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Walter James Triplett (b. 9 Jan 1873, IA) married Ida M. Hutchings on 2 Sep 1892. (He went by James W. as an adult)

Ida was born Jan 1869, in Iowa, and died 22 Nov 1917, in Yuma, Yuma Co, CO.

In 1900, James W. Triplett and his wife, Ida, lived in Lincoln Twp, Montgomery Co, IA, with their three children: Leo G., 7, Lulu D., 6, and Lura, 4.

In 1920*, James W. Triplett (listed as Wd), 47, and his new wife, Fanny (age 23), lived in Yuma, Yuma Co, CO, where he was partner with his son, Leo G., in a Real Estate business, Triplett & Son.

In 1930*, James W. Triplett, 57, with his third wife, Lila M., 53, whom he married in about 1921, was working as a Salesman in Real Estate in Tribune, Greely Co, Kansas.

*Thanks to Dennis Walsh for locating these census records.

1880 census, Montgomery Co, IA

Error Correction.

Children of Walter and Ida:

1. Leo G. Triplett (b. Jul 1892, IA)

2. LuLu B. Triplett (b. Apr 1894, IA)

3. Lura F. Triplett (b. May 1896, IA)

Error Correction:

Had previously included the following as a first child - this was an error! Sorry! Thanks to Dennis Walsh for catching and correcting the error.

Guy M. Triplett (b. 1891, IA - 29 on 1920 census)








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