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Leonard Mitchel Burford
Wilcox County, AL

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Burford Cemetery
Reese Enoch Maughan
Canebrake Website Conecuh Co AL

by Martha Walker “Marty” Branch
2nd great grandchild


Leonard Burford Home
The Burford Cemetery, the Burford Home (no longer standing) and the Reese Enoch Maughan home were all located a short distance from each other in Possum Bend, Wilcox County, Alabama, formerly called Rock West. Property now owned by Shannon Hollinger.

The Original Gate
This is the gate to the Buford Cemetery.

The Burford Family name was probably derived from the village of Burford, England noted as having a church a early as 685 AD. It was a common practice that many citizens took the name of the village in which they lived but by 1200 AD a second name or surname was found to be needed. William Burford was born about 3 October 1656 in Charles City, Virginia. He is the earliest Burford we can document born in America but a descendant of those early English villagers in Burford, England. While we suspect William left a Will, all records were destroyed in a fire but most Burford researchers agree that Daniel Burford the Elder (b. 1684 in Virginia) is his son. It is from Daniel’s lineage that the Burfords of Wilcox County, Alabama descend.

1. LEONARD MITCHEL6 BURFORD (MITCHEL5, WILLIAM4, DANIEL3, WILLIAM2, and WILLIAM1) was born 25 January 1805 in Jones County, Georgia, and died 02 July 1862 in Possum Bend, Wilcox Co, AL. He married (1) REBEKAH D. WORNUM 28 December 1826 in Jones County, GA1, daughter of CHARLES WORNUM and NANCY PINSON. She was born 04 February 1811 in Washington Co, GA, and died 07 January 1850 in Wilcox County, AL. He married (2) CZARINA MARGARET STEWART 10 March 1851 in Alabama, daughter of SOLOMON STEWART and SARAH HOGAN. She was born 02 September 1815 in Marion County, Alabama, and died 27 July 1894 in Kemper County Mississippi.

An article written about the Burford home in the Camden newspaper:

"Perhaps more steeped in glamour and romance above any other homes was the amazing and palatial home known as the "Old Burford Home". Rising a majestic three stories high and located near the blood stream of 1850 transportation, the Alabama River, it deteriorated into slow disrepair when no longer occupied, and was finally torn to the ground. Once the scene of grandiose living, with time it became a deserted house and men told tales as of its fanciful ghosts. Teenage lovers, seeking adventure, scoured the lofty rooms at night and chalked heart and arrows on the wall. Papers were everywhere, noting the sale of slaves and the saga of the old 1850 steamship bills of lading and cluttered the dusty floors. Its hand hew sills have rotted, the wooden pins that put together the frame with tenons and mortises have since gone back to the dust but the memory of the huge and kindly structure is still a vivid picture for those who knew it."

On the former Leonard Burford land remains his family’s Cemetery. Once the Cemetery was surrounded with a brick fence and beautiful oval shaped wooden gate, only a few portions of the bricks remain today.

Leonard and Rebekah Burford are buried there but his second wife, Czarina, is buried next to her Mother and sisters at the Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Scooba, Kemper County, in Mississippi. Her grave marker notes her birth of September 1, 1815 and death on July 27, 1894.

Leonard and Rebekah migrated to Alabama along with his father and mother, Mitchel and Nancy Smith Burford from Jones County, Georgia. Several other children of Mitchel followed them to Alabama as they cross two Indian Nations into Conecuh County, Alabama. It was from Conecuh County that Leonard and Rebekah migrated to Wilcox County and settled near the Alabama River where Burford’s Landing was also established on the River in addition to the plantation and farming.


2. i. MARTHA ALETHIA7 BURFORD, b. 24 November 1847, Alabama; d. 06 February 1910, Mobile, Alabama.

ii. SAMUEL L. BURFORD, b. 24 November 1847, Wilcox County, AL; d. 12 June 1848, Wilcox County, AL. (Martha’s twin brother and the first to be buried in the Burford Cemetery).

iii. CHARLES MITCHEL BURFORD, b. 15 December 1827, Conecuh County, AL1; d. 14 May 1863, Resaca, GA.

Charles Mitchell Burford was a lawyer trained at the University of Alabama when it was a military school. He graduated with a Master of Arts from University of Alabama on August 16, 1852.

