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Cary Rochester SAGE -- Elected September 30, 1920.
U.S. Army Medical Museum, Washington, D.C.
Great-great-grandson of Private Daniel SAGE (1756-1852);, Connecticut 
Line; Served with ARNOLD in Quebec Expedition and endured much 
suffering in retreat from Canada, and he also served in the Burgoyne 
campaign; Enlisted 1775 under Captain WRIGHT and served in the 
Canadian Campaign, Connecticut Line. Enlisted 1776 under Captain 
WHEELER, Massachusetts Line, was at Ticonderoga; enlisted under 
Captain WATERS in the New York Line to defend the Hudson River.

Francis Preston Blair SANDS -- Elected May 13, 1890. Attorney-at-Law. Kellogg Building, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Ephraim FRENCH (1751-1834); Sergeant William BARROW's Company, Colonel Isaac WYMAN's New Hampshire Regiment.
Joseph Prentice SANGER -- Elected November 15, 1892. Major-General, U.S. Army (Retired). 1302 Eighteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Richard SANGER (1706-1786); Member of Massachusetts Committee on Safety; also a member of Provincial Congress. Great-grandson of Eli BUTLER (1740-1802); Captain in SHELDON's Regiment of Light Horse.
William Henry SAUNDERS -- Elected September 30, 1920. Real Estate. 1457 Fairmont Street, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Henry SAUNDERS (SANDERS) of North Carolina. Musician in Captain BREVARD's Company of Colonel Abraham SHEPARD's (Tenth) Regiment of the Continental Line (North Carolina Troops). Service eighteen months from 1782.
Guy Tyrell SCOTT -- Elected February 7, 1917. Major (Artillery Corps), U.S. Army (Retired). President Continental Trust Company, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Joseph WHITAKER (....-1805); Private in the Company of Captain James FOSTER's Fifteenth Virginia Regiment. Enlisted June 16, 1777.
Robert Preston SHEALY -- Elected January 7, 1920. Attorney-at-Law. 11 East Melrose Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Great-great-grandson of Christopher SHEALY, private in Captain Michael HALM's Company, Pennsylvania Militia. Participated in the Battle of Brandywine.
Henry Harrison SHEETS -- Elected February 7, 1917. Drawer 746, National Association for Universal Military Training, Chicago, Ill. Great-great-great-grandson of Major General Arthur St. CLAIR (1734- 1818); appointed Colonel in Continental Army, 1776; made Major General February, 1777 and remained in active service until close of war, Great-great-grandson of John LAWRENCE (1751-1799); First Lieutenant, Fifth Pennsylvania Battalion, 1776; Captain, 12th October, 1776. Great-great-grandson of Archibald CARY (1720-1786); President of House of Burgesses at beginning of Revolution; Member of Virginia Convention, 1776; Chairman of Committee of the Whole of Convention, reported the resolution instructing the Virginia delegates in Congress to propose Independence.
Thomas Rochester SHEPARD -- Elected July 27, 1920. (By transfer from the Washington Society) Attorney-at-Law. 1339 Fourteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Nathaniel ROCHESTER; member of Provincial Convention of North Carolina; Major of North Carolina Militia; participated in battle of MOORE's Creek; Paymaster, Sixth Regiment, North Carolina Line; Commissary General, North Carolina.
French Cameron SIMPSON -- Elected March 31, 1920. The Fairfax, Alexandria, Va. Great-great-grandson of Richard CROSS (1750-1800); who enlisted September 6, 1777; Corporal in Captain John WINSTON's Company, First and Tenth Virginia Regiments, commanded by Colonel William DAVIES. Great-great-grandson of Ebenezer BACON (1752-1817), who served as a private in Captain NYE's Company, Massachusetts Regiment, stationed at Elizabeth Island.
George Robbins SIMPSON -- Elected March 20, 1918. The Fairfax, Alexandria, Va. Great-great-grandson of Richard CROSS (1750-1800); who enlisted September 6, 1777; Corporal in Captain John WINSTON's Company, First and Tenth Virginia Regiments, commanded by Colonel William DAVIES. Great-great-grandson of Ebenezer BACON (1752-1817), who served as a private in Captain NYE's Company, Massachusetts Regiment, stationed at Elizabeth Island.
Clinton Gold SMITH -- Elected January 7, 1920. U.S. Forest Service. 2804 Fourteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Stephen DODGE; appointed Ensign and later promoted Lieutenant in the Continental Army, November 19, 1776.
Wilbur Lee SMITH -- Elected July 27, 1920. Captain, Quartermaster Corps, U.S. Army. 103 The Ontario, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of John Bell of Virginia; revolutionary ensign, receiving grant of sixty-six and two thirds acres of land in Amherst County, Virginia, for services rendered.
