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What's New?

6 Jan 2002 - 2002 What's New? moved - click this link to go there!

Reformated the book, using the /home.html as temporary starting point. All new 18 chapters with individual directories and /index.html for each kbkx directory per chapter. Also created about 100 second level pages, one for each of the grandchildren of John and Mary/John and Ann. Still working on opening. Will transfer information from old forms and add new information, by chapter, over the coming months.
Take a peak, at the work in progress! ;-) Comments welcomed, as always!


21 Dec 2001

Began a project to record the actual words out of the 1953 book my Mr. Waggener and provide updated Commentary every few paragraphs, updating what we believe we have learned since that time. Your comments, positive or negative, especially with "better" information, are welcomed. We only want to brush away the sands of time and expose the truth.


2 Sep 2001

Added a Bryantown in Colonial Maryland set of information. This information and the photos were gathered in our trip to Maryland this summer in search of early Kinnick history. Continue to gather facts and background to support analysis. As always, comments are welcomed.
Will be adding more chapters on more recent generations


1 Jul 2001

Added Decade by Decade Timeline of Maryland, 1630s to 1790s, with items of interest to growing understanding of the earliest Kinnick family members in the USA.


7 Mar 2001

Added William F. Kinnick family report from KG Book to 15-67.


3 Jan 2001

Sent the following note to the KINNICK Mailing List:


In August, I hope to visit Washington, DC, and Charles Co, Maryland, to attend a conference and do some genealogy research on the Kinnick family in the 1600 to 1800s. Starting tonight, I am reviewing and assembling all the information I have gathered from many sources, including most of you, to prepare my TO DO list for August. If any of you have information that relates to the origins of our Kinnick people, that you have not shared with me yet, I would really appreciate getting it soon. Hard copies can be sent to Bill Smith, P. O. Box 2003, Emporia, KS 66801. I have a couple of large boxes full already. If you think you have sent me something, send a note, saying what and when. I will see if I can check.

I will try to keep you advised, as I progress through this process. We seek to determine the "true story" as best we can, at this date, based on the best information available. Over the holidays, I have been re-studying genealogy proofs, standards, and reporting. I expect to follow these accepted principles in this research effort.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed, as always, of course!!

Bill Smith

Coordinator The KINNICK Project "


8 Jul 2000

Began updating James KINNICK-Margaret ECKLES family pages, including daughter Perlina KINNICK-Thomas Rumbley HUBBELL

25 Jun 2000

Added family information to Chapter 4 (4-7 to 12, including photos), James and Mary (KINNICK) TRIPLETT

23 Jun 2000

Added family information to 17-79, Nancy KINNICK-Henry RIDDLE family

15 June 2000

Loaded 82 chapters (headings, mostly) to new RootsWeb account (see Rose message, below), created this page, and created the Menu with a full list of chapters and links for all family groups.


Beginning in late June 2000, The Kinnick Project has begun to create
The KINNICK 2003 Genealogy Book online. You are invited to watch it grow and to contribute as you see things related to your branch of the family that ought to be there. Bill Smith has set up a new email account to use in connection with this collection of information. Again, if you have a family web site that we can reference and make a link to, please tell me or remind me that it is there! I'll add it as soon as possible.

Bill Smith, 15 June 2000 - hope to have all the pieces in place by 2003!


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