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Mary (Kinnick) Triplett Tales in Ohio and Illinois

James Triplett, 5th son of Abel Triplett, was born 14 May 1782 in Loudon County, Virginia. He married there Ruth Haskett 9 Nov 1809. The family moved to Ohio in 1813. By the time of the 1830 census, they were living with five of their children in Union Township, Belmont Co, Ohio. James was a cripple and taught school in Ohio for many years. He was known in the family as "Professor."

Nearby in Union Township, the 1830 census reports that Mary Kinnick (50-60) was a head of household, with her daughter, Mary (20-30; actually 26, born 13 Aug 1804). This situation changed a good deal in very short order. Land records disclose that James Triplett bought 79 acres of land in Beaver Township on 27 Nov 1830, a few miles southwest of Batesville. (This is about 25-30 miles southwest of Union Township in Belmont County. At the time, Beaver Township was in Guernsey Co, but it was switched to Noble Co when Noble Co was formed as the last Ohio County in 1850). Mortimer, a son of James and his wife, Ruth, also bought land nearby in 1832 and 1833.

Triplett family tradition has it that Mary Kinnick (the younger) was helping with the children in the Triplett home. She would have moved with them to Beaver Township, some 25-30 southwest of where they lived in Belmont Co. James' first wife, Ruth, died near Batesville (Beaver Township) in March, 1831, shortly after they arrived, it would appear. James and Mary were married on June 10, 1831. By 1840, they had three (of four, Walter died as an infant in 1836) children of their own (Marinda, Lott, and John) in addition to the three of the five from his first marriage, still in the home. Her mother most likely went along to help (she also appears to be in the 1840 (age 60-70) census). [link to Mary Kinnick photo].

In the following five years, three more children are born (Simeon, Rebecca, and Sarah Jane).

James died 19 Nov 1848. He was buried in the Beaver Baptist Cemetery, a couple miles south of Batesville, not far from their home. Mortimer, his oldest son, was appointed administrator of his father's estate. As there was not enough in the personal property of James to pay his debts, his farm was sold at public auction for $900 on 8 Dec 1949.

The 1850 census for Beaver Township has Mary Triplett as Head of Household, age 45, along with her children, Marinda, 19, Lott (Farmer), 17, John, 14, Simeon, 12, Rebecca, 10, and Sarah, 8; along with Alex Catrick (Farmer), 22, and Nancy, 30. Also in Beaver Township were three of James' sons and their families: Mortimer, Alvah and Dolphin.

Lott Triplett married Mary Melissa Meighan on 25 Feb 1856 in Beaver Township. Later records suggest that shortly after their marriage, along with his mother and the rest of her children (except for John), they moved to Warren County, Illinois. John appears to have stayed, as available records indicate he died in Morgan Co (next door to Noble Co), OH, in 1860.

Marinda Triplett married George Turner in Warren Co, IL, on 22 Jan 1860. Sarah Jane married Frederick Krohn on 13 Sep 1863. Rebecca married his brother, Henry Krohn, on 28 Feb 1864. Simeon married Hester Vincent on 24 Nov 1866.

When Mary (Kinnick) Triplett died on 10 May 1882, in Ellison Township, Warren Co, IL, of "old age," at 77 years, 8 months, and 29 days, it was noted that she had lived in Illinois for more than 26 years. In 1860, she had been living with her son, Lott, and his wife, Mary, and their young children. On July 2, 1870, when the census was recorded, she was living in Ellison Township with daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, Henry, and their young children. Daughter Sarah, her husband, Frederic, and their three young children, were living next door!

Research Reference Note:
A lot of the early research on our Triplett connections came from the book by Hortense Abbott called "Tripping Down the Triplett Path," and the more recent work of Marilyn Carpenter, Dorthea Miller, Betty Wojdyla, Sandra Neil, Jan Pearce and Elizabeth Brown.
Much useful information was also obtained from persons in both Guernsey Co, OH, and Warren Co, IL, as well as various cemetery records. Additional information continues to be sought, of course.


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