Charles was killed in the battle of Resaca and is buried there. I have a picture of his gravestone which reads "in Memory of Charles M. Burford who was born in Conecuh County, Ala on December 15, 1827 and killed in battle at this place May 14, 1863 sacrificed for our lost cause erected by his brother'. He was actually killed in Resaca on May 14, 1864 as per military records. I cannot locate the date or place of his enlistment.

We do not know which brother erected this monument but it is the largest marker in the battleground cemetery - my assumption is his brother who survived the war, Peyton Burford. Charles was noted in his Alma Mater University of Alabama "The Crimson White dated March 30, 1899" as having been killed in the Battle of Resaca 1863. He served as the Color Bearer for his regiment. A member of the UDC wrote to me that the color bearer was the absolute most dangerous, but most honorable position. He carried the flag/banner, and they were always the first target to shoot and kill. The other side always tries to get the color bearer down. In some battles, they've gone through 15-20 color bearers, but someone just kept picking up that flag so it wouldn't lie on the ground. They saw this as defeat.

3. iv. PEYTON DANIEL BURFORD, b. 16 September 1829, Conecuh County, Alabama; d. 27 March 1879, Wilcox County, Alabama.

v. EMMALINE BURFORD, b. 20 August 1831, Conecuh County, AL; d. 31 January 1835, Wilcox County, AL.

vi. LEONARD M. BURFORD, b. 27 August 1833; d. 08 September 1836.

vii. MATILDA ANN BURFORD, b. 05 August 1835, Alabama; m. JOHN MARSHALL, 14 June 1855.

viii. REBEKAH SONARIA BURFORD, b. 07 January 1838; d. 02 June 1875, Wilcox County, Alabama; m. JOHN JAMES RANDOLPH JENKINS, 15 August 1855, Alabama; b. 07 June 1838; d. 22 January 1879.

ix. MARY ELIZABETH BURFORD, b. 05 May 1840, Wilcox County, AL; d. Evergreen, AL; m. J. RICHARD HAWTHORNE, JR..

x. WILLIAM WORNUM BURFORD, b. 16 March 1842, Wilcox County, AL; d. 07 October 1863, Chickamauga, GA.

William Wornum Burford is buried in the Old Burford Cemetery near Possum Bend, AL or Rock West, AL. It is said he was carried home on top of a bale of hay mortally wounded at the battle of Chickamauga. As he was buried, his dog laid down on his grave. His marker and that of his brother buried in Resaca, Georgia are identical. He served in the 13th Alabama Infantry, Company A enlisted 07/06/1861.

From the Southern Republic
T. C. Brewer, Editor
Camden, Alabama, Saturday July 13th, 1861
“Alabama River Rangers” - (Company A - 13th Alabama)

This fine company left here on Sunday last for Virginia. They took the steamer, Coquette, at Bridgeport, Alabama River, about 8 o’clock, p. m. The company is one of the best that has yet left the state, and is well officered. We have many warm friends amongst them, and hope to see them, all return to their homes to enjoy that sweet peace which neither they nor their country have ever broken. The following is a list of the officers and privates:

The following is the Muster Roll of the Alabama River Rangers, as mustered into the service of the Confederate States of America, July 7th, 1861:

Captain Reginanld A. Dawson, 1st Lieutenant James D. Clark, 2nd Lieutenant Williard H. Andrews, 3rdLieutenant Samuel Sellers; 1st Sergeant Stephen J. Jones, 2nd Sergeant Wm. R. McArthur, 3rd Sergeant JacksonWelch, 4th Sergeant Octavius Victor, 1st Corporal Calvin C. Sellars, 2nd Corporal John W. Rentz, 3rd Corporal John T. Cook, 4th Corporal Walter R. Primm. Privates: J. B. Avritt, A. Baggett, P. Baggett, T. J. Bolton, D. F. C. Brooks, J. B. Burns, W. A. Carr, J. Baggett, E. J. Bailey, N. H. Brantley, W. W. Burford, V. H. Carstarphen, C. F. Carstarphen, A. C. Clark, J. Chambers, J. G. Cook, Wm. Crook, F. M. Day, W. A. Dezter, J. M. Dunn, T. J. Dunn, L. D. Edins, J. Enzer, W. A. Estes, E. G. Farish, S. H. Garner, A. Bullett, E. Hadox, I. Handly, J. Harville, G. S. Harville, I. H. Hayes, W. D. Hicks, F. Holcomb, B. J. Holcomb, Henry Holt, G. Higgins, C. Hutchinson, J. T. Jordon, James T. Jordon, F. G. Jones, W. I. H. Johnson, James Kane, Jessie Kersy, W. T. Kersey, W. P. Luker, C. Manor, H. Martin, Hezekiah Martin, P. McArthur, J. W. McCaskey, A. McCaskill, C. McCaskill, D. McLaughlin, A. J. Miller, G. S. Miller, John Morgan, J. L. Moore, Eli Nettles, J. W. Neville, R. P. Neville, John J. Pierce, J. W. Reaves, B. Rieard, E. W. Roach, J. D. Roach, E. C. Robinson, J. T. Robinson, T. J. Saddler, S. P. Sellars, J. B. Skinner, J. H. Smith, S. D.Smith, Robert Tait, S. Tarver, C. Tebbs, N. Thornly, B. F. Voltz, W. L. Walker, C. H. Warley, G. Williams, John Williams, T. C. Williams, A. M. Williamson, E. M. Williamson, J. S. Wingate, S. B. Woodson. "

