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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith


Hattie and William Front Page

Diary of William Stevens (Hiker)

Introduction, from laura

Why he was called "Hiker"

Page 1, 4 Jan 1876 (thru 20 Dec 1877) - more to come



From laura stecile caplinger-bair (who provided all the images for this family, during May 2004):

"a little info on hattie and family:
she married william s. stevens. i have downloaded some of my great-great-grandfathers diary that my aunt had rewritten. the diary was written mostly before they were married. he talks of his love for hattie and basically how he kissed the ground she walked on!! apparently they get into a squabble because some of the diary describes how she had gotten mad at him, how he had taken a girl by the name of lizzie dungan to several church meetings and other functions, there is even a letter that lizzie wrote to william that cut him to the core. apparently william had done something to lizzie that she couldn't even mention in the letter!! well, i don't know why william and hattie fought and i don't know why william and lizzie fought but the end is known!
the stevens family that hattie married into was a rather well-to-do family for the times. my aunt had obtained extensive genealogy research done by a woman in missouri that goes back to the mid-1500's. williams great-great-grandfather was "long" john stevens, a revoluntionary war hero."

" i told you that my aunt sharon had copied william's (hattie's husband) diary. i have downloaded a lot of that and will be sending it to you also.
a little more about hattie's husband, william. william s. stevens didn't care to farm much, rather he would have liked to have been an author or journalist. he did write some columns for The Franklin Democrat. these columns were known as "Hiker's Hikes". they were stories, some fictitious and some true, about neighborhood people. although, sometimes he would write about going to acton, indianapolis , franklin, and some of the other larger towns at the time. we have all but one of the originals from the newspaper. 
there was also a story of how hiker, that is what the family calls him, had run for township trustee. he ran against an overstreet. my aunt had written down the brief story and i will be sending it to you.
in some of hikers diary entries, he talks about going to the old school and working and bringing back some plank. i can only assume that this plank is being used to build a house for him and hattie. the diary doesn't speak of when hiker actually asked hattie to marry him, but it does talk of going to indianapolis to purchase a "ring". there is only a few years of his diary. i don't know if my aunt had anymore diaries or not. or if he even kept one later in life.
i really don't know much about hattie. i wish i did. i also wish that my interest in the family would have been sparked much sooner than 30 years into life. i could have gotten much more information from my grandparents, neighbors, and friends of the family."






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