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KINNICK Researcher/Collectors

Part of The KINNICK Project

Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith

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Deceased Researchers

Active Researchers

Active Collectors

Active Clippers

NOTE: I am well aware that any such list is bound to be incomplete and will contain errors.

I urge each of you to send additions, corrections and updates.

Deceased Researchers

Mrs. Nettie Edna KINNICK WAGGENER - author of



Descendants of

John Kinnick and Ann Kinnick

of Davie County, North Carolina

George William ROBINSON - above book dedicated to him and his earlier work.

Miss Pearl GROSS - of the HARRIS/GROSS line - acknowledged by Mrs. WAGGENER

Mrs. Ruth KINNICK BICE - of the William KINNICK line - acknowledged by Mrs. WAGGENER

James A. ROBINSON - the James KINNICK line - acknowledged by Mrs. WAGGENER

Paul KINNICK, Lillian KINNICK FORD, Gertrude KINNICK BRIDESON - the Walter and Susan (SCHWYHART) KINNICK line - in the back of the WAGGENER book.

Marcella MICKEL - descendant of Joseph KINNICK in the John and Mary KINNICK line - opened the way to more accurate recording of this entire line.

Susie Bromley, Florence, OR - HARRIS, GROSS line - Susie introduced me to Jean Rieper and Lois Allen. Susie also knew Marcella Mickell before she died. See her story.

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Active Researchers

Jean Reiper, Kilgor, TX - active in a number of John and Ann lines

Lois Allen, Greenwood, IN - Allen, Gross, Harris lines, and Indiana, generally

William L. (Bill) Smith, Emporia, KS - John and Mary line - Coordinator of The KINNICK Project, seeking to locate and identify every KINNICK descendant

Sandy Neil, Spokane, WA - Richard KINNICK line - works all John and Ann lines

Brad Baker, - SHEEK, WHITTAKER line - works full SHEEK descendancy

Robert Wiedenhaefer, Palm Bay, FL - John and Sarah Ellen MOCK KINNICK line

Richard Ross, Platteville, WI - Richard KINNICK, OWENs descendant - OWENs line

Deborah Culbert - David R. and Sarah RECTOR KINNICK line

Robert Eldon Myers, Kansas City, MO - Elijah B. KINNICK descendant

William D. Klopfenstein, Mt. Pleasant, IA - KINNICK, FLETCHER connection

Jan Pearce, Del Valle, TX - KINNICK, TRIPLETT line

Marilyn Carpenter, Newport Beach, CA - KINNICK, TRIPLETT line

Thea Miller, Aurora, CO - KINNICK, TRIPLETT line

Gail C. Payne, Broken Arrow, OK - William and Sarah Clark ROSS KINNICK line

Warren Kinnick, Neillsville, WI - William and Martha Jane FAULCONER KINNICK line

Gretchen Tinkle, Los Alamos, NM - KINNICK, SHEEK line

David C. Chandler, Quartz Hill, CA - Jabez Graham and Elizabeth Ann TODD KINNICK line

Terry Witt, Dallas, TX - William and Sarah Clark ROSS KINNICK line

Mary Ann Hanson, Eugene, OR - John and Catherine KINNICK Eastburn line and others

Glenda Jurgensen, Rippey, IA - John and Sarah Ellen MOCK KINNICK line

Dale Donald Kinnick, VA - John and Sarah Ellen MOCK KINNICK line

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Active Collectors

Howard Edward Snyder, Lake Wales, FL - HARRIS, JONES, WEASE line

Fern Alfred, Bakersfield, CA - KINNICK, FLETCHER line

Halli KINNICK, Payson, AZ - Glen Harvey KINNICK line

Clarence K. Lawrence, Buffalo, WY - KINNICK, BONER line

Eland Bernard (Barney) KINNICK, Spokane, WA - John and Sarah Ellen MOCK KINNICK line

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Active Clippers

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Deceased Researchers

Those who have gone before us and left a trail for us to follow as we each explore our KINNICK family history

Active Researchers

Persons who are actively seeking new information by visiting libraries, reading census, exploring Internet resources, corresponding with "cousins."

Active Collectors

Persons who are actively collecting family history materials; may be compiling information for their information and to share with interested others.

Active Clippers

Persons who actively clip newpaper articles, obituaries, weddings, graduations, etc. May or may not assemble them into family history or genealogical formats.

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