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John D. and Frances Front Page

Nathan Shepherd married Ethel Davis on 22 Nov 1894.

Nathan was born 15 Nov 1866, Union Twp, Belmont Co, OH. He died in 1956.

Ethel was born 31 Jul 1876, in Ohio, the daughter of Marshal and Alice Davis.

Some of the information came from the 1880, 1900 and 1930 census. In 1930, Nathan and Ethel lived in Goshen Twp, Belmont Co, OH.


Children of Nathan and Ethel:

1. Carl Merton (Carl) Shepherd was born 28 Jul 1905, Union Twp, Belmont Co, OH. He died in Oct 1919, at Camp Sherman, of flu and pneumonia.

Some details on this page were provided by Karen Stanley, Mar 2003, based on the hand-written notes of Eleanor Frances Shepherd (daughter of Sherman), which in turn were based to some degree on the work of her brother, John.

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