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Diary kept by Millie D. Nettles McIntosh
Wilcox County, Alabama
1928 - 1931

Millie D. Nettles McIntosh was born Feb. 26, 1869 in Wilcox Co., AL and died Nov. 14, 1954 in Wilcox Co. She was the daughter of George Washington Nettles and Hellen Mary Sadler Nettles.  She was married to James Columbus (Beecher) McIntosh, born March 25, 1853 and died Aug. 25, 1910, the son of Neil Watkins McIntosh and Catherine Eleanor Vaughn McIntosh. She is buried beside her husband at Reaves Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.  Millie and Beecher McIntosh  had  four children: James Collie, Julia D., Joseph Young, and Barney Eugene. 

Note: This diary was transcribed from old calendars, pocket books and small tablets by Jean Reaves Johnson, her great granddaughter, taking her about one year to complete. 

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Jim McIntosh was born April 11, 1925.
Mary McIntosh was born June 10, 1929.

Pecan tree in yard came up in 1927. Planted honey peach seed in garden by pinks July 3, 1928.
Planted June corn 3 rows June 13, 1928.
Planted 2 rows June 22, 1928.

July was operated on April 24, 1928. Came home May 20, 1928.
Very much improved. Had enlarged spleen. Weighed 5 pounds 10 oz.
Minnie was operated on March of 1928 for appendicitis and other troubles. Came home March 24, 1928. Very much improved.

Pigs were born May the 8th 1928.
Old dry weather was born June 1926.

This is July 4, 1928 everybody is hot and hard at work on account of such a hard year it has rained all of the year up to this time.
July the 4 1928. Poor prospect for a crop as for anything to be made.

Neil has just finished ploughing.
?? barn cut.

(Neil/Neal mentioned in this diary is Neil Claude Holley, son of Maggie Laura (Finklea)(Holley) Pharr and her first husband Cally Holley. Neil Claude Holley was born 4 March 1900 in Shelby Co. Texas, married Ernestine Sellers, daughter of Calvin C. & Clara H. Sellers.  Neil Claude Holley was killed in an automobile accident on Highway 41 in Dallas County, AL between Camden and Selma.  He is buried at Reaves Methodist Chapel Cemetery in Wilcox County.)

Barney and Vera went home with Marguerite July 3, 1928 to spend the fourth.
July 5. Barney and Vera got home at 11 o’clock last night July 4.
Barney is at Wellis place planting June corn.
Today Vera is helping her mamma.
Inez spent last night with me.

July 6, 1928 Planted peas in June corn in the garden. Ate my first ripe fig July 21, 1928. Had my first mess butter beans.

July 28, 1928. Mamie Mildred Mrs. Martin and Willard came up here July 15, 1928. Went home July 22, 1928. It has been raining here for a solid week. No prospects for much crop.

July 23, 1928.
July 25, 1928. Still raining. Barney had a pain on his side this morn had to go to Dr. Cannon. He said Barney had gall stones. I am fixing to wash. Barney is out on _____ lying down.

Aug. first did not rain today.

Aug. 2. It is raining at around dark. I’m cooking butterbeans for dinner. Collie, Barney and James are in the woods getting pileing for a man.

Neil is tearing down barn.

Aug. 2, 1928. Set out china tree in back yard 1926. Minnie cut her hand with gardening hoe when we were digging it up. Set out china tree in front yard 1928.

Aug. 3, 1928. Still raining. We haven’t had a rain since Aug. 3 and this is Aug. 13, 1928. Quite dry. (Marian Martin was killed Aug. the 9, 1928 in an automobile reck down at steel bridge fell about 25 feet in a deep hole of water. ) Mr. Pete and Mr. Red (?) got her out. She was buried Friday, Aug. 10, 1928. An awful accident.

Aug. 15, 1928. Barney is 21 years old today. Came in for dinner. I didn’t have him no milk. He spoke very rough to me hurting my feelings. I didn’t say a word.

Same day Aug. 15, 1928. Neil got mad because I ate some of his peaches. So it looked like it was my bad luck day.

Old butter cups has a little calf born Aug. 11, 1928. Her name is white face.

I’m so hungry. Sept. first 1928.

Collie got his leg or rather his knee knocked out of joint Aug. 17, 1928. Was in a car with Mr. Owens and it recked.

Minnie Vera Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. McGillbery went to Selma Aug. 17, 1928.
Millie and Vera went to a dining at Mrs. McGillbery last night Aug. 21, 1928.

It raining here Sept. 1, 1928.
We haven’t had dinner.
Cow stepped on my foot Sept. 2.

Sept. 5. Neil broke up garden. We all went to Vredenburgh Sept. 3rd to an ice cream supper and a dance. All had a good time at Mrs. Jones. Young got off from his work.

Sept. 6. Minnie Neil and myself planted the garden this morn in the rain and it is still raining. I had a nite mare last nite, came near scaring Julia and Vera to death. I hollowed so loud in my dream. Barney spent last nite with Al___Powe, came home at noon today with one of his teeth broken off from decay.

Sept 8. I spent Sat and Sunday with Mrs. ______ had a good time. I ate a nice ripe mellon Sept. 10, 1928. Mr. Godfrey Lambrecht died Aug. 20, 1928 was buried the same day by the masons. 

Mr. Godfrey Lambrecht died (per Heritage of Wilcox Co.) 19 Aug 1928 at his home in Coy, AL.  His wife Mary “Mollie” LaMarie Laffler Lambrecht d. 23 Aug 1924 at Coy, AL.  Both bur Reaves Methodist Chapel Cemetery.    His son John Godfrey Lambrecht Jr. married Frances Emma Reaves.

Friday, Sept. 14. Had a big rain all the boys went (or was) working at mill m___
Ate ripe figs Sept. 25, 1928. Collie and Minnie carried the Elders Teacher and Shirley to Franklin Oct. 4, 1928. Carried me to Mrs. Harris the same day to see Mr. Farr who was not expected to live. (Mr. Farr is Mrs. John Eades Pharr who married Martha Amanda "Matt" Nettles - sister of Millie D. Nettles McIntosh.)
Oct. 7. I rode al day had a good time. Ate lots of good things.

Oct. 10, 1928. I stuck wire in my foot. It is hurting me. Horace (Julia’s) baby is real sick with a rising on his leg. Barney is at Youngs. Collie is made because he is not here to help him get pileing for Mr. Haskie. Ate ripe fig Nov. 6, 1928. Ate last mess of green butter beans Nov. 7, 1928. I have got dinner done. Nov. 8, 1928 and the boys won’t come to dinner.

(The Horace mentioned above is Horace Martin, son of William H. and Julia Martin who lived next dwelling to Millie D. at time of the 1930 census.)

Nov. 8, 1928. Mr. Far (?) is still very sick.

Elders Sachjr and Shirley came back Nov. 16, 1928. Are still here with us Nov. 21. Elder Shirley is sick with a cold.

Nov. 21, 1928. Had a killing frost it is very cold first big frost we have had this year.

Nov. 30, 1928. Weather has moderated. It is warm and raining today. Dec. 1, 1928 Mrs. Martin andLillie Belle and Mr. Irney (?) came up here from Mobile. Nov. 26, 1928 are still here Dec. 1, 1928. Vera had a real nice square dance at her home Nov. 30, 1928.

Dec. 9, 1928 the coldest nite I ever spent I was at Mrs. Fars(?) Ice was thick and cold. Mr. Farr still sick. Dec.
Mr. Farr died Dec. 14, 1928. Buried Dec. 15, 1928. I came home after the burial with Young and Marguerite and Barney. Neil has gone to hicks(?) for Collie. It is raining and turning cold.

Young and Marguerite McIntosh
Mrs. Farr is Martha Amanda "Matt" Nettles (sister of Millie D. Nettles) who married John Eades Pharr.

Mr. Farr is John Eades Pharr who died 14 Dec 1928.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Pharr are buried in Reaves Methodist Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL.

Dec. 17, 1928Barney has just come in from Pet Martins.
Dec. 17, 1928. Neal killed pig yesterday (?).
Dec. 19, 1928. It has rained all day today.
Dec. 20, 1928. I am siting up here all alone wishing it would fair off. The children are just coming in from school.
Dec. 20, 1928. Rob came down and killed Edna’s pig today.
Dec. 20, 1928. Tip killed a fine hog.
Wed. Dec. 19, 1928. Rob killed Minnie’s pig.
Dec. 21, 1928. I got for a Christmas present (?) an apple and one quarter of an apple
Dec. 21, 1928 by Ernestine and _______.
Dec. 22. I went to the Junction with Mattie. I had a good time if I was mad as hell. Mattie gave me a real nice Christmas present 1 pair of towels. I am real blue. Elders can’t come until next week because Elder Cox has a sore foot(?).

Imade out a little bill for some things I need and Neal just fussed at me.
Dec. 22, 1928 Another big frost.
Dec. 23, 1928. Another big frost.
Dec. 24, 1928. 4 big frost in succession 21, 22, 23, 24. I’ll start my dates different.
Dec. 24. Neal paid Aunt Lucy for his part of the working today. The last events that occurred in 1928 xmas is passed and gone. All very pleasant. Minnie and Collie spent 2 nites in Selma. Young was with them.

(Minnie and Collie mentioned above would be J. Collie and Minnie McIntosh.)

One nite a crowd of us went to Laura Farrs Sat. nite.
(Laura Farrs in Maggie Laura (Finklea) Pharr, d/o John Ebenezer Finklea and Caroline Virginia "Jennie" Farish who married (2) Jerry Audabon Pharr s/o John Eades Pharr and Martha Amanda "Matt" Nettles.)

Dec. 29, 1928 Elders Cox and Johnson came that nite and is with us today. Vera and Barney went to Coy School house to a dance.
Dec. 31, 1928. Barney got down drunk. Broke windshield out of Youngs car came in house about 2 o’clock.
Jan. 1, 1929. This ends the tragigies for the year 1928.

Jan 1, 1929. It is raining. I am heart broken over the way Barney has done. I appreciate C. Taits kindness to him. He Barney has gone to Camden to fix Youngs car.

Jan. 2, 1929 Maud Holley came and brought Young his car not fixed. Young is so mad he just cursed.
(Maud Holley is Maude (Jones) Holley, the d/o Edward A. and Fannie (Knight) Jones.  Maude Jones married Glenn Holley the s/o Maggie Laura (Finklea) (Holley) Pharr and her first husband Cally Holley.)
(After the death of Glenn Holley in March 1927, Maude and their two children moved into the household of her parents, Edward A. and Fannie Jones.  On the 1930 Census, the Jones family was enumerated consecutively with the Young and Marguerite McIntosh family at Vredenburg, Monroe Co., AL.)

Jan 3, 1929. Elders ate dinner with me, Collie and his family too. Wilburn and Horace too that nite we all went down to Julias and had meeting. (Oh yes Ernestine was baptized Jan. 1, 1929)
(Wilburn and Horace were children of William H. and Julia Martin; lived next door to Millie D. at time of 1930 census.)
(Ernest was daughter of Collie and Minnie McIntosh

Jan. 3, 1929. Neil started to Camden at 6 o’clock with the Elders to catch train but the hose pipe bursted and they had to come back. So they stayed until this morning (Jan 4 1929 Neil Elder Johnson and J C and James went opossum hunting last __ staid out until 2 o’clock.

Jan 4 1929 Neil has gone to Camden with the Elders. Left at 6:30. Neil came back. I guess Elders got off he don’t tell me anything.

