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(Info from Judy Cother, Tupelo, MS, Bobbye Winston  and other Cother descendants)

  Jessie Coulter/Cother was born around 1780-85 and died Oct. 16, 1839.  He is buried at the old Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, AL.  His wife was Elizabeth.


From old Tuscaloosa County, AL Land Office records:


9-14-1832       Jesse Coulter        Pickens Co.       13-24-1W

12-28-1832      Jesse Coulter        Pickens Co.       24-24-1W

Broken gravestone of Jesse Cother in Old Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, AL. I cannot find this old stone now.


 Jessie and Elizabeth Cotherís children are:

  1. Benjamin Cother was born Dec. 11, 1812 in Kentucky.  He married Jan. 26, 1843 in Pickens County, AL to Martha Ann Cole, daughter of John Russell Cole, Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth Thomas.  Benjamin Cother Died Dec. 25, 1876 in Monroe County, MS and is buried in Wren, MS in Monroe County.
  2. Female Cother was born about 1815.
  3. James Cother was born about 1820 and died April 7, 1841 in Monroe, MS.
  4. Jane Cother was born about 1824.  Married Bennett Strickland.  They were in Pickens County, AL and then in Monroe County, MS.
  5. John Cother was born Aug. 25, 1825.  He married Elizabeth Winston on Dec. 7, 1865.
  6. Mary Cother was born May 14, 1828 and died Oct. 23, 1841 in Pickens Co., AL.
  7. William Cother was born Dec. 15, 1830 and died June 8, 1868 at Vicksburg.
  8. Elizabeth Cother was born about 1832.
  9. Margaret Cother was born about 1835.



Children of Benjamin Cother and Mary Ann Cole Cother are:

  1. Benjamin William Cother, Jr. was born Sept. 8, 1845 in Pickens County, AL and died Feb. 15, 1870 and buried in Wren (Monroe County), MS.
  2. Matthew Harrison Cother was born Aug. 3, 1847 in Pickens County, AL and died Nov. 18, 1895 in Pecan Gap (Delta County), TX.  He married Aug. 15, 1875 to Lucy Jane Pickard. He enlisted in the War between the states at the age of 16.  He was a member of the Methodist Church.  He moved to TX in 1869 and married in 1875.  They lived near Pecan Gap, TX where he was over taken by slow fever and died in 1895.  His daughter, Audrey Cother, was only 7 years old when he died and was the only heir.
  3. Mary Cother was born March 26, 1850 in Pickens County, AL and died Sept. 8, 1895 in Pecan Gap (Delta County), TX.  She married E. P. Grady on Jan. 31, 1872.
  4. Eliza Jane Cother was born March 8, 1852 in Pickens County, AL and died Jan. 20, 1938.  She married Albert Gallitin Thompson on Jan. 13, 1880.
  5. Elizabeth Erline Cother was born May 9, 1854 in Pickens County, AL and died Nov. 7, 1854.
  6. Margrett Adamtine Cother was born Aug. 11, 1855 in Cotton Gin (Monroe County), MS. And died Feb. 11, 1878 in Monroe County, MS.  She married Sterling B. Harrison on Oct. 21, 1877.
  7. John James Cother was born Feb. 28, 1857 in Wren (Monroe County) MS. He died Oct. 5, 1911 in Wren (Monroe County) MS.  He married Juanita Thompson in 1885.
  8. Jessie C. Cother was born May 18, 1860 in Cotton Gin (Monroe County) MS.  He died Dec. 7, 1938 in Pecan Gap, TX.  He married Emily Catherine Howard on Jan. 26, 1882.
  9. Nancy Bell Cother was born Aug. 14, 1862 in Cotton Gin, MS.  She died June 4, 1882 in Cotton Gin, MS.  She married Ben F. English on Feb. 18, 1881.
  10. Lewis Frances Cother was born Jan. 26, 1867 in Cotton Gin, MS.  She married Ben F. English on Feb. 19, 1884 after death of her sister, Nancy Bell Cother.
  11. Suella Cother was born Sept. 9, 1869 in Cotton Gin, MS and died Dec. 4, 1960 in Greenville, TX.  She married Thomas Crawford on Dec. 24, 1891.


Children of Jane Cother and husband Bennett B. Strickland are:

  1. Dempsey Henderson Strickland was born 1842 in AL.
  2. Willy Ann  Strickland was born 1844 in AL .
  3. Sarah Strickland was born 1846 in AL. She married John N. Rogers in MS and moved to Pecan Gap, TX.
  4. Joseph Harrison Strickland was born 1852 in MS. Moved to TX.
  5. Pattie Strickland was born 1845 in MS.


Children of John Cother and Elizabeth Winston Cother are:

  1. John Cother was born March 9, 1868.
  2. William H. Cother was born Dec. 7, 1869 and died Sept. 19, 1872.
  3. Mary Cother was born Aug. 9, 1872.  She married Will Teer on Feb. 20, 1895.
  4. Martha Cother was born Aug. 9, 1872 (twin of Mary). She married Joe Teer on Jan. 9, 1894.  (Will and Joe Teer were brothers and married twin sisters.)
  5. Cora Cother was born May 20, 1877.  Married J. R. Lancaster on Feb. 20, 1896.