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Descendants of John Wishard and Harriet (Vanderford) Kinnick:

From far left: Hillis Therell Kinnick (son of Jessie William Kinnick); Grace, wife of Hillis.

Third from left is Therell Kinnick (son of John B. Kinnick); tall in back, John William Kinnick, son of Robert Emmett and Mary Ruth Kinnick); in suit jacket, open collar, Glen Kinnick, son of John B. Kinnick.

Behind Glen, looking to our right, Mary Ruth (Snadon) Kinnick, wife of Robert Emmett Kinnick (tie and glasses)

Down in front, little Kay Lynn Myers (daughter of Norma Vivian Kinnick and Hugh Tinning Myers); in coat, Ida Leslie (Lewis) Kinnick (wife of Everett D. Kinnick); little Sue Sharon Myers (sister of Kay Lynn); on right, Norma Vivian Kinnick (daughter of Everett D. and Ida Leslie Kinnick). The little boy on far right is believed to be a grandson of John B. Kinnick - let me know if you know which one! [See comment received!] Bill - from the right, continued below...

From the far right, Grethel Kinnick (wife of John B. Kinnick); John B. Kinnick (son of John Wishard); third from the right is Jean Kinnick (wife of Therell Kininck). Next, the tall young man is Robert Morris Kinnick (son of Robert Emmett Kinnick). The lady in the center is Martha Ann (Willis) Kinnick (wife of Robert Morris Kinnick). The gentleman in the hat, in back, is Everett D. Kinnick (son of John Wishard). I am guessing this is about 1954, give or take a year. Can someone pinpoint the date and place? Bill - THANKS! [Sept 2002 info suggests photo was taken in Miami, OK in the fall of 1954.]

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Comment received on the ID of the little boy....

Hello: I am John Orville Kinnick, son of Therell Russell Kinnick, born in 1917, not 1916.
The little boy is Mike Kinnick son of Orville Kinnick who was raised by his grandfather and step grandmother John B Kinnick, and Grethel Kinnick. Mike still lives and owns on the original Kinnick farm of about 7 acres in Mountainburg Arkansas. He was called by the family as little Mike by his family since he had a first cousin that lived in Fort Smith that was about 5 years his senior. The older Mike Kinnick was killed in a auto accident while serving in the Navy in central California during the Viet Nam War. He was stationed at the same base at the same time as myself but never knew this until years later. Unfortunately I do not remember who were his parents but do remember playing with him. He was about my age so his year of birth would have been 1946 or 1947.
Thanks John Orville Kinnick, born 1946 in Miami Florida