Jan 5, 1929. The wind blew alnite like a storm. It thundered twice. It is raining. I shelled 1 peck corn this morn to go to mill. Rained until noon. Sun shined out and began to turn cold. Barney and Vera is at home tonite for the first time in 3 weeks.
Jan. 6, 1929. Neil went ______and got groceries.
1 24 lb. sack flour
1.00 dollars worth of sugar
50 cents worth of rice
2 cans pork and beans
1 can peaches
1 can salmon
2 bars soap
1 box soda
1 box matches
5 cents worth kerosene
came to 3.50 cents

It is as fair as can be and awful cold.
Jan 7, 1929 all is well and it is awful cold and fair and pretty.
Mrs. B. Holloman is dead. Died Jan. 5, 1929. Awful sad. Tip has had flu but is better today. Bob Hubbard came for Barney to see Young at noon today. Sick with flu. I was uneasy and got Collie to carry me out to Youngs. Found him sitting up but sick. Went to bed that nite. Staid in bed a week.
Jan. 8, 1929 I was still at Youngs. Margeret washed a big washing. Was real well
She and Mary was taken that night with flu and was sick very sick.
Jan. 9 Children still sick. Up all nite with them.
Jan 10, 1929. All still sick. I got up feeling fine but by noon I was real sick with flu. That nite I had chill. Sick as I could be. Margerite and Mary was sick still. Jim was taken that Jan. 10 with flu. Jan. 11 got up. I was sick and Steve Hubbard came by. I sent Collie word to come for me. He did. It was raining hard. I had a hot fever with flu but I came home. Stoped at Julias until last nite. Jan. 16, 1929. Neal ______ me home. It hasn’t hurt me so far.

Julia was so kind to me. I sure do miss her. J.C. & Inez was taken with flu last nite.
(Julia was wife of William H. Martin and they had children including J. D. and Inez.  The Martin family was listed consecutively with the Millie D. McIntosh household on the 1930 Census.

Jan. 17, 1929 got up feeling pretty good. Barney is sick.

Neil and Collie and Tip are at Junction. Minnie brought up dry weather with a little calf today. Vera has finished washing dishes. Spent afternoon all alone. Neil came in at 6 o’clock real sick with flue. He had some shinny but did not drink it.
Jan. 18, 1929 All got up sick but not bad. I hope Collie and Barney has gone to the junction to carry tractor home. Vera and I had bad dreams this morn. I’m through cleaning up. Set a hen on 10 eggs at 9 o’clock. Wind blew alday. Rained after nite.

Jan. 19, 1929 Neil is still real sick. It is fair up to 3 0’clock p.m. at nite and still fair. Neil and Vera are both sick. Barney has gone to a ball game at Coy.
Jan. 20, 1929 all still sick but feeling some better except Vera. She has high fever. Inez and J.C. is better. Young came up this morning and brought Jim. He is just up from flu. Collie was threatened with gall stones last nite but feels better today. I fell through the floor this morn. Skined my leg and hurt me bad. I cooked collards for dinner. They was good to me. Little Harvey Holley also came up with Young and Jim. He has had flu too. Young and Marguerite and children came this afternoon. Neil is better. J.C. and Inez too. Vera still has fever. At 7 o’clock tonight Collie and Minnie is gone to Mrs. Reaves.

Jan. 21, 1929. All feel better. Vera took Calomel (?) and is feeling fine. I won’t let her get up. Mr. _____came by today and brought Vera some fresh tomatoes from Fla. Barney has an awful cough. It is now bed time. Collie and Minnie and children have just left. Minnie had bad headache. I hope we all have a good nites rest. Julia came up before bedtime said hers was ___

I forgot to put down something I got about. So I put it here. Jan 19, 1929.

1 bottle turpentine 10
1 bottle caster oil 10
1 loaf bread 10
1 4 lb. bucket lard 70

Jan. 21, 1929
1 box salmon 20
1 box coca 10
1 box crackers 5

Came home full of shinny like a fool. Vera cursed because Julia wouldn’t let her go.
Jan. 26, 1929. All up ______ Not right. Nobody won’t work. Barney went down to Julia got sick from drink. Neil went to Dickersons. Got
1.24 pound sack flour,
1 gallon syrup 1.00
4 lb. lard
1 box matches
2 box rice .50
3 spools thread .15
Barney went to Ruth outlaws(?) last nite but he came home sober. Thank the Lord.
Sunday morn Jan. 27, 1929 all is well. It is raining. Inez spent the nite with me. It has rained alday. It is now 7 o’clock at nite and still rainy and cold. Thomas and _____ are down at Vera’s some ___ ______.

Jan. 21 All better. Neil got some salmons and she said she would stay until this box of salmons was opened and she did get some and left feeling good.

Jan 22, 1929. Early this morn all are feeling better. Can’t keep Neil indoors. Vera is sitting up in bed writing up her diary. Barneys cough is some better. I am through with breakfast. Spent an awful day, felt bad. All sick. Vera sat up some. Billie Tait came about sundown and brought her some oranges. Collie and Minnie went to Monroeville to show Barney and James. Went to Hicks to get truck. Didn’t get it. Barney got with Percy McCants and got drunk. Came in at 10 o’clock sick as he could be. Julia got something in her eye. Came up here at 9 o’clock at nite for us to get it out but we couldn’t. so at 11 o’clock, I lay down heart broken.

Jan. 23, 1929. Got up all feeling better. Barney was sober. Vera got up and went down to her home. All still improving. Neil cleaned the old shelter away today. I carried Mays meal home this afternoon. It is now 8 o’clock at nite and it is raining. Good nite.

Jan. 24, 1929. Rained alnite up until 7 o’clock this morn. Now it is turning cold and is nearly fair. Neal fixed Vera’s shoes. Collie and Minnie at dinner here. Barney has gone up to the store (Clara Bursons). Vera has gone home. I have headache. I have been down to Julias. Barney went to a dance at ____ last nite. Came home full of shinny like a fool.

Jan. 28, 1929 All is well. Too wet to work. At noon Collie Neil and Barney sawed garden post and put them around garden. Neal hauled pin and me and Neil sliped off and sawed some home wood. Mattie McGillbery came down here. I was real glad to see her.
Jan. 29, 1929. All is well. Minnie and Vera went to see Emma (?). She is real sick. Julia whipped Wilburn.
Jan. 31, 1929 All is well of the flu. Young and Marguerite and children came up here tonite. They was well.
Feb. 1, 1929. Collie bought new trailer. Him and Neil and Barney hauled logs all this week.
Feb. 2, 1929. Sat nite cold and raining. We have a good fire. So I’m not cold. Barney got Collies car tonite went over and got Pat Nettles and went to the show in Camden. Got home at 10:30 o’clock. Gladys and Vera came up here at 12 o’clock tonite to get Julia some aspirin for headache.
Feb. 3, 1929 Young and family ____ today with me.
Feb. 4, 1929 Raining.
Feb. 5 Still raining thundered and lightened that nite.
Feb. 6 Still raining and cold. Mr. Nite (?) died today and was buried .
Feb. 4, 1929 Neil went to Dickensons and got groceries.
24 lb. sack flour
8 lb. bucket lard
1 gallon syrup
2 cans salmons
1 peck irish potatoes
Feb. 8 Neil cut mulberry tree down today. Cleaned it all up and has gone to hunt. My hay(?) Neil has come can’t find my hogs.
Feb. 9, 1929 cloudy and raining. About 3 o’clock P.M. Elders Max and Johnson came. Mr. Ward brought them from the steel bridge in his car. It was so nice of him to pick them up. We had preaching that nite. Barney and Eugene came in about 9 o’clock for Vera to go with them to Marguerites house. Tip would not let her go because it was too late.
Feb. 10, 1929 all are well. It is still very cold but fair. Had sacrament meeting this morn at 11 o’clock. Preaching that eve at 2 o’clock. Young and Margret was here. Jim and Mary too. After preaching Barney came for Vera to go to Margrets or I mean Billie and Charles and Barney Augusta Martin and Mr. Ward came but was too late for preaching but came back tonite. We had preaching at 7 o’clock.

Feb. 11, 1929 Cold and fair ground frozen. Elders spent today with me. Had preaching at Tips home tonite. Had a real large crowd. Mr. Ward came and brought Augusta her dad and Annie Laurie. Elder Mark preached. A good sermon on the second coming of Christ. Hattie May Lambrecht was here too. James is out of school for nothing. J.C. too. You had better go to school.
(Harriett Mary "Hattie Mae"  Lambrecht daughter of John Godfrey Lambrecht, Jr. )

Feb. 12, 1929. Still very cold and fair. Elders ate dinner with Minnie. Left at one o’clock to over to Mrs. Henderson’s. Tip and J.C. went part of the way with them. Collie, Barney and Neil sawed lumber today. Vera spent the day at Ned Tait. Julia Minnie and I went up to Mays this eve. Mr. Thompson had a spill Feb. 13, 1929. Collie sawed at mill. Minnie had scrubing done. All is well. Today is fair. They had a dance at Julia’s tonite. Mattie came a few minutes this afternoon.
Feb. 14, 1929. It is fair. Collie sawed at mill. Minnie made my dress today. I am blue, so blue. Barney went to Ruth Outlaws tonight.
Feb. 15, 1929. Rained _____ last nite and still raining this morning. It has rained alday and it is now 7 o’clock at nite and still raining. Aunt Lucy brought me a pitcher of milk today. Vera is going with Charles to party at Tillis tonite. Vera got back at 12 o’clock at nite and it is raining. Mad with Charles.

Feb. 16, 1929. Still raining. Rained up until noon turning cold and cloudy. Neil and Barney sawed some wood. We went back to Tips to hear the ________. Barney and Vera didn’t get to go to the party at Mrs. Newells.
Feb. 17 Cold and partly cloudy all is well. Young and family came up here. Neil got Collies car and went to his mamma. Came in about 4 o’clock. Barney went home with Young to get him a job at Vredenburg.

Feb. 18, 1929 Monday. Fair and cold. Barney carried Youngs car to Camden.
Feb. 19, 1929. Still very cold. Neil covered my crib with tin. Barney and Young went to Camden. Vera went to Junction last nite. Very imprudent.

Feb. 20, 1929. very warm and raining. Been raining alday. Neil frilled up my old pit(?) for me. It is now 8 o’clock and still raining. Barney didn’t come home tonite. Eugene came for Vera and she went to something at Jordons.
Feb. 21, 1929. Real cold. I’m so blue I can’t eat. It is nearly fair. It is still cold.
Feb. 22, 1929. Faired off. All the young folk went to a party at Ned Taits.

Feb. 23, 1929. Fair and cold. Set hen this eve at 4 o’clock. Neil is working on stall. I went up ______. Barney came home from Youngs. He is dressed up and gone again. All are gone.

Feb. 24, 1929 cloudy and looks like rain. Everybody gone. Young and family haven’t come. Barney came in long enough to get his milk and right out. Lonely Sunday. We spent awhile at Julias.

Feb. 25, 1929. Partly cloudy and very windy. Collie, Neil and Barney cut logs for ______. Sawed them ____ in lumber this PM. Minnie had us eat dinner with her today. She is very uneasy about her sister Emma. Julia and Tip beded potatoes. It now getting late and looks like rain.

Feb. 26, 1929.Started to rain at 5 o’clock last nite. Rained alnite. Has rained alday today. Inx went down to her home and brought us some collards and onions. We cooked them for supper. We all ate and enjoyed it. Neil and Inez cooked 2 eggs a piece. Toda is my birthday. Inez gave me a pencil. All I got for a birthday present. It is now 6 o’clock and still raining.

