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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith


Walter and Susanna Front Page

George and Mary Elizabeth (Lee) Simmons Front Page

Walter Watson Kinnick married Mary Estelle Simmons on 6 Feb 1862.

Walter was born 11 Nov 1840, Belmont Co, OH. He died 10 Mar 1919, in Buda, Bureau Co, IL, and is buried in the Hopeland Cemetery in Buda.

Mary was bor 8 Aug 1843, in Bureau Co, IL. She died 7 Jan 1909, in the Will Carper home, Buda, Bureau Co, IL, and is buried in the Hopeland Cemetery in Buda. Mary was the daughter of George and Mary Elizabeth (Lee) Simmons.

Walter Watson Kinnick served in the Civil War. Mary accompanied him and served as a nurse in the field (see capsule).

Adult life in a capsule.

More notes below list of children.

Detailed Family Info - good info to 1999, information there has not been updated.

Children of Walter and Mary Kinnick:

1. Joseph Erastus Kinnick (1864-1925)

2. Nora E. Kinnick (b. 4 Jan 1866; d. 10 Feb 1866; both in Buda, Bureau Co, IL)

3. Emma Estella Kinnick married William S. (Will) Carper

4. Margaret Ann (Maggie) Kinnick married Lee Brewer

5. Alonzo Palmer Kinnick married Margaret Jeanette (Nettie) Williams

6. George Walter Kinnick (1872-1942)

7. Ira Odell Kinnick married Delda Mae McCoy

8. Katherine Susan (Katie) Kinnick married Levi Hamrick

9. Fanny Alice Kinnick (b. 13 Mar 1878, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 26 May 1894, parent's home, Buda, Bureau Co, IL)

10. John Kinnick (b. 6 Nov 1880; d. 18 Nov 1881; both at Buda, Bureau Co, IL)

11. Mary Etta Kinnick married Simon Garfield (Garfield) Horton

12. Gracie Irene Kinnick married John Seyller

More notes on Walter Watson Kinnick family:

In the 1870 census, the Walter Watson Kinnick family was located on a farm in Harrison Twp, Adair Co, Iowa (Dexter P.O.), on 28 Jul 1870. Their neighbors were the Alonzo Edick family and the Hiram Van Aken family. [These wives were Schwyharts, first cousins of Walter! They were daughter of John, a brother of Walter's mother, Susan.] Walter is 29, Mary E. is 27, with Erastus, 6, Emma, 4, and Margaret, 2. [In addition, Hiram was the brother of A. O. Van Aken, married to Rachel Simmons, sister of Walter's wife, Mary E. Simmons. They lived nearby in Center Twp, Guthrie Co, IA (Guthrie Center P. O. ).

1880 census for Buda, Bureau Co, IL, has the Walter W. Kinnick family residing in the residence of George W. Taylor, his wife Mary B. and their 9 month old daughter, Maudie M. George is 26, OH, VA, VA, Farmer, and Mary is 18, IL, Ire, Ire. All the Kinnicks are listed under Other ( listing)
Walter W. Kinnick, 39, OH, MD, PA, Laborer
Mary E. Kinnick, 36, IL, PA, KY, Keeping House
James E. Kinnick [this is actually Joseph Erastus, of course], 15, IL, OH, IL, At Home (these same for all the children as well)
Emma S., 13; Margaret M., 11; Alonzo P., 9; George W., 7; Ira O., 5; Susan C., 3
Fannie, 2; John S., 5 months.

Next door to them lived Jacob and Maggie (Kinnick) Weise, and their son, Harry. Maggie was a sister of Walter Watson.

The 1900 census, for Buda, has Walter, 59, Day Laborer, with Mary, 56, and daughters, Etta, 15, and Grace, 12.

Mary had died a year earlier, so in the 1910 census, Walter, 69, Union Army veteran, widowed, is living with Lee and Margaret Brewer, in Buda.

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