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John Adam and Anney Front Page

John Adam and Anney (Call) Kinnick Family in North Carolina


John Adam Kinnick was born in 1778 in Charles County, Maryland. At age 14 he moved with his family to the Yadkin River valley, in at area then in Rowan Co, Maryland.

On 3 Nov 1803, Allen C. Harbin sold to John Adam Kinnick, at age 25, 150 acres "on Big Branch in fork of the Yadkin River." The witnesses were David R. Kinnick and George Kinnick [his brothers, we now know, of course]. Four days later, John Adam Kinnick married Anney Call on 7 Nov 1803.

Their first child was Mary (usually called Polly), born 15 Feb 1806.

On 6 Feb 1808 Allen Cartright Harbin sold to John Adam Kinnick 100 acres on Jacob Blacks Mill Creek, bringing his land holdings to 250 acres.

A second daughter, Sarah, was born 10 Apr 1809. A third daughter, Temperance (always known as Tempy), was born in 1813. The only son of John Adam and Anney, John Adam (known as Jack), was born 21 Jan 1817.

John Adam Kinnick purchased, on 18 Apr 1818, 372 acres, adjoining his earlier purchases, from A.C. Harbin, for $100.00. This purchase brought his total land holdings to 622 acres, making him a large land holder.

Incy Jane was born on 13 Jan 1819, followed by Elizabeth in about 1821 or 22.

Unfortunately, John Adam died in 1822, at the "too young" age of 44 years. He left a young wife and six young children ranging in age from 16 to possibly less than a year old. The local court considered the children "orphans" (even though their mother still lived), and placed the children in the care of a family friend. In 1822, Anney was probably also about 44 (we do not have details on her birth year). Polly was 16, Sarah was 13, Tempy was 9, Jack was 5, Incy Jane was 3 and Elizabeth about 1, perhaps. We do not know what became of Elizabeth. Sarah lived until 4 Jun 1876, in Davie Co, NC, unmarried and without issue, as far as we know.

Polly married William Etchison on 27 Jan 1828 (she was nearly 22); they had 8 children. Tempy married Edward Lee on 19 Aug 1852 (when she was 39); they had no children. Jack married his first cousin, Mary Emmeline Harris on 21 Jun 1851 (he was 34, she was 29) in Johnson County, Indiana; they had 7 children. Incy Jane married William Pulaski Chamberlain, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on 21 Feb 1856 (she was aged 37 years); they had two children.

Anney died in about 1845, in Davie Co, NC, probably in her mid-60s.

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