Feb. 27, 1929. Rained alnite and still raining at noon today. Sun shines a little sometimes. Plenty of water everywhere. Neil went to Thompsons and got some turnips for dinner. They was sure nice. Neil and his pal took a stroll to the creek this a.m. Tip is working on his well. It must be caved in. Wind blew hard and had a big rain and thunder and lightning all the first part of tonite.

Feb. 28, 1929. At day lite it was misting rain, cloudy almorning. Faired off at noon. Is real cool. Neil went and cut some rich pine. I went to Julias got a good glass of milk. Barney has gone to Camden. Minnie is up at her mothers.

March 1, 1929 Beautiful fair day up until 3 o’clock got cloudy and looked like rain. Vera and Barney went to Camden tonite to a ballgame. Coy beat. Minnie spent today at Emmas making arrangements to send with her to hospital. Collie, Neil and Barney sawed 60 logs by noon. Young and Margaret came up last nite and was so glad to see Jim and Mary. It has been 2 weeks since I had seen them. So Julia and her family, Collie and his family, Young and his family was all here. I was real glad they all came at one time.

March 2, 1929 Fair and pretty. Collie and Neil sawed logs until noon. Minnie went back to see Emma and carried Issie. They decided not to take her to hospital. Collie and children stayed alday with me. Neil went to Dickinsons and for:
1 24 lb. sack flour
1 8 lb. bucket lard
50 cents worth sugar
1 peck Irish potatoes
10 cents kerosene

Barney stayed at home. Vera went to a party at Tillies.

March 3, 1929 Fair and pretty up until noon. Young and Margueritte came and spent the day. It was cloudy all afternoon. Began to rain at 7 o’clock tonite. Pat McCants died yesterday. Wa buried today at 3 o’clock. Minnie heard today they would not take Emma to hospital but had Dr. McMillan with her and she was feeling better. Jerry Farr and Alvin Holley came for Neil to go sit up with Mrs. Finklea who is very sick. Barney went off. Vera and me was her alone and I hard someone pass close to the house humming a pretty tune. Scared me so bad. I would not move. Barney came in a few minutes and I was glad. At 10:30 o’clock I got up and cooked him some biscuits and eggs. Went to bed but didn’t sleep much.
(Jerry Farr is Jerry Audabon Pharr who married Maggie Laura (Finklea) (Holley) Pharr.  Alvin Holley is the son of Maggie Laura (Finklea) and her first husband, Cally Holley. He was a brother to Neil Claude Holley.  Alvin L. Holley married Minnie Laura Geck.   They later moved to Colquitt Co., GA where Alvin L. Holley died 16 Feb. 1989)

Mar 4 1929. Commence to rain last nite at 9 o’clock. Rained alnite and alday today. Creeks and branches are out everywhere. Neil can’t get home today. Julia and family came up tonite because it was so bad. We all went to bed and it is still raining. Woke up at 12 o’clock and the wind was blowing hard and cold.

Mar 5 1929. Rained some today but seems that is going to fair off. Barney went down to meet mail man at backwater this morn. He (Carrier) can’t cross. Barney brought Minnie ____ to her victrola.

Collie, Barney, Minnie, James, Vera and Ernestine have gone to see Emma. It is now 4 o’clock and Neil hasn’t come home yet. Wind blew hard. Until dark.

March 6, 1929. Fair and cold. Minnie made my dress. We all went up to Minnies to Victrola tonite. Neil hasn’t come home yet. Guess Mrs. Finklea is no better. Inez and I stayed here by ourselves until 12 o’clock.
(The Mrs. Finklea mentioned here is Carolina Virginia "Jennie" (Farish) Finklea, the widow of John Ebenezer Finklea and the geat grandmother of Dave Rayburn.  She was the daughter of Hazelwood Buckner "Wood" Farish and Ellen Elizabeth Williams.  After her husband, John Ebenezer Finklea died in Teneha, Shelby Co., TX in 1897, Carolina Virginia returned to Alabama where she lived until her death.)

March 7, 1929 Still fair and cold. I sent up to Miss Clara’s and got me a pair of shoes $3.50. Neil came home at 1 o’clock. Mrs. Finklea is no better. Barney has gone to Minnie’s. I am all alone as usual. Neil is down at Julias.

March 8, 1929. Neil is real sick with a cold. Clara Burson (?) came by here for him to go back to Lauras(?) He left at 8:20 o’clock. Collie came out at 11 o’clock to take him but was glad he got a way to go. So I’m disappointed. I didn’t get to go. Barney and Vera went to a dance at Jordans last nite. Inez and I was all alone until 12:30.

March 9, 1929 Got up early. Thought I would get to go to see Mrs. Finklea but didn’t so now it is raining and I don’t know when I can go. Minnie and Collie have gone to Coy to get some oxens to pull in pileing with. Young and family came up. They started back to Vredenburg. I was going home with them. We got out of gass. Had to come back home. Stayed alnite.

Straw hat .89
2 Sunday shirts 3.70
2 work shirts 1.78
2 suits underwear 2.00

Mar 10, 1929 Got up early. Young got gass from Collie. We went to Vredenburgh. Stayed there awhile and Young carried me to Jerry Farrs to see Mrs. Finklea was very sick. I sat up with her alnite Sunday nite. Alvin and Neil too sat up with me.
(Jerry Farrs is Jerry Audabon Pharr and Mrs. Finklea was his mother-in-law, Caroline Virginia (Farish) Finklea.
Alvin and Neil are Alvin L. Holley and Neil Claude Holley, sons of Maggie Laura (Finklea) (Holley) Pharr and her first husband, Cally Holly.)

March 11, 1929 Mrs. Finklea still very sick. Stayed alday today with her. Minnie Reaves came in abaout 4 o’clock and we both sat up with her. She is no better. Dr came in about 5 o’clock. Has no hopes for her. Commence to rain about 7 o’clock tonite. Rained alnite.

March 12, 1929. Still raining this morning. Sick lady no better. We worked with her alday up until 2o’clock. Dr came said she was no better. I cam with Alvin as far as Youngs. Had to stay alnite as it was still raining. Rained alnite.

March 14 Still raining. We got up early. Young started home with us. Got to Bonners Creek could not cross. Went back stayed until noon, then Young brought Neil and I home. Miss Fannie came from Herries. Said sick lady was no better. Still raining. Tip and Collie went to Monroeville got back about 4 o’clock and it is still raining. Julia and her family stayed up here alnite. It was a bad nite thundering and lightening and an awful rain. Collie and Minnie and children came down about one o’clock for it looked so bad it was at nite.

Mar 15 Water everywhere but not raining. All well but blue over so much water.

March 16 Still fair. Hear Brewton and Castleberry was under water. Collie got Tip Farish to haul his piling down to road. It is impossible for him to get to load a car. Young came up today, tore his car up and can’t get it fix.

Mar 17 Fair and real cool Old sow found pigs. Young still has not got his car fixed.

March 18. Still fair. No car fixed yet. I helped Young to repull his motor. Vera and Julia helped. Everybody seems worried. I know I am. It is now nite and Young had to get Collies car to go home in. Miss Fannie and Maude came from Bursons to go with him. Jim was up here with his dady.

March 19, 1929 Fair and pretty.
Mar 20 Still fair all is well.
March 21 Cloudy and raining. Collie was loading piling I the rain.
March 22, 1929 Cloudy and raining a little. Henry Lofton came up and told us Mrs. Finklea was dead. Neil has taken Youngs car and gone out there. A Baptist preacher buried her. She was sick about 4 weeks.
(Mrs. Finklea is Caroline Virginia (Farish) Finklea.  She died at Vredenburgh, Monroe Co., AL.  The date of death Mach 22, 1929 is in agreement with her death certificate.  She is buried in Reaves Methodist Chapel Cemetery, Wilcox Co., Al.)

March 23, 1929. Rained alnite last nite. Partly fair today. My cows and calfs got together last night. Neil went to Vicks this eve with Billie Vaughn(?) I hunted my cows but can’t find them. Barney went off with Bill Tait at noon.

Mar 24, 1929 Beautiful day. Collie lost his mule today. An awful loss. Young carried me down to Gulletts Bluff to see backwater.Ffirst time I had been there in 25 years. Water was not as high as it was in 1886. Vera went to ride and got her eye hurt. Such is life.

Mar 25, 1929 All is well. Partly cloudy. Can’t find the horse to plough up my garden. All seem happy over it. Found horse, ploughed garden. Have planted but no stand.

April 1, 1929. All working bassackward.

April 6 Had to go back to Dr.

April 8 Neil is planting corn. I have not been up to Minnies since last Sat. She has been real sick with bronchial pneumonia but is better today. Minnie was worse.

April 8 Minnie better. I am still with her. The buffalo nats (?) are awful today. We need rain.

April 11, 1929 Elders Hanson and Watkins came today. Neal is driving a tractor for Dickenson. Collie went to Repton today. Minnie is better. Elder Hansen is sick.
April 14. Neil is driving truck for Collie. He is up there for dinner.

Sat. April 20 Had a good dinner but no please ____ for me.

April 23 Through hauling pileing. Loading car.

April 24 Have had dewberry pie. Neil is ploughing corn and peas and cane. Elders came to Julias last nite. Goodman and Redish, Mrs. Martin came with them. Barney went off to Selma Sunday nite. I am so worried I can hardly live. ( I went to the school house April 19 to see Tillie Augusta, chas and Alvin graduate. They did well. I went to the graveyard decoration.

Apr 30 Rained near alday.

May 5, 1929 All 5 days have been partly fair and cloudy. The last day of April there was a hail storm in Camden and Oak Hill ______ _______ was as large as baseballs. Elder Hansen and Watsins came through this way. Left May the 3.

May 9 Elder Cox, Max, Redish and Mr. Max came to Julias about 8:30 o’clock. Elder Cox came up and woke us all up and we went down to Julias and had some pretty singing all broke up at 12 o’clock and went home.

May 10 They all left in Mr. Max car for Birmingham. Old John Shannon came and got cows.

May 11 We have all worked up until 12 o’clock today. It is now nite. All went up to Minnies and enjoyed an ice cream festival. Came home at 12 o’clock. But we all did eat cream until all was filled, just Tip and Julia and their children Young and Marguerite and their children, me and my children and Aunt Lucy and Pat. Then we left cream Sunday.

May 12,1929 All is well. Had ice cream at Minnies. Julia and Tip spent the day up there. I came home and cooked dinner. Young and Marguerite came about 4 o’clock and about 7:30 p.m. We went to or rather Young and Marguerite carried Neil and myself to Junction to see train pass. It was pretty. Neil went to Strickland (?) and got us a Nehi. Got home at 8:30 p.m. Inez went home with Young to stay until Wed. nite after movie.

Mon. May 13, 1929. All is well. Neil ploughed until noon. Collie and Barney went to woods. They have all gone this p.m. to the woods.

May 14. All is well. Minnie and James chopped (?) cotton. I helped them a little.

May 15 All is well. But need rain very bad.

May 16 All is well. Barney has gone off to play ball. Neil has gone to ____ with _____ and had supper. Went to Julias awhile.

May 18 Real cold. Had to have fire.

May 22 Neil and Collie are getting pilling. Barney has gone with Billie Tait to Buena Vista to Mr. Hertles(?) burying.

May 23 Neil and Collie is still getting piling. Barney is gone to a picnic tonite.

