information alleges that the Hendersons came from Scotland and Henderson is a Scotch name. 

                                                        Generation Two 

Children of Robert Henderson Elizabeth McCowan Henderson are: 

1. Frances Ann Henderson. Born May 15, 1829 in Camden, (Wilcox County), AL and died 1895 in Hamilton, Texas. She is buried at Hurst Ranch Cemetery in Hamilton. Married William Read Rayburn about 1846, probably in Wilcox County, AL.                         

                                       The Rayburn Family ca 1862        Frances Ann Henderson Rayburn

2. Robert James (Jim) Henderson. Born January 11, 1831 in Blacks Bluff, (Wilcox County) AL and died about 1909. John P. Vaughan married married Sarah Vaughn on Dec. 24, 1851 in Wilcox County, AL.They. Jim served in Johnson’s Avengers, Co. C – 42nd Ala Infantry with his brothers Calvin and Oliver. Notes show he made Captain. 

3. Sarah Catherine Henderson. Born Oct. 14, 1832 in Camden, (Wilcox County) AL. 
She died March 5, 1905 and is buried in Friendship Cemetery, Pineapple, Wilcox County, AL. She married (1) Isaac Monroe Brittingham who died in Civil War and (2) William Calvin Brooks in 1868. 

4. William Finley Henderson. Born January 15, 1835 in Camden (Wilcox County), AL and died September 2, 1843. 

5. Louis Greenbury Henderson. Born February 7, 1837 in Blacks Bluff (Wilcox County), AL and died September 2, 1910 in Wilcox County and is buried at Enon Cemetery in Wilcox County. He married Nancy Brooks on Oct. 21, 1869 in Wilcox County, AL.

                                       Lewis Greenbury Henderson and wife, Nancy Brooks Henderson.

6. John Duncan Henderson. Born February 22, 1839 in Camden (Wilcox County), AL. Died 1839. 

7. Calvin Powe Henderson. Born March 31, 1841 in Camden (Wilcox County), AL. He died about 1866. 

8. Oliver Spencer Henderson. Born April 18, 1844 in Black Bluff (Wilcox County), AL and died February 2, 1924 in Camden. He is buried at Capell Cemetery in Wilcox County, AL. He married Susannah Vaughn on January 7, 1868 in Wilcox County, AL. 
Oliver Henderson served in Civil War as a private. Co. F., 8 Ala. Inf., enlisted May 1862 in Montgomery and discharged in Barkville Junction, VA on 4/14/1865. 
On July 1, 1912, at age 68, he applied for a Civil War pension. He owned 280 acres, 1 horse, 9 cows, 10 hogs, 1 gun, 1 clock, furniture, old buggy and old horse wagon and tools. 

9. George Allen Henderson. Born August 10, 1849 in Blacks Bluff (Wilcox County) 
AL and died April 22, 1919 in Bryce, Arizona. He married Missouri Kearley on Sept. 25, 1879 in Monroe County. 

                                                        Generation Three 

Children of Frances Henderson and William Rayburn are: 

1. Elizabeth Demarius Rayburn, born February 21, 1847 and died 1927. 

Elizabeth Demarius Rayburn

2. Sarah Isabella (Belle) Rayburn was born June 1849 and died Aug. 24, 1890. 
3. Greenbury Hiram (Green) Rayburn Henderson was born about 1852 and died 1922.

Greenbury Hiram (Green) Rayburn Henderson

4. Amada C. Rayburn was born about 1854 and died 1925 in Alabama.

Amanda C Rayburn Family

5. Mary Cindonor (Donie) Rayburn was born about 1857 and died 1925. 

Mary (Donie) Rayburn

6. Willie (Wilina) Ella Rayburn was born about 1859 and died 1860. 
7. William DeKalb Rayburn was born May 14, 1861 and died 1939. 

