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Abston Family
Pickens County, AL

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Abston Family by James H. Smith
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Lawrence (Larry) Wall

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Generation One

William Rufus King Abston was; born ca. 1830 in Alabama.; On June 21, 1849 he married Mary Angeline Sanders in Bibb Co. AL.; He is shown in the Bibb Co. AL. census of 1850 living with his wife; and; working as a laborer; The 1860 census; shows he was in Tuscaloosa Co. AL and earning his living as a hatter. His sons William, age 10, and Josiah Thomas Abston,; age 3, are shown in; the household.

Father of William Rufus King Abston was William Allen Abston and his mother was Mary B. Arnett.

Mary Angeline Sanders was born on April 23, 1930 and died March 20, 1893.

The Greene Co. AL 1870 census shows William R. Abston living in Pleasant Ridge along with his wife, Mary, and Josiah, a student and daughter, Martha, who was also a student.

CENSUS: 1870 Greene Co., Alabama; Pleasant Ridge; 12 Aug 1870; Pg 6/797B; Dwlg 5 - Fam 5 -
Abston, W. R 41 M W Hatter Alabama
Mary 41; F W;Keeping House Georgia
, Josiah 12 M W At SchoolAlabama
, Martha 10 F W At School Alabama

(Notes in Generation One furnished by Barry Abston, Huntsville, AL. a gr-gr-grandson of William Rufus King Abston.)

Descendants of Josiah Thomas Abston

Generation Two

1. Josiah Thomas Abston was born April 24, 1857 and died Oct. 25, 1936 in Benevola, AL. He married Annie Craft, born April 21, 1878, daughter of John M. Craft, born ca. 1824 in Georgia and died Aug. 7, 1864 from pneumonia while serving in the Civil War, and Nancy Wren Lewis, born April 2, 1831 in Nash County, NC and died Oct. 9, 1916 in Benevola from burns she received from an open fireplace.

Children of Josiah Abston and Annie Craft are:

1. Emma Vista Abston, born Oct. 2, 1889 and died July 25, 1973 in Benevola. Married Rush Sanders.

2. Albert Tennel Abston, born May 28, 1882 and died Jan. 8, 1969. Married Lillie Catherine Powell. They lived in Benevola.

3. Mamie Abston, born ca. 1884 and died ca. 1964 in Benevola, AL. Married Fred Goodson, born 1882 and died 1954. They lived in Benevola.

4. Virgie Mae Abston, born ca. 1890. Married John Columbus Strickland, born Feb. 2, 1889 in AL and died Sept. 1978 in FL, son of John and Martha Strickland.

5. Eddie Abston. Married Bessie Eaves. They lived in Holt, AL.

Josiah Abston and wife, Annie Craft Abston
Albert Tennel Abston, Sr. Lillie Catherine Powell Abston, wife of Albert Tennyson Abston, Sr.

Generation Three

Children of Emma Vista Abston and Rush Sanders are:

Truman Sanders, born July 10, 1909 and died Dec. 6, 1984. Married Annie Mae ____.

2. Gaynor Sanders married Lela Mae Maughan.

3. Kenneth Sanders born March 22, 1916 and died Aug. 31, 2004. Married Ruth Howell, born May 12, 1919 and died Oct. 2005.

4. Warren (Mutt) Sanders married Juanita_____.

Children of Albert Tennel Abston and Lillie Powell are:

1. Mary Ruth Abston, born March 25, 1921 and died March 29, 2004. Married John Perry Maughan, born Feb. 12, 1917 and died March 18, 2000. They lived in Benevola.

2. Annie Abston married Chalmers Teer.

3. Curtis Abston B. Jan. 31, 1907 d. Oct. 8, 1987 in Selma. married Ernestine Grady.

4. Lillie Mae Abston, born 1909 and died 1990. Married Elmer Graham, born 1906 and died 1982. Lived in Aliceville, AL.

5. Norman Abston, born Oct. 28, 1911 and died May 8, 1993. Married Mary Alice Bambarger, born June 16, 1919 and died Jan. 11, 1998. They lived in Aliceville, AL.

6. Albert Tennel Abston, Jr. B. Nov. 21, 1915 d. Dec. 14, 1998. Married Geneva Cook. Lived in Benevola and Aliceville, AL.

7. Edgar Basil Abston. Married Julia____. Lived in Brooklyn, New York.

8. Boyce Eugene Abston, born Jan. 25, 1927 in Pickens Co. AL. Married Joan Inez Russell, born Dec. 16, 1933.

9. Madie Abston

Children of Albert Tennel Abston and Lillie Catherine Powell Abston. L-R are: Norman, Basil, Annie, Ruth,
Albert Tennyson, Jr., Madie, Lillie Mae, Gene, Curtis.
ca. 1950's or 1960's

Children of Mamie Abston and Fred Goodson are:

1. James Monroe (J.M.) Goodson, born July 8, 1911 in Benevola and died July 10, 1978 in Benevola. Not married.

2. Mattie Goodson, born Nov. 30, 1904 and died April 2, 1990. Married Harlan Spain, born Oct. 8, 1903 and died March 17, 1985.

Child of Virgie Mae Abston and John Columbus Strickland are:

1. Annie Gay Strickland, born Dec. 4, 1914. Married Calvin Paul Wall, born ca Dce. 10, 1913, ___ son of William Wall and Josephine Skipper. Paul Wall died May. 17, 2002 in Jacksonville, FL.