May 24 All is well. Collie and Neal still getting pileing. Barney is gone. I don’t know where but I guess to Taits. Collie and Neal came from work at 4 o’clock. Collie was bathing and took another attack of that kidney collie. We had to have Dr. Bonner. Billie and Barney was going to Camden and left here at 9 p.m. and Dr. was here by ten o’clock. He (Dr.) gave him a hyperdermic and relieved him at once. He slept all nite and is doing fine today.

May 25, 1929. Neil had to go to woods along. He _____ 4 pileings. Came home at 10 o’clock. Ate dinner. He got the mule and is sweeping his corn this afternoon. Barney hasa gone back to Taits. Tip helped Neil plough his corn today.

May 26 Sunday All is well. Had a good rain.

May 27. Collie and Neil went to Sanford McMurphys. Got potato plants. We set out our patch and had some vines left. Gave them to Aunt Lucy and Tip. Neil and Collie sawed pileing up until today.

Friday, May 31, 1929 They went to the woods today. Got mad about something. Neil came to the house. Would not tell me anything but he has gone to Camden walking. I don’t know for what. He came back today. Neil ploughed ____ out of corn by noon. This eve we all sat around. Young and Marguerite and children came up tonite.

Sunday, June 2, 1929All is well.. Minnie Reaves came up and spent the day with me. After dinner she and I went up to Minnie McIntosh awhile then down to Julias.

June 3, 1929 All is well. Neil got Collies truck. Went after groceries. Wrecked the truck. It threw him about 10 feet. James staid on until it ran in a ditch and broke down. ____ Came home and rested all the p.m. Went to work.

Tuesday, June 4, 1929 has been working all this week up to today.

June 5, 1929.

June 6, 1929. It is real cold today or this morning. A new man came today to get pileing.

June 7, 1929. All is well. All working hard.

June 8 All is well.

June 9, 1929. All is well. We all went to walk this eve. Came back.

June 10, 1929 All got up went to work. Tip and J.C. helped Neil plough over his corn. I hoed garden and cane and planted 6 rows of June corn in the garden.

June 11, 1929 I helped Neil hoe sweet potatoes after dinner. We went and pick some nice berries. Put up 3 jars.

June 12, 1929. I got up early so Neil could plough potatoes. He did. Now we want a good rain which is very much needed.

June 17. No rain yet. All anxius to see it rain. Collie and Neil have gone to the woods to work awhile. I have been very sick but Im feeling a little better this morn. I____ _____
Sat. nite. Julia sent me a nice dinner chicken and rice and other dainties.

June 17 Feeling bettr. Cooked dinner aboaut 4 o’clock. We had a nice little rain but not enough. After rain was over 3 girls came up dressed like men in away only more ridiculous. They went off up the road to show themselves to men. A sin the sight of God.

Neil and Margaret came near getting drowned.

June 18 All is well Everybody is busy trying to do something. I had butterbeans for dinner. Collie and Neil has gone to ____ pileing for Mr. Ernous (?). Barney won’t go and work. Vera and Margaret was on the horses and old Joe ran away and scared Vera.

June 19, 1929. All crazy today. Neal planted watermelons this morn. Came in is gone off with Emmons. I don’t know where. I ate ripe tomato this morn. Minnie whipped James and I’m mad. Poor little fellow. It hurt him. The 111 dog has ____ come in now. They would not help Emmons because they are slow about paying them.

June 20, 1929 No rain yet. Thunder but don’t rain. It is as fair as can be now. Collie and James are planting June corn in bottom today. Neil is hoeing the peas. Barney is eating and sleeping. I’m cooking dinner.

June 1929 Sent mess of fresh meat by Clara (?) Lee. I had 2 ripe tomatoes for dinner. Vera went for ride with Brent Prim (?). He gave her a fine mellon. She went to a picnic last night with him I guess. No rain yet.

June 21, 1929 No rain all____. I’m blue, so much frolicking. Vera has gone with Brent to go in walking. All came back

June 22, 1929 No rain but it is thundering. I do hope it rains. I’m through with dinner. Had butter beans and ripe tomatoes. Fair and got no rain. All still idle. Young and Margarite and children came up and stayed until bedtime.

June 23, 1929 No rain yet. All is well. I had peas for dinner. Young and family was here Sat. around alday. No one else came.

June 24 Commenced to rain today at noon. Has rained a nice slow rain and at dark it is still raining. So good on corn.

June 25 Still raining today. I went up to Mays(?) to get some lard and ate some good honey. It is now noon_____

June 26, 1929. Still raining at noon today. We are all out of groceries. I got tennis shoes June 2, 1929 and two pair of stockings.

July 3, 1929 Collie feels some better. He and Neil have gone back to work in woods. Julia had a general cleaning up yesterday. Minnie turned old Dry Weather’s calf with her this morning. It looks so bad. We had a nice rain.

July 4, 1929. Al is well ____________________ Had another big rain today. Neil and I went to Collie’s mellon patch. Came home and I went to Aunt Lucy’s to church and a cloud came up and I did not finish churning.

July 5, 1929 All is well. Nobody at work. An idle mind is the devil’s work shop. I planted black peas in garden today and ˝ row of butter beans.

July 17, 1929 Vera is still sick and it is raining.

July 18, 1929 Still raining everyday.

July 19, 1929 Vera is still sick. Tip went to Dr. Cannon and got Vera some medicine. She is clear of fever. I think I am going to ____ with Minnie again tonite at 12 o’clock.

July 20, 1929 Vera is better. Still in bed. Billie Tait came home from Selma today. Can’t open his mouth. Chas came home from Texas today.

July 21, 1929 Sunday all is better. Vera sat up today. Peachy Prim(?) went to Camden and brought her some cream (?)

Aug. 19, 1929 Neil went to work for ______, worked one week. He didn’t like negro boss so he quit.

Sat. Aug. 26, 1929 He went to pick cotton for ____ Thompson. We are having lots of rain.

Aug. 28, 1929. I picked cotton for Tip. Dry and fair.

Aug. 29, 1929 Picked cotton for Tip. Tip hauled his first bale of cotton today.

Aug. 20, 1929 Fair and real cool. All is well as far as I know. Picked ____pounds of cotton by 10 o’clock. Had dinner Sat. around all afternoon. Neil went with Collie to Junction and got ____ crew. Mr. Harris Stilling died last nite. Was buried today.

Aug. 31, 1929. All is well. Pretty wether. So cool and nice. Collie has gone to McDuffies. J. C. and Neil have gone to Camden to get a hair cur. Young and his family have started to Camden but had a flat tire. Margret Jordan is at Veras. Came home with her from party. Had a big rain this afternoon. Julia and Tip went to Vick.

Sept. 1, 1929 All is well. Got up early. Had breakfast. Mack Lambrecht spent the nite with Barney. They are down at Julia’s now at 10 o’clock. Minnie is making preparation for Jim, Tom and his family today. Mattie was sick they didn’t come.

Sept. 2, 1929. All is well. Neil had corn and peas and butterbeans and millet ______ by today. Julia and Minnie have been real busy getting children ready for school.

Sept. 3, 1929 All got up well. Children all happy over going to school. Truck came by for them at 7:30 this morn. Neal and Tip are sawing stove wood. J.C. got some from school and is hauling this eve. All came out at dark with 32 blocks of wood apiece. ____ days work isn’t it.

Sept. 4, 1929. All up feeling well. Neil and Collie have gone to Junction to load ties. It is real fogy and wet this at 6:30 a.m. o’clock. Collie came home had to go to Kimbrough to meet inspectors. Came in at noon. They went back to Junction to load ties. Cloud came up. Had a little rain.

Sept. 5, 1929 All is well. Barney has a rising. It hurts him some. Collie and Neil have gone to Junction to finish ties. ____ didn’t come home last nite. It is partly fair and cloudy.

Sept. 6 1929 Neil and Collie went to Monroeville. Got home after a big rain about 4 o’clock. Minnie is mad.

Feb. 1, 1930 Minnie was carried to the hospital. Gave birth to a fine baby girl but it is dead. Barney and Jim Tom brought it home on the 1st. And buried it the 2nd of Feb. 1930. Minnie is still at hospital. We are all very well only blue for her to come home. Collie and Jim Tom went for Minnie the 12th, 1930 but she was not able to come. Elder Cox went to the hospital to see her the same day, the 12th, then he came on down here and told us she could not come home and I was so distressed. 5 elders ate supper at Julias that nite, namely Elders Cox, Ogden, Porter, Hansen and Goodman. Had meeting and they all left at 9 o’clock for Greenville where they will hold conference the 15 and 16. We hated to see Elder Cox go as he was going home and we know we won’t see him any more. We can’t hear from Minnie and Collie no better today. The 15th night came, no news from Minnie. Neal came home this eve and Jim Farr(?) too.
Feb. 16, 1930 Sunday morn all is well. Still uneasy about Minnie. To our happy surprise Minnie and Collie _____

Jim Farr is James "Jim" Pharr the son of Jerry Audabon Pharr and Maggie Laura (Finklea) (Holley) Pharr.  Neil and Jim were half brothers.)

Feb. 21, 1930 All up early and gone to ploughing. Collie went to store and got dent(?) corn. Planted it by noon today. All came out, ate dinner and all resting. All gone to work. I am feeling bad. Looks like rain. All out from work. Ate supper and ready to go to bed.

Feb. 22, 1930 All is well. Minnie is doing fine. Feel better. All the men gone to work. It is noon. All has come for dinner. Through eating. Barney and James carried 11 doz. eggs to Vick. Got .25 cents per dozen. I got my tennis shoes and _____ ___ and some other little things.

Feb. 24, 1930 Mr. Dan Cook shot himself today accidentally. Rentz Drire(?) died today at hospital in Selma.

Feb. 26, 1930All is well. Minnie complaining some with her leg. I beded potatoes this eve. Julia helped me. We cleaned off around the garden. Julia cleaned out the fowl house. Barney and Vera have gone to a picnic at Coy.

Feb. 27, 1930 All arose well and at work. Elders Johnson and Watkins at dinner with us today. Elder Johnson killed a chicken. We have chicken pie. Collie has fixed his garden and is planting irish potatoes. Barney is breaking up cane patch. Julia brought Minnie some pies. Elders ate supper with Julia. Came up and had preaching and the Elders spent the nite at Minnie’s.

Feb. 28, 1930 All is well. Ate breakfast. Elders left for Greenville. Collie and Barney went to the swamp. Worked all day. When nite came Neil and James came and I was glad to see them. I heard tonite Barney Nettles was not expected to live. He is in hospital.

Feb. 29, 1930 All is well. Boys all ploughing. Elders Johnson and Watkins came at about eleven o’clock. We were all glad to see them. All worked alday. Had preaching tonite. Dan(?) Cook came in while we was singing. All is well and still at work. Elders came up and spent the nite with us and had preaching.

March 1, 1930 All is well and raining. Mattie came down about 9 o’clock and told me poor Barney Nettles was dead. He died at 7 o’clock a.m. It has rained alday. Neil and Barney went to feed my chickens. Old hen was gone off of eggs.

Mar 2, 1930 All up and blue. Faired off ad cold. Barney went to Barney’s burying. Margrette and Young came up and brought the children.

Mar 3, 1930 All is well. Neil and James left at 7 o’clock. We had a freeze.

Tues. Mar 4 All is well.

Wed Mar 5 1930. All is well. Collie went to Monroeville and Tip too. I planted irish potatoes, Onions and corn in garden.

Mar 6, 1930 All is well. Barney and Bear is stripping cane to plant. Collie has gone to ______ to get groceries. Minnie and I spent the day at her mothers. Had a good time. Jim Tom brought us home.

