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Robert Culbert Front Page

James C. Culbert (b. Mar 1854, Washington Co, TN, d. 1936, AR) married Susan Alice Emmert (1858-1918).

Census information on this family.

Children of James and Susan:

1. Charles (Charlie) Culbert (1878-1900)

2. Robert Culbert (1880-1900)

3. Mertle Culbert (1882-1900)

4. William Culbert (1884-1968) - - unable to find more on him, to date.

5. Henry Culbert (1886-1963)

6. James Arthur (Coot) Culbert (1887-1966)

7. Riley Harrison Culbert (1890-1920) married Ray (surname unknown)

8. Gertrude Culbert (1891-1900)

9. Newland Culbert (1895-1900)

10. Una Culbert (1895-1900)

11. Ruby Culbert (1897-1900)

Note: Children information from family sources - something strange, with so many death years at 1900... Continue to seek facts about this family.

Census information on this family.

1880 census for District 10, Washington Co, Tennessee, has: James Culbert, 25, (TN3), Farming, with his wife, Susan A. Culbert, 22, (TN3), Keeing House, with son: Charles P. Culbert, 1, (TN3).

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