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Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith

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1. Background Info

2. John and Mary:
J/M Dorcas - Dallas

3. John and Mary:
J/M Sarah - Tracy

4. John and Mary:
J/M Mary- Triplett

5. John and Mary:
J/M Walter W

6. John and Mary:
J/M Ann - Lowery

7. John and Mary:
J/M Catherine - Bufkin

8. John and Ann:
J/A John Adam

9. John and Ann:
J/A David R.

10. John and Ann:
J/A George Washington

11. John and Ann:
J/A Susannah - Harris

12. John and Ann:
J/A Mary - Rector

13. John and Ann:
J/A Milly - Hagin
J/A Elizabeth - Harbin

14. John and Ann:
J/A William

15. John and Ann:
J/A James

16. John and Ann:
J/A Catherine - Eastburn

17. John and Ann:
J/A Nancy - Riddle

18. John and Ann:
J/A Richard C.

This is the William (b. Apr 1719, MD) and Sarah (Fergerson) Kinnick family page.

William was the son of Jasper and Elizabeth (Brightwell) Kinnick.

Revolutionary War Roll Card for William.

Inventory of Estate of William Kinnick, 1785.

Children of William and Sarah Kinnick:

1. Ann Kinnick (b. abt 1754) married John Kinnick, her first cousin.

2. Milly Kinnick (b. abt 1763) - She is mentioned in her father's will. Nothing else is known of her.

3. Elizabeth Kinnick (b. abt 1765) married Basil Speake

4. Richard Kinnick (b. abt 1767) - he is mentioned in his father's will. Nothing more is known of him. (Discussed in MSG article)

5. John Kinnick (b. abt 1769) married Mary Isaac

Facts known about William Kinnick:

1. Per Maryland Court Record of 1733, he would be 15 in April 1734. Therefore, born April 1719. Presumably born at Poplar Hill or nearby Brightwell plantation, in Prince George's Co, MD.

2. Believed to be the same person as reported as a Private in the Continental Soldiers of the South, 1732-1741, Gooch's American Regiment, pp. 238-239.

3. Assumed to be the same William Kinnick who served as Sergeant/Sergeant Major in War of the Revolution

(Source: Analysis of 18th Century Kinnick Surname References in Maryland, Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith, Ph. D., forthcoming in 2002, Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin)

Facts about Sarah (Fergerson) Kinnick:

Feb 2002 - found a DAR application that has her surname as Fergerson, b. Ireland. No idea of source. Confirmation sought.

Ann Kinnick (b. abt 1759) married John Kinnick, her first cousin.

Based on considerable research and analysis, but without solid proof, your Compiler believes there is a high probability that Ann, the wife of John Kinnick (Son of Jasper), and Ann, the daughter of William Kinnick, brother of Jasper, are one and the same person. This means, among other things, that all the persons listed to the left, and their siblings not listed, are all grandchildren of William Kinnick, of Revolutionary War service, as Mrs. Waggener believed in her 1953 book, but for a different reason! Go to John and Ann family.

Elizabeth Kinnick (b. abt 1765) married Basil Speake

It is believed that about the time of her father's death in 1785, Elizabeth was or became a caregiver in a nearby Catholic family home. It is further believed that she migrated with this family in about 1790 to Kentucky, where she appears (as Elizabeth Kimmick) in 1792, in Nelson Co, marrying Basil Speake. Go to Basil and Elizabeth family.

John Kinnick (b. abt 1769) married Mary Isaac

From subsequent family records we know that John Kinnick's wife was named Mary. We even have a picture, it seems. The best evidence to date is that it was Mary Isaacs that John Kinnick married. This, as fact, continues as a serious subject of confirmatory research.

Go to John and Mary family.



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