Children of Eddie Abston and Bessie Eaves are:

1. W. A. Abston

2. Bessie Lee Abston. Married Mr. ___ Pate.

Generation Four

Children of Mary Ruth Abston and Perry Maughan are:

1. Mary Linda Maughan, born Aug. 11, 1945 in Benevola, AL. Married Jerry Clark. They live in Eutaw, AL.

2. Pamela Jean Maughan, born April 13, 1949. Married Byron Jackson Baggett. They live in Orange Park, FL.

3. John Michael (Mike) Maughan, born Oct. 6, 1952. Lives in Benevola.

Children of Lillie Mae Abston and Elmer Graham are:

1. Louise Graham, Married Curtis Brown Eatman. They live in Birmingham.

2. Roger Lee Graham, born Jan. 22, 1934 and died June 10, 1969. Killed in Viet Nam. Buried at Bethesda Cemetery.

3. Lockart Graham

Children of Norman Abston and Mary Alice Bambarger Abston are:

1. Charles Norman Abston, b. March 21, 1937 Married Alice Faye West.

2. Alice Judith (Judy) Abston, born March 27, 1940. Married (1) Cecil McDaniel and (2) Tom Halbert.

3. Dorothy Marie (Dot) Abston, born March 27, 1940. Married 1. Dean McDaniel and 2. Rev. David Barrentine, born Dec. 4, 1927.

4.Thomas Tennel (Tommy) Abston, born July 10, 1941. Married Janice Cameron.

5. Joseph Tennel ( J.T.) Abston born June 26, ___ Married Frances______.

6. Richard Allen Abston, born Sept. 23, 1946. Married Betty Carol Ruffin.

Children of Boyce Eugene (Gene) Abston and Joan Inez Russell Abston are:

1. David Eugene Abston, b. Dec. 5, 1957. Married Debra Britt.

2. James Barry Abston, b. Oct. 11, 1960. Married Pippa Elaine Coulter. Barry is an attorney in Huntsville and Pippa is a pediatrician.

3. Mary Ann Abston, b. April 21, 1964 . Mary Ann is a dental hygeniest in Tuscaloosa, Al. They live in Gordo.

Children of Mattie Goodson and Harlan Spain are:

1. James Alton Spain Killed in WWII.

2. Sis Spain

Children of Annie Gay Strickland and Calvin Paul Wall are:

1. Paula Wall, born June 24, 1942 in Miami, FL. Married Doug Kerley.

2. Robyn Glenn Wall, born Aug. 10, 1944 in Miami, FL. She is a social worker.

3. Lawrence (Larry) Wall, born Dec. 27, 1946 in Tuscaloosa, AL. He married 1. Cynthia Hatfield, dau of Frank Hatfield and Jane Mitchell, and 2. Betsy Wall, dau of Dale Buckner and Hazel Wilson. Larry is a Physicist/Engineer.

Generation Five

Children of Charles Norman Abston and Alice Faye West Abston are:

1. Lynn Abston

2. Kaye Abston

3. Lisa Abston

Children of Alice Judith (Judy) Abston and Cecil McDaniel are:

1. Connie Sue McDaniel

2. Kimberly Ann McDaniel

3. Ben McDaniel

Child of Dorothy Marie (Dot) Abston and Dean McDaniel is:

1. Sherry Marie McDaniel, born Oct. 9, 1957. She married Robert (Bob) Cusanelli, born July 1, 1957.

Children of Thomas Tennel (Tommy) Abston and Janice Cameron Abston are:

1. Laura Abston

2. Rachael Abston

Children of Joseph Tennel Abston and Frances Abston are:

1. Joseph Abston

2. Melissa Abston

Children of Richard Allen Abston and Betty Carol Ruffin Abston are:

1. Allen Abston

2. Adrian Abston

Children of David Abston are:

1. Arin David Abston

2. Angelica Marie Abston

Children of James Barry Abston and Pippa Elaine Coulter are

1. Daniel Seth Abston

2. Erin Elizabeth Abston

Children of Mary Ann Abston are:

1. Rachel Amberly Studdard

2. Rochelle Bethany Studdard

3. Mary Caroline Townsend

4. Katie Brianna Hall

Children of Paula Wall Kerley and Doug Kerley are:

1. Kim Dickson

2. Glen Kerley

Children of Lawrence Wall and Cynthia Hatfield are:

1. Erika Wall, born Oct. 14, 1968 in Stanford, CA. Married Robert Cockerill. She is a teacher.

2. Travis Wall, born Aug. 12, 1970 in Stanford, CA. Married Amelia Elizabeth Underwood, born Oct. 29, 1969, in Chapel Hill, NC. Travis and Amelia are both physicians.

3. Ramsay Eileen Wall, born Aug. 3, 1972 in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Children of Charles Abston and Alice Faye West Abston are:

1. Lynn Abston

2. Kaye Abston

3. Lisa Abston

Children of Alice Judith (Judy) Abston and Cecil McDaniel are:

1. Connie Sue McDaniel

2. Kimberly Ann McDaniel

3. Ben McDaniel

Generation Six

Children of Sherry Marie McDaniel and Robert (Bob) Cusanelli are:

1. Robert Joel Cusanelli, born April 18, 1982

2. John Thomas Cusanelli, born Oct. 19, 1983

3. Carol Marie Cusanelli, born Nov. 7, 1987

City of Aliceville