Friday, Mara 7 1930 Looking like rain. Children all gone to the tournament in Camden. All is well.

March 8, 1930 All is well and all at work. Collie stayed in field until 1 o’clock. Neil came home about 2 p.m.

March 9, 1930 Sunday morn all is well. I moved home from Collies yesterday been gone up there 5 weeks. Neil spent the day with us. Mattie came down for Barney to carry her mama to see the sick folks. Young and family spent the day at Julias. Neil left at 6 o’clock. J.C. and Wilburn stayed with me.

March 10 1930 All is well and gone to work. Collie and Barney and Bear went to swamp to plough. I planted 2 rows turnips. I planted 2 rows onions for Minnie. Julia brought me a nice piece of boiled meat.

March 11, 1930 All is well but it is raining. But all have gone to work. Vera is still in bed not going to school.

March the 12, 1930 Julia gave me a hen and 10 little chickens. A setting of white leghorn eggs. I set hen today at eight o’clock. Elders Johnson and Watkins came about 12:30. We was glad to see them. I planted Minnies cabbage and tomatoes and squash. I planted my squash too.

March the 12 1930 All is well. I ate dinner at Julias. Had a good dinner. I ironed the Elders shirts. Barney came for dinner. Elders ate supper with me. Had preaching at Collies.

Mar 13, 1930 I spent the day with Mattie. I had a nice time. The Elders left early going to Frisco City. We went to Camden twice. She brought me home about 4 o’clock. I ran around to see the children. Cooked supper. Mack Lambrecht came up to see Vera and stayed until 10 o’clock. Young and family came too.

March 14, 1930 Minnie is ________. I planted my tomato seed. Mrs. Burson gave me lower end of the row for the Brimmer Seed.

March 15, 1930 I set a hen on 15 eggs Julia gave me. Wilburn went to mill for me. Lonely alday. Neil came home about 5 o’clock. Stayed until Sunday Eve.

March 16 Pretty weather. Cooked dinner. Young and family came up awhile p.m.

March 17 1930 All is well. Boys planted Collie a row of white cane and gone to swamp.

March 18 All is well and it is raining. Been pouring since noon. Im so lonesome. Rained alnite.

March 19, 1930 Turning cold. Too wet to plough. Collie has gone to haul pulpwood. Barney did not go. Minnie and Barney carried 17 dozen eggs to Vicks and got 20 cents. They all went to swamp for Collie.

March 20, 1930 All is well. All gone to work. Fair and cold. Had frost. Too wet to plough.

Mar 21, 1930 Cold and cloudy. Young and Margret and the children came up to spend the nite. It is now 6 o’clock and raining and cold too.

Mar 22, 1930 Still raining. Rained alnite. Young and family are still with me. Neil came home about dark tonite.

Mar 23 1930 Neil is real sick from typhoid shots. It is still cloudy and cold. Neil ____ at 6 o’clock tonite. Barney went home with Billy and Dell. Chas. Is sick.

Mar 24, 1930 All is well. Collie has gone to Franklin to see Carl Watson. Barney had to walk out of swamp for his dinner. I made my quilt lining this eve. Collie left his car at Franklin broke down. Mattie came down a little while this eve. It is now 8 o’clock and Barney and I am all alone and so lonesome. It is thundering.

Mar 25, 1930 Had a big rain last nite. Cold and cloudy today up until 2 o’clock. Collie and Bonnie went for Collies car at Franklin. Came in about eleven o’clock. Ate dinner and are working on car. Polian (?) is hauling wood for it is almost freezing. Tip and Polian hauled fertilizer this morn from Junction. Polian hauled me a load of pine and stove wood today. Collie and Barney fixed car alright. It is cold at 7 o’clock tonite.

March 26 All is well. Still cloudy and cold.

March 27, 1930 All is well. Still raining and very cold. Collie and Barney smoked the mule for distemper. All ate early supper and went to bed. Julia spent the nite with me. I was glad.

March 29, 1930 All is well. It was fair this morning but is cloudy now and there was ice. All the folks are gone. Im so sad and blue. It is nite and Neil hasn’t come. He may be sick.

Mar 30 1930 All is well. Collie, Minnie, Julia, Tip, Horace, Young, Margret, Him, Mary and me all went to the swamp. It is still real cold.

Mar 31, 1930 All is well. Neil did not come home at all. All busy planting corn. Barney and me went down to ___ sit awhile tonite. Mattie and crowd came to practice for the serenade. I set big hen on 18 eggs.

April 1 1930 All is well. All got up early and are still planting corn. Got through at 4 o’clock p.m. Collie worked in his garden today. Planted beans, butter and English peas. Polian ploughed it. I hoed mine. Mattie McGillbery and a bunch went serenading tonite.

April 2, 1930 All is up early to go to work. Looks very much like rain. I cooked dinner up at Collies. It is raining. Rained alnite.

April 3, 1930 No one can work. Too wet. Julia and her folks came up at 2 o’clock last nite from _______. Barney made door steps and hauled gravel. Polion helped him. Collie and Minnie went off to Junction. Minnies mamma gave her a pretty dress. Vera went home with Dell Tait.

April 4, 1930 All is well. Minnie Chandler came around taking census today. Collie got a ˝ barrel flour and 50 lbs. lard. Barney and Polion are working on pasture fence. Sock Reaves horse brok his leg today. They had to kill him. Julia is spending the nite with me tonite.

April 5 1930 All is well. Polian carried 3 ˝ doz. Eggs to store for me. Neil hasn’t come yet and it is one o’clock. He and James and Clara Farr came about 3 o’clock. I was not looking for him.

(James and Clara Farr (Pharr) were children of James Audabon Pharr and Maggie Laura (Finklea) (Holley) Pharr.

April 6, 1930 All is well. Spent a very pleasant day. We all went to Geck place and got some sweet shrubbery. Young and Margret spent the day at Julias. Neil sold Tip his car today (Sunday). Shame on you. Neil and _____ and James left about 6 o’clock p.m. I spent a few hours with Mrs. Farr last nite. Neil got a cow in the car trade.
(Mrs. Farr would be Maggie Laura (Finklea)(Holley) Pharr.

April 7 1930 All is well and at work. Collie planted melons. I fertilized my garden. Set out cabbage plants and tomatoes. Julia and her children fertilized her garden.

April 8 All are up early and gone to work. We went with Collie to Sookey place. He broke us up a pea and millet patch.

April 8 1930 All is well. Barney and Bear have gone to haul ____. Collie is fixing everything to plant cotton. I helped Julia plant her beans.

April 9, 1930 Bear gone for more fertilizer. Barney ploughed my garden. They planted cotton this Eve.

April 10, 1930 All is well. Got up early. Still planting cotton.

April 11 All is well. Still planting cotton. I planted snapbeans and butter beans, 3 hills of melons.

April 12, 1930 Finished planting cotton today at 10 o’clock up here.

April 15, 1930 All is well. Got up early and had breakfast. Neil came last nite. He spent today here. Tip carried him to Camden tonite. Young and Margret and children spent the day here too.

April 14, 1930. all up and gone to swamp to plant cotton. We shut up cows today. Collie came to dinner with head ache.

April 15 All well except myself. Feel bum(?). All gone to swamp to plant cotton. I washed today. Marguerittes baby boy was born April 15. Weighed 11 ˝ pounds. I am real sick.

April 16 Planted peas and millet. Still sick. Young came for me this morn.

April 17 I was at Youngs Julia and Tip and family came out to Youngs last nite.

April 18, 1930 Still at Youngs. Margueritte and baby doing fine. I didn’t get to go home . Had no lites.

April 19, 1930 At youngs. Came home at 4 o’clock p.m. Found all well. Mr. Rob Kennedy died last nite. Was buried this eve at 3. Dark came and Neil didn’t come home. Barney was gone too. Julia went up to see Mattie.

April 20, 1930 All is well and sleepy Neil and James came in about 8:20 a.m. I was glad to see them. Buford Lee and Ernestine are jumping the rope and I tried it and jumped several times for the first time in 40 years and I am 60 years old. Neil threw the rope for Ernestine.

April 21, 1930 All is well. Neil and James spent the nite. Left this morn at 4 o’clock. Collie and Barney went to swamp to work. Minnie and Barney went to McCartys. Carried 3 ˝ doz eggs for me. Barney got me a nice pair of shoes. He suffered with toothache.

April 22, 1930 All is well. Very dry. No rain in 3 weeks. Up with work.

April 23, 1930 All is well. Still dry. I went ____ at school house. It was fine.

April 24, 1930 All is well. Went back to school house.

April 25, 1930. All is well. Went to school.. All danced. I did not like it much. Barney was drinking.

April 26, 1930 All is well. Sure awful day. Dry. I am through working and am lonesome. It is 3 p.m. and Im all alone. Neil and James came about four o’clock. It is still dry ___torn page___. Neil and James left tonight at 7:30 p.m. walking. Barney came in at 12 o’clock.

April 28, 1930 All is well and the men folks are giving (?) off cotton. No rain. Children have gone to pick a dewberry field. Neil picked me some yesterday. Im cooking turnips for dinner. ____torn page _____ with dinner. Took a nap. Still no rain. The boys bared (?) off cotton alday. About sundown_______ by for Barney to go off with him. Of course, he went.

April 29, 1930 All is well and at work. No rain yet. Issie came by and spent a little while with me.

April 30, 1930 all is well. Still very dry. 4 weeks since we have had a drop of rain. Vera carried me up to Matties to spend the day. Had a good time and a good dinner. We rode down to Coy after dinner and went to Ms. Rents(?) Mattie brought me home.

May 1, 1930 ____torn page____ no rain yet. All trying to work. I set out collards in garden. Look dead to me. Old Uncle Nat Freeman was buried yesterday. I ask Collie for groceries. He said he could not get it. It is hard if it is fair. (?)

May 2, 1930 All is well. No rain.

No rain. All is well.

May 5, 1930 Ernestine ___torn page ___ 4 red bugs on me. Buford caught 3 (?) Had a little rain. About 8 0’clock tonite Julia and her family came up because it was lightning.
No rain. All is blue. Still no rain at 3 o’clock. Neil came in about 3:30 p.m. All blue up at his place. No rain.Collie and Barney are chopping cotton. Neil did not go to ___torn page___ here.

May 6, 1930 No rain. Awful dry. Neil is still here hope he stays. It is now 6 o’clock p.m. Neil got J.C. to carry him to Jerry Farrs. Said he was coming back but did not.

May 7, 1930 All is well. Sprinkling rain a little bit at 7 a.m. ___torn page____. Helped Collie and Barney to chop cotton. This eve no rain.

May 8, 1930 No rain. I helpedchop cotton today.

May 9, 1930 No rain. I chopped cotton today. I have bathed and want to go to Youngs ___torn page___ go nothing tho for me to be disappointed. It is now sever o’clock and thundering but just a sprinkle of rain.

May 10, 1930 No rain. All is well. Collie and Barney cut Minnie some stove wood. I swept my yards and it is now 10 a.m. All are busy. It is now 6 o’clock __torn page___ hasn’t come home. Fishing I guess. A crowd gathered at Julias about 8 o’clock p.m. and danced till 11:30. Some crowd.

May the 12, 1930 Sunday morn. No rain. Neil did not come home. Barney went home with Billie so I am lonesome. ___torn page___

______1930 All is well. No rain. I stuck 1 row of beans this morn. Had to pour water around stick to make hole. Julia came and brought me 3 joints of stove pipe. Bless her heart. Im so poor boys are chopping cotton in swamp.