Children of Sarah Henderson and Isaac Monroe Brittingham are: 
1. Elizabeth Elmira Brittingham 
2. Five additional children 

Children of Sarah Henderson and William Brooks are: 

1. Joseph Knighton was born ca. 1870. 
2. Queen Ira Brooks was born ca. 1871 and died 1946. 
3. Ernest Tankerd Brooks was born ca. 1873 and died 1954. 
4. Carrie Ellen Brooks was born ca. 1877 and died 1955. 
5. Tigg Brooks 

Children of Lewis Henderson and Nancy Brooks are: 

1. William Thomas Henderson was born July 25, 1870. 
2. Robert Louis (Pink) Henderson was born April 9, 1873 in Fatama, Wilcox Co., AL. 
3. Walter Franklin Henderson was born May 2, 1876 and died Jan. 18, 1961 in Wilcox County, AL. Walter Franklin is buried in Enon Baptist Church Cemetery south of Camden. 
4. John Henry Henderson was born July 6, 1878 and died July 16, 1914 in Wilcox County, AL. He is buried in Enon Baptist Church Cemetery south of Camden. 
5. Nancy Caroline Henderson was born April 17, 1880. 
6. Mary Ellen Henderson was born June 23, 1882. 
7. James Samuel Henderson was born May 14, 1884. 
8. George Rufus Henderson was born July 1, 1888 in Fatama, Wilcox Co., AL and died Jan. 23, 1945 in Pensacola, FL. 
9. Mary Henrietta Henderson was born Dec. 3, 1871. 
10. Leonard Platt Henderson was born May 23, 1886 and died Aug. 3, 1956. 


Marriage of Oliver Spencer Henderson and Susannah Vaughn

Children of Oliver Spencer Henderson and Susannah Vaughn are

1. John Calvin Henderson was born October 30, 1868 in Wilcox County, AL and died Jan. 21, 1924 in Clarke County, AL.  Married  Frances Elizabeth "Fannie" Carr on Nov. 27, 1889 in Monroe County, AL. She was daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Carr.  She was born Nov. 23, 1866 in Bell's Landing (Monroe County), AL and died Feb. 9, 1954 in Whatley, Clarke County, AL.   They are both buried in Dacey Cemetery in Whatley, AL. 

John Calvin Henderson and wife, Fannie.

Children of John Henderson and Fannie Carr are:

A.  Edwin Henderson, born in Clarke Co. AL and died in Mobile Co. AL.

B. James Carr (Jim)  Henderson was born March 21, 1891 in Wilcox County and died about 1934 in Humphries County, MS. Jim was shot in Greenville MS while holding one of his children.  They killed him but didn't hurt the baby.  He was killed in 1934 and buried near Isola MS.  He was a sawyer and traveled around Alabama.  He met his wife in Perry County and they married.  Later, they moved to Laurel, MS and then to the MS Delta where they heard farming was very profitable, to share crop.  He was killed there.  He was tall and thin like most Hendersons and with the typical heavy thick eyebrows.  

C. Minnie Prudence Henderson was born Sept. 28, 1892 and died Dec. 11, 1951 in Clarke Co., AL. She married William Ed Robinson.  They are buried in Dacy Cemetery.

D. William Turner Henderson was born Nov. 14, 1901 and died Nov. 29, 1967.

E. John Thomas Henderson was born June 13, 1899 in Camden, Al and died June 23, 1978 in Clark Co., AL He married Maude Ezell.

F. Robert "Sweetie" Edward Henderson was born ca 1899 in Wilcox County, AL and died between 1970 and 1980 in Mobile, Al. He is buried at Pine Crest Cemetery in Mobile.   He married Bernice Hubbard.

G. Mary Sue Henderson.  Married a Mr. Wylie.

H. Mabel Kathleen Henderson was born Aug. 25, 1907 in Whatley, AL and died July 14, 1958 in Mobile, AL . She is buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Mobile.  She married (1)Robert Bettis Anderson in Whatley, AL and  (2) a Mr. Kimball and (3)William Edd Robinson, the widower of her sister, Minnie.  Edd Robinson killed her and committed suicide.  He left a not stating he had financial problems.   

I. Ollie S. Henderson was born Feb. 9, 1895 and died April 7, 1929 in Veterans Hospital in Outwood, KY (Christian County) of tuberculosis. He was in the Veterans Hospital for 7 months and 29 days.  He was a carpenter and pipefitter before going into service.   On his tombstone is written" Nobly he fell while fighting for liberty".  He married Ellawine [pronounced Ellawinnie] Browing.    He is buried in Watley AL. He had one child, a daughter, Winnie, born July 22, 1924. She married Andrew Frazier, born May 23, 1921 and died Jan. 26, 1995.  After the death of her father at age 5 and her mother when she was 6 years old, she went to live with her Henderson grandmother in Watley, AL. Winnie now lives in Houma, LA.     

2. Ruby Sue Henderson was born June 11, 1871 in Wilcox County, AL and died June 21, 1964 in Wilcox County, AL. She married Zackerius George (Zack) Nettles on May 26, 1889 in Wilcox County, AL. They are both buried in Capell Cemetery in Wilcox County, AL.

