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Colonial Maryland Plantation, August 2001

This web site will both chronicle (very briefly) our recent visit to Maryland and provide some useful background material (via hyperlinks to additional information) for better understanding of the ancestoral heritage of the Kinnick line (Bill's mother's father's line) in colonial times.


Tenant home

Master's home

Garden and animals

Ancestoral implications

The tenant house on the Spray Plantation was constructed of poles and clapboard siding. The chimney/fireplace is central to the one room building with loft, where the tenant family lived.

Here is the young man, discussing "his life," as son of Master Spray, visiting tenant house.
Several family members would have lived in this one room, with a small loft where the
older children would have slept on bed ticks.

The wall of the room, to his left, above.

Notice the ladder leading to the loft, above and behind us, in the photo.

As seen in the introduction, the split rail fencing was very important to the plantation,
to protect the garden and corn and tobacco fields from both wild and
domestic animals.

Here is the area, near the Master's house, where the rails and other wood products are produced.

Click on the Master's house, below, to go visit it:



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