May 13, 1930 All is well and gone to swamp to chop cotton. I stuck 1 row of butterbeans this morn. Rob and Will ___torn page___ sen(?) died last Sat. Will be buried Wed. the 14. Had to go to New York to get will is why they are so long burying. We all went and picked some berries.

May 14, 1930 All is well. Julia helped me wash this morn. It rained a little last nite but is turning cold today at noon. Very dry.

May 15, 1930 Still awful dry through chopping cotton.

May 16, 1930 Awful dry. No rain. Me and Minnie helped Collie lay by his dent corn (?) this morn and planted peas in the middle. Ploughed melons and fared (?) off millet.

May 17, 1930 No rain yet. All very blue. J.C. carried my eggs to McCarlys to day. 5 doz. Neil came ___torn page___ Hufford about 3 o’clock. Barney did not get home until 11 o’clock.

May 18, 1930 No rain but cloudy. It is Sunday and it is lonesome. We sit around alday until about 6 o’clock. Collie carried Neil to Fars. Carried me, Julia, Inez, Horace, Buford to Young and Marguerite. Had headache. All the rest was nice ___torn page___.
(Fars would be the residence of Jerry Audabon Pharr.)

May 19, 1930 Got up to go to work. The good Lord sent us a good rain about 5 o’clock. It is still raining at 2 pm. We set out 4 rows of potatoes in my garden and 2 in my patch. Had to stop because it is raining. Been 7 weeks since we have had any rain. Had a good season. Elders ___torn page___ walking came about noon today. Real wet. We had preaching tonite.

May 20, 1930 All is well. Plenty of work to do. We got to finish seting out my potatoes. Collie set out his this morn. I set out collards May (Mary)(?) gave me. The Elders and Minnie, Collie, Inez and Vera have gone to get huckleberries ____torn page______

1930. My name is B.E. McIntosh. My address is: Camden, Ala R 3 Box 38

Shoes 7 ˝ Hosiery 9 ˝ Hat 7 1/8 Collar 15 ˝ Shirt (?) Coat 34 Trousers Waist 32 Length 33.

May 21, 1930 All up and well and busy. Boys sweeping up cotton at swamp. Minnie, Julia and I walked and went to Gecks to see Mattie Lofton. She is fine. Henry brought us home. Young and Margaret came and brought the new baby the first time ___torn page____Jim and Mary too came. The Elders left this morning for Monroeville.

May the 22, 1930 All is well and gone to work.

May 23 All is well and planting corn in swamp.

May 23 All is well. Had a good rain today.
May 24 All is well. Misting rain. J.C. carried 5 ˝ doz eggs to store ___torn page___ Neal and Barney came about 4 o’clock. Young and Jim came too.

May 25 1930 All is well. Young and family came and spent the day. Neil found some bees and put them in _____. Him and James Farr left at 8 o’clock.

May 26, 1930 ____torn page____ All is well. Just got home from Loftons. Mattie is sick. Julia spent the nite with Pet _____ last nite. She was real sick. Alvin came for me to go back. Mattie was worse. Has a fine baby girl. She had an awful time. D. Jones was with her.
(Alvin is Alvin L. Holley, son of Maggie Laura (Finklea)(Holley) Pharr.)

May 27, 1930 ___torn page___. Home from Lofton. Mattie is doing fine. Baby is not expected to live. Henry brought me home this morn. Minnie and I are hoeing can. It is now 1 o’clock. I’ve taken a nap. ____ came at 2 o’clock. Mrs. Reaves came. Minnie ___ _____ whipped James and ____ for going to ___torn page___. Barney and Bear are ploughing cotton.

May 28 All is needing rain again. Fixed pasture today. Mattie came down a little while this eve.

May 29, 1930 All is well. Washed this morn. Now cooked dinner. All busy.

May 30, 1930 We planted peas at Woody place this morn. And _____torn page____ hoed potatoes, then millet.

May 31, 1930 All is well. We swept yards. J.C. went to the _____ in Camden last night. Neil came in about 5 o’clock. Young worked on Collie’s car until noon then went to ball game. J. C. carried…..

July 1930 I was sure glad to see them. We had a nice rain about 2 o’clock. All left but Neil. We are lonesome. Barney, Vera, Inez and Marie just got in from there camping trip since Thursday. Report an excellent time.

July 12 1930 2 doz and ˝ eggs. I got 1 12 lb. sack flour .50

July 14, 1930 All is well and at work. Neil did not go last nite. He will go sometime today. Looks like rain.

July 15, 1930 All is well. Neil left yesterday p.m. It is lonesome when he leaves.

July 16, 1930 Minnie and I hoed cane. All are in swamp at work. We have laid our crop by.

July 17, 1930. All is well. No news. Need rain bad.

July 18, 1930 All is well and _______ So tired and blue. Worked this morn. I’ve got the itch. Im full of sulfer and grease. So nasty. I hope no one comes. Jim Jones and his family came and ____ too. I was ironing. I had to fly and put on another dress. They left at 7 o’clock p.m. Im all alone at 8 o’clock. Julia came up and spent the nite. About 12 o’clock Barney, Mack, Neil, James came in from Camden and was so worried. Nothing to give them to eat but poor me, I got up at ___ o’clock and _____ enough for breakfast.

July 18, 1930 All is well. Some ____ some at home. Neil and I are here. There was no room in the car or he would be gone. I got me a new pair of cotton stockings today. J. C. carried 1 ˝ doz eggs to store for me and got me ____ and stockings. Neil is here with me. He said he was going home or rather to Jerrys. Young and family came to spend the night. I did not have any groceries. They spent the nite. Collie brought me a few groceries aboaut 10 o’clock tonite. Neil went to Camden with him and Minnie and didn’t come home with them. I don’t know why.

July 19, 1930 Sold 1 doz ˝ eggs. Got me 1 pair stocking .25 and 1 box matches .05. Neil sold 1 ˝ doz eggs to Dan Cook. Got 35 cents.

July 20, 1930 All up and well. So lonesome. Young and family are still here. I am glad they came. Jim and Mary are so sweet. We had dinner and it is so hot today. Rained around places but not here. Im so blue.

July 21, 1930 All crazy. I think no one knows what to do. So hot and dry. Barney ploughed my cane. We hoed potatoes. So hot and dry.

July 22, 1930 Still hot and dry.

July 23, 1930 Still hot and dry. Thundering. Hope we get a good rain.

July 24, 1930 Hot and dry. Old John fell in spring and drowned last nite the 23rd about 5 o’clock. We got a big rain for which we are so thankful.

July 25, 1930 All is well. Neil came home about 8 o’clock this morn. I was glad to see him. He has come to stay a week or two. He is proud to get home.

July 26 1930. Awful hot but everything looks better since the rain.

July 27, 1930 All is well and it is so hot. All just sit around and fan. Young and his family came up in the p.m. Jim wanted to stay but Margret would not let him.

July 28, 1930 All are well. Awful hot. Need more rain. Neil and J.C. went to river to fish but a cloud came up so they came home. We had a big rain and a bad cloud. Children was all her except Barney and Young and his family.

July 29, 1930 Awful hot. No rain today. Neil and J.C. have gone to hunt a bee tree (?).
Barney is gone as _____. Julia is canning peaches. Did not find tree.

July 30, 1930 All is well. Thundering. Hope it don’t rain.

July 31, 1930 Still is wet. Cotton is opening. No one at work. Neil is still here but will leave in a few days.

Aug. 1, 1930 All is well. Neil and Tip went to ____ to get _____ ______ ______. Buford Lee got cut on wire had to have her face sewed up.

Aug. 3, 1930 All is well. Young and family spent the day. Mattie Loftin came by and brought her baby for me to see. It was 3 months old.

Aug. 4, 1930 All is well. Lots of people went to Camden today and had their childrens tonsils removed.

Aug. 5, 1930 All is well. Neil went to Camden and _____ his _____ came home with ____ Mr. M__illberry.

Aug. 6, 1930 All is well. Julia and I went to see ____ Buiron (?) last night and ____ ____ ______ They are both sick ______ All is well _____ _____ ______ Buford Lee had her face dressed this p.m.

Aug. 8, 1930 All is well except myself. I have a rising on my head. Neil hasn’t come home yet and it is now nite. Vera and Wil (?) went to a ballgame at Vicks and to a dance at McCants tonite. Barney didn’t go. Im so glad.

Aug. 9, 1930 All is well except myself. Barney is gone as usual. Neil hasn’t come home yet. I have an awful bad rising on my head. Neal came home about 4 o’clock. Im suffering awful with my rising.

Aug. 10, 1930 Still suffering with my rising. Young didn’t come home today.

Aug. 11, 1930 Still suffering with my rising. Went to _____ got some inti_____. Put on. Done no good.

Aug. 12, 1930. Still suffering.

Aug. 13, 1930 Still suffering. Went Dr. Not much relief yet. Julia staid with me last nite. I suffered too but slept good. No better.

Aug. 14, 1930 No better yet. Lots of cotton to pick. Neil is still here. Barney is up at the Stores.

Aug. 15, 1930 Head is not better. Went to Dr. Cannon. He put me on table. Cut my rising open. Nearly killed me. Having a big rain.

Aug. 16, 1930 Head was better. Went back to Dr. today. He cut the core out. It nearly killed me. Came home. Neil and Collie and Minnie and Ernestine went to Camden. Was in a big rain. Help old man out of ________. 5 dollars.(?) I had new potatoes for dinner today. Young came this eve. He was sick. Had Dr. with him last nite.

Aug. 18 1930 All is well and gone. Neil left for Jerry Farrs at 6 o’clock. Gone to gather his cotton. Still raining. Mrs. Martin and Mildred McIntosh came up yesterday on bus. Tip went for them this eve .

Aug. 18, 1930 All is well. My head is better. Raining now. Had another big rain last nite. Julia and I went to milk my cow with a new cal. Calf got scared, ran and we can’t find it. A drove of men all went to the wash hole yesterday from Julias. It was ____ Tait, Myrtle Tait, Martin, Vera, Mildred McIntosh. All went in washing. Nice for girls isn’t it?

Aug. 20, 1930 All is well. Dry not rain today. All busy picking cotton. Julia, Tip and all the children carried Mrs. Martin over to ____ and had to spend the nite for the lites went out on car.

Aug. 21, 1930 All is _____ My head hurts. Elders came in Monday evening real wet. Are still here. Washed their clothes this morn. We had preaching at Julias Thursday nite by Elders McBride and Burnette. I found my calf yesterday. Im proud. Barney and Vera went to a dance last nite. Barney came home half drunk.

Aug. 22, 1930 All is well. Collie carried Elders to Junction tonite. They got the train for _____ . Negrows picked Barney out a bale of cotton today.

Aug. 23, 1930 All is well. Morgan hauled Collie and Barney a bale of cotton today apiece.. They weighed 4% and 4%. Neil came in home about 2 o’clock. He is proud of his calfs. I am blue about Young and family. They did not come. Collie and Minnie went back to town. Minnie came in about 10 o’clock p.m. with a chill.

Aug. 24, 1930 All is well. Young and family came this morn. We had dinner, went to see Minnie. She is still sick. They ate supper with me. Went home. Barney got Collies car, had a wreck. Not serious. Neil did not go home tonite.

Aug. 25, 1930. All is well. Minnie has had a chill. Neil left at 6 o’clock. It is lonesome without him. I cooked dinner up at Minnies today.

Aug. 26 Minnie is real sick. Im staying up there.

