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Pioneer Sketches

Utica City Cemetery, Ness County, KS - Photos

(Part of The Kinnick Project)

Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.

The Utica City Cemetery, Utica, Kansas, lies to the northeast of the town.
Below, looking from the middle of the cemetery, you can see the town, in the west.
The three stones in the foreground are our focus of attention here.
The large black stone is that of the parents of Harry, the boy who was the first person buried in this cemetery.
The small white stone, nearest, is Harry's original stone, from 1894.
Just above it, on the left, is the commemorative stone place in 1985, in his honor.
See the details of each in the pictures below.

Here Bill Smith, picture taken by his wife, Nancy (her car in the prior picture!)
is standing behind the three stones of interest.
On the left is little Harry's original stone, in the middle, the parent's stone,
and, on the right, is the commenorative stone.
Closer details are shown, below.

Below is the stone of William Eugene Lyon and his wife, Fanny Susan Kinnick Lyon.
(See the story of their family, including more detailed comments on these stones)

This is the back side of the commemorative stone.
(See Text written out)

To Commemorate and Honor the first burial in the Utica Cemetery

A upclose look at Harry

A closer look at Harry's original 1894 stone.

Howard and Ila Thornburg provided the picture of Harry, above.
Their stone has their wedding picture on it, below.
A number of other stones in this cemetery have the pictures on them.

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