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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith

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Links to Chapters


1. Background Info

2. John and Mary:
J/M Dorcas - Dallas

3. John and Mary:
J/M Sarah - Tracy

4. John and Mary:
J/M Mary- Triplett

5. John and Mary:
J/M Walter W

6. John and Mary:
J/M Ann - Lowery

7. John and Mary:
J/M Catherine - Bufkin

8. John and Ann:
J/A John Adam

9. John and Ann:
J/A David R.

10. John and Ann:
J/A George Washington

11. John and Ann:
J/A Susannah - Harris

12. John and Ann:
J/A Mary - Rector

13. John and Ann:
J/A Milly - Hagin
J/A Elizabeth - Harbin

14. John and Ann:
J/A William

15. John and Ann:
J/A James

16. John and Ann:
J/A Catherine - Eastburn

17. John and Ann:
J/A Nancy - Riddle

18. John and Ann:
J/A Richard C.

Layout of the Book

This book is organized in 18 Chapters

Chapter One is devoted to the early days of the family in Maryland, where the two John Kinnicks are believed to have been first cousins. Chapter One also includes material that applies across the family.

Chapters Two through Seven are devoted to the families of John and Mary Kinnick, as they moved from Maryland to Ohio and subsequently to Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

Chapters Eight through Eigthteen are devoted to the families of John and Ann Kinnick, as they moved from Maryland to North Carolina and subsequently to Indiana, Tennessee and across the country.

Each Chapter is organized around the children in that family. At each family level we provide links to additional information about that family as well as to the families of each of those children and on and on. We are constantly looking for more and better information on each family. This might consist of a link to another site, or, it might be some information you or someone else finds, either from your research, from your family, such as obituaries, wedding announcements, feature stories, photos (good copies only, please) or anything that adds to our better understanding of our family. (Send me a note, today!)


If you know of content material that could/should be added to this page, including links to other sites, please let us know, now, so we can move to doing that.