Aug. 27 Minnie had another chill. Very sick. Collie and Barney made syrup and Collie had to get Dr. _____ at 9 a.m.

Aug. 22, 1930 Minnie is still real sick. Collie and Barney ginned 4 bales cotton today.

Aug. 29 Minnie missed her child. Is feeling better.

Aug. 30, 1930 Minnie is up and looks badly. Collie went to Camden and Neil came home with him.

Aug. 3, 1930 All is better. Young and family came up today. Minnie and Collie and all ate dinner with me.

Sept. 1, 1930 All up. Minnie is not feeling well. Neil left at 6 o’clock for Jerry Farrs . No one at work here. Im blue. about 5 o’clock Henry Loftin came for Tip to go to see George. He is very sick. Julia and I went and found him suffering. They rushed him off to hospital tonite. Julia stayed.

Sept. 2, 1930 All ____. No work done here. Children all started to school today. Something to be thankful for.

Sept. 3, 1930 All are very well.

Sept. 4, 1930 All better. Barney carried all the Martins to Selma today to see George. He was operated on at 10 o’clock today. Doing fairly well. Julia and Vera spent the ____ ____ today. Of course, Vera had to stay alnite.

Sept. 5, 1930 no work done. Collie got Jim Reaves to ____ him a bale of cotton this morn. We are needing rain. Heard from George Martin. He is doing as well as can be expected.

Sept. 6, 1930 All is well. Through with morning work. Julia and Tip have gone to swamp with Collie and Minnie. It is now 5 o’clock and Neil has not come. We had a big rain about 2 o’clock. Set hen on 12 eggs today. Neil came in about 9 p.m. tonite.

Sept. 7, 1930 All is well. Got up early. Had dinner. Barney carried me over to Buddies this afternoon. I hated to leave house(?) I staid ___ ____. Spent the week (?) Had a good time. Went ____ the place. Ruby and I spent the day at Mrs. Hendersons. Had a good time. Barney got drunk while I was gone. Came home.
(Buddie is Zach George Nettles, brother of Millie.  Mrs. Henderson is Ruby Henderson Nettles' mother, Susannah Vaughn Nettles.)

Sat. Sept. 13, 1930 Edwin Tait brought me ____ found all well except Mrs. Martin. She has a rising. Young and family was here.

Sept. 14, 1930 all is well. No news Only Mamie McIntosh was here from Mobile today. I ate dinner at Julias. Neil came home and cooked his own dinner. He went over to Geo Martins with Tip. They had to hurry home for there was a big cloud coming up. We all went to Julias awhile. Came home and went up to Collies awhile.

Sept. 15 Neil left at 6 o’clock. Was busy alday cleaning up.

Sept. 16 All is well Mrs. Martins son is no better. Minnie and I washed a big washing today. I made starch and starched the clothes.

Sept. 17, 1930 All is well. I have ironed, shelled corn and Minnie and I carried our syrup and cooked(?) it over and it is fine. Old man _____Curtis and another man came to the syrup mill and Collie took out an insurance policy for 2000 dollars. I came to the house, picked over my little cotton.

Sept. 18, 1930 All is well. Still raining. No cotton picked.

Sept. 19, 1930 All is fairly well.

Sept. 20, 1930 Still raining. All idle. Neil came in about 4 o’clock and carried syrup to mill.

Sept. 21, 1930 All is well. Cooked dinner. No one here but Neil. I so lonesome.

Sept. 22, 1930 Neil left at 5 o’clock on truck with ____ Loftin. We are still not picking cotton. Had another big rain tonite. Mrs. Martin is better. Sat up some today.

Sept. 23, 1930 All is well. Alfred Thompson stoped at Julias and left Mrs. Martin a case of gingerale, not food.

Sept. 24, 1930. all is well. Still raining ______ Finklea and his wife came about 8 o’clock tonite. It is still raining.
(Finklea - Probably Wallace Ples Finklea who mother was Martha Lenora "Mattie" Martin.)

Sept. 25 Still raining. Elders came about 10 o’clock. Elders McBride and Despain Young and Barney and me picked cotton this morn.

Sept. 26, 1930 Still raining. Collie had 32 (?) hands to pick cotton today. We had preaching at Julias last nite.

Sept. 27, 1930 Real cool. Im siting up by fire with a sweater on. Everybody gone and it is now 9 o’clock. Neil came in about 6:35 p.m. Elders ____ I had to cook supper for elders and nothing to cook. I had to take my key and unlock Minnies pantry and get _____ for them to have a thing to eat. I felt so mean to do a thing like that.

Sept. 28, 1930 All is well. Had Sunday school at 10 o’clock. Young, Jim and Mary ate dinner with us. Had preaching at 3 pm. All went down to see Mrs. Martin tonite.

Sept. 29, 1930 All is woke up and it was raining. All so sorry so much cotton in field. Neil did not go off until after noon. Collie carried him to Camden. Its awful lonesome when he is gone. Vera and Mattie Finklea came by awhile today.
(Mattie Finklea - probably Martha Lenora "Mattie" (Martin) Finklea the wife of William Ples Finklea.)

Sept. 30 Mattie carried Mrs. Martin home with her to day.

Oct. 1, 1930 All is well and busy picking cotton.

Oct. 2, 1930 All is well. Raining (?)

Oct. 3, 1930 All is well.

Oct. 4 All is well. Still got cotton to pick. Elders came from Hendersons (?)

Oct. 5 All is well. Organized a Sunday School at Julias today.

Oct. 6, 1930 All is well. Callie carried the Elders to _____ ___ _____ _____

Oct. 7 All is well

Oct. 8, 1930 All is well. Sister Mat(?) is spending this week with me. Neil is at home this week too. He is helping Tip pick cotton.
(Sister Mat would be Martha Amanda "Matt" (Nettles) Pharr.  In 1930 she was widow of John Eades Pharr who died 14 Dec. 1928.)

Oct. 9, 1930 All is well. Mat (?) spent the day _____ Minnie _____ ______

Oct. 10, 1930 All is ______ and I washed a big washing this morn. After dinner Minnie carried Mat and Neil, Julia, James Ernestine and I over to Brother Jacks. First time she had been there in 20 years.
(Brother Jacks may be her brother Zack George Nettles.)

Oct. 11, 1930 All is well and Neil went to Camden. Young came up after dinner and Mat went home with him. I hated to see her go.

Oct. 12, 1930 All is well. We all met for Sunday School. Had a nice time and all behaved nicely.

Oct. 13, 1930 All is well and trying to get hands to pick cotton. Neil is picking for Tip.

Oct. 15 1930 All is well. No cotton picked yet.

Oct. 16, 1930 Had 7 hands picking cotton.

Oct. 17, 1930 Got 10 hands picking cotton.

Oct. 17, 1930 Got 10 hands picking cotton. It is raining a little but I hope it doesn’t rain before nite so we can get out bal cotton from 16 of Oct. All is well _____.

Oct. 28 Elder Johnson left for his home I n Arizona today. We all hated to see him go.

Oct. 29, 1930 All is well.

Oct. 30, 1930 All is well.

Oct. 31, 1930 All is well.

Nov. 1, 1930 All is well. Elders McBride and Burnette came today.

Nov. 2, 1930 All is well. Met in Sunday School. Had testimony meeting and at 7 o’clock p.m. had preaching.

Nov. 3, 1930 All is well. Elders McBride and Burnette left this morning. Collie carried them as far as Monroeville.

Nov. 4, 1930 All is well. We are through gathering ____. So glad. Tip is not through.

Nov. 5, 1930 All is well. Neil picked some collards(?) for us.

Nov. 6 All is well.

Nov. 7 All is well

Nov. 9, 1930 All is well. Had a good Sunday School.

Nov. 10 All is well and it is raining at noon today.

Nov. 28, 1930 Neil made my toilet. Thanksgiving.

Jan 1, 1931 All is well. Fair and cold. Just sitting around.

Jan 2, 1931 All is well. So cold. Can’t work. We are anxious to plant garden but too wet. We have a real nice Sunday School. All attend most of the time. Collie and Barney have been getting poplar logs over in the hills.

Jan. 9, 1931 Neil and Collie went to McC___tyl. I sold 6 doz eggs. I got 1.12 lb. sack flour, 14 lb. bucket lard. .50 cents work of meat. All is well. Cold and raining. Neal is real sick. Vomiting all the ______ rest are well. Can’t work. Neil and Barney sawed wood. Some nice oak wood.

Jan. 18, 1931 All is well. Still cold and raining.

Jan. 19, 1931 Cold and fair. All went to Sunday School. Mrs. Reaves is very sick with pneumonia. I hear she is better.

Jan. 23, 1931 She is still improving. Neil went to Camden today. Dick Sellers brought his corn from Jerry Farr(?) He got me 1 12 lb. sack flour, 14 lb. bucket Lard, so his trip cost him 2.05 cents. 1 dollar for hauling all.

Jan. 24th All well. Barney isn’t up. Beautiful and fair. Neil and Tip went _____ Neil got 10 lb. sugar ____ for 64 cents. Got 50 cents worth of meat, 2 boxes of cocoa. I sold 4 doz eggs for 80 cents. Sunday morn all is well. We are nearly ready to go to S.S. All went to S.S. had good time. Young and family came in the p.m. Julia and Minnie went to ____ ____ . All is well and busy. Neil went to Camden with Joe Loftin. Mrs. Reaves is better. Beded potatoes.

Feb. 1, 1931 Warm and fair. All is well. Getting ready to go to Sunday School. All went Sunday school. Had a good time. Young and children ate dinner with Minnie. We all went up there in afternoon.

Feb. 2, 1931 All is well. Neil has gone to Camden. Barney ____ gone to fix house for Ned Tait. Ned could not get help at _____. Collie is planting his Irish potatoes and garden. Tip is _____ his yard. Tip and Harris in a rangle about hunting. Julia ______

Feb. 4, 1931 All is well and is cold. Neil has gone to Camden. Barney has just got up. Ed Nettles came by to see us today.

Feb. 5, 1931 Went to see Lizzie this p.m. She is better. All up and ____ Neil is _____
For Morgan. Collie planted corn this morn and set out cabbage.

Feb. 6, 1931. All is well. Neil is still working on house.

Feb. 7, 1931 All is well and busy. Neil and Tip finished _____about 2:30 o’clock. Neil went to Camden at 3 o’clock. Didn’t get back until 10:30 at nite. ____ paid him 4.25. He got me 1.24 lb. sack of flour, 1 I lb. bucket of lard, 1 box cocoa for .29, 2 cans salmon .20 I sold 4 doz eggs got 60 cents _______ 10 lbs. sugar .50 1 box cocoa ____ ___ .25 cents

March 1, 1931 All went to SS. Had a good time if I did get mad.

March 2, 1931 All is well. Rainy. Isham(?) came in at 7 p.m.

March 3, 1931 All is well. Turning cold and raining.
March 4, 1931 All is well. Collie, Neil and Barney went to Beuna Vista and got mules for Barney and Neil. They plough real well.___ hen with 14 little chicks today.

March 5, 1931 All is well. Hauled wood with new ____. Neil and Barney and Isham did. Neil and Isham sawed tree in pasture. Minnie and I washed. I set hen on 16 eggs.

March 6, 1931 Ploughed alday. Barney broke my cane patch. Isham cut trees. Wind is blowing and it is warm.

March 7, 1931 All is well. Had a big rain this morning. Faired off at noon. Young and family came over. Spent the nite.