3. James Thomas (Tom) Henderson was born October 6, 1873. d. June 10, 1959.
Buried in Camden Cemetery. Was active in the Mormon Church where he was Sunday School Superintendent.  See Mormon Faith in Wilcox Co. AL.

James Thomas (Tom) Henderson as a young man

4. Robert Benjamin (Ned) Henderson was born April 12, 1876 in Camden, AL and died October 22, 1939. Buried in Capell Cemetery. He was a schoolteacher. He had one child, a son, named Woodrow, probably Robert Woodrow Henderson. Uncle Ned went to collect a debt from a man that owed money to his son for work he had done, and the man hit him with a piece of iron. He lived a few days. The name of his wife unknown or her place of burial is not known.

5. Oliver Simpson Henderson was born Dec. 28, 1878. d. Aug. 31, 1888. Buried in Wilcox Co. at Capell Cemetery. 

6. Martha Elizabeth (Betty) Henderson was born June 6, 1881 in Camden, AL. d. Oct. 4, 1980. Buried in Camden Cemetery in Wilcox Co., AL.Was  member of the Mormon faith. 

7. Charley Spurgeon Henderson was born November 6, 1883. d. Dec. 19, 1887.Buried in Wilcox Co. at Capell Cemetery. 

8. Samuel Henderson was born September 27, 1886. d. June 21, 1887.Buried in Wilcox Co. in Capell Cemetery. 

9. Mary Jane Henderson was born July 6, 1888 in Wilcox County, AL. Died July 10, 1959. Buried in Camden Cemetery. m. Robert Eugene Powell (1886-1939) 

Children of Oliver Spencer Henderson and Susannah Vaughn are l-r: Robert Benjamin (Ned), Ruby Sue, James Thomas (Tom), Martha Elizabeth (Betty)

Children of George Allen Henderson and Missouri Kearley are: 

1. Robert Joshua Henderson was born Aug. 5, 1880 and died Sept. 26, 1882 in Camden. 
2. Luck Jenkins Henderson was born Aug. 30, 1882 in Camden and died Aug. 9, 1884 in Chestnut, Monroe County, AL. 
3. Minnie Allen Henderson was born Aug. 10, 1884 in Chestnut, Monroe County, AL. 
4. Lucy Ann Henderson was born Jan. 21, 1886 in Chestnut in Monroe County, AL. and died May 1973 in Globe, Arizona. She married Leonard Platt Henderson, her first cousin. 
5. George Lewis Henderson was born Feb. 12, 1889 and died July 28, 1946 in Montgomery, AL. 
6. William Neal Henderson was born Dec. 1, 1890 in Chestnut, Monroe County, AL. Married Sammie ____. 

                                                      Generation Four 

Children of Ruby Sue Henderson Nettles and Zack George Nettles are:

1. Evelyn Nettles was born June 16, 1890 and died November 2, 1983. Married (1) James O. Bledsoe and (2) William C. Vaughan. No children. She is buried in Capell Cemetery as well as James O. Bledsoe and William C. Vaughan. 

2. Miller Nettles was born November 22, 1892 and died July 15, 1895. Miller Nettles was named for Governor Miller, a native of Wilcox County. 

3. Julius Bragg Nettles was born July 17, 1895 and died March 12, 1963. Married Leola Hixon. 

4. Dewitt Talmadge Nettles was born January 19, 1898 and died December 9, 1972. Married Frances Davis. No children. 

5. Henry Herbert Nettles was born August 28, 1900 and died September 3, 1990. Married Sally Waldrop. No children. 

6. George Oliver Nettles was born January 23, 1903 and died December 12, 1955. Wife named Audrey. They have a son, George Oliver Nettles, Jr. that lives in San Diego, CA. 

7. Patrick Henley Nettles was born July 4, 1905. Died Jan. 30, 2000. Married Rosa Daniels. 

8. Ruby Gladys Nettles was born November 25, 1907 in Wilcox County, AL. Died July 4, 1985. Married Bracy Dawson (Bill) Craft. Lived in Pickens County, AL and buried at Bethesda Cemetery in Benevola.

9. Clarice Nettles was born October 29, 1911 and died November 2, 1911. 

10. Woodrow Winston Nettles was born April 29, 1914. Died Jan. 28, 1997. Never married.

Child of Robert Benjamin (Ned) Henderson is: 
1. Robert Henderson. 

