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by Ernestine Wardlow, Bessemer, AL
A Going descendant

For photo of Going-Morrow home located in Benevola click HERE

The Going lineage begins with Drury Going in Chester Co. South Carolina. He had 5 children who were born in Chester County South Carolina. The name of the children was Job, Martha Tndell, Sarah Cook, Rebecca Annette and Mary “Polly” Going. All of these Children moved from South Carolina to Alabama with their families about the same time. Our interest is the lineage of Job Going 1772-1834,
Job married Rebecca Lockert b. 177-1855 in Chester County South Carolina. All of their children were born in South Carolina, around 1825 Job and Rebecca moved to the Northport area in Alabama. He was a farmer and operated a mill. He passed away in North port and is buried at Robertson Chapel in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After the death of Job, Rebecca and her children moved to Pickens County, Alabama.

These are the Children of Job and Rebecca:

1) Rebecca Lockert Going b.1809 married John Lang 1826. Their descendant are unknown
2) Martha Adeline Going 1811-1873 married Archibald Hood, Pickens Co., Alabama. Martha never had Children.
3) Jane Evelyn Going 1813-1880 married Benjamin Jolly Hughes in 1835. They were prosperous as planters and with children. There prosperity was compromised after the War Between the States.
4) Eli Thomas Going 1816=1889 married Jane Sommerville 1839. They resided in Benevola and reared their children
a) Sarah Asenath 1830-1863
b) James Alfred going 1842-1910, pioneer settler of Birmingham, Alabama
c) Mary Sophia Going 1843-1872.
d) John Summerville Going1848-1922
e) William Samuel G 1851-1933
f) Job Going 1852-1927
g) Eli Locker Going 1855-1922 married Alice Craft
5) Alfred Elijah Going, 1819-1896, married Marion Wiggington 1818-1901, of Caldwell County, Kentucky. They resided in Benevola and reared their children.

Alfred Elijah Going Marion Wiggington Going

Marion and two her children, Rebecca "Peck" and Emily Augusta Going

a) Rebecca Jane 1843- 1887, married J.W. Bridges.
b) Mary Bell 1844-1916 married E.G. Bell
c) Susan Augusta 1846-1851
d) John Job 1848-1852
e) Thomas Henry 1851-1867
f) Alfred Ernest 1853-1927 married Mahala A. Williams
f) Emily Augusta July 1855 – 1943, married Edward Rose 1855-1954

Emily Going

Emily Going Rose

g) Martha Josephine 1859- 1900 married James K. Martin

The last four children of Job and Rebecca Lockert Going are buried in the Oak Grove (Franconia) Presbyterian Church in Aliceville, Al.

Alfred Elijah Going Sr. built the Going Morrow house before the Civil War. He never finished the home because of the Civil War. He finished the downstairs the second story was half way completed win the war broke out. After his death his son Ernest and his family moved in with his mother and took care of his aging mother. He lived there until his death in 1927.

After Emily Augusta Going marriage to Edward Rose, they moved to Fayette, Alabama and reared their children.

1) Ernestine July 12, 1885-February 2, 1979, married November 17, 1904 to William Scott Morrow March 12, 1880-July 12, 1960. Their children:
a) Edward Scott July 31, 1906-1973 married Margaret Isabel Curl.
b) Carrie bell Morrow Feb.22 1908- Nov21, 1997
c) William Ernest Morrow Feb 10,1910-2003 married Alice Wenz
d) Thomas Henry Morrow October 12, 1912-2001 married Ester Barber, later Mary Stanley
e) Walter Rountree 1917-1920
f) Ernestine Morrow November 28,1924, married November 15, 1957 Emery Elmer Webb Jr. March 18, 1924 –September 29, 1993
i) Emily Ernestine Webb September 29,1958 married Phillip McMurry Wardlow August 15, 1956
ii) Suzanne Webb November 20, 1959
iii) Carol Lynn Webb November 29,1961
g) James Russell Morrow Jan. 29, 1927 married Jeannine Annette Stanley

2) Alfred Rose married Nell Arnold. Their Children
a) Emily Dean Rose
b) Alfred E Rose
3) William Rose married Alma __. Their Child was:
a) William (Billy) Rose
4) James Edward Rose May 1891- 1923

In 1932 Ernestine and William Morrow moved to the Going home, along with their younger four children. Ernestine and James grew up in Benevola , where they attended the little two room school house then they attended Aliceville high school. They all were active in the Bethesda Presbyterian church where Ernestine Rose Morrow played the pump organ, William S. Morrow served as and elder, he was also the grandson of the Rev. Dr Thomas Morrow who helped establish the church. Ernestine and James also joined that church as children. In 1943 they all moved to Bessemer and in 1950 William and Ernestine Morrow sold the old home place in 1950, and bought a home in Bessemer and lived in Bessemer till they passed away. Photo of Going Morrow Home click HERE.

William Scott Morrow

Ernestine Rose

Edward Rose and Emily Augusta Going on their wedding day