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Bill and Nancy Smith Family
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Colonial MarylandPlantation, August 2001

This web site will both chronicle (very briefly) our recent visit toMaryland and provide some useful background material (via hyperlinksto additional information) for better understanding of the ancestoralheritage of the Kinnick line (Bill's mother's father's line) incolonial times.



Master's home

Garden and animals

Ancestor alimplications

This picture of the main house on the Spray Plantation came courtesyof Historic St. Mary's City via a wonderful book, "Where Marylandbegan... the Colonial History of St. Mary's Couty," written by SandyShoemaker under a grant from the Maryland Department ofEducation.

Notice that the fireplace and chimney ofthis house is located near the middle of the home.
The main room is in the door you can see, a small back room forstorage, seen below.

This is Master Spray and his son in themain room of the house.
The big fireplace is the left, the garden is out the door, to theright.
The window looks out across a grassy area to the river, which we willsee in a bit.
Note the costumes of the time.

As I took the picture, the Master spokethe "lightening" outside, never out of character.
He spoke of the food preparation and the bed ticks, seen in theforeground.
The young man is working of some wood, in the back. They neverstopped talking and/or working.

When I asked him if I could take a"picture" with Nancy, by the fireplace,
he stepped in the other room and brought out a "pitcher" and asked ifwe would like to buy it.

To the left of the fireplace, a narrowstairway lead to the upper floor.
The parents and younger children slept near the fireplace in the mainroom downstairs.

The older sons and male servants sleep ontheir ticks (see at left) in the far room.
The older daughters and female servants sleep in thisroom.

Master Spray said that 14 personscurrently live in this house.

Tobacco farms (that defines a plantation)require great quantities of labor, both to
raise the tobacco cash crop and the corn crop to feed thelabor!!

Here, Nancy was inspecting the back room,downstairs.

Then she looked out toward the St. Mary'sbranch of the Potomac river,
at the far end of the yard, the young man standing under the bigtree.

See the river, left center. It was acloudy, rainy day.

From the main room of the house, I took apicture of the garden.
Click on the picture, to go to the garden and animaldiscussion.

Note the tobacco barn on the far side ofthe garden.




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