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Bunn/Noland Cemetery
Pickens County, AL

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Bobbye C. Winston


The Bunn Cemetery is one of our oldest cemeteries in this area, located in the Bethany area between Lewiston Highway and Benevola Highway in South Pickens Co. on land presently owned by the Summerville Family.
The land was originally owned by Phillip Noland and was the burial ground for the Noland and Locke families. In recent years it is also referred to as the "Noland Cemetery" but original name was "Bunn Cemetery" as a Mr. Bunn lived adjacent to the cemetery.

The first marked burial was in 1837 and the last burial was in 1914. The cemetery can only be accessed by walking through the woods. It is a beautiful area with lovely old cedar trees with the old fence remaining although fallen down. It is the resting place for some of our very earliest settlers in the Bethany area.

There are 24 marked gravesites and the burial ground for:

Minnie Lee Craft (daughter of James Thomas Craft) 1883-1895;
Thomas V. Locke 1837-1914;
Amanda E. Locke (wife of Thomas V. Locke) 1834-1900;
Infant baby Colvin (baby of J.W. Colvin) 1898;
William S. Noland 1813-1846;
Phillip Noland, Sr. 1771-1846 - married 9/28/1791 (my gr-gr-gr-grandfather);
Nancy Noland (wife of Philip Noland, Sr.) died 1850;
Jefferson M. Noland (son of Philip Margarette) 1836-1837;
Mary M. Noland (daughter of Phillip Margarette) 1839-1840;
John Jefferson Noland (son of Samuel Nancy Noland) died 1853;
Sampson Noland (son of Samuel and Nancy Noland) died 1852;
Samuel Noland 1796-1864;
Nancy Noland (wife of Samuel Noland) 1809-1878;
Mabry Noland 1828-1862;
Jane Turner 1826-1875;
Joe Noland died 1902;
Elvy Locke Cole (daughter of Thomas Locke) 1846-1866;
Elizabeth Jane Lock Cole (daughter of Thomas Locke and wife of John Russell Cole, Jr.) 1841-1875 (my gr-gr grandmother);
Thomas Van Buren Craft (son of John Anderson and Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Cole Craft) 1881-1881;
J. J. Hughes 1771-1837
Thomas Hughes 1822-1845;
Eliza Brandon 1819-1851;
Mary Ann Elizabeth Hughes (daughter of William Elizabeth Hughes) 1843-1844;
Mary Deal Teer 1895-1895.

There are several other unmarked graves.

Thomas V. Locke. Last burial in cemetery in 1914

Gravestone of Philip Noland, died in 1846.

Gravestone of J. J. Hughes, the first burial in 1837

Overall view of Bunn/Noland Cemetery

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