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Prince George's County (Land Records)

Provided by the Maryland State Archives, 31 Aug 2001

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Prince George's County (Land Record) F, pp. 178-181 Peter Brightwell and wife and others, heirs of Richard Brightwell, 1719
[MSA CM 782; CR 49,517-1] 6 pp.

small excerpt to show family relationships:

...that Peter Brightwell and his wife and Richard Brightwell as well as John Brightwell son's of the said Richard Brightwell, Jasper Kennett, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the said...

Our purpose here is to, first, demonstrate that Peter, Richard and John Brightwell, along with Elizabeth, their sister, married to Jasper Kennett (sic), are the sons and daughter of Capt. Richard Brightwell, of Prince George's County, Maryland, in 1697. This set of relationships exists in several spots in this document. The Will of Capt. Richard Brightwell clearly identifies Richard, Peter and John as sons, and mentions two daughters - Elizabeth is named here, along with her husband, Jasper. Elsewhere, there is strong evidence the surname of Jasper should be spelled Kennick rather than Kennett.

Second, this document establishes that in 1719, Richard and John were not married - did not have wives who needed to sign away their rights under the land contract.

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