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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith

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1. Background Info

2. John and Mary:
J/M Dorcas - Dallas

3. John and Mary:
J/M Sarah - Tracy

4. John and Mary:
J/M Mary- Triplett

5. John and Mary:
J/M Walter W

6. John and Mary:
J/M Ann - Lowery

7. John and Mary:
J/M Catherine - Bufkin

8. John and Ann:
J/A John Adam

9. John and Ann:
J/A David R.

10. John and Ann:
J/A George Washington

11. John and Ann:
J/A Susannah - Harris

12. John and Ann:
J/A Mary - Rector

13. John and Ann:
J/A Milly - Hagin
J/A Elizabeth - Harbin

14. John and Ann:
J/A William

15. John and Ann:
J/A James

16. John and Ann:
J/A Catherine - Eastburn

17. John and Ann:
J/A Nancy - Riddle

18. John and Ann:
J/A Richard C.

What's New?

2004/8 | 2002-2003 | Prior to 2002

June 2008

View my page on Kinnick Family Descendants

May 2004

Added Hattie (Kinnick) Stevens family information, including "Hiker's Diary" - written by her husband, circ 1876.

March 2004

Received Four Generation Photo of Nellie (Mrs Henry) Boner as oldest, Dorothy Sheek as youngest, possibly about 1904. Check out the photo, and some of information filled out in between, from 1953 Kinnick Book and census, etc.

February 2004

Updated Kinnick-Weise pages, added photos

Added Lyon-Kinnick photos, Hornby children photos, and Mary A. Harrison photo (daughter of Mary E. Kinnick)

Updated George Kininick, added photos

Updated and added many family photos for Fletcher



The book is done! Minor updates and corrections only, after July 1, 2003. Also, love to add links to other web sites on the family. Bill Smith

June 2003

Added generations to John and Catherine (Kinnick) Eastburn family, Peter and Mary (Kinnick) Rector family and several other non-Kinnick surname families. Last major additions to be done.

25-28 May 2003

Added generations to John and Susannah (Kinnick) Harris family, Joseph and Nancy Smarr (Kinnick) Allen family, and the John and Catharine (Kinnick) Eastburn family.

16-18 May 2003

Added three generations to several families in the David and Sarah (Rector) Kinnick family.

11-14 May 2003

Added two generations to the John Adam (Jack) and Mary Emmeline (Harris) Kinnick family, in Johnson Co, Indiana, and the family of his sister, Incy Jane (Mrs. William) Chamberlain, in Hot Spring Co, Arkansas.

7 - 10 May 2003

Added three generation to the Samuel and Ann (Kinnick) Bufkin family, in Henry Co, IN.

30 Apr - 6 May 2003

Added three generations to the Walter Kinnick Lowery family, in Henry Co, IN.

29 Apr 2003

Added two generations to Dorcas (Kinnick) Dallas family.

24-27 Apr 2003

Added to generations to a son of Walter W. and Susan (Schwyhart) Kinnick, Walter Watson Kinnick, including several interelated families: Van Aken, Simmons, Schwyhart, Edick and Mercer.

17-25 Apr 2003

Added two generations to a daughter of Walter W. and Susan (Schwyhart) Kinnick, Mary E. (Kinnick) Harrison, and her daughter, Eveline Harrison who married Frank Hornby.

4-12 Apr 2003

Updated Shepherd family pages (Dorcas Kinnick Dallas' daughter Frances married John D. Shepherd).

13 Mar 2003

Opened an Unknown Kinnicks Photo Section, beginning with a "Lillian Kinnick - Indiana." Check it out, and let us know your opinion - especially if you know which one she is - or isn't!!

10 Mar 2003

Updated some information on John Brazier Kinnick family.

28 Feb - 2 Mar 2003

Information and photos added to Chapter 13, to the James Allen and David H Harbin familes, sons of Allen C. Harbin. Includes WW I photo of John Harbin. Also, updated Dora (Harbin) Wampler page and family.

18-19 Jan 2003

Added information to the Triplett family, especially that of James, son of Lot, including photos, and the families of three sons of Simeon, from census (1920-1930)

9-10 Nov 2002

Added information on family of Dessie (Kinnick) Jordan in Chapter 10.

Added family details of Nancy (Kinnick) Owens family in Chapter 18.

14-23 Oct 2002

Added detail to Chapter 14 for John Thomas Kinnick family, including updates to captions on photos.
Including John Thomas Kinnick Family Photos.

