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Mina Irene Hornby (1891-1926) married twice.

Mina was born 16 Oct 1891, in Concord Twp, Bureau Co, IL. She died 17 Apr 1926.

Mina married Stanley Boyd Higley (1884-1915) in Dec 1910, in Estherville, Emmet Co, Iowa. They had three children as noted below, all born in Estherville, Emmet Co, Iowa, but he died the same year as the youngest child was born.

Mina married Adam Linderman in about 1916. They had a son, Robert Wayne Linderman.

The 1920 census has Mina Lindeman in City of White precinct, Brookings Co, SD, with her children, Ruth, 8, Hurl (Nuel?), 6, and Harley Higley, 4, and Robert Lindaman, age 2 10/12.

Some details on this family from the Lush book, via Walter G. Elwell 4/3/96.

Children of Mina and Stanley:

1. Ruth Romana Higley married Wilbur Irwin Brood in Los Angeles, California

2. Nuel Francis Higley married Carol Elaine Rowe in Estherville, Emmet Co, Iowa

3. Harley Boyd Higley married Phyllis Mae Shirley in Estherville, Emmet Co, Iowa.


Children of Mina and Adam:

1. Robert Wayne Linderman married Elsie Lucilee Engelke in Ada, Norman Co, Minnesota. They had two daughters: Marlys Marie Linderman and Janice Irene Linderman.






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