Children of Mary Jane Henderson and Eugene Powell are: 
1. Mary Sue Powell
2. “Buster” Powell
3. Oliver Spencer (Boots) Powell
4. James Powell
5. B.B. Powell
6. Agnes Powell 

Generation Five

James Carr Henderson

Children of James Carr Henderson and Margaret Smithson are:

1.  Edwin H. Henderson, born Nov. 16, 1915 in AL and died May 14, 1983 in Greenville, MS.  Married Floyce Roden in 1948.  Uncle "Snookum" and Aunt Floyce had no children.  He died of a heart attack on the way to work one morning.  

2.  Charles Thomas Henderson, born Aug. 26, 1922 in Jones County, MS.  Died Aug. 15, 1999 in Kosciusko, MS.

3.  Mary Louise Henderson, born Oct. 25, 1927 in Isola, MS (Humphries Co.) and died July 3, 2001 in Greenville, MS.

4.  James Calvin Henderson, born Oct. 20, 1929 in Isola, MS. (Humphries Co.).

Children of Minnie Prudence Henderson and Edd Robinson were:

1.  Ione Robinson

2. Willie Robinson

3. Mabel Sue Robinson

4. Jimmie Robinson

5. Irene Robinson

6. Louis Edward Robinson

7. Annie Lee Robinson

8.  Harvey Clyde Robinson

9. Charlie Robinson

10. Eddie Russel Robinson

Children of John Thomas Henderson and Maude Irine Ezell were:

1.  John T. Henderson, Jr. born June 10, 1928

2. Betty Lorine Henderson, born Nov. 5, 1931

3. Sam Howard Henderson, born Dec. 9, 1933 and died Dec. 1, 1997. Buried in Dacey Cemetery in Clarke Co., AL.

4.  Alice Jewel Henderson, born Dec. 2, 1935.

5. Thomas Edward Henderson, born Jan. 10, 1937.

6.  Robert Lee Henderson, born May 26, 1943.

Child of Robert "Sweetie" Edward Henderson and Bernice Hubbard are:

1.  Robert Woodrow Henderson.

Children of Mable Kathleen Henderson and Robert Henderson are All children born in Clarke Co. AL:. 

1.  Ninon Anderson, born May 16, 1924.

2.  Robert Anderson, born Jan. 29, 1927 and died Aug. 27, 1974.

3.  Teresa Anderson, born Dec. 17, 1928 and died May 9, 1999.

4.  Catherine Luverne Anderson, born May 22, 1931.

5.  Artimesa Anderson, born Feb. 5, 1933 .

6.  Mabel Amelia Anderson, born March 18, 1942. 


 Children of Julius Bragg Nettles and Leola Hixon are:

   A. Clarice Nettles,  died Oct. 8, 2009. She lived in Montgomery, AL; 

    B. Marilyn Nettles, deceased, lived in Arlington, AL.  Married Tom Bridges. Marilyn worked as Postmistress at Arlington Post Office.  She and Tom had four girls.  They are: (1) Kathryn Elaine Bridges Friday, born April 7, 1948. Kathryn  lives in Linden and is County Extension Coordinator for Marengo County.  She has been Headmaster at Marengo Academy and served four years as Mayor of Linden. (2) Elizabeth Ann Bridges Hammond, born Oct. 12, 1950. She lives in Selma and is retired from State of Alabama Medicaid Agency. She is currently working with Healthcare Compensation Solutions as a Medicaid Eligibility Consultant.   (3)  Tommye Lisa Bridges Faile, born Nov. 14, 1952. She lives in Camden and works part time at a convenience store.  (4)  Kimberly Scott Bridges McKinley, born Oct. 24, 1961. She lives in Camden and is a legal secretary.  

    C.Julia Nettles, deceased, lived in Meridian, MS; 

    D. Wayne Nettles, deceased, lived in Georgia. 

Child of George Oliver Nettles is:

A.  George Oliver Nettles, Jr. lives in San Diego, CA. 

Child of Patrick Henley Nettles and Rosa Nettles is:

  A. Patrick Henly Nettles, Jr, Ph.D. Pat and wife, Kim, live in Washington, D.C. Pat is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors  of Ciena Corp. since May 2001.  He is also Trustee for the California Institute of Technology and a member of the Advisory Board to the President of Georgia Institute of Technology.  