Company A, 13th Alabama, from Wilcox County, was almost completely decimated by the end of 1864. The few men remaining were assimilated into other units, and a few were ultimately present at Appomattox in April 1865. Uncertainties are inherent in old handwritten documents. If ever there was a group of men who understood "sacrifice to duty", this unit surely meets that measure.

4. xi. AMANDA MARIAL BURFORD, b. 11 May 1844, Wilcox County, AL; d. 19 September 1915.

Generation No. 2

2. MARTHA ALETHIA7 BURFORD (LEONARD MITCHEL6, MITCHEL5, WILLIAM4, DANIEL3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 24 November 1847 in Alabama, and died 06 February 1910 in Mobile, Alabama. She married REESE ENOCH MAUGHAN, JR. 20 November 1873 in Camden, Wilcox, AL, son of REESE MAUGHAN and Faith Johanna BROWN who was the daughter of Mordecai and Temperance Gandee Brown. Reese, Jr. was born 10 February 1847 in Suggsville, Clarke County, Alabama. He died on 27 October 1925 in Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama. Martha was my great grandmother and for whom I am named. Many in the family also called her “Aunt Pat”. Reese, Jr. and Martha Burford Maughan are buried in Camden Cemetery.

Reese and his mother moved to Camden when he was in his early 20s following the migration of his two older sisters who had gone to Camden to teach school and had married. He met Martha at Burford's Landing. .

I have their Marriage Bond and License from Wilcox County signed by R.E. Maughan and P.D. Burford dated November 17, 1873. The Probate Judge was John T. Cook. The marriage was performed at the home of Mrs. Jenkins on the 20th day of November, 1873.

From Reese Maughan’s Obituary:

Tribute to an Old Comrade:

On October 27, 1925 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. L.J. Hayes, the spirit of Reese Maughan, Jr., took its flight into realms beyond. His death removed a valued landmark from our community and takes a good citizen from our midst. His passing will be felt most by those who knew him best. He lived uprightly and died regretted. No greater eulogy could be paid to his memory. He was born February 10, 1847. In early life, he connected himself with the Baptist Church and was a consistent and useful member always. He was a member of the Franklin K. Beck Camp of Conferederate Veterans at Camden. His comrades loved him. They will miss him from their ranks and mourn his death. From some research, he was attached to Captain Price Williams' unit.

After the Civil War, he was happily married to Miss Martha Burford on November 20, 1873. This union was a season of contentment and happiness that ended in a withering blow to him with her death in February 1910.

He leaves three daughters, Mesdames Mark H. and Lewis Walker of Mobile and Mrs. L.J. Hayes of Camden besides eight grandchildren. He had only one son, his pride of his life, who died in 1901 one year after graduating with a degree in medicine. This sad blow left him crushed and broken but he met it with patience and fortitude that characterized his life. In all the walks of life, Reese Maughan measured up to the true standard of worthy manhood. He possessed abundantly those virtues needed to crown the life of a Christian gentleman of the old school.

