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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith


Jabez and Elizabeth Front Page
This is the James Thomas and Martha Ellen (Tilson) Kinnick family page.

Children of James and Martha Kinnick:

1. Lora Hollis Kinnick married John Doyle Wheeler

2. John Alpheus Kinnick married Savella Overstreet

3. Lella Malcolm Kinnick married George V. Wolfington, M.D.

4. Otto Claude Kinnick married 1) Grace Hutchinson, 2) Cleda Wilkins

5. Nettie Edna Kinnick married Halley Farr Waggener on 24 Jun 1903. No children. She wrote the KG book, with his assistance.

6. Maud Ethel Kinnick

7. Queen Esther Kinnick married Arthur Fred Ballard

8. Jabez Tilson Kinnick married Adda Maze

9. Sidney Todd Kinnick

10. Mark Kinnick, b. 17 Jun 1892 (stillborn)


6. Maud Ethel Kinnick (b. 9 Feb 1880; d. 3 Mar 1881)

from KG page 125:

"...d. Mar. 3, 1881, near Clarksburg (now Rocklane), Ind., where the family had previously moved on Thanksgiving Day, 1880, to the Parmer place near Clarksburg Christian Church. Her death occurred during an epidemic of scarlet fever. Six children contracted this disease and were all ill at the same time but ours was the only death. She was a very beautiful and strong looking child with brown eyes and a very plump body, very small hands and feet. Her death was our mother's first loss and sorrow, her grief was inexpressible as they carried Maud to her last resting place."

9. Sidney Todd Kinnick (b. 21 Jul 1890; d. 7 Aug 1907)

from KG page 132:

"At the age of seventeen year and seventeen days his life came to a sudden end, (finish quote...continuing)

He was the youngest of the family of eight sons and daughters then living, six of whom were married and had homes of their own. There remained the eldest daughter, Hollis, and the youngest remaining son, Jabez, at home at that time, each of whom married in1908 and 1909, respectively, leaving mother and father at home alone with their sad memories, at the age of 61 and 65 years."


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