 Children of Ruby Gladys Nettles Craft and Bracy Dawson Craft are:

A.   Betty Jean Craft Banks,  born Sept. 14, 1933, a retired anesthetists,  lives in Eutaw, AL.  She married Judge Ralph Rountree Banks, Jr. (deceased).  Betty publishes a Greene County weekly newspaper, The Independent.

  B. Bobbye Gayle Craft, born March 17, 1941, a retired State of Alabama employee. She  lives in the Benevola Community in Pickens County, AL.  She married Tommy Wilson Winston.  

   C. Carl Cole Craft,  born Sept. 21, 1950, a victim of Downs Syndrome and lives in a group home in Aliceville, AL.

Generation Six

Charles Thomas Henderson and  wife Alice Lou Hutchinson

Children of Charles Thomas Henderson and Alice Lou Hutchinson were:

1.  Charles Levi Henderson, born May 15, 1944 in Isola, MS. He married Raynelle Moore on Sept. 27, 1963 in Lake Village, Arkansas. Raynelle was born Oct. 24, 1946 and  is the  daughter of Freddie Moore and Ruthie Cockrell. Charles has been an active Henderson researcher for a number of years.  They live in Ozark, Missouri. Charles teaches high school English at Sparta, MO and also teaches college English and public speaking at Ozark Community College.  Charles moved from Greenville, MS in 1977 to Memphis, TN where he worked as a bank Vice President until 2000.  In Aug. 2000  he decided to return to school and moved to Missouri to continue his education.  He received a Master of Science Degree in English Education from Missouri State University.  

Charles Levi Henderson and Raynell

2.  Paul Harmon Henderson, born Jan. 15, 1946 in Belzoni, MS. He married Sarah Sue Marcum, born March 15, 1953 in Fayette, AL.  Paul has lived in Alabama for many years.  He pastured in the Church of God of Cleveland, TN for a number of years before going back into secular work.  He has a Bachelor's degree in education and mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi.  

3.  Dorothy Louise Henderson, born Nov. 18, 1947 in Cleveland, MS.  She married (1) Paul Therrell (2) Raymond Floyd Dorris, Sr. and (3) James Farrell.  

Child of Bobbye Gayle Craft Winston and Tommy Winston is:

 Kimberly Faith Winston, born May 19, 1962, and married Andrew Dewey Criswell, born May 16, 1959. They live on the river in Pickensville, AL. Andy is a Civil Engineer working in Columbus MS and Kim is the Social Services Director at Baptist Hospital in Columbus, MS.  


Generation Seven

Children of Charles Levi Henderson and Raynelle Moore are:

1.  Charles Wade Henderson, born Sept. 14, 1965 and died Sept. 16, 1965.  He lived only two days. He was born prematurely by casaeran section. His lungs collapsed during delivery. He never recovered and is buried in the Cockrell Family grave plots at the Shaw, MS. cemetery.

2.  Scottie Darnell Henderson, born April 21, 1967 in Baton Rouge, LA

3.  Stacey Dawn Henderson, born Nov. 11, 1968 in Victoria, TX.

Children of Kimberly Faith Winston Criswell and Andy Criswell are:

   1. Haley Michelle Criswell born April 17, 1989.Attends New Hope High School near Columbus, MS.

    2. Robin Leigh Criswell born May 8, 1991.  Attends New Hope High School near Columbus, MS.


Henderson Researchers are:

Dave Henderson E-Mail

Charles Henderson E-Mail

Bobbye C. Winston E-Mail

Some Wilcox Co. Deeds applicable to Robert Henderson

DEED -Wilcox Co., Alabama
Deed Book "J" Page 125 
The State of Alabama ) Know all men by these presents that we Isaac Brittingham and Jane 
Wilcox County ) Brittingham his wife for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred and thirty dollars to us in hand paid by Robert Henderson the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold and conveyed and by these presents do grant bargain sell and convey unto the said Robert Henderson the following described lots tracts or parcels of land to wit: The west half of the North West quarter of Section Eighteen and the West half of the South West quarter of Section Seven all in Township Eleven of Range Eight containing one hundred and sixty 05/100 acres. To have and to hold the Same together with all and Singular the tenements hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the Said Robert Henderson his heirs and assigns forever And we do by these presents bind ourselves our heirs Executors and Administrators to warrant & forever defend the title to the above described premises to him the Said Robert Henderson his heirs and assigns forever against all lawful claims whatsoever. In witnesses whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 21st day of November 1839.