In his dealings with mankind, he was considerate and just. The "Golden Rule" was his guide and he lived up to its teachings. It pleased him to try a plant a flower in every unhappy heart and kiss it with the sunshine of hope. In his daily life, he tried to avoid all reproaches of his own conscience and escape the censure of the world. Truly a good man has gone to his reward but his memory will live in our hearts until time is no more. (John S. Hunter).

i. ALMA EULINE8 MAUGHAN, b. 11 November 1880, Camden, AL; d. 14 September 1959, Mobile, AL; m. LEWIS CAMP WALKER, SR., 09 November 1904, Camden, Wilcox, AL; b. 07 December 1874, Trickum, GA; d. 31 August 1947, Mobile, AL. They are both buried in Pine Crest Cemetery next to their sister and brother who married, Marcus and Willie Maughan Walker.

Her marriage performed by G.K. Williams in Rock West, Alabama, just outside Camden, AL. James T. Beck signed the marriage record as the Wilcox County Probate Judge. I believe Rev. Beck to be the minister of the Reformed Pres. Church across the street from the Camden Cemetery.

I have a copy of her obituary which reads in part that Dr. Howard M. Reaves (First Baptist Church, Mobile) and Dr. Malcolm M. Rust (Hollinger's Island) conducted her funeral service. I only saw my father cry twice in my life - one when he buried his Mother and the second one when he was stricken with Bell's Palsy. He quickly recovered from his bout with Bell's Palsy but he never got over the loss of his beloved Mother

Lewis moved to Mobile, Alabama around 1902 when he was 18 years old. Oral family history says he moved to Mobile to work at the State Docks and to send money back home since his father was in a wheelchair with arthritis. In the summer of 1903, he and his brother (Marcus who have followed him to Mobile) were invited to a lunch in a home of friend on North Joachim Street near St. Francis Street Methodist Church (15 North Joachim). On this occasion, they met two sisters from Camden, Euline and Willie Maughan of Camden, Alabama. This began a double romance and the following December Marcus married Willie and November 9, 1904, Lewis and Euline were married. Their first of four sons born was my father, Louis Camp Walker, Jr. She wanted to use the French spelling of his first name since she was educated in French at the Wilcox Female Academy as well as at home.

ii. ANNIE CORRINE MAUGHAN, b. 08 August 1878, Family Home, Rock West, Wilcox County Alabama; d. 17 March 1948; m. LUCK JENKINS HAYS, 05 August 1902, Wilcox County, Alabama; b. 30 September 1880, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama; d. 20 May 1965, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama.

From her obituary:

Mrs. L.J. Hayes died at an early hour on March 17, 1948 in a Selma, Alabama hospital after an illness of several weeks. The funeral service was held Thursday afternoon, March 18th at 2:30 p.m. from the Camden Baptist Church. A large crowd of relatives and friends gathered for the final rites. The service was conducted by Rev. E.W. Roark and Rev. R.C. Kennedy of Camden and Rev. D. L. Folsom of Wilmer, AL. Burial was in the family lot in the Camden Cemetery.

Mrs. Hayes maiden name was Annie Corinne Maughan. She was the daughter of the late R.E. Maughan and Martha Burford Maughan and was a descendant of prominent Alabama families. She was born at the family home in Rockwest on August 8, 1878 and was one of four children. Her entire life was spent in Wilcox County, Alabama with most of it in Rockwest and Canton Bend (Possum Bend) communities. She attended local schools in her early years. Upon completing them, she taught school for several years.

On August 5, 1902 she married Luck Jenkins Hayes, son of late Col. Henry Hillman Hayes and Rebecca Smith Hayes. They lived in Rockwest and in Camden but most of their 46 years of married life were spent in Canton Bend where she resided at the time of her death. She was the mother of three children all of whom survive her.

Mrs. Hayes was a woman of charm and refinement. She possessed a friendly personality and a kind nature. She had many friends and was widely respected and loved. She was devoted to her family and enjoyed her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mrs. Hayes was a woman of Christian character and good faith. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. She was a member of the First Baptist Church.

The pallbearers were Chris Henderson, Percy Smith, Jack Strother, Pressly Bryant, Joe Bigger and Max Baggett. She and her husband are buried in Camden Cemetery next to her parents and brother.

iii. PEYTON BURFORD MAUGHAN, b. 01 March 1876; d. 09 December 1901, Camden, Wilcox County, AL. At the time of his death, he was engaged to be married to Miss Jamie Cook of Camden. He is buried next to his parents in Camden Cemetery and inscribed on his grave stone is ‘Our Only Boy’.

iv. WILLIE ALICE MAUGHAN, b. 24 August 1874, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama; d. 03 May 1964, Irvington, Alabama; m. MARCUS HALE WALKER, 28 December 1903, Camden, Wilcox, AL; b. 19 July 1878, Sugar Valley, Georgia; d. 25 October 1957, Mobile, Alabama. They are both buried in Pine Crest Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama.

