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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith


Mary and James Front Page
This is the Simeon and Hester (Vincent) Triplett family page.

Children of Simeon and Hester Triplett:

1. Leonard William Triplett married Viola (Dollie) Houser

2. Julia Ann Triplett married Jasper S. Danford

3. George E. Triplett married Lillie M. Houser

4. Addie M. Triplett married Frank Todd

5. Walter James Triplett married Ida M. Hutchings

6. Nancy J. Triplett married Nelson James

7. Thomas E. Triplett married Irene Lorina Carter

8. Mary Alice Triplett married Victor Lewis Wilson

9. Minnie F. Triplett married James Wilson

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Page last updated 19 Jan 2003