!DEED: Wilcox Co., Alabama
Deed Book ______ Page _____ 
The State of Alabama ) 
Wilcox County ) Know all men by these presents that I John J. Brittingham and also Isaac Brittingham the father and Guardian of the John J. Brittingham for and in consideration of the Sum of One hundred dollars to us paid by Robert Henderson the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold ______ ______ conveyed and confirmed unto the Said Robert Henderson the following described lot tract or parcel of land to Wit: The North West fourth of the North East fourth of Section Seven in Township Eleven of Range Eight in the Cahaba land District containing forty 6-1/2/100 Acres To have and to hold The Same together with all the tenements hereditaments and appurtenances. There unto belongton to him the Said Robert Henderson his heirs and assigns forever and we the Said Joh J. Brittingham and Isaac Brittingham do by these presents ......
40 Acres
27 Nov 1839

DEED: Deeds Book "G", pg 540, Wilcox County Alabama 
State of Alabama, Wilcox County 
Know all men by these presents that I Robert Henderson of said state and county for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars to me in hands paid by Allen Lacy of the same county and state ....... I do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell convey and confirm unto the said Allen Lacy the following described lands to wit: The north west fourth of the north west fourth of section number four and also the south west quarter of the north east quarter of section number four in Township Number Ten of Range Six in the Cahawba Land District......In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 20th of May AD 1843. 
S/Robert Henderson (Seal) 
S/Elizabeth X Henderson (Seal) 
* * * * * * * *
Comments re the above deeds -

It appears to me that Robert Henderson purchased two parcels of land in 1839 from the Issac Brittingham family. This was about 200 acres.
Then in 1843 Robert & Elizabeth sold about 80 acres (in a different TWP & RNG from the Brittingham land) to a Allen Lacy. 

Now I don't know where he obtained the land he sold to Lacy. I wonder if he had it before he purchased land from Birttingham. Right now it is a mystery to me. 

Some military service notes -

MILITARY: War of 1812 - Bounty Land Application File #104,092 
Robert Henderson
State of Alabama )
County of Wilcox ) SS.
On this the first day of March A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty one, personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace, within and for the County and State aforesaid, Robert Henderson aged sixty eight years, a resident of Wilcox in the State of Alabama who being duly sworn, according to Law, declares that he is the identical Robert Henderson who was a Private in the Company commanded by Captain Samuel Bigham in the 27th Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers commanded by Major John Keith in the war with Great Britain declared by the United States on the Eighteenth day of June A.D./ 1812, that he volunteered at Marion Dist So.C. on or about the 20th day of June A.D. 1812 for the term of six months and continued in actual service in said war for the term of six months and was honorably discharged at Georgetown So. Carolina on the 22nd day of December A. D. 1812 as will appear by the muster rolls of said Company, the discharge being lost or mislaid. He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which he may be entitled under the "act granting Bounty Land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States," passed September 28th, 1850. 
S/Robert Henderson
Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year above written. And I hereby certify that I believe the said Robert Henderson to be the identical man who served as aforesaid and that he is of the age above stated. S/D. A. W. Patterson, Justice of the Peace

SOURCE: Index Card - National Archives, Bounty Land Files
Act of 1850 (Rejected) No. 104,092
Veteran: Robert Henderson Grade: Private
Service: 1812 SC Volunteers - Capt Sam Bigam, 27th Regt SC Volunteers
Can No.: 1971 Bundle: 350

MILITARY: War of 1812 Company Muster Roll (Muster Roll 1, Captain Samuel Bigham's Company, Commanded by Major John Keith from 2 July 1812 to 1 September. (Downloaded 7/31/2004 from hhtp:// -
Company A, 5th Regiment (Keith's) South Carolina Militia
Robert Henderson Private
Capt. Samuel Bigham's Co. of Infantry.; Major John Keith's Detachment, South Carolina State Troops. 
Substitute - Name appears opposite name Wiley Jones
Noted: Substituted Resides 60 miles from Georgetown.

And his service in the State of Alabama Militia -

!MILITARY: Military Register, Alabama State Militia 1820-60: HENDERSON, Robert; Ensign, First Batn. 36th Regt.; Elected May 16, 1823, vice Enoch Kelly resigned. 
Commissioned August 28, 1823, same to be forwarded to Prairie Bluff.... 
Certificate of election and appointment, August 6, 1823, Wm. H. PLEDGER, 
Colonel., Wilcox County. (Note: William H. Pledger, Colonel Commandant) 
* * * * * * * *

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