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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith


Nile Kinnick, Sr. Front Page
A 1988 letter from Nile Kinnick, Sr. to John William Kinnick

From Barbara Kinnick Potts: I have a letter written to my father John William Kinnick from Nile Clark Kinnick on July 20, 1988 (from 423 South 89th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68114):

He states:

"As for me, I passed my 95th birthday last April and can claim that I am doing alright, so far. Never miss a meal, sleep like a log and still do my share of the chores around the homestead. That share isn't as much as it used to be, and I stop to rest often and try to get in a nap in the afternoon. So I have no complaints.

My last and youngest son, George, 60, died last August; suddenly, in his sleep. That leaves me with two grand children; Peter, 35, and Betsy, 33.
Neither of them are married, or seem to have any interest in establishing families of their own. So the Nile Kinnick line may stop with them.
George's widow still lives, three miles from us, where they started about 36 years ago.

Elizabeth, my wife, has just had a good visit with her only son in Tennessee, and his family there.

Kindest regards, and tell me what you can about the Kinnick book.
Niles C Kinnick

I Hope this a help.
Barbara Kinnick
Dear Mr. Smith:
You have my permission to include this in your book. I have a question;
when I pull up my grandfather, Jabez Tilson Kinnick's name, I get nothing,
not my father or my name, I get nothing. Why is that? Aunt Edna would be
most unhappy with that. Haha.

Kinnick Potts


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