Added detail to Chapter 4 for Rebecca and Sarah who married Krohn brothers - lots of Krohn family information and great photos added.
Including Dr. Walter Krohn Family Photos, for example.

13 Oct 2002

Added photo and details to Chapter 18, Richard's family, daughters married Owens (Nancy) and Parker (Mary).
Added family details on John Rumbly Hubbell family (son of Perlina Kinnick, a daughter of James Kinnick in Chapter 15).


14-30 Sep 2002

Added family narratives to Sarah and Rebecca families in Triplett Chapter 4.
Added more photos and information in Chapter 10, under John Wishard Kinnick family.
Added stories to John and Mary in Maryland and Ohio, and John and Ann in Maryland and North Carolina. Added stories to Chapter 8, John Adam, and Chapter 9, David.
Added maps of Kinnick land in North Carolina for John and Ann.
Added Chapter 14, William, information under John Thomas and his son, Carlton Van, by second wife. Includes family photos.


4 Aug 2002

Updated Chapter 15 front page and Perlina in some detail. Updated Chapter 4 front page and Simeon in some detail. These updates include family photos and obits, etc. Also updated Chapter 17 front page and secondary pages.

14 Jul 2002

Added family pictures and more details to Chapter 10, under John Wishard Kinnick family, Chapter 14, William Graham Kinnick family under John Thomas Kinnick, and Chapter 5, the John Leach Cook Kinnick family under Joseph and Rachel Kinnick. Love to get copies of photos of several family members to include. All brothers and sisters, etc. are especially good. Enjoy!

21 Jun 2002

Virtually every chapter has had updates in last two months. Check them out. Still a lot of detail to add, especially where surname in not Kinnick - been working on them first.

21 Apr 2002

Updated Chapters 14 and 18 with Pioneer Sketches. Added material to Chapter 12.

Added material in Chapter 5 for family of Frank William and Jessie Luella (Mitchell) Fletcher family. Added material in Chapter 9 for family of Riley and Sarah (Boreing) Kinnick family. Added material in Chapter 10 for Elijah Kinnick family and children of Nellie and Henry Boner.

14 Apr 2002

Added material in Chapter 14 on William and Sarah's daughter Sarah (Sally), married John Smith Barngrover. Also, on John Wishard Kinnick family.
Added material in Chapter 10 on George and Emma's son Leslies' family.


24 Feb 2002

Added Estate Inventory of William Kinnick and updated front page of Background Info, Chapter 1.

17 Feb 2002

Added material in Chapter 11 (Susannah and John Harris) related to their son William H. and his descendant Susie Bromley, a fellow family history researcher - including her obit from 2000. Also, Chapter 8 (John Adam) updated John Adam, Jr. married Mary Emmeline Harris (first cousins - both of there chapters!). Added Regiment Roll Card copy for William Kinnick in Rev War; surname for Sarah (Fergerson) Kinnick.

3 Feb 2002

Significant updates made to Chapters 13 (Elizabeth and Milly), 14 (William) and 15 (James). Also, added relationship information to Chapter 1 (Background).

27 Jan 2002

Updated Background Info section including detailed lists of families of both John and Mary Kinnick and John and Ann Kinnick, as well as the latest information on their parents, William and Jasper Kinnick, and their parents, Jasper and Elizbeth Kinnick.

20 Jan 2002

Added information to Chapter 10, George and Hannah family, including quotes from KG on trip from NC to IN, including list of participants, plus some comments from KG on John and Sarah (Mock) Kinnick. Also, Chapter 2, background added on Dallas and Shepherd families along with history on Morristown and Belmont County, Ohio.

13 Jan 2002

Much progress made this week. All grandchildren of John and Mary and John and Ann now have a page - close to a hundred of them. In a number of the chapters, another level or two have been added and linked, selectively. Check the George and Hannah Kinnick, Chapter 10, and the Walter and Susan Kinnick, Chapter 5, in particular. The formats used are illustrative of what we hope to do with every chapter and every family, throughout the year. We need your help. Limber your fingers, send some content.

6 Jan 2002

Reformated the book. All new 18 chapters with individual directories and /index.html for each kbkx directory per chapter. Also created about 100 second level pages, one for each of the grandchildren of John and Mary/John and Ann. Still working on opening. Will transfer information from old forms and add new information, by chapter, over the coming months.