William Walker SMITH -- Elected December 13, 1915. Secretary, American Legation, Berne, Switzerland. Great-great-grandson of Levi SMITH (1761-1828) of Massachusetts; fifer in Captain Reuben DICKINSON's Company, Colonel WOODBRIDGE's Regiment; Fifer in Captain John THOMPSON's Company, Colonel LENARD's Regiment; fifer in Captain Samuel COOK's Company, Colonel WOODBRIDGE's Regiment; fifer in Captain Abner POMEROY Company, Colonel Ezra WOOD's Regiment; Fife Major in Captain John HARLOW's Company, Colonel Ezra WOOD's Regiment; fifer, Captain Elijah DWIGHT's Company, Colonel Elisha PORTER's Regiment. Great-great-grandson of David WALKER of Newcastle County, Delaware (1752-1810); Private, Captain DEAN's Company, Colonel Samuel PATTERSON's Regiment, Delaware Troops, August 13, 1776. Great-great-grandson of Jeremiah Van DEVENTER of New Jersey (1741- 1780), of Amherst, Massachusetts; Private Captain Reuben DICKINSON's Company, Colonel WOODBRIDGE's Regiment, Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. Private, Captain James HENDRICK's Company, Charlestown, Massachusetts, January 13, 1776.
William Tayloe SNYDER -- Elected January 10, 1917. Clergyman. 1317 Nineteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Benjamin OGLE (1746-1809); who was a Major of the Maryland Militia in 1775-1776.
Hugh Maclellan SOUTHGATE -- Elected March 6, 1914. Engineer. Chevy Chase, Maryland. Great-great-great-great-grandson of Hugh McLELLAN (1710-1787); Chairman, Committee on Purchases, 1775, Gorham, Maine, contributed funds to the cause of American Independence, 1775-1781. Great-great-great-grandson of Joseph McLELLAN (1733-1820); Member, Committee Inspection and Safety, 1775; Private, Captain Hart WILLIAMS' Company, Colonel Edmund PHINNEY's (Massachusetts) Regiment, 1775, afterwards Eighteenth Continental Regiment, 1776; Private, Captain Josiah JENKINS' Company, Colonel Samuel BREWER's Regiment (Twelfth Massachusetts), 1777-1779; Commissary, Baggaduce Expedition; Second Lieutenant, Captain Joseph PRIDE's Company, Colonel Joseph PRIME's Regiment, 1780-1781; First Lieutenant, Captain Joseph REED's Company, Colonel Samuel McCOBB's Regiment, 1781. Great-great-grandson of Levi HOOPER (1742-1806); Lieutenant in (Walpole) New Hampshire Militia, 1776; Lieutenant in Colonel Benjamin BELLOW's Regiment (New Hampshire), 1777-1778; one of Committee to General Assembly, 1777; Captain at Newbury, Vermont, 1780. Great-great-grandson of Jacob FOSTER (1732-1798); Chaplain, Colonel James SCANLON's New Hampshire Regiment, 1775; Chaplain, Colonel Edmund SPINNEY's New Hampshire Regiment, 1776.
Martin Robinson SPEELMAN -- Elected July 27, 1920. Government Printing Office. 153 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of William PEIRSON; private Essex County, New Jersey, Militia.
Henry Benning SPENCER -- Elected September 26, 1817. President, Fruit Growers' Express Company. 2012 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Captain Richard P. WHITE (1758-1814); Captain in the Virginia Convention Guards.
John Keim STAUFFER -- Elected June 4, 1900. (By transfer from Pennsylvania Society) Journalist. University Club, Washington, D.C. 521 Court Street, Reading, Pa. Great-great-great-great-grandson of Archibald CARY (1720-1786); Lieutenant, Spottsylvania County, Virginia Minute-Men, September 12, 1775; Colonel, Virginia Militia; an ardent patriot and leading member of all the Revolutionary Conventions of Virginia; President, Virginia Committee of Safety, 1776; reported resolutions, in convention, instructing Virginia Delegates in Congress to declare for independence; Speaker, Virginia State Senate, 1776-1778. Great-great-grandson of John KEIM (the younger) (1749-1819); Private, Captain Peter NAGLE's Company, Lieutenant Colonel Nicolas LUTZ's Fourth Battalion, Colonel Joseph HIESTER's Regiment, Berks County, Pennsylvania Militia, 1777; Captain, Colonel Jacob WEAVER's Fifth Battalion, Berks County, Pennsylvania Militia, 1778.
Franklin STEELE, Jr. -- Elected March 6, 1890. 1326 Eighteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Samuel CHASE (1741-1811 [sic] of Maryland; Signer of Declaration of Independence.
Franklin Topping STEELE -- Elected January 7, 1920. Captain, Assistant Adjutant and Inspector, U.S. Marine Corps. Headquarters, Marine Corps, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Samuel CHASE (1741-1811). Member General Assembly of Maryland, 1774; Delegate to First Congress, 1776; represented Maryland in the General Congress. One of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.
John Truesdale STEWART -- Elected November 7, 1919. Civil Engineer. 2223 Knapp Street, St. Paul, Minn. Great-great-grandson of Robert McTREEAR (1741-1811); Captain, Eight Company, Fourth Battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Militia.
Herman Osman STICKNEY -- Elected November 5, 1894. Rear-Admiral, U.S. Navy, Board of Inspection. 514 Sheldon Building, San Francisco, Calif. Great-great-grandson of Abram STICKNEY (1733-1803) of Massachusetts; Lieutenant, Captain Joseph B. VARNUM's Company, Colonel McINTOSH's Regiment, 1778.
