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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith

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1. Background Info

2. John and Mary:
J/M Dorcas - Dallas

3. John and Mary:
J/M Sarah - Tracy

4. John and Mary:
J/M Mary- Triplett

5. John and Mary:
J/M Walter W

6. John and Mary:
J/M Ann - Lowery

7. John and Mary:
J/M Catherine - Bufkin

8. John and Ann:
J/A John Adam

9. John and Ann:
J/A David R.

10. John and Ann:
J/A George Washington

11. John and Ann:
J/A Susannah - Harris

12. John and Ann:
J/A Mary - Rector

13. John and Ann:
J/A Milly - Hagin
J/A Elizabeth - Harbin

14. John and Ann:
J/A William

15. John and Ann:
J/A James

16. John and Ann:
J/A Catherine - Eastburn

17. John and Ann:
J/A Nancy - Riddle

18. John and Ann:
J/A Richard C.

This chapter (13) provides information about the family of Basil and Milly (Kinnick) Hagin as well as of James and Elizabeth (Kinnick) Harben:


Basil and Milly (b. 1789, Charles Co, MD) (Kinnick) Hagin

We still additional information on this family!


James (b. 1777, MD; d. 28 Sep 1855, Knox Co, IN) and Elizabeth (b. abt 1782; d. abt. 1840, Knox Co, IN) (Kinnick) Harbin

Children of James and Elizabeth Harbin:

1. Allen Cartright Harbin (b. 22 Jan 1809; d. 27 May 1873)

2. David Granderson Harbin (b. 14 Feb 1820; d. 13 Mar 1864)


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