March 8, 1931 All is well. All went to Sunday School. Had a good time.

March 9, 1931 All is well. Neil and Barney is cleaning off land.

March 10, 1931 All is well. Neil is ploughing. He and Barney went to _____ and got feed. Neils mule ran away.

March 11, 1931 All at work ploughing. I am real sick. No news.

March 12, 1931 All at work getting ready to plant corn.

March 13 1931 All at work Neil is breaking up Sookey(?) place.

March 14, 1931 All is well. Neil and Barney have gone _______ to get groceries and gone to mill. They came ___ about noon, got ____ ____ 45 lb. can of lard, 100 lbs. sugar, 50 lb. meat, 20 lb. beans.

March 15, 1931 All is well. Went to S School. Came home. Ate dinner. Sat around.

March 16, 1931 All is well and busy. Neil and Isham are at Sookey.

March 17, 1931 All is well. Neil planted 2 acres of corn.

March 18, 1931 All is well. Barney planted early corn today.

March 19, 1931 all is well and at work cooking dinner.

March 20, 1931 All is well, Neil bought cotton seed. Alvin brought ______ home.

March 21, 1931 All is well. Had a big rain. Barney ___ _____.

March 22, 1931 All is well. All went to Sunday School but Minnie and Collie.

March 23, 1931 All is well and at work. Isham cut bushes for Barney.

March 24, 1931 All is well. Neil is ploughing at Thomsons field. Barney is ploughing at ____ place. I planted peas.

March 25, 1931 All is well. I planted 2 rows of bush beans, 1 row of snap beans. Neil helped me.

March 26, 1931 Cold and rainy. All at work. Began to rain about 5 o’clock.

March 27 1931 All is well. Awful windy. Had a big rain.

March 28, 1931 All is well and at work. Neil and Isham _____

March 29, 1931 Had SS at 8:30 so Julia and family could go to Pets(?)

March 30, 1931 All is well. Too wet to work and rainy again.

March 31, 1931 All is well and at work.

April 1, 1931 All is well except Vera. She has headache. The boys ____ fertilize to field. Too wet to plough. They _____ water mellonw. Barney got me and him ____ of shoes.

April 2, 1931 All is well and some ploughing.

April 3, 1931 All if well. Neil and Barney went to the Junction and got feed. 4 sacks feed, 4 bales of hay.

April 4, 1931 All is well. Had a big rain before day and is still raining and warm. ___ is here ___ is crazy.

April 5, 1931 Fair and cold. All went Sunday School. Had a good time. James Edward McIntosh made the 2 ˝ minute talk.

April 6, 1931All is well. Neil had shoes fit on mule. Came home and helped Barney build stall. Got Sellers _____ to harrow off his cotton land.

April 7, 1931 All is well. Neil ____ off his land. Barney and Esham finished stall and fixed blocks for steps.

April 8, 1931 All is well. Barney has gone to Willis place to break land. Isham carried his dinner sack. Helped him this p.m. Neil is planting cotton.

April 9, 1931. All is well. Neil is still planting cotton. Minnie and I worked. Barney and Ishman at Willis place. Neil and Isham planting my millette seed this p.m.

April 10, 1931 All is well. Neil finished planting cotton around the house and planted millette. Barney finished breaking at Willis place.

April 11, 1931 All is well. Had a good rain. Neil carried harrow to Burson. All started on pasture. Young and family came and fixed _____.

April 12, 1931 All is well and went to Sunday School. Had a good time.

April 13, 1931 All is well and at work. Barney helped _____. I carried dinner. Vera and Tait helped me. Tait Jones spending all day with Vera.

April 14, 1931. All is well. Nothing doing much cotton seed rot (?)

April 15, 1931 All is well. Barney is out of work.

April 16, 1931 All is well. B went to Camden for Henry Loften. Neil ploughed my garden and planted peas.

April 17, 1931 All is well. Elders McBride and Thompson came.

April 18, 1831 All is well. Went to grave yard. Had a good time. I am home and went up to Matties and went with her to Camden. Neil went to ____. Did not come home until Sunday eve. Got himself a pair of pants and shirt, shoes. Barney went to Finklea. Got his cotton sold.

April 19, 1931 All went to Sunday School and preaching.

April 21, 1931 All went to work in pasture.

April 21, 1931 Elders left this morn for Mobile.

May 2, 1931 All is well. Neil has gone for food at Junction.

May 3, 1931 All is well and went to Sunday School.

May 4, 1931 All is well. Neil started rechopping cotton, came up a bad cloud, had a big hail storm, ruined Barneys cotton.

May 5, 1931 All is well. Elder Despain and Scheoppi came. Had meeting. They left ____

May 6, 1931 All is well. Mrs. Martin and Minnie came.

May 7, 1931 All is well. Too wet to work. Grass is growing.

May 8, 1931 All is well. Barney has gone to _____

May 15, 1931 I went to grave yard at Capells today

May 17, 1931 I spent the day at Minnie Reaves.

May 20, 1931 Mrs. Martins up here. We had a big rain today, 3 of them. We all are busy. Too wet to work.

May 21, 1931 Too wet to work.

May 30, 1931 We had picnic on Bonners Creek.

June 1, 1931 Cold enough to sit by fire. Mrs. Martin spent last nite with us. Had a big fire today.

June 5, 1931. Neil finished chopping cotton.

June 7, 1931 Had a big fire. All sit around like winter time.

June 8, 1931. Buford Lee and Ernestine went home with Carrie Lucille. Buford Lee turned on the radio and got Salt Lake City. Heard the choir singing. Lord dismiss us and heard the organ and heard preaching.
(Carrie Lucille was Carrie Lucille Rayburn, the daughter of David Hiram "Dave" Rayburn and Sarah Martha "Mattie" Reaves.  Carrie Lucille and her brother Princeton French Rayburn were adopted by the James Thomas "Jim Tom" Reaves Family.  The Jim Tom Reaves family was living very close to Millie D. (Nettles) McIntosh at time of the 1930 census.)
June 24, 1931 Had a big rain.

June 25, 1931 Neil and I planted peas.

June 30, 1931 Had big rain.

July 2, 1931 I planted peanuts.

July 3, 1931 We ate a nice mellon. Barney went to a dance in Camden, July ___ 1931. Came home drunk. This is July 3 and he is real sick vomiting. We ate a nice mellon July 2.

Grantsville, UT
May 17, 1916

Mrs. Millie McIntosh
R.D. #3 Box 27
Camden, AL

Dear Sister and family:

Your letter came to hand a few days ago and was pleased to hear from you and that you were all well and enjoying life.
I’m feeling just fine now and am working every day farming and its beginning to seem quite the same as it did before I left.
I and my baby brother are still batching it. My Father and Mother are still at Washington, D.C. I left them over a month ago there, and they were going to come right home but they have forgotten us. I guess or think if they stayed away long enough that we might find a cook but there’s no chance for me getting farther away every day. Say did you people go to conference on the 6 and 7 this year? I know you were well paid for your time and trouble. I should like to have attended.
I did go to conference in Salt Lake City. It was sure fine. Heard many, many good things and I want to go again this fall. Can’t see where I can miss it.
Have you people still got March and Joe? That is, are they still with Julia. Tell them hello and ask Joe when he is coming out to live with me.
Well, I guess you are having warm weather and your crops all planted by now. I’m plowing on the dry farm but it isn’t very warm. Its frozen ice every night. Since I came up here it has snowed two different days but the crops look well. Some fruit has froze.
Give my kindest regard to all who inquire of me. Praying God to bless you all with health and long life. I remain as ever your friend and brother in Christ.

J. W. Clark

Glad you received the folder alright. The price is very large and its to remember Clark and come and see me.

Glad Julia likes the door yet. I’d like to happen in and have a good piece of cornbread.

I’m not where theres a post office so can’t just tell when this will be mailed.

J. W. Clark

Orangeville, Utah
March 4, 1927 (may be 1921)

Dear Sister Martin and all:

Tonight my heart is filled with fond memories of you good people. Most every time I think of you it makes a lump come in my throat.
I learned to love you folks and it is hard for me when I know that we are so far apart. I shall never forget the Sunday night after our meeting. We all sang “God be with you till we meet again”. It still rings in my ears.
I would give all I ever owned if I could spend two more years in Alabama and call on you folks again. They were the happiest days of my life and I shall always cherish them. When I think of how happy we all were when we were together, I feel like I would like to go back and live with you.
I am sorry Sister Martin that your health is not so good. Hope it will get better in the near future. How is dear old mother. “God bless her.”
Tell all the kiddies hello for me. Would that I had them on my knees. When is Collie and Minnie coming west? Tell them to come. I am still waiting for Earnestine to say she loves me.
I sure do miss the colored people out here. Haven’t saw one since I came home. Would that I could see Aunt Lucy and Sucky and Jerry Brown.
We have been having a lot of wet weather. It is raining tonight. Makes me lonesome. Our sheep are lambing and we sure have a job.
You asks about the girls. “Well” when I was in Salt Lake, *\I ___ Madge twice. I haven’t heard or seen of her since, and as for Ona, well! Things are quite interesting along that line. We, we, we are are engaged! I don’t know just when we’ll be married but hope it will be soon. Maybe a year. She is a baby doll. Oh boy.
I have gotten thin since I came home. I haven’t been getting any corn bread.
God bless you . Good night

Your Bro. Jesse

“Please send me a little can of snuff” to show the people.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Southern States Mission
Box 852
Atlanta, Georgia

Jan. 15, 1927
Crangeville, Utah

Dear Mother McIntosh and all:

I suppose you think that I have about forgotten all about you good people. But not so, that can never be. There shall always be a warm spot in my heart for you folks. I guess you all had a nice xmas and have started out on a bright new year.
How is Br. _____ and family. I hope Elder Hinton and Sanderson baptized them. Say Mother, you don’t know how lonesome I am to see you. I wish I could be a missionary in Alabama all my life. I will all ways remember the good meetings I have held at little Salt Lake City and I hope you all do too. I don’t get to preach as much here as in Alabama. But I take every chance I get. They all like to hear me preach. Wednesday, I spoke in an old folks party.
Last night I was out to a party, but it wasn’t as good as the ones we had up to Collies. My mouth waters when I think of chicken fry we had and those oysters.
I am getting broke in to work. You should see me feeding the cows and sheep. I am sure it would amuse you.
I am a star player in a basket ball team now. We are playing with six different towns. A big reward for the winner. Tell Vera it is alright for men to play basketball but not girls.
I guess Collie is still sawing up the trees. Tell Neal and Barney hello for me. And all the kids. I would sure love to see them.
I am going to school next year. Elder Killpack is in school now.
I sure had a wonderful time down in Florida.
I thought it was swell down there. Have the Elders been with you lately?
Well, Mother, I must close. God bless you all. I am your Bro.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Southern States Mission
P.O. Box 852
Atlanta, GA

May 29, 1926

Mrs. Millie D. McIntosh
Camden, AL

Dear Sister McIntosh:

I am very sorry that your daughter Mrs Julia Martin was taken very ill three weeks ago. You want us to join with you in prayer and fasting Sunday the 13th for her recovery. It will not be possible dear Sister McIntosh for me to reach the Elders by that time, because all the mail went out Thursday. But we here will unit with you in prayer for the recovery of your dear daughter. And if any of the Elders are near, I will try to get them.
Elder Tuttle is in Birmingham and his address if 717 No. 18th St. With all good wishes, and praying the Lord to bless you and your dear daughter and recover her from her illness. I remain

Your brother in the Gospel,

Chas A. Callis

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