John Patten STORY, Jr. -- Elected December 13, 1915. Real Estate. 1112 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Elisha STORY (1743-1805) of Massachusetts; who was surgeon in Colonel LITTLE's Regiment at Bunker Hill. Was one of the "Sons of Liberty" who disguised as Indians threw the tea overboard in Boston Harbor. He led a party of men to a spot in Boston Common and while he held a gun at the sentinel's head, two men dragged a field piece from the ground, said field piece being one of those placed near Bunker Hill Monument.
John Kennedy STOUT -- Elected March 29, 1905. Special Agent, U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Seth MINER (1742-....); Orderly Sergeant to Colonel Jedediah HUNTINGTON at the siege of Boston; Ensign of the First Company, Twentieth Regiment, Connecticut Militia.
Reeves Trenchard STRICKLAND -- Elected May 3, 1905. Attorney-at-Law. Evans Building, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of George TRENCHARD, Jr.; Captain, First Battalion, Salem County, New Jersey; Captain, Salem Light Horse; Chairman, Committee of Safety, Salem County, New Jersey.
Jay Hale SYPHER -- Elected March 2, 1915. Commander, U.S. Navy. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. Great-grandson of Abraham SYPHER (1755-1841); Private in Captain Edward PARKER's Company, Second Battalion, Pennsylvania Line, commanded by Colonel Thomas HOCKLEY.
Frank Stone TAINTER -- Civil Engineer. 60 Wall Street, New York, N.Y. Great-grandson of Benjamin TAINTER (1753-1844) of Massachusetts; Private, Captain Seth MORSE's Company of Minute Men, 1775; Captain Nathan FISHER's Company, Colonel Nathaniel WADE's Regiment, from July 20 to December 31, 1778; Captain Timothy BRIGHAM's Company, 1779.
Walter Wallace TALCOTT -- Elected May 27, 1915. Engineer. 2115 "P" Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Elizur TALCOTT (1740-....); Colonel of Sixth Regiment, Connecticut Militia. Great-great-grandson of Asa GAGE (1756-....); Private in Captain Timothy EATON's Company, Colonel JOHNSON's Regiment, Massachusetts Minute Men, April 19, 1775; served six days; also Private with Captain Nathaniel GAGE's Company, GERISH's Regiment of Guards, December 19,1777, to April, 1778.
William Henry TAYLOE -- Elected December 13, 1915. Passenger Traffic Manager, Southern Railway. Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Benjamin OGLE (1746-1809); who was a Major of the Maryland Militia in 1775-1776.
Lloyd Webb TAYLOR -- Elected March 31, 1920. Engineer. Superintendent of Wise County Highway, Decatur, Texas. Great-great-grandson of Samuel B. WEBB (1753-1807) of Connecticut, who entered service as Lieutenant, wounded at Bunker Hill, Aide to General PUTNAM, Aide to General WASHINGTON, by act of Congress was make Brigadier General. Was one of original sixteen signers of the Order of the Cincinnati of Connecticut.
Carmi Alderman THOMPSON -- September 30, 1920. Attorney-at-Lay. Perry Payne Building, Cleveland, Ohio. Great-great-grandson of John THOMSON [sic] (1750-1826); Captain of Virginia (Hanover County) State Militia.
George Cyrus THORPE -- Elected February 7, 1917. Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps. Army General Staff College, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Gideon WALKER (1738-1793); in Colonel MEAD's Regiment of Militia and Captain CLAGHORN's Company in Colonel WARREN's Regiment of Vermont Militia, November, 1778; in Captain Samuel WILLIAMS' Company, in Colonel Gideon WARREN's Regiment of Militia, May, 1780; an Ensign in Captain Samuel WILLIAMS' Company, in Ebenezer ALLEN's Regiment October and November, 1870. Great-great-grandson of Daniel MARSH (1750-1808) of Vermont; in Captain Joshua HOZEN's Company of Colonel WOOD's Regiment, that marched with Lieutenant William BRAMBLE to Dresden in the alarm of Newberry, when Colonel Thomas JOHNSON was carried away captive.
Charles Trowbridge TITTMANN -- Elected December 13, 1915. Attorney-at-Law. 901 Evans Building, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Abraham WHIPPLE (1753-1805); June, 1772, commanded two ships provided by the Province of Rhode Island, and manned by volunteers; these two ships took and burned the British Revenue Schooner Gaspe in Narragansett Bay. This was the first popular uprising in this country against British armed vessels. In June, 1775, as Commodore of two armed vessels fitted out by the State of Rhode Island he captured the British Sloop of War Rose. In this engagement WHIPPLE fired the first shot to the Revolution to be fired on the water. During his service he commanded the armed vessels Columbus and Providence. Great-great-great-grandson of Ebenezer SPROAT (1733-1819); Captain of COTTON's Massachusetts Regiment April, 1775; Major Third Continental Infantry, 1776; Lieutenant Colonel Fourth Massachusetts Regiment, 1777; Lieutenant Colonel commandant Twelfth Massachusetts, September, 1778, Colonel, 1783.

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