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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

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Jabez and Elizabeth Front Page

Samuel Ellis Kinnick (b. 26 May 1848, at Clarksburg, IN; d. aft 1920 at Indianapolis, IN) married Martha Ann Parmer on 6 Nov 1872, in the old Clarksburg Christian Church, by Rev. Couch, in the presence of John F. Griffith and John P. Myers. She was the daughter of Isaac Parmer and Jane Clark Robison. She died 22 Oct 1918. Funeral was in Third Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, IN.

All of the information on this family is from the KG, pp. 136-138, unless noted otherwise. Also, see Bill Note, below.

See 1920 census info on daughter Geneva, re: Ellis.

See KG excerpt.

Children of "Ellis" and "Matt":

1. Pearl Alice Kinnick, b. 12 Sep 1874.

2. Geneva Belle Kinnick, b. 28 Mar 1880.

Bill Note: These ladies were first cousins of Mrs. Waggoner who wrote the KG book. She referred to their parents as "Uncle Ellis" and "Aunt Mart." I have taken the liberty of using these names here.

KG excerpt, from pp. 136-137:

Samuel Ellis Kinnick was the younger of five sons born to Jabez Graham Kinnick and Elizabeth Ann Todd (Betsy Ann). He was born in 1848. At the age of twenty-four years he was married to Martha Ann Parmer in the first building of the Clarksburg Christian Church.

They and his sister, Aunt Sue Kinnick and John Packie Myers were married so near to the same date, the two brides wore the same wedding veil. This of course was before I was born, but my earliest memory of Uncle Ellis dates back to about 1881. At that time they lived in a small cottage on my grandparent's farm, which was reached by a private lane, as it was not on a public highway. I [Nettie Edna Kinnick Waggener, the author of the KG book]remember quite well when my parents and all of us children spent one Sunday there, when I was past three years of age. There was a baby daughter, Maude, in our family and a baby daughter, Geveva, in Uncle Ellis' family, both born in 1880. I don't recall that they ever lived any place else in the old Clarksburg neighborhood.

In 1884, financial reverses came knocking at his door and he sought employment at Indianapolis, IN, and secured it at the H. P. Wasson Dry Goods Store where he remained as a deliveryman until his retirement, caused by his advancing age.

They had two daughters. Pearl, the eldest, was born the same year as my sister, Lella, and Geneva, the younger, was two years younger than I, and we often visited them after they moved to Indianapolis.

In 1901, when I was compelled to be hospitalized in Indianapolis, Aunt Matt and Uncle Ellis opened their home to me after I left the hospital until I was recovered sufficiently to be taken to my home, a distance of fifteen miles south. This kindness I have never forgotten, especially because Aunt Matt never did have good health and was not able for the added responsibility.

Pearl, after her marriage, lived in Indianapolis many years. When Geneva married she and her husband went immediately on their honeymoon to Stockton, Kansas, where they lived until their deaths a few years ago.

Pearl is now living in California and is the last member of her immediate family. [presumably written about 1950??]

After making their home in Indianapolis, Uncle Ellis and Aunt Matt became members of the Sixth Christian Church. Later they moved to a different part of the city and became members of the Third Christian Church where their funerals were conducted. They both were buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, at Greenwood, IN.


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