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Dallas family background
The James Alexander Dallas Family * Belmont County, OH (History Book)

Verbatim Transcripton copy:

The Dallas family (of Scottish descent) was among the early pioneers in Belmont County. James Alexander Dallas and his bride, Frances (Fanny) Personett, came by oxcart from Loudoun County, Virginia in 1800, soon after their marriage on February 25, 1800. They located in Morristown, Ohio. On November 25, 1805 James entered government land (160 acres) in the southeast quarter of Section 27, Union Township, Belmont County. On that tract, in 1807, about one mile northwest of Morristown, he built a hewn log house.

James Alexander Dallas was the oldest son of James Alexander Craven Peyton Dallas and Elizabeth Casey. He was born October 1, 1778 near Harpers Ferry, Loudoun County, Virginia and died February 6, 1862 in Union Township, Belmont County, Ohio. His wife, Frances Personett, was the daughter of Dr. Joseph and Margaret Personett of Maryland. Frances was born February 14, 1782 and died April 2, 1860. After his first wife's death he married Rebecca E. Beard January 23, 1861.

James and Frances were the parents of twelve children all living to maturity. Numerous descendents of these twelve are living in Belmont County.

(1) Joseph Dallas born June 27, 1801, died 1847, married Dorcas Kinnick, November 3, 1823;
(2) Elizabeth Dallas born July 20, 1804, died ____ married Zelik Ferrel, April 22, 1827;
(3) James Alexander Dallas born October 3, 1806, died November 4, 1887 married Elizabeth Cross, January 6, 1831;
(4) Cynthia Dallas born February 1, 1809, died November 19, 1851 or 1853, married Thomas Hide (Hyde) March 1, 1822;
(5) Eli Dallas born June 13, 1811, died June 24, 1900, married Alice Ward, April 16, 1839;
(6) John Walter Dallas born November 5, 1813, died March 24, 1905 married Margaret Majors, November 1, 1842;
(7) Lemuel Dallas born August 23, 1815, died October 31, 1889, married first Rachel Taylor, December 31, 1844, second Elizabeth Mariah Majors, 1853;
(8) Catherine (Kitty) Dallas born May 9, 1817, died August 6, 1874, married James Shepherd (brother of John), March 22, 1838;
(9) Sarah (Sally) born September 23, 1819, died November 1863 unmarried;
(10) Eliza Dallas born April 5, 1821, died _____ married Charles Stokes, December 8, 1842;
(11) Fanny Dallas born May 23, 1823, died ____ married Joseph Barr;
(12) Susana Dallas born July 4, 1827, died 1910, married Phlem Gladden, 1856.

James was a farmer, a school teacher, and a Baptist lay leader. He sometimes preached and held church meetings in his barn.

Both James Alexander Dallas and his wife Frances Personett Dallas are buried in the northeast corner of the Baptist Cemetery (now Union No. 2) Morristown, Ohio. Submitted by: John Arthur Brown III

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