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History of Ebenezer Baptist Church


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Bobbye C. Winston


Ebenezer Baptist Church was organized in 1833 by Elder R. Wilkins and Charles Stewart, ordained ministers of the gospel of the Baptist Denomination.

Charter members were:  John, Nathaniel, and Martha Pearson; John and Rosannah Pettigrew;John, Joshua, William, Ann and Amanda McGee; Samuel and Margaret Johnson; William and Susanah McKinney, Nancy Phillips, Mary Jennings, Ann Burgin.

Others to join in 1833 were Sarah Greseland, L. C. Johnson, Moses McGee, Andrew Shepherd, Elizabeth Thomas, Lucy Kennedy, J.D. Kee, Thomas Noland and Mary Ann, Elizabeth Clardy, Merdit Moses, Rebecca Moses, Elizabeth Craft, R. Wilkins and wife, Benjamin Thomas, William Williams, S.T. Thomas.

Minutes of the church until 1845 are not available but many more joined the church because their names are found in the minutes after 1845.

From 1845 to 1869 the following members belonged to Ebenezer Church: James DeLoach, Ben Colther, Mary Kee, Simon Kee, Ann Kee, David Wood, Enoch Wood, Elmira Wood, Elmira and Martha Wood, William Wood, Nancy Wood, Sarah A. Wood, Fannie and Margaret Wood, Sarah Smith, Francis Smith, Lucretia Williams, Branch Wilkins, Elizabeth Cole, Nancy Cole, John R. Cole, Jr., Jane Cole, Pheraby and Rebecca Easterling; Louis Easterling, Luvenia and Ann Easterling, Henry Easterling, Emily Easterling, Elmira McGee, Anna McGee, Manerva McGee, Peter McGee, John McGee, Luvenia Scott, Phillip Scott, W.R. Scott, Mirandy Scott, Nancy Burgan, James Burgan, Moses Burgess, ___Hildreth, Sardine Hildreth, Mary Dowton, Matilda Byers, Phillip Noland, Margaret Noland, Mary M. Noland, Elijah and Isabelle Harris, William Philips, Susan Phillips, Elizabeth Phillips, Mary Phillips, Sam Pearson, Nancy Pearson, John Draper, William Cameron, Reuben Kennedy, James Brown, Benjamin Colther, Byrd Clardy, Terysa Crook, Margin Crook, Elizabeth Eiland, Briant Eiland, Lydia Eiland, Elizabeth Eiland Mitchell, Andrew Earles, Z.D. Carroll, Jane Carroll, Louisa Carroll, Nancy Williams, R.R. Best, Nathan Best, Nancy Kee, Harriett Kee, Matthew Lyon, Susan Owen, Sarah Shepperd, Melissa Sheppard, Luvenia Sheppard, Mary Ann Sheppard, Roxanna Sheppard, Margaret Scott, Henry Scott, George Thomas, S.T. Thomas, William Thomas, William and Elizabeth McGee, R.M. Sikes, Nancy Risenhoover, J.D. and Sarah McCully, Sam McCully, Mary Jane Berry, John and Elizabeth Nations, J.C. Acker, Nancy Acker, J.N. and Samuel Acker, Mary and Martha Acker, Bailus Acker, Marvin and A. Acker, Susan Speed, Willis Burns, Frederick Drury, Freeman Norris, John HIcks, William Thompson, Mary Smith, James and Anderson Mitchell, Nancy Carson, Joshia and Mary Thrasher, J.P. and Mary Ferguson, Elmira Black, Samuel Black, J.J. Jennings, Robert Ervin, W.E. Lewis and Sarah, Margaret Thompson, Rebecca Love, Israel and Dianna Hollingsworth, M.E. Hollingsworth, L. R. Sanders, Mary Sanders, R.M. Dickey and Mollie, Matilda Mitchell, Julia Hester, J.G. Burkhalter, J.P. Noland, Martha Sutton, Malinda Collins, Colie Collins, Mary Collins, Martha Story, Matilda Davis, Elizabeth Mullins, Mary A. Stapp, Ruthie, Sarah and Mary Clardy, James and Alice Hildreth, F.M. Walker and Elizabeth Jones. 

Catherine Spell (deceased)

Names highlighted in yellow are ancestors or relatives of families in the website.


Notes from Minutes of Ebenezer Baptist Church

John Russell Cole was Church Clerk in 1861. 

Tristram Shanty Thomas was minister at Ebenezer for several years.

George Thomas's funeral was held at Ebenezer Church in 1851.  Records show a large congregation was present for funeral. Elder Taylor preached funeral followed by his son, Tristram Shanty Thomas. 

Elizabeth Thomas Cole's funeral was held at Ebenezer in January 1853.  Her son, Tristram Shanty Thomas, preached the funeral..

Bobbye C. Winston

Ebenezer Baptist Church in early 1900's
(photo sent by Buren Windle of Carrollton, AL)