I have a copy of their marriage license and record. License was taken out on December 26, 1903 and the Judge of Probate was J.O. Beck in Wilcox County. Marriage performed by Reverend R.L. Robinson, Pastor of A.R.P. Church (Reformed Presbyterian Church which is located across the street from the Camden Cemetery and next door to the Female Academy she attended with her sister, Alma). The marriage was conducted at the 'residence' which I assume is the Maughan Home in Possum Bend, Alabama on December 28, 1903.

3. PEYTON DANIEL7 BURFORD (LEONARD MITCHEL6, MITCHEL5, WILLIAM4, DANIEL3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 16 September 1829 in Conecuh County, Alabama, and died 27 March 1879 in Wilcox County, Alabama. He married MARTHA MOBLEY CRUM 05 October 1850 in Wilcox County, Alabama1, daughter of ABRAHAM CRUM and SARAH MOBLEY. She was born 13 February 1832 in Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama, and died 04 March 1915 in Wilcox County, Alabama. Peyton and Martha Crum Burford are buried in the Burford Cemetery in Possum Bend.

Peyton served 90 days in the 4th Alabama Volunteer Unit, Company A until he discharged due to 'a disability that inhibited his ability to serve as a soldier'. In his discharge papers, he was described as 5 feet, ten and one half inches tall, fair complexion with grey eyes. He was enlisted by Captain Jackson at Camden, Alabama on the 13 March 1862. His papers note he was at Ft. Gaines in Mobile, Al.


i. BETTY CORINNE8 BURFORD, b. 27 February 1853, Allentown, Wilcox County, Alabama; d. 27 December 1941, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama; m. FLEETWOOD GILBERT HOLLINGER, 12 February 1880, Wilcox County, Alabama; b. Abt. 1852, Washington County, Alabama.

ii. MARY EMMA BURFORD, b. 14 October 1856, Wilcox County, Alabama; d. 25 November 1940, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama; m. (1) JOHN FRANKLIN HARRIS, Camden, Wilcox, AL; b. 05 September 1846, Hillsboro, TN; d. 14 March 1930, Pine Apple, Alabama; m. (2) HENRY REYNOLDS GUNN; b. 22 June 1845, Coffee County, Hillsboro, Tennessee; d. 06 May 1880, Monroe County, Bells Landing, Alabama. Henry Gunn is buried in the Burford Cemetery in Possum Bend.

iii. ALICE R. BURFORD, b. 1854, Wilcox County, Alabama; m. (1) CLEMENT MARSHALL DUMAS; b. 30 August 1847, Anson County, North Carolina; d. 18 June 1879, Waukesha, Wisconsin; m. (2) RICHEY (REV.) BRIGGS.

iv. WILLIAM PEYTON BURFORD, b. 04 January 1861; d. 23 December 1939; m. MAUDE EUGENIE TOULMIN, 18 April 1893, Mobile, Alabama; b. 21 April 1875, Mobile, Alabama; d. 02 July 1962, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama.

4. AMANDA MARIAL7 BURFORD (LEONARD MITCHEL6, MITCHEL5, WILLIAM4, DANIEL3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 11 May 1844 in Wilcox County, AL, and died 19 September 1915. She married FRANCISCA GONZALIS BONES, SR. 30 September 1862, son of SAMUEL BONES and REBECCA GOODE. He was born 12 December 1844 in Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama, and died 03 July 1890.


i. WILLIAM LEONARD8 BONES, b. 23 March 1864; d. 03 September 1864.

ii. BETTIE ATILDA BONES, b. 19 July 1866; d. 30 September 1867.

iii. FRANCISCA GONZALIS BONES, JR., b. 08 September 1868; d. September 1868.

iv. REBEKAH SONORIA BONES, b. 08 September 1869; d. September 1870.

v. ADDIE JENKINS BONES, b. 22 March 1871, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama; d. 05 June 1943, Waholok, Mississippi; m. WILLIAM RANSOM YOUNG, 26 March 1890; b. Abt. 1866; d. 27 December 1928, Dripling Springs, Mississippi