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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

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Joseph Swinehart (sometimes Swineheart) married Elizabeth Zimmerman about 1808.

Joseph was born about 1786, in Washington Co, Pennsylvania. He is listed as living in Belmont Co, OH, in 1817. They later move to nearby Guernsey CO, OH.

Elizabeth was born about 1787, in Virginia, the daughter of Henry and Catherine (Spurgeon) Zimmerman.

Her sister married Jacob, the brother of Joseph Swinehart. All research to date suggests that it was the children of these two sisters who married two brothers, who each changed their name to SCHWYHART in the early 1800s, around the 1830s. [For more details on the name change, CLICK HERE.] There is no indication that either Joseph or Jacob changed their names throughout their life-times. However, as the father of his son, Joseph, Jr., Joseph is listed in one reference in Knox Township, Guernsey Co, OH, as Joseph Schwyhart.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth:

1. Susanna (Susan) Schwyhart (1809-1884) married Walter W. Kinnick. She was born in Pennsylvania. After the death of Walter, she married Ephriam Yarrington. After his death, she reverted to using the name Susan Kinnick, living with her son, Jacob, in Illinois.

2. Sarah E. Schwyhart (1813-18990 married John Hanson Weedon, in about 20 Apr 1832, Belmont Co, OH.

3. Barbara Schwyhart (b. abt 1815)

4. John Schwyhart (1818-1883) married Margaret Stoner in about 1835.

5. Catherine Schwyhart (abt 1819-abt 1875) married John Lewis, in 1840.

6. Joseph Z. Schwyhart, Jr. (1826-1885) married Rachel A. Mercer in 1850.

7. Jacob Schwyhart (1826-1885) married Nancy ??, on 20 Apr 1848.

8. William Schwyhart (b. abt 1829, OH) married Sophia ??

9. I. Anderson H. Schwyhart (b. 1832, OH); died before 1882.


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